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FMIL in debt + always asking for money

Posted on Thu, Nov. 26, 2015 at 04:48 pm

I seriously want to cut FMIL out of me and FDH's life! She's terrible at financing her money and is always dragging my FDH down with her! She's raked up a lot of debt due to luxurious shopping she can't afford and late/overdue minimum payments. She even struggles to pay her own bills because she wanted to spend that money on splurge shopping instead. She tries to live a top-class lifestyle that her salary can’t support and what’s even more pathetic is that she makes more money than my FDH currently.

The only dumb solutions FMIL comes up with are asking for advanced paycheques from her employer, taking out more credit cards, notoriously borrowing money from FDH AND asking him to open up MORE credit cards for her (USING HIS NAME BTW!) This is messing up FDH's credit score because she also misses payments on these credit cards and FDH never keeps track of them until she wants to know why the credit cards are denied even though they haven't gone over the limit (only to find out it’s because she's missed too many payments on them and they require those payments). FDH knows this is messing up his credit score but says whenever he sees his mother so sad because he said no, he can't help but change his mind! Clearly, she’s trying to guilt-trip him into giving her money.

Me and FDH are planning to purchase our own house in the future but I fear we'd be hit with high interests rates or denied mortgage because of his low credit score and I haven't had the chance to build up my credit score. FMIL has around FIVE credit cards in FDH's name and FDH never uses them nor sees their bills either, while FDH only has ONE credit card for himself. And FMIL indirectly slapped me in the face when she recently purchased a property in her home country with FSFIL for their retirement while me and FDH are probably going to have difficulties purchasing our own because she keeps asking for money!!
Oh and also, FSFIL doesn't know about FMIL's debt (sly fox 100%) and that's why she's always asking FDH for money instead. The reason FMIL won't ask SFIL to help her debt is because of stupid reasons, she doesn't want to burden him and she's scared of him. This is absolutely ridiculous when he’s her husband and suppose to help her instead. When he finds out, I am hoping he leaves her because she’s so deceiving! I am hoping my FDH will soon learn how to say NO to FMIL because this debt cycle will keep repeating until he gets into debt himself and MIL will never learn how to deal with her own debt. Otherwise I'm out of here permanently because I don't want to drag down with them too.

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Thank god it's over

Posted on Thu, Nov. 26, 2015 at 02:48 pm

I hate spending fake ass Familytime with the inlaws!

They are so phoney, judgmental, hypocritical, opinionated, and just plain old mean!

Did I mention BORING!!!!!

No I don't want to watch an old football game on demand (not even a Super Bowl), ANC who's watching - I can barely concentrate on anything with MILS constant babbling - blah, blah, blah, blah , blah, blah damn woman how can you even breathe!

I'm home in comfortable silence, where it's warm and cozy THANK YOU GOD !

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My life is full.

Posted on Thu, Nov. 26, 2015 at 11:25 am

I am thankful for all who have shared their struggles. You are in my prayers. My inlaws have left a path of destruction, but in so doing have shown their lack of character to my husband. Finally, after many years, he has broken their spell of manipulation and our marriage is stronger than ever. Do not give up hope. I pray that all the 'men' out there will realize that 'mama's boy' is not a desirable life goal. Stop being wimps and put your wife first.

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Only One thing

Posted on Thu, Nov. 26, 2015 at 07:52 am

There is only one thing I need from my MIL today for which I will be thankful....Please, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

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Get Over Yourself

Posted on Thu, Nov. 26, 2015 at 06:06 am

I have decided that the Holidays are for the birds. There is always a conflict between MIL and myself because I do not plan to cater to her every desire and do not plan to run around like a crazy person just so she can see "us" on Christmas Day. She really does not care about seeing me, or my two older children that do not belong to her son. She simply wants to see her son and partially our 1 year old (she fails to even love her the way she should...no connection at all). The biggest thing she wants is Control! She wants to have control over my husband and when she doesn't get it, she lays this crying, pitiful guilt trip on him. The worst part of it is, he refuses to stand up to her. He simply will not do it, no matter what the consequences are for he and I. There have been times that I confronted situations with both FIL and MIL and he threatened to leave me because I stood up for myself and my two older children. I don't know how much more of this I can take. We are now pregnant with baby number 4 and, as sad as it is, I am considering the thought of us having to divorce so he can go re-attach to Mama's nipple and I can actually raise my sons to be Men (REAL MEN) without watching someone like him bury his head so freaking far up his mother's ass that he can't see what he stands to lose! They are exactly like each other! They Both SUCK!

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Posted on Thu, Nov. 26, 2015 at 06:03 am

This year I am thankful we are staying home. I dont have to hear MIL complain about everyones food "it had too much sage... too much cheese.... needed salt" Eating & sitting around talking about other family members as kids scream running in the house is not my idea of fun. No rude kids to boss me around "get me a drink" I always worry I may slip.. hey you little asshole, you did not even say hello to me.
Ahhh staying home with my well mannered children & dont have to hear any bitching.
Y'all enjoy!

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Dear lazy SIL

Posted on Thu, Nov. 26, 2015 at 12:18 am

You are not only a two-faced, ignorant, racist bitch, but also a filthy moron with no concept of how to be a mother. You have two beautiful boys, yet everytime we see them they smell so putrid and foul, it makes want to cry. Would bathing your kids kill ya? Gees lady how hard is it to wet a cloth and wipe the sick lodged in between your babys' neck-folds? Sorry, my mistake, of course its too hard judging by the angry rashes creaping up his neck.
How about cleaning the nose and sleep buggers smeared across your toddles face before leaving the house at mid-day?
No? Still too hard?

I wonder if shes aware of the existence of magical metal fixtures, which when turned, flows with liquified magic, also known as water? When this liquified magic is teamed with a piece of soft textile one is able to remove sleep and food crust from ones' face and body.

Or perhaps your still waiting for those damn baby-cleaning-fairies again.

Fuck knows.

It frustrates me because as woman we're not BORN to be mothers, we CHOOSE to be mothers.
You are doing a disservice to yourself and your boys. Get your shit together man.

P.S im not the only one thinking this, your ENTIRE family gossips about it everytime your name is mentioned.

Tssss Buuuuurrrrnnn!!!

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Crazy Bitch is out of her mind

Posted on Wed, Nov. 25, 2015 at 06:39 pm

I live with my husband and his mom dad. I am preparing for exam and i am so stressed. and my husband is not being helpful to me nor his family. they don't understand this exam is really imp to me. i just study whole day nothing else. yesterday i was sleeping and i had bad dream and started screaming, and i had no idea why did i scream and why was i so scared. every body woke up. next day my mother in law stared asking my husband why did i scream and he said he doesnt know. then she came to me and asked me. i said i dont know,it never happened in my life before. and she was like don't do this again ever otherwise somebody would call the police. and my husband was also like "ya mom i was thinking the same" and told me be careful next time.I said i can't control, if i had control and if i knew this is going to happen, i wouldn't even scream. And she was like don't do this again. U crazy bitch what if i tell you stop dreaming from tomorrow would you stop dreaming. you are not even asking me if i am alright or not. if something is wrong, or if i am too stressed ,but alll you care is just police. u slut , what would police do??arrest me for sleep terror.??

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I Will Always Be Around

Posted on Wed, Nov. 25, 2015 at 06:21 pm

Il's, you might take away my heart, but remember that I will always be around to make your life a living hell!

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Oh lord.

Posted on Wed, Nov. 25, 2015 at 05:48 pm

I'm pregnant. This means no wine to help me drone you guys out on Thanksgiving...

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