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You really have no idea?

Posted on Tue, Aug. 15, 2017 at 02:37 pm

Because you're delusional and think you have such magical rainbow farts of a relationship with all three of your sons, you decided to text all of them to say you don't know why the DILs hate you so much, you've been nothing but kind and respectful..(GAG) It couldn't possibly be something you've done, you pathetic psycho c*nt.

I HATE NARCS! They can't admit to a single f-ing fault of their own and drives me up the f-ing wall!! Not to mention the manipulation, every word is dripping with it.

UGH stay away and don't bring your crazy ugly ass back..

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Dear Sister- I see how you really feel

Posted on Tue, Aug. 15, 2017 at 01:47 pm

I guess I heard the truth today. I finally had to set a boundary for my own mental health, as well as the safety of all concerned and you ranted. You tried to bully me into doing it anyway. I have always accepted that ours was going to be a one sided arrangement where you contributed nothing and I did everything. You told me that is what you expected 10 years ago and I have never blamed you for any of the ridiculous things you asked but this is really it. I said No, and I meant it. Instead of respecting that you had totally crossed a line, you told me you felt "no sympathy" for me. Well, guess what? I am done doing your favors, since you do not appreciate it anyway. You can apologize and try to convince me to do the next thing. The alternative is that your cheap ass husband can pay the 50-100 bucks to get a professional to do it...which would be a way better choice not only right now but every time.I am not your hired help, of which you have plenty, so I don't know why you want me to do anything for you anyway!

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BIL - Thoughtless and self-absorbed

Posted on Tue, Aug. 15, 2017 at 11:40 am

My BIL doesn't see any problem with reminding his brother, my DH, over and over again about all of their male relatives who have dropped dead from the same medical malady that affects my DH. BIL - YOU ARE A THOUGHTLESS POS!

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Nobody wants you around,,,

Posted on Tue, Aug. 15, 2017 at 11:03 am

You talk about this forgive & forget like you believe we want s resolution & want you involved.

We don't.

We don't want or need you in our lives. It's not a grudge. It's just simply that we see no value in a relationship. You add nothing positive to our lives at all.

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Posted on Tue, Aug. 15, 2017 at 09:54 am

She despised me and spoke badly of me to everyone. She said I was high and mighty and I thought my shyte didn't stink. Yet, she copied me. I had my nails done, she did the same. She bought a blouse exactly the same as mine. I talked about getting a black car, she had hers painted black.
I never said a bad thing about her at first, but then as she got older and still acted like a silly teenager, I started laughing at her. Even the littlest thing upset her, and I was so careful not to hurt her feelings, but I did enjoy telling my friends that she didn't know all kinds of stories about the things she'd done and said.

She didn't know it but I thought she was ridiculous, more and more. And she hated me more and more. Maybe she could tell.

We finally butted heads and had a major confrontation that caused me to cut ESIL off completely and my DH followed suit within days. I don't miss her, and DH said yesterday that he doesn't miss her either.

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I Absolutely Hate My Husband's Mother!!!

Posted on Tue, Aug. 15, 2017 at 02:24 am

I can't stand my husband's mother. She is selfish, unreasonable, ridiculous, and she thinks I should just do what she wants and follow what she says! (I almost threw up my dinner)! She thinks she knows everything, I mean everything. My child had a fever last week she says "put rubbing alcohol all over the body"...do you have any idea how unbelievable dangerous that is for a baby???? Were talking alcohol poisoning and can lead to a coma or other serious medical complications and she says it's safe???????? Sure my husband's mother lets put rubbing alcohol all over you and see what happens, maybe I'll call 911, maybe...I put the baby in a nice cool bath, baby Tylenol (doctor recommendation), gave the baby a bottle, and put the baby to sleep. (It worked so much better and my baby didn't slip into a comma, he woke up after his nap with no fever). But according to her the rubbing alcohol and the pet parakeets that we have did the trick????? Because the "rubbing alcohol" brought down the fever and the "parakeets" used their wings so the fever was able to fly away...according to my husband's mother????? So you be the judge of that!

Crazy or Not Crazy??? I SAY 100% ABSOLUTELY FUCKING CRAZY!!!

Anyone reading this be careful the next time you go out, walk outside, or your driving down the freeway. She still has her DRIVER'S LICENSE!!! She already rear ended a car cause "She was fixing her hair" and her foot slipped off the break. She said the lady just told her to go! (I was waiting for the police to knock on the door and arrest her for hit and run! Sadly it never happened!

I hate this lady she is fucking crazy. I hate her more everyday. I never knew hate until I had to deal with this piece of shit.

Gotta go the husband just woke up. Wish I could write more.

It's either I write or I fight with my husband about his mother. I'm so tired of having every fight be about her!!! So I just write and it takes away some of this stress.

Love this website.

