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MIL, it's all your fault!

Posted on Mon, May. 04, 2015 at 03:10 pm

Dear MIL,
The one thing you always hoped for was for your golden baby, GSIL to be 'taken care of.' You spent her first 35 years giving her whatever she wanted, even after she married a loser...even after she had a kid.

You helped pay her rent when she threatened to move them all back in with you. Why? Because you didn't want the little bitch in your house! She bullied and threatened you and said they would be on the streets and it would be on your conscience. To avoid her bullying, you gave in so many times that, frankly, you became her Bitch.

Guess what! Now that you are dead and buried, she thinks she can call(her brother) DH and me to bully us the same way she did you. She told DH that if she ends up on the streets after losing her trailer, it will be all his fault. When that didn't work, she told him that she'd never ask him for anything again. She told you that lie too, MIL. It worked on you. It didn't work on DH. He told GSIL she needed to work out her own problems, stop spending her money on box wine and cigarettes, and go look for her first job. :-O

She called him an F-ing A$$hole and said she would never speak to him again.

He said "GOOD IDEA-Thank you very much," and hung up the phone.

Yea! I'm not going to miss the little bitch nearly as much as she misses you, MIL.

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My MIL's gig is up!

Posted on Mon, May. 04, 2015 at 12:51 pm

I hate her I hate her I hate her! My MIL is a whiny sucky lying demon. She would say nasty things to me only when no one around. I finally recorded her during one of many instances without her knowing and told my husband what happened. After returning from work, He nicely asked her to explainwhat had taken place and she immediately started with the crocodile tears and yelling that I was a liar. THEN I played the recording for him. What a great feeling to finally show that bitch up. From then on, my husband was being called a liar by her, and he has finally realized what a crazy person she is and cut her off. Worse is that his only sibling is on mil side, so "don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!". You're as nuts as your mother!! He cut sibling off too. They think that because I stood up for myself, I'm the root if the problem. Guess again! I'm finally free of the bullying and negativity after 6.5 years. No one should have to bow down and take disrespectful behavior.

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flaky BIL

Posted on Mon, May. 04, 2015 at 10:59 am

FYI, yelling over the phone that you're good people isn't that persuasive.

Also, when you go on and on about how family is important, family's all you've got, but you trash-talk your cousins because you think their house isn't posh enough--did you really think I believed you'd treat me, most happily not your blood, any better when I'm out of earshot?

Ugh. You are a grasping, shallow little troll.

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Posted on Mon, May. 04, 2015 at 10:52 am

The weirdest card i have ever received was the first year i met my in laws, on my birthday. It was a card from my husband's sister, but instead of a generic Happy Birthday, it was an angry roughed up cat and the message said, "I have a bad day, so what?". I didn't even understand what it meant until my SO let me in about all personal problems his sister was having at the time. Seriously??! I didn't even know her back then, yet she already dumped her personal crap at me, on my happy day. Nothing changed to this day, his sister is still a total bitch.

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Mother's Day is coming up

Posted on Mon, May. 04, 2015 at 09:12 am

I asked my DH about what his family's plan was for going to the cemetery on Mother's Day. They usually go there en masse to visit their grave. Big deal, they only go on high holidays. He very quietly said," I don't know, they usually go and they will let me know." Yea, this means I do not have to go. My dear mother is still alive and I prefer to spend some of the day with her. He has wised up, he does not want to go to the cemetery and he does not have the balls to tell them he does not need to go. Well, Honey, use me as your excuse, I have broad shoulders and they aren't smart enough to start anything with me. They are a bunch of gutless wonders. Last time they visited the cemetery, my BIL was drunk and totally out of it. How respectful of him. Ha Ha suckers, I will be home enjoying my day.

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Finally, a witness!!!

Posted on Mon, May. 04, 2015 at 06:19 am

DH and I took our kids on a trip visiting old friends recently. The friends have known us since our marriage and since before our oldest was even conceived. Those friends were there for a few occasions back when kids were babies, before we moved away, when we had a few dinner parties with them and my MIL & FIL and what I did not realize at the time was that my friend was absorbing a lot more than I thought anyone ever would. On this trip, my now teenage youngest child was in the back seat of the car as I went out on a shopping trip with the female friend. Conversation got around to my ILs. Friend asked if I 'had to see them much' and I explained (carefully, because teenager was listening) that after many years of twisting myself into a pretzel to please them, and getting lots of criticism, that I'd finally told DH I couldn't deal with it any more and he could go visit his parents anytime but I was done. I said it was a shame it had to be that way but I couldn't put up with certain things any more. My friend said, right in front of my teenager: 'I'm so glad you got away from your MIL. She was not a good person for you to be around. You needed to get away from all that she was doing to you.' I could have cried and hugged my friend and I checked out my teenager to see if ears had heard this...they had. My friend is a gracious, giving lady who never has a bad word to say about ANYBODY...until that day. I knew then I was not crazy, that it was just as bad as I thought...and I knew it took a lot for my friend to say that in front of my teenager. I hope the kid always remembers. I wish I could get it in writing. I wish I'd recorded it so I could play it back to my unsympathetic husband ('Oh I'm sure my mother didn't mean anything by saying that') - or throw it at him. In a bag full of rocks.

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Just a waiting game now

Posted on Sun, May. 03, 2015 at 09:48 pm

Ahh, FIL. You think you have the control, you think we'll cave in.

Well I'm so excited to (not) tell you that next month your son is joining the air force. Also, we won't be telling you when we leave the state when we get relocated into base, well just be gone one day. You'll find out by trying to come 'visit' our home and find we're just no where to be seen. I can't wait. I'm ecstatic.

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SIL I got you a gift.

Posted on Sun, May. 03, 2015 at 08:26 pm

My worm of a MIL apparently wrapped up a razor and planned on having me open it Christmas morning. I was not too surprised to hear this after opening note than 6 sepetatly wrapped maxi pad packages at my baby shower. All courtesy of the MIL. However this time it never arrived. My SIL's went to alot of trouble to recover said razor Christmas gift just in the nick of time to gift it to me on my birthday tomorrow. I found all this effort to get me this 5 dollar razor the last straw. This time I have a gift for you starting with the messenger aka bitchy SIL. I found a card to express my gratitude for the effort it took to bring me this gift. Secondly in a pretty package is some denture cream. I can't wait to snap a photo of you opening this personal gift... Tag. Muahahaha

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Mother's Day coming up

Posted on Sun, May. 03, 2015 at 08:24 pm

and I hate my MIL. I am always the one to remind hubby about his parents' birthdays, get a gift for holidays for them, etc. But after my in-laws selfish behavior around our wedding, I am done being nice to these idiots. MIL can go choke on something this year. I will celebrate mother's day with my own marvelous, unselfish mother. I refuse to feel guilty for their behavior that drives me and their son away.

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Black belt

Posted on Sun, May. 03, 2015 at 08:00 pm

I'm thinking of taking up a martial art of some sort and getting to black belt. Why?
Because my in-laws are horrid people who honestly scare the life out of me.
Perhaps getting to black belt will build my confidence and hopefully the in-laws will back off as well.

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