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Even your son knows your true colors

Posted on Thu, Oct. 23, 2014 at 02:58 pm

If I would had met you the ugly fat useless bitch MIL before getting married, I would had never married your son. Unfortunately I didnt get to meet you before saying yes to your son. Actually your son knows you very well & that was exactly the reason that your son didnt wanted me to meet you before our marriage before he knew that not only me but if any other girl would had met you would had known your true colors there itself & would had never agreed to marry your son. In order to not deprive himself from the pleasures of not getting married, your son avoided that situation, he knows your true colors you BITCH.

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Nasty, Uneducated assholes

Posted on Thu, Oct. 23, 2014 at 02:01 pm

Both FIL & MIL are bitch assholes, who dont have any manners dont know how to behave uneducated assholes. FIL now deceased, called me fat when I was 7 months pregnant, didnt even realize that a pregnant woman usually gains weight because she is carrying a baby inside her stomach, it is normal to gain weight during pregnancy. FIL does not even have brains to understand what is pregnancy, why does a woman gain weight during pregnancy. His other fat ugly bitch son's wife was pregnant at the same time, why didnt you call that ugly bitch fat, when she is even more fatter than me. You wont because you want that uneducated fat ugly other DIL to take care of you & your wife to bow & lick your feet for money whatever small amount of money that you have which I will never do because I am highly educated for you all, I make 10 times more money than you could ever imagine to make in your entire lifetime. You dont even have brains to even understand a basics of a human body, that every body is different, everybody has a different DNA, different body type, you dont even have brains to understand a simple logic & on top of that your ugly fat asshole bitch wife supports you, what a brainless asshole family. Your son, unfortunately my husband is too scare & afraid of you assholes that he could not even utter a single word to support me. You have anyways treated your son as an unwanted dog, who will keep coming to you to beg even if you kick him out. I will never see your ugly fat faces ever again, you assholes are NOTHING to me, NO ONE to me, you dont exist for me & my son. We have a beautiful life minus you assholes. I wish you all die in Hell, especially the fat ugly useless bitch MIL, fat ugly useless BIL & his fat ugly bitch useless wife.

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The wait was almost worth it

Posted on Thu, Oct. 23, 2014 at 01:44 pm

MIL, I so wish I had a camera with me the other day. You know, the day that I heard DH say those wonderful words to you, "That's not what DW said, mom. Why are you twisting DW's words?" Oh, it was beautiful. I thought your jaw was going to hit the floor. You were in the middle of telling one of your stories to the family, at my expense (as usual), by lying about something that I had said when DH spoke up and corrected your storytelling (read: LIES). I was almost as shocked as you were when he called you out - I hope I didn't smile too much because I was grinning with pride for my DH from ear to ear.

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Can you tell we don't like you?

Posted on Thu, Oct. 23, 2014 at 09:38 am


We did not go to the baby shower, don't return calls or texts, havent even met the new spawn, and avoid all of you. Do you see a pattern? We don't like any of you!

From Dil

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I Think I Can..' MIL' I Have Oh, I Have I Have!!!

Posted on Thu, Oct. 23, 2014 at 09:02 am

While I'll admit I've been Secretly Struggling Off & On As Of Lately ! Years Really! I Promised Myself That I Will Never Never Allow You 's Ever To... Spread Your Negative Hate, Spread Your Gossip & Non Stop Lie's About Everything !We Don't Even Live Near You & The Vultures! 6 hours Away Thank God! My Marriage Is #1... Btw To An Amazing Supportive Man! It Wasn't Always Easy. It Took Some Years For Him To See This ! He As I Wanted To Be Treated As A married Couple As Equals . MIL Didn't Want To Accept This! Nothing Still Has Changed Much! My Loving Husband Remains Pretty Much The Same. We Are Hurt. We Though Will Always Remain A Team! Yes,That's Right All You's " Forever" .... Till Death Do Us Part! My Husband ( your son) Now Remember ( Did You ) Forget ? You Were Their...Remember ? At Our Wedding? As We Took Our 'Vows' Very Seriously For Life! We Meant Every Word! Your So So Jealous! All Your Childish Insecurities For What? Still Trying To Get Your Little Hissy Fit Diva Ways ? Interfering In Our Happy Lives ? NOT EVER LETTING YOU As Of Today "MIL" Destroy ME, My SELF WORTH !!! Never Again!! ! It's Over For You 'MIL' !(Ps).Tell The Rest Of Those UNHAPPY TROLLS (All your Little Robots ) Those A#% Suckers Your Little Rats Don't Get To Me ANYMORE! & DH... Your Incredible Son! I'm No Longer Wasting My Time, My Breath, or Any More Of Our 'Positive Energy' On Your Nonsense and Disrespectful Very Phony Family Attention! YOUR FAKE FAME FAMILY WHORES ! What A Waste of My Time & Many Years of Your Bs! You Have Tried For 'The Last Time' To Continue To Ignore Me , Beat Down My ( once yours BF Our Marriage ...A Loving, Hard-Working.. DEDICATED SON !!! No More! You Tried & Tried To Destroy Us?! Our Marriage Is Ours! Look Up The Meaning Of : LOVE! We Don't Have To Prove Jack Crap To You's ! ( MIL) Etc.Tell The Rest Of The Blood Sucking Money Hungry Negative Zombies Whom Have' No Lives' of Your Own' We Don't Care' About Them /Nor There Trips, What They Scammed, Or What They Don't Have Yet! Want, Want, Want! Pleaaasse! We Don't Care!!! You Can Have Your Sick G reedy Family ! You All Live For Wasteful Repeated Drama Filled BS! You MIL, SIL, Also Hubby's Fake Sister As Well as DH 2 brothers & The Spoiled Nieces & Nephews & WhoEver Else...Don't Miss You! So Go Away Now & Eat Crow! (Ps) Your Own Sh#%! Dearest MIL,Your Always Going To Be: An Evil Pathetic, Lowlife, Uneducated Liar Whom Obviously Has No Actual' REAL LOVE' For Your Once Loyal Son ! Is This Your Way Of Showing Your LOVING HIM? His Wife ? His Children?Your GRANDKIDS ? Noooo! REAL LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL !!! See? He's Just Done WITH THE BACKSTABBING YOU'S! Our LOVE goes on .... IT STILL CONTINUES TO GROW & GET STRONGER .... How's THAT Working For YAH???

