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I surveyed the land and...

Posted on Sun, Apr. 20, 2014 at 05:15 pm

There wasn't an in-law in sight. I made a beautiful casserole and pie. I was thanked for my effort and everyone loved it. There was joy and laughter. Today should be a great day too.

Contrast to last year. I had my ils over for the holiday. I can't cook for them because all they do is complain so I had to go to the local deli and order food. (this way I don't have to hear about it) I decorated and had extra sweets for the children and a little gift basket to take home. Dh's family never does a thing or make any effort.

Then two weeks later Mil told me I didn't do x right and I don't see the family enough. Did I mention they never make an effort.

So this year I am spending it with my family, and mil? she is alone because no one makes an effort in that family but me.

I'm done. Thus far the holiday and been fun and joyful. There is still more to come.

I tried and I tried. From now on if anything is going to happen it will have to come from you. I will never have you over for a holiday again.

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Posted on Sun, Apr. 20, 2014 at 01:32 pm

Married and in hell for 10 years.

Controlling father in law visit our house everyday since marriage. Control what I do, the job I landed and now controlling my children. Children were taken care by him and cause I'm need to work. His son is having lower salary than me. So presently my girl is K2,but my kids have been always weak in health, They were staying with in laws since baby. He doesn't allow me to fetch the kids home. Cooking up excuses said when kids are bigger can bring home much easier for us. Coz I got 2 kids. My children yearn to stay with me. they are very attached to me. But every time, the child is sick, he pushed the blame on me, if not he will blame the school. Unreasonable he is, i tolerated. Recently, he badmouth me in front of my daughter. Telling her I didn't know how to take care of her. My girl told me as she feels unhappy about it. That's very sad!!!!!! I'm not going to stay calm anymore. He needs to go to Hell!!! FO! How can he told this to my girl. Told my hubby but he only commented he knows nothing. Is it gd enough?

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Nice but sketchy... You=No Trust

Posted on Sun, Apr. 20, 2014 at 11:41 am

DH aunt, it was one of those odd times we decided to go to a family get together (without mean and heartless FIL, BILs, Step-MIL, and yucky SILs) because we don't blame you for the dysfunction and abuse of DHs family. We actually believe that you and some others are the more 'considerate' and decent family members given what we've had to put up with from those other creeps. That's why I'm scratching my head at your behaviour last night.

You know there is a family problem, and instead of being transparent and talking to my DH about it if you really care, you try to corner me with your iPad and show me picture after picture of BILs, SILs, and their kids and your little get togethers. For real? Also, you go on and on about SILs child and how you need a new screen saver of her when you don't seem very interested in a screensaver of our kids whom you supposedly 'love' just as much but hardly ever see. You think you'd want a screensaver of them just to hold in your memory. So thank you for indirectly choosing favourites... I had hoped for more from you. Always a let down when it comes to DH side of the family.

Then you wonder why we're not eager to go 5 hours out of our way to visit you... You'd probably invite the mean SILs and BILs too because you're so inconsiderate. So thank you very much for rubbing salt in the wound last night. We're very 'happy' that you are having such a good time with people who have caused so much misery in our lives and who don't care. We're also so 'happy' that their kids are having such good times with each other while our kids our left out from knowing their cousins because of the utter toxicity of being with those people.

I'm mad at DH for not telling you more about what happened btw us and them since we've cut them out of our lives, and filling you in on the other side of the story--how your dear nephews and their wives aren't as sweet as they appear to be, but you know enough to realize there is a problem so why poke at the wound? Honestly, you might be a more decent person than the others but I think there's brain underdevelopment in general in the people of your small town when it comes to discernment, empathy and consideration. Also, next time slow down on guzzling the booze, might help you think clearer. Weird. Certainly wont be rushing back to spend holidays with you.

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I hate you all

Posted on Sun, Apr. 20, 2014 at 11:14 am

i hate you in laws. Every time i hear there voice or even see phone ringing with there name i get a headache.me n DH gets into fight after every call of theirs, i really feel they are curse on us . day well spent otherwise have to end on bitter note if they call. Dont know if i have lost it completely or they are really sad people.

God give me patience to handle them !!

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Poor Guy Didn't Know

Posted on Sun, Apr. 20, 2014 at 03:27 am

A year ago my MIL met a good guy, a widower with a bit of inheritance. He reminds me so much of my own DH, which was odd because my DH is not the "chosen" one. As a matter of fact, my DH and I are the absolute opposite of the chosen one and the chosen one's shallow wife. So at first I couldn't figure out why this nice guy was with my MIL. It didn't take me long to realize my MIL was immitating ME in order to woo this gentleman. ME, the tomboy who was never girlie enough for my MIL? I would be flattered if I wasn't so disgusted. I tried hard to "out" her to him, but she is conniving and very manipulative. Within months, she fooled him into marriage and a $500k home, which they moved into just two months ago. Today was the first "family" holiday meal at the $$$ home. I was saddened to see this once happy guy, now very sullen. Perhaps now after 20 years, I finally have an inlaw that can relate to me.

