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Memory Lane

Posted on Wed, May. 25, 2016 at 07:12 pm

Thanks fb for keeping old status updates. I came on a post from mil from 2009 that said a version of "sitting here crying. It's a shame when a mother can't even talk to her own son. Miss him so much"

Lmao oh it was fun to see the people's comments giving you the attention you were begging for.

You forgot to tell them you couldn't talk to him because you started a Jerry Springer style fight, called the cops & lied trying to get me arrested, the spent a great deal of time recruiting others to contact DH with threats and bribes & pleading so he wouldn't marry me.

Oh dear, those good ole days. Been about 7 years and much to your dismay, I'm still here :)

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Dearest in laws

Posted on Wed, May. 25, 2016 at 01:45 pm

You guys never seem to remember DH and I until you guys need something. You guys are so selfish and so is your youngest son. FIL just because DH isn't you biological child you treat him different. He has always tried to appease you. And my darling MIL... how could you be a mother and continue to see the different treatment and allow it to continue. You are a terrible mother and an even worse grandmother. You are all about the picture value. And BIL you are the biggest piece of crap I've ever met. Your brother (dh) has always done all he could for you and you have never been grateful for a damn thing. I'm done going above and beyond for any of you animals. You can all kiss my ass and burn in hell.

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Shade queen Italians

Posted on Wed, May. 25, 2016 at 12:28 pm

I know this may sound petty or not that important but my mother in law is on my Instagram and comments on friends of her sons pictures saying "oh so beautiful", with red hearts etc but neeeever leaves a nice comment on ANY of mine. Just a simple like. And let me tell u she is not one to judge beauty.. She's 5 foot tall bossy with fire engine red thin hair and green eyeliner.. I don't get it! She wears usually a ring on every single one of her fingers, leopard top and white leggings and heels just to go to Walmart. LOL I just laugh it off now but it's clear she doesn't think I'm attractive. (Quite a few people do, not to even say that I'm the shit or anything.. But I'm not ugly! And take pride in how I present myself, I'm not over weight etc) it's getting really hurtful though and I wish I could just ask her wtf is your problem you troll? Not to mention she always puts her nose in everyone's business even if they've asked her not to get involved. Their family is known for talking about everyone and everything.. It's just gross

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Mental Issues

Posted on Wed, May. 25, 2016 at 11:52 am

You actually have problems don't you? Like legitimate mental health issues.
DH stops to pick up something from MIL today without me there. He says:

She tried to kiss me.
She kept trying to get me to tell her I love her.

When I am not near, she frequently tries to have physical contact-hugs & kisses.
I've personally heard her trying to get an "I love you" from him. She'll keep repeating "I said I loved you!!!"

It's creepy. You would think she would ask about our children, the pregnancy, his life...anything because she rarely speaks to him but instead she seems obsessed with getting confirmation that her baby boy still loves his mommy & wants her affection.

That can not be normal!!!

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Posted on Wed, May. 25, 2016 at 06:57 am

You know what MIL, I am sick of you. Either admit you hate me & want nothing to do with us or act like a normal human. Quit acting scared of me & using that as an excuse. I'll put you in your place but I've never chased you with a chainsaw & I'm over being made out to be the reason you dont make an effort.

If you loved your son, you'd call. If you wanted in the grandkids lives, you'd do everything you could to be there.

You are a disgrace to mothers & grandmothers.

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Group therapy required!

Posted on Wed, May. 25, 2016 at 05:13 am

My in-laws should go into extensive group therapy. They are really screwed up people. ESIL and EBIL are like lost souls now that their parents have passed and they can't mooch off them anymore. Now they are trying to mooch off of DH and I. ESIL never recovered from her divorce, which she caused, and has been miserable ever since, taking out her frustrations and jealousy issues on happy successful people. EBIL also never grew up lived with his parents until they both died. NIL is another story, she is also a narcissist like her mother who has been trying to live out of our pockets, even demanded money for her children's bank accounts. How rude! Once they show their true colours and people really get a taste for what they are really all about, being users and moochers, then they back off and keep them at a distance, or cut them out of their lives once and for all. That's what DH and I did, we cut the users and moochers out of our lives. They always act like we owe them something, despite the fact that we got ripped off in the family of money and a heirloom. They need therapy to help them realize why their bad behaviour has damaged family relationships and social relations with normal people. Maybe they just don't care about having quality relationships, I think they are just out for themselves and like to take advantage of nice and generous people like us. Even nice people have a breaking point and can only take so much of bad behaviour. I'm glad we are finally on separate paths now, we will stay on our honest, good path living by godly principles and they can stay on their path to hell. We don't want to have any part of it.

