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I have nothing to prove

Posted on Thu, May. 25, 2017 at 07:27 am

To the lot of my Insular Inlaws,

Ever since I moved to YOUR small town, it's been evident that I am NOT "one of you."

You've made it clear that I am regarded as merely your brother's/son's baby mama.

I'm more than fine with this!

You keep on smugly hinting that your relationships (those that have survived) are superior to mine, and that my partner and I are destined for the rocks.

I have nothing to prove to you hicks.

In fact, I thank you all for saving us a ton of $ from our upcoming wedding budget as we've cut you from the guest list without regret.

It may have been a very long engagement indeed, but OUR relationship is strong & amazing, our family is healthy & happy, and our wedding will be intimate, relaxed & beautiful -- without you!


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My gripe for today

Posted on Thu, May. 25, 2017 at 07:26 am

MIL was not invited to my daughters elementary school graduation...no one was. It was MY day to spend the day at my kids school, MY one on one time with my kid without her siblings or anyone. MIL was hinting for the details last week when she crashed my other childs recital and took over as usual. I thought I made it clear that I did not want her there today. I go in the school and obviously walked right past MIL and FIL in the gym and they never gave a shout or a wave to notify me that they were there. So I go and sit with my parent/friends and enjoy the graduation. We follow the kids to their classes for an awards ceremony when my child informs me that she saw the IL's in the gym. My stomach drops, palms start sweating and I feel sick. I thought well at least they got the hell out of here and didn't come to the class room. NOPE! The awards start and here they come thru the door. I'm so pissed I can hardly see straight. MIL did this on purpose as she does everything. They come right over and sit beside me trying to talk to me but I couldn't even find the words to speak. MIL starts taking over as always while FIL is trying to make jokes. To some ppl this may sound petty but you must know the back story to understand. MIL is an intrusive, manipulative bully! She has taken my piece of mind from me and I don't even know how to act around her for fear of judgement and rude comments. The mere sight of her and sound of her voice gives me total anxiety. They finally left the class room after asking me if I was staying for snacks. I told them no (even though I was) and since my child was talking to her friends and not them they gave her a hug and left. I stayed for snacks! I can't figure out if this is MIL trying to be a good grandma or another manipulation, bullying act against me. But she won again and ruined my day.

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What an ass

Posted on Thu, May. 25, 2017 at 04:28 am

My husband is trying really hard to be a huge jerk and I don't know why . His mother told me off for her entertainment his sister flies out from around the corner to try and at like a bitch and he wonders why I think that they are crazy . People don't act like that and the way that your mother spoke to me with her teeth showing and I never got an apology is abusive . Ever since my husbands brother died he is taking all the anger from that all into me you jerk I'm guessing that you do want a divorce???

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Posted on Wed, May. 24, 2017 at 09:22 am

You acting like a victim-Boring!

You bitching about me to your son when you know I am tired of your shit and don't particularly want to listen to you wittering on-Boring!

You making every bloody thing we do or don't do about you-Boring!

You using emotional blackmail-Boring!

You trying to pit us against your other child and their spouse-Boring!

You ringing daily to repeat what you have already said multiple times over-Boring!

You telling lies-Boring!

You constantly gossiping about everyone you know-Boring!

You trying to badger us into giving you want you want-Boring!

You doing everything you can to start arguments with me-Boring!

Boring! Boring! People!

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Sil and Bil (Not even worth the effort to hate)

Posted on Wed, May. 24, 2017 at 08:09 am

You are cruel

You aim to destroy others who you see as a threat

Someday, I will heal emotionally and financially from your evil actions

One thing will not change though

My guard is up around you

I am not on your side

Also, I don't care about what happens to you

You aren't worth even hating

It would take effort

You flat out don't matter and don't deserve any of my attention or energy

P.S. Bil, you are evil, greedy, manipulative, sexist, and cruel. I can easily say that you and Sil are a well matched couple and isn't a compliment.

Bil and Sil,

If Kharma is real, it will be a show worth watching when it unfolds for you both.

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It's all my fault!

Posted on Wed, May. 24, 2017 at 03:24 am

I am so frustrated, all our in law problems are my fault! My husband takes no responsibility for our issues at all. His parents favour his brother and continuously neglect him! To say I am over it is putting it politely, Man up or man out!!!!

