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In-laws beware

Posted on Thu, Oct. 20, 2016 at 11:02 pm

You treat your sons like doormats, you beat them down, bully them and you are 100% sure they are going to take it forever. Then a selfconfident woman comes along and falls in love with your spineless boy and you try that shit with her but it doesn't work. You yell, lie, backstab, threaten and none of it works and the worst of it is that your broken boy isn't taking it anymore either. He starts talking back, ignoring your calls, refuses to visit. Now you don't have him. He's been gone months, years. You don't know the grandkids. Get a wallet sized photo at Christmas. How did we dil's win? You did everything right. Guilt, tearing down their self esteem, fake tears, threats. Come closer and I will tell you the secret. It was love. We did the one thing you either couldn't or didn't do. We tell them they are smart, handsome, wonderful. We listen to them, hold them and try to heal the wounds you inflicted. If two people are standing side by side and one is holding a knife and has stabbed you before and the other has their arms open to hug you and they have never hurt you before who will you go to? I didn't steal a son he went willingly.

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Fed Up!

Posted on Thu, Oct. 20, 2016 at 04:33 pm

Dear husband- Stupid is knowing the truth, seeing the truth but still believing in lies!!!!!
Dear MIL- You Can't Replace Everyone So Be Careful Who You Shit On!!!

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What to wear??

Posted on Thu, Oct. 20, 2016 at 03:21 pm

Mother in Law, nothing gives me greater pleasure than to throw open my wardrobe and fantasize on which dress I'll wear to your long awaited funeral. I imagine the circumstances of your death are utterly unexpected, unbelievable and hilarious. Ill pick through the dresses slowly until my fingers meet a fuscia pink pencil dress with white tailored business jacket.
Black patent stilletoes (as I'll be in mourning) a fabulous handbag with perfect large accessories, black hairnet and my fav intense YSL pink lipstick with bleached teeth so horrendous inlaws can see me grinning like Julia Roberts from 50 yards.

And mother in law, one more thing. You're going to be Satans problem soon. Hope you burn. Thanks 👍

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Sister Out Law

Posted on Thu, Oct. 20, 2016 at 03:08 pm

Dear sister-out-law,
Who would ever know that underneath the fake barking smile you wear and the horribly frumpy department store clothes you wear, is a real champ for Jesus. A balls-to-the-wall hard-hitter with some real biblical gumption. In spite of the fact that you have totally let yourself go and harshly judged everyone else along the way, you now take your matronly self and really showcase it while the rest of us fallen ones cringe. You go girl. That takes some serious guts. You keep getting up there on Sundays and belt it out in the church choir like an ostrich at the peak of mating season. Really keep going on about Jesus, and how he loves you and how you're a self-professed messenger for him sent to the depths of this heathen world, to teach us, in all of your frumpy glory, that we can be saved. Thank you, dear, sister-out-law. Without you really sucking it up to advertise your tired and worn down martyred self, none of us would know where to go, what to do, who and what to be. You are the wind beneath our wings. God bless you, girlfriend. Just a real winner all around.

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What goes around comes around

Posted on Thu, Oct. 20, 2016 at 02:46 pm

I was the one who posted 'The Gameshow Never Ends.' It seems like drama, after drama, after drama over the past 3 days with ILs whom I've cut off.

The third strike was that DH just told me that exBIL is now 'officially' separated from nasty, b@@@! wife, who was trouble from the very beginning and was at the centre of making my life hell with the ILs.

Couldn't have happened to nicer people. They separated 2 years before, but got back together within a month, but something about this time seems final. I feel sorry for their kids. That b@@@! wife keeps popping out kids for different men. Hopefully this separation sticks so that at least her children will have some type of stability, and she doesn't go whoring herself with another man and get pregnant with yet another kid. I have no sympathy for her and exBIL, just sympathy for her kids, but in the end, they're not my problem and I don't even know them.

