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Posted on Tue, Apr. 15, 2014 at 04:37 pm

IM breaking, I really am. We moved away from the in-laws many moons ago. It was great, a weight lifted of my shoulders, the sun rose and i could see clearly, I was finally happy. totally at peace with the world. But now we have to move back to where they are. Im breaking, Im broken, to finally taste freedom and then to have my wings clipped and be back on the ground, back where the inlaws are at. Its like my heart is breaking. How many times must I fake a smile and fake my happiness when i am near them? The saying goes,that you must act happy infront of your enemies, because it kills them to see you happy. I can act happy, I can don a fake smile, I can make them all think how wonderfully happy i am. but i wont ever be free.....only the caged bird will understand my song.

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Selfish, Selfish, Selfish

Posted on Tue, Apr. 15, 2014 at 04:33 pm

My husband's parents are quite wealthy. That's their business, of course; they don't owe us anything. I just hate the way that they handle the situation and the conversations that we have to be in about it. They will offer us money for the most ridiculous things, and then turn their faces away from our real financial struggles. I would never say anything, because I would never beg for money unless it were an emergency, but the way they go about things upsets me.

Here's a great example. I was out with my MIL the other day, and she asked me about the frozen embryo that we have that we so desperately want to bring into the world. We are still paying off our bill from our first miracle baby, though - thousands of dollars left to go. Trust: she wants more grandchildren, too, and does not disapprove of IVF. During the rest of our outing, she then told me about three expensive things she thinks I should do: get a newer car, go on a vacation with my husband, and finish my basement. Each time, I laughed and said, "Well, maybe one day, because as I said, we're in debt from IVF and bringing life into our family comes first." Each time, she just ignored the logic and said things such as, "Oh, but that basement space is just going to waste..." as if that fact alone could make money magically appear in my bank account.

Anyway, it got worse. Later that night, she and my FIL were pushing really hard for me and my husband to go to a religious conference far away that they love but that doesn't come close to reflecting our beliefs. Over and over again, we said, "Well, thousands of dollars is a lot to pay for a conference that isn't even our religion" and they said, "Oh, but it's such a great conference." Finally, my MIL said, "We'll pay for everything for you to go, but we want to pay for all of the airline tickets and hotel rooms ourselves to make sure that's what it's used for." I almost spat out my water. First of all, we have never done anything dishonest that would warrant them saying that they'd need proof we didn't use the money in ways it wasn't intended. Secondly, it just breaks my heart that they have thousands to throw away on a single weekend experience for us, but won't get us so much closer to a second grandchild that they beg for. I do not understand them. Maybe they think we're lying about our debt challenges? Maybe this was a test of some sort? I really dread spending time with them because of conversations like this.

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For better or worse!

Posted on Tue, Apr. 15, 2014 at 01:36 pm

I married my husband for better or worse, but I didn't know the worst part would be my in-laws. They are clannish, uneducated, money grubbing assholes. They love taking shots at my husband and I who they are jealous of. Maybe they should try getting a life. Oh yes, you need confidence and social skills to go out and meet people. Both of which they lack. They are totalling lacking in manners and social graces. They love fighting with people in stores to save a buck and barter with everyone to get free stuff or save money. It's embarrassing to go out to public restaurants with them the way they carry on. I say they should stay in their backwoods ways and leave us alone so we can stay happy. DH hates them as they cheated him out of money and family keepsakes and I hate them just as much. We've reached an impasse and we're not backing down. So leave us the f*** alone! We're not your bank or ATM machine@

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Dream on....

Posted on Tue, Apr. 15, 2014 at 01:34 pm

LOL, you ridiculous in-laws are out of your league! How is being with the love of my life, without interference from you cockroaches, being alone? You are the ones who are alone, because my husband is the pick of the litter and you will never see him again. Sorry I'm not sorry. Please pass the bonbons. LOL!

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mY kids are WINNERS!!

