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Posted on Fri, Apr. 29, 2016 at 03:43 am

MIL...I'm sick and tired of you, you old bitter lady!

I'm sick and tired of having to wash the dishes again because there is still food stuck on them. ( I have better things to do, don't help it makes more work for me)

I am sick and tired of listening to you talk to my husband as if he was still 5 years old, "don't forget to brush your teeth" (are you fucking kidding me, he has children of his own)

I am sick and tired of you referring to our baby (me and my husband) as "your" Baby, did you help make him...NO, NO, AND NO! Or even referring to the baby as my husband's baby only, Fuck you! (Your lucky you get to see him, if it was up to me, he would not know who you are)

I am sick and tired of you, sticking your nose where it doesn't belong and when you don't like something you call everyone you can think of and tell them to call us and tell us it's a bad idea. This is fucking annoying and I hate it. (With all your medical problems, worry about yourself, and what are you doing? Bribing people with money to call us? Cause your cooking sucks ass)!

I'm sick and tired of walking past the bathroom and there you are sitting on the toilet. I DON'T EVER WANT TO BE THAT CLOSE TO YOU! Here is an idea, close the mother fucking door. I don't want to look at you with clothes on. Why would you think me or anyone else would want to get a glimpse of anything else that's attached to you! (You are so private about everything you do, except when you want to take a shit)!

I'm sick and tired of your parenting advice! "Don't hold him like that" (he is my baby) and "Don't get him vaccinated" (Yes, ok with the little pharmacy, that you have I say don't take your prescription drugs anymore)! (When you have something useful to say, maybe I'll listen, but don't hold your breath or do...your choice)

I hate it when you do all these things! And just because I stopped writing doesn't mean there are not a thousand other things I hate about you. I'm tired and want to get you out of my head.

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The Outsiders

Posted on Thu, Apr. 28, 2016 at 06:02 pm

Hey ILs. How does it feel now from the outside looking in? All those times you made DH and particularly me feel like the shunned outsiders in your little clan (despite the fake smiles) I bet you never thought for a moment that you could actually go too far and turn the tables on yourselves. Now afte 3+ years of me having basically no contact with any of you, I'll be attending yet another one of the 'innocent' extended ILs gatherings tomorrow with MY DH and children-- all without you all there because I refuse to be in the same room with any of you (which goes for my children too since they are minors). DH will associate with you a little if he absolutely has to but not because he loves being around any of you. So I guess that would make YOU the outsiders now of our little clan. How ironic. As they say, Karma's a bitch only if you are.

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Go to hell for mothersday

Posted on Thu, Apr. 28, 2016 at 03:09 pm

You suck as a mom, and you suck as a grandmother. I hate you and my kids hate you. This is all because of the childish, bitchy, crazy crap you always pull. You won't be getting anything from us, but a go to hell for your mother's day.

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So you think I'm a terrible daughter in law?

Posted on Thu, Apr. 28, 2016 at 10:56 am

Mother in law, when you realise that I am different to you because I WANT to be not because I need teaching and don't know how to be like you. I don't like the way you do things. I don't even like the way you have raised your kids. So I am not here to take parenting advise from you! Ask yourself- was your mother in law this involved? Man I wish she was still around to give me a hand at handling you. You really are a piece of outspoken, over opinionated work... Just saying

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Woman what is wrong with you?

Posted on Thu, Apr. 28, 2016 at 10:39 am

Mother in law is getting WORSE not better with time. She bosses me around to the point where we now avoid her and pretend to not be in.
She has just told me what to buy my FIL for his bday and the tone of her message is so bossy and official. I'm rushed off my feet I work longer hours than my husband, so why she doesn't either A) leave us to buy what we want or B) text my husband barking orders instead of me - I do not know.
She sends me these snappy texts while I'm at work whilst she is at home sat on her fat lazy ass! (She doesn't work - retired early and lives off her husband) she controls everything! I just want her to GO AWAY!
I was so so happy before MIL - I was allowed to be a free thinker and everything! I have never felt so judged in all my life 😩 She is getting more demanding day by day... I'm heavily pregnant due any day now and she insists on going on long family walks or gives me jobs to do that are just too draining! I'm exhausted. We have a 6 year old already who is also demanding. I've got low blood pressure and feel really dizzy and she still comes round to our house and says things like 'haven't you hoovered?' If it bothers her so much why doesn't she help me an pick up the Hoover for the first time in five years while I work full time, grow another human, meet her son's needs, raise a six year old etc... Instead of just turning up and making me feel shitty. She's so bad I can't bare to be in her prescence at the moment. The worst part is she is totally obliviously to how hurtful her comments are and how much she puts on us as a family. Even my husband gets fed up of her demands and moaning and lack of help. Well done at driving your family away 👍🏻

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DH turning me off

Posted on Wed, Apr. 27, 2016 at 06:11 pm

My husband is such a little bit@! and a pushover when it comes to ILs. Everytime I feel a little sexual yearning for him he sucks it right out of me when he talks about the hideous ILs like we're all on civil and casual terms. You're such a loser DH. Grow some actual balls and stop pretending like you have them! Major sexual turn off.