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So sick of them

Posted on Wed, May. 24, 2017 at 03:12 am

My mother in law told me off at her sons repass . My sister sent her food and I had told my mother in law in the pass that my sister does not like her and just because she sent you food does not mean that she likes you anyway she started showing her teeth at me and saying that my sister does like her then she told me that I should be over the death of my father by now and finally my mom was in the hospital for the past few months and she made a point to make me cry . She is going out of her way to ruin my marriage for one I am furious at my husband for not telling her off and sticking up for me . She had no right to treat me so badly then my husband has the nerve to ask me to spend Mother's Day with his mother are you nuts why would I want to spend time with someone who was horrible to me why so she could yell and me and make me cry some more . And my stupid husband is angry with me for not putting up with her shit he's crazy because if I have to deal with her horrible behavior again I will need a shrink I hope that I never have to be around her ever again because she is toxic and my husband needs to acknowledge the fact that she enjoys this and is trying to ruin our marriage she already ruin his brothers and don't tell me that her bologna didn't cause trouble now everyone is seeing her true colors and everyone is not happy with her because she's MEAN!!! Face it and the way that she talked to me was abusive . I am beyond hurt stupid husband could you please tell her to leave me alone and then your son tells me these horrible things that she does and if I agree with him I'm the bad one she's terrible I get that she is your mom but allowing her to treat me like dirt is insane and your a prick or a coward for allowing this to happen I hate you and would love a divorce. She deserves to be talked about for her bad behavior why don't you get that or do you want me to have to go to therapy for this it's time for you to stick up for me against her or your marriage is over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What I've wanted to say for years....

Posted on Tue, May. 23, 2017 at 11:43 pm

Dear Mother-in-Law,

Let's be honest. You hoped that your son would eventually marry your friend's daughter. You prayed that your son would wed this younger version of yourself. Given those preconditions and the (despised by you) person I met your son through, you've never really liked or accepted me from the beginning.

I do think that you love your son but I wonder if you've ever truly been fond of him as an adult because he is not a mini clone of you. He has remarked to me on numerous occasions that he feels like, "an investment that did not meet your highly expected returns."

You did not want us to marry. You said to my parents, on the night of our wedding rehearsal, that you did not think our marriage would last. Well, it's almost time to celebrate our 20th anniversary. We have survived many hardships, including your constant criticism, rudeness and harmful manipulation. Why? We love each other and honor the sacred vows that we promised before God, you and others.

While I'm very grateful for all the countless times that you have helped us financially, I now know that you did not offer these blessings from a generous, loving and compassionate heart. They were given most reluctantly to behold us in debt to your verbal assaults.

Lord, please forgive me for writing this. You have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. You, the tyrannical mistress of control, have been struck by a disease which has absolutely no obedience to your authority. Is it karma? I'm not sure but I'm troubled by my thoughts that you deserve it.

Dear Father-in-Law,

Let's be honest. You wanted your son to marry a woman with your same characteristics; highly opinionated, socially prejudiced and insufferable. You prayed that he would wed into misery as you did yourself. Given those preconditions and the (detested by you) person who I met your son through, you ignored my company and obliterated my existence from the family history almost immediately.

I think you love you soon but cannot tolerate the remarkable man who he has matured into because he is his OWN MAN.

I'm am very thankful for all the financial support that you have provided us with over the years. I wish that sympathy, genuine affection and emotional assurance had been part of the benefit package as well.

Lord, please forgive me for writing this. You have been designated as your wife's caretaker. You, the judgemental bully, are now the victim of her bitter and cruel behavior. I believe you are owed this luxury as you sat passively by over the decades while she violated your son's self worth with abusive atrocity.

I've said my piece. I take great comfort in knowing that your son is adopted and therefore has no genetic descendant from either of you.

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Short and not so Sweet

Posted on Tue, May. 23, 2017 at 08:24 pm

Dearest Mil, Fil, Sil,

Eat shit and die!!!
That is all.


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Posted on Tue, May. 23, 2017 at 07:24 pm

How come my husband thinks that his mother can speak down to me and treat me bad and I'm not supposed to say anything to anyone let me tell you after 30 years of non stop bullshit people will start talking about what's bothering them and that happens to be your mother and everyone says negative things about her but I am the bad one how come everyone can talk about her when she bothers them but me your being unreasonable as usual you only care about yourself she enjoys making people fell terrible about themselves and bringing them down do you really want me to go into a depression over this . Listen she bothers me and she bothers me bad and I need to talk about it because it's healthy maybe you could tell her to shut up and leave me alone forever and then I wouldn't get so upset hmmm

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