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I've got a front row seat

Posted on Fri, Aug. 22, 2014 at 06:53 am

My IL's (DH's parents, brother and sister) have been absolutely horrible to me for the past thirteen years. We think it's maybe because I have different ideals and views than they do. Imagine that, these people who definitely don't have any secrets to life have the audacity to hate me because of my ideals?
Really, it's no loss for me as I have never desired to hang around a bunch of fat, unintelligent, losers drinking and talking about how other people should be living. Even though they weren't my type of people, I always tried for DH's sake. Well, fast forward a decade or so and things have changed. I've called them out on their bullshit and my kids are free from the torture of having to go to family gatherings which were horrible.
FIL has died and the family are going to get DH alone so they can try to convince him how he needs to leave me. Well, DH is taking me to the service and I can't wait to see their reactions. They'll behave so poorly that DH will see them for what they are.......again. I love that these people are making themselves look bad in trying to convince DH that I'm so bad. Ha ha ha, I'm looking forward to seeing how this unfolds.

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A letter to the inlaws

Posted on Fri, Aug. 22, 2014 at 05:38 am

Mother of my husband,

Did you notice that the teens and avoid you? Do you notice that your son doesn't call you unless it is to return your call? Remember asking to be invited to visit our home? Have you received a invitation?

What do you think it means?

Hint, we don't like you and can't stand being around you. Did I clear anything up?

The next time you pressure our teens to be friends (free babysitting) for your great grand children, dh is going to remind you that we didn't move here to be the babysitters yet again.


Dear sister of husband,

We did not move here to serve your family. We do notice that it seems to be your mothers reason for existing. She thinks that you, your adult children, and their children walk on water.

Thank you for possibly realizing that you and your adult children are blocked on my cell phones, and we do not come to the door when any of you knock or ring the door bell.

Thank you for not honking like a trashy person and waving when you drive past our house.

Do you realize that when the teens and I say no to the offer to watching your grandchildren that it means we aspire not to raise them. They are not our responsibility. Maybe tell that drunk daughter of yours to take care of her own children? If she spent money on bills instead of cigarettes and alcohol, she wouldn't have to ask you for money. Maybe buy the girl some running shoes, since she is always dumping and running away from her children.


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Psycho SIL

Posted on Thu, Aug. 21, 2014 at 05:50 pm

I don't know why you talk so much shit about me when I've never done or said anything about you ever. You always play victim, when really you see your worst enemy in the mirror everyday. I'm done with you. I will not allow you any time alone with my daughter ever...last thing id want is for her to learn how to be a nasty, selfish, bitch like you!

Why don't you grow the f$&@ up for once and act like a real woman!

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Getting off the roller coaster

Posted on Thu, Aug. 21, 2014 at 04:14 pm

I gave you my all and still you treat me less than the dirt on your shoes. Getting off this roller coaster ride. Good luck with your bipolar disorder and I hope you don't lose your family because you are in DENIAL about your disorder and you addiction to ADHD meds. Have a nice life!



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Stupid FIL

Posted on Thu, Aug. 21, 2014 at 09:32 am

My father in law is so up his own backside I'm surprised he can see anything else. I hate the arrogant, sneaky, sly, disrespectful idiot!! Please feel free to disappear out of my life!

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Father in Law

Posted on Thu, Aug. 21, 2014 at 08:49 am

My Father in Law is very difficult to deal with. I will give a little back ground so that those reading this have a full understanding. I am in the healthcare industry. I have many friends who are physicians, CEO's of hospital, adminstrators of nursing homes, Nurses, etc.. My father in law is older(65) and has many health issues. He had been going to his primary care for 2 years, who was unable to resolve his issues(mostly GI related). I spoke to a friend(physician) and stated that he would be happy to review his chart and see if he could help. My father in law switched docs. SO now my father in law has become a pest to the doctor becuase he seems to feel he should get some kind of VIP treatment. I have explained proper ways to conduct himself but he doesnt seem to understand or care(not sure which). His physician filled out some forms to help him get a different shift at his place of work. The doctor filled them out and sent them to the work place. My father in law showed up at the doctors office asking for copies and demanding it right away. The doctor was out at that moment(with me actually at a lunch meeting). Since he was out and the documents were in his office, the receptionist(who only schedules appointments was unable to retrieve them. My father in law calls my wife screaming saying I need to call the office and tell them to do it. I asked the doctor if he had done it already, he stated it was complete and would give me a copy later. My father in law made a total fool out of himself.. In return, somewhat make me look bad...

