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Snakes in the grass

Posted on Sun, Jul. 05, 2015 at 07:24 am

EBIL and his wife (ESIL) have 4 kids and have been mooching off FIL and MIL and DH and his other siblings. This has been happening for like 20 years. EBIL steals money from us (thousands). He uses the classic "I'll pay you back tomorrow" but then when he needs more, the tab restarts at $0 and sometimes we even owe HIM money. Isn't that just outrageous? We have never borrowed a dollar from him, he has possibly bought us a $5 meal each once. He has caused us financial and legal problems. Then the mf ignored us until he needed a big favour. We ignored him and then he lied to MIL that we ignored his attempt at contacting us and made her upset that we have 'ill feelings'. EBIL and ESIL are useless, don't like to work (who does?), and constantly try to turn me against the other SIL who is a decent human being who doesn't take money from siblings young enough to be her children. DH hates them which is great for me.

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You're disturbed!!

Posted on Sun, Jul. 05, 2015 at 12:23 am

Boyfriends mother is a raging alcoholic, slinging back bloody Mary's every night to the tune of a whole bottle of vodka a day. She starts an hour or so after she wakes up and stops around 4-5am keeping autistic BIL awake and arguing with him, sometimes she'll insist on cuddling/coddling him in his bed!! Sick enough right? Wrong!!!

We recently rescued BIL for two weeks to stay with us so he could get some respite and sleep, we all thought maybe the break would be enough for her to rekindle things with her husband (they never have quality time just the two of them), we thought maybe she'd clean up the house and make him some romantic meals (he works full-time, she does nothing at all).

How very wrong we were. When my boyfriend takes his brother home all seems well for an hour or so. Then BIL sends us a message. "Mums been painting" he said. "Mum has painted a portrait of us children while I've been away"... Here's the kicker... "There's me, you, Sister.......... And the two children she aborted"......

Wtf MIL seriously!

I had two miscarriages last year and hearing this story made my stomach turn violently, I gagged, a lot. I'm half way through a pregnancy now and want nothing at all to do with you MIL. I never married your son because of you. I'll wait happily until you die so I never get the guilt trips that we're family. We are not! You are sick, and if it wasn't for boyfriend always defending your sick, emotionally abusive and alcoholic ways, I'd have called the white coats to take you away. You're not coming anywhere my kids, not now, not ever. Sort your life out and stop abusing your children, it's obvious they have Stockholm syndrome.

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My unborn Babygirl is a mistake...

Posted on Sun, Jul. 05, 2015 at 12:16 am

I have come to find out, my in laws think my husband made a mistake in marrying me, getting me pregnant, and enlisting in the armed forces. Defending your freedom and starting a family..ooo what a horrendous occurance! How's an unborn child a mistake? These people are wealthy monsters. No one in the family has kids, he's the youngest, he's the first one having a baby. His dad constantly tells him he's stupid and made stupid decisions. Makes me feel great, coming from a pretty torn family myself....my unborn daughter is already getting treated like how I was growing up with my own family and she's not even here yet. Not to mention that no one believed me when I was pregnant, I was bombarded with questions as to why I'm so sick and tired in my first trimester cause my MIL never had any of that and she's had "4" kids. I applaud you, lady. Oh and a lovely language barrier to go with it so direct communication was non-existent! His sybling also called him stupid and blind for being with me and his other sybling ruined my wedding day...go figure! This is one 5 golden star family, I hate them all!!! They won't be coming around the newborn at all, like ever, unless they plan on getting on their knees, forget it. (Oh! But my FIL and MIL had it predetermined that the baby would never come around them...around the time I was 4 weeks pregnant now going on almost 40 weeks..perhaps their psychic?) One thing is for sure, they have the rest of their crumbling withering lives to hear about me and they don't know me at all...I'm the nightmare they can't wake up from...if they played their cards right, they would've been the ones calling UNO.

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Well, excussssse me!

