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See ya

Posted on Tue, Aug. 04, 2015 at 06:11 am

I will NOT be going out for a visit this time. Sonny boy will be there alone. You'll probably just think I couldn't get the time off work. But just so you know, I'm sick of the whispers behind my back. I'm sick of you putting words in my mouth. I'm sick of the eye rolls. I'm sick of having to excuse myself to the bathroom to cry. You have been very unfair to me. I'm not allowed to be myself. Someone says something kind of mean-joke funny and it's funny. If I do that I'm a horrible person. You have beaten me to the ground. I kind of want to go. It's kind of fun to play the game and see who will fuck with me first. Or maybe I'll play a new game where I don't even try anymore and I'll just be an asshole. Fuck you.

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Mil and her bubble

Posted on Tue, Aug. 04, 2015 at 05:19 am

My mil thinks she can treat me like crap for the last 20 years saying and doing hateful things to me and treating me like dirt under her feet. She always had her family around her and she bragged about how wonderful they all here. Well some are in jail, others are bankrupt and some just beg for money.

My ils have no one to help them now. Fil is very ill. My mil thinks I am going to come running to help them out and feel all kinds of compassion. Sorry mil you beat any compassion I had for either of you right out of me.

Where's your family now...the one's who could do no wrong. I couldn't even breathe correctly but now I'm the 'good' one.

Good luck with that.

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Posted on Mon, Aug. 03, 2015 at 10:51 pm

Dear mil,

I don't care that you barley get to see your grandchild (You don't deserve to, and you don't get that privilege)

I don't care that you feel left out of your son and his family's life. (Like I said before you get what you deserve! )

I don't care that I don't let you watch or babysit my child ( only MY MOM gets to because she is a true loving mother and grandmother- and you? You are so fucking fake)

I don't care how much you whine, complain and cry to your husband, friends and co-workers about how I barley let you see your grandchild (I know the true you,they don't)

I don't care how much of a bitch I look like in front of your family and friends ( remember I know the true you, they don't.)

I don't care that you don't accept me or love me (I don't need you to,and I don't need you in my life)

I don't care how much money you have ( since you value money over family )

I don't fucking care!! So guess what? You can keep being the selfish,fake,jealous mil. But remember I'm not going to give into you. I stopped giving a fuck a long time ago.

My husband is happily married to me, we have sex almost every day we laugh,love and accept each other we are best friends I know him more than you ever have or will, because you never got to know him all you cared about was money and what people think of you. I know you can't say the same for you and your husband. Ha. He's miserable with you. You control him and don't even let him have a voice or say about what he loves or wants for his life and you keep him away from his sisters,brother,dad and mom just because you won't accept them like you won't accept me it's sickening.

But guess what I don't care. Why? Because your son is happy with me and we have a beautiful child and plan to have more in the future . And you won't be included for that either! Its only fair after you tried to break our family apart right? I think yes πŸ˜€ πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜and I don't give a flying fuck! 😊

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MIL favoritism

Posted on Mon, Aug. 03, 2015 at 10:28 pm

My DH wanted to visit his parents, so we did. Only for my MIL to comment on her favorite granddaughter about everything she does, while ignoring me and my daughter. MIL you blew your chance seeing me and my DD ever again after your poor treatment. I told DH you hate us and he sees it. He even told you how you are, what do you do? Shrug it off and say "i still have my favorite granddaughter!" My daughter kicked you and cried to go home! She dont need you as a grandmother, bitch!

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Mother In Law From HELL

Posted on Mon, Aug. 03, 2015 at 12:36 pm

I lived with my MIL awhile so I could finish building my house, it was horrible. My Daughter who is only 10 years old would get bullied by her the things she would say to her, I cant believe a grandmother would say, here just to name a few. Your fat you eat to much and then would take the food away from her and tell her she is done eating, You stink go put deodorant on even if she just put some on, She would tell my Daughter she cant sit on the couch and to leave the room because she's tiered of seeing her face, another time my daughter was going to get a glass of water she would not let her, even before we stayed with her she told my kids to go home she don't want them there at her house, these kind of things went on for the entire time we were there, if I had anywhere else to go at that time I would have. My MIL is like this not just with my Daughter its with everyone even her own husband she is lazy and will go to extreme measures to get what she wants. Just to marry my husband we had to sue her spent $5000.00 on a lawyer. She is the worst of the worst. So if you think your MIL is bad think of mine.

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Possible happiness

Posted on Mon, Aug. 03, 2015 at 12:14 pm

My wife just started with the "my parents are getting old an might not be around soon. They are both sick and she thinks it's going to be a painful death". I was tempted to say to her "thank you for the good news!"

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My Wife's parents are paranoid!!

Posted on Mon, Aug. 03, 2015 at 05:19 am

Its been 5 yrs since we are married.And we just had a beautiful baby girl. My in laws arent in the same town luckily for me. I have kept my wife very happy all this while and yet they are not happy with me. Since its their only daughter they seemed to get so paranoid when theres pettiest of issues with my wife. They seem to be very over bearing. It makes me feel very sad at times my wife is siding with them even though she knows what theyre doing is wrong. Ive tried to talk to them nicely about this but they keep being themselves no matter what i do. They also keep insisting to me how unhappy they r to get her married to me. My wife is turnning blind when it comes to her parents. It aches me so badly to the point i regret being married at all. I just hate my in laws to make me feel so insecure all the time ! I dont deserve this kind of treatment. I know I am a good person. I am starting to worry whether my relationship with my wife will start to crack. I just wish they would leave us alone in peace.

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We know, the sun shines out of his a**

Posted on Sun, Aug. 02, 2015 at 10:40 pm

Why do I feel like my life has turned into an episode of Everybody loves Raymond? Oh, right, because you take every opportunity to talk about what a glorious genius your son is and act like I am not good enough for your hypocritical, condescending family. I feel like I don't need to love your son anymore because you can love him for the both of us. You crazy, passive aggressive psychopath...

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So what if we got married early...MY MOM WAS IN HO

Posted on Sun, Aug. 02, 2015 at 09:09 pm

My husband and I moved our wedding up because my mom was dying and I wanted her to be there with me in the small capacity she was. We still decided to keep our ceremony and reception on our original date in November but legally get married two days before my mom passed.
I went to my in-laws last night and they really pissed me off. They made a huge deal about keeping the wedding quiet in their family. As my father in law said "nobody is to know!!!" My mother in law said "the family would be so let down". Then they made comments about how my friends were there and that wasn't appropriate at all!
Well screw you jerks. I don't care about what your family thinks of anything really. My three friends came because they were super close with my mom and are still upset about her passing. It has nothing to do with our wedding and everything to do with my mom which is all I care about really.
I'm so glad we are going on a cruise and don't have to see you for Christmas. Deuces!!!!

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lazy sil

Posted on Sun, Aug. 02, 2015 at 06:06 pm

My mil just went trough an operation, she won't be able to work for some months. Sil got a job for ONE WEEK, then quit because it was too much work for her...gee, thanks for helping out sil, now your brother, my dh, who barely started working after being unemployed for months, has a mortgage,children, past bills and almost lost his house, won't have to face the burden of also financially supporting his mom and you for months...thanks sil, thanks. We have sooo much money to spare...so yes, continue on with your demands. I don't understand how you expect us to buy you clothes when I haven't bought myself anything in almost two years...and you're so vile, you took the money we gave your mom to buy yourself a cellphone when she needed it to pay bills!! Seriously, what's wrong with you?

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