My father in law does these sort of things consistently. If we go out for dinner, he pulls any waiter, waitress or manager and demands things right way.. I try to explain to him to have patients, wait till the waiter comes but he just goes nuts. Often when standing in line for any reason, he will walk around people and just cut in line as if he owns the place..

Just to give you all a little more background. His wife,my mother in law, passed away. Survived by My wife(30y/o) my wifes brother(16 y/0 and my father in law.. Now the FIL and BIL live with my and my wife. The home is plenty big and all have asked is for him to pay have of the utilities. Everymonth we have this argument about who will pay the brother in law portion.. I explain that he is my FIL child, therfor he should pay that portion which in total would be half.. He always refuses and gives 1/4th.. Also, my MIL and FIL did not get along and were on edge of divorce prior to her unexpected death. After the funeral (which I paid for) he recieved life insurance over 80000 dollars. So he has the finances.. Yet.. his son comes to me for lunch money, ask to get hair cuts.. just the usual teenager needs or wants.. His dad, my FIL, will not give him money for anything.. ITS CRAZY!..

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A Very Unmerry Christmas

Posted on Thu, Aug. 21, 2014 at 05:54 am

Oh, you say it's your grandmother's 90th birthday? Forget the fact that we traveled across states to visit OUR great grandmother on her 90th. We've decided that we are going to the land of expensive amusement parks during one of the busiest times of the year and since we hardly ever see you anymore - why don't you drive 8 hours to come visit us? And now that we're including everyone on our fun filled vacation (it's ok that you can't make the amusement parks with us) let's play tag-a-long with father and mother-in-law. So not only are you driving 8 hours each way to visit us in a trailer park central style family reunion, but afterwards bring on home MIL and FIL who want to hang around for a week over Christmas in your new house. Don't worry that they bash Santa every chance they get and tell you how you're living life wrong. And now instead of a peaceful Christmas let's fill it with anxiety, endless religious lectures, talk of the end of the world due to politics, and tell me how I should be living my life.

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Stupid Bitch

Posted on Thu, Aug. 21, 2014 at 12:20 am

MIL, if you've been divorced four times, maybe it's you.

You like to talk shit about your exes, but every one of your broken, train wreck marriages has something in common. YOU.

Get some therapy or stop getting married, you stupid cow.

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Posted on Wed, Aug. 20, 2014 at 03:10 pm

My ILs confronted me about how my SO should be "protecting" my reputation by censoring what I post on social media because they don't want their son "misrepresented" and how "he has standards". This all came about because I took a picture in a bikini over the summer...make-up free and anything but provocative, mind you. Then they shamelessly admitted looking at every picture of mine on instagram and analyzing each of them as if theyre a projection of my current mood toward their son or towards them. As if every single thing I say, do and think about is about them. Seriously, whats next? Like, "Oh we saw you posted that you ate PB & J for lunch, that must be your way of insulting us because one time... I also ate a PB & J." Please.

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entire FAM-in law is crazy

Posted on Wed, Aug. 20, 2014 at 03:00 pm

My boyfriend and I have been in college for a few years now and working but are unable to afford renting an apartment at this time, so we've been living at our separate homes. His parents are unreasonable, overbearing control freaks.

Though we're adults and function independently of our parents (aside from the living arrangement) they give him a curfew and demand that he devote a certain number of hours to being at home. His mother gets jealous and cant understand why her adult son doesn't set aside time to hang out with her, but has a couple hours to spend with me on the rare occasion that our schedules line up. Both his parents threaten to kick him out, keep him from taking his car (which he needs to get to work), or insist that he come home immediately after work just to curb the amount of time he spends with me.

They'll do anything to keep him from growing up and moving on. Especially with me. They try to brainwash him into thinking he is doing something wrong by becoming an independent person, and guilt trip him for making plans to start on his future, as if hes supposed to live at home until he dies, and never be someones husband- just a son. The entire family spends most of their time at their house, because his mom has to keep tabs on everyone and make sure shes the center of all attention.

She thinks shes some kind of puppet master and has even gone so far as to tell my bf's older brother that he HAS to propose to his gf if shes going to continue living with them...even though shes already been staying there for more than 2 years! Theyre in their mid 20s as well, why don't they just leave instead of letting his parents FORCE a proposal? How are they even okay with having that expected of them?? Its like some weird little cult over there, and nobody wants to step on MIL's toes, so they all go along with her psychotic ways and in turn, are crazy themselves!!

Fortunately, my bf has made a decision to get out of there, even if its just to stay with me and MY parents for the time being. Hopefully he's not held hostage before he has a chance to leave.

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