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Not about you

Posted on Thu, May. 21, 2015 at 01:08 pm

I went into labor early about a month early and the second I got there they wanted to stop it. We called both my parents and my husband's parents to let them know what was going on and told them that I was getting medication to stop my contractions because I was early and ob wanted to stop it.
My parents are 18 hours away and asked to be kept up to date as much as we could. My mother wished that we where closer so that should be come see the baby as soon as he was born and reminded me to breath.
My MIL on the other hand thought that this was us telling her to start the 15 hour drive because she thinks I'm going to let her be in the room when I deliver watching from a set behind the doctor. I've told her over and over that 'This isn't a floor show, it's a personal family making moment and I'm not comfortable with anyone other then medical staff watching that' she still thinks that shes getting her way.
Four hours later my contractions stopped and if you've ever been given Tocolytic you know how crazy your body feels but that kicked in after one dose but my heart wouldn't stop racing so I was there that long because of side effects but once the contractions stopped we called everyone and told them that everything had stopped but now it was me they where worried about.
My husband called his parents and his dad said that his mom was on the road headed our way and that we had better call her cell. So my husband called his mother who became so mad that she had been on the road for an hour or so already and how could I do this to her. She demanded that we pay her back for the gas she spent in driving.
I told her to kiss it we told her from the get go that they wanted to stop it and to not get in the car that was all her. My poor husband had to tell her that she was being unreasonable and that he would call her the next day before he step out of the room and called his sister and told her what had just happened. The two had a good laugh as I sat there wanting to slap MIL.

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last chance!

Posted on Thu, May. 21, 2015 at 11:33 am

All my SIL has to do is turn on the waterworks and my DH drops what his doing and comes running.
I don't know how many fucking things have been ruined by SIL pulling this stunt.
I am suck of this shit and have told my DH if he doesn't put his sister in her place soon. Im gone.
Its Ridiculous! She is 33 and cries down the phone like a 2 year old.
Grow up and leave us alone already you stupid bitch!

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dear inlaws

Posted on Thu, May. 21, 2015 at 08:54 am

please know that i do not hate any of you..not for lack of trying but simply because i dont have it in me..you destroyed my joy and hope for many years with your sarcastic remarks both in public and private coupled with your racist views of anyone group that is not of your european culture, language and or customs...criticize others religious beliefs all the while smiling and going to church every sunday and fooling those around you into believing that you all are such kind people...prying into my private life and my parents divorce behind their backs.....insulting my children because of their appearance.....sick....your abusive, drunk and cowardly son and brother has outdone himself by almost ensuring that my family is just like yours...tormented by a drunk who was enabled and protected by lies...disgusting...just know that every time you smile at me and my family we know that you are the snakes that you try to conceal...sister in law...my brothers wife just thinks the ground you all walk on is paved with kindness and generosity and my family is beneath her..thank you for giving me a book on parenting..classy move from someone who ignores me whenever she feels like it and insults my family at her whim......why marry my brother then...makes no sense but alas as mentioned above...i dont hate any of you...i dont feel anything anymore..i am finished with all of your false selves..yes i will smile with all of you but just know there is nothing beneath it no feeling just like your smiles.....no i am not perfect but just a human who is finished being a scapegoat.....there a good people out there and its time to find them ...have a great day

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Toe-Tappin Hicks

Posted on Thu, May. 21, 2015 at 06:39 am

How the hell did an educated woman like myself end up on the other end of the Hillbilly surprise? It's like Dagwood Bumbstead meets Mean Girls meets Pat Robertson on his most delusional of days. It's despicable and, more than anything, laughable! I guess they'll be strummin on those banjos, giving their kids middle names of 'Lynn' and 'Jo' and pot-lucking it until 'Kang-dom Come.' Pass the popcorn!

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Temporarily Out of Service

Posted on Thu, May. 21, 2015 at 03:17 am

My DH let his overly entitled and spoiled brat of a nephew use our computer last night while his "mother" went out with her flavor of the second boyfriend on a "special occasion" date. I told DH to supervise him while he was on it. DH responded "Hes 12. He knows better."

Let me say this right quick that my computer is defraged and cleaned regularly. Ive had this computer for 7 years and I have made the appropriate upates when necessary. My computer is the hub of my business. Ive never had what I am dealing with this morning.

