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Posted on Wed, Nov. 26, 2014 at 07:39 am

dear double-faced witch
Your lies are always evident.
Your blaming your husband for everything is pathetic. Particularly when u treat him like crap, hecooks and cleans for u, including buying u an expensive car, allowing u to spend thousands and thousands on jewellery, much more. He is kind to all and everyone loves him. We all hate you though we are too polite to be anything less than gracious.

You act one way around me for a couple of hours, consistent with the evil witch I KNOW you to be, and anotherway when my husband finally came down.

You call my mom telling her i don't feed m y son, (he has a health problem) and come over and constantly imply the same to me. You pretend to be religious but don't follow the basic tenets and twist everything to suit your narcissistic bitchy self.
I hate you. Your son is messed up because of you, and I blame you.
When u die I will be GLOATING knowing you will finally meet your Maker. Why? Because I believe in an afterlife, it's the only thing that keeps me serene, knowing you will get your due.
People like you deserve nothing, no love, compassion, nothing. Evil witch.

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You won't even know we're here.

Posted on Tue, Nov. 25, 2014 at 10:34 pm

So it started out as, You won't even know we are here as my mother in-law moved her travel trailer behind our home. Well...we definitely know they are here. It feels like and eternity even though it is just for the winter. "We" as in my husband and I and his mother and stepfather are supposed to share everything on the property but, looks like "we" means just us. We pay the land payment we pay the electric payment we pay for trash and internet, they use it all. My mother in-law has no problem inviting her grown children and their ill-mannered children to my home to spend weekends. My home which is filled with half dozen of our own children and several pets. Neither of which are too fond of the in-laws either. My mother in-law has already demanded that my husbands sister also move onto the property. Ugh! On any given weekend and sometimes week day there will be annoying people wondering around my house using or borrowing something. Harassing my children and pets to the point that the children disappear to their rooms when they hear them enter and stay there hiding. That is unless one of the annoying brothers chooses to go into the kids rooms and harass them about something that is ridiculous. I can't stand it! They love to give advise on subjects they have either failed at or have no experience with.

Don't even get me started on holidays. So it starts as hey what are you guys doing how about we all eat outside and invite everyone. Well of course my family can't stand my husbands family(and they get along with everyone)so they don't come over. So everyone means his family. Well you won't have to cook they say. Then I'm cooking because they can't for some reason, at the last minute. There is also always some kind of crisis in my husbands family some ones getting a divorce some one is getting kicked out or fighting with their ex over something hey can you guys help out? Not to mention borrowing vehicles and using the house keys attached to the key chain to enter my house at any time. I am sick of being run over. This is my home that we worked hard for. These are our things that we came from the bottom, with no help from them to get. When we were homeless and jobless they turned us and our children away. I can't stand these people and they don't care. They act as if what's ours is theirs. For the last two months I have been having serious medical problems and do you think the mother in-law could keep her loud mouth opinionated sons in her space, nope. She invited them all into my home to spend the weekend and get drunk. I can't even rest because I constantly have someone barging into my bedroom or some ones kid screaming. I am always on edge waiting for a knock on my back door from someone needing something. A ride, the bathroom, a shower, some of my husbands clothing for them to wear give me a break please. I have been nice too long and let them run over me for too long. Not to long ago I blew my top. Two of my husbands brothers and their kids came by late and drank into the night. My kids had an important event the next day. Well no one got any rest and the next day the brothers, even though they promised, did not attend the event with us. So I had to leave those idiots in my home while we were all out. I was so mad and also not feeling good at all because of the meds I'm on. I tried to take a nap only to be woken up by one of their kids opening my bedroom door and going through my things looking for something! I blew up. Kicked them all out and went to my mothers. Only to return the next day and have my mother in-law say she understood how I felt and knew I didn't mean it. Oh yes I meant it! Well now another brother is staying with us because he's having marital problems(third wife). He tries to tell my kids what to do while my husband is out of town working, which is every week he is home on the weekends. I don't know what to do. I am so miserable and tired of these people pushing me and my kids around. My husband is equally upset but is afraid to say anything to any one for fear there will be a confrontation. Did I mention his mother is a manipulative drunk? Ugh, disgusting, all of them. I am seriously thinking about leaving my husband because I can't have them always harassing my children and pets. We are barely paying our own bills with out them running up the electric and not even pitching in. They have all sorts of appliances that they have hooked up to our electric including an extra fridge and freezer. I feel like I'm going insane and being bullied all the time when I need to be resting and healing. Why can't these heathens get the hint and back off! They don't even respect my husband when he tells them no. I don't know how much more I can take and I won't even get into up coming Thanksgiving. Guess who's doing everything? Yep me not to mention they have invited extra outside people that I can't stand. The in-laws are also always calling the cops on each other because they can't get along. Too bad they can't all go to jail and stay there for a while.

