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future inlaws

Posted on Fri, Oct. 03, 2014 at 04:06 pm

You suck! Telling personal things about your son and future daughter inlaw is not cool! If you think I'll be making an appearence at any of your holiday functions this year you can dream on!

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Princess Beggar

Posted on Fri, Oct. 03, 2014 at 09:03 am

Let me tell you an example why i can't stand SIL so much. So this bitch is always broke, always begging for money, and still lives with her parents. She is almost 40 years old with kids collecting child support and welfare, so she is as deadbeat as you can get.

One day, Her boyfriend was going to show up at her place (meaning her parents house), so she turned into impress-her-man mode. There was no food in their fridge, so she had a tantrum at her mom for not buying food for her 'special' guest. (How would her mom knew he was going to show up??!) Btw, She never contribute to groceries in that household. Her mom ordered cheap Chinese take out, she had a tantrum again because it wasn't gourmet. Then she had a melt down because the food didn't arrive fast enough for Mr. special's special arrival, even he was calming her down. Of course, by the time he showed up she had put on her skanky outfit and was sweet to him like cane sugar, but has no problem screaming at everyone else.

If only he knew.

We happened to be visiting, witnessed the whole thing from start to finish, lots of eye rolling and hurling.

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how dare you!

Posted on Fri, Oct. 03, 2014 at 06:22 am

my fiancé and I, this will be both our second marriage. Just to clarify our Ex's cheated on us. We have been dating for 2years and I couldn't be any happier! He proposed 4weeks ago, took both grandma's wedding ring shopping with him, asked my dad for my hand in marriage...did he have to do any of that NO but bc my family and I are close, and my family loves my fiancé he did it out of Respect. Because we are in our mid 30's we are paying for a small wedding ourselves. Not asking my family or his family for money, because my family and I are very close they gave us $2,000dollars out of the goodness of there heart. A lot of people probably are thinking that is nothing, but to us it is the thought that counts and we are very appreciative. He's family on the other hand are RUDE/dysfunctional stupid people. His mother is a druggy left him when he was 6yrs old. Dad raised him, re-married within 3months of the divorce! STEPZILLA is a bitch! I could go on and on and tell you horrific things they have done to me but I guess what I am trying to say is...You have some EFFIN never to call my fiancé and tell him who we can and can NOT invite to our wedding that we are paying! Get a LIFE bitch, my FIL needs to grow some balls and put you in your place and for him he needs to stop acting like a little bitch himself. thinking he can tell us how to live our lives here's something for you all FUCK OFF!!! Can you tell this wedding is already going smoothly?!!(sarcasm) My own family who gave us money out of the goodness of there heart hasn't even tried to metal-in-the-wedding. trust me how you have acted and continuing acting is only pushing your son farther and farther away. Keep it up, bc soon you will not have any contact with him at ALL.

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Nothing For The IL's

Posted on Fri, Oct. 03, 2014 at 05:10 am

My IL's think everything me and my DH is somehow theirs and they have a "right" to it. They respect nothing nor do they take care of it. I've got news for them, the house me and DH live in was mine before we got married. When we die it will go to my children. The property we have in the country is my inheritance. That also will be passed onto my children. There will be nothing for the IL's, the whole bunch of you have squandered and abused everthing you got your hands on. You appreciate nothing. You will not do that to what I have worked hard to provide as an inheritance for my children. Crawl back under the rock you slithered from under.

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Wanna Talk About Sad, inlaws?

Posted on Thu, Oct. 02, 2014 at 07:35 pm

It is sad how you think you know everything when in actuality you know NOTHING at all. It is sad how you don't give your own blood credit for being able to think on his own. It is sad that you blame me for your families dysfunction "behind closed doors." It is sad that you all thought you could talk badly about his wife in front of him and there would be no consequences at all. It is sad that you stoop to name calling when something upsets you. It is sad that "insecure" is your go to projection when you are clearly the one who needs work on that honey! ;-) It is most sad that you wasted all that money on a PSY degree and yet you have no understanding of human relationships at all.

On the contrary, it is awesome that I have the most loving wonderful super terrific fantastic handsome most supportive husband on the planet who is one of the most logical thinkers that I know and who would never let anyone make his decisions for him! What is truly sad is that you cannot see just how happy we are because you are too busy being insecure to form a true relationship with OUR happy family!!!!

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Some ass kicking

Posted on Thu, Oct. 02, 2014 at 06:29 pm

Two years after our wedding, my long time friend finally told me about what happened behind the scene of our wedding. Apparently my sister in laws was an even bigger bitch than i witnessed. My friend said she showed up looking like a bitch, throwing a tantrum and bossing people around, unseen by me but witnessed by all my bridesmaids. Whatever i seen with my own eyes was already bad, but this put everything up a hundred notch. My friends kept quiet because they didn't want to stress me out further. If i had known back then, i would have kicked her out. It looks like some straightening up will be in order.

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Simpering SIL

Posted on Thu, Oct. 02, 2014 at 11:42 am

Well my simpering SIL came over today. God she is so ignorant. Come to my back door ( in the garage, which open) or my front door. Do not honk your horn. I consider that so ignorant of you. Just so you boast about your car (it's just lease) and poor mouthing about having to buy new tires. (She is keeping the car, so what). God please stay home and not bother me. Really the only reason she came over is too GOSSIP, I do not need to hear your GOSSIP and I find interesting that you are not gossiping with your sister. My DH had bring up the fact that I saw his sister at the mall last weekend. And yes this simpering SIL also looks rough. Exfoliating anyone? I got rid of her quickly and things have gone back to normal in my home.

Please do not come back and honk your horn at my home again. Ignorant.

Sincerely, you wonderful SIL. I am too patient for these GOSSIPS.

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The holiday season is approaching...

Posted on Thu, Oct. 02, 2014 at 11:13 am

DH, the kids and I have started spending all the holidays with my family. You all whine because we don't come around. You say it's because I'm stuck up. Maybe it's because we are normal people who don't get drunk every holiday and fight until someone gets hurt physically and/or emotionally. We don't go out of our way to berate others, talk behind everyone's back that isn't there and we don't try to one up everyone at the table. We have a couple cocktails before dinner, eat, talk and have a nice, civil, respectful time. FIL doesn't even want to have you all over to his house anymore, but because you all just show up, he's forced to. Yeah, let the holiday season begin.

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It's sad..

Posted on Thu, Oct. 02, 2014 at 09:19 am

It's sad that you blame me for all of your short comings.
It's sad that you think I can "make" DH think things.
It's sad that you pretend I am the puppet master, when really your family was never functional.
It is sad that you are angry at your son for growing up.
It is sad that you do not understand boundaries.

Most of all, it is sad that you have to blame someone else to justify your wrongful actions.

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most horrible wedding ever

Posted on Thu, Oct. 02, 2014 at 08:49 am

Actually it was the nicest wedding I ever attended. The problem was that my mil and sil tagged along. We had to spend $500 just to buy all the stuff they needed for the wedding (dress, shoes, make up, underwear, jewelry) the hotel room to accommodate them. Apart from whatever we spent on food in expensive restaurants. It was so ridiculous how much we spent on them that I didn't have money left to buy groceries!!! And my mil still wanted us to buy her a new fridge because her old one broke. And to start making her car payments for her because she can't pay anymore...which I saw coming from the start. How did she expect to pay a new car with her part time minimum wage job? But she deserved a new one she didn't want a used one. Sorry mil, that ain't happening cuz u wanted that responsibility and u used dh credit and u better act like a grown up and pay up your debt.

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