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my inlaws want me out

Posted on Sun, Feb. 07, 2016 at 03:45 am

My in-laws hate me so much that they want me out, I want to leave but my husband does not want me to go. I tell him about his parents, but he cannot see it. They also want my children, they always have a problem of my parental skills, I always do everything wrong, in their eyes.
I hate them so much, I was never happy from the time I married my husband, they never wanted me to marry him.
I'm so tired of this life, I just want to run far away, its my children that I remain.

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Posted on Sat, Feb. 06, 2016 at 01:43 pm

Why won't I take you anywhere mil? Gee, I have dozens of reasons, but here's one for you; remember the time when I came over to take you shopping and you needed a quick shower before we left? Remember how you preceeded to take over an hour and you loudly masturbated for the majority of the time while I sat in your living room waiting? I certainly haven't forgotten. Barf. And yes, of course I heard you... you live in an old mobile home with paper thin walls.

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Did you think I'd give you yet another chance?!?

Posted on Sat, Feb. 06, 2016 at 09:37 am

So that time you came to my home and insulted me- yet again- did you think1. After calling me weak because I have a medical condition that you'd be welcome in my home again? 2. After asking about a drs visits that I never told you about but that you saw on my fridge the last time, do you thin I'd want you back in? 3. After my husband walked into the door after being gone all week and you ran to the door before me, in my house!!, and hugged him and kissed him saying, welcome home, again not in your home, but my home!, my hisband!, and then your bitchy self had the nerve to turn around and smirk at me!!! Did you think that you'd be welcome again?!? How weird for a mother to run to the door to greet her son who's been married for 19 years by the way, and throw hugs and kisses in him! My goodness, you only see him once every couple of months anyway!!! You are a weirdo!!! But of course, you only did this to irritate me, but in
Your atrocious behavior, you irritated your son as well. You made him feel so uncomfy! He wanted to hig his wife first, his wife of 19 years, but he couldn't shun his mother to do this. How I wish he had!!! I would have lived to see him run past you towards me'! I suppose you think that means your first- right? Wrong, by doing that, it just showed me and him how desperate you still are to prove your first! See I don't have to run to the door to greet my husband- I know I'm first'! Truthfully, that afternoon, you only succeeded in creeping the f out of your son and me! You're his mother! Why did you act like his wife, the lady of the house in my house??!? Also, you did this in front of your own husband! Boundaries, lady, you have none!!! I do though! Your son finally does! We have no problems putting up more for you- such as never letting you step foot in our home again!!!

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10 reasons why I hate his mother

Posted on Sat, Feb. 06, 2016 at 06:38 am

1. I don't even acknowledge this lady. Calling her, "my husbands mom" is the most polite way I can refer her to someone I don't know.

2. You are an unfaithful, selfish slut.

3. Because you are a slut, stfu about how not great your husband is. No one in the entire universe feel bad for you

4. Thanks for ruining my wedding by screaming and yelling on my beautiful day so all my guest could see and hear how mental you are

5. You don't realized or you don't admit you have mental issues and bio polar disorders, or whatever you might have. Go smoke some weed with your f buddy.

6. You are the most selfish and greedy mother and just admit you want to bring the money to your grave. And don't even tell people how much you sacrificed for your so called broken family.

7. Since you said you don't want to see your future grandkids, I can promise you that, on me. My future happy kids won't even meet you or know of you. I'm already rehearsing what I should say to them. Should I tell them you are far, far away from us or say I never saw you before.

8. Just simply the fact that you still exist on this unviverse, toxicating everyone around you and ruining others people lives.

9. You push and hurt those who cared and tried to care about you away and yet blame them for not appreciating you and respecting you. Then you make up stories emphasizing how everyone treats you like dirt and how great of a mom and wife you thought you were.

10. I hate that you can still talk so loud with your damn voice, screaming like a crazy, unstable women that demands respect and appreciation from your poor family. And the fact they still try to give you face value just beyond amazes me. They are pretty much aults and don't need to rely on you for a roof over their heads. Just because you are loud then you deserve to be heard even if it's complete nonsense and bs? I feel bad for you because no one take you seriously and just think you have mental problems. Why don't you just leave like you said you would in your threats to your husband and give them peace that they haven't had since they were born. And give me peace for knowing of you in my life. And, we all also don't feel bad for you even if your husband did you any wrong in the past because we can't stand you and maybe you are right for once. We. Don't. Give. A. Crap. About. You.

