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I am not happy to be apart of this family

Posted on Tue, Dec. 16, 2014 at 01:06 pm

When I thought of my wedding day as the day my fiance and I would become a family, I looked forward to my wedding day. When I thought of my wedding day as the day I would become apart of his family, I dreaded my wedding day.

I hate everything about this family. I don't fit in at all. All they care about is sports. They have no other interests. I'm not into sports at all. All they talk about is sports. I am so sick of hearing about sports. I wish they would talk about something else once in awhile!

My FIL, MIL, SIL, and one of DH's aunts are really overbearing. They have tried to push themselves into our private lives. They are very domineering. They love to tell me and DH how we should live our lives. If we don't do what they say, FIL and MIL get upset, SIL gives us the cold sholder at the next family gathering, and aunt keeps pushing us to do what she/they want us to do. They are incredibly fake. They pretend to be nice to you, but as soon as your back is turned they start complaining about you and criticizing you to each other. They are toxic.

One of DH's uncle is a bully. He says rude, offensive things because he knows it offends you. He thinks it's hilarious to upset people. Making people express anger is his favorite goal to reach. If you get angry, he laughs and keeps going. He is the bully that everyone had to deal with in high school.

Two of DH's cousins are spoiled brats. They are disrespectful to their parents. They whine when things don't go their way, and their parents do whatever it takes to make them happy again.

My BIL is a nice guy, but I fill bad for him. He bends over backwards to please the family. He does whatever they want him to. He doesn't have the spine to stand up to them. He is the family doormat.

The rest of the family--grandparents, other aunt and uncle, and the rest of the cousins--are very cold and unwelcoming. I have never felt welcome by these family members. They don't talk to me. Whenever I try to talk to them, they don't seem like they want to talk to me. It is like pulling teeth to get these family members to say more than two words to me. These family members are incredibly uptight. They don't smile. They don't talk. They don't do anything. They just sit there like bumps on a log.

The only family members I enjoy talking to are the kids. The kids are the only ones who have made me feel welcome and accepted. So I play with them at family gatherings and avoid talking to the overbearing, stuffy, uptight adults as much as possible!

My biggest fear is that my children will end up like these people. I will do whatever it takes to make sure that doesn't happen.

Sadly, my husband doesn't understand how awkward I feel at family gatherings. He claims that he and his family are close, but I don't buy it. For one thing, he doesn't make much of an effort to keep in touch with anyone. For another thing, no one in this family really TALKS. They only talk about surface things. No one talks about what they think or how they feel. Except behind each others backs. If they were really a close family, they would be able to tell each other the truth about how they feel. But no one in this family can be honest about what they really think or how they really feel. They just tell you what they think you want to hear. The fact that no one in this family feels comfortable with being honest with each others communicates a lack of closeness.

It's sad to see how dysfunctional this family is, and even sadder to see how oblivious they are to the dysfunction.

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This house is not a home!

Posted on Tue, Dec. 16, 2014 at 10:02 am

I reluctantly agreed to move into a rental house with my DH and his mother and youngest brother. I warned him that I was against this and I will only do it to prove a point my point being his family is horrible and we should not live with them. Two months later I can say I told you so it's been hell since we've moved into this house, nothing but bad smalls and even worse uninvited house guests who way over stay their welcome. To my shock and dismay my DH does not see anything wrong he agrees that his family is dirty and their friends are worse but he says it's not a big deal. God in heaven above it's a huge deal I said home is where your should be happy and feel safe. When i'm home I feel like i'm living under a bridge constantly picking up after trashy people who don't deserve anything! Our lease won't be up until August and I'm not sure if I can hang on to my sanity for that long. I'm not asking DH to disown his family I'm just saying we can't live with them it's impossible and miserable for everyone. It's totally hostile and that's not healthy at all,I worry that my dumb ass BIL will set the house on fire with his constant smoking he's so careless how and where he smokes it's a miracle he has not burned this house to the ground. MIL is obese and lazy as hell she has never worked a day in her life and it shows. As a young professional and a student I find it frustrating to say the least when I see people abusing the system and getting away with it. My MIL and BIL are poster children for bottom feeders and it irks me to my core! I pray that at the end of the lease my DH will agree we should get our own place because if not I'm outta here I'm not going to live my life like he lives his time to grow up DH and get off your family tree branch out.