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Ripped to shreds....

Posted on Tue, Nov. 25, 2014 at 09:53 pm

My husband's family utterly destroyed him. He hates them and does not consider them family after what they did. They know this, and yet he receives a card full of the usual platitudes and flowery Fonzy language. Yeah, ignore the elephant in the room like a good little codependent. Why do people do this? Schizo much?

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It's hit the fan

Posted on Tue, Nov. 25, 2014 at 09:39 pm

It's been a little over a year now since the initial incident. There was a small time frame where my MIL was in contact with me again, because my husband pleaded for me to let it go and move on, but it quickly ended after she continuously created drama and more problems.

It all started when my SIL and husband were arguing about why he's with me and how his family felt about that. In the peak of a yelling match, he left where they all were, and came home. He then started explaining to me what happened and how hurtful and unprovoked their conversation was, when his SIL and cousin knocked at our door. I was quite irritated that they came to our home to continue spouting hate towards me, but I gave him space and went to the other room. He let them in and they all sat, and not to my surprise, began to further discuss their disapproval of me. I was listening to what they were saying and after my SIL said "(my name) is a manipulate b!+@#, you are in an extremely toxic relationship and I'm just trying to help you see clearly." I found myself walking out to the front room standing up for myself. I looked at them both and said very calmly "you need to leave." I honestly don't think they knew I was home because they both had shocked expressions on their faces. My SIL looked to my husband for his input and he stood up and backed me up and made a gesture towards the door. My SIL became very angry and started shouting "f@+% you" repeatedly to both my husband and I and I just continued asking her to leave. She then raised her fists and started rushing towards me saying "I'm going to kick your a$$". My husband intercepted and forced her out the door where they continued to yell at each other all the way to her car.(embarrassing)...

Fast forward one hour and I'm the target for an all out war. My MIL and SIL started sending hate filled texts to my husband and I. Bashing my character, calling me names (even the C word), telling me I'm not good enough, relating me to people they hate... Saying they never want to speak to either of us again, My MIL telling my husband that he isn't the son she raised. With No responses from either of us, it eventually ended. A week goes by and no apologies. My husband called his mom and tried to make peace, from which I received a text simply saying "sorry". I didn't reply. I didn't speak to anyone involved in that, for 3 months. At which point my husband begged and pleaded for me to let it go and move on, because it was after all his mother... So, I did. She started coming over for dinner again and we were moving forward until she started talking smack about me behind my back. I once again stopped communicating with her. Which my husband didn't agree with, he thought I should have just dealt with it and moved on. I on the other hand refuse to be treated like I'm less than another, no one will make me feel inferior.

I haven't seen my MIL in 6 months and I haven't even spoken to my SIl since the fight.

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Dear Santa,

Posted on Tue, Nov. 25, 2014 at 08:00 pm

There is nothing else i wish for, other than wishing for my spouse to finally see the true personality of his mother and sister. I wish he could see what they are really like without him around. I wish the innocent men SIL dates can finally catch a glimpse of her real self. That is all.

PS, I know you're not real, it's just a wishful thinking.

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Thanksgiving with the inlaws

