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Narcissistic, abusive mother in law

Posted on Wed, Jul. 26, 2017 at 09:10 am

I am so angry at my mil!!!! She is very abusive to me, my husband, and our daughter. I have dealt with her crap for almost 20 years! My DH and I are finally in agreement about her abusive and manipulative ways. He did not acknowledge it before. She abused and abandoned him as a child and when he got older, she came back in his life and instead of physical, verbal, and mental abuse, she went just for verbal and mental. I have gone NC with her and am so relieved!!! But, she now has started abusing my DH and DD more because of my NC. She was talking trash about me and my husband and our parenting ways. We are all 3 in counseling, partly because of her, and doing better. Our counselors think that we have made a lot of progress. Because of counseling my DH can see his mother for what she is. I found out this morning that she said that my DD is getting fat. Please understand that my mil is 5 feet tall and has said that she weights 350lbs!!! Yes, my DD has gained weight because of her anti-depression meds, but she is not fat! The psychiatrist has tried different meds but, the ones she is currently taking are the only ones that we found to work for her. She is going to the gym and working on her health. That is what we are encouraging her to work on. She has had an eating disorder in the past and I am so terrified that one jackass comment from her grandmother will send her back to the hospital. I have decided to protect DD from my mil. DD hates her anyway as she cannot understand why grandma treats her so badly. We have explained that it is grandma that has the problem and not DD. DH can see her if he wants, but DD and I are out!!!

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Gaaaaaaa I hate his female cousin!

Posted on Wed, Jul. 26, 2017 at 09:03 am

She pretends I don't exist. Ignores my bday. Over acknowledges his. Is single. Is what I would consider to be a totally geek but he laughs at all her jokes and defends her to the Earth. She bitches about me to his mom. She unfriended me on Facebook. She's a creepy weirdo! She unnerves me! It gets to me so bad I ever wonder if they have had sex?! Why doesn't nobody else in the family think their relationship is weird?? It's not normal for a 37 year old single woman to dote on her 35 year old male cousin so much and openly blank n refuse to acknowledge his wife?! Am I right?? Scary ass freaky family! What the fuck have I walked into??? They used to share hotel rooms together and when they are together they both smile from ear to ear none stop. I feel like he compares me to her and wants me to be like her (she never cries and is relatively non emotional or so she acts) and she is athletic. She over texts him and is always inviting him on nights out and not me! It's so odd?!

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Forget About It

Posted on Wed, Jul. 26, 2017 at 07:25 am

The only time my in-law wished me a happy birthday was after we stopped spending holidays with them. She called on a Sunday, my birthday was the previous Tuesday. I figure she called when she knew my husband was home to show what a "thoughtful person" she is. After saying happy birthday, she asked to speak to my husband and kept him on the phone for over an hour until he made an excuse to hang up. Actions speak louder than words. We never spent holidays with them again. And I never heard from her on my birthday again. LOL.

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Two-edged sword

Posted on Wed, Jul. 26, 2017 at 07:25 am

Yes, I do realize that it is a privilege, not a right to have grandchildren in my life. I realize that it is also a privilege to have relationships with my family. But you know what? That road runs both ways. I try to respect your screwy, arbitrary rules of conduct, to not to cross your continuously shifting boundaries. My word, it is a bloody game of Calvinball, with you constantly changing the rules to suit your moods, so you "win". Not sure how much is due to the spouses-in-law, or due to my self-centered offspring?

I try to be supportive and help wherever it seemed reasonable. I've spent significant chunks of my paycheck, never once asking for reimbursement. I've let insults go, trying not to take it personally. I hate drama and try not to make a big deal, even when you repeatedly slighted me. I had miserable in-laws and tried diligently not to act as they do.

That last insult was the straw that broke the camel's back. I now fully realize that I am nothing but an embarrassment to you. Oh, I am sometimes convenient, but I don't deserve the courtesy you reserve for others. It is also a privilege, not a right, for your children to have loving grandparents, and for you to have parents/ILs that want to have a relationship with you. So I have decided to go NC. Please, I want to hear no complaints in the future that I am distant at best from your children, that I place my work life, friends, vacations, and hobbies ahead of "faaaamily". I do not plan to do birthdays, holidays, or vacations with ANY relatives anymore. I sacrificed my own best interests for my children since before their births, and I got the message, loud and clear, that the things I sacrificed were in vain. I think it is high time that I try to take back the life I gave up to try to do what was best for the offspring. I gave you life, cared for you to the best of my ability, I finally realized that my sole value to you was nothing more than enablement. The scales have fallen from my eyes, and I am now DONE with it all.

Don't worry, I have purchased long-term care insurance, and am making my own arrangements for nursing home care. I shall not burden you, and no longer shall you be of concern to me. Good-bye.

