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Enjoying your empty house?

Posted on Thu, Jun. 18, 2015 at 10:26 am


After all your ignoring me, sticking up for your family while they were gutting me, thinking your feelings are the only one that matter—and this was not a one-off or misunderstanding, you b*st*rd, this was for TEN F***ING YEARS—why would I leave my house, my town, my business and work I love to live with you in a state that flies the stars and bars? And you say with your recommendation I might be a SECRETARY in your school? Oooooh, I’ll start packing RIGHT AWAY!!!

You bought a house without asking me, one I’ve never seen? In a DRY COUNTY?!!!?????????????????????????? What, do you think I’ve adopted your religious tw*tisms too?

No. You have repeatedly betrayed my trust and no longer even act like a sentient being. Buy the new shrink a new boat, by all means you need help, but that's not going to fix us. There is no us. I refuse to leave my life here to be with someone who physically repulses me now and, I finally realize, never loved me at all.

You are a narcissistic freak. Your b***h mother must have drunk a lot while she was pregnant with you. BEGONE.

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Just me

Posted on Thu, Jun. 18, 2015 at 08:42 am

Why aren't I worthy of acceptance and love inlaws?

I am a good person. It hurts my feelings and it doesn't make any sense

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Hateful and Bitter

Posted on Thu, Jun. 18, 2015 at 07:10 am

It's too bad you're so hateful, bitter, catty, insecure and two-faced. I've put up with you for almost 35 years and now I am officially done. I can't even look at you anymore or pretend to be friendly. You could have had a great daughter in-law/friend and we could have had a great relationship had you not been such a bitch! I know you think you act all nice and friendly to me, but it is all fake. I know about the things you say behind my back and everyone else's back, not to mention the little underhanded remarks you make to me when no one is around. Now you've turned your nasty behavior towards my mother and your own son. Your son finally sees what you're about now and looks at you differently. I almost pity you. Just the sound of your voice makes me cringe with hatred and bitterness now, but I am trying to control it since I would never want to become like YOU!! You need a therapist, why don't you get help!! I'm glad your son finally sees through you and sees how manipulative you are, but I feel bad that now he knows what a F&^% up nasty mother he has and has told me he will never look at you the same again!! Sorry, but you did it to yourself!

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Feel like a idiot

Posted on Thu, Jun. 18, 2015 at 06:04 am

Around a year ago I thought how wonderfully I got on with my 3 SILs and MIL.
But it all went horribly wrong on one day.
We had spent the day out together and I footed most of the bill and took them to shops and restaurants I knew they'd love. I wanted to do all this as we don't live near the in-laws and I wanted to treat them when visiting our town.
As far as I was aware the day had been a great success and we all got on extremely well.
Once we'd got back to our house, I had to quickly go to the toilet. As I was coming out of the toilet I overheard the conversation they were having. Basically, I was being ripped apart and called the most profound disgusting names you can call someone.
I was crushed. I thought we were great friends!
I had gone out of my way to keep them happy and nearly bankrupting myself in the process.
I walked back in the room and I calmly told them what I just overheard and how much of an idiot it made me feel when I thought we were generally getting on so well. I then asked them leave.
One SIL started to cry and apologise but I just pointed to the door. The others went out and didn't say anything. About a minute or two later, the overly emotional SIL followed them out.
I then rung my husband, who was still at work and explained the situation. He was horrified.
I've had nothing to do with these back bitters since and I intend to never do so again.

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Wait for it...

Posted on Wed, Jun. 17, 2015 at 09:29 pm

Despite your wicked, hateful behavior to us, we've decided it's really best to forgive and forget. But not quite yet. Maybe 2099 at the earliest. Jerks.

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Mother in law

Posted on Wed, Jun. 17, 2015 at 07:46 pm

This baby is not yours.

Stop Saying "our baby" when you refer to the fetus growing inside me.

The baby growing in my belly is not yours, you fucking nutcase.

You are in for some surprise, when the only time you spend with my baby, is in my living room with me present.

I don't trust you as far as I can throw you.

My family will be around and a HUGE part of our (that is-mine and my husband's) baby's life. I know that burns you up- but too fucking bad!

Oh and don't bother putting that car seat in your car. You're not taking my child anywhere.

I don't like you. You are enmeshed, manipulative, dramatic, and thoroughly boring. I hope you have diarrhea forever.

