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Husband's Mother needs to go ...

Posted on Thu, Dec. 14, 2017 at 03:31 am

My husband's mother... now most people say "mil", but i just cant get my self to even say "mil" well at least not say it out loud ever not even when I have to introduce her to someone. I just say my husband's name and say "this is his mom". She is not my fucking mom and I will never think of her in that way. She makes me so angry on a daily fucking basis. I'm at my wits-ends I hate this lady. I'm so sick of her not listening to me when it comes to my kid, so yesterday my kid is climbing on the furniture I tell my kid no and I put him in time out for a few minutes yesterday. Of course this time out is totally useless when my husband's mother walks over to him and says it OK!!! While im standing there staring at her and telling her to leave the kid alone. And she still doesnt listen. Are you fucking kidding me, she says "it breaks my heart when he cries" WELL YOU KNOW WHAT MY HUSBAND'S MOTHER I DON'T GIVE A RAT'S ASS ABOUT HOW YOU FUCKING FEEL GO TELL SOMEONE WHO CARES AND BACK THE FUCK UP AND BACK THE HELL OFF THIS IS MY KID NOT YOURS! So I'm pissed off the entire night. Fast forward to morning my husband's mother tries to talk to me, but I have fine tuned the art of ignoring and tuning her out so when she speaks to me I ignore and walk away, come on lets be honest it's either I walk away or I attack her like a lion that hasn't eaten in over a month. So me and my kid have a great morning breakfast play with toys and of course later on that day my kid is climbing the furniture again and doing the same exact thing as the day before because obviously the time out didn't work the day before. So now at this point I'm super frustrated and pissed off and my kid doesn't understand why I'm mad and doesn't understand what he did wrong and is not understanding me when I say anything cause now my kid is crying and now I look and feel like a shitty mom. All because this stupid fucking bitch can't and won't listen to me when it comes to MY fucking KID.

All I can think about at this point is how much of a burden she is and how her underhanded sneaky just plain out ridiculous way she does everything drives me up the wall and how she has to say something about everything I do and it makes me want to scream and shout right to her ugly ass face "I FUCKING HATE YOU BACK THE FUCK UP AND WALK THE FUCK AWAY" and say it very slowly maybe it will sink in (it probably won't sense she's a fucking idiot) well anyways I have missed out on so many things for the past six fucking years (we have only been married for three years) because of her from missing dinners with friends (cause it's dark outside and she can't be alone )(we had to have stupid Friday and Saturday night movie night at the house cause she didn't want to be alone cause it was night time and the world would end if she was alone at night time) a simple weekend trip to Vegas, or just staying out all night for no reason at all (before we had our kid, also before we were married too). Also, she has started so many unnecessary fights between me and my husband. I'm tired and emotionally exhausted of pretending I care and I'm so tired of having the same exact fight over and over again with my husband about her, we don't fight about money or how we together or individually spend it, the way we raise our kid, we auctually
don't fight about anything ... we only fight about her ... I pretend to care and only do it for my husband, but if you really want to know how I feel ... ... I'M JUST WAITING FOR HER TO DIE!!!

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Green Eyed Monsters

Posted on Thu, Dec. 14, 2017 at 01:14 am

IL’s have a lump of coal where their hearts should be, spreading fake love in front of the people they want to fool. They are quick to compliment and even quicker to slander as soon as you turn your back. They huddle together in their misery, gossiping about everyone, including those who have showed them kindness. They thrive off jealousy. Nobody can exist in their world that they can be truly happy for. They hate and imitate. They will lavish you with compliments, stab you in the back, then copy everything you do. They imitate your life and make it become theirs. They imitate the very people they talk about. I never met such a sad group of people. The way they function is depressing. They come from a very dark place but, at the same time, speak of “blessings”. How can they speak of blessings, while cursing everyone else? Do they not think it will come back to them? Everything is a competition. They have to put a price tag on everything because it makes them feel “valuable”. No amount of money can fix whats broken on the inside. No amount of money can buy decency. No amount of make up, plastic surgery, or material things can fix the brokeness they all have inside. They are consumed by their own jealousy, not loving their lives for themselves but, who they want people to believe they are. It costs nothing to be a decent human being. But, because there is no price tag to that, they see no value in it. They’d rather use eachother to gather and fellowship in their misery, being jelly of everyone and puffing themselves up to win the admiration of people who couldn’t care less. It’s been a delightful 14yrs without these miserable beings. I’m sure the Karma bus has ran them over plenty of times but, they were just too stupid to connect the dots back to their own behavior and energy they put out there. My Christmas wish comes true every year they haven’t been in our lives.

