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NIL=Facebook Bully Pulpit

Posted on Thu, Feb. 22, 2018 at 05:00 am

Let me preface this by saying I am not religious. My nephew's wife is extremely religious, very much the hypocrite when it comes down to it. Vary much the phony. She uses Facebook as her bully pulpit. Constantly posting her nonsense for attention.

I wish just once someone would call her out on her postings and tell her to just stop. Never going to happen. For someone who claims to be so holy and better than the rest of us, sweetie, you are no better than the rest of us. And what goes around always comes back around and you are more than due for it to come bite you on the ass.

So I will continue to do what I have been doing. Not posting much and when you do post which is constantly, I will laugh and wish my mom was here to show her. Your postings were good to make her laugh.

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Lazy, Greedy and Manipulative

Posted on Wed, Feb. 21, 2018 at 01:24 pm

Dear Lazy, Greedy and Manipulative in-laws,

I pray God wakes up very soon and kicks you out from our lives. I pray my other half - the one who wears a blindfold when it comes to you con family, finally gets to see your true colours. I hope BIL suffers heartache which I went through when I lost my baby girl due to stress caused by you all 'cause you wanted money. I pray all the demons that kept me awake, lead you to death. I hate you all. MIL caused death of her husband due to constant demand for money. The job of a police man was not easy and you made it worse by your tantrums at home. He preferred to spend time with his animals. You are doing the same with your son and he works 14 hours to fulfil your demands of latest gadgets and lavish life style. My prayers will protect and put some sense in him and you all will die with rotten bodies. Amen.

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MIL Nightmare

Posted on Wed, Feb. 21, 2018 at 12:42 pm

Dear MIL,

Both of your DILs HATE you! You are a racist, gun loving, trump supporting, bigoted, bible thumping, childish hypocrite! By the way, I don’t know if you notice, but your sons did not marry whites women!

Don’t you feel awful that the women your sons chose to marry cannot stand the sight of you!

I have a laundry list of complaints, but today it will be about your behavior on a Facebook. Got other DIL has already blocked you and every chance you get, you mention it. You recently friended me and since I am friends with the rest of the family, I had to add you too. I thought it would be okay, but you start commenting and liking on my friends and family’s comments and a few have even gone to your page to check out who you were. Let me tell you that all those people who looked you up were quick to ask me who this racist, trump supporting crazy woman was and I had to excuse your behavior as my insane MIL. Your comments on my children’s photos are how that are “your babies”. STFU!!! These are NOT your children. You raised your boys and they begrudgingly continue to be in your life to make their dad happy. That poor man.

After all this, you and your just as crazy sister have are blocked from seeing any of my posts. I can still see your posts and think that it’s pretty pathetic that you post photos of your grand babies (again calling them “yours”). These photos are clearly taken by your DILs and the few that get shared to your husbands, you beg, plead and cry about how you don’t get any photos and make them send you some. As you as you get them it’s back to your antics about how they are “your babies”. Fuck you, you crazy, psycho. I cannot wait for the day where you do something 100% terrible and we can ban you from our lives for good!

Can’t wait for you to be out of my life! DIL

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Demeaning to the last breath

Posted on Wed, Feb. 21, 2018 at 12:27 pm

My mil has been on hospice 4 weeks but has had cancer 20 years believe it or not with treatments, better worse better etc
She’s 90.
The hardest thing in my life so far is to keep my marriage strong with feeling my husband cares more about her feelings than mine 35 years
I do understand he loves his mother On the other hand I can’t understand how he gives her a pass on demeaning diminishing me over and over
But like others it is usually when he isn’t in the room or on the phone
To his credit we moved to another state away from them soon after marriAge
But miles doesn’t prevent what I call emotional abuse from her and fil. Is almost as bad
I see this as such a common thread on this site
My husband will say why would she mistreat you
And I say I don’t know as I have done so much for your family and you
And then she swears she treats me like a daughter and never owns up
Which further infuriates me
I have tried desperately to be forgiving and take the high road
Even though she can barely breath and I have tried to be civil which is the best I can muster at this point she continues to belittle me if Dh isn’t present
Friends have said I will feel grief and actually shaming me that I am not supportive enough to dh but when she dies but I think I will feel a big sigh of relief
I might feel glad and I think we will get our marriage back on track

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Posted on Wed, Feb. 21, 2018 at 02:32 am

I notice that the adult grandchildren that you are "so proud" of are.......

Well let's see...



Drug Using


Exposing their children to sexual abuse from "friends"

Let their children run the neighborhood

Users of people


Responsibility dumping

( not the adult children of mine and Dh)


Other "other grandchildren" (mine and Dh's adult children children)

Not unwed parents / not parents outside of marraige

Not drinkers

Not drug users

Not smokers

Not drunk drivers

Not alcohol drinkers

Not loving party lifestyle (one is studying to be a doctor, another is working toward becoming an electrical engineer, the other is a miracle to be alive (special needs) and is an sweet and loving person (we all have a purpose)


They don't have sex because they aren't married


I think that you hoped that my children would be the one who turned out like the ones that you are proud of....

Even our fellow neighbor's who know our children and your daughters adult chIldren call our children the "good ones."

Congratulations on your daughter's daughters collection of children from mystery daddy's!