There is more. But these are top ten. I kinda feel better now.

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Don't Push Your Luck!

Posted on Sat, Feb. 06, 2016 at 01:41 am

Seriously! You are ringing nearly every damn day and it is getting to be irritating!

WE will say when we are ready, quit trying to force things or that is it.

Take the fucking hint you massive pain in the backside!

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No you sound like a pedophile

Posted on Fri, Feb. 05, 2016 at 07:00 pm

So the MIL lives next door. I cut her out of kids & my life years ago. She has this huge in ground pool that she thinks makes her big stuff. So when I cut her off we stopped going over to swim. It upset her: she whined, complained and carried on with DH who turned around & did the same with me. I asked DH what kind of message does it send our kids that we do not put up with abuse but we will use them to get something we want. That ended that.

So we have new neighbors move in. Never met them heard they were weird and of course hanging out with MIL and hearing all her lies. Thankfully they moved out a few months after the following incident. I get a phone call from the woman.

"Hi, I am X I just moved in and want to take your kids swimming at MIL . I can come down & get them now for you."


"Well, swimming is good for kids and you should really let them go."

"First off I am their mother and if anyone is going to take them swimming it will be me. Second, as though it is ANY of your business, I take my kids swimming all the time at my parent's house and friends' houses."

"WELL, you don't have to get angry. I was just trying to be nice"

"No, calling a complete stanger and asking to take their young children off somewhere without their mother is not trying to be nice it is the sure sign of a pedophile. " I hung up.

That was the last time MIL put someone up to doing this nonsense.

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Posted on Fri, Feb. 05, 2016 at 06:53 pm

Back when hubby and I had a couple of toddlers, two car seats and baby gear, a compact economy car pushing 80,000 miles and countless 8 hour drives to visit both sides of the family for holidays, birthdays, etc...MIL shows off her brand new, huge SUV, complete with two DVD players in the backseat. MIL (empty nester) never transported our children anywhere and never offered to babysit. It was just another FU DIL moment.

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Never see come see

Posted on Fri, Feb. 05, 2016 at 01:45 pm

Before I got married I loved who I was. I loved my life. I had a past relationship that was difficult to get out of, but eventually I got the courage and I got out of it. I then started seeing this amazing guy. Most perfect man you can think about. He was a professional, smart, ambitious, kind, caring, loving and he wanted me sooo bad. After dating for a year he proposed and we started to plan out wedding. I started to see signs in advance that I would be dealing with tough in laws but I didnt let it worry me. I knew that no matter what, once I remain true to myself I should have no problems. Sadly that isnt true. My husband's brother and his wife are very selfish, controlling people, and it showed up when we were planning our wedding. After getting married my BIL and SIL would say rude mean things to me that would really hurt me and my dear husband would say nothing! nothing! nothing ! Never to defend me. His mother who is who she is because she had to deal with some tough times with my FIL always said harsh things to me. ALways bringing up my husbands ex gf in conversations and fondly remember her. my SIL did the same. What annoys me is that this woman is no even his sister. She is married to his brother. She grew up in the country side and when she made it 'big' she completely forgot about where she came from. We have a saying for the . 'Never see come see'. It means that a person who never experienced certain things in life changes completely when they experience better things.

She never has anything nice to say, recently commenting on my choice of clothes. What has me pissed off the most is my husband never stands up for me. He says that his family treats him like that and I should understand that is who they are. Husband I LOVE U but u are talking reallll crap. Seriously? I feel like I want to scream on most days. I feel like just leaving and going somewhere where no one knows me. I am tired of being treated like this. I left my home and moved to what some might consider another state for my husband. I left my job, family and friends. ALl for him, and I cant even have him stand up for me.

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f**k off mil

Posted on Fri, Feb. 05, 2016 at 12:43 pm

Mil f**k off! Seriously!just f**k off......

Love ❤ DIL

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Who's the ditziest of them all?

Posted on Fri, Feb. 05, 2016 at 12:43 pm

NIL, only you could be that airheaded. Who do you pray to, anyway, your mirror? It's good to hear that you're cutting back, though. Your liver thanks you. If ignorance is bliss, you must be in a perpetual state of ecstasy. Not an actual state, with roads and trees and stuff. Thought that might be confusing for you. You're welcome.

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