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I hate you...You Insensitive creatures

Posted on Thu, Jul. 30, 2015 at 09:01 am

My MIL, SIL and FIL are the most insensitive creatures in the world. Any pain that i go through is pooh poohed at. They deliberately have made insensitive comments during the darkest days of my life. Ever since I got married i have shed more tears and have had more unhappy days than happy ones thanks to them. They are the most selfish bunch of people who care only about themselves and my husband is a sucker and loser who defends them and their crocodile tears. I hate my in laws from the bottom of my heart and I hope they rot in hell.

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Posted on Wed, Jul. 29, 2015 at 11:09 pm

So... I have to see the evil in laws this weekend . Already my stomach is turning as I write this. I have had at least 2 or 3 weekends of peace without you guys . Since mil has been so horrible and fake to me, I have no desire to have any type of relationship or communication with this ugly bitch of a woman.

So mil, just keep in mind we will always do our best to hardly see you.

Also keep in mind if you want to challenge me and cry to everyone about this, you will be banned FOREVER from seeing your grandchild!

Just wanted to let you know I'm in charge bitch. I hate you and I despise you. Nothing you ever do will make up for trying to break me and my husband apart! Especially your fake apology and crocodile tears! too bad so sad for you: (....

Oh well were happy ! You know that of course ;) that's why your so jealous . I gave up on you once my brain turned on again with a bright light bulb saying SHES NEVER GOING TO CHANGE! And I can happily admit I LOVE that you won't change 😊

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F*** all of them!

Posted on Wed, Jul. 29, 2015 at 09:58 pm

It's nice that the whole family treats this particular granddaughter like she is a princess, throwing a $10,000 birthday party for a four year old...but in reality she is NOT biologically related to anyone of the family, as the mother had sex with other guys and even said to everyone that BIL is NOT the father. They ignored that. When I had my daughter, they immediately shunned her and said to my DH "get a test, son, you know she's a slut!" This led to a fight as i am nothing like whore SIL...This also led to DH choosing me and baby over his family bullshit, which I am glad!
Either way, I see why my DH had to be left out of being their family. Which that's ok. We don't need them to be around our daughter either as they are insignificant assholes to me and DH. We rose without them and will continue to grow and be better. Fuck you, in laws!

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Posted on Wed, Jul. 29, 2015 at 07:46 pm

I'm slowly getting ready to let this go... I'm talking to you ILs. I've ranted on this site about you for years now and I believe that many times we have to process our hateful feelings and resentments before we can genuinely be ready to get to the other side of them. Pretending to call hatred anything other than it is is just lying to the self. But there comes a point when ongoing hatred is counterproductive to my peace of mind. There comes a point when you got to accept that some people are just dick-wads (check) and there's nothing you can do about it but extract them from your lives (check), begin to heal by processing your pain (check), surround yourself with people who truly love and value you (check) and finally gain a sense of wisdom and peace by learning from and letting go of the pain (in progress). I have set my boundaries. I will not allow harmful people like the ILs to rob me of my self-worth or inner power again. They have no power over me. I will find my serenity in the storm.

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Posted on Wed, Jul. 29, 2015 at 05:59 pm

So, for seventeen years you excluded me, ridiculed me, put me down, made me feel unworthy, drew attention to my flaws (sorry I was sexually/physically/emotionally abused as a child and I'm not good enough for your golden child).

Then, you phoned my husband during the darkest period of my life to tell him you thought I had faked the pregnancy and the miscarriage.

Now, you ask me why I won't let me children see you and you want to know "when all of this rubbish will blow over".

Two years on and there's been no apology. No acknowledgement. No concern for the wellbeing of your own son through all of this, let alone the rest of his family.

In the last two years two family members have had babies. There is a wedding happening soon, and a christening. And no, none of us will be there. Ever.

No funerals. No weddings. No birthday celebrations. No Christmas. No more.

It's not going to blow over. Get used to this new situation. The one that you chose. It's never going to change. And I'm glad. I thank you for giving me the greatest gift. The chance to cut you out of our lives for good. Thank you for making that call and doing the job for me. My husband sees now your hatred for me and my children need absolutely no convincing.

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Go On...Take My Money!!!

