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Posted on Fri, Sep. 30, 2016 at 04:55 am

I've been married to my husband for thirty eight years and estranged from my in laws for the past ten. I can proudly say that I was always polite and respectful towards my in laws, but felt that I could NEVER do a thing right in my mother in law and her daughters eyes! Turns out that they had been talking to my husband about me since just before we married. My husband always denied this when I said I felt they didn't like me and told me it was all in my imagination. Yesterday he said he needed to ease his concience and admitted that his mother and sister had pulled him aside over the years and bagged me out constantly. Not once did he stand up for me. That part I'm having difficulty processing. The person I should be able to trust the most let me down. I have been honest and open and confided in a man who knows everything about me and who I thought I could trust and it turns out he has never been honest with me. His sister has a trail of broken relationships and marriages. His mother hates the world and has no friends. She was not happy in her own marriage while her husband was alive. That I know because he was popular and she was always jealous of the friendships he made. She drove his friends away one by one. Then he died suddenly of a heart attack. She is now a recluse and still going on about me, to the point of blaming me for everything including breaking up her family....She told my husband that she doesn't know how I can live with myself! Who says that to another human being? Reality is that she kept so many secrets regarding the people she deceived, at the same time accusing everyone for her miserable life that she created. Her daughter rings her daily, because she is a controlling trouble maker and rings her m9ther to make sure shes on track with her hatefulness. If I had known that my life would be this way because they dislike me so much I would never have married my husband! I pity anyone else who is suffering at the hands of horrible in laws! It's a certain kind of torture! I firmly believe my husband could have nipped the problem in the bud years ago. Too late for us now!

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Snake who eats up Son's marriage

Posted on Thu, Sep. 29, 2016 at 08:37 am

So my husband was a divorcee and I loved him so got married. Earlier failed marriage was a result of bitchy MIL. When she is not around, she spits venom into my husband's ears over phone and my marriage shatters! Husband treats them like above GOD.
I don't even want to see her filthy face and Hubby says to shift with them. She is the worst person I have ever known.
I don't want to be with this bifid tongue lady as again she will break Son's and my marriage!

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Can't stand her

Posted on Thu, Sep. 29, 2016 at 03:29 am

She disrespects me always says that everyone is lying when she is the one that lies all the time . That's why she thinks that everine lies because that's what she does . Makes me sick that my husband would take her side in the victim and they are crazy mean .

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I'm so done

Posted on Thu, Sep. 29, 2016 at 03:04 am

I live around the corner from everyone in my husbands family and I'm so over it . I want to move so bad . His sister and her family are constantly badgering me . I can't stand them . My husband is a jerk is treating me like crap because I'm working really hard to try and find a job . I really hate him he is not being nice or supportive he is being a complete ass . Really so treat me like shit for trying . And he had people herass me at the food store I feel so confused and upset I have no idea why I'm getting treated so poorly for trying so hard . I can't stand them . And he has the nerve to think that his mother can treat me like crap say nasty things to me . And I'm suppose to smile and take it . You can all go to hell .

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He just doesn't get it

Posted on Wed, Sep. 28, 2016 at 05:15 pm

My husband still acts upset if I say anything negative about his family. He acknowledges they have treated me badly, but justifies it by saying "that's the way they've always been, can't you just move on." I will never get over it. Just because they've always been that way doesn't make it right. I know I'm far from perfect, but I was always polite to them. Think god we no longer live them.

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FIL, The Horny OBGYN!!!! MIL, has crazy OCD!!!!

Posted on Wed, Sep. 28, 2016 at 10:17 am

Beware of this "professional " couple!!!! FIL, the narcissistic abusive doctor; Should not be anywhere near women let alone pregnant women!! He is an awful !!!! I have seen him get physically and verbally abusive to MIL!!!!
MIL, the addiction therapist has serious control freak manipulative issues which she mentioned is part of her OCD!!!!
DH, open your eyes ..... Let's move far, far, away before your dad and mom put their dysfunctional issues onto us!!!!!
I wish I could write they're names in order to help others avoid drama & medical professional malpractice !!!!!!
DH, please for our mental Heath : LET'S GET THE F**K OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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MIL...wish you would just disappear!

Posted on Wed, Sep. 28, 2016 at 09:20 am

Ok...MIL...That's it! I hate you, you horrible, self-absorbed, selfish, excuse for a human being! I wish I can have a big helicopter pick you up and drop you off on an island far far away so I would never have to look, deal, or have to hear you say something so stupid that all I want to do is scream directly into your face about how much I hate and despise you and how wrong you are!

Now for all the reasons I hate you:

Really is it that hard to speak English? I tested my theory that you only speak english when my husband and you are alone talking (I was sitting on the stairs,just listening), when I walk into the room you horrible old hag you start speaking another language. I hate you more and more every f****** everyday.

