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Verbal Punching Bag

Posted on Fri, Jul. 01, 2016 at 12:01 pm

Dear IL's,
5 SIL and MIL, after 2 decades of enduring your verbal abuse, lies, and bad behavior towards me I've finally broke free. In 2 decades I was NEVER made to feel like part of the family. So why is it when I cut off all communication and access to me you all of sudden try and contact me? Get a clue! I'm done....I'm walking away while I still have some dignity left. DH must be as blind as the rest of you are because he doesn't understand why. He too has a distorted view as to how bad treatment is to be handled. Just like you he too thinks I should just accept it because a meaningless I'M SORRY was given for the 100th time. When you keep treating someone poorly at some point they will leave. That's what I've done. I will not tolerate nasty people anymore screwing me over and walking all over me. I'd walk away from DH too but I promised for better or worse. I just didn't promise for better or worse with his sick family. So my days will now be drama free and more enjoyable. I do not regret walking away from people who have no remorse for everything bad they have ever done to me or anyone else. They are so dependent on each other just to breath. It is no wonder 4 marriages have failed. The dysfunction of this family is so out of control people RUN from them. I was told I will never know unconditional love but that's not unconditional love. It's a sick form of co dependency you all have for one another. So keep your drama, money mooching, back stabbing behavior away from me and my sons. We don't want any part of you weirdos anymore.

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Happy 4th!

Posted on Fri, Jul. 01, 2016 at 11:32 am

We will have a Happy 4th without the two faced IL's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for not inviting us. When you do it's at the very last minute. And I do mean the very last minute! I get it, you hate us. By the way the feelings mutual!!!!!! The only time you want us around is when you need DH to do something. And he's finally done with you a-holes! No need to run after relationships that are one sided.

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I Never Would Have Thought It Possible...

Posted on Fri, Jul. 01, 2016 at 10:59 am

That DH would realize his FOO is poo, but it has happened. And he has my back now, all the way! I've won! Thank you, I Hate My In-Laws. In-Laws, you lose. Good day.

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Posted on Fri, Jul. 01, 2016 at 07:36 am

Do not ever joke with my MIL about the possibility of BIL remarrying or having more children. She will lose it.
She will remind you that it is none of your business (sure but it was a joke) and tell you he doesn't want to get married again or have more kids.

Why such hostility? Because he is the surrogate husband in her life & has returned to share a small 2 bedroom home with her.

And the only one more content with this is 30 year of BIL himself.
Plenty of money to waste...
All momma's attention...
A mommy to clean up his messes.

May they live happily ever after.

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She almost got away with it, too!

Posted on Thu, Jun. 30, 2016 at 07:05 pm

I almost didn't get married.

We had a Justice of the Peace marry us right before our ceremony so a relative could do our vows. He wasn't licensed in our county, and this was the best solution.

I was told 11am.

Everyone else was told 10am.

My husband-to-be called me at 10:30am, frantic. Where was I? My aunt ran several red lights and used her massive vehicle to block in the JP, who was leaving to go to his tee-time. I wasn't even close to dressed. I signed the papers in flip flops and half of my gown under a t-shirt.

How did such a mix-up happen?

It's been over a decade and my suspicions were finally confirmed. My MiL. She admitted that she told me the wrong time on purpose. She didn't want us to get married at all. It was why she made our wedding into more of a party and limited me to 25 people while secretly inviting almost 100 on her side.

She almost got away with it, but she yelled it in the heat of the moment. I knew something was really weird about her being so insistent that I not show up too early...

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Keep stalking...

Posted on Thu, Jun. 30, 2016 at 06:57 pm

Keep stalking DH on fb. Keep commenting a single work or liking any photo that doesn't include or mention me.
Keep enjoying DH ignoring you.
Keep insisting that this nonsense is a sign you are "trying" to make things right.

We don't care.
We roll our eyes.
We don't acknowledge it.
We have nothing we wish to repair.
We don't consider these little attention seeking acts to be any sign of genuine change.

And MIL, I know you think you are being slick. I know you think you're showing me because they are "your" grandkids. You poor delusional soul. They are my children.

And no worries, we won't stoop to blocking you. Having to see that DH is still with me is a much worse punishment for you :)

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Its a funeral

Posted on Thu, Jun. 30, 2016 at 06:10 pm

It's a funeral, not a wedding. There is no reason to decorate you crazy old bat, MIL. Oh, and no - you don't need to bring your camera, that's sick and morbid!

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Italian warp tour from hell

Posted on Thu, Jun. 30, 2016 at 04:06 pm

My mother in law, her sister and her mother all have bigger mouths than most. If you tell them ANYTHING trust me it will be repeated and discussed by multiple people within the hour. The best thing about it is that they all pretend to be saints who "feel bad" for everyone who don't have friends and give stuff away.. But not without TELLING everyone first. They can't do a good deed without having the praise and the attention from doing it, which erases the whole point of helping somebody. Also she has 4 children and talks the most shit about this one particular son, how he's evil and awful and a mooch with no future or life and how she wants to kick him out of the house, then you see a picture of them out to lunch with big smiles. Just a fucking phoney fucking snake. She talks about her sister who's been thru cancer, and multiple other members of the family so I can only imagine what they say about me. Smile in the face knife in the back

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One more for the list..

Posted on Thu, Jun. 30, 2016 at 11:21 am

We already have Christmas, staying at your house and Thanksgiving on our list of things to never do with SIL and, sadly by association, her family again. Now we can add vacations, especially Disney.

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Getting old

Posted on Thu, Jun. 30, 2016 at 06:59 am

I really dislike my mil. She has tried to make my like hell since the moment I met her. She is a violent alcoholic and drug addict. And that is something I just cannot deal with. My son found her peice for her drugs and was playing with it. I told her children and her husband because I didn't want to get in the middle knowing her history. Then she stared herasing me and her son. Trying to say I'm making it up cause I want to destroy her family. Uh wrong!! I want my kids safe!! So we tried talking to her that didn't work out she started to choke me so I punched her in the face. Havnt spoke to her since but know everyone is mad at me. I could care less as long as my children are safe!

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