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Satan Sister in Law

Posted on Mon, Aug. 14, 2017 at 05:27 pm

You were the worst sister to your siblings, EVER! You were fat and had no friends, so you begin abusing your younger siblings. You stole from your parents and blamed the younger kids, you were so fat and ugly you couldn't get a BF, so you begin molesting your much younger bros and sis's, you disgusting devil. Then when they told on your evil behavior, you lied your way out, while permanently damaging their lives. You weren't the smartest apple on the tree, so you dropped out of school and became a "free" prostitute, sleeping when any man who would give you the time of day. Your parents still put up with your piggish ways, because you played the role of their golden child. You got yourself pregnant and then again, managed to convince the guy to marry you, then out of nowhere you decide that God forgave you, and didn't need to make your past doings right, only to cover up your horrendous behavior, and act Holy in church, while being the biggest sinner when you left church, you desperately wanted attention so you started trying to get fit, now you think you are some model, and dropped a few pounds, and started your whore-ish lifestyle again, even condoning it with "God forgave me", yes He Does, but you really think he likes you being a whore, having the most hateful heart, lying, stealing and cheating every day, then saying "I'm a Christian", you have truly never owned up to your mistakes and sins, and ruined your siblings lives, and even your parents finally see what a horrible person you are, after you demanded all their $, then refuse to help them with minial tasks. They have begged you not to commit adultery with all these men while still being married and being a horrible example to your children, but you don't listen. Boo, just a heads up, God sees everything, not just the act you try to put on, makeup can't cover your sins. You are an embarrassment, and I truly pray that God, while strike your ego, and open your eyes, so you can straighten your life up, so you can be a Christian Woman, not just a whore in disguise. One day you will have to stand before Him, and you will not be able to lie, your poor kids are ashamed of how you dress, how you act, even to bring friends around, because if they are boys you try flirting with them, or girls you try stealing their clothes, yuck! It's not a mid-life crisis, it's being a pervert, when you commented on a good looking teen boy, I should have recorded it and turned your butt in, I might call Child Services, because I'm so terrified you are a predator, you have done it before....I hope you read this, and check yourself into a mental hospital. Please open your eyes, and realize NOBODY wants to be around you because they see threw ur lies, not because they are H8Ters like u say. I Truly dislike you.....Any1 have a sis in law story to top mine? She's a evil psycho, but would love to hear if there's more out there

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Watch your back

Posted on Mon, Aug. 14, 2017 at 01:56 pm

My MIL and FIL adopted a boy. They later divorced and after they divorced, MIL told FIL's sister that she was going to brainwash the adopted boy against her ex-husband.

She raised my BIL to believe he was retarded and not capable of working. Basically she gave him no ambition to work even though he was 100% capable and perfectly fine and functioning boy/man. She just wanted to control him.

When my BIL turned 18, she gave him a piece of paper to sign without telling him what it was. He didn't bother to read it. Well he signed over guardianship of himself to her. During this time he ran away from home with a friend because he was scared of her.

FIL took MIL to court to fight the guardianship. She represented herself and gave a sob story about her ex-husband and my DH who no longer talks to her. When my BIL was on the stand he did not tell the judge he was scared of her because "he didn't want to stoop to her level."

Well fast forward, he'd been living with his father after he ran away from his mother. Well his father lost his job, broke his arm and didn't feel he could afford to keep him. He (with MILs "guidance") put him in a group home. Well she lost her job(was fired we think) and removed BIL from the home to live with her to get his wellfare $$.

Fast forward again to this weekend. FIL called the local Police Department to get a well check on his son(my BIL) as he hadn't seen or talked to him in 2 years due to MIL's control. Cop stopped by her house and MIL sent a flurry of texts to FIL saying she was going to perform a well check on HIM.

This weekend a cop knocks on my DH and my house. Doing a well check on our children. The evil, conniving woman called the police on us. WE cut off communications with her 3 years ago. Well we talked to our local PD and told him of a letter she had written to us also last month. They will take any more accusations/complaints from her as not legitimate.

IF she contacts us in anyway or calls the police again, we are pressing charges! NO ONE crosses the line with our children!

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I know it's early.

Posted on Mon, Aug. 14, 2017 at 09:41 am

IL's, I know it's early to talk about the holidays, but here's a heads up. This year won't be spent with any of you. Turkey Day and The Baby Jesus's birthday DH and I will spend it together just him and I! No more holidays where we have to watch what we say around certain people (SIL), and her molester of a husband who she only knew for a few months before she married him. You'd think with them being newlyweds they'd be all over each other, yet the only one hanging all over him is his teenage daughter! She practically sits on his lap! If I saw it correct, last year I saw her hand in his front pocket! So if you people won't say anything, I will have nothing else to do with any of you holidays, or the rest of the year. So don't bother getting us Dollar tree gifts that smell like an ashtray. The only ones we'll be getting gifts for, beside each other are the little ones. They didn't do anything wrong to be born into this messed up family!

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MIL cut off!

Posted on Mon, Aug. 14, 2017 at 06:30 am

I went to visit my DHs aunts for the first time yesterday. They are religious and l felt more comfortable with them as we were talking. My little girl was very sweet and happy around them, but never with MIL. The aunt explained that children pick up negative energy and stay away from those people. I also learned that my MIL purposely kept DH and his brothers away from them because she was stealing from her family to do drugs, talked badly about her own sisters, and straight up kept the family isolated, lying to them that they were far away, when they were living in the same town! She admitted to me at one point that she was jealous that the aunt had such a great influence on her son! My DH found his aunt in Facebook and he learned the truth! He is so pissed off with his mother, he is now cutting her out of his life FOR GOOD! We will be seeing the aunt a lot more because DH loves her a lot more than his own mom.

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