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I hate them

Posted on Fri, Sep. 23, 2016 at 04:14 am

It's hard dealing with my in laws. It's worse when we have holidays and get togethers. I feel like they all gain up on me. I should get together with the daughter in laws to do the same. Oh wait, there's not that many of us because those girls saw the real future mils! MIL, this is the answer to your question, since you keep asking why your nephews aren't married yet. It's because of you and your crazy family.
Your superstitious crap, the way you treat people that's outside the family and thats not like your kind. Fiy, if you're going to talk crap about people and don't want them to hear, shouldn't talk when they're around. Because you sound like you're screaming across the room when you talk.

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What is love really?

Posted on Thu, Sep. 22, 2016 at 10:07 am

WHY are we suppose to submit to our inlaws even for the sake of our spouses?? Even when my hub sees and knows they are pieces of shit and do shitty things, he wants me to just take it up the ass and be quiet. My GOD the shit that I endure!! One of these days my love for him isn't going to be enough to keep me from eliminating them from my life for good. A person can only take so much, love or no love.

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Monster in law

Posted on Thu, Sep. 22, 2016 at 08:05 am

I have two in laws like most of us have. I have my mother in law which i love shes great! And on the other side is the...father in law and his side of the family. They are pure evil. I think the worst part about them is when im around there actually 'nice' but behind my back there awful heres a few examples: last year thanksgiving they all sat around a table saying how "the problem will solve it self" "ill be taken care of soon" as in there hoping i leave their son. Another example is when my husband and i started daiting and i started staying over one day it was my time of the month and forgot to flush the toilet and my father in law told all the guys at his work how digusting i was and how halarious it was i was on my peroid. Not to mentiom my father in law is a pervert hes tryed to walk in on me in the shower more times then i count. The list goes on and on. The worst part about these people is there absoltly horrible to me but when we have a big family gathering and my family is there and friends they all act so perfect and 'nice' and everyone calls me crazy because there thinking im making it all up. It drives me insane and somedays its almost enough for me to leave its really hard living a life where people can be so awful to you and nobody sees it or believes me not even my husband.. 😥

Sincerly the broken girl

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Good luck.

Posted on Thu, Sep. 22, 2016 at 07:15 am

Well dh, It's almost over. I am moving out next weekend, and you will have "your freedom". You will also have responsibility. No longer can you use me as an excuse to do or not do something. You've spun everything like you are the victim, and you have done this for years. Thing is, in order for you to continue to be a victim, you need someone to be the bad guy (or girl). Good luck with that, because I'm done. Everything is always somebody else's fault, NEVER yours. Please, for the sake of personal growth, and women in your future, learn the term "ACCOUNTABILITY". That is all.

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Go have your own kids

Posted on Thu, Sep. 22, 2016 at 06:24 am

My SIL is not married, probably because she thinks she is better than everyone else and is bossy. She has a boyfriend, who broke up with her before and took a while to get back together. Everyone in her family wants them to get married already so my mil doesn't feel bad when people keep asking her why her 40 yrish daughter isn't married yet. They don't care if they love each other, family just doesn't want to be embarrased why she's not married yet. For them, women should be married in their 20s and have kids already before 30s. Well, all the female cousins will have that problem i guess.
She was very happy when i had my 1st child, even invited her friends to my baby shower, she did the same for our wedding! I knew she loved kids but it was to a point when my kids wanted me, she would get really upset. She didnt want me to nurse my babies because of the attachments and i would take them away when they're hungry. She knows nursing is better for the babies but rather feed them herself. She would even subscribe parenting magazines for her and tell other people about them. So when the babies were born they sent her cards congratulating her.
I allow her to come over only because she's an aunt and i feel bad, but its to a point that its annoying because she's getting upset when my girls want me. Her family gets upset too. When we have dinners, my MIL wants my kids to sit next to her instead. Mil wanted me to have more kids because i'm the only one that can give her grandkids and Sil wants more.
She's not the mother of my kids and i'm not a surrogate mother for you f*ckers.

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Let's Both Try To Do Better

Posted on Thu, Sep. 22, 2016 at 05:49 am


Last May (2015), you urged your son to divorce me. We have a four-year-old together, but you wanted to come to our town and "spend some one-on-one time together" with my husband and attempt to convince him to break up with me. Because you decided I was mean to my stepson, age seven.

