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Can't make it up

Posted on Sat, Apr. 29, 2017 at 01:21 pm

My MIL & BIL made my wedding time miserable 7 years ago. They wanted DH to leave me. My time with DH has been extremely rough but we've come through. In that time, BIL and MIL have both divorced. Ex-Sil bought my wedding dress a few years back to wear to her wedding with BIL's replacement. I didn't care. Fast forward to now: MIL just re-married. In my wedding dress...
And chose my wedding color...
I'm cracking up...

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Posted on Sat, Apr. 29, 2017 at 11:12 am

FU mil. You must die soon with that stupid bandage on your nose. If you only knew how much I hate you. P.s. oil of olay does not work on you!

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I'm Flattered That You're So Obsessed With Me

Posted on Sat, Apr. 29, 2017 at 08:42 am

I get it, I find myself fascinating too. I mean, I'm different in so many ways from most people I meet. But all of you seemed to want nothing more than to get DH away from my form of "crazy." You hated what you didn't know which is unintelligent. Well, I don't bow down for anyone. I never have. Honestly, I think I'm so different that I'm literally not capable of ever allowing people to mistreat me or my tribe. You learned the hard way and now DH and I are blissfully living our lives away from you. You don't even know what state we live in and it's all your fault. I hope you know that when you people get together on holidays and search me, I know. DH and I laugh about it. There is a fine line between love and hate and you people spend so much time thinking about me that I'm starting to think you're all in love with me. The feeling is not mutual and DH and I are too happy to ever allow you imbeciles back into our lives again. But really, have fun searching me on holidays when you get together. Maybe I'll put some fun things out there for the next time. Maybe a little shock that comes up with your search.

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Posted on Sat, Apr. 29, 2017 at 08:02 am

On your wedding today MIL...
The one we aren't attending..,
The one you wanted DH to give you away at...
The one you begged him to take off work for..
He's not working-he didn't want to go!!

Congratulations though! Your man spent weeks on FB begging people to give him $ to bring some woman over from the phillipines because he loved her & wanted to make her his wife but that failed so you are his new pick! You lucky thing!!

Ya'll can keep sharing those "type Amen and you'll be rich" posts together :) Double your chance!

B*tch, I want so bad to ruin your day. You ruined mine but I won't. Your done with my family though. How dare you ask for my son to participate and neglect my daughters BUT you involve BIL's daughter AND his ex-wife's daughter? We've known you don't need my girls because you already have a golden granddaughter but I have the only son and you wish you could see him. You are crap.

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Trailer trash reception

Posted on Fri, Apr. 28, 2017 at 08:02 pm

Sorry NIL. We won't be attending your trailer trash wedding reception. DHs interpretation of it not mine. I know I texted you congrats on your quickie marriage today but I didn't really mean it. I was being fake. Just like you. That princess mentally has GOT to go. And the trailer trash comment from DH was ironic considering how TRASHY his side of the family is. Now that your married you better hope your new husband and his family don't see how Jerry Springer your family is. And I can't wait to see how FAT your gonna get. Look at your mother, aunts and grandmother. It's like a herd of cows. Moo bitch.

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Posted on Fri, Apr. 28, 2017 at 02:14 pm

Ladies, if you have a good man and you know it, please don't allow his family to ruin your marriage. It took over 3 years for my husband to see his family's true colors. Moving 500 miles away has definitely helped, but it didn't happen overnight. His family was very good at showing him their best and I was often labeled the bad one. When I distanced myself my husband would beg me to accompany him to family holidays. At first I did, I was treated even worse for not attending all their parties.I stopped going completely and they turned their venom on my husband. Moving away was the true catalyst for change, my husband didn't even bother to contact them on Easter. Something that would have been unthinkable to him in the past.

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BIL dating mini-version of his Mother.. gross

Posted on Thu, Apr. 27, 2017 at 09:10 am

OMFG you both are so f*cking gross. BIL you are 25 damn years old, but you still run to your mother every time you f*ck up just so she can fix your problems. You're an adult, figure it out and take responsibility for once.
MIL you are enabling your son to be a whiney pinhead!
Not to mention MIL pretty much runs his life, hell she picked out his girlfriend (that looks creepily a lot like you) while he was with someone else!! MIL also micro-manages their relationship. Cant believe she found a girl dumb enough to go along with that BS. Your son cheats on her and some how you fix it for him. Its gross and this "relationship" is shaping up to turn out like your marriage did...divorce, loneliness, and selfishness.

MIL just posted a picture of her (favorite and only DIL ((they aren't even married)) on FB dressed in MIL's clothes for their date night. GAG!!! Someone even commented, "Is that you or your daughter".."How sweet your son found someone that looks and acts just like you, he must be trying to find someone that emulates you." ...
KID YOU F*CKING NOT!! To me that sounds a lot like.., "HE IS BANGING HIS MOM" -_- NASTY AF In-laws...

Hubby, (HER OTHER SON) thinks its gross too. Pervs..


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manipulated husband

Posted on Thu, Apr. 27, 2017 at 03:10 am

I will never understand
DHs that can't deal with their own mother/father and tell them off when treating their wife like shit or disrespecting her in any way.
My DH is probably so blinded by his own mother because he never had a father ( he left his mother after he was born, no wonder!) and his own "mother" was never living with him because she was too self absorbed, never cared for him.
My DH and his brother have two different fathers as she is a whore that fucks everyone and even makes us hear it and everyone leaves her because you just cannot stand her.
My DH and his brother kept living with different relatives separated ffrom each other so now that I was unfortunately so nice to bring them together with a lot of money that I will never see again, DH is sticked to them like glue.
I can't take that anymore.
His shit mother is fucking respectless any lazy as fuck.
The funniest thing is he thinks she is a good person even after spending all his and my money that we worked hard for just for her luxury shit.
Everybody turns away from her but he is blinded.

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Never let an INLAW move in

Posted on Thu, Apr. 27, 2017 at 02:51 am

DH and I have a seasonal job far away from the respectless MIL and disgusting bf.
That is the best day in a long time except, MIL and her useless, lazy bf were living in our house which we monthly paied for. So now let me guess who still has to finance their lazy, drug addict asses?
I already told DH i will not pay a cent, so I am curious to see when the time comes he wants to discuss this shit again. Seriously these lazy motherfuckers make more money tjan we do and soend everything and we have to pay.
I won't anymore.
Another problem is DH got a job offer in this town near our current house and wants to move back here ( where the lazy motherfuckers completely nested).
I won't stand living with these respectless, drug addict, smoking and drinkibg assholes anymore.
I have become so hateful since I have to live with them and it would be the worst for me to have this going on.
Till now I was quiet and tried controlling myself but if we would come back to our own fucking place which isn't anymore(!!!) I would seriously kill one of them, or better BOTH.
DH doesn't want to understand this but seriously I'll do anything to not see them ever again and he has to respect my wishes as i always respect what he wants, but now it's enough.

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I hate them

Posted on Thu, Apr. 27, 2017 at 02:26 am

They are the old non -progressive people who cannot stand that I work. Recently they visited us and said all the vicious things about me. They fuel my husband with all the hatred they have since I do not dance to their tunes.My husband also seem disappointed with me on everything nowadays. He threatens me that he will divorce me.What a family! They can't stand that I am outspoken and strong because they have other DILs who do not work and live with them still they come up with issues. I just wish these people disappeared from our lives. They are the worst PILs ever and calling them parents in any form is not acceptable to me. I hate them!

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