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Mine was the better Mom.

Posted on Sat, May. 09, 2015 at 10:38 am

Today marks the passing of a wonderful woman, otherwise known as my MOM. I mourn her passing everyday and this week has been rough for me. Tomorrow will be just as bad.

Today I reflect on the precious memories that I have of her,

SMIL, if you think for one minute that I will ever acknowledge you tomorrow, you are more of a sociopath than I could ever believe.

The only Momma I will ever acknowledge was MY OWN.

She was a kind, loving, considerate, funny, loving good woman. She didn't gossip or lie about others. She was the only one who stood beside me when others turned their backs on me. She truely loved me. I will forever grieve her loss.

Unlike you who is so insecure that you feel the need to hurt others to make you feel good. You have caused me so much pain. I will celebrate your passing and will laugh my ass off knowing that, while my Mom is in Heaven, you will be with yours in HELL!

So, NO, I wont be calling you to wish you happy mothers day. No, you will not receive a card or gift from us. You don't deserve it. Besides you have your own kids that can praise or pamper you. You don't need anything from me. What's that?....you're own kids don't like you either??? Maybe that's because you treated their wives like shit too and they haven't forgotten.

Have a problem with any of this?

Oh well, get over it.

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Dear inlaws

Posted on Sat, May. 09, 2015 at 09:45 am

Thank you so much for raising such an arrogant disrespectful man. I will be leaving him after throwing away 30 years of my life trying to please him, and I finally came to the conclusion. He can't be pleased, he has no respect for me or any woman who isn't HIS family...of which I am reminded frequently that I am not. I'm just there to serve him, too bad I didn't smarten up sooner. So good bye , I'm changing my name, and moving far far away....,and living the life I want...

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Stop advicing me!!

Posted on Sat, May. 09, 2015 at 01:18 am

I am a grown up woman but my MIL and FIL treat me like a 16yr old who doesnt know how to take responsibilities. I am basically tired of their cribbing. whatever i do is not enough for them. So, what they do is call my parents and tell them that they should make me understand.. plus they add up complaints by manipulating small things... which often relate to my SIL as well.. Thankfully, my parents understand my side! But am getting sick of their complaining. Its been more than a year to my marriage and things havent changed! Am planning to move out with my DH and i swear am never gonna stay here more than 7days EVERRR!!!

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Hateful inlaws

Posted on Fri, May. 08, 2015 at 05:15 pm

You Mil n daughters of a Bitch. I am sending you all death wishes. Please be gone ASAP. Earth dont need you to be around. All three of you are trying to bad mouth me n DH to other relatives. We dun care for as long as we are innocent. Remember KARMA. You all will reap wat you sow. You all bitches are good pretenders. Behaving so sweet n nice in front of others. Sheep under wolves skin bitches. Please go off together to hell as there is no place for you all on earth.

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Happy birthday fil

Posted on Fri, May. 08, 2015 at 02:30 pm

Happy birthday for Sunday!

I hope you enjoy the card from our dd that doesn't say grandad and is signed without love. I didnt go out my way to buy your cards either. Theyre just ones that were lying around ;) our lg is 10 months and it's been 6 months since you said you need to make plans to see her. It's been 6 months since you asked about her... I hope it hits you where it hurts and you realize you've lost your chance. So once again.

Happy birthdayyyyy toooo youuuu!!!

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Mothers Day will be awesome

Posted on Fri, May. 08, 2015 at 02:20 pm

Every now and then, particularly around Christmas/Easter/Birthdays/Father's Day/Mother's Day, I actually feel a little bad that the connection between ourselves and your family has fallen apart. I actually feel a little responsible, even though you never gave me a chance and treated me worse than you'd treat an enemy.

But then I remember. I remember all of the times you ignored me, all of the times you made things deliberately awkward, how you used to be so careful with how things could be interpreted (eg "None of us said anything").

I remember how you'd always arrange your boring and painful Christmas Day lunch on my birthday. How I was made to sit alone, away from my husband at birthdays. And how Mother's Day and Father's Day were all about you.

I remember how much you hated me. And I remember how much I wanted you to like me and how I changed everything about myself in order for that to happen - and still failed.

