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Will It Ever End?

Posted on Tue, Jul. 26, 2016 at 08:25 am

Nutty SIL and Ex-con got married, as mentioned in other posts. To celebrate their marriage they hot wired a car and left town. They were caught, also mentioned in a former post. Nutty SIL and SMIL told the cops everything was my fault. After interviewing me twice, the police knew I didn't have anything to do with their crime, and suggested I stay far away from them. As a result, DH and I cut the entire nut squad (all the in-laws)off.

Ex-con,because he broke his parole conditions, is back in prison. Don't know what is going on with Nutty SIL. Don't care. Have not heard from SMIL/FIL. They think they are punishing us. What planet are they from?

This morning Nutty SIL called, I forgot to look at the caller ID, and asked me for money so she could put it into Ex-con's prison account for snacks, shampoo,.... Before she continued, without saying a word, I hung up.

Now I'm all worked up and feeling very angry. Most of my anger is towards DH, who allowed this horrible behavior go on for years and years. I'm thinking on calling Nutty SIL back and telling her to call DH at work. Why should he have a good day when I'm sitting at home stewing? Yep, I'm calling him, after all she is HIS sister and HIS problem.

If I knew, by marrying DH, this is what my life was going to be like,I wouldn't have even gone on a first date!

Enough ranting...I'm calling the bitch back. I hope DH is as blind sided by her call as I was. This is going to be a five liquid screw- driver day.

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I feel for you

Posted on Tue, Jul. 26, 2016 at 03:35 am

I do feel for u MIL for being insecure. Yes your precious son is married to me and now we've had a baby yes we are a family. The more u belittle me and make me out to be incompetent the more your son will see what an evil witch u are. Grow up u bitter old woman you've had your kids and dried up now let me care for mine. You are not my son's mother and no way in hell will I let u act like u are.

I'm a nice woman, maybe a bit sensitive but never the less I have a kind heart. This does not mean u should walk all over me and make stories up about me to your sad little friends. I never wanted u to be pushed out of the family, but it looks like your insecurities are making you do that to yourself. Tbc when you p me off again probz within the next hour! Evil witch!

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She Really Is Crazy

Posted on Mon, Jul. 25, 2016 at 08:03 pm

First, let me say, you cannot tell my monster-in-law the real facts. You, in fact cannot tell her anything. She knows it all! Let me pass on the latest quote, "The tail-a-band, and Asis are not real people. They were made. I'm not sure by whom! If she wasn't More to come

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I just can't stand my MIL

Posted on Mon, Jul. 25, 2016 at 04:19 pm

Not only did she try to ruin our wedding but she was so mad because we planned our wedding, our way! She didn't even offer to help because she couldn't control it! The week before our wedding she said some really mean things about my husband because she was mad he was doing his own thing! I think she thought we would need her and was surprised that we had a nice wedding without her help or input! I've always tried to build a relationship with her way back when we started dating. I'm done with that at this point I don't deal with her. I'm thankful that my Husband knows her ways so he's not surprised by the things she does or says. She didn't come to my bridal shower but now expects an invite to everything when she NEVER comes to anything!! She wants too much control over our lives and she just won't get her to way! One thing I won't allow is for her to control our marriage the sooner she learns that the better off we will be!

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Sorry Niece and Nephew

Posted on Mon, Jul. 25, 2016 at 12:27 pm

The other day my elderly mother had fallen for the 3rd time in a week. She is disabled and it takes my DH and myself to pick her up. So after the 3rd fall I call the doctor and she has to go into the emergency room to be looked over. I put on facebook that Mom fell and she was all checked out and she did not break anything and she will recover. I do this for our family and you would think her grandchildren would call and see how she is doing. Oh God no. Why should they bother. When I got Mom home from the ER, I was giving her lunch and then putting her to bed. Her granddaughter calls and wants to complain about the fact that her Grandmother fell "AGAIN" and she is always sick, her grandsons snippy comment. So I cut her off and said. "Grandma needs to be fed and put to bed, she is really hurting and I will speak with her later." No phone calls at all. Which is fine with me.

No you 2 snots, your grandmother is not always sick, she is elderly and has some health issues. They are none of your business are they. All you two do is bitch, complain and make fun of her and me for taking care of her. I do not ask you two for a thing, and I never will.

