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Stick-in-mud family

Posted on Sun, Aug. 31, 2014 at 05:49 am

IL's you don't know how to live and be joyful. Everything is a effort to be self-righteous. No understanding of anticipation and no clue about giving and receiving. I have managed to lessen visits with you, but my DH is becoming so much like you that it impacts our family and marriage. Why did you have to be so lacking in boundaries? My DH is like an old fart and he is only mid-forties! I kept thinking I married into a smart family. Every time you would tell me I was doing something wrong, I would agonize over sleepless nights to be better! Now I realize what a waste of time this was. I choose joy in my daily living. I am so tired of the constant negativity. If I say I would like to do something, anything from cooking to going to an event, DH comes out with a sarcastic 'why?' And then proceeds to tell me how dumb whatever I want to do is. Then I realized that is exactly what you do to him (and me and my children). How am I going to go another 20 years like this with him? You will be gone soon because you guys are so old, but your 'legacy' is living on in him and he chooses to be a negative prick! I am so done with being blamed for everything. From morning to night it's gripe after gripe. He blames me continually for children and pet issues. I love my husband, but he is becoming more antagonistic by the day. I forgive over and over, yet if I confront behavior, he quickly projects his behavior onto me. Says I am doing what he is doing, causing drama, etc. i am fed up with the projecting crap! It is so sad because we could be happy and content, but he doesn't give himself permission because ILS are disapproving in his mind. I have fought this for over 20 years now. Made to feel guilty if I order a glass of $5 wine when he buys hundreds of $ of toys. Made to feel guilty for the few and far between vacations. No flowers now for maybe ten years. Guilt trips like you wouldn't believe. Pissed off and praying he improves.

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You lost when you won

Posted on Sun, Aug. 31, 2014 at 12:26 am

Congratulations MIL, FIL, and BILS. Your son and brother is finally free to go back home to you. Isn't that terrific?

Oh, but wait. What happened? He didn't buy return tickets after all? Nope, instead he married the skanky dispatch girl that he was cheating on me with behind my back. You know the one that I'm talking about, right?

That would be the one you welcomed into your home while he was still married to me. The morally bankrupt relationship you encouraged just to ensure that he didn't stay here in my city.

Yep, he dumped us ALL for her and he's not coming home to either one of us! Isn't that something? Oh and she's knocked up too? Even better! the deal is sealed. YOU LOSE!

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SIL'S Middle Aged Golden Children.

Posted on Sat, Aug. 30, 2014 at 06:40 pm

I was at the store later one night and I saw my DH's nephew. He is separated from his wife. Now my in laws always act like their children are golden and their poo-poo does not stink. He tells me that he and his wife are separated and he lived with his parents for a least 2 months and he now has his own apartment. Okay, I really never see you or your wife but I feel sorry for her. (My DH's nephew is a recovering alcoholic and his parents would not give the dil any help with that). And my sil would not tell anyone that her son and dil were separated. Now how stupid is that? This is same in laws that told my DH that he had to divorce me. (stupid biatches), we are still together but that is another story. I am just surprised that my sil would shut her mouth about this. If I hadn't told my dh then no one would have known. Who really cares, it is 2014, not the middle ages, people separate all the time. So my dh blabbed to his sister and now the truth is out and everyone knows. They are having a cook out next weekend and I told DH that he is going without me. I do not need a lecture from my sil about my finding out about her son. You dumb biatch, who really cares. This is karma coming to bite you in the behind, and this is only the start for you, and I am sure it will be following my other in laws also. You have all been so ugly to my dh and I that I am waiting to watch it happen to you. SUCKERS.

Love you wonderful SIL, who's Honey still loves me and we celebrated 18 years of marriage.

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Selfish DH

Posted on Sat, Aug. 30, 2014 at 06:10 pm

It's bad enough you dragged me away from my home close to your family, but then to complain to me how "not fun" I am bc I'd rather take care of your 4 mo daughter then be up all night...seriously?? It's called parenthood...didn't realize you didn't get the memo!

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You Fucked Up, Didn't U?

Posted on Sat, Aug. 30, 2014 at 07:31 am

Do you ask yourself: how did this happen?

How did I lose total control?

One minute you are taunting me that I am on the way out because you are smugly certain that your son, who confides in you, is in the process of kicking me to the curb and upgrading.