Posted on Wed, Jul. 29, 2015 at 02:24 pm

My FIL has been sick for some time now (supposedly). I've had my suspicion that maybe it's more drama on his part than a real ailment. But to be a good DIL I agreed with my DH that we would give FIL and MIL money monthly to live on. I figured since he hasn't been able to work their S.S. isn't enough to survive on. At least not with their life style choices. Soon after we agreed to give them the money low and behold he hasn't been to work at ALL! He was in the hospital but nothing was found. He's been to the DR and nothing was found. He now refuses to even go to any appointments to see what exactly is going on. But they are looking for a new place to live thats more expensive than the current place. What if I decided to not give the money anymore? How would you pay for your lifestyle??? I've been saying this whole time that it's just drama and not really anything wrong with him. Sure maybe there might be something but not to the extent that he has everyone running to their beck and call. I only agreed to any kind of help for you FIL and MIL because my DH was hurting thinking his parents are desuetude. I see through the bullshit because it runs in his wack a doodle family. That money i'm giving every month could definitely go towards MY retirement. They are in the situation they are in because of shity life choices. Not my fault. At this point the FIL needs to either have a legit ailment or stop milking it and go back to work. Your only in you 60's and I've seen people in their 80's do circles around you. I don't know if your faking it or not but I don't believe that your really as sick as your leading on. I guess I'm different because I don't get all sad and upset when this man get so much as a boo boo. His family falls apart thinking he has 1 foot in the grave. Man that would be nice because then I'd save my money every month. So GO ON...TAKE MY MONEY....for now until I can get DH to stop.

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Posted on Wed, Jul. 29, 2015 at 10:29 am

My FIL's mission is to make my life a living hell. He talks about me in the third person and has a big issue about my skin color and weight. One day I'd buy him a mirror so that he could check out for himself how he looks like...and not the perfect self he perceives himself to be. Now I know why he is not blessed with grandkids...because he is racist and thinks that people who care around him would like to steal from him.....!

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Why I hate my Sister-in-law!

Posted on Wed, Jul. 29, 2015 at 08:09 am

She is evil;
She is toxic;
She is stupid;
She is insecure;
She is a trouble maker;
She is a rip off artist;
She is cheap;
She is nasty;
She is manipulative;
She is vindictive;
She is spiteful;
She is controlling;
She is not a nice person.

Hell should take her now!

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If only they were nice!

Posted on Wed, Jul. 29, 2015 at 04:22 am

If only my in-laws were nice people, it would have made the world of difference to me and my marriage. But no, they had to be adversarial with me, nasty and generally a pain in the ass. I would have had more children and a happier marriage had my in-laws supported our marriage the way in-laws should. It was so unbearable at times, I thought I was going to have to leave the marriage. Hence, why I have an only son. They were so horrible to DH as well. Early in the marriage I was begging my husband to move away from them as they were on our doorstep all the time, expecting meals. I was the family cook of course. I was to be a slave in the kitchen for the entire clan only to be used and abused by my in-laws. Never mind that I had a full-time job, a house to look after and a hyper-active kid. No, that's besides the point, my role in the family was to cater to them. The way they treat in-laws in that family is disgusting. Now DH and I have peace finally that his parents have passed. His father was extremely demanding, but his mother was better. If my son gets married, I will treat my DIL with respect and kindness. What kind of idiot would treat an in-law badly. What are these stupid in-laws trying to do, break up marriages. My idiot FIL caused his own daughter's marriage break up because of his toxic personality. Some people just have crap for brains I guess.

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Another Wedding Anniversary Come and Gone

Posted on Tue, Jul. 28, 2015 at 07:45 pm

Well another wedding anniversary of DH and I has come and gone. Celebrated 8 years today and as time passes by without you stinkers causing misery in our lives we find peace and enjoyment in anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions more and more... But even so, your stench still lingers. None of you have EVER taken any responsibility for how you treated DH, and me in particular. Always shifting the blame (even among yourselves) and/or adding insult to injury by contacting on the rare occasion and pretending like nothing ever happened and all should just be brushed under the rug (for your sake of course!) you are not only the most toxic people I know of but a disgrace in general. While my parents and and other close relatives acknowledged our day, of course you did not (particularly the retarded FIL... StepMIL is a loser and a lost cause. We expect nothing from her but destructive behaviour so DH even keeps her out of his life. We also don't expect congrats from BILs and their bully wives, because in fairness we owe them nothing after the way they treated me and us, and neither do I expect anything from them since they've never shown any remorse or genuine goodwill for us). But for a FATHER, and a FIL, you are pathetic!! You pretend as though you are the passive victim of evil StepMil, but you've always had the power to stand up to her when it came to your side of the family, including shielding DH and his family from her wrath, jealousy and visciosness. You just didn't want to stand up to her because now we (particularly I) know that you were always just using her nastiness as a scapegoat to cover for your own mean and empty heart. You're a FAKE. You never wanted DH to marry an outsider from your little cultural, cultish clan. You have had so many opportunities to step up to the plate as a father and FIL, but you have epic failed to simply even TRY and extend a hand of peace every single time-- this occasion was no exception. Admit it FIL, You wanted DH to be what you thought he should be and live your life although you treated him like a second rate citizen after you got with that creature only one year after DH's mom died! I could go on and on. Unfortunately thoughts of you and your 'dysfunctional second family still linger in my head, along with all those 'close' relatives of DH who 'forgot' to wish us a happy anniversary today. He deserves a far better family than that (a family like mine) and I sure as hell deserve 100% better inlaws! Can't believe none of you are in hell yet 🌋

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