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SIL,Please Do Not Call

Posted on Fri, Oct. 31, 2014 at 01:14 pm

I had been 2 weeks since she called. It has been so peaceful. But the peace has been broken. She called to check on my DH. Why? He has to see a cardiologist in a few weeks for a medical condition. I am expecting him to have a procedure done. I told him that it has to be done before Thanksgiving. And too bad, I do not need anyone to sit at the hospital with me. I have been expecting this for the past few years. When I earlier on in our marriage, I begged him to stop drinking, and you told him that he did not have to listen to me. I never went off on you for that. I wish I had. Well he has stopped drinking and smoking and is trying to be way more conscious of his medical problems. He is trying. You and the rest of your ilk need to butt out once and for all. I do not comment on your family so you need to stay out of mine.

What will never happen. When he does have the procedure done, you will not be told about it, until after the fact. IT is really none of your business. Just stay away. And I plan on telling him that I do not plan on going to Christmas either. I've had enough of the drinking and the ignorant behavior of your children to last me a life time. If I want ignorant behavior, I will contact my nephew's wife. (She is another story).

Please stop calling my house, I cannot take any more of your false concern. Go deal with your drunken brother( be sure to check for insects on your clothes, when you leave his apartment). Once, once make me happy, and stay away, stop calling. We will get through this, I am a big girl now, I prefer to be left alone. You should have figured it out, not.

You wonderful SIL and patient to boot.

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Posted on Fri, Oct. 31, 2014 at 12:45 pm

So my dh accidentally broke my mil's back light from her car. Like any responsible person, he told her he'd pay her to fix it. Now, she had already messed up her car from that same side below that same light, but she claims she had fixed it ( no she hadnt im not blind). She claims the dent and scratches were caused by dh as well, when they were already there. There's no way to prove otherwise, its her word against ours, and now where stuck paying $330 in repairs. I cant look at her right now, what kind of mother takes advantage of her son like that?

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Happy Halloween SILs

Posted on Fri, Oct. 31, 2014 at 08:48 am

So, it's Halloween, but, I am here to attest to the fact that, for some, everyday is Halloween. SILs are you listening? That's right. SIL #1, you put the grim reaper to shame. First, you expressed JEALOUSY when I married your brother. Stop that! You're bringing images to mind of back hills yokels duking it out with missing teeth and rumpled bottles of Mountain Dew because someone ran off with your first love--or, er, your sibling. Next, you never did seek help for your scary mental health issues. Instead, you decided to take your Mommy Dearest child-rejecting self and hide behind religiosity. It's normal to be depressed at times, but, please. Enough with parading around for attention sharing about how dark life was when your children were born and how you confessed to pervy Catholic priests. Enough with being a Debbie Downer to women who are not practicing birth control and having to listen to your sorry story posing as empowerment, when, really, you're all avoiding the help you need from professionals, not child-endangering priests, and spilling your martyred and sorry guts before the ears of your frocked padres because you have deep-seated father issues and are forever looking for 'daddy.' He's there! He's just in a hill billy cult. Admit it, instead of hating those who call it what it is. Please. Stop hiding behind the pope and, once and for all, see a certified shrink. SIL #2. You're a church bully. You're a guffawing gossip. Another one with daddy issues. Your hill-billy culture also prevents you from seeing how your spastic mother scurries around on prayer-circle steroids in an attempt to distract from the elephant in the room. Your pastor dad. The one who oversaw all of your dates. The one who creeps everyone with a discerning eye out. You're that mean girl on the playground that, with their bit of extra weight, always had a fist ready for everyone. As long as someone remains your bitch, you are benevolent in a portly, juvenile, just-had-my-twinkie sort of way. The minute someone steps on your turf, whatever that may be, you turn into Paul Bunyan's twin. So, keep singing your cray cray gospel music with your latently gay Promise Keeping husband, and, sadly the ultimate joke will end up being on you. All of the Focus on the Family tripe will not erase the cold harsh reality of your situation. When your husband married you, he was looking for a mother figure, not a wife. And, you, were looking for a son to cower behind your table cloth skirts. Good luck with that! Wishing you both the treatment you need and the day-passes you hopefully someday will deserve.

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detested idiot inlaw

Posted on Fri, Oct. 31, 2014 at 08:13 am

I did not marry your family. I married my husband. He hates all of you and wants nothing to do with any of you and neither do I. YOU are not important.

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Fake Fake Fake

Posted on Fri, Oct. 31, 2014 at 08:00 am

SIL only ever contacts DH and other brothers when she needs something.DH has been going through a tough time and made mention to her after she asked for something. Does this FAKE b1tch not act all 'concerned' and supportive in a pathetic attempt to hear all the details. REALLY, if you really cared you would make yourself more visable not just when you need to use your brothers. Its pathetic and you are FAKE!!Go back to your Barbie castle and mind your own business!! And yes I am playing you at your own passive aggressive game and dare you to confront me!! I've had enough of these brady bunch wannabes!!

