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Aaaawwwww hell no!

Posted on Mon, Dec. 05, 2016 at 10:12 am

Yesterday morning my husband informed his parents that he plans to move his dad in with us when he becomes incapable of taking care of himself ---- EXCUSE ME?! Awww hell no! You got another thing coming my dear if you think I'm going to let that shit fly!

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Cut out the cancer

Posted on Mon, Dec. 05, 2016 at 09:35 am

I'm happy to report that my husband and I are now in remission.....yes, we finally cut the toxic cancer out completely. Mil, sil, bil were three big, ugly tumors. Let's be honest, no one goes into a surgery to remove a tumor and says, "leave a little because I feel like these tumors might change one day." No, you get it all and then some. My in-laws are toxic, damaging and deadly. Bye bye tumors! You had almost five years to change, and you didn't. Sorry, not sorry!

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you can not punish me

Posted on Sun, Dec. 04, 2016 at 08:28 pm

you can not punish me. you and I both know that we both agreed and you told your mother that we would be starting our own Christmas tradition at home and this was 10 years ago so please ,please , please stop this crap already . so you can not make anyone sick and you can't punish anyone for this omg! why are you doing this to me. I cant even take it any more stop it !

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'why can't you leave me alone

Posted on Sun, Dec. 04, 2016 at 07:13 pm

I don't even understand why is it that I can not vent to my mother and my sister about how much I do not care for my mother in law. My husband wants me to get an ulcer that way I will have problems it is not healthy to not talk about your problems you need to talk so why do you think that I get so upset whenever her name is brought up ? because she bothers me a lot all the time so much in fact in the past that her name being brought up , upsets me it upsets me a lot . it is not even fair of you to expect me to just put up with her bad behavior because of who she is that does not give her a free card to treat me so poorly and upset me . so why is it that my feelings don't matter and why is it that I need to sit and take all of her bad behavior that is so wrong don't you think that is almost poor on your part I would never tell my kids that do not stick up for yourself take everyone's crap that isn't fair why would you punish someone in that way . and that is exactly what that is it is pure punishment and being cruel . you can not force someone to be nice to someone who isn't even nice to them it hurts to much , why I deserve more respect than that from everyone . and she enjoys it she loves being mean to me . so when I do see her I always get the little jabs all the time and I am so sick and tired of this so how do you forgive and forget when the other person doesn't ever let you breath this is all the time and I had enough already so please stop this crap already people can only take so much and I have reached my limit I can not take anymore its too much for anyone to take . so please ,please , please leave me alone I didn't even so anything I had enough!!!!!!!!!

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Posted on Sun, Dec. 04, 2016 at 05:46 pm

Aww...mil you insist you want your son, my DH to meet someone "special."
You tell him how good he treats you (he didn't ask).

You claim your new love wants to meet DH...
Why? Didn't you tell him the truth? Didn't you tell him that you've seen DH for probably a grand total of 1 hour the past year because of your mistreatment of his family. Haven't you told him that you have no relationship with your grandchildren?
Oh, I'm sure you have. I'm also sure you blamed me.

What do you expect from DH? You expect he'll check the guy out? Ask his intentions? Make sure he's being good to mommy dearest?
Your son doesn't care!

Maybe we can wait until you announce the engagement, invite some back up over, and then attack him...you know, like you did me.
And then later, we can attend your wedding after not helping with it or giving you a gift & we can cry because we didn't get our way & then leave early. Just like you did!

You know your son is going only because he thinks it's hilarious right?

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My b*itch MIL

Posted on Sun, Dec. 04, 2016 at 03:55 pm

My MIL thinks that she is the queen, or at least the commander of all people alive. She will tell you to do everything for her even if she is able to do it herself. She allows herself to talk to anyone however she likes, because she thinks she can. And afterwards she can come up to you and be like "you don't love me", "why don't you hug and kiss me" and I want to say that I hate her so badly but I can't. I hate that stupid person and wish that time would go faster so that me and my husband can get the hell out of this freaking house. At least he feels the same way as me.

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Fat Asshole Father in law

Posted on Sun, Dec. 04, 2016 at 11:23 am

I stay in India and I am married to a very orthodox Muslim family. Where my father in law and Co sister is making my life miserable. We stay in a joint family. My father in law loves my co sister so much that if allowed he will sleep with her also. I hate him so. He is so partial. And my co sister is another bitch that I want to bang her head on the wall so hard that she dies. How I so want to kill them both. But just controlling myself and being patient. When will my father in law die. Please pray he dies soon atleast someones prayers are answered if not mine I am really disturbed. I am pregnant also and still no one cares my husband will never leave his father and go separate. Please pray for me

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Get a hobby, MIL

Posted on Sun, Dec. 04, 2016 at 09:15 am

Your son is all grown up. He lived perfectly fine before you barged back into his life. He doesn't need you anymore. He doesn't want you anymore. He resents you for leaving when he needed you the most. I resent you for being the reason we fight.

Stop finding things to fight about with me. I didn't wish you a good flight because I forgot, not because I am malicious. I said something with an attitude because I was washing your damn dishes, you lazy ungrateful dustbin. Find a boyfriend. Find a dog. Find a hobby. Leave your son and me alone.

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I pray for the baby

Posted on Sun, Dec. 04, 2016 at 03:24 am

Do you know what it's like to be raised by an NPD father and a BPD mother? Because poor nephewIL will. That poor, poor child.

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Posted on Sun, Dec. 04, 2016 at 03:22 am

All I am doing is trying to get a job and he keeps on trying to bring me down trying to make me cry . And so is my sister and my son I am too old for this crap . I wish that they would all stop and please leave me alone because my mother is in the hospital and that is causing me enough stress please leave me alone . Plus your mother enjoys baggering me too much any why do you think or why do you allow her to treat me this way you know that your whole family hates me so cut the shit already .

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