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Funny MIL

Posted on Tue, May. 24, 2016 at 11:06 am

Why did you call DH three more times this week? My DH was upset when he called you. Of course you blame me for his unhappiness, when he was upset about his job! Immediately, you said to him to get a divorce from me! She offered you to take our daughter and move into her nasty ghetto roach infested apartment! What he didn't say to you was : "fuck moving with her, I'm sorry. I'm not going anywhere!" But omg when I see you again, and if we do, my DH only see you three times in a year, I will be the rudest, nastiest bitch to you. Fuck you MIL!

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My kids...

Posted on Tue, May. 24, 2016 at 09:19 am

My kids aren't perfect by any means but they are wonderful. We get remarks about how mindful & well behaved they are all the time. They are loved by many, especially elderly, because they are so friendly & those little old people just get to feel like loved grandparents.
They aren't snobs & play with other children joyfully. I've invested a great deal of time into creating people that are pleasant to be around rather than little brats. Once again, we're far from perfect but we try our best.

But you MIL don't know any of this. All the adopted grandparents in their lives that adore them and their real grandmother has nothing to do with them. Why? Because they are a product of me? You invest all of your time into the one grandchild with parents that pass her back & forth & then still pawn her off whenever they get the chance.

You once described her as "backward" and I didn't even know what that meant at the time. And while I would never say it to her or reject her from our lives, that child is obnoxious!

DH agrees wholeheartedly! She is constantly demanding & completely unable to entertain herself for any amount of time. I don't cater to my kids 24/7. They know how to play & can even *gasp* feed themselves if I am busy. Your golden comes literally every 5 minutes needing attention & she's not a baby!
I'm not sure which of you is most responsible to making that child into an unenjoyable pest but you don't help. I try to be patient because her parents have done so much to destroy any chance at a normal life but sheesh, it's hard!
But it's fine MIl, my kids do well without you & I promise I'll never beg to have you in our lives!

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Posted on Tue, May. 24, 2016 at 08:39 am

I used to not mind you. You weren't fabulous but you never caused drama & minded your own. I've grown to despise you.

-you don't cause drama because you are emotionally dead. I've never seen anything like it. You stand up for nothing.

-you invest time & money repairing things for random people. When your oldest son, the lazy one living with mil (your ex) -that has plenty of extra time & money bc he has no responsibility- destroys vehicles (your & his), he just drops them at your house & you fix them without a word. When my husband, who is supporting a family of 5, wants to come by your house to use your tools to fix our vehicles with some help from you (parts all paid for us), you treat him like crap. You are hateful to him & leave him upset.

-I hate watching DH struggle with wanting to hold onto idolizing you as a hero like he did in childhood & having to accept the ugly reality that you aren't a good father or grandfather.

-you divorced your wife after 30 years of marriage. How low can you get? I don't even like the woman but why divorce her? You get these little girlfriends to run around with & I have yet to see how! You are every bit of 400 pounds or more! Your fridge is bare except for a few freezer dinners & pop. That fast food is not helping you. That gf you have now? She's working a minimum wage job-get a clue. She wants your money. I'm certain it's not a sexual relationship bc I don't even know if that would work!

-how long has it been since you contacted us? About 6 weeks? Your grandkids are alive & well if you care.

Honestly FIL, you (and mil) did a horrible job with your kids. BIL has no hope & it's taken me nearly 7 painful years of minimal contact to get my DH into a halfway decent man that understands we need more from him than a paycheck.

But I won't say a word FIL. It hurts me to see DH disappointed in you but he is seeing what you are all on his own.

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Mooching bastards

Posted on Tue, May. 24, 2016 at 08:01 am

Through years of bad money practices, losing two houses for not paying property taxes, paying their grown ass sons bills and not charging for babysitting grandkids the pil's are are broke. Dh and are are not heartless and would gladly send them money every month but mil is a manipulating bitch. She never asks, she just texts and says she needs this amount for this bill. She text and said she needed $300 for fil surgery we said no. Found out she went to cali to see bil. She needed $149 for medicine we ignored it. The next day bil posted a thank u on fb to mil for paying to get his car fixed. When I went to show dh the post the next day it was gone. She texts she has no money for food. We find out she is paying $300 a month cell phone bill for bil and sil. We post vacation pics and she says she wishes someone would take her. Since we are the only someones who can afford to take vacations we know who that is. Mil decided she wanted a house. She told dh she wished her kids would buy her a house, next was she dreamed three of her kids bought her a house and dh was one of them, next was she told dh she wished dh lived closer so he could buy her a house. He told her even if he lived closer he wouldn't buy her one. The reason we can afford vacations and a house is because we aren't shelling money out to her and Im not going to live poor for some idiot who never worked a day in her life then expected to live my lifestyle once she hit the retirement years. Dh and i bust our asses to live comfortably and sock a whole lot into retirement so we won't be stuck living on ssi lying and begging off our kids.

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