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NRI Marriage- In Laws Issues

Posted on Sat, Apr. 19, 2014 at 10:38 pm

Hey- I am a jolly girl, fun loving and highly educated & ambitious.Like every girl- I had lot of expectations from my marriage- a loving husband, a beautiful life abroad. I got married 3 months back to an NRI divorced man. For me it was first marriage. I thought people deserve second chances and took the risk. I was supposed to join my husband in foreign land after I get my dependent visa.
I wanted my visa asap because I knew living alone with in laws without husband is really tough. My husband was just with me for 20days after our wedding. In that period also- he started clashes complaining about me to his parents for petty issues.His first marriage broke because of his parents only.
Just a day before his flight- My husband created a mess just because I was disappointed as he forgot some important papers due to which my visa submission was delayed. He complained a lot about me to his parents, shared our personal talks with them. Made me bad in every possible way.
My father in law in very short tempered, he used to tell me get out on every small thing. He used to assassinate my character for no reason. My mother in law used to say so many abusive words to me.
Finally my husband left for abroad and I had to bear with these so called in laws. I was criticized every day just because I didn't know much cooking and household work. My life, me as individual was judged only on basis of domestic work. I used to feel so bad. She didn't even put a Television in my room. She didn't like me spending time in my room at all. Even she had issues with me bathing for longer time. I was living in a hell. I feel like dying everyday. Stayed alive on cough syrup so that I can sleep. My husband was in touch with me only through phone. I left my job, my career, my parents, my life all for that man but he never used to appreciate or even support. He has a very biased outlook and blindly support his parents only.
And then came this day- I don't know what to call it- Good or bad- My mother in law was ordering me and yelling at me from morning for no reason. She compared me to servant of the house, tore my recipe book- my hard work of 10 days and when I tried to reply. She tried to slap me. Limit of my tolerance was over. I just left the house and went to my parents place, all alone.
Things changed a bit but that too temporarily. My husband was in touch with me on phone but never gave me support or love. He just used to criticize me and highlight my shortcomings. He used to say- You will get only 2times meal and accommodation from my side after me joining him abroad.None of my dreams will be fulfilled, I will never be happy. A man for whom I left everything says that to me. It was so hurtful. After a month my visa application was submitted.
They used to influence him a lot to leave me and finally they succeeded. From last few days what my husband is talking about is only divorce. He developed a blackmailing attitude- do this or I will divorce you, do that or I will divorce you. And 3 days back he asked for final divorce. Just 20 days living together, 3 months of married life and divorce. He stopped calling me and blocked me on messages. He even told he will cancel my visa application. That visa for which I waited every minute from last 100 days.
I really don't know what to do now. Can't meet him face to face as he is in other country. I just know I have sacrificed everything and God is watching. Hope all get well.
God will never forgive my devil in laws for spoiling mine and the other gal's life.

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Get your eyes checked, MIL

Posted on Sat, Apr. 19, 2014 at 10:00 pm

Dear MIL,
Your "do no wrong" daughter is suicidal and self hating every other second on her own Twitter. If you would wise up and get your head out of your ass and stop showering her with gifts you would realize that she's the most unhappy 16 year old young lady, EVER!

We're all hoping you and your husband, my FIL get a divorce soon. You guys are crazy and should have split long ago.

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They are so bad!

Posted on Sat, Apr. 19, 2014 at 03:39 pm

My in-laws are so bad, they made sure my husband was ripped off of family keepsakes and money. Now they have the nerve to want us back into the picture now that NIL has 2 kids. Nevermind, that we were never invited to her wedding, but now we are supposed to be godparents and shower them with gifts and money. Have they forgotten the hurtful treatment DH got from his own father because ESIL made sure she got the most and the best. How soon they forget. Well, we haven't forgotten the ill-treatment in the family. We're not sending ENIL any cheques or cash for her kids as she specified she wants cash for their accounts. These people can take a long walk off a short peer. I'm not an ATM machine. DH told ESIL to f off after years ago after all the trouble she caused us and it was peaceful for 7 years with no contact. Now ESIL wants us back into her daughter's life for her financial benefit. ENIL is the spawn of Satan (ESIL) and we want nothing to do with these people. They are so money grubbing and cheap. We have to throw the crap they give us into the garbage it's so bad. These no-class losers will not get a penny out of us anymore!

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judged and beliitled

Posted on Sat, Apr. 19, 2014 at 10:59 am

my inlaws have always judged me, my way of parenting and my religious views.they think im wrong just because im different.they have no respect for how im trying to raise my family. we recently had a big fall out because they blame me for my husband not wanting to attend church.he has never liked going to church because they forced religion onto him from an early age, but now its my fault.i will no longer be disrespected and belittled.my family would never treat my husband the way that his family treats me.i am appaulled! if these people dont respect me, than they have no business having a relationship with my children.

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Posted on Fri, Apr. 18, 2014 at 07:06 pm

MIL... Oh Dear MIL... how you love to say, MY kids did this, MY kids never did this. THAT must be from your side of the family because MY Kids never did anything of the sort. EVERYTHING they ever did wrong was because of their FATHER, or outside influences because I never taught them THOSE kinds of things, and now your 2 year old acts like a... GASP... 2 year old. She touches things she shouldn't touch, even though we at 70+ years old should know better than to leave things lying around we don't want a toddler getting into. WE never gave our children choices, THEY did what we told them to do. WE don't approve of divorce, Son #1 divorced 3x's. We don't approve of adultery, only DD had affair, WE don't approve of violence, all 3 sons have anger issues. BUT WE ARE GOOD CHRISTIANS, We don't judge... EVERY OTHER WORD is against someone, judging someone, talking about people behind their backs. MIL, you SUCK.

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