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I cannot STAND my Sister-in-Law

Posted on Sat, Feb. 18, 2017 at 08:01 am

My husband created a situation where there is constant disrespect and disregard by his "blood" family. No one else matters. They exclude my son- not his child- from activities. They tried to plan a birthday party for him, during our wedding time, without consulting me. They blame me for him being sick when his ass has not been doing what he's supposed to do. I have two jobs. He has ZERO. I have a child, and I have to go around literally cleaning up his crap because he keeps blaming his illness on the fact that he's a nasty ass b*******. So sick of him and them. How is it that I am responsible for a grown man? One who lied to me before we even got married about his health and financial situation? How am I to take care of everything in the house and monitor his medication management? Why am I not to trust him when he says he's taking his medicine when in reality he has not for months. I'm young. I can't believe that my life has turned out so crappy.

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It's all one way

Posted on Sat, Feb. 18, 2017 at 01:48 am

So mil announces that if me and wife ever split she expects me to walk away with nothing.......this is after ten years wife never having to work, me paying for everything (which I'm happy to do btw because I dearly love my wife and kids) BUT to ever walk away from 300k assets😂 Mil get fu**ed, Also it does nt matter what conditions you put in your poultry will, I will enjoy spending it with my wife. Where you're going your biggest concern will be trying to keep cool🔥

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I wanted to punch her face everytime.

Posted on Fri, Feb. 17, 2017 at 10:55 am

I went visiting my family for ten days and found out that my in laws went lurking our place while i am gone. Usually if i'm around they don't even dare to show up. Not that i even let them enter. So MIL took the effing opportunity while i am gone, showed up unexpectantly so my spouse can't refuse, and went browsing my f'cking closet. I should have let dildos and vibrators lying around.

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I. Am. Not. Leaving.

Posted on Thu, Feb. 16, 2017 at 09:32 pm

I'm still not going anywhere, you backwoods, knuckle-dragging Trump-dumpsters. And if I was, my husband would be going with me. So I'd watch what passive-aggressive garbage trickles out of your simpering, gutless pie holes.

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Posted on Thu, Feb. 16, 2017 at 07:06 pm

So, MIL and FIL are at our place for pizza. Within seconds of arriving, MIL LOUDLY asks our son if he received the birthday card she sent him (his birthday was two months prior to this.). Our son tells her he didn't get it.

MIL glares directly at me (while DH gets to sit back & relax) and says "WHERE IS IT?" I told MIL that we didn't get it. She again asks in her nasty man voice "WHEEERE IS IT?" I told MIL that I save all of my kids' birthday cards. I go get the most recent stack of cards to show her that her card isn't there. She says "It had MONEY in it.", insinuating that I pitched the birthday card and went on a massive $20 shopping spree.

I ask her when she mailed it. She rudely huffs "Two days ago". Instead of slapping her, I told my son to look in the mailbox to see if the card was there. The card was in the mailbox.

MIL, sorry I'm not the deceitful thief you tried to frame me to be. Clearly you put a lot of thought into that one. Instead of mailing our son's birthday card to him on his actual birthday two months ago, you waited and mailed it just two days before you knew you would be performing your courtroom theatrics at our house.

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Head slap

Posted on Thu, Feb. 16, 2017 at 06:47 pm

Oy! Again I take a long weekend with my husband to finally celebrate Valentines Day. I made some plans and was ready for the weekend. His parents call and tell us we are coming to stay ALL weekend. My husband gets so mad at me for getting upset about it but I don't take my vacation time for entertaining his parents. I thought they were only coming for one night but now they are staying until Monday. So I'm debating on letting my company know I would be willing to work the whole weekend. Seriously hate entertaining them!!!

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Inlaw neighbors

Posted on Thu, Feb. 16, 2017 at 06:46 am

I live next door to my inlaws...i hate them and wish they drop dead. They control my husband and never support any decision we make but always want my husband to do things for them. mil always drops stupid comments at me the bitch. her grandkids are always freakin overrrr. we are almost at divorce...just die already..mil is only 57 fmd!

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Every Dog

Posted on Thu, Feb. 16, 2017 at 05:53 am

Me And my DH HAD 1 ALMIGHTY ROW LAST NIGHT about is cruel evil mother and he of course like 30 years + stuck up for her so she wins again because he as the final decision I have had it with all of them they come as a package
because I read the post on this site it gave me the courage to walk away I've had it with them they can both piss off go on DH make your mother's day when you tell her but I am the real winner because I am FREE thank you in-law haters I have really truly seen the light new life for me now wished I did it years ago thank you lovely people keep the faith and remember every dog as his day xxx

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Sister in law pregnant again. Family to disintegra

Posted on Wed, Feb. 15, 2017 at 09:03 pm

Ok hi I'm a 37 yr old male with a great wife and wonderful 2.5yr old daughter. So my oblivious-to-the-world sister-in-law is pregnant again. 3rd kid on the way. First two kids, 2 different daddy's. Kid on the way same dad as 2nd kid. I think. Here's my beef: the family (wife's family) fully supported both kids so far. This almost bankrupted their small business and it's still in jeopardy. The father of 2 and 3 is a pretty much a dead beat. So family pays everything to the tune of 10,000/month. No lie. Best of everything. However they are old school Latin and apparently no nothing else but to standby her (I commend this) However this also is virtually bankrupting the business. So she tells my wife yesterday about new pregnancy and says,"it's ok, these things work themselves out". Well the problem here is she is 35yrs old. Always lived at home. Has zero brains, zero credit, zero ambition and so on. Really pretty girl but just so dumb. I mean real legit stupid. Anyways, this new kid on the way will 100% bankrupt the family business. (Family savings gone 4mo ago). She's 1.5 mo pregnant now we believe.... so what can I say or do. The family knows I have zero respect for her/their decisions to let her do whatever the hell she wants so it's always contentious when I'm around since I can't bite my tongue like they do. When in fact they feel like I do exactly. What do I do??

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"Blood" birthdays

Posted on Wed, Feb. 15, 2017 at 02:45 pm

I've posted on here about this before but it still chaps my ass.... My husbands birthday is coming up and for the last 2 weeks his mother calls us to see if we've made any plans for it. Nope, still haven't. It will be a day of whatever he wants to do, not sitting around eating her shitty food and trying to tolerate her family.

Her and her family (DH's aunts, uncles and cousins) only celebrate their own blood's birthdays - not ANYONE who married into the family. They all forget other birthdays or don't even both to acknowledge it. They NEVER celebrate a "non-blood" birthday. Not once since I have known them.

This is the strangest thing in the world to me! I've never met a family that does this!

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