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When will I ever let this go...

Posted on Thu, Mar. 19, 2015 at 05:44 am

I've done a fair amount of healing since I cut the ILs off 2+ years ago. I think back to where I was at that time and I was an emotional wreck-- couldn't think straight, constantly confused and couldn't believe people could be so wretched, wanting to do the right thing for my DH and kids sake, yet hating everything about the ILs so much that I couldn't see straight. Now as time has past and I have put up solid boundaries I see things more clearly now; not only of their disgraceful mistreatment of me, but also of their utter uncaring for my DH (where their bulls#t all started to begin with) and complete lack of interest in owning up to any of their wrongdoings and making some type of peace for at least the sake of DH and our children, after all they're the ones who lost their family members because of their behaviours, I lost nothing but a pack of proven enemies. They are selfish swine surrounded by a group of idiotic enablers and it makes me sick.

But what upsets me more is the impact this still has on me even up to today. I pray and I pray but I'm still so full of hate for these people even though they are not really part of my life anymore, though their ugly shadows still linger around because of dh's unfortunate relations. I've heard and seen through the grapevine how these people, particularly the 3 women who caused most of the destruction and trouble and who aren't even dh blood relatives, are just getting on dandy, still thick as ever in their mean clique. And the golden SIL, who I think I hate the most because she is so overvalued by everyone, a master at putting on such a sweet 'image' but who is really a conniving and twisted snake underneath, is just going on the same way. Nothing has changed.

I don't know what I'm expecting... I guess some sort of justice? Particularly for those who refuse to change or own up to their wrongdoings. I try to forgive and ask the Lord for help with this so I can be set free but it's just so damn hard to let this go when there seems to be no real accountability for some people. I just want them to feel the type of pain they made me feel if they don't feel any remorse. Maybe that's spiritually immature and I know life is unfair, but it's still unfair! Sometimes I wonder if God is more for them and their ways than us since they seem to be allowed to get away with it.

This entire experience has tarnished my marriage with DH although there behaviours aren't his fault, but it does make me have less tolerance for daily marital struggles because my emotional wellbeing has been taxed heavily, and every day married to him is a reminder and trigger of what I went through with them. Still I will stand by him because he has stood by me and finally admits how much 'that' family does not care about him. My heart breaks for him sometimes. Still, I don't know how to get over this hatred. There is just so much of it for them and every time I think I've put it behind me there's more of it that wells up. I hate to hate. Especially when those losers are going on with their lives like nothing ever happened. God help me.

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Posted on Wed, Mar. 18, 2015 at 07:32 pm

I'm sick of MIL calling several times a day asking idiotic questions, pumping me for personal information and spreading gossip. I've done a good job of checking my Caller ID recently. Today I picked up the phone without thinking, and immediately heard MIL screeching and crying about how I am ungrateful for all she has done for me over the years. Huh? Soooo...I said,"Hello? Hello? Who's there? Hello?" and then hung up. I did this for four calls from her. I must say she doesn't give up easily...but neither do I. :)

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I am trying so hard here

Posted on Wed, Mar. 18, 2015 at 05:51 pm

I am trying so hard to comply and be polite with my ILs bullshit.
I don't know why I do it any more. I have told my husband many times what the problems are. We have talked about it over and over. I think I even have a case of PTSD after the way my PILs have treated me.
Unfortunately, here we are again. On a vicious cycle. He will always be their child and never my husband. So much so that he calls mommy for approval of the clothing that he is going to wear.
I didn't know about the clothing approval thing until recently, I thought we were moving forward. This is just wierd and disgusting. I'm speechless.

This is some Norman Bates shit.

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Hate her, just hate her

Posted on Wed, Mar. 18, 2015 at 12:12 pm

I hate my mother in law so so much, I despise her. What an emotional blackmail drama queen. She will always start crying in front of my husband so that he would feel guilty. She came to my house and tried to take over my house. Now when i don't talk to her (cause frankly I just cant tolerate her) she went complaining to my mother about it. Why the hell she has to embarrass her? what does my mother has to do with it. I don't care you selfish orthodox woman, go complain to president of world (If you find one) and complain to him about me, I am never going to talk to you again.
Go on, do your emotional drama, your son has a mind of his own too to understand how selfish you are.

I wish I never had a mother in law.

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You do not order me around, MIL

Posted on Wed, Mar. 18, 2015 at 08:09 am

'How dare I' get pregnant? Excuse me? Did you know that it takes 2 people to make a baby and that your son was enthusiastically involved? Do you realise that you do not order me to bring my baby to see you? Do you realise that a person's home is THEIR home, and that as an adult it is my choice to decide whether I stay at home with my baby for the holidays? Let me repeat that: MY choice, NOT YOURS. MY BABY, NOT YOURS. Does it get into your thick head that every insulting comment you've sent my way has only made me more determined to see you as little as possible? Do you realise that you are not, have never been, and never will be in charge of whether or not I have children? Do you understand that when your son was born and the umbilical cord was cut that he became in independent person and that he makes his own choices? Do you understand that I am happily looking forward to the day you drop dead and that I will be more than happy to visit your grave - because I will finally get the peace and quiet there you never gave us while living? You do not order me around, MIL. Nor do you order my husband around. Your arrogance is only exceeded by your ignorance. Oh, one more thing - I'm pregnant again!

