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I wish DEATH for FIL

Posted on Fri, May. 27, 2016 at 03:45 pm

FIL you have 6 children, yet you only choose my boyfriend and move in into his house and make him carry you on his shoulders because you're sick... not only that but MIL filed for divorce last week because she can't stand you anymore and of all your children, you once again choose my boyfriend to carry you on his shoulders because of your problem with his mom.

Listen a**hole, don't you see you are destroying your son?? your boy is a grown a** 40 year old man and he has the right to get married and have a family and you are making that impossible with your clingyness and attention seeking... whatever happens between you and MIL is YOUR problem and your son shouldn't be dragged into it, a**hole!

I hope your disease gets worse fast and you die soon! you are an a**hole!... ... MIL is awesome btw!

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MIL, Dead and Forgotten

Posted on Fri, May. 27, 2016 at 11:33 am

Nobody misses you here.
I'm the only one that thinks about you, and not with fondness. Your birthday last week went by with no thoughts or memories to share.
I'm the one that remembered it the next day, not your beaten down son or your war-weary grand kids. We are all in recovery and on the mend after so many years of surviving YOU!
That's not the way I'd want to be remembered (or not)after I'm gone, but it's exactly what you deserve.

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Brainwashed By His Mother

Posted on Fri, May. 27, 2016 at 05:48 am

My husband comes ftom a certain country where mothers brainwash their sons from birth.

I did not know all this cultural crap until she visited after a marriage. We expats so she has to be flown in like royalty twice a year for a month.

This husband who treats my parents like crap yet they only visit once a year for less than a week expects me to pamper this woman.

She is 65 and fully capable of doing things herself but due to cultural brainwashing she acts like a baby, wants to be in served, expects me to drop my household chores after a long day of work to attend to her even though my now two year old daughter who was at nursery all day needs me more.

All day she sits and watches tv with her feet on tbe coffee table or lies on the couch reading books.

He goes in rages ehen I do things my way or dont serve her, banging his head throwing things calling me a brat and arrogant.

This mother of his has no compassion as she has been a housewife with a maid all her life.

Whats worse is even though he never has conversations with me who has a stressful day, he will talk long hours with her-abkut what? Whuch position she lay when reading her books? How her fingers ache because she was switching channels on te remote all day? What an eventful day!

Whats worse is when she sees there is tendion between us she uses the opportunity to draw him closer making him feel like a victim.

I tried to cast a spell... i know crazy... but i didn't work fhe just keeps coming back like a cockroach. I dont anything bsd to happen just these trips to stop that she will come for less time only a week or so.

A month feels like a year with her around.

I end up just wishing she could die so husbdnd csn grow up. And then i stress about it what if this takes 20 years.... aarhhhgg.

I end up wishing that I took heed of the warnings of my parents about him and his stupid culture.

I am still praying and when things get ugly i find myself searching for voodoo spells.

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Back off!

Posted on Fri, May. 27, 2016 at 03:42 am

You are seriously starting to piss DH off now. You have finally (and thankfully) pushed him too far too many times.

Well done! Now BACK OFF!!!!

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Can. Not. Stand. Him.

Posted on Thu, May. 26, 2016 at 08:18 pm

Bil "freed up some money" so now he can buy an expensive item to use 1 time for a hobby.

Freed it up from what? What responsibilities do you have moron?

Why don't you free it up to buy your own place so your child can have her own room when you get her. Not as cushy as mommies 2 bedroom but I think it's time to grow up.

Free it up & enroll your kid in her own activity instead of wasting your money on only you.

Free it up to buy her some clothes instead of having your mother on facebook asking for some.

Free it up to fix your actual vehicle so you can actually use it dependably.

You are just a moron. An absolute idiot. What bills can you even have besides child support, phone, and car insurance?

I am so glad your brother doesn't like you & we don't have to deal with you. I just don't think I could hold my tongue!!

