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Stupid! Stupid! Girl!

Posted on Mon, Apr. 27, 2015 at 07:29 am

I am still here, I am still happy, my relationship with your husband's brother is still strong. Your husband is still riddled with insecurities which means you are still being swayed by a toxic mindset and happily go ahead with the games still being played. You are dealing with your own Karma! I don't find anything different in my life happening or worsening for NOT seeing you and your wretched family. It is a relief. We do not have to be in your company unless there is a large gathering (which doesn't happen often) and you will simply just blend into the crowd, so to speak. That will annoy you! Not being the centre of attention. Excellent!

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Apple never falls far from the tree

Posted on Mon, Apr. 27, 2015 at 07:00 am

It's not just in-laws who have the power to make or break a marriage. I recently had a conversation with DH in which I confronted him calmly about the many financial lies he has been telling me for many years now - he should have been transferring an agreed amount to an account so that bills could be paid - and multiple times he told me he'd done this and then days or weeks afterward said he hadn't done it after all (because he didn't want to). When I tried to reason with him and explain the extreme damage that such lies do, and that it constitutes financial and emotional abuse, and that I have done nothing to deserve being treated this way, he said 'Oh yes you did'. Shocked, I asked what he meant. Turns out he is angry that I finally reached a point where I could no longer 'look the other way' and forgive his parents for their rotten treatment of me. I put up with it for years, and finally couldn't take their abuse. I told him I wanted to meet them somewhere neutral and calmly, politely, and CONSTRUCTIVELY have an adult conversation about boundaries and what we all needed to go forward in a more positive and less damaging way. He refused and told me 'IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.' And since then he has been enraged that I refuse to 'look the other way' and let 'bad things drop after a while'. If I 'looked the other way', that equates to allowing myself to be abused. I finally see why he is the way he is. I wish I'd seen it before I married him but he hid it so well. I wish my husband cared enough about me to protect me from abuse, and not to abuse me himself. I asked him if he wanted our daughter to be treated in this way (abusively) when she grows up and marries and he said 'No'. But apparently I don't deserve to be cherished and appreciated. My mistake. How silly of me.

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How did I end up in that family!

Posted on Mon, Apr. 27, 2015 at 05:02 am

My in-laws couldn't be further than compatible with me. I'm fun loving, outgoing, generous, intelligent and come from a good family with good values. My in-laws exude badness, especially my ESIL. She is a jealous bitter woman who keeps good people away. Once people find out what she is all about they keep their distance. She guises her agenda for awhile with her phoniness then her real motives come out. That is, using people, living out of their pockets, wheedling money out of people. She is the classic moocher and her daughter and BIL are the same. Once they feel you are caught up in their web, then they start making demands on you. It's not about relationships with those people, it's just all about what they can get out of us. DH decided to shut them down once and for all. He's so fed up with their games and BS. He has no feelings for them as he was mistreated in the family, mainly because of ESIL's vindictiveness. She is a miserable divorcee. Gee I wonder why she's divorced. FIL was not helping her marriage and her personality is controlling and domineering. DH and I were supposed to be godparents to NIL's children all for the purpose of filling their bank accounts. Another plot of theirs. Well, that didn't work. We've shut them down for good now and we've never felt more peaceful and happy. Whenever the in-laws have been cut out of our lives, our marriage has only improved. They are so toxic!

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Posted on Mon, Apr. 27, 2015 at 03:58 am

As time passes and you continue to be blocked from our lives, repressed memories surface. I look back now on how completely naive I was, always seeing your appalling characters through rose-coloured glasses.

Remembering the time I came back from your cottage 4 weeks before our wedding and got a random retinal detachment there-- I went blind in one eye. I had to be rushed for emergency surgery with no guarantee I would ever see out of that eye again. Everything was a whirlwind. But managed to hold it together because I was determined to keep my spirits up, not let it ruin our wedding. You weren't to blame for my blindness of course, but now I remember you not even sending a get well soon card, hardly showing any interest at all. Funny how step monster in law had more interest in her immature complaints that the name card on table at wedding wasn't placed in the position she liked-- making drama out of something so petty and almost not showing up the next day for our wedding lunch out of disrespect. I could go on, but point is she, nor ex-fil and ex-bils never once stopped to ask how I was doing (could hardly see through the eye on my wedding day). F@&$ing creeps! How could I have been so emotionally blind?