You decided it was my fault that my stepson does not always attend his softball practices that his mother, your son's ex-wife, signs him up for on our custodial days.

You saw a situation in which an ex-wife was antagonizing an ex-husband--(FYI immediately this should be flagged as 'not your business')-- this was your son's custodial time, and his ex was using their kid as a pawn in a power struggle BETWEEN THEM. So you interpreted this as it must be my fault somehow. Nice.

And your reaction to advise him to *divorce me* over it.

You thought it was 'cruel' of me to prevent my stepson from doing the activities his mother slates for him on my husband's custodial time --without any evidence at all to back up your interpretation of events.

And you compared me to another cruel stepparent you and your son both know--his former stepfather who *beat him with a pipe.*

Beat. Him. With. A. Fricking. Pipe. That's a person you were married to. And you think you have the insight to judge this situation from afar--going on gossip you heard from another in-law who makes it abundantly clear that she disapproves of my non-doormat status within the family. Someone who is known to apply her spin on things gives you shade-laced information that you then spin even further until I have transformed from the woman who quit her fucking career to stay home with a toddler who wasn't my own biological child, and show the world to him and potty train him when his mother wouldn't, and give him everything he never had ---I transformed from that into The Wicket Step-Dad hitting your only son with a pipe.

Question: Why the literal hell do you people think you are so intelligent?

You have equated me with a dude that would actually beat a child. With a pipe.

And then you told my husband that he ought to man up and put (Stepson's) needs first.

First above what? Above Stepdaughter? Above the son produced from this marriage? No, you meant above me. Above all else, above ME.


So, some time passed before we communicated after that, as I'm sure a lot of people reading this can imagine. That was May 2015, and then I avoided communicating at the holidays because every thought I had for something to send you was inappropriate. I sent some photos of the kids to your mother (GMIL) and not to you. I knew you'd see them. But it was the first time I truly didn't GAF whether your feelings were hurt or not.

I was fine never seeing you again. And for the record, I'm fine with my son never seeing you again. People who try to wreck my son's home life aren't exactly his friends, you know?

But you came back about a year later. June 2016. You wanted to see us, and I thought about it a little bit, and said we'd meet you in a public place. That was me being generous, by the way. You're low on the list of people I want to dine with to put it mildly.

Oh, I should add: This was right after my husband had done your bidding with his two first born while I was out of town for the weekend with my biological children. You can interpret that he stayed to hang out with you as a win, I suppose. You have successfully made my marriage weaker. But not because of your actions in May or June. It's because you raised a son who can't stand up to his own mother, not even when she's abusing his spouse.

Your abuse then and now, plus your partners' abuse in the past has made him weak. So pat yourself on the back. Your son can't have a normal relationship. He can't be a full partner with anyone because he has loyalty issues with you--that you create. You've literally said that he has to choose between me or you. You stupidly said that early in our marriage when I think you had your slimmest chance at convincing him I was The Devil. You've raised a weak man, and you use his weakness against him to feel powerful, even still. What kind of mother wants her son to be unhappy?

It doesn't hurt me that you're doing this. Not anymore. I view your power struggle as my husband's own shit that he must either work through, or let consume him. I'll tell you what, though: it's not consuming me.

Anyway, at our dinner this past June, I was indifferent to your bullshit. I didn't care about your stories. I didn't care whether you judged me. At one point I pretended not to know what grades my step-kids were going into-- just to fuck with you. I'm that distant cold evil stepmother, right? Well I spoon fed you your own bullshit back and I could see you loved it. I didn't worry that you'd gossip about it. I just let you sit there and fester in your own total crap.

When we said good bye I was joyful because you were finally going away. You wanted to hug me, and I tolerate that. You whispered in my ear "Let's both try to do better."


