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Flying Free and Loving It!

Posted on Fri, Nov. 21, 2014 at 12:41 pm

My husband and I had enough of family. We announced in September we weren't having Thanksgiving again this year.

Last year my husband and I cooked dinner for ourselves and ate it in front of the TV watching football. Family arrived and started pounding on the doors and windows. We laughed and kept on watching the game. This year will be the same, except if anyone shows up pounding on our door or windows we're calling the police and will file trespassing charges.

Last year no one talked to us for months. This year we're hoping for a year. Next year we'll aim for life.

I'm starting to like being a bitch.

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Why me!

Posted on Fri, Nov. 21, 2014 at 09:40 am

I remember early in my marriage I was wondering , why me? Fast forward 33 years and I'm still wondering why me? Why did I have to be stuck with these lunatics for in-laws. I come from a good family with good moral values. Could I have married into a family who is happy, kind and well-adjusted. No! I have to marry into a dysfunctional family with hateful, jealous attitudes who love to mooch off of relatives. These are backward people with limited education living like hillbillies and enmeshed together. They travel in a clan as well. DH is the only independant person in the family. Bully for him! He broke away from the nutjob family.

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Posted on Fri, Nov. 21, 2014 at 09:33 am

Thanksgiving Day always begins innocently enough, enjoying dinner with MY side of the family. Then DH, our kids and I make the dreaded journey to the IL's house. Upon arrival, we are greeted by BIL's large dog jumping and slobbering on us while scratching up our clothes and skin with sharp nails. Next we can sit down in the living room on the couch and chairs that MIL has peed on, due to bladder control issues and lack of forsight to wear leakage protection. It's a good thing we arrived on time so we can sit around making awkward small talk for an hour until the much anticipated arrival of ESIL. At last the "life of the party" is here. MIL can gush with excitement over her perfect princess (in reality she looks like the Wicked Witch of the West's twin) and we can finally eat. MIL's feast consists of turkey, undercooked bloody ham, stale dinner rolls served in a bread basket with a layer of dust on the bottom. Let's not forget the yummy salad prepared by BIL, the proud dog owner and generic cigarette chain-smoker who never washes his hands. Maybe I'll opt for some mashed potatoes. Too late, EBIL just belched over them. Now that my plate is filled with contaminated food, I will pretend to take small bites and enjoy fascinating IL conversation topics such as ESIL's discovery of her graying pubic hairs, how frequently ESIL and her husband get it on, every swear word imaginable in front of our children. Time to escape to the funky smelling bathroom. Put 2 layers of toilet paper on toilet seat to avoid contracting any STD's from BIL. Bar soap has questionable hair on it (as always), so I use my own hand sanitizer. Must return to living room full of IL's and endure MIL and ESIL masterfully insult me. Time flies with no wifi for my phone at the IL's. When I tell DH we need to go because kids are tired, MIL exclaims it's time for dessert. How could I even consider leaving without eating some of her slimy PURPLE pumpkin pie? Of course we STILL can't leave because ESIL has her car parked behind ours, so must wait another 20 minutes in our cold car in the dark with our sleepy children while she SLOWLY waddles out of the house and moves it. Counting down the days until this recurring holiday nightmare.

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"I hope you'll all get together at my funeral"

Posted on Fri, Nov. 21, 2014 at 12:17 am

Really MIL? You're gonna try to play that card? Props for producing this little gem in the hospital when everyone was really worried about you. It certainly took your son by surprise. I, however, could not roll my eyes hard enough.

Ok, let's explore your idea for a moment. God knows I've daydreamed about life after you. But I admit I have not given your funeral much consideration.

Yes, I do expect to be there. You are not a horrible person; at times you're very likable. You're best in small doses. Sure, you've got an abusive "side", you have a significant alcohol problem, and you've got some other habits that I find difficult. But so far you have managed to mostly keep your shit together around me, and that's commendable for an undiagnosed borderline.

Now as for "all" of us being at your funeral, well, you can probably count on that, too. I'm fairly certain that's not what you meant, however. You meant that you hope *your son and I* will be there *with your rotten psycho bitch daughter*. Because for years, we've absolutely refused to be in the same room with her. But that doesn't stop you from throwing a fit at literally every holiday, every year, when you realize and re-realize we really mean it.