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anorexic greasy haired sil

Posted on Thu, Oct. 23, 2014 at 08:52 am

so i see you still havent sent thank you notes for that bash you threw for your kids birthday.there were so many gifts that you probably werent keeping track.
in case you havent noticed,hes a brat.i know people that have had experiences with him and they tell me.
im glad you got demoted from that big job this year..oh boy!!!!
its kinda of funny how people your age still have other people that are enablers so you can party all weekend and not even have to watch your own kid.......

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The tactics

Posted on Thu, Oct. 23, 2014 at 08:46 am

The tactics used by my MIL to make me feel like soil benethe her feet are as follows:

1) Saying I'm not worth time or the "effort" while I was in the hospital (extremely ill) and urging my husband to "just leave me there" while he does her bidding.

2) Excluding me from everything, even in my own house.

3) Walking away when I try to make simple conversation.

4) Repeatedly telling me how I "came from a broken home and do not understand family".

5) Making up stories to tell the rest of the ILs to try to get them to hate me too.

As of lately, she can not stand that I am a good mom and that my child is always gleaming with happiness. She acts disgusted to see him smile all of the time.

MIL, you are a real piece of work!

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so sorry sister in law

Posted on Thu, Oct. 23, 2014 at 08:36 am

well sister in law,i dont feel sorry for you.the divorce is final?i feel sorry for him.though what i knew of him i didnt like him.i think when you married you were just desparate ,or rather your mother was desparate for you to get married.im starting to think you have a daddy complex or something ,seeing as you like OLDER men!
i dont "know"you that well ,but i know your type.you may be pretty on the outside ,but thats all there is .you took everything that man had and made it yours.you left that man with nothing.i mean he lost everything.i feel a bit worry for him that he ever got involved with you and im for sure probably thinking hes glad hes done with you and your family.
you want people to feel sorry for you?well i dont!you make more money than most in your family.your kid is a brat.you have designer everything and rub that in peoples faces.you flaunt your money and cars to people.
your home smells like your pets.i mean it stinks really bad....
i hate to break this to you ,but if you want a relationship that lasts you need therapy or something .i have never seen a person like you,you need to break away from your parents.maybe meet a nice navy man and move the hell away!
i love the fact that i hardly ever see you .its better that way.
not that my relationship with your brother is any kind of cake walk......but thats another story there....

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I didn't just magically appear

Posted on Thu, Oct. 23, 2014 at 08:12 am

I have a family, too, MIL! How DARE you try to lay a guilt trip on your son, my DH, for us wanting to visit MY family, who lives out-of-state, for this one holiday! I have not seen my family in over TWO YEARS, but I'm surrounded by you narcissistic, manipulating vultures every day. Apparently that isn't good enough for you, ILs, especially MIL. You are so selfish, MIL. You don't get your way and the passive-aggressive behavior kicks right in! The last time I visited my family, after not seeing them for FIVE YEARS at that time, you just HAD to call DH. Every. Single. Day. My family could see how DH's mood instantly changed from happy to solemn when his phone would ring and it was you calling him while he was vacationing. You still have your oldest, twice-divorced son (in his 50s!) still sucking at your tit, but that isn't good enough for you, is it? You want BOTH sons for yourself. SELFISH and TWISTED!!!

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No logic

Posted on Wed, Oct. 22, 2014 at 07:23 pm

SIL is the most loud, pushy, and annoying bitch who continuously shamed us about when we are going to have kids. It's too bad that we have logic and responsibility to wait until we are financially stable for kids. Unlike her, who was broke as shit but still popped out kids, then dumped them all to her parents to raise. When we visited her place, she was too lazy to change her kids diaper for hours until it hung low and her place just reeked of crap! Yeah, that's the bitch who keep pushing us to have kids. Of course she wouldn't care, she thinks kids are cheap because she never pay for whatever came out from her crotch.

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