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My in-laws are crackers!

Posted on Mon, Oct. 20, 2014 at 09:44 am

They should all be in group therapy together since they are so co-dependant with each other and live out of each other's pockets. Pretty soon they will all be living together under the same roof. Scary, NIL, her husband, 2 kids and ESIL and BIL (brother & sister by the way). In fact they all travel together wherever they can get free accommodation from relatives. What a pack of moochers! Well, they are not mooching off us anymore.

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Not feigning excitement over your Trash Spawn

Posted on Mon, Oct. 20, 2014 at 09:28 am

Hey Dumbass pregnant SIL,

You have placenta previa. You've have preterm contractions. You continue to smoke. You are a dumbass.
You're generally cluless, ignorant & plain ol' stupid, but if you get the feeling I don't like you - you're finally onto something!

Have a shitty day. : )

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Posted on Mon, Oct. 20, 2014 at 06:52 am

We love each other forever and nothing can change that fact. You should think better of your son because he has such a loving wife instead your energy is placed in trying to push away the one woman in his life who truly makes him happy. You are the mental nut job if you can't see how backwards you are thinking. The next time you wonder why it's been so long since your last visit hear these words - We haven't the time for it!

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Living in denial

Posted on Mon, Oct. 20, 2014 at 05:51 am

Sometimes i told my husband the horror stories about my friend's in laws, he was in disbelief how could anyone do such a thing when they are 'family'. I find it ironic because the reason i told him the stories in the first place was so he could open his own eyes to what his family are doing. His family are WORST.

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Posted on Sun, Oct. 19, 2014 at 11:35 pm

Guess What? Cord cut!? Yup! You really are a piece of Work(Sh#%) that is! In your 'little' Sickening mind set small limited world ! You know ,The One you actually live in?So did you 'Old Nasty One' really { Actually Believe } in that shrivelled up very ugly, phony, fakeness actually Really Think I'd let your Son ( yeah my husband ) hah!hah! ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THAT FAKE FAKE PHONE MESSAGE ? Where All you Did Was WHINE , pretend to cough, put out the BEST FAILED 'D' list award for This MISERABLY FAKE FALSE worst Attempt To : PUT ON A BIG MANIPULATION GAME AGAIN! Typical of ALL YOUR BUNCH OF LIES Who ( your last Son ) your Baby Boy( oh yeah I suppose to have TAKEN HIM HOSTAGE! Please! Wake up & listen to your phone?! Hear Us Calling?! Oh &My Brave loving Husband Has ' NO IDEA ' Old YOU' HAD THE PATHETIC LOWLIFE NERVE TO CALL HERE YESTURDAY? Hmmm?! I blocked youuu! So he'll NEVER Hear HOW LOW YOU TRIED TO GO ... Pretending to be sick ?! Please.... Even at your deranged fried OL' BRAIN DEAD B#%^?! One YOU STILL MADE UP A FAKE COUGH, sore Throat that Your Word: Cough, Ahhh, cough cough ... But your Voice Was full of typical Manipulation & cheap lies with desperate means To try still Again to Talk to Ur Baby Boy? Oh? I get & got The Message! Heeh! Hah! LoL! He'll never hear your YOUR DESPERATE ATTEMPT TO DO THE SNEAKY BEHAVIOR IN WHICH YOUR TRIED AGAIN! Nope! I laughed my A#% off! Bc DH WILL NEVER FEEL BAD & GUILTY FOR BEING HAPPILY MARRIED WITH ME! His kids & I are the most important thing in his life! SO WE CUT THE CORD ! Wake up from your 'SICK Obsession' of that F'd lonely lol' So called mental world You live?! Your Life is very limited with A IQ OF NONSENSE & LIES! SO CRAWL BACK UNDER YOUR OLD ROCK ! WE BLEW YOU OFF & Hubby WILL NOT PLAY YOUR FU#%'d Dispicable Games No More! CAN YOU Think & pretend to be So delusional ? HE'll nevertheless HEAR THAT PUPPET CUNNING, calculating , cruel Voice Message Ever! Boy... YOU REALLY THINK HES THAT INTO YOU? We've moved on Old outlaw! I HAVE YOU PRETEND I'm SICK ( cough , cough, ' she's says ' CALL ME ?! ITS MOM?! SHE MADE IT SOUND LIKE SHR WAS DYING & on deaths door! Problem is? I blocked our number later that night ? Guess whst? CATCHVYSH, you put on a good Act! YOUR BELOVED SON WILL NEVER HEAR THIS NESSAGE BC I WONT WANT HIS WHOLE LIFE& Our Weekrnd ruined for you Freddy ways & pretending after 20 plus years that he's still your Baby boy! Oh how I hold the Cards bc You were told over & over ... What's going on up there? You can rot in Hell! Can't Wait for you to kick! OUR LIVES WILL BE SO HAPPY AS THEY ARE ( except you keep guilt) YOUR THREATS OF NO MONEY/ pictures etc. Aren't Working ! I FEEL SO BAD FOR MY poor (DH)Son of yours!!your very well mannered ... GRANDKIDS Old One How do you sleep at night?! You act So sneaky! Your Done! No phone Calls! Too bad! Hah! But To actually PRETEND YOUR SICK WOTH A SORE THROAT? & cough & put on the Dog you should'nt Hsvr Called?! Omg! Yo Need a BRAIN TRANSPLANT!! He wished up to your GAMES SOME TIME AGO! Ps. You fakeness has finally bit you in the A#%! Nah-Nah -Nah ... I erased YOUR USELESS VOICE MESSAGE ! Goodbye .... NO MORE OF YOU! Get a LIFE ! Your Son used to call & Now We ignore You! Non-outlaw! MIL from HELL! WHO DOES THIS TO THERE SON?! You! AGAIN... Been there with you , DONE! Call block is up & WorKING NOW! Suck that one in your Sick World with The rest of those Pretend back stabbing gossip losers & ALL OF THE ARE FAKES ! MIL, SIL, BIL, NIL, DH Sister, NIL, other DH BIL ...NEWS FLASH....WE AINT INTERESTED!ASAP! ..You'll be Gone! WE ARE IN CONTROL! WE DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR $$ take it! Again, your not wanted! Hear from Us? Goodbye ... Don't TRY TO pretend you LOVE FOR US WHEN ITS PURE EVIL HATRED & your delusional for me & these BEAUTIFUL GRANDA KIDS! Rotten to the core! I HATE YOU! Outlawed by Us! Now go away & crawl under your old Heavy Rock & disappear ! Phew! That message was the full put on of How Low You'll go to Manipulate your son( My Hubby) just to lie about a phony lying fake illness that was just that!!! Useless! Hah! U e pathetic ! Good bye OLD LOSER OF A PIG! Don't miss you or you & Your FAKENESS! Cut 2 cords! Phone line& umbilical baby cord! Yup! Hubby sees You 4 what you Really are!!! NOTHING! I Feel almost free!

