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Coincidence? I think not

Posted on Tue, May. 26, 2015 at 02:08 pm

I find it extremely interesting that around the same time my toddler begins speaking, my MIL takes up cussing as a hobby. She didn't cuss at all before, now it's every other word.
Coincidence? I think not.

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The Chupacabra lives....

Posted on Tue, May. 26, 2015 at 10:17 am

Vile, demonic,awful,critical and cheap as they come. Can't wait for next mothers day! Thank God for this page. Finally, I can vent to the world instead of my poor friends at work that are tired of my crap!

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Broken Vow and Regrets

Posted on Tue, May. 26, 2015 at 09:39 am

I haven't seen or spoke to my PILs since Christmas. I have been so happy and at peace. Yesterday, my husband insisted I attend his parent's yearly Memorial Day picnic. Well,it was the exact same people, the exact same food and the exact same bullshit. I will NEVER again allow my husband to dictate who I will spend time with!

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Mother in law manipulator in law

Posted on Tue, May. 26, 2015 at 08:24 am

I am married for two years. I don't have the same horror stories that most have on here but I have some. My mother in law is orthodoxe hassidic and I came from a regular Jewish family. My mother in law will point out everything I don't do her way! And start causing a fuss and a scene. If she doesn't like an article of clothing in wearing she will stare and stare at it till I feel uncomfortable and ask if something is wrong (no longer works on me!) she also has this thing that her son is ALWAYS right!! When in fact I'm right a lot of the time. She doesn't help support us in any way which j don't expect but she isn't there emotionally either. When I told her j was pregnant she didn't say anything and when asked if she was happy she said it's not the right time (we're married two years) it's really that she doesn't like me (mutual feelings) she tells me all the time she doesn't like babies and hates babysitting! (What a relief!) I have to go visit becuz my husband loves his family but I learn more and more with each visit to stay away from her! And Definitly keep my kids away she doesn't deserve anything frkm me when she isn't there for me emotionally financially or in any way! The end.

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My Father-in-Law, the Potential Pedophile

Posted on Tue, May. 26, 2015 at 07:50 am

My FIL has a history of deviant sexual behavior and has admitted to being sexually attracted to preteen girls. For example, he mentioned how "sexy" the 12 year-old daughter of an acquaintance looked in her swimsuit and described in perverse detail what he'd like to do to her. FIL's wife's son (DH's stepbrother) has a beautiful teenage daughter & several teen & preteen nieces. It creeps me out that they allow him to be around those girls unsupervised. FIL is also a drug addict and has a history of extremely poor judgement and impulsive behavior.

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Now I understand the term MONSTER-in-law!!!!

Posted on Tue, May. 26, 2015 at 07:10 am

My future MIL and FIL lived with my soon to be DH when we met because of health issues....his are service related. MIL's are smoking and lazy related....yeah, some are real because of the burns on her back from when she was a child.

HOWEVER!!!!! Don't expect sympathy from me when you are in pain but won't go to the doctor to get tests to get your pain medication refilled! Don't complain to me that you can't breathe when you have a 3 pack a day habit! don't complain to me when you "don't feel right" when you will not test your sugar, will not take you diabetes medicine and eat everything a diabetic isn't supposed to have!

Dear MIL, you won't even go up the stairs to use the only toilet in the house. you use your wheelchair bound husbands potty chair. You hoard so much that my FIL and yourself have to sleep on the living room furniture and his potty chair has had to be put in the kitchen. You don't make your own sandwiches for lunch. You don't get your own drink out of the fridge. You walk to the kitchen for the potty chair, yet you ask my 12 and 10 year old children to make your sandwich, grab your pop, clean YOUR room when YOU'VE lost something in there and have even had he audacity to demand one of my childrens chores to be emptying the potty that YOU pee and poop in. Your husband is in adult diapers, thats not his stuff getting flushed down the toilet!!!!!