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Posted on Wed, Dec. 13, 2017 at 03:43 pm

I don't know what to buy nieces and nephews for Christmas, I literally don't know them. I don't want to know them, really they do not exist to me. It is strange thinking if buying a gift for a child who does not even exist to me. Come to think of it they never thanked me for last year's gifts, I shall buy them paper, envelopes, stamps and candy. I may even write my address on a few envelopes and affix the stamp myself. Candy, they will get a whole box filled with it, hard, cold, artificially sweet candy, CHEERS!

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Still not missing any of you

Posted on Wed, Dec. 13, 2017 at 01:00 pm

Dear ILs,
Seven years ago was the last Christmas that I went to the store, bought gifts and gift cards, wrapped all nicely and trekked to the post office to ship a good Christmas to the PILs and their spawn.
Since then, both PILs died and the rest of DHs siblings betrayed us over money. My DH cut them off completely. As I watched the reminders on the news about shipping deadlines this year, I breathed a sigh of relief. NO MORE!

Good Riddance to bad rubbish. Really bad rubbish.
Merry Christmas, indeed!

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So sick of them

Posted on Wed, Dec. 13, 2017 at 12:13 pm

Every single time that I see your mother she makes me cry purposely and then she says she’s just trying to be tough bologna your just trying to be a huge jerk I can’t stand you and yes that is being verbally abusive !!!

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Dysfunction Junction

Posted on Wed, Dec. 13, 2017 at 11:52 am

I came from a dysfunctional family, the kind that doesn’t even pretend to be close. I grew up 200 miles away from my nearest extended family. My husband is from a dysfunctional family, we lived in the same city as most of his extended family when we first married. I thought it would be so nice to have a supportive family nearby. Wrong. On the surface they seemed a little rough around the edges, but harmless. Oh how wrong I was, envy and greed ran rampant. After about 2 years I had enough. Thank goodness we live in a different state, too far away from all the drama and b.s. especially thankful at this time of year.

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Grow Up

Posted on Wed, Dec. 13, 2017 at 11:06 am

My husband only has a relationship with his mother’s toxic band of misfits side of the family. His father’s side is marginalized. If I say, oh didn’t you hear from them, he says “‘oh my mother really never got along with them.” Why is it I’m supposed to put up with his family’s bull crap? Well, I don’t and I won’t. Seems mommy dearest wasn’t such a saint after all.

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John and Yoko

Posted on Wed, Dec. 13, 2017 at 10:47 am

SMIL you make it nearly impossible to spend time with FIL - everything has to be around your "schedule" (interesting, because you don't work, cook, clean, or have any friends). FIL doesn't seem to be allowed out or to see us unless you're tagging along trying to be sure the conversation is about you, the venue is what you want. You're a nonstop blabbing opinionated ignorant bore. You're only invited because DH wants to see his father. Remember the whole John Lennon and Yoko Ono thing? The fans were never screaming for Yoko. Guess who you are.

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I hate the IL's at Christmas.

Posted on Wed, Dec. 13, 2017 at 09:12 am

I hate all of you! The only time of the year you have anything to do with DH and I is at Christmas. MIL wants to make everyone she knows think that we are one big happy extended family. News flash, Your kids hate each other, hell they've even taught their kids, and now their kids kids to hate DH and I. But that's okay, that just makes you look bad as a mother and grandmother, not anything to do with our character. We would go to the ends of the earth for the little ones and we have in the past. So keep showing your fake self, the truth with eventually come out, it always does.

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Worried?? Jealous!

Posted on Tue, Dec. 12, 2017 at 03:25 pm

Oh please just stop with the amateur dramatics! You aren't worried about us having problems, you are worried because we don't.

You know damn well we are fine with each other, want each other. You know there's no disturbance between us! You know we are happy and this whole charade of your ringing us up EVERY BLOODY DAY to repeat the same shit is just you trying to cause us stress.

You sad, pathetic clown.

We are dealing with things, you've been told over and over again! You just don't want to accept this.

You live to tear us apart and break us down because your own marriage is a TRAGIC JOKE and has been for years.

You constantly talk shit about us to everyone as you are a deceitful and scheming piece of shit.

You are NOT worried! You are however, JEALOUS!

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