In front of your son and your grandchildren!!

The next minute you are completely shut out.

You don't get to see your son or your grandchildren anymore.

And WOW, your son and I are completely together, celebrating our 15th anniversary this weekend!!

Do you take a moment and say "I fucked up?"

Because you did Stupid MIL--huge fuck up!!

Enjoy your new life.

Karma is a bitch!!!

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I'm In, You're Out

Posted on Sat, Aug. 30, 2014 at 07:25 am

Sorry Bitch MIL that you are angry but your anger is not my problem to fix!

This is MY family.

I AM the matriarch.

You are not a member of my family which consists of your son, myself and our kids.

You are a relative, nothing more.

You have NO say, input, leverage on how I decide to live my life, raise my kids, spend our time.

You had your chance to raise a family. You decided and that is your right to have 1 child (my husband) and be done so that you could have enough $ to have your first facelift in your 40s and travel annually to Hawaii. Good for you!!

Not my job to give up my kids to you because you are lonely, depraved and empty.

Get a hobby!

Adopt a pet!

Volunteer abroad!!

You are not calling the shots.

You have been dethroned. Try to hold on to some dignity because your tantrums just show how power-hungry and abusive and manipulative and controlling you really are!!

I'm the new Queen and you are in Exile!!

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The Infamous Like Button

Posted on Sat, Aug. 30, 2014 at 05:55 am

No one uses the "Like" button quite like you do, SIL. I've even come up with a name for it: the First Name-Maiden Name-Last Name Patented Like of Approval. If that little "like" doesn't get stamped on there, I know what I wrote was taken the wrong way.

I see that you lost your silly singing contest. Can I LIKE that you lost? Where's the like button for that?! Where's the like button for your defeat?! And while I'm at it, why don't I "friend" the person who DID win? I want to be friends with the person who BEAT you!

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No one Likes you.

Posted on Fri, Aug. 29, 2014 at 11:23 pm

Loser-in-law, you are such a suckup pest. You think anyone who is richer or cooler than you--which is everybody--is SO honored by your "Like"s and insipid comments. Believe me, they aren't and you just look like a desperate fool. Go hoe your row and leave the panting and drooling to your hideous dog. Anyone can hover a cursor over that big bad Like and click it--it doesn't take any special talent. You are right there johnny-on-the-spot no matter what. One of your objects d'obsession should post a photo of a cockroach and see how long it takes you to Like it. You're becoming more and more of a joke.

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Nothing Makes You Happy

Posted on Fri, Aug. 29, 2014 at 11:20 pm

SIL, I'm so sick and tired of hearing you complain about everything. Seriously, EVERYTHING. Everything you eat. Everything you watch. Every person. The weather. Nothing - nothing makes you happy. And when there's something that makes my DH happy, you have to put it down and mock him for it. And you're making your daughter into a mini-you, miserable and ignorant.

My DH might keep taking it, because he's been programmed to his entire life, but I wasn't. I've stayed silent for a long time to keep the peace for my DH, but I'm at my breaking point. And, when I finally snap, it will be the end of me having anything to do with you or your narcissistic personality and I'll sit at home on holidays, drinking wine and eating what I want, and enjoying every minute of not having to put up with your miserable face and rotten attitude.

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Stalker fil accept you lost & move on!

Posted on Fri, Aug. 29, 2014 at 03:50 pm

You rage and jump up and down like a gorilla, demanding respect and yelling at your 40+ son that he needs to obey you but instead we laugh at you!!

You actually step in your own shit during your tantrums when we forwarded one of your particularly abusive & vile rants--ha ha, feeling smug now?

So what do you do next? You stalk us!! You stand at my kids' school like the sociopath you are--my kids hate you, my kids want nothing to do with you!!

It's too late--you have been exposed for the manipulative, hateful, abusive, obsessed, vindictive, malicious person you are!!

Your tricks don't work anymore. You don't scare us--you can try with your self-righteous "I am furious" routine but alas we laugh at you!'

You can't take your money with you.

Your only son hates you.

Our kids want nothing to do with you.

Your health is starting to deteriorate.

Unlike your vindictive self, I don't need to take revenge.

Comeuppance is a great word, isn't it?

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