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That must suck, to be you.

Posted on Mon, May. 25, 2015 at 04:10 pm

MIL, it must suck to be alone in the hospital, after your breast cancer surgery. I hope you are getting some attention from somebody. Because I imagine I would feel scared and awful if it were me. It must be REALLY tough for a narcissist.

And while your son is sorry for you, those of us who don't love you are just bracing for the next drama. I wish I could emote this to you, so if you are out there reading please understand: I will never give in. Your cancer does not give you any special privileges with me. You are still nowhere near inner circle and you never will be.

I'd send a card, but you decided to disown me last summer and I called your bluff. You shouldn't play games with people who aren't even remotely afraid to lose you.
Anyway, get well soon!

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Fake Surgery To Get Son to Visit

Posted on Mon, May. 25, 2015 at 12:19 pm

You know how it goes...This year, we spend Thanksgiving with my family, and then Christmas would be yours...

My evil MIL is so manipulative that she told my husband that she scheduled surgery for Thanksgiving for one of her obese ailments. When my husband called and told her he couldn't visit her for surgery, she said it wasn't a problem because she was going on a cruise!

What do you guys think? Evil? Manipulative? Conniving?? [You can choose "all of the above"! lol!!!]

I seriously pity her.

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Vile creature

Posted on Mon, May. 25, 2015 at 07:45 am

To my revolting cousin!

Playing it dumb and innocent for the last two years whilst my family took you in? The truth is out... I don't care that no one believes us one day its going to be proven and you will fall flat on your manipulative face. I feel sorry for your unborn child, even faking who the dad is whilst tricking the real one into IMPREGNATING YOU! Pathetic cow. Cant wait until the money supply runs out and you haven't even got a soup kitchen to turn to. Maybe just steal from your loved ones like before. Urgh you make me sick and your child will look like the guy from the goonies due to your excessive drug smoking and drinking. Don't ever knock on my door for help unless its for help pushing you back into the sewer where you belong lol And to all the stupid family members that are taken in by your act tell them the same. You bunch of money grabbing leeches.

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Think again!

Posted on Sun, May. 24, 2015 at 07:59 pm

This is to my future husbands' sister.

As far as I'm concerned, we will be SIL's in name only.
You've shown me just how much of a spiteful, twisted, two-faced liar you are and I don't associate with people who choose to behave in that manner.
I can't believe I once thought you were a nice person.
Don't speak to me, look at me or even attempt to contact me in anyway shape or form because it will fall on deaf ears.
I'm not interested in you. Go to hell!

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Oh the web we weave...

Posted on Sun, May. 24, 2015 at 06:50 pm

MIL I know you've never liked me. Not because of anything I've done or said, either. You don't like me because by dating and marrying me it meant your puppet was being taken away from you. The son who you would call day and night when you needed help, since you are all alone since FIL died. Your daughter was smart and moved hours away. Never mind you have dozens of relatives within a 5 mild radius of you. No, call your son to come from 1.5 hours away to fix your mower, check your washer, shovel your driveway. For years it worked on him. He felt so much guilt for you being "alone". Never mind you reminding him every time you asked a "favor" how he had promised FIL he would help you. Yeah, you went there for years. Using your dead husband as a manipulation technique.

You certainly didn't like it when we put a stop to it when our oldest was born. You whined to everyone how DH had abandoned you. Never mind he had a family of his own to take care of. A daughter he only got to see a few hours a week due to working out of town. But let's martyr ourselves to the world when he finally woke up and said no to you.

Or let's talk about how you favor our oldest. She used to get piles of presents from you. When our 2nd came along you basically ignored her. She would get 1-2 presents while you still showered the oldest with lavish gifts by the bagful. We put a stop to it after the first round of birthdays and Christmas, though. One present each. Anything else is donated. You whined how unfair.

Or let's talk about how you shun me? My first Mother's Day when I was 7.5 months pregnant was spent cleaning up your yard. You even fed DH, BIL and SIL. But not me. You lied to DH and said I wasn't hungry, when in fact you never came and told me you were eating and I was at the outskirts of your property so I couldn't see. You've never so much as acknowledged I'm a mother.
Or at my baby shower when you used MY camera to take dozens of pictures of your friends and family, yet there's not a single one of me. At my shower. The one you were asked to bring a specific cake and you decided you didn't want to and brought what you wanted. Where you tried to take most of my presents home with you. Where you were rude to my guests.
Or every holiday/birthday for the last 7 years where I get an IOU for a present. Usually months after the day. I could wallpaper a room with them all. Yet you manage to spend thousands on DH, our kids, SIL and SIL DH. And you rub it in my face.
When my mom died I came home from the hospital after being with her for 24 hours (while I was 14 weeks pregnant) to take a shower and see my daughter who you were watching while DH picked me up. We were taking my mom off life support that night. You said to my daughter "I'm your only grandma now." Then looked at me smugly. Of course it was a misunderstanding, right?

Or you stealing our wedding money that GMIL, SIL and BIL gave you to give us as they thought you were adding to it to pool as one check. You lied to them all and said you bought us a washer and dryer. No, my parents gifted us those. Oh, wait- it was a stove. No, we got that ourselves off Craigslist. Oh, it was our van. No, we bought that at a dealer. Oh, wait- we GAVE YOU the money to go on vacation to Hawaii. No, you kept it, blew it and lied. You did try to get DH to leave me while I was 9 months pregnant to go with you, though.