Posted on Tue, Apr. 15, 2014 at 12:54 pm

I have only one sibling, my brother, he has no kids and is a fab uncle. So all the nieces/nephews & great nieces/nephews are on DH's side . Here's the breakdown: Our 4, 3 are out of the house, successful, kind, great in school, oldest is happily married to a wonderful, fine girl. On in laws side? Not so much. Drop outs, divorce, scrapes with the law, out of wedlock babies, rotting teeth, obesity. They never have had their priorities in order. Hmmm let's see, will we go to an amusement park and /or stuff our faces with grease and sugar, or take the kids to the dentist? Amusement park it is! And in the meantime there's DH and I , plodding along doing everything right. Now, we're reaping the benefits . The in laws? Not so much. It's downright embarrassing how much better my kids are doing, but I'm not gonna stop bragging- I EARNED those bragging rights! Word to young wives on here: stick to your guns and know what you're doing is right. Gently remind your DH who he's married to and it's NOT his family of origin. Before you know it you'll be in my shoes- happy, almost done raising kids, and with a big shit eating grin on your face that says, "told ya so"! :)

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Infinite Douchebag

Posted on Tue, Apr. 15, 2014 at 12:45 pm

SIL hates that she can't control others. She has started to realize just how little control she has over all of those around her and it kills her. She uses avoidance as a cowardly way to escape her feelings because she doesn't live in reality. It hurts her greatly when her fiction collides with the facts of the here and now.

She is stuck in the past just like mommy and has a major "get them before they get me" complex. This is the reason she's had no occupational success of her own. Her paranoid personality gets in the way. It's hard for her to get along with others when she won't give them a chance to to prove her wrong. Instead of allowing for great relationships to blossom naturally she has to try and control them for which she fails miserably.

When anyone does something or says something that she doesn't like she despises them. It makes her so angry when people won't just agree with her because she thinks she's right and she thinks she has to "win" like charlie sheen style. She'll talk trash about them and slander them with false labels because she's feeling insecure. When people have an opinion that don't fit her confirmation bias she seethes with anger. She is nothing like my favorite animal who has the biggest heart.

Her heart has hardened and is cold as ice. She doesn't sympathize so she blames everyone else for her problems which is why she finds herself alone. She has made up her mind to let the pain become her. She is keeping her heart hard!

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How My In Laws treat me?Even maids R better off !

