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Didnt even get to name my kids

Posted on Sat, Apr. 22, 2017 at 01:33 am

I hate my mil. You would think that being on a completely different continent would mean i wouldnt have to deal with any inlaws but no.... you would be wrong. Ive been married for 15yrs now (touch wood). Have had a lot of arguments with hubby.... hes older son with older sister and younger brother. The older sister is just as nasty as mil. So many incidents stand out but probably the worst was after i had each of my 3 children.... all via c section let me add. And i was not allowed to name any of them.... even though they sit back and listen to me talk about baby names. But after the birth hubby would be on the phone or the continuous skyping and mil and sil would say noooo this is the name chosen! came to a point that when i had my daughter who was the second child... inlaws had predicted a boy (id asked at my scan and kept it to myself). They were bafgled and couldnt think of one decent girls names..... and who did they go round asking.... the neighbours in building and postman apparently (they live in india). I was disgusted. In the end hubby said a name of his best friends daughter and i just went with it.
Mil actually came and stayed for 3 months during my third pregnancy.... not telling anyone i was pregnant or that it would b c section. Expected me to cook clean... be first up and last to bed. Did it all. Even after my second daughter was born... (dont ask about their boy predictions and the huge fight i had to have with hubby over her name). Hubby is completely blinded by his mum.... personally i think shes a witch. Hes done everything for them. I cant even wish them dead... im sure somehow when they do finally die it will be all my fault.
And have i mentioned her shit breath.... her inability to cook or clean a single thing... her shit breath... her snide comments about all my family members.. her shit breath... her need to be seen naked by me at least once while shes at my home... (oh the towel got caught.... oh i dont know how to switch on the shower but im butt naked anyway.... oh i thought i heard one of the kids needing the loo so came out as fast as i could and forgot the dressing down)... have i mentioned shit breath!!

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Crazy father-in-law

Posted on Sat, Apr. 22, 2017 at 12:56 am

Been living with my in laws the past few months and it's a joke. My FIL was never there for my husband growing up and my husband hardly considers him a dad at all. Everytime my husband tries to contect he gets rejected and my FIL calls him stupid. Anytime he talks to me he gives terrible "advice" and treats me like I'm way below him. In fact he treats everyone that way. I don't think he ever wanted kids but did it for my MIL who is such a sweetheart. I often wonder why she's still with him and why she married him in the first place?! She'll be upset or even cry about something and his response is "are you really crying again?" He's broken other peoples things simply because he didn't hear them respose and got angry. One morning he walked into our room without warning and saw me only in my underwear (that's what i sleep in and the blankets weren't fully covering me.)

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Don't hold it in

Posted on Fri, Apr. 21, 2017 at 06:20 pm

You have to talk about things that are bothering you like our mother inlaws .if she is bothering you then she deserves to be talked about .its healthy . And if she has the need to make you feel really bad about yourself that's because she isn't a happy person and wants to bring you down to her level . So why do mother in laws hate there daughter in laws so much ? Why can't you just move on and leave us alone when I have a daughter inlaw I will never ever treat her like you have treated me . I know you love to hate . But you need to stop hating me and leave me alone already. And your son needs to realize that if your treating me like crap which is always then I'm talking about you . She was always mean and cranky . Why don't you see this I do not want to be friendly with someone that is so mean to me . I am so sick and tired of this so why does she think that she is right for starting with me . You need to realize the day that my father passed away she called me up to tell me off and you really need to question why I am so angry. You were so me to me and you didn't deserve anything but the same treatment that you gave me . You didn't care about me at all now do you get it now do you understand why good now get the hint and go away !!!!!!!

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Posted on Fri, Apr. 21, 2017 at 05:56 pm

Why the heck are you acting like I'm wrong she is the one who started telling me off . You jerk!!!!!!!!!!!! Leave me alone she was wrong not me !!!!

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It's only worsening day by day!

Posted on Fri, Apr. 21, 2017 at 01:16 pm

Oh my lord. If you only knew how spiteful and deceitful my future MIL is. It's gotten to the point that I'm beginning to feel physically ill. I have talked to my fiance about her treatment of me and he only gets frustrated, rather than side with me. He sees how she treats me, but most of the time it's when he isn't around. She calls me at work to ask me to bring her cigarettes. She's an alcoholic, so most of the time she's drunk or hungover and in a bad mood. She sabotages everything I do. Whether it's a holiday dinner or gifts to her grand children (soon to be my nieces). She throws out food that I make. She has sent gifts for my nieces with her package (t save us money she says) and then takes credit for the gift I gave. She has stolen some of my personal things and given away my clothing.
I don't know what to do and sadly, it's putting a huge strain on my relationship with her son. I can't speak up to her because the times that I have, she has been extremely disrespectful to me and put me down. I'm talking raging, yelling, screaming over me so that I cannot speak.
She only wants everyone to be unhappy and she is TOXIC.

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Mind your OWN kids.

Posted on Fri, Apr. 21, 2017 at 09:51 am

SIL is in creepy aunt mode. She hates how her own kids turned out so she stalks mine. For 30 years she didn't give a rat's ass about her brother's kids. She's not the one who sacrificed for our kids all those years, you know, dentists, doctors, music lessons, new glasses every year, taking out college loans, ad infinitum. Never even sent birthday cards. Now she is all up in their business while she apparently avoids her own. Bee eye tea see...h.

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Not family

Posted on Fri, Apr. 21, 2017 at 07:10 am

Mil, I trust there is no room left for confusion but just in case, please know that if something terrible happened in your life, i.e. Your new husband is abusive or your home burns down, and you called me, I would give you the # to the local shelter & go back to life.

Your son would do even less than that. He doesn't consider you a mother. He is not a super fan of my family but he makes an effort with them & communicates with them. He doesn't even want to talk about you.

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Husband you are a troll

Posted on Fri, Apr. 21, 2017 at 04:15 am

Fuck you! If you never had balls to stand by me then why the fuck you ever decided to marry me?? Iam doing you a favour by attending your obnoxious bitch sister's wedding you asshole! That snotty bitch of your mother is using this as an opportunity to fuck with me, why the fuck are you joining her in fuck bashing the daughter in law??? I think it's time to tell the groom what kind of whores n pimps you guys are. Fuck you n hope you die a miserable death n rot in hell. Mother fuckkerrrr!.|.

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I blocked you on my phone Inlaw

Posted on Fri, Apr. 21, 2017 at 02:36 am

It feels so good.

The feeling of happiness of not hearing from you everyday!


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You'll never be my mother-in-law

Posted on Thu, Apr. 20, 2017 at 09:31 pm

1she told him to marry someone with money.2. She tells use she'll give me something to loose the baby then she says she is joking.3. She tells her friend im her niece a month later she atmits im her"daughterinlaw".4.she admits she doesnt like me.5.she acts like she know how to take care of kids just cause she raised one but is always asking how to take care of mine she always never has nothing good to say.6 i never though how can a person be so evil and could ruin my relationship any moment she acts like she knows more and is perfect.7 has a diferent religion and says i should show my son their religion when they dont go to church.im reaching my limit i tried to get along but now i wont acept it you'll never be my mother in law cause you lost my respect as a person and individual and most of all the title of being my mother in law

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