Posted on Sat, Jul. 04, 2015 at 04:57 pm

I'm sorry that I don't know your favorite daughter's every move. I know it was such an inconvenience to you answering simple questions about her arrival. Why do you have to be so rude?

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Posted on Sat, Jul. 04, 2015 at 12:37 pm

I was OUT, you were all out of our lives. No drama, guilt trips, insane made up stories... it was all gone. Why did I let you back into our lives? You're already making up fantasy stories of the horrible things you imagine me doling, because (AS ALWAYS) I am innocent of everything you keep spewing from your mouth. I'm guilty of only one thing; thinking you could have changed for the better. Ew.

I feel the cut off coming again.

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can i borrow your mower

Posted on Sat, Jul. 04, 2015 at 12:31 pm

So my BIL decides to buy a house for over a half a million dollars that he clearly cannot afford. The day of the closing he texts asking to "borrow" our riding mover. He says he has no money and his grass is 2 feet tall. Wonder why he has no money (see first line). I know full well he has no intentions of driving an hour out to my house to "borrow" this mower that he can easily rent for $50. He fully plans on keeping it as a house warming gift to himself, so I said no. Less than hour later he unfriended me from Facebook. Seriously? He's a jerk now. I only hope this means he'll stop borrowing things, like my wet saw that he returned with a dull blade, or calling to borrow my dad's pick up truck, the list does on and on. The best part is he's never once thanked me for any of it.

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Be quiet!

Posted on Sat, Jul. 04, 2015 at 05:55 am

Dear MIL Shut the hell up! I'm soo sick of hearing all the ignorant selfish crap that comes out of your mouth. Your a lazy slob, that trys to one up everyone to make yourself look good. You spend as little time as possible with your grandkids, then wonder why they don't like u. I don't know how your family puts up with you. I wish you would permanently go mute.

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Thank God.

Posted on Sat, Jul. 04, 2015 at 02:06 am

I am just relieved that i don't have to spend 4th of July with my in laws. I can't stand MIL's screeching golden grandbrats anymore. Everytime i see their faces, i feel like i needed to jam a knife to my ears, because those undisciplined feral nightmares have nuclear meltdowns in every 20 minutes.

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Fucking typical...

Posted on Sat, Jul. 04, 2015 at 12:46 am

Your 43 year old son cheats in his wife of ten years with a 23 year old, leaves his family, boasts about all if the exhausting sex he's having - And you blame his wife for being busy working to provide for their children.

I bet you wish it was your other son, my husband. And I bet you'd think it was my fault too.

Funny how nobody on your family can make mistakes that are their fault. It's always somebody else's error, something someone else did or completely out of their control.

I wonder if you'd be so forgiving if I told you what I know about your husband? I wonder if you'd make excuses for him and blame the woman? I know her and I know the full story.

While writing this I just remembered that it's your birthday. I hope you are thinking hard about how your actions have caused your grandchildren and myself to reach the end of the day without remembering or caring.

I wish things had been different. I'd wanted a family but you excluded me, humiliated me and ultimately put me in a position where I no longer actually care to play nice.

Hopefully you now have what you wanted. Me gone.

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Crappy inlaws!

Posted on Fri, Jul. 03, 2015 at 05:41 am

After 7 years of a hiatus from the horrible in-laws, ESIL came back to us like a snake in the grass begging us to re-unite with them. Well, we gave them a second chance and their bad ways returned with them. It was a set up just to use us and leach off of us, because ESIL's daughter has children. We were to be godparents and financially support her children. It was just a scam as ESIL's usual scams. She ripped off DH of money and heirlooms, it's never enough for this bitch and her stupid daughter. Well, DH put a stop to their antics, demanded I stop sending money for the kids and now we have finally rid ourselves of the scumbags once and for all. Sad for the kids, but ESIL, EBIL and ENIL are all bad. We didn't even get invited to ENIL's wedding. They abuse people financially and try to live out of relatives pockets. We are so done with them!

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