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Posted on Wed, Apr. 27, 2016 at 06:09 pm

Who hasn't struggled with having to buy their vicious, cruel MIL a Mother's Day card every year? Not only is my MIL an epic fail as a MIL, but also as a grandma. One year I found a grandma card for her that had a removable heart magnet on it. The magnet said something like "Special Grandma". She's a "special" grandma alright! She's the type of grandma that has not attended even one of our children's school or sporting events. She didn't even visit our kids when they were hospitalized with life-threatening medical issues. MIL only has 4 grandkids, so there's no excuse for zero effort. She says hi to them during visits and ignores them the rest of the time. My husband laughed when he saw the heart magnet and was surprised I bought it for her. I explained that it was sarcasm at it's finest! MIL proudly displayed that stupid magnet on her fridge for years. It was an inside joke between me & hubby. I would point at the magnet during visits & we would have a good laugh!😃😂💖

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Yep, I have a Mom and OS just like that

Posted on Wed, Apr. 27, 2016 at 05:26 pm

Oh yep, I sure do have one of those. An OS who has behaved like a bulldog chewing a wasp ever since I can remember, and a Mom who gets mad at ME for finally deciding I'm not going to be the punching bag any more. Tried telling our Mom about just a few of the things OS used to do (I don't tell her about a lot of the real ugly stuff), such as OS's fondness of slapping me so hard in the face that my glasses would fly off and bounce into the next room. And what did Mom say? "Well, nobody's perfect" and also "It's true OS didn't always treat you right, but you often didn't react the best way." Excuse me? Is there a *correct* way for a child, a pre-teen, a young woman to react to pure hatred and evil? OS tortured my pet whenever Mom wasn't looking and I was the only witness. For starters. So yep, I've got a couple of those too. That cat got smart enough to keep away, and I finally did too.

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wedding dread

Posted on Wed, Apr. 27, 2016 at 10:13 am

I'm having my dream wedding and yet I can't even enjoy it because my in laws are forcing me to include our asshole SIL and BIL in our wedding parties even though every single one of our friends hates them, otherwise they won't help us pay for the wedding at all. I hate that their ugly pig faces are going to ruin all of our wedding photos. We secretly eloped because I not-so-secretly absolutely can't stand his family and how they treat us. If only they knew how many years the SIL spent with my husband's psycho ex spreading rumors and lies about me that I had to find out from acquaintances. She is a fucking embarrassment and I can't even stand to be in the same room as her lying, fake ass, she makes me so physically ill.

SIL and BIL are also best friends with my sister's ex-fiance and keep inviting him to all of their shitty parties that nobody else comes to because they have NO FRIENDS. Because no sane human could ever stand to be around them for more than 5 seconds. They were all roommates in college but SIL and BIL are so desperate they called my sister a week after her wedding was called off to find out if they could invite her ex-fiance to their Christmas Party. Fuck your shitty xmas party that nobody went to because you are MISERABLE PIECES OF HUMAN GARBAGE.

I'm so sick of his entire family acting like they are always "helping" us when they are only self-serving, elitist jerkoffs. The only person they ever benefit is themselves. After they left me in their truck vomiting uncontrollably with a migraine for 7 HOURS while they went wine tasting (only 15 minutes from their home, but I was too sick to walk or look at a phone to call an uber and they live in the country so likely no ubers anyway). 7 FUCKING HOURS OF VOMITING AND YOU THOUGHT THAT I SHOULD HAVE "REQUESTED TO GO HOME"??????? IT'S ILLEGAL TO LEAVE A DOG IN THE CAR THAT LONG BUT YOU GUYS DO THAT TO THE DOG TOO SO I GUESS I SHOULDN'T HAVE EXPECTED ANYTHING BETTER. They would have punished me for asking to stay home or go home so that's why I didn't ask because who leaves a visibly ill person alone??? I have other health problems that were also affected by this but they don't "believe in health problems, only weak people have health problems." BURN IN HELL YOU MISERABLE POS.

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Posted on Wed, Apr. 27, 2016 at 09:47 am

I knew MIL deleted my number from her phone. She was pissed at me and used excuses that she got a new phone, but somehow she didn't lose her million other contacts on her phone, just mine. The best part is, she can't stand not sending me anymore of her bragging spam, and now she is begging me to give her my number. I happened to love this new development and not want to contaminate my phone with anymore of her incessant bullshit. Everything have to go through DH or email, so there will be proof of our interactions. So far it helps so much in opening DH eyes at how crazy his mother is. To make it more finite I actually blocked her bitch daughter too.

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