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Man Child Follies

Posted on Wed, Jul. 26, 2017 at 03:48 am

I just spent a week enduring the passive-aggressive drive-by's of my co-dependant MIL and her man-child husband. I am ecstatic that they are gone. My SO is hurting and they are absolutely clueless as to just how awful they were. A wonderful moment was when my SO told man-child that he was not in control in our house.... that there were 4 of us and we each had 25% of the decisions we make. Man-child was beside himself in anger and I couldn't stop laughing at this pathetic, creepy, quacking man. All week he tried forcing his greasy, grotesque German cooking down our throats (we never asked him to cook but he took control of the kitchen as our food is "scheisse"). We both really hate his cooking and avoid it at all costs--but we were polite nonetheless. It's no wonder he has 14 stents. After bending over backwards to accommodate their conflicting tastes and needs for 4 days straight, we were informed that they didn't feel welcomed in our home. We proceeded to have the absolute most miserable weekend. Man-child threw tantrum after tantrum we could just not do anything right. MIL just attempted to placate him at every turn. Despite the unfortunate weather, we were able to show them a few wonderful places from Stonehenge to the Roman Baths in Bath among other places. SO took loads of pictures. He had high quality prints made and assembled them in a photo-quality print type magazine. Both oohed and ahhhed. So when they go back home and tell everyone how awful their time was, they'll show them this magazine of all these incredible places that will tell a different story. Oh, I was not in a single picture in the magazine. I just told my SO that I am done with them. I will support his time with MIL and we will always make sure he gets to go back every year and if any emergency comes up, of course I'll be there in support; however, I will not visit them ever again. No interest, don't care. I didn't deserve the abuse and all the insults behind my back. And my SO DEFINTELY did not deserve the abuse.

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why do i HAVE to let il's see my daughter?

Posted on Tue, Jul. 25, 2017 at 05:25 pm

Really long story short here, as many of you are experiencing - my inlaws have completely disrespected me & my husband. My husband confronted them about this & MIL went on to tell the whole family that I made him confront them & that everything was my fault etc... so now about 7 weeks have passed & my daughter is 3 months old. Husband is on speaking terms with them again but i flat out refuse to have anything to do with them after their treatment of us. I am completely okay with him having a relationship with them even though I wish he wasn't such a peacemaker, but after what they've done they don't deserve to see my daughter. So why the f*ck do I have to let them? They've frozen me out, treated me appallingly. They now have access to my daughter when my husband goes there. I don't think this is fair. I don't want my daughter to be around horrible people like them but I feel like I don't have a choice. Everyone keeps saying different things, some think they should see her & others don't. I'm exhausted & so angered by them & i HATE the fact they get to see my daughter.

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Enjoy your liver damage!

Posted on Tue, Jul. 25, 2017 at 11:16 am

You know what, FIL? That BSN I soent years in college attaining isn't just for show. So, please for the love of all things holy stop telling my husband that he should "just take some Tylenol while he is waiting to take his next Vicodin" after surgery! They both contain acetominophen, and no matter how much you argue with me that Vicodin does not that will not change the fact that it does! Maybe you have been lucky (really, really, super lucky) enough to have never had ill effects from taking both, but I don't want your poor advice to kill my husband (who is also your son, btw, so maybe you should give him better advice). Rant over.

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Second Fiddle Mama

Posted on Mon, Jul. 24, 2017 at 04:55 pm

Guess what MIL actually said to my DH.
"I'm tired of being second fiddle."

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Kissing cousins

Posted on Mon, Jul. 24, 2017 at 10:18 am

My MIL just told me that her and my FIL, her husband, are cousins. Distant cousins, but cousins nonetheless. It explains a lot.

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Rolling my eyes at you MIL

Posted on Mon, Jul. 24, 2017 at 09:53 am

I may not have any contact with you but for you to cut off my SIL is stupid. BIL doesn't talk to you and your always raving on FB about how you want to be apart of your grandson's life. SIL was at least sending you pictures and face timing with you to see him. Now you cut her off, how will you have any relationship with your grandchild, you idiot.

Sending a text to SIL's mother saying you'll be swinging by this weekend to see him, IS NOT HOW THIS WORKS!! You need to ask the parents and that means you have to talk to them!

You blocked us because OUR drama. You're the one going behind everyones backs spreading lies to each of your sons and their wives to start shit.. what a pot of crack you are.

You don't get to ask my husband how my pregnancy is going.. You only pretend to care because I finally have something you want..another grandchild. You're sick!

Sorry MIL, we're a package deal. You don't get to be involved in just your son's and grandchildren's lives. The daughter in laws are very much still around and we might have something to do with the fact there are any grandchildren at all! -_-

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