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happy at last!!

Posted on Tue, Dec. 16, 2014 at 09:40 am

I've been evading my mil as much as possible. She loves to butt into things that are none of her business, baby my dh, feel like she owns my son, worry my dh about her financial problems she gets herself into (I'll admit I feel bad for her too until I remember she's like a 5 year old with money). And I've been sooo comfterable, so happy, enjoying MY SON, and not worrying about her invading my privacy or walking into my house unannounced because I now have to lock the doors to keep her from disrespecting MY HOUSE...and best of all dh is on board with me on a plan to keep her away the fist two weeks after I give birth because he knows his mom won't let us carry and take care of our own newborn and will even take him to sleep with her without a word to us. Just as she did with our first son. But I'm not letting her get her way this time. I can't wait to see her face when we tell her her second grandson was born two weeks ago and she's barely finding out!!! She'll be sooo mad she didn't get to intrude into the delivery room and look condescendingly at me as a tear rolls down my face during contractions, to keep commenting on how annoying are those"scandalous" women who cry during labor. I didn't even scream, but I was "scandalous" because I cried from pain. Yup, mil, I'M THE EVIL PERSON AND YOURE THE POOR, POOR VICTIM

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SIL's crazy jealousy

Posted on Tue, Dec. 16, 2014 at 07:19 am

SIL is so creepy when it comes to male family members of hers! Including my DH!
She flirts with her father, she tries to flirt with her brother
She has gone so far as to JUMP in front of me while I was talking to her cousin!
She gave me a real bitching out over "taking her brother away" and whenever her and her husband are visiting, she clings on to him whenever she sees him talking to me. I was just asking him if he wanted a glass of water!
I'm not a body language expert..but her body language is screaming "jealous bitch"!

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Dear SIL

Posted on Tue, Dec. 16, 2014 at 06:29 am

No matter how much you exercise you are still going to be an ugly ass bitch. Your attitude stinks and so do you. You are the definition of screwed. Sincerely, Your conscience and those jeans that will NEVER fit.

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working for in laws

Posted on Tue, Dec. 16, 2014 at 02:54 am

so i work for my in laws at this company. my significant other and i do a great job here which is all proven by feedback from customers as well as all the employees currently there. the problem is, it is never possible to convince the inlaws this. they have a younger son which they spoil to death. everything the son does is perfect. while the son sits in the office and surfs the internet, they still believe he is hard at work and doing such a wonderful job. i am only still working here because i do not want my wife to have a difficult situation to be in. if i am not here i know her life will be a lot worse. i try to stick it out but it is so impossible to work here! get paid whatever they please to pay me. work long ass hours that doesnt matter to them. coming in late to work because i stayed up until 3 am closing up shop somehow is my fault. gosh this is just pissing me off every day. i just needed to vent out a bit. thanks internet for listening.

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Daughters possible future inlaws and my concerns

Posted on Mon, Dec. 15, 2014 at 07:04 pm

She isn't engaged yet but I worry about the situation.

We approve and love the man in her life. The issue may be his mom being bi polar and she is my boss at work. His parents own the business. She can be so cranky and other times sweet.

She and this man love each other. He says himself that they are perfect for each other.

I am considering leaving the job because I feel like I live and work in a fish bowl. My life involves work at home and home at work.

My daughter says that his mom generally is nice to her but has seen her grumpy side.

Thank you for letting me share this situation. People looking at the situation may see two happy young adults in love and potential for the family business to include my daughter and I in it. Yes, she is going to work for the business as well.

I feel trapped at times. I could strain daughter and boyfriends relationship if I found another job.

The boyfriend and I get along great.

We are invited to spend Christmas Eve with his family.

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Surely this is wrong...

Posted on Mon, Dec. 15, 2014 at 03:00 pm

My XDH's family was horrific. Called me son a "faggot" at family Christmas, xMIL put our house up for sale, xMIL & xFIL detailed how they'd never treat MY children like their grandchildren. Just horrible horrible people. I can honestly say that divorcing my xDH was the best thing I have ever done.