What in the world is so hard about going to the car wash to get your car washed??? Why is it all of a sudden my problem that your car is dirty? The car wash is not going to drown you and the boogie man won't come out and scare you, so what is the problem? I even gave you a free car wash ticket w/your choice of air freshener! (But that time you did speak directly to me, smiled, and asked in english, if i would wash your car and I still didn't do it) F*** You!

Ok...so when you wash dishes, the gloves you use to protect your hands, are there to protect your hands ! Why do you think gloves somehow magically turn into a sponge when you wash dishes. You miss the whole concept of "washing dishes"!

Lets talk about things you do in the bathroom. There is a door there for a reason. Use it, close the door. It's not that hard. When you take a shower, take everything you need into the bathroom with you. Ex.: clothes, undergarments, and whatever else your stupid ass needs! Don't walk around the house with no clothes on, looking for shit. (I will go blind). Only paid professionals should have to see that. And that's only if that doctor is overcharging. And when you take a shit close the damn door. Again, you don't live in this world alone there are people everywhere! But your so self-absorbed I'm sure you haven't noticed! And that shower/bath thing, can you try more than once every 3 days. You stink worse than the food you try to make. I make sure not to stand downwind of you!

Why is it? That your way is the only possible way of doing something/anything. Your way or no way. No one else can have an opinion, it has to be your way. Even though the end result will be the same. Nope it has to be your way! There is more than one way of doing things you crazy delusional old hag!

I can go on for days about all the stupid, idiotic, and horrible things you do and say.

But the battery on my phone will run out eventually and I will have to stop writing so I'm just going to stop here.

Just one more very true fact is that...

Do you realize that 90% of all the fights between me and my husband are all about YOU yes YOU, if you were gone I would be happy all the time. As my husband always says "HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE". He doesn't and has never said anything pertaining to your happiness!

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brother & sister in law

Posted on Wed, Sep. 28, 2016 at 07:57 am

Where do I start. I guess I've never liked him from the first few times I met him or my family met him. He's rude and doesn't acknowledge anyone and your lucky if you even get a hello out of him. When I knew id never like him again was when we were on vacation at a park.. He was being a jerk to his father Bc everything on the vacation has to be his way or the highway. He didn't get his way over some photos he wanted and was holding my daughters stroller as he went to into a grown man man fit he took my daughter (1 1/2 yrs old) asleep in her stroller and pushed it about 15 ft while screaming "take your f'in kid" in front of an entire crowd of people children and his own children. I couldn't believe what happened my husband was very upset. We didn't speak to him and avoided him that day until we had to see him in the am Bc we were on vacation staying in the same place. He never apologized once and my entire husbands family just forgot about it. I did not that is my daughter he pushed over some stupid freaking photos!! From then on I can't stand the sight of him. Every vacation we have it has to be what they plan and their schedule we can't do anything we'd like to do everything has to be their way. When I announced I was pregnant with our second daughter at a party I was having he shook his head. No congratulations nothing. He also never acknowledged a single person in my family the entire day. His wife likes to choose my daughters Halloween costumes outfits for photos etc she goes out and plans these photo shoots she's going to have with my daughter in them and buys her entire outfit sweater shoes shirts pants EVERYTHING she tries to tell me what my kid should be for Halloween. She lets her kids pick on my daughter and doesn't do anything about it but when my daughter retaliates she yells at my daughter. I have never once heard her yell at her own kids. She comes to gatherings and let's them run rampede. She gets expensive gifts from our mother in law and takes them to consignment. These two are a match made in heaven. They are twisted controlling and manipulative. I make plans to go places with my family and they just invite themselves. My family doesn't like them. I told my husband to deal with uninviting them Bc that's just ridiculous.

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Posted on Wed, Sep. 28, 2016 at 03:07 am

This is how your son will end his days! Alone!

You have meddled, manipulated and lied in order to take control and all that WILL happen, is you will have forced him to end his days, alone.

Nobody will want a person who is basically, a child, in a man's body. A puppet, a mess of a human being as his family constantly manipulates and controls him.

He will have no loving companion, he will not have a best friend, or a lover, as you have helped screw him up in the head! He needs a carer, a second mother, a nurse maid-no woman will think he's a catch.

He should of and should now stand up to you, but he won't! That is now his problem. I will no longer be by his side, protect him, love him,as emotionally I have already moved on.

And you are partly responsible for that.

Very well done!

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Posted on Tue, Sep. 27, 2016 at 03:54 pm

I am waiting patiently for the day you fall on your ass.. won't be too long because you're already having trouble walking. you can fall with your groupies too. You've made my life so miserable. been so depressed in this family since the day you decided to move in on your own when i had my 1st baby. during my 2nd pregancy, you were the bitch from hell.
my husband is too nice to tell you to go home. you act so different when he's around. but each time you give me hell, dont worry i wont take it out on you. i will make your son suffer the same way you make me miserable.
you wont understand it anyways because thats how your marriage is like with FIL. when i leave your son, you'll feel the pain. because i'm taking my girls with me. since i'm the only one that gave birth to your grankids, no more seeing your sweet grandkids.....

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