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Posted on Sun, Oct. 15, 2017 at 08:34 pm

My in-laws children are wild fucking animals. I hate other people's kids.they feel because they're adopted they can't discipline them so they let them do whatever they want, even climbing book cases. Wtf is wrong with you people??? My husband says to me, we're doing our own Christmas lol. God I love him

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Sister N Law From Hades

Posted on Sun, Oct. 15, 2017 at 07:22 pm

My sister-n-law is the worst person I have ever met in my life. She tries to control my husband like some freaky husband/wife relationship. She always claims he LOVES her food (which is so gross and so bland--all her brothers say so including my husband!) She has this weird obsession with controlling every move my husband makes. We go out with my brother-in-law and his wife last night and my sister-in-law calls us and goes CRAZY on us trying to FORBID us from hanging out with them. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! We are living with my in-laws currently due to financial issues but my husband has decided that working 4 jobs will be better than living in this hell hole. FINALLY! It has been a year and 4 months about since we have been living in this shit hole. WE MAY MOVE THIS WEEK!!!!! I've opened my husband's eyes and I hope all of you can open your spouse's eyes too!!!!!!!!

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Of all people, it's the brother in law

Posted on Sun, Oct. 15, 2017 at 05:53 pm

When I first met my parents in law, I thought I hit the jackpot because they were so nice. Now I realize I forgot to include their eldest son into the equation, my brother in law.

You love your child so much you rather my husband to be sleep on the floor for three weeks while your 2 month old baby gets her own room. You realize that your own brother could not get any sleep on the floor because of the constant noise and you did not bat an eye. He purposely flew over to stay with you for 3 weeks when he has his own bed and house at home and you tell him to be sleep deprived on the floor.

Now we are getting married and you are demanding that your now one year old daughter needs a full adult's meal for the wedding because she is a big eater. Not even a kid's meal. An adult's meal. Does this make any sense. You want me to pay an extra 120 dollars so your baby can eat two bites of a 3 course meal. And when my husband to be refused, you ignored him and went on to tell your parents to give my husband a hard time. And then my husband decides that we pay the extra 120 just to appease you. Just like how he decides to continue to "sleep" on the floor and not say anything to appease you.

The fact that my husband just takes all this in just pisses me off even more; sleeping on the floor, obliging to ridiculous commands even if it means he has to fork out extra money himself. Because pleasing his brother is of utmost importance. Who cares if I think this is ridiculous. Hey, who cares about what I think?

Hell, we're technically not in laws yet until next month but you are already pissing me off. I can't wait until what happens for the rest of my life.

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Something is wrong

Posted on Sun, Oct. 15, 2017 at 10:48 am

When your mother inlaw is so selfish and only thinking about herself and tries to ruin her grandsons Birthday their is definitely something wrong with her . What grandma would want to ruin their grandsons birthday . A selfish one !!!!!! My mother would never do that . And you wonder why my children think that your a monster !!!!!!! Mean person !!!!

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Those skeletons wanna kick up their heels

Posted on Sun, Oct. 15, 2017 at 02:10 am

I know, BIL, you love to create the perfect charade of a perfect family, but, to the astute observer, it's very obvious that there is some crazy shit going on behind those fake and plastered smiles on your and your kids faces. Your kids are like robots with bobble heads. We know what it's like to raise real kids. They rebel, they talk back, they're testing boundaries. We don't resort of spanking or hitting our children, but what the hell must go on behind closed doors in your home to create such absolute gleeful conformity? Every single one of those fake smiles is accompanied by stone-cold deadness in the eyes. I'm not buying your b.s. and neither is your brother. We both know what an absolute control freak you are and what a narcissistic bitch your wife is, so, always remember, some of us know the real you and how it's anything but what you're trying to publicly portray. We half expect to find you all on the front page news with some seedy scandalous revelation. Hopefully, for your kids's sakes, they escape Bedlam.

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Dear Mil

Posted on Sat, Oct. 14, 2017 at 06:29 pm

I was shopping and saw an adorable wooden pumpkin. I thought about how I could personalize it for you knowing you love pumpkins.

Then, I remembered that you openly don't care for me and the way you treat me.

I left the wooden pumpkin at the store. It was the "least" that I could do.

From your Dil

(who isn't going to waste her time, artistic effort, or money on someone who never gave her a chance)

I may be kind but not stupid.

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Why We Disengaged

Posted on Sat, Oct. 14, 2017 at 10:12 am

Inlaws, if you devoted time to getting to know your new family member and building new memories, perhaps we would actually enjoy spending time with you. Instead you turned the relationship into some kind of pissing contest.

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I try so hard not to hate you but I do...