Posted on Tue, Apr. 15, 2014 at 10:57 am

Its always like this - they wanted a full time maid whom they never wanted to report to , rather than being happy to get a decent wife for their son ! Plus, they wanted someone just enough so that they could pelt out insults & their own known frustrations .Now just read out & feel the distress
1.Always I have to set the meal table for them no matter how timed out or sick I feel.To make things worst they have the dinner table placed far away from the kitchen which despite several requests , they seek their own comforts of its proximity to the TV .Pathetic
2.They pamper themselves in their AC bedroom for their afternoon siesta & good nite sleep.Not once in all these years they empathised with me & urged me to sit in their room for even 5 mins if in case the heat bothered me .Now I'm pregnant & still they are the same !
3.They will watch TV entire day & night like its their own test match .Not once I'm being asked what I liked to watch . Once I dared to break free & watched my fav comedy show & they lashed out jibes for my poor taste in 'quality content' And every day from then onwards is like this - they switch on,watch,swap channels,watch,switch off & get up and I've to be like a mute spectator !
4.When special meals are cooked by the cook, there has to be a reason - either they have 'their guests' or 'their cravings'.Else even during my pregnancy they remain indifferent to even ask the cook to get something cooked for me which I yearn for . On the contrary whenever I make delicious snacks or dinners or whenever the cook's not around , I always insist that they along with my husband always get the first servings.
5. The old bitch stocks up all dryfruits & expensive fruits & hides them from me .She won't mind the pests eating them , yeah but ME -yes ofcourse !
6.They have two sons , my husband is the younger one .The elder one married a European & settled abroad & has 3 young kids.I like them all , no offence meant to them .Now whenever they visit us for a month stay year end , this "Foreign Lady 'always gets special treatment .I can't believe my eyes .THE MIL who always cribs about her arthritis & carpel tunnel syndrom & mostly gets the work done from me in her subtlety & exploitative humanitarian inferences is seen serving her plates, refilling them , feeding her children , stirring food as well as the elder son's .Even throughout my pregnancy once she never uttered by mistake 'Sit down My Child & take rest .Today I'll make YOU dinner & serve you to my Best !'Why ? Wouldn't I be proud to have such MIL who treats me like her very own child ? But NO . She simply won't
So, when they are not around I've to bloody do my own thing & return to my room -'The Servant Quarter'
7.She makes clandestine snacks in the afternoon - I can smell right through under my Nose .And the beneficiaries - Her spouse and her son and yes naturally - Herself .And not to forget good fruits Apples,Grapes ,Oranges,Papayas & melons that become quite high range off season .So the Old lady can't move her hands , huh ? Yeah but she makes her son chutneys, dips, snacks which only 'they' devour . I'm no living being around , forget pregnancy !
8.Its always that they should have the first share of food .God knows why they waste so much time .Even as I set the table for meals , they remain glued to the TV until the food cools down .Then they will recline back & have the food and I've to carry back all the utensils & reheat the food even as I silently wail in hunger
9.I've always respected their privacy.Whenever, I received couriers on their behalf,I kept them all intact on the table without even tearing out a single of them.I never even opened couriers of my Hubby's or even his/their bank stats, share certis etc.I even ensure I tell them about their couriers , take their messages on phone & inform them duly without missing a single piece of info. But off recent a courier of mine was handed over to me by my husband at night time (12:00!)& the window of the envelope that houses the details was torn from the sides such that the amount of the transaction could be visible.The courier boy would never dare so.I wondered what could've happened .The full day I was around & my FIL is always in the living room spread out over the TV , not once he bothered to inform ME ? The next day I gently asked MIL why the delay in courier & why the window was torn .She said it was recd in the same shape & came late in eve. I turned around to check on FIL as most of the time Its him receiving couriers & surprisingly funny - I spotted him sound asleep in the Bedroom ( which he never does around this time )... an apt a ploy to avoid confrontation. He didn't get up until lunch time ! And throughout the day he was kinda fishing for 'My Reactions'as I remained unusually silent. What do You call this ?
9.Guests are divided into Camps -Theirs & Mine.If 'their guests come' they are supposed to be 'Our Guests' All best efforts & meals get done .And they wait till late nights to have their dinner until 'their Guest 'shows up . Now when its time for'My Guests( My immediate family,Sigh ! )to visit me - my ILs will have all sorts of health problems Even though 'My Guests' come on time , the ILs will have their scheduled meals & dinners 2 full hours prior to anyone else ,even before the guests can begin theirs.The reason - they can't stand hunger pangs, heart burn & indigestion!
10. I always held their ocassions high - be it their birthdays, anniversary , toys for their elder sons's children's etc. and always gifted them suitably on ocassions . Even though my FIL is mobile and often actively participates in the housing colony's litigations & developmental areas , not once either he went out on his own , neither the MIL urged him to bring me something on my B'day or anniversary.Worse, when my maiden family gave them invites over my Sis wedding or other ocassions -these oldies who have 'health issues' used to fly away to my BILs place to ' escape obligations'
11.I often complained to my hubby that in summers it gets kinda hot & no one even offers me a seat in their AC room. SO I urged him to atleast get me a good branded cooler to which he flatly refuses .The reason he says , I waste electricity ! Now, they've so successfully brainwashed him into making him believe that anything I consume wastes energy & what they consume recycles ,bwaaaaahaaaaaaaaahhhaaa(sic). So when I confronted him he told me that I forget fans, lights ,taps etc .So I had to reason out to him that I'm occupied with chores & don't sit in leisure unlike him watching the electric button board .Hence its likely of me to forget switching off the fan or the lights due to the flow of my work or its induced absentmindedness .But he plainly frisked this off as a mere excuse to be upfront. Also he said the tap keeps leaking & I did it just knowingly ,to which I said the bolt had now been repaired & hence the tap closes properly & so no more leakage would occur.But he's bluntly told me that he's gonna eye my "responsible behaviour to look out for consumption wastage' & only then take a call as to really buy the AC/cooler or NOT .Can U belive this ? Then why can't he rip off their AC? He told me to let it be !
10.He's so lucky that he can keep me home on sundays without bothering to ask me if I'd like to dine out . That's not at all a concept with him .So as is the case, all sundays , I'm up the stove cooking & wasting my weekend with zero quality time .He would rather take me out for dinner (once in 6 months )on a working day for -if he got billed on this day , he could claim it for reimbursement,Wow !Also till date whatever little & sundry were these all - one day sightseeing programs , exceptional meals out have been a result of my urges, coercion, post tiff tension or bitter cribs & quarrels What credit should I give him for his ' Happy hour initiatives ?'
11.He keeps chanting that 'One Day' he will get the house renovated & he'll fix me a wall mounted TV set on my room to give me a permanent end to the viewership atrocities my ILs perpetrate on me , but sadly since last 3 yrs : 'THE RENOVATION DAY' HAS NEVER seen the drill @ our house which now resembles the haunted old gruesome house !And I've never called my relatives over for dinner as initially it was my ILs reservations & inhibitions , so I had to cook up the excuse of 'need for renovation' and pressingly my dearies keep me asking the status of renovation to which I've no answer!And Lo , now I'm preggies ,so would my hubby renovate the house in the clouds of dust, debris & wood stacks ? Phew , dunno ,Goddamit .
12.All the while I experience this prejudice & partiality .Though I love my hubby dearly , I’ve always observed – all my efforts to please my in laws by buying them good stuff or making them good food has invariably won me brickbats .But he’s a clear exception –even a repelling thing from his side would be treated like this -the indispensable, desired ,expected ,loving deed that meets natural acceptance & applaud .
13.My hubby earns well but who dominates his purchases & decisions .Guess well , its easy - MY INLAWS ! And he will always be sweet to them and never rebel . And also ( through them ) he knows well never to spend beyond a thousand grands over me .And if he does, it be ensured that its entitled for reimbursement . So except medical bill which does get reimbursed & grocery & veggies ( which are staply essential ) he makes it a point that FINER things in life that bring comfort– DO NEVER make into MY LIFE . So I'm doomed
14. Not a single day ,I've sat with my husband enjoying my morning or evening cuppa . THE FIL is inevitably there, thrusting his unwanted views on politicians,cricket,celebrities,trivia & the world around .It feels Hitler left Germany but his soul strayed into my FIL. Really ,in these fuckin last 3 years not an inch I felt a gush of fresh air that made me feel exhuberent,high on freedom & liberation

