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Year 21 of being thrown under the bus

Posted on Wed, Aug. 26, 2015 at 01:51 pm

Since the beginning of mine and dh's relationship whenever he wanted to get out of something he would use me as the excuse. He couldn't go to mil's because I didn't want to, he couldn't go out with the guys because I said no. I didn't even know this was going on until one of his friends went off on me about how controlling I was. I told him I didn't give a crap what he did I was busy living my own life. There isn't a controlling bone in my body. My il's treated me like shit for years and he would never speak up and defend me. Flash forward to last week. I told dh I wasn't making the death march of a visit back to our home state this year and he said he wasn't either. I asked if he had told him mom. He told his dad we couldn't go because I was having back trouble. I should have left the fool and his band of shaved apes years ago.

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The Low Road

Posted on Wed, Aug. 26, 2015 at 12:10 pm

Well SIL, here I go, taking the low road while I, most all of the time, prefer to stay classy. There is just something about you, however, that brings out my sugar-free truth-telling. I understand not everyone is a triathlete. Some are just smarmy frumpy homebodies who prefer, instead, to gossip and poke their noses in everyone's business. So, while I've been leading an active lifestyle, the only think that's been active in your world, is that mouth of yours that keeps running. It's really a sad shame that your body doesn't do the same. Right about now, you're resembling those fat-lady-in-a-polka-dot-dress wooden bending-over-ass posts that people shove in their gardens for tacky humor. Between you and your husband who could pass for a garden gnome, I understand that we should just laugh our asses off instead of letting you sad and silly bumpkins get under our skin.

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Why Me??

Posted on Wed, Aug. 26, 2015 at 11:11 am

7 billion people in the world and out of all those people.I get the most horrible,nasty gossiping Bitches as a mil and sil.How unlucky am i??!!

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I thought we were fine?

Posted on Wed, Aug. 26, 2015 at 09:52 am

I thought things with MIL were going smoothly. Turns out that when she had my husband alone, she used the opportunity to visciously bad mouth me behind my back. My husband told me everything that happened.
According to him, MIL got so riled up on a rant that she started shaking, saying sentences out of order and had to pop a pill to calm down.
Absolutely nothing prompted this, I thought we were getting along fine.
She is a lunatic and even her friends know it. I should have known.

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Mother and Sister in Law from Down Under

Posted on Wed, Aug. 26, 2015 at 09:20 am

My mother and sister in law have never been to open minded to me being in the picture from day 1. My husband's dad is no longer in the picture (smart man) and so through those years they have leaned on my hubby to fill that gap. I have tried to make every strive and attempt to become friendly with my mother and sister in law -- but on a reasonable level. They both blame me for their "distanced" relationship with my hubby. They also do not even remotely respect the boundaries set. Between showing up at our house hysterically crying, sending multiple paragraphs of emotional text messages to just being overall extremely overbearing...this issue is something I have come to terms may not ever get better. It has gotten so bad to the point that it has brought a huge problem into my marriage. My husband is afraid to speak up and tell them how it is and I look like a jerk doing it. It really is his responsibility because it is his family -- is the way I see it. I love my husband very much but at the same time I know that you need a lot more than love to make a relationship last. I am a realist and I am well aware I will only be digging my own grave if I continue down this path of absolute chaos with them. it is going to get only worse when we take more aggressive strides to becoming a family (Like Kids). I am emotionally drained and exhausted from all of this and really do not know where to turn. I know in my mind the only option I can do is to get out of the marriage before it is too late. Any suggestions/opinions??!

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Honeymoon we never had thanks to those lice...

Posted on Tue, Aug. 25, 2015 at 09:06 pm

Recently I realized my husband and I never truly bonded because of my inlaws' malicious manipulative interference. After attempting to ruin our marriage all those years they finally gave up and decided instead to viciously attack their own son. Now that they are out of our lives for good we are closer than ever.

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Go Away!!

