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A Few of My Favorite Things

Posted on Thu, Nov. 23, 2017 at 05:49 pm

No more drunken brawls or having to smile and be gracious even though I usually am when I'm opening your horrible regifts. No more planning, cooking, cleaning AND arranging rides for ingrates that bitched about everything. I thoroughly enjoy Christmas NOW by giving to people that appreciate and are thankful for their next meal with tears in their eyes. I love watching the little kids open a simple gift of a warm quilt or some mitts and they jump up and down with joy of the fact that they'll be warm this winter and not screaming that they didn't get the toy or game that they wanted and would break in a second and fight over. I no longer have to agonize over buying stupid, expensive gifts for arrogant and snotty relatives. Then there's the fact that I get myself really nice gifts, something that I want and NOT 1/2 a jar of used face cream, or the disgusting bath robe. I love having my bonfire without having to watch you drunken bums falling all over yourselves. I'm not segregated in the kitchen cooking, cleaning and fetching anymore and no longer have to travel an hour each way on the icy highway to put up with anyone. I stay in my Christmas PJs most of the season and no longer answer the door if you aren't invited. I make that nice food that you bitched about or didn't know what it was...bacon and scallops? C'mon. And Stupid Sister? Anchovies in the Caesar salad, dry deer sausage and spaghetti is NOT a tradition. I can have a few cocktails that I couldn't have all those years having to drive people home etc. I don't have to fight a drunk of a husband on the way home and have nothing to deal with once we GOT home with his abuse and bullshit that went on throughout the entire Xmas season. I don't endure being invited to the other bitches house for dinner with the dogs begging and then throwing up while you are eating and you ignoring it and not cleaning it up. That's not to mention you claiming that you bought me a Xmas gift, but the kids or the dogs trashed it! I get to read a whole book without being interrupted, have a bubble bath without being bothered about where's this or hurry up we gotta go to so and sos to watch them get drunk and brag. No more of your ridiculous form letters and cards either from cousin that committed suicide anyways and his son 2 years later or the other charming relatives that preached to us constantly, trained your 6 kids that there was no Santa Clause AND nearly starved them to death, told us how to behave etc. The joke is on you isn't it? I hope that affair guy still takes your breath away, because that's probably all you'll be left with. The amount of money I save from not having to do xmas anymore is nothing short of a true Christmas miracle! All in all since you all died and buggered off is been the best gift of all!

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Posted on Thu, Nov. 23, 2017 at 01:18 pm

We moved away and my inlaws can no longer guilt trip my husband into attending holiday celebrations. Yes, they would beg us to come over and the tension was so thick. We have zero and common and listening to them go on about how wonderful and close their family is/was is beyond nauseating. No more uncomfortable silence and nasty looks.

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I can't stand them

Posted on Thu, Nov. 23, 2017 at 07:54 am

My husband is the biggest jerk he has to ruin my holidays and its mt birthday weekend because his mother treats me like crap . First I don't even understand why the heck are you taking her side do you really want to see her verbally abuse me because this woman is vicious . Second we never go to your mothers on thanksgiving because it's my birthday and you had no problem with this at all before and this year you have a problem . Should I try to ruin your birthday . That what your mother does tries to ruin everything because she is crazy if she can't get what she wants she has to ruin everyone's life and you have to really question why I think that she is abusive right there that's being abusive . She has issues there is something really wrong with her . Who wants to hang around someone who enjoys telling people off . Let me tell you something just because she is old now does not give her a free card to badger me . And her son hasn't come around for the holidays in years so donot try and pull that card !! Let's see why would I feel sorry for someone who went out of their way to make me feel extra terrible when my father died she treated me really bad when I was grieving my fathers death and you think that for one minute that I have to kiss her ass when she treated me like crap .. I can't stand your family they are the craziest people that I ever met well your mom and your sister anyways saying that they are trying to be tough when they are just being assholes and you fall for it what the heck is the matter with you . I like things better when you stuck up for me against this beastly women and you told her to fuck off things were so nice back then and now because you think that your mom doesn't have many years left that we all have to put up with her shit no!!!!!!!!!!! No way !!!!!!!!! This is bullshigt!!!!!!!! She is mean doesn't deserve anything

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B**** BYE

Posted on Thu, Nov. 23, 2017 at 12:51 am

I won’t be seeing you for the holidays and your brother won’t be there either because we both hate you. Psycho ass hope you enjoy your shit talking. That’s what you’re best at. My husband and I made a $1 bet your engagement won’t last! Sad thing be both agreed it wouldn’t. Still a fun bet! Poor guy proposed because you try to kill yourself when he left your pathetic fatass! B**** BYE

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My husband finally has my back!