These are few of the many anecdotes & quoting all exhaustive is kinda difficult.
BUT save this -

The situation has brought me to wits end such that I really feel helpless & vegetated .I'm just a helpless spirit walking around the house with practically no say in important matters.And my existence lies in only cowing down , doing chores & returning back to my servant quarter !No one should ever get such a slavishly boring life like THIS …I won’t be able to survive like this :(

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Shut up.

Posted on Tue, Apr. 15, 2014 at 04:16 am

Oooh... In front of your son you kept telling him that you like me? Then how come when he is not around you act like like a sarcastic sour puss around me? I don't effin believe you. It's easier if you just take off your fake mask, get gloves and battle it out in the ring.

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What a jerk

Posted on Mon, Apr. 14, 2014 at 11:33 pm

So, FIL..you don't even want to see your grandchild after he is born? I bet if it were SIL's kid, you would be there.
I'd also bet money, when SIL does have a child you'll have a screaming fit if DH and I do not immediately pack our bags and travel states away to see HER child when it is born.

You disgust me, sir.

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When I Grow Up...

Posted on Mon, Apr. 14, 2014 at 10:34 pm

I want to be just like DH. It must be very nice to be oblivious to insults and spiteful behavior directed towards me by your nasty family. I guess if you don't notice it then you don't have to do anything about it, right? Spineless, pathetic man, afraid of his own mommy. What an asshole.

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