Or how about when I had a medical emergency while DH was out of town and I called you to help? You took 4 hours to get here to watch my girls so I could go to the hospital. It then took me an hour to reach you because you wouldn't answer the phone for me to tell you I had to have emergency surgery, I had an ectopic pregnancy and it was rupturing. I asked you to bring the girls up because I wanted to see them before I went in and you decided to take them out to eat first instead? When DH finally got there you lied and said you were there. No, I went in alone. And afterward you told everyone how helpful you were. And never once offered any support for our loss. Even in the following months when I had to have several procedures done due to complications.

DH has started standing up to you. Every so often he will be guilted into something for you. But it's much better than it used to be. You'd think after a decade of being around me you would have learned I'm the boss, not you. Yet you still run around martyring yourself to anyone who will listen. You didn't get to spend Mother's Day with us? Nope, it's my day too and I don't want to spend it with you. You don't get Christmas Eve and day with us? Nope, I want to spend them with my family. Your son doesn't call you on your birthday? Nope, he doesn't remember unless I remind him and I dropped that rope a few years ago. You never even bother with him on his so why would he for you?

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I need an exorcist...

Posted on Sun, May. 24, 2015 at 02:59 pm

I am pretty convinced my MIL and SIL are the satan and the antichrist. Every time they open their evil destructive mouths I feel the need to scream "the power of Christ compels you!" And throw holy water on them. Can I get an Amen?

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Past but not Forgotten Part II

Posted on Sun, May. 24, 2015 at 05:20 am

I forgot to add these two important incidents that caused me to strengthen my boundaries with my inlaws.

My husband I had just bought our first house. We stayed with the inlaws a few weeks while the real estate deal went through. We bought a beautiful white German Shepherd puppy (I had always wanted one). I spoke with the real estate broker and was assured it was OK to keep the puppy in the fenced yard to our new property but my inlaws would have none of it. (Why? I do not know) I said no to their offer and stood my ground but my husband relented in order to keep the peace. The next day after we got back to their place after work, guess what? Their two stupid full grown chows had killed our puppy. I know they felt bad about it - but so what? That was an important lesson for me.

Also my SIL told me several times she loved her own kids but couldn't stand to be around anyone else's kids. sheesh Believe me, I didn't want to raise kids around this nonsense!

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In the past, but not forgotten

Posted on Sun, May. 24, 2015 at 04:53 am

I have long wanted to write some of these things on a blog - just so I could get closure. My experiences are not as bad as some I have read on this site but they are not pleasant either (thank you for setting up this place where we can vent!!)
Briefly. My MIL (an extreme control freak) and FIL would come by any old time when we were first married. We were able to nip that in the bud for the most part.

She would often bring clippers to clip the few high blades of grass around the water hydrant on our corner lot. We both worked full time and kept the yard nice but weeds and grass do grow between mowings. She was always overly worried about what people would think but focused on things of no consequence.

We were expected to drop everything and help them with maintenance projects around their house. We didn't mind doing it but they were always in a rush - not patient people.

To them, family means doing and liking and being everything they are. This stems from selfishness and insecurity.

MIL is nosy and a gossip. Often the gossip is second and third hand -- about people she has never met, let alone knew. I learned early on not to confide in her.

SIL is unlike anyone I've ever known. She is very outspoken and says inappropriate things. I would never criticize her family to her face, but the one time I confided something very personal to her, she had to say something negative about my family member. My family had many problems, but they are my family and blood. I have tried to respect my inlaws people and be true to my own values and beliefs but I am tired of it. Respect needs to flow in both directions imo.

I get no support from these two women. Their world revolves around themselves and they can't relate to others.

SIL often said critical things about my home whenever she did come to my house. Either MIL or SIL never had a kind thing to say or would find something bad about something I was happy about. (they must be very miserable inside) They didn't exactly live in palaces but I never base how I feel about people on their material things.

I tried so hard to get along with SIL and be friends but she has never liked me. Maybe jealous? I don't know.

SIL called me one time when they were on a nice vacation - just to brag. I am not a jealous person and was happy for her. But I knew her motives were to brag or to try and make me feel bad. just strange stuff

Needless to say, the less I see or hear from them, the healthier and happier I am!

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Posted on Sun, May. 24, 2015 at 04:52 am

I bumped into my husbands ex yesterday. She is one of the most nicest people you could ever hope to meet. My husband and her remain friends and I don't have a problem with that at all.
Whenever ive seen her in the past I've always been with my husband and she has been with (new) her one.
But when I saw her yesterday both of us were alone.
We got chatting and the subject of (my) in-laws came up.
I was given some very sound advice for me to firmly keep to myself.
"Run because I'm warning you now. It gets far worse."
My in-laws have had me in tears on countless occasions and my sleeping pattern is completely disturbed due to stress.
This is what they do. They turn up the heat gradually until they drive you out.
My husbands ex said that my husband won't defend you against anything as he is terrified of his family and especially the GSIL (this is something I had already noticed).
Now I know the real reason why my husband and her split up. My husband has been telling me 'it just didn't work out' but now I know it was the in-laws.
I have been forewarned of the hellish events likely to happen in the near future.
I love my husband but if everything I have been told is true (which I do), im not sure I want to hang around either.
I've got some tough decisions to make.

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When I was diagnosed with breast cancer

Posted on Sun, May. 24, 2015 at 02:27 am

I was 28 when I became concerned about an egg sized lump in my breast. It had not been there long when I got a diagnosis. I was anxious and a bit frightened since I was told I needed to have it removed and then have radiation treatments (this was almost 40 years ago). The inlaws had planned to come up before I got this news, so I talked with my MIL on the phone about my upcoming ordeal. She seemed sympathetic. My husband and I both worked full time. I was shocked when they showed up on our door that Saturday morning. Silly me, I assumed that she would have the thoughtfulness and understanding to stay home. Not only that, but she was ready to go shopping and out to eat - and had never told my FIL what we were dealing with!

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