Posted on Tue, Aug. 25, 2015 at 03:40 pm

My IL's drive me nuts every single day of my life. They own a duplex and we rent one side, biggest flipping mistake of my life. Let's see, they eavesdrop to hear what is going on. For example, I was in DD's room and dropped a toy bucket ... Got a call within minutes wondering if "we were ok?" How in the world did my MIL hear that unless she had her ear pressed against the wall?? When they hear our garage door opening they open theirs incase there's a chance they get to say hi for the millionth time to my DH or DD!! One time my garage door was open 1 foot off the ground and my MIL poked her head underneath to ask if DH could call her. Why don't you just call him l, for the umpteenth today, I could've been naked! I've left for a day with DH and DD to come back to my laundry being done and things rearranged. Ok, thank you for the effort on the laundry but get the you know what out of my place and stop touching my things (this has happened more than once). I've woken up to one of our cars gone and about to call the police, thinking they were stolen, but come to find out they took my car without permission to have it worked on. Now that may sound nice, if they would've asked! I am a grown women and mother who is clearly responsible and financially capable of getting my car serviced. How did they get the keys you ask? By going into my house and taking both our spares and storing them at their house. They think they are entitled to holding onto them. I've gone over to my IL'smultiple times to retrieve my keys and asked them politely to please just give me a call if they are needing them. If I get a package delivered they take it off my front porch, even when I'm home, and put it in their house for "safe keeping."But oh nooo, don't tell them to treat you like an adult they get all huffy puffy and won't talk to you for days. If my husband goes out of town for work they call me a couple of times per day to see how he's doing. I'm pretty sure If something was wrong they would hear from me. We are in our early thirties and they can't quite grasp the concept their son is a grown man with a family and doesn't need to be smothered and/or babied. I don't dare go into my backyard because these clingy folks will be out there immediately, every time to find out what's up. There are security cameras up, so if I leave in the middle of the night for baby formula let's say, the next morning I'll get a call to ask where I went!!! I'm a prisoner in my own home, shades always drawn, fear of leaving and coming home because heaven forbid I go outside without getting hounded by a hundred questions. We just got preapproved for a home loan and my MIL actually cried and gave us 10 reasons why we should stay. Wouldn't a mother be happy for her son for getting a nice house for his family? Well I'll tell you what, the moment we are out of this prison they will not be given extra keys, garage codes, be allowed for uninvited visits, and I'm going to leave the house at 2 AM for no reason because they'll never know. GET OVER IT!!!

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Posted on Tue, Aug. 25, 2015 at 11:06 am

You stupid, selfish lady (MIL) you took over my wedding. Invited all of your dumb old friends who complained about everything. I only wanted people my hubs and I actually know, but you had to go and invited almost the entire county, 600+ people on a guest list is RIDICULOUS! I hope they all RSVP no!

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I hate my grandma in law

Posted on Tue, Aug. 25, 2015 at 10:50 am

Husband loves her although he gets irritated with her and I had no problems with her until baby came. Now I hate her fucking guts.

She acts like a know it all telling people unproven shit like oh his bedtime isn't until midnight so bring him to your in laws to play with, or bring him to me to play with.

She also insists on holding him even when I say he needs to be placed down to sleep, she refuses. And then her bitch ass falls asleep holding him. That's so dangerous!!! And I ask nicely by offering to take him back so she can nap and she goes no! I'm not napping...uhh yea you are.

She also does some risky play moves lifting him up or "gently" going boom with his head against a pillow which horrified me and I told her not to and explained why and she still does it and in fact told other people that that is how he likes to play.

She has really gone from being a bitch to being a cunt and I can't stand her but sadly we live with her and the in laws.

I would love so much to tell her off but then, you know, it might be called elder abuse. But damn, I HAYE HER

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married to family of leeches

Posted on Tue, Aug. 25, 2015 at 09:22 am

my mil hangs around us 24 /7 and is extremely stubborn .my sil is going to join my husbands business and i don't hav a good feeling about it.i don't trust her.feeling helpless and sad.

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