To my nephew, you are rude, nasty, ignorant and I am sick and tired of having you make fun of your grandmother for being sick. But when you skanty, snippy wife whines about her grandparents and how sick they are, and how everyone needs to pray for her. I just want to put my fist in her fu**ing face. Enough of the double standard. Please do not come over, which you don't now. Do not ask about your grandmother, which you don't know. And just stop being so damn disprectful of us. It is ignorant and it will come back to haunt you. If and when your grandmother dies, I will be notifying your employer, the police department that if you dare to take any paid time off, I will file a formal complaint. It has been months since you bothered to come by and visit. Just because she passed does not give you a reason to take off paid time from work.

Not all of us are enamored with your life choices or your spouses. But since in our home we are adults, and shut our mouths, you will never know the truth. You are hypocrites and I do not suffer fools gladly. Keep waiving your arms and beating that bible. It won't help.

Your Aunt.

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Your an idiot

Posted on Mon, Jul. 25, 2016 at 10:45 am

Gsil you can compete and throw your kids in everyone's face all you want. My kids are way cooler, better behaved and cuter than yours hands down. You may have a few family members that blow smoke up your butt and ignore us but everyone else sees the same thing we do. Get a life! And stop hiding everything in this world from your kids. They're going to grow up and go buck wild because of it. Gosh, I hate everything about you!

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You don't understand how it works....

Posted on Mon, Jul. 25, 2016 at 07:10 am

"I hope some day you'll forgive me. 6 years is too long to hold a grudge."

Think back folks. If anyone has ever said this to you it is the surest sign they haven't changed behaviors or don't accept responsibility!

Forgiveness isn't a get out of jail free card! It doesn't absolve you of the natural consequences of your actions.

Mil I can forgive you for trying to stop my marriage, lying about me, letting your son lie & try to permanently impact my life, putting my child in physical & emotional danger, condoning and enabling my spouse cheating/leaving up, turning his other family & friends against us, attempting to manipulate us....etc...but my forgiving hem won't make me consider you a decent person. It won't make me believe you as you tell me what a living grandma you are when your actions have never supported it.

Mil, your son would never be dense enough to accuse me of being unforgiving. I have been by his side through more than any sane human.

I'm sorry you misunderstand forgiveness. I am sorry you think if you were forgiven that would mean you get your way. It's just not like that. I forgive you because the past is done & too much life has happened since then for me to waste my energy on anger towards you.

But guess what, I also learned what type of person you are and I'm sorry you can't accept that I don't consider you a good one. Quit going around spreading lies & drama & getting pity telling your sob stories of how I'm the villain just holding a grudge & please, for the sake of everyone, just accept that I don't like you!

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Posted on Mon, Jul. 25, 2016 at 06:22 am

All of your fuxking negativity wears me OUT. You constantly whine with this stupid look on your face when you force yourself to be polite. You inconvenience everyone without giving a damn. You will grow old alone because no one can put up with your attitude. I HATE YOU SO F*CKIN MUCH!!!!!!

You constantly try to manipulate us into getting your way. It won't work with us. We see you for WHAT you are. You're an ass hole who cares for nothing but yourself. I HATE YOU SO F*CKIN MUCH!!!!!!!!

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New level.

Posted on Mon, Jul. 25, 2016 at 05:23 am

I can't say you've stooped to a new level, because this is just like you. Did you get tired of being fake and crept back to your old ways? Calling, leaving a message wanting money, didn't have the decency to ask face to face. Then you sent her to bluntly ask for it. Finding out you just spent thousands on something for one of your many vehicles, yet you wouldn't give 100 bucks to someone who needed it to help further their education. No we don't have money coming out of our ass as you think. We live day to day and have bills everyday like everyone does. If I did have that kind of money, I would pay for all of her education, so she wouldn't have to put up with yours and his bullshit everyday. You took responsibility for her, you raise her. She's not our child. You took two from their mother and already gave back one, so you deal with the mess you have created in this family. You two make a hell of a lot more than anyone in this family, yet you claim to never have any. We are done with you both.

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Nightmare Mil

Posted on Mon, Jul. 25, 2016 at 02:48 am

Glad you're out of ours lives, by our choice. You're a spoilt brat of a woman. You treat everyone like chap and pitch family members against eachother. You're a terrible wife who has tried to have affairs. A terrible neglectful daughter, an awful mum to my hubby who you have made hate you. And to top it off you're a terrible grandmother. You cut my daughters hair without permission and then got moody when we told you it was wrong. You then went on a tirade of abuse to me. We are done with you. You wrecked it for yourself but you'll always be the victim won't you! Crawl back under whatever rock you crawled out of you spiteful, Hateful, nasty old bag.

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