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Phony IL's

Posted on Thu, May. 26, 2016 at 07:58 pm

So I've been married for a year, and the family sides with his Ex over their own son and me. His family never helped me to throw a wedding yet helped his brother with his wife and all their needs. Had a fall out with his wife because she made rumours that I left my husband and told everyone she never liked me anyway. I'm pregnant and my husbands family is not happy at all. They purposely want to know the sex of the baby so they can gossip to his ex wife, who filed child support while I'm pregnant. Well my husbands daughter is almost 18 so it didn't fly thankfully. But I still stressed out and had to help him with lawyers. His family thinks I'm 'jealous' but I'm taking my husbands side. His ex left him for another man so why would they ignore this fact and be friends with her yet talk crap about their own brother. I'm divorced also but I never stalk my exes family and try to engage in their lives. His ex is such a stalker that she infiltrated his entire family, and they listen to her lies. My husband is even upset about it but there's nothing we can do, they choose to keep talking to her so we have had to keep them away from our business. Meanwhile his sister had a party for circumcising all the boys, they are all middle eastern people, and its a custom..and I treated them like they treat me, I said ya I will go, and then oops something came up didn't make it. Well now the entire family is pissy but why should I care. Not like they offered to help me with my wedding party. I ignore them, they get the silent treatment and karma will bite them btchs

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No reminders from me

Posted on Thu, May. 26, 2016 at 12:27 pm

I have always been the one that remembers family special events. I am the one that invites family for dinner and I am the one that goes out and buys the birthday cards and gifts.

The only thing I got from the inl family was complaints. They complained about my cooking so I stopped inviting them for dinner. I am a good baker so I invited them for dessert. All they did was complain that it wasn't a full dinner. They complained about gifts I purchased or would only thank dh even though he had nothing to do with it.

What I did was never good enough. So I just stopped. There is a family event coming up. I think dh has forgotten. He will get no reminders from me. I'm done being to social secretary for people who don't appreciate the effort.

I save my efforts for people who actually appreciate it.

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DH is cracking...

Posted on Thu, May. 26, 2016 at 08:04 am

We've been playing the wait it out game. We always contact you FIL and what started unintentionally has turned into deliberately waiting to see how long before you contacted us. It has now been 1 month. You live 1 town over but no calls, texts, or visits.

I hate you for it.

DH has been holding out. He's cracking now. He said he wants to wait but he'd feel bad if something happened. I won't stop him but I don't share those feelings. You clearly aren't worried about how you'd feel if something happened to him or any of your 4 grandchildren!

And if he calls, it better be away from me because I picture the first thing you'll say is "where is my (item we borrowed)" and I told DH if I heard you be hateful over that after not contacting us, I'd probably fly through the phone.

We were only going to keep it a week but let's be honest you have THREE of that item. You could easily give it to DH but you are such a stingy a**hole that helping your own son never crosses your mind.

I didn't hate you before this & my kids dont even notice your absence but it actually hurts your sons feelings & sadly he will never call you on it because he knows you'd never be able to understand your actions (or lack of) are hurtful!

I swear it though you obese lard, if you make him feel bad in anyway when you all finally talk, I will rip you a new one so deep that the food comes straight back out!!

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Desperate cling on

Posted on Thu, May. 26, 2016 at 06:37 am

My MIL texts my fiancé every day, goes to the gym with her, is always trying to get us to go over to visit when we've already been there that week and said hi. When we say maybe tomorrow she says "oh you always say tomorrow, tomorrow and never come" well maybe because we are trying to establish our OWN life and OWN family unit outside of yours and you don't like loosing control of what your grown up child is up to. I only trust her as far as I could throw her and that's not very far. She is always telling us stories about her friends and certian family members saying not so nice things but then pretends to be all holy and namaste and peace drama free when her, her sister and her mother are all known as the town gossipers and nobody wants to tell them anything because they blab. MIL told us we shouldn't get a puppy, when we told her what breed we wanted she would make up reasons why that one was bad.. Putting in her two cents that I don't care for. The best thing is, we went
ahead and got the puppy.. But MIL almost convinced my fiancé not to do it. Now she calls and says "my friends and I are down the street. Bring out my grandson" (yes she calls our dog her GRANDSON) She loves control. I'm working on breaking that down as we go because I will not have a baby and deal with her if she is this annoying..

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Stop Lying!!!!

Posted on Thu, May. 26, 2016 at 12:59 am

First, your son does not want to see me while in the hospital. NOT TRUE. Next, it's going to be "at least two days" before you're going to visit him next. NOT TRUE. I gain control of the situation that you thought you had control of and you act as though you're surprised. TRUE. Screaming and bullying us in the hospital until you get escorted out by security. TRUE. Your erratic behavior and lack of compassion for your son has set back his recovery. TRUE. If you hadn't lied in the first place, this whole situation could be completely different. TRUE. There are so many details that I can't include here because I am better than completely outing you regarding your bad behavior. My husband and I love each other more than you and your ex-wife could ever understand. Trying to split us apart only makes us grow stronger. Simply put... FUCK OFF!!! TRUE.

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