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Anyone Else Have One of These?

Posted on Wed, Apr. 27, 2016 at 08:28 am

My mom likes to get everyone together for family potlucks at least once a month. She assigns what each family should bring. My DH and I are always assigned to bring meat, not hotdogs or burgers, "hardy" meat. For thirteen people this adds up towards $100+ per meal. My younger siblings and their families bring nice side dishes or yummy desserts. My older sister, well, she is sooooooo special, she is assigned...wait for it...a jar of pickles, which she purchases at the Dollar Store. WTH?

Oops, I must amend my comment, after complaining to my mom, OS was assigned to bring a salad once. She brought a carton of cottage cheese and a can of peaches, which she purchased from the dollar store. She sat the carton and can on the table and said, "Dig in!"

What reallllllly pissed me off was when everyone was done eating, OS gets plastic containers and starts filling them with the food everyone else brought. Basically it was "I'll swap you three pork chops for two pickles."

That was it for me. I no longer attend these events. My mom accused me of being difficult to get along with and being judgmental. (My sister make a darn good living, so she can afford to shop beyond the Dollar Store and buy her own damn pork chops).

Last Christmas OS and my mom decided that we would only by for the kids. Everyone agreed. My sister has six kids. I have one. My husband and I spent over $250 getting her kids gifts. She showed up empty handed. She didn't have time to buy gifts for her siblings' kids. How about putting a few bucks in a card? (I bet you thought I was going to say she bought their gifts at the Dollar Store...nope...she saves that for birthdays.) When I told my mom how upset everyone was, she told me to stop stirring up trouble.

There is sooooo much more, perhaps I'll post again. Venting does help.

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drives me crazy

Posted on Wed, Apr. 27, 2016 at 02:45 am

So I feel like husband should of been re per made more as a kid because I feel as though I have to be the one to do this all the time he is so mean and rude if you talk to him he alway puts you down and I am so sick of it .I hate eating dinner with him because he is so mean and rude to everyone and I feel like he should of been told how to act and respect people as a child I shouldn't be teaching him how to act

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A little advice to the A-hole ILs

Posted on Tue, Apr. 26, 2016 at 02:24 pm

Hey! Instead of hating on us, GET A JOB, BUY A HOUSE
Oh, I forgot to add...FUCK YOU and EAT SHIT!

With love,
From Me to ALL of YOU

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Posted on Tue, Apr. 26, 2016 at 01:52 pm

MIL...Why are you giving me parenting advice??? Did i ask for it??? Um...NO I DIDN'T. Baby's cry ( wait let me say it again BABY'S CRY). I am not going to go running everytime the baby whines or starts to cry, I don't want a child like your other two grandchildren! Have you noticed they can't sleep unless it is totally dark and quiet. I don't need and don't want a basket case child like that. So if you tell me one more time "you shouldn't let the baby cry" or "just feed the baby again" I'm going to tell you that "I'm the parent not you, and back the f*** off you self-centered old lady that wants to be the center of attention.

If you want to give parenting advice give some to your other son, take a look at his kids. He needs it more than I do!

And I don't give a f***** rats ass, that you don't get to see your other grandchildren, call your other son and tell him. And when you really think about it. I have let you see my baby more times this year than you have seen your other two grandchildren and their ages are 6 years old and 2 years old. So be thankful I let you see the baby! I don't have too.

And ask yourself why they don't come to see you!

Wait I'll tell you!

Your other daughter-in-law, told me why she doesn't want to come see you...you tell her to come to your house so you can see the kids, they come and then they have to wait for you to show up. I guess you really don't want to see them.

So let's sum up today's rant and rave. Leave me alone, don't give me parenting advice, and next time you call your other son and ask him to bring his kids so you can see them - don't make them wait for you and have plenty of cash "for gas in his car" (I mean bribe money)!

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Stupid Adult Step Son

Posted on Tue, Apr. 26, 2016 at 01:17 pm

He is so stupid. He actually thinks he can talk to me like he knows me. He has always been rude, mean, callous and dumb. He recently had the nerve to criticize our new sofa. He didn't like it and he is 40 years old. What a dumba$$.

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Hahahahahahai can't wait!