I turned my computer on this morning and within 10 minutes one of my fans kicks into high gear and then the whole rig turns off. I've been trying to figure out what is going on. I hooked up my laptop up to my pc to run diagnostics...... I have a barrage of viruses and worms and trojans on my computer that was installed while that bleeping kid was on my computer "playing a game". Instead of working on a project that is due tomorrow and helps pay our bills, I will be cleaning up my computer..... [insert choice long string of profanities from your preferred culture]

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Posted on Wed, May. 20, 2015 at 08:41 pm

SIL, since my brother was smart enough to divorce your crazy ass, you've become the ultimate poser. You needed to move to a new city to be surrounded by new people who have no idea of what a monster you were to everyone around you, especially those children of yours. While you schmooze and pathetically play out some sort of mid-life neediness crisis, know that it's only a matter of time before all your reflected glory basking gets turned on it's ass and your inner snake comes out play. Your number will be up and I have a feeling some out there won't take kindly to your bullshit. At some point, you'll encounter the steel-toed spiked boot you've long deserved.

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House of Lunatics

Posted on Wed, May. 20, 2015 at 07:41 pm

My MIL and FIL are doing it again after he cheated on her with a much younger whore . She got pregnant about 2 months after my bf and I told them we were expecting (I think she planned it all out) I hate them all so much !! My MIL wasn't as bad but after messing around with a man like this she just needs to respect herself because that's disgusting !! He is a pig and he treats my bf literally like a slave ! Always has him doing labor work when he's sitting on his fat ass drinking beer and talking stupid shit . I can't wait to leave this hell hole ughhh !! The worse part is they have my bf covering up their little affair . This other whore knows he's fucking his first baby momma and she still doesn't leave ! Like are you okay ? Do you need help ? She has 2 kids of her own whom she leaves with her mother every day to come with this old hag . That old fat bastard has the balls to say "his son" is gonna kick my daughters ass once she's born. Are you fucking retarded ? Is that wtf you really think through your big stupid head ? His whole god damn family is always coming over , the whole reason he got his own house was because his sister didn't want him around, now these bitches are always here !! I regret getting involved with his family so much , if only id met them all sooner I would have backed up since when !!!

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Horrid In Laws

Posted on Wed, May. 20, 2015 at 05:20 pm

First I would like to start by saying my MIL and FIL have been alcoholics for years because they can't stand each other. My husband and I have been together off and on for 10 years and married for almost 4. We have two children and I'm pregnant. When I was pregnant I was at their house with my husband while they were at a Halloween party. Needless to say they both came home drunk and my MIL somehow thought I had called her a b***h so then that crazy broad tried to fight me. I was pregnant and I was so hurt because we had always been close. Anyways my husband moved out their house when that happened when we were 17. My FIL would always hit my husband until he started defending his self at 14. FIL also would curse my MIL, SIL, and my husband out all the time. My husband and I took a break and I went out with my friends on a night when it was my husbands night with our kids and she had the nerve to tell me that I shouldn't go out..... Like excuse me who do you think you are. We got into an argument of course because she was drunk. Well I haven't let my children near them and I won't go near them. My SIL always gets into the argument when it has nothing to do with her. My FIL has pulled out guns and threatened suicide and everything else being drunk. FIL got drunk a few weeks ago and punched my pregnant SIL in the stomach! My MIL stood by and let FIL hit on my husband and on her SIL and my MIL didn't do anything about it like calls the cops and leave like a real mother is supposed to do. Supposedly my FIL has been sober for a few weeks so my SIL and I got into it because she thinks I should bring my kids over there. They are crazy. They will never have any part in my childrens lives. They know nothing about my husband and my relationship and during our argument my SIL was saying all kinds of things that were lies like I'm starting to think they're delusional. So I can't stand them and I fear for my childrens safety going over there at all because my MIL didn't defend her own children when they would get hit and verbally abused so why in the hell would I think she would protect mine and I never will put my kids in a situation where something bad could happen. My husband and I agree that they need to be sober for a while but now since they made up lies in their heads and didn't comprehend anything I have ever said then they lost out because I and my children are never dealing with their drama, violence, alcoholism, and lies again

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They don't give us the time of day

Posted on Wed, May. 20, 2015 at 04:07 pm

My dh's extended family doesn't give him the time of day. His mother makes sure he feels sorry for her extended loser family. He used to give them big gifts. One year he gave them a huge check. They were too busy to call and say they received it. He had to call because he thought it got lost in the mail.

After that I took over the shopping duties. I now give them the bare minimum. A card with no sentiment just generic with a signature. The children get a basic gift. If these people gave us the time of day and maybe showed a little gratitude I might feel differently. They are just users and losers.

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lip smacker

Posted on Wed, May. 20, 2015 at 03:13 pm

Just thought you should not mother in law…every time you smack your stupid skinny little lips on your stupid little teeth it makes me want to slap your stupid little face.

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