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Posted on Fri, Oct. 31, 2014 at 04:00 am

Why did I invite you jerks to thanksgiving this year? I'm already regretting it and today is only Halloween! Guilt rules my life ;*(
If you critique my house or my food this time (I know you will bc you can't control yourself OR your drinking)I'm not holding back. "Yes, well, the food WAS made lowfat and low calorie bc I don't want to be fat like you and have my husband cheat on me like yours does" and "no my house can't pass a white glove inspection bc you are not the queen and it's still cleaner & nicer than yours" will be my retorts. EFF YOOOOOU!!!

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Time To Say How I Really Feel

Posted on Thu, Oct. 30, 2014 at 07:54 pm


I have not spoken to you for 6 months. You don't know why. It's time I told you. I stopped speaking to you because I am tired. I am tired of fighting with you. I am tired of you pulling my husband into our fights. That is not OK. Don't you realize that pulling him into our fights drives a wedge between us? I am tired of you butting into our lives. You wrote thank you notes to the groomsmen. There was NO reason for you to do that. They didn't agree to be groomsmen for you. They were groomsmen for DH. But you didn't trust DH to write the thank you notes, so you did it for him. I am tired of your "I'm the Victim" mentality. You act like I'm the bad guy and you're the "loving mother-in-law". You don't behave like a loving mother-in-law. You email my husband complaining about me after every visit. That is not OK. If you want to complain about me, complain to YOUR husband, not to mine! I'm tired of you constantly giving unsolicited advice. I am tired of you constantly telling me how I should live my life. I am tired of you expressing your opinion about every. single. aspect. of my life. I am tired of your "helpful" suggestions. Newsflash, MIL, THEY AREN'T HELPFUL. This may be hard for you to believe, but I AM capable of figuring things out on my own. I AM capable of thinking of things on my own. What pisses me off is that you KNOW it bothers me when you do that. But you don't care. Before I married DH you informed me that you want us to have the kind of relationship where we can tell each other anything, and people who were opinionated used to scare you. Translation: I'm opinionated, and I know that daughters-in-law don't like it when their MILs are opinionated, but I'm going to start being honest with you and if you don't like it you can get over it!" I have learned how to interpret the passive-aggressive, indirect way you have of communicating. I am tired of you saying, "It's just advice. You don't have to follow it" but then whenever we DON'T follow your advice you throw a fit and say, "You aren't listening to wise council!" Gag me with a spoon! Just because you are DH's mother does NOT give you the right to tell us how we should live our lives. Mind your own business!

I am tired of your intrusive questions. You expect to know every. single. detail about our lives. You have no respect for anyone's privacy. You try to justify your behavior by saying, "I'm just a mom. I like to know what my children are up to." That is just an excuse and you know it! I know PLENTY of mothers (including my own) who respect their grown children's privacy!

I am tired of you trying to force our relationship. Instead of letting our relationship develop naturally over time, you started telling me WAY too much personal information right away. You can't force a close relationship. Telling personal information to a stranger doesn't make you BFFs. Talking about very personal family drama in front of me when I was dating DH didn't make me feel welcome. It DID however, inform me that you like to gossip! I am tired of listening to you bad mouth everyone as soon as their backs are turned. You don't even wait until they leave the room. They literally turn their backs, and your fake smile falls off your face and you start whispering about them. You point your friends out to me in church and start telling me all their dirty little secrets that, quite frankly, I am REALLY uncomfortable knowing because they are STRANGERS to me. I wonder if your friends know how much of their personal information you share to strangers. You are so fake. You don't mean what you say you mean. You are passive-aggressive. You tell us it's OK if we turn down an invitation, but then you throw a fit to everyone else in the family about it. You tell us that you don't want us to feel like we have to go to every family event, but you whine and complain and lay on the guilt whenever we don't go. I remember you criticizing BIL to me because he turned down ONE event. It doesn't matter that BIL is pretty dutiful about attending the ridiculous amount of family gatherings. He skips ONE and he's suddenly selfish. MIL, YOU'RE the selfish one. You expect your children to spend WAY too much time with you instead of letting them have their own lives. You have so much control over your grown daughter I don't know WHAT she's going to do when you die. She depends on you WAY too much, and you encourage her dependence because you are WAY too desperate to feel needed.

You try to control everyone around you. At first, it seems like you're just trying to be nice and considerate of other people's feelings. But in reality, you want to control everyone's feelings. You try to guess what people are feeling. Since there's no way you can know for sure what someone is feeling, you assume they are feeling the worst feelings and treat them like they are feeling that way. You inform them that they don't need to feel that way, and whenever they tell you that they DON'T feel that way, you don't listen. Or you refuse to hear. You are frustrating. I am tired of you acting like you know what I'm thinking and feeling. Newsflash: YOU DON'T. I know what I'm thinking and feeling better than you do, so let ME handle my own thoughts and feelings. Worry about yourself! It is NOT your responsibility to look after me.