Posted on Tue, Apr. 26, 2016 at 09:47 am

Surprise- mil- at the end of this month you won't be getting your way for a big event and my only regret is that I won't see your reaction. Yes only two members of our family will be there- yes. Because my oldest has her own life now, and I refuse to be the kind of mother you are- one thAt guilts them into events they hAve no desire to attend. If hubby wants to explain, he can! But I don't have to give you an explanation! My oldest is living her life and going to an event with a longtime best friend. So just suck on that mil- suck on that'

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Cut them out for good!

Posted on Tue, Apr. 26, 2016 at 07:23 am

It took many years for DH to realize just how bad his relatives are. Finally, after 35 years of marriage he has decided to have my back and his own and cut the demons out of our lives once and for all. We were young and naïve when we got married, and basically treated the in-laws very well, what we got in return was deceit, disrespect, demands, cheap gifts, meddling into our affairs and marriage and being ripped off. They are in denial about how bad they are, and will never apologize for their bad behaviour. Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if I married a different suitor. There was someone else I could have married. I would say that my marriage has taught me a valuable lesson. That not all families are as honest, moral, respectful, intelligent, generous and as kind as mine. I have toughened up over the years because of ill treatment from the in-laws, workplace, etc. etc. I'm ready to do battle with ESIL and EBIL anytime they feel like it, because I have a lot of ammunition. I never dreamed that my marriage could be this peaceful and now that we have cut the toxic relatives out, I now realize that they have been a source of aggravation in my life and marriage for a very long time. ESIL is especially toxic and evil. I'm hoping that DH outlives her, because she is the worst. She is a nasty jealous divorcee with serious personality issues. EBIL also has personality issues. NIL is a by-product of the environment she grew up in. Sometimes I wonder if all the aggravation I endured with the in-laws was really worth it. I only had one child because my marriage was so strained by bad in-laws and I thought I was going to have to leave. FIL and ESIL were the worst. Why do in-laws do that. Ruining marriages is incredibly stupid. Hence why ESIL was a single mother. I've never known people who were so incredibly lacking in emotional intelligence. My parents were educated and DH's parents were uneducated rednecks. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and I would have checked out DH's family more carefully, maybe saw some warning signs not to marry into that garbage family.

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We're the Poor People

Posted on Tue, Apr. 26, 2016 at 05:58 am

Both my family and my inlaws spread around to everyone how poor DH and I were. I never payed any attention to them regarding it as complete nonsense. Yet my DM bailed out my worthless good for nothing druggy felon BIL several times but he eventually dumped my sister anyway. My MIL bailed out her worthless cheating lying son many many times until she had nothing left.

Yet when I went back to college to better myself, I became the skunk of the families, how dare I go to college even though it was my own money? DH and I bought a new house with our own money and he got lit into, how dare we buy a new house with our own money? Instead of being proud of us and our achievements, we got shunned.

When our fathers were alive things were much better but when they died the mothers took over. My mother aw a therapist one time and he told her he should lock her up and get her off the street, she was dangerous. My MIL was nothing but an alcoholic druggy who should have been locked up for her own good.

Now we don't have much family left because we let everyone down, we bought a house and I went to college. How dare we?

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Posted on Mon, Apr. 25, 2016 at 10:40 pm

Mil's self imposed exile so she can play the victim over something she orchestrated is going into its third month. Back in jan she requested two days before my sons birthday for him and SO to fly home and see her for his birthday. My so and I weren't officially invited and she made that shockingly clear by clarifying he had to fly with someone but SO was expected to fly all the way home just to twiddle his thumbs whilst she celebrated our sons birthday. We told her thanks but no thanks and even told her we had the finances to pay for all of our tickets and if we chose to fly home and see my family that she would probably see it as a dick move if we didn't invite her (both our families live in the same town). So she has given us the silent treatment since then and has had the nerve to get SIL to message us constantly telling us we need to message her even though we do only for it to be ignored.
SO finally sees what a manipulative liar she is. For her to say we are ignoring her non existant messages is proof of that which was her go to move back when she started shit with me. So he was the one who decided we skip her house for Christmas this year. Yet we'll be seen as the bad guys even though she wanted my son to fly home and not see anyone else but her because she was the one offering to pay. So good for you for showing DH what you are really like.

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Another birthday?!

Posted on Mon, Apr. 25, 2016 at 07:22 pm

Why must my in-laws always celebrate every single birthday. What?! You're 63,64,65? What a special number! (every year) Let's have a party!
Must you have a damn party every flipping year?!

Funny how my MIL can remember everyone else's birthday and have a party for them -except mine (because you know, everyone is SO LOOK busy).

F*ck off bitches.

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