I assume that you are "proud" of her because she "open to being friendly to others for the price of buying her alcohol." She is the welcome wagon (open legs for anyone) of this town like your favorite daughter (her mom.)

Does everyone know how one fast food place brags how many served is on their sign

Seriously Mil, we know why you really dislike my children, I am their mother.

When you constantly brag on "the others / their cousins", you push them away and not being in your life.

Bless your heart (correction) I know that you do not have one!

Now, when you start declining, I will eat my popcorn and watch "the favorites" be there for you!

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Your Son Will Still Be With Me...

Posted on Tue, Feb. 20, 2018 at 02:16 pm

And after you are long gone, too. So you're just gonna have to suck that info up and choke on it!

You have tried, and failed, to drive a wedge between us simply because you know that I am well aware of just how fucked up your family is. And because I haven't rolled over and let you wipe your feet on me.

The amount of energy you put into being two faced is staggering! You married and had kids way too young! Neither of you have the right to meddle in our lives when your marriage has been stale for decades! DECADES!

Once you have finally popped your clogs, the both of you, I will open a bottle of bubbly! Cook a fantastic meal, even buy a cake, and I will celebrate.

The more you try to mess things up the more you will be rejected from now on. Quit while you are behind....way, way behind.

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More judgmental SIL

Posted on Tue, Feb. 20, 2018 at 11:18 am

So not only do u say i’m Mean spirited by not coming around u because of ur actions which include insulting me to my face & behind my back & leaving me & ur brother out of ur children’s lives entirely now I hear I’m nothing but a lonely crazy cat lady! Lmao! So happy to b lonely if it means being with my cats & not having to deal with u! U also have a cat too btw! Also I just have to say after everything I have NEVER said anything about u to anyone!! Y? Because I just don’t care enough to bother! I just get annoyed by ur mom & mil coming to my house & telling me everything u & ur sisters say about everyone else! I don’t care! I don’t care! I don’t care! One last thing... I don’t care!

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She knows what she did

Posted on Tue, Feb. 20, 2018 at 10:40 am

If I hear one more fucking time that she "Didn't understand" or "She didn't know that was going to happen" I think I will lose my mind !! She knows alright what she did but let's pretend that she didn't so that way everything just continues as dysfunctional as ever because that's the way its always been. Sorry but my ride on the crazy train is coming to an end and I am getting off at the next stop. There is no rule in the world that says you have to deal with crazy on a regular basis just because it involves family.

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Figure it out yet?

Posted on Tue, Feb. 20, 2018 at 06:11 am

Who did you think made the suggestion to buy flowers and gifts for your birthday, then dropped them at your house?

Not your son.

He remembered your birthday, but just didn’t want to bother, that’s why he purposely scheduled something else to do on your birthday.

I pushed him to drop the gifts and flower, but you weren’t at home. Tough luck.

I am actually surprised even the next day he still didn’t want to hang out with you for your birthday.

Yeap, thats all his decision, but i’m sure you are telling everyone that it’s somehow my fault your son didn’t show up for your birthday.

You are lucky it’s a new year and i’m feeling nice, bitch.

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Bugs in soup

Posted on Mon, Feb. 19, 2018 at 06:47 pm

So I just had a late term miscarriage and had to do a funeral and all, the Drs were dumbasses and sent me home with the placenta stuck inside me instead of admitting me like they should have, and I almost bled to death, well I know all the bitch in laws know, even though I told my husband not to tell them he admitted he did. Did one of them call or ask how they could be of service? Not one single whore and I'm having a funeral, but will that stop their partying, no I doubt it. It's custom in our culture to mourn and miss 3 parties, but the DH replied 'oh your baby doesn't have a soul yet it's too early' and its no secret who is feeding DH this information. My MIL IS like don't let the hospital have the baby or they not let you have it they will take it, and i told her yes the hospital pathologist has to certify the death so we can bury. What does she expect me to bury my child behind my apartment building? Screw that!!! And becus it rains on these in laws parade they don't even want to show for the funeral for respects, they already tried sending their kids over my house, yes while I'm practically bleeding to death the in laws send their kids as snitches bcus the in laws are bitches and don't want to comfort me or my husband and be there for us. And I'm sure it mostly has to do with the BILs witch wife who is telling everyone she's prego when it's still an egg like an attention getter she is. I didnt even tell them im pregnant. My last child I had before the miscarriage they wouldn't even throw a baby shower when they have like 50 plus relatives that live up the street, that's the type of scum they are. It's all good what goes around comes around, I refuse to go to anyone's occasion so you all can go to hell.My MIL cooks this soup that's not even popular in her culture smells like rotten tortillas it Stinks and no I'm not grateful it's not a favor! I saw bugs, this is the 2nd time iv seen these tiny bugs in food she gave me, idc what my husband says I won't touch it, it seems quite intentional next to the whore in law who constantly talks about being on her period when she's visiting and stains my white couch with her pussy juice, and the other SIL from hell who gives me used clothes with a white armpit mark with a pubic hair sticking out of it, I'm good off you freaks! Just wait till I tell their in laws how they treat their brothers wife! I can't wait to introduce myself and make the rounds and tell them why I keep away! 👹

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