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Selfish, Sad People

Posted on Wed, Sep. 21, 2016 at 07:53 pm

It may have been a long week... but my in-laws made it infinitely longer this week in particular. I have been LUCKY enough to avoid the majority of them for quite a few years now. Which is a whole other story TOO LONG to get to at this point. They can hate me, ignore me, whatever... but when you continue to treat my husband badly when he is the nicest, most loving, forgiving and kind hearted individual - you seriously bring out all the worst qualities in me. Which I am sure you count on, and alas I will never give you again. Thus this rant. The next time you (SIL) want to inform my husband that you are moving the pos FIL across the country TODAY to live with you, near you, whatever - SAVE IT! What is worse? You (SIL) post it on Facebook and THEN call him to tell him. How considerate. Not that selling a home and moving across the country is an "all of the sudden" thing. I am sorry I am encouraged him to have a relationship with you wolves. YOU consistently do shit to hurt him, maybe not intentionally, but if you pulled your head out of your own ass every so once in awhile - other people and their feelings do exist. Seriously? Who doesn't call their SON on their birthday, holiday, or when they are moving? This guy. Who doesn't ever call his son's kids (he doesn't deserve the title of grandpa) or send a birthday wish or christmas gift? This guy. He abused my husband - kicked him out at 16 so he could be a drunk and drug addict... but we are supposed to care you are leaving. I AM GLAD. Unfortunately, my husband feels abandoned again. But this is why I don't bother with any of you. Good bye. Good riddance. I will never say a word about you to my husband (thus the post here) nor will I ever set him up for disappointment by you idiots again by encouraging a relationship with people who are seriously flawed.

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Words could never do justice...

Posted on Wed, Sep. 21, 2016 at 04:38 pm

My MIL makes my blood boil. I hate her more than I could ever possibly put into words. Every time a family member calls that isn't her I hope that they're calling to say she's died. You know those TV shows where a sibling will be a little demon to the other kid but an angel in front of everyone else so nobody knows how evil they are? That's my MIL. I would pay good money to have a boxing ring style fight with her. I do everything in my power to make sure we see her as little as possible. I block her on all technology and shred all letters she sends. She fucked with the wrong girl and if she thinks when I have kids she will be a part of their lives she is dead wrong. She has tried to ruin my life multiple times and I'm not just gonna sit back and let her win. She loves to say "Momma knows best", well guess what you little cunt, you sure "know" how to make people hate you. Knowing my luck she will be like a cock roach and live to be 300.

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Not Going

Posted on Wed, Sep. 21, 2016 at 04:00 pm

Sorry NIL, but I will not be attending your birthday dinner. Why in HELL would I put myself in a situation where I'm surrounded by idiotic ILs? They don't like me and the feeling is mutual. I'll probably tell DH that I'll meet him there to save argument. But not show up. It's safe to say no one will care either way. Little miss princess NIL just wants money anyway. How classy of you to state that when I asked what would you like. A person with CLASS would have said JUST YOU COMING IS ENOUGH. You're not a baby any more. Only babies ask for gifts. Geez. I'll be sure to insist DH buys you a cheap wallet minus the money. Because I'll insist that's what you wanted. May your birthday dinner be filled with explosive diarrhea from tainted food. Hopefully the MIL and SILS get the worst of it. 😆

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Christmas Memories with MIL

Posted on Wed, Sep. 21, 2016 at 08:58 am

Reminiscing Christmas pasts with MIL. My fave is when she "graced" us with a store bought dessert to add to our meal when she arrived to our holiday party, the kind that needed to be refrigerated. I thanked her and placed it in the fridge to be served along with the other home made pies I slaved over over for the holidaY which BTW she pretended not to notice. I planned to serve dessert/s after we and our guests had all opened our Christmas gifts since we were all stuffed with ham and all the trimmings. While we are opening our gifts, MIL gets up and we hear her rummaging around in my kitchen. She emerges with a gi-normous slice of the cake she had brought, eating it while she walked. She didn't offer to serve anyone else any. I was shocked but quietly remarked that I was planning to serve dessert later. She ignored me and kept eating. I then realized she performed this drama because she feared I had refrigerated her cake in order to prevent our guests from noticing she brought it. (The woman does not understand the purpose of refrigeration since she would always allow her "puddin'pies" to sit on her counter all day growing e-coli and that's why I always refused "dessert" at her house.) Or... she was seriously afraid I was going to keep her damn Walmart cake! She has never had any decorum anyway. Leaves price tags on gifts. Bad enough the tags but the tags with the a red slash over the previous price marked down to the lowest clearance price possible..right out there for the world to see? The same woman threw a dramatic fit one year because she wanted us to have December 25th with her and we had the unmitigated audacity to spend Christmas day with my of out of town family and calendar her and her obnoxiously rude son in for Christmas Eve since they live locally. She staged a major fit and told my husband to "just come and pick up your gifts - we aren't coming!" We had a lovely Christmas that year with my family and without this Queen of Rude and Selfish. Ahhh..such holiday memories to remember forever to pass on to the generations.

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