Posted on Fri, Oct. 13, 2017 at 07:27 pm

1. You buy the kids irrelevant presents that’s are for under their age range or that are destined to ruin my house in some way. Nail varnish for my 3 year old? Come on lady!!
2. You mock me behind my back to your son.
3. You interfere ‘your kitchen should be like this, you don’t want that, your kids shouldn’t do that, etc etc’ telling me what my husband does and does like, need and want.
4. You patronise me. Yes I’m 21 years younger than you but I’m not lacking a brain. I have a lot to offer. You’ve been with 1 person your entire life. That’s not even living to me. Not sure how that qualifies you to patronise me.
5. You have no idea how hard life if for our generation. You had the option to not go back to work after children. You also had retired parents when you had your children with free childcare and domestic help on tap. Which we don’t because you work 20 hours a week and let us know how tired it makes you and your retired husband has zero interest in his fatherly or grandfatherly duties. You have no idea what working a 45 hour week in a job with targets with 2 young children, a husband who contributes the bare minimum around the house, a judging non helpful mother in law, sick elderly grandparents of my own to care for, with more extra curricular activities than I can list on one hand happening in 1 week feels like. I come in from work and I DO NOT sit down. I don’t rest. I cook, clean, iron, folder the dry clothes, do homework, care for you son, pay bills, do the clothes shopping, garden, clean the cars ALL outside of my 45 hour working week. Yet when I say I’m tired you roll your eyes at me as if being a hypercondriach.
5. Then on the days when I’m so done in I question life and I pull your son up on him playing online games while I basically do two jobs, one of which is unpaid (my house job/wife job/ mum job) you plant seeds in his mind that women should do all of this and remind him of how you did every thing around the house. Leaving me to remind him that you didn’t contribute a second salary for two decades... leaving your husband my FIL to bear the financial burden of your unwillingness to do what I do.
6. You resent when I do anything for myself. You roll your eyes when I’ve had my nails done.
7. You make snide remarks when I see my friends to your son ‘she’s seeing her again? She only saw her last week?’ You literally stir up trouble.
8. You like to make me feel like you do everything better than me. But listen lady... you’ve never lived my life. You never had parents who worked while you had two young children. Your grandparents were long gone before you were a mum. So you didn’t have to care for them in old age while caring for a newborn. You went back to work when your kids finished school. You’ve never had to worry about what your boss thinks about you and taking time off to care for your sick children because you didn’t have a boss to let down.
9. You are from the generation where it’s societally acceptable to have a big pubic bush. Hell, you didn’t even have to worry about booking in a wax around your busy life!
10. I do so much. I have so much to offer yet you hone in on the fact that there is a handprint on my windows. So you buy me glass cleaner and tell me that I need to take more pride in my home. Nice one.
11. You tell all of your side of the family all of the bad things you notice and none of the good. You never sing my praises.
12. You compare me to other people you know that are my age... who don’t work! Eg: Jenny takes her boys to ththe playgym every Tuesday - (texts me this, on Tuesday while I’m at work- missing my kids!) she’s such a good mum. Gwyneth goes on two mile walks once a week. (Then looks at my bum and thighs whilst raising your eyebrows) Deborah’s hair always looks immaculate (then looks my hair up and down and shakes head).
13 Disagree with me overly especially in front of your son, my husband. Ironically on everything that we didn’t ask for an opinion on and everything that doesn’t concern you.

You make me feel guilty for being with your son. You suck the fun out of my marriage. Most days I feel like saying ‘here, have him back’ because of you!

You’re so not down to Earth. You lack understanding of how our life works and runs. You don’t understand our tight and efficient schedule. You make me feel lonely because the brainwashing you do on your son encourages him to be more selfish and to support me less.

I try to overlook all of these things and I try to find it in my heart to love you more than I loathe you, but you and your actions make you impossible to love.

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Pathetic Hillbillies

Posted on Fri, Oct. 13, 2017 at 11:46 am

No sense of social grace. No sense of propriety or class. No manners. No ethics. No intelligence, but lots of judgment, gossip, and small-town-small-mindedness. You all are disgraceful, mean-spirited, bullyish, holy-rolling, self-promoting and flagrant blowhards. I take it as a sign of success that I was never accepted or liked by you all. If I were you, I'd probably not be too fond of me either as by simply being myself, I reveal all that you are not and all that you will never be. Good riddance.

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Manipulative ILs

Posted on Thu, Oct. 12, 2017 at 09:15 pm

My ILs are complete manipulative free loaders! MIL constantly complains we don't buy her anything anymore (she's never sent so much as a card for even her sons birthday). They've invited them selves to stay at our house numerous times including right after the birth of our first child and our wedding night. They constantly complain that we don't have room for them anymore (we literally bought a smaller house just to keep them from staying). Every Christmas we're required to stay there even though we have children that would probably appreciate a normal Christmas. Last Christmas the ILs and BIL threatened us and went so far as to treat my innocent toddler like she doesn't exist solely to get back at me; however, the day my son was born they acted like nothing happened and my husband invited them to come see us fml. Now with Christmas coming my husband and I are back to our 5th annual fight over going to stay with them for Christmas and of course I'm as usual the hateful b*tch because I don't want to go but am willing to compromise as long as we get a hotel. Apparently their (husband included) fairytale Christmas then it's just not good enough. I really hope they die soon or we may end up divorced. Amy ILs are very vocal about their dislike of me and jealousy of my parents and they just love to stir the pot between my husband and I with the constant calls of "I just don't understand why your wife doesn't like us" I seriously can't take it anymore!

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