I am tired of you forcing your help onto me because of your unhealthy desire to feel needed. When I want your help, I will gladly accept it. But you act like I can't do ANYTHING without your help! I AM capable of doing things on my own! And when I tell you I don't need help, you won't take no for an answer. When I don't ask you for help or accept your offer, you pout and take it WAY to personally. Get over yourself! The rare times I DO accept your offer, you prove to me that you can't be trusted. The problem with you is that you offer help only because you want to be seen as "The Hero". When someone takes you up on your offer, you are then stuck having to commit to something you REALLY don't want to do. So when you show up to help you do passive-aggressive things to sabotage the event. So I've just stopped accepting your help. I'm sure, deep down, you're glad.

Nothing that you say or do is genuine. Every time you do or say something nice it's because you want EVERYONE to like you. So you will do or say whatever it takes to get people to like you. Your personality changes based on whoever you are interacting with at the time. You act like the nicest person on the planet, but as soon as everyone you are trying to impress is gone your true colors start to shine: a closed-minded, bossy, judgmental, overbearing, domineering, needy, controlling busybody!

I'm tired of you confronting me about personal matters in front of everyone. Every time I do something that upsets you, you wait until a family event and confront me about it in front of everyone. You do it because it makes you feel powerful. It is manipulative and inconsiderate. The first time I stood up to your manipulative over-control, you threw a fit for MONTHS. You stopped speaking to me (which I was OK with) and you milked the drama for all it was worth. FIL, GPILs, BIL, and SIL were bending over backwards to make you happy again, but you refused to be happy. You moped and sighed. You sat in church but refused to sing the hymns because you were just so upset! Oh please! And, of course, everyone bought your act, and you turned the entire family against me. FIL, GFIL, and SIL kept calling, texting, and emailing DH saying, "Your mother is really upset" and "Your wife really hurt mom". And then, all of a sudden, things between us were suddenly fine again. You started acting like nothing had happened between us. To this day I still have no idea what caused the abrupt heel face turn. You probably got bored and found some new drama. Or maybe you have an undiagnosed personality disorder. Either way, you need therapy, MIL, and lots of it!

Every time DH or myself tries to talk to you about your behavior, you refuse to listen. You insist that you did nothing wrong and refuse to understand where I'm coming from. You turn the conversation around and make it about you. You start getting upset and then we end up trying to comfort you, leaving the issue unaddressed. You have never once apologized for your behavior. The closest I got to an apology was FIL apologizing for you, while you sat next to him in tears. And even then, all FIL talked about was how much I hurt you, but you were willing to put it behind you. I guess I'll never get an actual apology from you. I finally see through your manipulative ways, and I'm not going to give into them anymore. I am not going to let you control me. I am not going to put up with your soul-sucking neediness. I am not going to put up with your bossy unsolicited advice.

Oh, and by the way, MIL, I am sick and tired of you acting like my introversion is a weakness. I may not be as social as you, but I don't appreciate you looking down on me and referring to my introversion as insecurity. My silence and love of solitude is not a weakness, it is a strength. Unlike you, who will say anything to keep a conversation with someone going and who can't handle being alone for 5 seconds. YOU'RE the insecure one!

In many ways, I feel sorry for you. You clearly have a lot of issues. I do hope you find a good therapist who can help you, because I just don't have the time, the energy, or the training to deal with all your crap. You won't be walking all over me anymore.

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dear idiot inlaw

Posted on Thu, Oct. 30, 2014 at 07:04 pm

Please remember you married into the family. No one likes you. You are not important

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Stupid MIL

Posted on Thu, Oct. 30, 2014 at 06:40 pm

MIL always told people how DH had to support his family all by himself and he has to work so hard that she doesn't see him much. She had actually told people that I'm lazy and I don't contribute anything to our family. Ok - I am a CFO for a large corporation, and I make about 15 times the amount my DH does. MIL also sees DH at least 2 times a week. MIL knew I worked but always said, "honey that's not a real job" or she would give me a funny look or just completely ignore anything I said. One day I asked her - why don't you think my job is a real job? She replies, "Well doesn't a CFO have to do with UFOs and aliens? It looks stupid when you say you have a job for something that isn't even real." WTF?! So I had to explain what a CFO actually was and she still doesn't acknowledge that its even possible that I have a better job than her son - because in her eyes, no one works harder or does anything more than her son. And in her eyes, I will always be a lazy person that doesn't work and takes advantage of her son. *rolls eyes* I hate this woman.

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oh I hate you so...

Posted on Thu, Oct. 30, 2014 at 06:35 pm

Monster in Law I hate you so much even on your birthday which happens to be today, you witch. Thank you for being a manipulative money hungry pest leeching off of any little we rightfully earn. You on the other hand lazy parasitite who exploits everyone around you who has a good heart. It all stops today cutting all ties don't you dare contact my husband for anything you "need". I hope you disappear for you are a piece of scum on this Earth.

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