I remember how you called my husband during the most stressful period of our lives and said that I faked a miscarriage. And then I remember the breakdown that I had when you said that. I also remember the stress and the pain that my husband - your son - lives with everyday due to this situation.

I remember how my children are confused by how grandparents/parents are supposed to be loving guides and fix things, but that theirs are the root of what needs fixing. And I remember my mixed feelings at the secret conversations and emails between you and them because nobody wants to hurt anyone anymore.

You seem to think that one day it will all be fine. I spoke to you just once in the nearly two years since I ended contact with you. You said "When will this all blow over. It's been nearly two years?". You seem not to remember. But I do. And I don't forget that easily.

I don't want to see you ever again. I have been the happiest that I've ever been since I cut contact with you horrible people.

Mother's Day and Father's Day are our days now. It's fantastic. So please don't expect a big deal. You are lucky that I didn't sabotage your secret Mother's Day lunch with my husband yesterday. I knew about it and could so easily have stuffed it for you. But I like you to know what you're missing every now and then. Just for fun :) I think I deserve that now. But no, I held back.

Not seeing or hearing from your grandchildren and new great grandchild is punishment enough. And I didn't even have to enforce that. They dislike you of their own accord.

Remember your actions and remember I can pull bigger consequences than you know. But I don't really need to.

And get fucked x

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I called my MIL a Lorax

Posted on Fri, May. 08, 2015 at 12:19 pm

After years of casually complaining that DH and I do not ask the PILs to visit and "help". And two solid weeks of throwing temper tantrums that we do not ask them to "help", DH and I finally gave in. We invited the PILs over to "help" with the back yard.
As soon as they arrived, MIL was being particularly passive aggressive. I ignored the comments and continued to make light conversation. Hours after taking her rude comments and trying to be polite, FIL asked DH and I what we are working on in the yard.
I proceeded to explain the plan to him, including removing several dead shrubs.
When I mentioned the shrubs, MIL stomped her foot..."THOSE?! I LIKE THOSE! I will NOT help you remove them!!"
I had it by that point. So
I snapped back with "Who are you?! The freaking Lorax?!"

Never seen MIL shut her mouth so quickly. She then huffed and puffed..and walked outside without saying a peep.
She pouted outside on the front porch for a while. When nobody went out to get her, she came back in and started raising hell about not taking my "abuse". Then left.

Perhaps you shouldn't throw tantrums that people aren't inviting you over to "help". then walk in to someone's house, be rude to them and refuse to help. Just a thought.
Oh..and a Lorax is probably the nicest thing I could have called you.

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MIL tried to invite herself over for Mother's Day

Posted on Fri, May. 08, 2015 at 11:58 am

My first Mother's Day as a mom and MIL tried to invite herself over. DH told her no. Hah!

I reminded DH to get her a card. He still hasn't. Not my fault.
Oh well MIL, go spend it with your golden. You've been rude and nasty to DH and I. We haven't forgot your nasty tantrums and gossip. You reap what you sow.

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flaky BIL

Posted on Fri, May. 08, 2015 at 07:50 am

Thanks for the time you called to get my address and the only thing that showed up in my mailbox was the bill for your girlfriend's cell phone. You know, the account you set up with my address without so much as MENTIONING it to me.

No, Teflon, you're so not a user. You're GOOD PEOPLE. May tiny devils prod your tuckus with flaming pitchforks for all eternity.

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This is gonna get ugly.

Posted on Fri, May. 08, 2015 at 06:28 am

I actually like my MIL and FIL. Unfortunately, they have raised, with the exception of my DH, some petty, spoiled jackhole kids. I know that when my PIL pass away it's going to be a bloodbath. DH and I don't want or need anything, but the rest are going to fight to the death, gladiator style for whatever money they can get. As long as we can stay a safe distance from the guts splattering, I don't care what they do to each other. But if they involve my family in any way...watch out! They've made my life so miserable lately with their gossiping and attempts to make themselves look better by making us look bad that I just want to watch them go after each other! I don't want my PIL to go any time soon, but I'm just sayin' it's gonna be fun watching the fight!

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