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Never see come see

Posted on Fri, Feb. 05, 2016 at 01:45 pm

Before I got married I loved who I was. I loved my life. I had a past relationship that was difficult to get out of, but eventually I got the courage and I got out of it. I then started seeing this amazing guy. Most perfect man you can think about. He was a professional, smart, ambitious, kind, caring, loving and he wanted me sooo bad. After dating for a year he proposed and we started to plan out wedding. I started to see signs in advance that I would be dealing with tough in laws but I didnt let it worry me. I knew that no matter what, once I remain true to myself I should have no problems. Sadly that isnt true. My husband's brother and his wife are very selfish, controlling people, and it showed up when we were planning our wedding. After getting married my BIL and SIL would say rude mean things to me that would really hurt me and my dear husband would say nothing! nothing! nothing ! Never to defend me. His mother who is who she is because she had to deal with some tough times with my FIL always said harsh things to me. ALways bringing up my husbands ex gf in conversations and fondly remember her. my SIL did the same. What annoys me is that this woman is no even his sister. She is married to his brother. She grew up in the country side and when she made it 'big' she completely forgot about where she came from. We have a saying for the . 'Never see come see'. It means that a person who never experienced certain things in life changes completely when they experience better things.

She never has anything nice to say, recently commenting on my choice of clothes. What has me pissed off the most is my husband never stands up for me. He says that his family treats him like that and I should understand that is who they are. Husband I LOVE U but u are talking reallll crap. Seriously? I feel like I want to scream on most days. I feel like just leaving and going somewhere where no one knows me. I am tired of being treated like this. I left my home and moved to what some might consider another state for my husband. I left my job, family and friends. ALl for him, and I cant even have him stand up for me.

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f**k off mil

Posted on Fri, Feb. 05, 2016 at 12:43 pm

Mil f**k off! Seriously!just f**k off......

Love ❤ DIL

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Who's the ditziest of them all?

Posted on Fri, Feb. 05, 2016 at 12:43 pm

NIL, only you could be that airheaded. Who do you pray to, anyway, your mirror? It's good to hear that you're cutting back, though. Your liver thanks you. If ignorance is bliss, you must be in a perpetual state of ecstasy. Not an actual state, with roads and trees and stuff. Thought that might be confusing for you. You're welcome.

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Lesson in Peace

Posted on Fri, Feb. 05, 2016 at 12:35 pm

I don't have an in-law problem, I have a husband problem. He allows his parents to get away with inappropriate statements and actions. For whatever reason, he can't stand up to them. I told him I expect him to take a stand. I told him I don't expect him to yell or be unkind, but make it stop. He just can confront them. Now I avoid his family gatherings. I don't miss the gatherings or his family. I choose peace!

On the other hand, my family accepts my husband. He is loved and treated with respect. No one in my family has EVER made any negative comment to him or to me about him. If they did, I would immediately nip it in the bud.
I just don't get it. But, in the end, I am happy that I have found peace. Ahhhh...feels great!

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Guess who smells like turds and doesn't even know

Posted on Fri, Feb. 05, 2016 at 05:53 am

You do! Hey, MIL, guess who plays nice for the sake of the kids and my DH? I do! I hate you bitch! Don't ever get it confused. I'll slow roast your ass at the first opportunity. Fuck you, you miserable charlatan.

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I just hate you

Posted on Fri, Feb. 05, 2016 at 05:50 am

I really just hate you. I couldn't list all of your asshole moves without boring the average reader. I think you're the scum of the universe and I hope mother nature recycles your ass into soil soon enough. Mother of my spineless, can't-think-for-himself husband, I want YOU to star in a "Help! I've fallen and I can't get upppp!" commercial that's actually reality. I'll leave your ass there for dead. I'll cover you with a sheet, make coffee, use your body as a table and use your schnoz as leverage for my coffee spoon. I hate you from the inside out. I hate you from the top to the bottom. I hate you from the earth to the moon. In my dreams I run you over with a car, you flatten like the cartoons depict, except there's no coming back to life for you. You actually stay as roadkill. Ahhh... If only.

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You make hating you so simple

Posted on Fri, Feb. 05, 2016 at 05:40 am

You were born in the forties. Before you shove those prehistoric beliefs upon me, pick up a book from recent years and note how significantly things have changed since you were unfairly blessed with child decades ago. Fuck you and your ignorant ass beliefs with a heated, spiked penis. I truly wish you would just move to another continent. I can't stand you and I'm not circumcising this son of mine. I'm not subjecting him to the equivalent of cutting a dogs tail simply for aesthetic reasons. Eat a bag of broken glass witch.

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💩 is about to hit the fan

Posted on Fri, Feb. 05, 2016 at 01:21 am

After years of mil being in our business and up our asses for not living exactly how she approved to the letter we moved out of state. We started off visiting every few months to a few times a year to once a year to trying for once every other year. Life gets in the way. The kids are almost grown, everyone has jobs and bosses won't agree that the world centers around mil like she thinks it does. Mil text and says she is coming for a visit and what time she will be here tomorrow. Ok, our lives won't stop for this visit. We still all have jobs, its a week night so we have activities we are committed to. Mil has been told time and again we are a very busy family and not her kind of busy where she sits at home day and night until one day mable from up the road shows up and they have a gossip fest. Unless the bitch breaks a window and crawls thru glass to get in, which I totally wouldn't put past her, she will be in the driveway five hours. Basically, if I find her at my house either inside or outside all hell will break loose.Mil is blocked on all forms of communication as far as i go and dh has let her know she isn't welcome.

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Grill hurt

Posted on Thu, Feb. 04, 2016 at 08:16 pm

FIL, you are the one that gave us something we didn't need and don't use. Quit acting butt hurt that we haven't invited you over for BBQ. Believe me, we aren't making it without you.

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Mil, really???

Posted on Thu, Feb. 04, 2016 at 11:03 am

So it's been a long time since I vent here. I've been getting along with in laws pretty good mostly because I follow along and ignore my dignity as a human being in order to get along with these people. So everything seemed perfect. I decided to forgive and forget...but mil I don't know how she does it she always manages to get on my nerves. She got upset because Dh is buying me a minivan...and I can't think why this upsets her except that she's jealous. I've been his wife for 4 years, I think I deserve a vehicle so that I can move around and do stuff and not rely on other people to drive me around. It's so stupid because I wanted a car not a minivan, but mil said a minivan was more practical cuz we all could fit and visit family members at holidays, vacations etc. So although I wanted a car to save on gas and to drive more easily, I decided on a minivan for said reasons even if I knew she only wanted to ride for free when we went on vacation and not have to pay her own gas and food expenses etc, in part to get along with her, in part because I could also use it with my family...and she still gets upset!! Who understands her?next time I see her I'm going to let her know very clearly that I wanted a car, not a mini van, and that hubby is also going to buy me a car as soon as possible...can't wait to see her face...I'm just so angry that she thinks dh shouldn't buy me anything, who is she to decide? Ohh but her precious pregnant teenage daughter that treats her like crap, deserves the world from her boyfriend even if she doesn't plan on even living with him or cooking or cleaning for him when they get mmarried...And me, little simple me, that cooks cleans, saves money, takes care of everyone including mil when she was ill, I DON'T DESERVE ANYTHING??

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