Posted on Tue, Nov. 25, 2014 at 04:27 pm

I've had a headache for the last two weeks just thinking about how horrible my inlaws are on
Thanksgiving. One SIL is bonkers crazy and always has a screaming fit because something bothers her, sometimes it is her alcoholic brother, sometimes it's our dog, sometimes it's because I'm taking so long to get the meal ready (for 30 plus inlaws) that she's concernedher children may starve to death even though all they ever eat for dinner is one roll and butter despite the fact that she piles three pounds of food on each plate. Her husband never comes because he's "working over time" smart man. They also sleep over even though they live only 45 minutes away. Lucky me!!!! I get peed on sheets to wash and to serve them breakfast as well the next morning because cooking for 32 people the day before isn't generous enough of me.
Oh yeah, she steals from me.Now there's the other SIL, walks in the door and complains about traffic then almost immediately starts commenting on things in our house, oh is that new, did my brother buy that etc etc etc, how much was it??? Then she rearranges how I've set up the appetizers and usually explodes her plate of food leaving a film of ick all over the microwave. She puts ice in expensive red wine, I try to give her cheap wind but she always seems to find an expensive one and open it. She often makes out with her husband in front of everyone which I think is just extra specially tasteless. Her children I can tell don't like me and I can only imagine what she tells them about me. Also lives 45 minutes away, also sleeps over, doesn't like my pillows so they bring their own. Last year after they left I found a candy bar wrapper in one of the beds and chocolate smeared all over the sheets. Have no idea if it was intentional but think it is. There's the alcoholic BIL who drinks and goes to an angry dark place, he usually ends the night throwing a child like fit and storms out of a room or storms outside, don't know why, they also sleep over... But while he gets drunker and drunker he likes to bring up stories from 30 years ago and tell that sibling or parent that he's still mad at them for that. He's mad he didn't go to college, he's mad he's losing his hair, he's mad his wife refuses to get a job, he's mad they have a small house, he's mad mad mad and we hear it but fit after child like fit on every holiday and he still comes back.every time, year after year after year. There's another BIL that's somewhat bearable except he's a picky eater so I have to make special food for him, he's in his 40's and will only eat his mothers ham or chicken fingers and french fries, yes chicken fingers and french fries. Other than that, he's ok. The FIL is the worst, has to be served first, eats like an animal in a zoo, belches at the table, talks about politics and religion every time, wipes he face with the back of his hand, spits out a ton of food while talking with his mouth full and takes the food with his dirty fingers. The worst part is he's always right and he's always right. He will only eat certain foods too and sometimes gets a special menu cooked for him too, including a frozen apple pie that o have to thaw and cook
for an hour because he does not like all the home made pies and desserts. Yes, this man gets his own pie. The MIL drinks from the time she arrives until bed time, also sleeps over, also doesn't like our pillows and brings their own. But I have a feeling I know why she drinks. Oh holidays are such a fun time. As if this isn't bad enough, they all come back on Christmas.

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couldn't be happier :D

Posted on Tue, Nov. 25, 2014 at 01:40 pm

This has been the best year of my husband and i's life since we have cut all ties with his pedophile father, suicidal mother, in denial brother *1, hypocritical brother *2 and ugly jealous bitch sister in law. it has been so nice not having to deal with the only contacting us when they want something, acting like psychotic children, the smart ass jealous insecure comments and the fact that they are all proud to be white trash. go to hell u ass holes' u should go to church because i don't think heaven ia going to be where u end up :)

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Bad vs. Good

Posted on Tue, Nov. 25, 2014 at 12:34 pm

Bad vs. good parents, according to my inlaws:

Bad parents care about their children. They take them to the dentist and do not allow them to eat food from dumpsters. They do not drink all their money away so there is none left for proper care of the children. Good parents turn their tiny children loose to roam the neighborhood. Good parents believe kids should be streetwise and if they don't make it back, evidently they weren't tough enough to survive in this world.

Bad parents make sure their kids are educated, including encouraging their hobbies and interests. Good parents never encourage their children to get an education, forcing them to go to night school for the rest of their lives in order to even keep a meager job in this economy. Bad parents want a better life for their children. Good parents say, "I never went to college, so why should you?" Good parents won't even encourage their children in sports. It costs money which needs to be spent on booze.

Bad parents teach their children to avoid bad people. Good parents do not care who their kids hang out with...bikers, druggies, older men, it's all good.

Bad parents think the time to invest in their children's lives is when they are young. Good parents neglect and abandon their children when they are young and then try to manipulate and control their adult children with handouts and bribes.

Bad parents are glad when their children succeed, travel the world and have busy, productive lives. Good parents buy the house next door.

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Life is good....

Posted on Tue, Nov. 25, 2014 at 11:39 am

Somebody seems to be an armchair shrink. Okay, I'll play that game. Projection is accusing of 'dysfunction' when one's own family consists of alcoholics, drug addicts, broken relationships and things I can't even repeat, ad infinitum. All of you are the ones who are sucking on those really, really withered ATMs. Enjoy your freak-fest while my husband (the only one who refuses to suck the ATMs that you so enjoy) and I welcome our wonderful daughter and her AMAZING boyfriend! You are all going to be so jelly your heads will explode! Literally, I hope. Ta ta...(pardon the expression!)

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$5 hooker

Posted on Tue, Nov. 25, 2014 at 08:08 am

SIL lost some weight, kudos to her, but now she dress like a skanky teenager. Hahahhahhahahha, the desperation is strong with that one.

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