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I really can't stand them

Posted on Thu, Sep. 14, 2017 at 07:22 pm

They are terrible, mean and horrible but my husband thinks that I should like them . I can't stand them .!! I wish they would all move . My husband is the meanest jerk he thinks that if I say what an ass his mother is I should be humiliated . I hate you people !!!!

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Forgiven but not forgotten

Posted on Thu, Sep. 14, 2017 at 02:23 pm

The IL's put my wife and me through hell for numerous years, wouldn't even attend our wedding. Then suddenly they accepted us and acted like nothing ever happened. I find out from other relatives that this is normal for them and the commit evil deeds then just act like nothing ever happened. They have always been enabled, they NEVER own up to their evil, but know this... I forgive you, but I haven't forgotten your evilness and DO NOT trust you at all!!!

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Southern Hillbiily Morons

Posted on Thu, Sep. 14, 2017 at 01:52 pm

When I married my wonderful wife I had no idea how crazy her parents are. First they shunned us and told us both we'd go to hell if we got married because we had both previously been married. It didn't matter to them that both of our ex-spouses had walked out on us and re-married. When my wife asked them if they expected her to be alone for the rest of her life they responded that she was now married to Jesus.
We are devout Christians, but their logic in no way is Christian or biblical. We proceeded to get married, even though they completely shunned us, they didn't even attend our wedding. As our marriage progressed over the next few years I started to understand the "Southern Legalist Christians" aka hillbillies more and more. I honestly thought the stereotype hillbilly was more folklore or a bygone era depicted in movies like 'O brother Where Art Though'. Coming from a Midwestern heritage I was ignorant to these "mountain folk" and didn't think anyone this ignorant still existed. But, to my dismay here they were.
They are the no drinking, no gambling no doing anything that I don't want you to do people. When asked for biblical text backing their ways you would have thought I had slapped their mama r something... How dare anyone question these twits. Then the problems started to come forward... the proverbial elephant in the room. Family members started telling me about the evil the in-laws had done over the years, they told me just to ignore them and go on with life. I said that is just enabling them and why didn't anyone ever address the evil they had spewed over the years. They had just felt it easier to stay away rather than to confront the situation...
Once again these "super-Christians" were biblically illiterate, the bible says you should start by confronting the person with whom you have an issue and then escalate from there. These are the Pentecostal hillbillies who scream and shout and run around like they're possessed and say Catholics and Lutherans are doomed... hmmm... yea. Well, 3.5 years into our marriage the in-laws suddenly greeted me like I was the greatest thing on earth. We were making our obligatory Christmas visit - stressful - and they suddenly came out hugging me and saying how much they loved me and how glad they were to see us?!!! It was quite shocking to my wife and me. They had controlled my wife, her entire life, by withholding their affection or approval to manipulate her to do what they wanted. She was their southern show-doll her entire life - even in adulthood she would turn into a 5-year old around them. When we married she broke that control - for a while - my assumption was that their unexpected turn was that they figured the shunning wouldn't work so they would try a new tactic. It has worked to a certain extent, my wife croons over them like they're the best parents ever. I think that she has developed a fantasy childhood and vision of her parents to compensate for their mental sickness.
They are pure white-trash hillbillies straight out of the Appalachian mountains, I do not say that to be hateful or ugly - it's just the truth.
I detest having to be around them, but I do it for my wife's sake. It just gets disgusting listening to my wife rambling about their greatness and how wonderful they are... I truly think she does it trying to convince others or maybe just to make her feel better. I know no family is perfect, but these southern hillbilly whackos are pathetic. My wife openly questions why no nieces, nephews, grandchildren etc. ever visit them... hmmm I can't imagine why?!!! these legalist morons actually went to their granddaughters home at 11:00 to tell her she was going to hell because she had stopped breastfeeding!!! The poor girls milk had dried up!!! This is just the tip of the iceberg...
The rest of the family is pretty cool, even normal... there are a few cases of the cultish Pentecostal stuff, but otherwise just like any other family they are the circus without the tent.
Oh well, I guess we all have some horror to deal with, mine are just two Georgia hillbillies.

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It's not me...it's you...

Posted on Thu, Sep. 14, 2017 at 11:13 am

My DH and I do not have a perfect relationship. At all. We fight plenty. We have vastly different views and goals.

But guess what, even when he and I are having struggles, he doesn't call you!!

He doesn't like you. Either of you. He wants nothing to do with you and it has nothing to do with me!

You suck. He never mentions you. Your numbers are listed in his phone as "my whore mother" and "the bas*ard"-I'm not joking.

