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i hate her

Posted on Sun, Nov. 09, 2014 at 10:57 pm

I don't know why this lady hates me. I've been nothing but nice. Always buying her dinner asking if she needs anything. She always talks about his exes in front of me. That she caught them having sex. Always calls me by his last gf name and even had the balls to tell her other daughter in law that I envy her because she's her favorite. Wth bitch is not right. My husband n i always fight. But im done arguing over her. Learning to keep my distance and not let her opinion of me effect my marriage. Besides i married him not her crazy ass.

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Beyond stupid MIL

Posted on Sun, Nov. 09, 2014 at 09:54 pm

I hate how my MIL always has to put her non-sympathetic 2 cents into everything just because shes a nurse. I am suffering from kidney stones due to a lost pregnancy and I become dehydrated a lot quicker and have pains with it. Anytime I tell DH she always sticks her nose in and tells me that I'm not hurting that bad or Says that I'm "milking" my time being sick. One day I'm going to say, "bitch, I didn't know that you were me, let me tell you how I feel ok? and tell me that I'm milking something else I promise we will fight". Goodnight!!

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Stop trying to teach me how to cook!

Posted on Sun, Nov. 09, 2014 at 04:42 pm

I understand she looooves to cook and she is quite good n does it really quick. But why it is that she expects me to have the expertise that she gained in 35 yrs??!!! Worst thing is when my in laws n my husband sit together n bully me for not being a good cook... "If you wanna eat good food.. Hire a chef" " if she starts cooking then we can eat from outside everyday" "you take soo long to cook one dish.. I cud have done 5 in the same time" "what you need in this house is a chef" "if food is not right then your would be bad" ... All this plus when I make something they sometimes don't even taste it cos they expect it to be bad... And always... Always there is a suggestion to make it better as if it just cannot be perfect if I make it... Worst thing is that my hubby fully supports my in laws... I feel so alone... So alone that I cry silently at night...

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sad situation - careless in-laws

Posted on Sun, Nov. 09, 2014 at 01:42 pm

So we do not live in the same country and see the sour relationships we have. my in-laws never call us, it costs them money. mind you they are very affluent in their country and very well off. They only give us missed calls, even if its out birthdays anniverasry, my sons borthday. they do not care, they will keep giving missed calls and will not spend pennies to call us. earlier they used to put some gift money in my son's account on his birthday and a special festival. that too stopped 2 yrs back.. They would always tell us we have put in the money, we said ok we saw it, thankss... what do you want me to do, profusely fall down at your feet... so they think we are not thankful enough for the money they gave to their ONLY grandson on his birthday.
They recently sold some property and have gone crazy on spending spree, buying new furtniture, new appliances for thir home. and recently a big festival went by they never thought of gifting any money to their grandchild.

It not about the money, although it does sound like that it more about their lack of interest in us or my son. my son keeps asking grandpa grandma love me, grandpa grandma gave this car to me... how can i tell him, they never gave anything for him...

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Hate is making you ugly...er.

Posted on Sun, Nov. 09, 2014 at 10:21 am

It's sad my inlaws do not realize that no one scrolls through fifty comments to see how many "loves" their inane comment has. I'm sure your high school acquaintances are getting tired of being hit up to "love" your idiotic statements. They are probably also alarmed at how your face is being contorted by hatred and resembling something from the underworld more and more every day.

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Posted on Sun, Nov. 09, 2014 at 09:53 am

Its shit like being friends on fb that I don't like, if it was up to me and didn't cause a problem i'd unfriend. why would I be friends with MIL & SIL and they not say anything to me, like any pictures or anything at that I post at all? but once DH posts anything like a picture or something that doesn't relate to them they're all over that shit.... so not ready for thanksgiving weekend now.

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Brace yourself for the quake

Posted on Sun, Nov. 09, 2014 at 08:07 am

Wait until mil finds out I made other plans for Thanksgiving. They usually don't organize things until two days before the holiday and even the day of they are still working out times and places. I hate it.

I hate listening to the loser family and their problems like children by married men (not theirs) being homeless, doing drugs how they didn't pay that bill and the consequences for it and watching mil hand over a wad of cash.(because it's never their fault) Some are in jail this year. Having to wait because the losers were supposes to be there hours ago but they are late.

No this year we are having dinner with friends. They have it together just like we do. I won't have to listen to the latest problems, we will be on time and bring our portion of the meal. There will be cooperation and laughter, joy and nice conversation...because their basic needs are met through hard work and high emotional IQ (higher than a five year old) because they didn't party their way through life and neither did we.

When mil finds out we won't be there the earth will shake and I'll pay for it later, probably for the rest of the year. But it will be worth it.

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Mean girls duo.

Posted on Sun, Nov. 09, 2014 at 06:07 am

Yes, I do hate the crap out of you. Before that, i was just annoyed every time i had to deal with your narcissism and attention whoring. However you started spreading out gossip about me 'hating' you to martyr yourself, even though there was nothing between us, then scapegoating and manipulating my husband into having a rift between us, violating our privacy, more bull shit, lies, dramas, one upping, and many more shenanigans you pulled at me...

Yes, NOW i do hate you. Dealing with you is like dealing with petulant selfish egotistic brats.

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Posted on Sun, Nov. 09, 2014 at 02:20 am

We recently came back from our long planned vacation. Narcissistic MIL invited us for lunch, they said they wanted to hear aaaaall about our adventure. Silly me, thinking that she would actually be interested. Guess what? That turned into 5 hours lunch listening to her rehash of all the greatest hits vacations in her life time. DH tried to get his words in about how he had a great time in our vacation, and NMIL just had to cut him off and reminded him about their vacation from his childhood. Yeah, because its impossible for him to have a great time of his life without you around, right MIL?

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Posted on Sat, Nov. 08, 2014 at 11:21 pm

I should never have married my husband.
I wouldn't be stuck with these idiots for life.
I would still have my freedom.
I love my parents' home. I want to go back home.
Mom, can I come back? You and Dad have treated me and my husband so awesome.
My husband is so lucky to have amazing in-laws. I wish I could say the same.
But instead I'm stuck with this judgmental, condescending, rude, hurtful, pain-in-the-@$$ MIL of mine!
Why me!? What did I do to deserve this!?
Every single time she finds out that we're going out as a family, she frickin throws a tantrum and makes us delay/cancel so my husband will go flying down to her apartment to "make sure she's okay"... F***ing LIAR BITCH!! She cries wolf and pretends to have "pains" in various body parts to get him away from me and our 6 month old baby... She told him he needs to promise her that all she has to do is call him and he'll drop everything including the baby to come be with her because she feels abandoned now that he's married and moved out.
She's seen the baby just twice since she was born and both times ended up screaming at her to be quiet cuz she was crying. WTF DO YOU EXPECT!? She's a baby! They CRY! Especially when idiots like you are around you stupid bitch!
I hate that evil psycho bitch!!!!!!!

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