Posted on Thu, Nov. 23, 2017 at 12:15 am

After seeing my in-laws here and there over the years for family get-togethers, I haven't formed any type of incredibly strong bond with them. My MIL is genuinely a really nice person, but my FIL is a whole nother story. He has his unbelievable ability to make any conversation about him. You could be talking about cantaloupes and somehow it's about him. So after some recent events and a blow-up between my in-laws and I, my husband finally stood up to them for me. His father is verbally abusive towards members of the family , which is of the blow up that happened. He started yelling at me, and I wouldn't stand for it. And finally this Thanksgiving, instead of having to sit in a room with a bunch of people I know are judging me, I get to have a nice quiet dinner at home with my husband. I over heard him telling his mother on the phone that he thought he should spend Thanksgiving with his wife. He may stop by because everyone knows that this is his fathe's doing and it's breaking his mother's heart that everyone won't be together. But I refuse to engage with them until I receive an apology. They've been married so long that she just makes excuses for him. So sometimes even her best intentions don't turn out well. My husband completely agrees with where I stand and has been great at supporting me which was not a strong trait he had in the past. All of this has opened his eyes, and now I finally feel like I have a partner again! I don't want them gone forever, I just want them to understand the boundaries respect them. We are not little children, we are grown adults over 30. I'm just happy that his parents have been knocked off of their self made pedestals, and he's starting to see them for how they truly are. Whether the intention be good or bad.

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Posted on Wed, Nov. 22, 2017 at 09:05 pm

DH just said that we are NOT going to his parents house tomorrow, he wants to spend time with MY family instead! None of his family called to wish him a happy birthday for years. Now he says they are not family to him anymore since we moved away from them earlier thus year. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Here we go again

Posted on Wed, Nov. 22, 2017 at 08:33 am

Fucking holiday season is here. I can’t wait til it’s over. I hate my husbands family so much that it actually makes my stomach hurt. They truly do make me sick.
We aren’t thought of all year long, yet we are guilted incessantly if we dont show up on the high holidays. How does that make sense? We’re only important if we aren’t there. Can’t wait til his mom dies bc I know the family won’t get together at all once that psycho kicks the bucket.

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What Is Up With Them?

Posted on Wed, Nov. 22, 2017 at 08:18 am

My husband recently received a happy birthday wish from his cousin. She never contacts him first anymore, but will respond if he texts or writes. His aunt also wished him a happy birthday via text, very strange as she never did even when he had normal contact. I wondered why she didn’t at the time before he went low contact, but never said anything about it to my husband. This is very puzzling as last summer my husband called, texted and emailed her over a period of a month and heard nothing. Finally, his aunt’s husband emailed to let him know they are fine. His aunt is just busy watching her grandchild. Give me a break, the woman is in her 70’s and doesn’t work. She can’t fire off a quick text? I just don’t know what to make of these people, it’s like they love to play cat and mouse games. For what purpose I have no clue. They were very upset when my husband married me and no longer put them first. After we relocated from their Podunk area they seemed even more upset. Hope my husband keeps them at a distance emotionally, I don’t want to see him hurt again by their silly games.

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Complete dread

Posted on Wed, Nov. 22, 2017 at 06:54 am

They are here and I feel nothing but dread. I just lost my grandfather and they didn’t even acknowledge it until today when my mil said sorry but it was a good thing. Thanks for the kind words bitch. My kids act totally obnoxious when they are here and my husband does all of this stuff that he wouldn’t do on a normal basis. I’m so done with them and wish they would get the hint and stay away.

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Happy Holidays

Posted on Tue, Nov. 21, 2017 at 10:03 pm

I know I will be very happy this holiday for the fact that I WONT be spending it with the dreaded in-laws! My mother in law, brother in law, sister in law and her annoying children. Praise the Lord. Best Thanksgiving for me in YEARS!! I'll happily be spending it with my kids at my families house. No rush seeing my family to get to my in-laws because they cant stand the fact that I have family too and we are expected to be there every holiday all day! Yay. I dont know how many more holidays I will get out of seeing them but I know I am happily going to I enjoy this Thanksgiving.

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