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This isn't even the dumbest thing she's done...

Posted on Thu, Sep. 14, 2017 at 12:04 am

My idiot of a MIL booked a $2500 non-refundable 8 person cabin for next year when there are 12 of us. Out of curiousity, I emailed the owner and asked if it's possible to bring air mattresses to accommodate 4 extra people- and she said "No, sorry. 8 people staying there is the absolute maximum." AND THE DARWIN AWARD GOES TO......

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Mind Your Own Business

Posted on Wed, Sep. 13, 2017 at 07:08 pm

My husband's cousin had some bizarre obsession with my not working. I previously worked as a nurse but my husband and I agreed it made sense for me to stay home. At Thanksgiving one of his cousin's dinner guests gave me the third degree about how much time I was taking off from working and whether I had to take classes in order to maintain my nursing license. It was clear to me his cousin coached this woman on what to say, as she would not drop the issue. His cousin also got him a pair of pajama pants with the Pillsbury dough boy on them which said "bringing home the dough." It got so bad my husband finally told her I didn't have to work as we didn't need the money.

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My Husband's Regret

Posted on Tue, Sep. 12, 2017 at 09:35 pm

My husband's regret was picking up his parents, taking them to our new house (first time they visited, NOW also the last as of last night!) and shielding them from Hurricane Irma. MIL and FIL showed me, DH and my mother her true colors by calling me and my mother difficult bitches, how she hated being around us as a family and how jealous she is of us. MIL purposely tried to steal from our house - she was about to take an expensive item and I caught her red handed and showed everyone. MIL yelled "I should had been out in the storm, I didn't ask for this! I rather stay in a flooded ghetto apartment than be around this bitch (me)" in Spanish.
Wish granted, because they went home this morning! His little brother texted DH this morning, saying they have NO power, NO water and NO sewage for a good month (from what I heard) and they DO live in a run down apartment - that's now flooded out, but the little brother HAS to listen to his parents, as he has no mind of his own. If they call us - DH wants NOTHING to do with them anymore. We are lucky to sustain no damage to our house, and had lights on with running water, but his parents are idiotic and ran away from it all - that's the hood rat life they live.

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You make me sick.

Posted on Tue, Sep. 12, 2017 at 09:31 pm

My so call SIL, is a real DEVIL. She thinks I should LOVE HER no matter what wrongs she has done over the decades. I have NEWS for YOU-DEMON. GO TO HELL!!! and back! I have had enough of your evil ways. Every time you are in my radar, you make me SICK. STOP demanding attention- your not a child. My children run the other way every time they hear your loud, critical voice at family gathering. It is not every ones fault you are now old, mean and look like a meatball. Get your head out of your husband ass and be a respectful as***^&. YOU ARE A DEMONIZING, EVIL WOMAN X 10.

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High and mighty sister in law

Posted on Mon, Sep. 11, 2017 at 10:33 pm

The SIL often says that she takes a lot after her mother, it is so true. Apparently even though we came from the same country she thinks more highly of herself than someone like me who graduated from the same country but apparently hasn't worked in a first world country. Whoop dee do, good for you SIL you certainly are an apple who fell not far from the tree.

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It's like one of those movies...

Posted on Mon, Sep. 11, 2017 at 07:58 pm

...where you have the house guest from hell who literally drives you to the point where you want to kick the you know what out of them.

That's my spouse, his mommy, and one of his "charming" (yes that was sarcasm) sisters

It's like they can literally see inside my brain better than I can and they know how to push me totally over the edge

Over 20 years of it and me trying everything I can to get them to stop.

The only thing that gets any results is being as nasty as I legally can.

They are not happy unless they are whining or backstabbing.

I'm a pretty big whiner, but I don't even come close to them.

According to them everybody but them is overpaid and/or underworked.

I think this is lingering crap from the old country. I saw a stand up comedian talking about Eastern Europeans being glass half empty.

And I think she was Eastern European.

What an understatement.

If they are whining about something that can be easily fixed, they don't want to fix it. They want to keep whining about it.

If you suggest doing something different (why are we wasting money - which you hate to do - buying all these Christmas gifts that nobody wants or needs. We're all adults.) they look at you like you're talking Chinese.

Did I mention that you need to speak slowly and use small words?

Anything that is different from what they are used to doing is automatically a bad thing.

My spouse finally stopped criticizing the way I decorate. I don't know if he gave up or he's too scared of me now or he finally figured out that maybe the way Mommy docorates might not be the only way. I like to call her design style "let's see how much tacky junk I can cram into this house"

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