I can't wait to go into labor with our (mine and husband's) baby and not call you. Not letting you turds ruin that moment with a nasty comment or making it all about you and your family.

Should we all hash things out while we wait for the placenta to be delivered? Fuck no!

You will also have no say in picking our baby's name either and I don't care if you don't like it keep your mouths SHUT---because of how you treated me during my pregnancy---(like an incubator) you won't be saying the baby's name too often anyways!

Just realize you brought this on yourselves by acting like lunatics and treating me like garbage!

Think about that while you're waiting for one of your other kids to have a baby that you can raise.

Not mine……...

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So I married a Spineless fu*ck

Posted on Wed, Jun. 17, 2015 at 05:03 pm

Dear Mil,
It takes a special kind of sociopath to steal from their own child and then blame their own kid/victim. Not sure how you sleep at night but thank you for leaving ur mess for me (a comparatively normal person) to clean up

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Always going to need a hand out

Posted on Wed, Jun. 17, 2015 at 04:38 pm

FIL and MIL you and your disgusting offspring will ALWAYS need a hand out. Look at how none of you can even make it in life without a hand out. You do realize this is the SECOND time your living in welfare housing paying FULL price. That is real smart. And you cry and moan about how much you hate where you are BUT YOU PICKED IT!!!! It's not my fault or anyone else's for your poor financial choices. It's obvious from your dumb ass kids that the apple didn't fall far from the tree. You guys are free loading LOSERS!!! I know my DH loves you... well because he is brainwashed too. BUT I don't, won't and don't ever have too. Ever hear of fake it to make it. Maybe I wouldn't be so mean and smug about this if you guys had treated me nicer in the early years of my marriage to your son. Every single one of you have said or done something not so nice. And NO I DON'T turn the other cheek. It's not about being the bigger person for me it's about remembering how some people are cruel and nasty and don't deserve forgiveness. Why should I??? Forgiveness is for people who like to be doormats. I'm no doormat. So while I drive me new cars, eat out when ever I want, and sleep in my BIG beautiful home.....i will sleep well knowing all of you are barely making it and suffering. Bad apples like you deserve every bit of bad karma that gets thrown your way. You can't use and cheat people in life and expect that it won't come back on you. Well it has....HA HA HA fucking HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! And to my husband...sucks to have stupid family members.

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Bipolar Inlaws

Posted on Wed, Jun. 17, 2015 at 04:25 pm

How do you go from "i hate ex sil" in person... to your Facebook saying "i love ex sil she is the best!" Meanwhile the ex sil is not thinking of any of you, and happy with her new life with a new man, while giving all of her rights to her children to her mother, to live a free life. And the bil who married her is now house ridden with nothing to live for? This is why my DH and i havent visit since 2014. And i love it! :)

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Dumba$$ innuendos part II

Posted on Wed, Jun. 17, 2015 at 04:02 pm

After discussing how I felt about the dumba$$ innuendos made by DH nobody-non relative on his FB (the relative of ex step mil) regarding his 'family' supporting him he decided to write back a message to her with regard to our side of the story. Whether this person meant the comment in a conniving way we may never know, but I have little doubts that she's heard through the grapevine that DH and I will not allow the evil step mil to see our children again, and I bet that up to this day that wench is crying on the shoulders of her relatives how 'horrible' we are for keeping kids from their 'grandparents.' She's not even blood related to them and obviously didn't give a sh@! About her role as a grandparent when she decided to gang up with the other 2 bi-otches and come after me. She lost the privilege of being called 'grandparent' when she crossed that final line, but I'm sure still feigns victimhood up to this day. And some folks are still so old school and dumba$$ that they believe that grandparents are more entitled than the mothers themselves-- mothers, just put up with abuse, be a 'selfless' doormat because the grandparents are the most important in your kids' life. Lmao. Anyway, DH writes message to Relative of step mil stating that the 'family' has not treated me or him nicely, etc, but because He's FB incompetent he ends up posting it to her public feed! So now anybody can read it. Lmfao! At first my jaw dropped when I saw where it was posted, but then I thought serves the damn bi-otch right (step mil) for all her 'poor me' bs when she is the actual devil. Serves FB relative right too for making innuendos about something she knows nothing about. Just hope she keeps it on her timeline long enough for other people to read.

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