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MIL, you are not most important

Posted on Wed, Mar. 18, 2015 at 05:36 am

MIL, your arrogance and hatred is breathtaking. You are not the most important person in your son's life. You do not lay claim to my child and insist that I do whatever it is you demand. My child will not be passed around by strangers who 'hate my guts and make it clear to me'. My child is MINE and my husband's. Not yours. Motherhood trumps Grandmother status, period. I will decide when, or IF you see my child, and I will make that decision with my husband, and he will do what makes ME happy because I am the one he has CHOSEN TO SPEND HIS LIFE WITH. It may be news to you, but a mother's job is to raise her child to be capable and independent - not to put the mother first for the rest of his life. You had the nerve to try to tell me not to get pregnant? How dare you. You have no right at all. You have no vote. Your opinion means as much to me as the scum on the bottom of my shoe now, because you have proven yourself to be so hateful and manipulative. What you have done is make sure that I will PROTECT my child from having to see you. Learn some respect, hag.

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I knew you would do this, DIL

Posted on Wed, Mar. 18, 2015 at 03:44 am

I knew that you really weren't as nice as you thought you were. I told everyone that you were going to keep my son from me. Now you not only are keeping him from me, but also my grandchild. I was nice enough to go to your bridal shower, even though I thought it was silly of you to register anywhere when you had been living together and therefore didn't need anything, and I told you so but you for whatever reason registered anyway and had a shower. I went, and so did my daughter, even though we thought it was silly. We went to the wedding. You think it was nice that you had my daughter as a bridesmaid, but since my son was in her wedding then she was in his, that's the way it works. You weren't doing us a favor. You didn't even pick out our dresses, you acted like you were supposedly being nice by making us pick out our own dresses and shoes. And you didn't even have your bridesmaids dye their shoes? What is wrong with you? So I went to your wedding, after trying to get through to you that you should do certain things for me and my family. You think you were nice? In what way?

Then you go and get pregnant a couple years later. How dare you. During your engagement to my son, I thought I made it clear that you should not have children. I made my feelings about older moms quite clear, and I also told you that I couldn't afford another grandchild. Well, I didn't tell you but I said it right in front of you. Who were you to have a baby anyway? And then you have the colossal nerve to want to stay home with the baby for the holidays? It is MY grandchild! Again, we were nice enough to attend your baby shower, though we were so disgusted at the thought of you pregnant that it was all we could do not to tell you that. We all hinted that you'd better let me see my grandchild. You didn't like what we said? Too bad, I have a right to see that grandchild, and it is your job to bring any grandchildren to me. My grandchildren are to be passed around, and who cares if the people touching the kid hate your guts and have made that clear? You actually expect us to congratulate you or something? You make me sick - I always said that you would keep my son from me, you claim that you were the one bringing him around and I heard that you feel like I should've been grateful. Grateful?? I'm his mother, the most important person in his life! Who are you?

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Hate my mother in law

Posted on Tue, Mar. 17, 2015 at 11:52 pm

I hate my mother in law. Before i got married, MIL told me i was going to have interracial kids... In 1980s. How small minded could you possibly be. I guess it is OK since you live in a hick town.
Not ethical in the least, of course rules do not apply to her.
Never have taken responsibility for her life. Everything that went wrong is someone else's fault. I don't underatnd why actions don't have consequences for her. Her family does not contradict her. I don't know if it is because of fear or what. But I guess the family has to live with her actions. Thank goodness, i do not live near her so I stay away. I won't answer the phone If i know she is calling...her voice makes me cringe. If i have to see her, i try to say as few words as possible. Nothing to come back to me, if I don't speak ! I love my husband, the poor guy has to put up with the Mother, but I don't!

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Someone else hurry up and have a baby

Posted on Tue, Mar. 17, 2015 at 06:09 pm

I hate my inlaws so much, they (mil fil and oldest sol) are always trying to control everything we do when it comes to parenting. My Dh has and older sister and 2 grown nieces and I wish one of them would hurry up and have a baby to get the heat of me and just leave me alone. I'm hoping they are just as rude as I think they are and just forget about us when another baby comes along

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I don't care if you hate me, MIL

Posted on Tue, Mar. 17, 2015 at 09:10 am

Guess what, MIL? Doesn't make the blindest bit of difference that you hate me, because I've already won. DH is with me. Not you, ME and the kids. You are miles away, you are old, you are fat, your health is sharply declining, and you have only yourself to blame that I will never make it easy for you again to see us. You are not welcome in my home and have not been for years. I have told DH I am quite happy for him to go visit you anytime he wants to. It's been ages, hasn't it? He forgot to wish you a Happy Mother's Day, didn't he? I'd bet anything you're angry at ME for 'not reminding him'. No, I didn't remind him. He's a grown man with a brain. I use mine for things that are important. You no longer are - and it's your own actions that decided it. I put up with your hatred for many years and I used to care what you thought. Wish I hadn't wasted all that time.

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