Fast forward 5+ years when all of the players were in place (ie 2 hoes who married ex-bils and were anything but 'like sisters' to me) I have another surgery-- this time cosmetic and by choice. That time around step monster in law pretended like she cared wanting to know the details. The other bitch SIL sent this message to me "what was your surgery for? By the way, happy birthday." The by the way should tell you how much this bi@&! truly cared about me though she thought she was entitled to know my health information.

And for what? Good old gossip in their clique of course. Nasty hoes. Luckily I had wised up by that time and didn't discuss anything, but it is still such an outrage how there are people out there who are so truly mean, callous and conniving. Although it's been very painful, at least now I see with 20/20 vision who they really are. Thanks for reading.

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I've come to the conclusion...

Posted on Mon, Apr. 27, 2015 at 02:37 am

That in-laws have the power to make or break a marriage.

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Grow up and get a grip.

Posted on Mon, Apr. 27, 2015 at 01:03 am

SIL your marriage is failing miserably and we all know it.
But that doesn't mean that its give you permission to try and fuck up everyones' marriage to make yourself feel better about your situation and that includes ours!!!
Back off, grow up, get a life and sort your own shit out! Your an adult, START ACTING LIKE IT!!!!!

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MIL I would have some respect for you,

Posted on Sun, Apr. 26, 2015 at 11:49 pm

if you'd just act like a normal grown woman without getting all butt hurt every time you didn't get your way. Jeeze.

I just don't understand how a 60 something year old woman was never told to grow the fck up until I came along. Furgawdsake, your grandchildren behaves more mature you.

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Cunning In-Laws...

Posted on Sun, Apr. 26, 2015 at 09:02 pm

My MIL and FIL stay upstairs. We stay downstairs. FIL aged 82, MIL 78. I cook for them and send the food upstairs everybody. If they want something, they call their son and DH brings anything they want. BUT, they always picturize in front of others that we are not taking care of them. Why because, they are so much jealous of this son's and DIL (me) good relation that they won't like others to think good about us. Especially, if there is any occasion going to happen in our house, like a wedding or festival celebrating where their daughters and sons-in-law visit us, they somehow get into an argument a few days before the occasion with my DH and stop taking food and stop talking to us. MIL surprisingly cooks for themselves on those days. So whoever visits us thinks that we are not taking care of them, thinks that she is cooking for themselves at this age. After everyone leaves, she cooks for a few more days. Then, all of a sudden, she lies in bed and wont get up, saying that she has dying pains all over her body (which even god cannot see), and FIL makes a big scene and calls my DH stating "your mom fell ill " and, as usual, we need to start taking care of them and DH needs to take her to hospital and I need to start sending food for them. Again, if any occasion comes, same thing happens. I just don't understand how to revert this cunningness. I just don't have any idea.

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SIL! You And Your Silly Husband Are JEALOUS!

Posted on Sun, Apr. 26, 2015 at 03:37 pm

You foolish female- your nose has been put out of place as you feel I am competition.

Your childish husband has had issues with jealousy with my DH since being a child. He just HAS to try and cause upset, he NEEDS to torment my husband somehow. He should be pouring his energy into GROWING THE HECK UP!!!!

YOU too! So our daughter is excelling in a way your children are not. They are just different people! Don't take things out on us as we have things to celebrate and have wonderful times together.

You invest time in competing, throwing hissy fits and generally acting immature. It's no wonder you are married to that big baby! You MUST be aware of what he's like. I can bet you have had whopping arguments. Your youngest is a total nightmare and that is your karma.

Quit being such an attention seeking drama queen and grow up alongside your silly husband.

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Posted on Sun, Apr. 26, 2015 at 11:11 am

Holy balls! MIL the fact that you stay here DOES NOT give you the right to tell me I need to leave MY house because you don't want to deal with me. I own this house just as much as your son does, so you can go shed the skin off your lizard tail and eat it you unspeakable horror!
I will not leave my house and if you can't stand living with me in my house, then by all means please unfurl your ancient leathery bat wings and fly your fat ass down to live with that venomous harpy you call a daughter in her filthy cockroach corral. Nothing would make me happier. You've parked your bloated carcass here for 5 years now bitching about everything I do, trashing everything you touch, stealing my socks and spitting that nasty stinking red shit you chew everywhere. You know, for a long time you were just really annoying. But after these past 2 years congratulations bitchzilla, you've finally gone full monster in law!

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