Well, let me try to explain the difference between enduring the company of your miserable twat of a daughter during one of your excruciatingly long, hyper-scheduled extended family Thanksgiving *weeks*, as opposed to enduring the same nightmare spawn for a couple of hours at a funeral:

The difference is we don't even have to speak to each other if you're not there. It's a couple of hours long. We don't have to pretend we are having fun. And,
unless death transforms you into a poltergeist, you won't be able to add to our misery by deliberately stirring shit up with ESIL

So yep! Count on us all being there, MIL. I'm sure somehow your disapproval of the way we have chosen to insulate our life from your sociopathic MPD daughter will live on. Perhaps in your will you could try to force us to reconcile with her through a shared gift. Aw, you'll think of something. And if not, rest assured I'll never forget how your inability to respect our boundary has made me feel.

So for now, MIL, rest up. Get well. It's early yet to start planning your biggest guilt trip ever. And you still have thanksgiving week and Christmas month to micromanage!

Love, DIL

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Reasons I hate my in laws

Posted on Thu, Nov. 20, 2014 at 08:50 pm

1. They are trash
2. They always need money or a place to stay or a ride or help with something
3. They bring their fights to our home. Yelling at each other in our front yard for the neighbors to stare.
4. They wouldn't have to "borrow" money All the time if one wasn't an alcoholic and one didn't gamble and smoke pot all the time. Don't get a habit you can't afford!
5. I would rather my children not be around them so they don't think it's ok to act that way
6. They NEVER call before they come over. We pass them driving down the street and they follow us home.
7. My mom took care of me and my bother alone all our life. She did a better job by herself then them two idiots together. I'm surprised my husband turned out good. My mom has never asked for anything cause it is wrong to burden your children. I wouldn't mind if she needed help. These people don't need help though.. They make their own problems and expect someone to fix them.
8. They are very disrespectful. I see why my husband has the moments he has. He was raised by these people.
9. They are ugly

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MIL has got on my last nerve.

Posted on Thu, Nov. 20, 2014 at 07:44 pm

Both the golden grand son and my daughter are graduating high school this year. My daughter got a special award and her schools award night, not even 24 hours later she's on the phone bragging about the ggs and his awards night. Why couldn't she give me a lousy 24 hours before shoving that little shit down my throat. I did have words with her about playing favourites (been going on for years) but it just goes in one ear and out the other. My daughters cannot stand her. My daughter did not want her sticking her nose in on formal day so we didn't tell her the date. Afterwards I felt a bit bad so I sent her some pictures, that was three days ago and haven't heard a thing, must be too busy with ggs. I'm done. Also she was too lazy to buy my daughter an 18th birthday present, made me do it and never paid me back or even sent a lousy card. I could list so many things, this is only what has happened in the last three weeks and it's not even half of it.

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Your Monster in Law from Evil...Hell is Calling !

Posted on Thu, Nov. 20, 2014 at 04:32 pm

Please hurry up already & Die MIL from that drama infested 😡hateful infused 😈 evil poisoned world of negative👺 that you actually Believe is Your Normal world .... Bite me B@$&%
....You must remember this as your struggling for your last breath ...I will be at 😊 final🙏 peace soon (can't wait ) bc it's MY TURN NOW TO actually HAVE A NORMAL😇 LIFE AGAIN as Soon as you are Dead!!!! ........sooner than later Works for me 🙏🙏🙏Amen 😇

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Posted on Thu, Nov. 20, 2014 at 12:48 pm

Pretty, pretty, princess had to get a job. Boo-hoo-hoo! Welcome to the working world sweet heart. Yes it sucks, but it sucks more now because people have reported that you and your husband lied about your taxes. Now you have to get a job. I know it's tearing you up because it will take away from your selfie posting time on FB. I'm so sorry pretty, pretty, princess...NOT!

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Lonely time

Posted on Thu, Nov. 20, 2014 at 11:43 am

It is a rough time during the holiday season with toxic inlaws and bad base family. Why must everyone assume and ask about what company we are having over or who we are visiting? It makes me sad.

Our almost 18 year old Daughter has a boyfriend and it is a huge adjustment. His parents like her though and we like him. It is hard letting her go.

I am unable to sign on to the boards but am reading the posts. Hi to all the regulars from hj.

Countdown to holiday season being over!

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not feeling sorry for you you self absorbed idiot

Posted on Thu, Nov. 20, 2014 at 10:21 am

well sil i dont know where to start with you.i really dislike you and i pretend to like you.im sure you play the forlorn divorcee card.you are stupid.you need therapy.your kid is a brat.i feel sorry for your ex husband.i really do ,hes lucky he doesnt have to deal with your parents anymore..
your dad is stupid.i mean he really offended me the other day when i said something about my dead father.i hate it when people ask me about him hes not my dad and i dont care about him really.im glad he survived his life threatening illness though.after that i pretty much have no respect for him.he stupidly bought himself a new expensive car.oh wow ,hope your mom noticed i TRIED to act suprised....I DONT CARE!

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