Years later, I get back into the dating scene and meet a truly great man. When we were dating we'd talk a lot about our past experiences and I talked to him about xDH and the family. He told me about how his family wasn't like that, at all. They were open and accepting and loving. The first time I met his mom she gave me a big hug. We had a great conversation and I felt that my children would be ok with meeting the family. They have a huge family gathering for a brother...fireworks, food, cake, etc. My kids had a blast. The family welcomed them with open arms. I was so truly happy that night when I put them to bed and felt peace at finding a good man, a good father with a sane family. I literally thanked God for them all.

Several weeks later my BF calls me and relays that his mom had heard several rumors about me and was worried. Someone told her that I smoke weed, cause drama and cuss at my children. I explained it was all silliness and asked who would say those things. BF didn't know but said his mom wanted to talk to me. With nothing to hide, I called his mom. I cried for most of the phone call. She told me what had been said about me, refused to disclose who had said it, went on to say that GOD had told her to listen to these rumors and warn her son about me. I reassured her, the best that I could between tears, that I wasn't that person and that I had to pass UA tests for work, that I am a FT single mother who doesn't have time or inclination for drugs, drama or child abuse. Her tone was awful, so cold and judgmental. I told BF that I was hurt and he said he would talk with her about it. So, several weeks later she apologizes. Stress, worry, etc. Hey, we have all been there, so by gones be by gones. BF's SIL starts messaging me on FB, basically wanting to get to know me. BF warns me that she is a snake and likes to cause drama...I was so sure that I could handle her. I watched every key stroke, never cursed, made inappropriate jokes, nothing that would cause any harm. As BF and I are preparing for a trip out of state his mother calls me and is screaming at me. SCREAMING. Telling me that BF's grandmother, her MIL, has turned everyone against her and that I don't know what its like to lose my whole family...and I told her that she needed to quit screaming, what did I do, what could I do to help, etc. She calmed down and said she was scared that Gma would turn me against her and SIL. I told her that I visit with everyone, no one is saying anything negative and that I understand she's got a lot to going on. Calm restored.

We go on our trip and he proposes. Everyone is happy!

SIL still messaging me! Driving me nuts "which kid do you favor", "who talks bad about MIL", etc. I avoid and deflect all such nonsense. Then right before my birthday I get a call from FDH telling me to delete SIL and FMIL immediately from FB. He'd gone to give his mother the beautiful necklace I'd gotten her for her birthday and MIL exploded about him staying away from me, that SIL had been sending her daily snap shots of our conversations and telling her that I was saying negative things about them, his kids, him, etc. Which he knew to be a lie. Then they basically throw a 72 yo women out of the family for defending me.

I thought that this time, I'd found heaven. I am braced for hell.

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Peaceful Christmas!

Posted on Mon, Dec. 15, 2014 at 01:42 pm

We don't visit with the in-laws at Christmas anymore. It is so peaceful! No insults, rotten chocolates and cheap gifts to be thankful for. What a shame. Haven't seen them in years. Now it is just DH, my son and I that adhere to our own traditions of going to Church Christmas eve where I sing and participate. Then the next day we have snacks in the morning open our gifts and enjoy a delicious turkey dinner later prepared by moi. ESIL must have to find someone else to cook a turkey because as I remember she refused to cook a turkey dinner when FIL and MIL were alive. She was always pawning off that duty to me. Because she doesn't cook turkey and never felt up to entertaining, but I was always expected to host family dinners. Well, fast forward 10 years and I'm only cooking meals for my own family and friends and family whose company I enjoy which doesn't include Evil In-laws. Hee hee, whose laughing now!

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You're the problem.

Posted on Mon, Dec. 15, 2014 at 01:24 pm

Your sister in law from your ex husband hates out of you too, hmmm...
Probably because you talked crap about your ex husband to her face and tried to turn her against him? What kind of stupid would think anyone would pick YOU over their own sibling? You are not a victim, you are the perpetrator, so quit acting like you're the martyr.

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