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I hate you

Posted on Sun, Oct. 19, 2014 at 10:05 pm

I cant wait to divorce your son/brother/uncle so I never have to see your faces again! I promise you will NEVER see my child. She is not going to turn out like you all. I PROMISE YOU THAT! I don't care if I have to spill all your family secrets to make sure none of you see her. I hate you all.

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I feel you MIL helped kill my daughter.

Posted on Sun, Oct. 19, 2014 at 12:35 pm

I have no one more to blame but myself. I can never forgive myself.
There is alot that was going wrong and you MIL were one of them. I was going on 6 months in the pregnancy. I was staying at your house at the time. I was unhappy and depressed. I couldn't eat. The weather outside was sunny and warm. You MIL had the idea to take a walk. Usually taking a walk couldnt hurt. I asked you how far and thought about it for a minute. But I didnt want to take the chance of getting dehydrated. So you assured me we'd take water with us. It wasn't enough to change my mind. Id rather lay in bed. But you kept insisting and had my husband force me out of bed. Well since I had no choice I had to get in the mood fast. After all what can it hurt. Yes it was warm outside but not hot. After abit of walking I asked how far we were going cuz I didnt think I could take much more. I guess they didnt want it to end yet so went alittle further. I was relieved when we finally started heading back. But unfortanetly it was to late. I was already hurting. I had fallen alittle behind so when I called out for DH he didnt hear me. Since we didnt bring cellphones I knew I had to make it back and keep walking. By the way this is out in country area. Im pretty good at dealing with pain so I assumed it would go away over night. This was also my first pregnancy so I had no clue what going thru labor was until I started bleeding the next morning. That morning she was born weighing 1 pound 11 ounces. ...she didnt make it. I know I should let this go but.. every year I think of how old she would be if she made it. And every time I visit you and see you MIL I remember what happened. And now I got you to hate me for ignoring and avoiding you. The sad part is...you can't know that two weeks ago when I visited you and you asked me to get you a 50 pound bag of dog food. Unfortanetly, the next morning I found out I was pregnant. This was not your fault. I didn't expect it. This was my monthly checkup. I just finished going through the miscarriage. Sadly your still ''good people'' with bad habbits. FIL needs to stop going through the bathroom trash. And BIL still lives on living room floor. Anyways...I know these things keep happening to me cuz I'm so clueless in life. I just wish my husband would show he cared more about me than other things I guess. I don't think this marriage will get better in time.

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The Gospel of Family According to Inlaws

Posted on Sun, Oct. 19, 2014 at 10:13 am

Family means lying to and deceiving your own son, grandchild, brother, niece, cousin, uncle.
Family means if we don't care for your wife we will encourage you to dump her. We will also tell your children you are not their real mother.
Family means if you don't toe our line there will be Hell to pay and if our son, your husband, stands by your side, too bad, so sad. He must be taught a lesson.
Family means whatever works for us is right.
Family means shopping victim status to as many idiots who will buy it so you can demonize the one person who won't back down and won't suck up to you.

You think I miss this? ROFLMAO!

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Posted on Sun, Oct. 19, 2014 at 07:53 am

My mil must have been him in a past life because she looks (no lie, put his ridiculous hat on her head and the resemblance is uncanny) she is just as evil too, but goes to church every Sunday - most likely to confess her many sins ugggg :(

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You reap what you sow

Posted on Sat, Oct. 18, 2014 at 10:18 pm

We bought a big package of our son's first school pictures because everyone on both sides of our families asked for one. I have already given my family the pics because they asked nicely and didn't just demand something from us. DH family loudly demanded several pics so I put them away in a drawer. If you can't even be polite to me then I'm not going to track you down and make sure you get your picture so you can claim bragging rights. So when the manners you show me are nothing, then that's what you will get in return. Nothing. I will leave it up to DH and he probably won't even think to give the pics to you for several months. Enjoy the fruits of your behavior MIL. LOL

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