I don't work, I take care of you, your husband and my 3 children. You treat me like your personal shopper and my children like your butlers (slaves). You take your DS's paycheck and deposit it into your account, give him one of your debit cards then tell him how much he is allowed to spend. All I ask for are necessities (soap, shampoo, deoderant, ect), food, pop, cigarettes (yes, I smoke too). I don't even ask for new clothes or shoes until mine (a) no loner fit or (b) are ruined.

You say there isn't enough money in the bank to cover gas for me to go visit my family that lives 4 hours away (about $200 round trip) yet there is money for you to play bingo at the casino followed by quater slot machines where you spend $1.25 per spin? Yet there is money for you to make an $200 to sometimes $500 order from Amazon?!?!?!?

Dear MIL, I love your DS with all my heart and soul. It breaks my heart to know I am going to have to leave him because I can no longer tolerate you.

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Posted on Tue, May. 26, 2015 at 01:20 am

I just overheard my coworker say that they only see there in-laws once every two years because they live the other side of the world.
I have to admit...I'm extremely jealous!
I wish mine lived the other side of the world too.

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Intolerable species

Posted on Mon, May. 25, 2015 at 11:48 pm

This is to inform all the scientists in the world that I have discovered a new species. Its my DH and his family. Their genre needs to get into some nomenclature in the animal kingdom. I am struggling with it. Need some help.
Characteristics of this species:
1. Ego as big as a dinosaur
2. IQ of an ostrich.
3. Proud like a peacock (not a good comparison..peacock is at least beautiful n calm)
4. Cunning like a fox.
5. Skin as thick as of rhino.
6. Lazy as a toad
7. Boisterous as stormy sea winds
8. Bitter as a hemlock
9. Cheap as dirt
10. Complacent as a cat
11. Haughty as devil
12. Shouts (Barks) like a dog
13. Spineless as jellyfish

And the most important one....they are s***h**les. Any suggestion for naming this intolerable species?

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In laws stress me out.

Posted on Mon, May. 25, 2015 at 06:29 pm

My relationship with my in laws is unhealthy and very stressful. My MIL and SIL, luckily, live in another country. Unfortunately this distance doesn't keep them from chastising my every move. I was told by my MIL that the only reason my husband married me was because he didn't think he could get any one better. My SIL can do not wrong in her parents eyes- even though she's 33 and still lives at home. I've deleted my Facebook account because I was tired of my MIL's snarky comments.
My FIL is another story. He lives just a mile away from us, so he thinks that we should have him over every day. He's a pathetically miserable man who won't get out of his own way. He suggests, regularly, that he just might commit suicide. This makes my husband and me always on edge. So, out of guilt we'll have him over. When over he'll make snide remarks, even said to me tonight, "No offense: I'm not saying you're fat, but your butt is getting big".
I could write pages more on them. I just wish that they were completely out of my life so that I'd stop getting so worked up about them.

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Mil and fil from hell

Posted on Mon, May. 25, 2015 at 05:33 pm

All I want to say is I hate my mil and fil with a burning passion that just the thought of them makes my blood boil! How unfortunate that I have to live with them! How unfortunate that I have a sissy simpleton for a husband who doesn't look after his wife and strive to make her happy; instead he loves pleasing his mummy and daddy. And they manipulate him so bad and he's so dumb to notice or even care. What happened to the man I married?? His mummy got jealous and decided to make my life hell. Well u silly cow, watch what happens - Ull be left with nothing. U and ur darling husband. U can both rot in the dark depths of hell for all I care. Made my life a living misery for long enough. I hope u spend countless lifetimes regretting ur actions and begging for my forgiveness! I will never forgive either of u and the quicker u r out of my life, the better!! Now whose going to help me out so I can move to the other side of the the world lol?? Plz send some good vibes my way and help me in my prayers that my husband acknowledges his responsibilities and starts acting like a husband, a 34 yr old man, and not a 5 yr old who still needs his mum to wipe his bloody backside! #growapair!!!!

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