Wife of exBIL has been nothing but nasty to me since day 1, idolized golden wife of exBIL2 while treating me like dirt, and everyone just went along with it and encouraged it (including step monster IL). Now nasty is gone. Don't come running to us for sympathy. You deserve it ILs. You showed me your true colors when this wretched women shoved herself into the picture, and tried to gain power and control over me and ruin my marriage and family, and now you will NEVER have an 'in' back with us. You are dead to me and my children. And as for exBIL and all his excuses, exclusion and throwing me under the bus with his soon to be ex-wife ... Shove it!

I treated you like nothing but gold at first exBIL, and that was the treatment I got in return from you because exwife decided she had a problem with me. Now you're on you own. Don't think you will be welcome back into my home so I can fix you nice dinners and pamper your ego. You mean nothing to me.

And golden wife of exBIL2, you made sure you became the best of buddies with this dirt-bag other wife, excluded me and slighted me on several occasion. You made me feel small, while this other loser worshipped you. Now she's gone and you will probably mean nothing to her. Don't come running to me now like your 'long lost SIL.' You also mean nothing to me and deserve to be treated like nothing.

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Stay out of my Family

Posted on Thu, Oct. 20, 2016 at 12:26 pm

Got into it again with primarily my FIL. Both IL up in arms because I slapped my 3 year old when I found him cutting holes on his bed with scissors. Empty threats about calling the cops if I "hurt" my wife or kids. Corporal punishment is well within parental rights in the state I live in. FIL can spew all the empty threats he wants because you know what isn't an empty threat? My ability to keep them out of their grandkids lives.

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Plain & simple

Posted on Thu, Oct. 20, 2016 at 11:19 am

Dear bitch (otherwise known as sil) if your brother my dh wanted u in his life you would be in it! It's not my fault never has been but because you were a bitch to me from the get go he doesn't come around the entire family! I actually encourage him to go but he still doesn't want to because he knows I won't go with & put up with you & the rest of your family's BS! I have never been unkind to anyone in your family so you never had the right to anything about me to anyone! It seems your family has a problem with a strong independent woman who doesn't tolerate complete & utter bullshit! Life is great! Why? Because you aren't in our lives! 😊

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What I learned

Posted on Thu, Oct. 20, 2016 at 07:35 am

I was looking forward to having another family or when I married dh. Well they weren't looking forward to a dil as they seemed to think I 'stole' their son.

I tried hard to be nice...for years. I got back rude, hateful behavior. I over looked hateful comments, passive aggressive remarks etc. I have never been treated like this by anyone in my life. It was new territory. I learned how to cut off them with poise and grace only seeing them when I absolutely had to. I don't think they realize it as they are pretty self absorbed.

Fil died this year. It was new territory again. It's the first time in my life I felt relief over someone's death. To this day I don't miss him and am actually thankful I don't have to deal with him any longer. Mil is another story.

When I tell people how they have behaved, their mouths drop open, some are speechless others say they are actually evil.

As we come upon the anniversary of fil's death I will be smiling at the peace I now feel and looking down to wish him and me happy anniversary. I will quietly celebrate my peace of one less toxic person in my life.

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The Game Show Never Ends

Posted on Thu, Oct. 20, 2016 at 06:43 am

The children and I have been CO from the 6 main ILs and their kids for over 3 years now. DuH has extremely limited contact with them, and just like before CO his father and brothers show very little interest in continuing any type of relationship with him on his own, and now, vice versa with DuH. After the way these people treated me, his wife, and had no regard or respect for the impact on him and our children, it floors me that he still even wants to remain in contact with any of them at all.

It's been a bumpy road since CO, but making the decision to remove them out of mine and my children's lives was the best one I made, because these people are beyond help, they never learn, and they even play games up to this day.

I wrote on the forum here how exgoldenSIL manipulated me (again) into having exBIL and their kids wish my DS a happy birthday. My DS doesn't even know his cousins, and I brushed it off like just a simple bday wish because this exSIL has 'tried' to mend things in the past, but all it caused DS was confusion and DuH and me ending up in an argument. Never again. What's the point?

Just when I thought that little incident was behind us, exFIL just pops up at my doorstep yesterday with a 'birthday card' for DS. I haven't seen him in over 3 years! He made sure in the card to call step monster IL DS's 'GRANDMA.' We didn't even know the man was in town, and he just appears at my doorstep, when DH was at work, to hand deliver a card to his 'GRANDSON' and then stood there like he expected me to invite him in! I closed the door on him.

It's just a crazy game. This man hasn't made any real effort to mend anything between his son and I, he's continued to slight me throughout the years after CO (i.e. one birthday he had me standing in my kitchen waiting for a birthday call he told DH he would make to try to 'make peace' and he never called. He conveniently got too busy, while I was having an anxiety attack on my bday waiting for his call). Obviously though, when it's important to him, he'll drive out of his way to hand deliver a bday card to my DS!

This is also a man that has his own son, my DH, travel ALL the way up to his town (5 hours out of DH's way) to visit for a funeral and stay at a relative's house, and exFIL can't even travel literally 5 minutes up the road to visit with his own son! (but again, he can go out of his way to hand deliver a card to DS on my property, unannounced, to what? assert that he is 'Grandpa' of the year)? All this is doing is confusing my child and causing even more drama in his young life!

I don't know what this man's game is, but it is a game. Of course, DuH continues with his usual stupid excuses and denials, and he ought to know better by now. Instead of getting upset at his father for not even having the courtesy to mention to him that he was in town (a normal father you think would want to contact an estranged son he hardly ever sees before showing up on a DIL's doorstep whom he knows can't stand him) DuH starts muttering under his breath that exFIL "just wanted to hand deliver a bday card." What? Sometimes I really want to slap DuH with his nonsense.

I'm starting to think that exFIL is just trying to make a point that HE is GRANDPA to children he doesn't even know or make any effort to fix things with the parents. Most rational people would know that you're not going to have any relationship with the children if you don't get along with their parents. This man has lied and made excuses for himself and his second wife, placated DuH whenever the notion of taking any responsibility for past actions is brought up, and continued to slight me and DH throughout the years the odd opportunities he can. Yet EVERY birthday for DS and DD, he (and some others) pop their heads up like they're entitled, and now he's even bold enough to come to my doorstep. It's insane. What is the fixation on my children? They've treated DH and particularly me like nothing, but they still feel like they should have a relationship with our children??

In the past two days I have felt like my household and my children have been emotionally violated. I am just so sickened by these people, and I regret marrying into this brand of crazy, since DuH demonstrates some crazy traits himself. The only thing I don't regret are my beautiful children, but I feel like they are being targeted by these games.

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Toxic inlaws

Posted on Thu, Oct. 20, 2016 at 06:08 am

Esil made a failed attempt at reconciliation with us, for their benefit of course. You see when there has been consistent hateful behaviour spewed at us for no good reason, other than jealousy, it wears on us and has pushed us away. Esil and ebil are jealous hateful losers. We need to surround our family with pleasant, nice, kind good people. Since we cut out the toxic I laws we have been enjoying a peaceful life without the venom of the bad Inlaws. The iniquities in the family were caused by Esil and ebil. They insisted on preferential treatment by fil as they were the golden children, more like golden losers. Dh and I and our son were shortchanged and ripped off, even though we did more for his parents than the other 2 siblings. Moral of the story is fil caused a conflict in the family which cannot be repaired, hence why dh has cut them out for his own sanity. I realize now I was just used in the family for family dinners, gifts, etc and they continue to try and use me. They are takers, moochers and swindlers and not very honest people, especially when it comes to money. They may think I'm a pushover but I've learned my lesson. No more, the aunts atm machine is shutdown. Nil asked me to send only money as gifts for her kids, how rude, what kind of person demands cash and stipulates no toys or clothes. Guess what you entitled nil bitch, I'm sending zippo, nada, nothing. Find another victim to try and mooch off of. Of course Esil trained her to be that way. She is the queen of ripping people off including us. Bye bye losers!

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