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Better Than You

Posted on Sat, Oct. 01, 2016 at 05:25 pm

Uh, remember that time my child, recover from being sick the night before, was about to fall asleep and you just blurted out, obnoxiously as lwood as possible, the first jack ass thought that popped in your head? It is a long, long list of this exact nonsense that makes me unable to be in your presence. I literally intentionally try to leave a room if you are in it.

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Fake Brother In Law

Posted on Sat, Oct. 01, 2016 at 05:19 pm

Remember last year when you were a belligerent drunk and stormed out of my house, at my duaghter's 2nd birthday,proclaiming you were never coming back to Chicago?

Why are coming this year? You are an IDIOT.

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Posted on Sat, Oct. 01, 2016 at 05:06 pm

I can't even shoot video of my daughter' blowing out the candles at her third birthday party because I am 100% confident my MIL will blurt stupid sh#t in the background and destroy the memory, thanks!

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Dirty house, dirty mind

Posted on Fri, Sep. 30, 2016 at 01:53 pm

Your yard is so nasty , you can't possibly expect to put my baby
there to creep. There is dog hair, flees, chicken and sheep crap and crab lice(I didn't even know there was such a thing). You act like you are so clean, but you are the most disgusting b*tch I have ever met. I guess your yard just reflects the way you are inside.

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Can't stand them

Posted on Fri, Sep. 30, 2016 at 11:31 am

I couldn't stand my in laws since the day my husband and I started planning our wedding. They were so controlling, from where to have the wedding to picking out my wedding dress. They didn't like my ress because I made his sister look fat. I can't control it if i'm a size 1 and shes a size 10. They wanted us to wait for her to get married first, if we did that he would be single along with her. Its been few years now and she's still not married. I would have left him because i wouldnn't wait that long even if i do love him so much that i deal with his families bullsh*t. I try to hold it in everytime so it doesn't bother him. When i cant stand it, he would tell them off but later make it worse once he leaves the house. I don't understand how they live.
They now complain because they don't want me to take care of my kids. They're not doing a very good job and can't even take care of themselves.

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Can't stand him

Posted on Fri, Sep. 30, 2016 at 09:16 am

So my husbands mom says mean things and does really mean things twist things around to make everything that she does like it's your fault she does nothing wrong so I tell my husband that and I'm the messed up one not her . Omg take responsibility for your actions please and acting that way is so not right . Ugh !!!

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We finally got out...

Posted on Fri, Sep. 30, 2016 at 08:23 am

These people are the epitome of shallow idiots. In the early years of our relationship my mother in law used to go around to my now wifes entire family and tell them I was beating her all the time and that I was an angry and violent man. A great introduction to my wifes family that I should have recognized as a precursor...effing twilight zone here folks. This was all because one time she overheard us fighting in front of the house in the evening about how my wife ran off everytime her parents called her even though she was a legal adult. Apparently she was threatened by hearing this truth and deemed it necessary to tell everyone that I had done something that could have landed me jail time and ruined my life in the process. Suffice to say its over a decade later now and I've never layed a hand on my wife in anger.

My father in law on the other hand is basically just a sub-mediocre dipshit who is also an unrivaled hypocrit even by baby-boomer standards. Ironically he is probably the most emotionally fragile of the bunch, but not as outwardly emotional as my mother in law... you'd be hard pressed to find anyone living that histrionically emotional that hasn't been put in a psych ward.

Most of what they have has been handed to them or inherited from my wifes late grandmother who used to help them when they were first married up until she died. The irony in that is they helped us only a few times early on and gave us nothing but shit about it for nearly a decade acting like we couldn't even stand on our own feet... literally only a couple hundred bucks total over more than a decade. They are literally OBSESSED with work even though both of them are depressingly employed in meaningless waste of time jobs and all they did was talk about work when I was unemployed for 2 years during the recession going to school to rub it in my face. For whatever reason, even though I jammed through college with nearly a 4.0 and am now gainfully employed they like to treat me as if I'm still that guy; basically like I don't know anything or have never worked hard... I've done literally every crappy job there is trying to get ahead and did just that without any help from anyone at this point.

In the beginning being young and confident in most ways I used to stick up for myself with them and tell them what I felt and I would speak my mind when they went to far without being an asshole about it. Over the years I would try to communicate with them and keep my wife happy because I personally never had a family growing up and thought it was important to try and make thing work for all of us... big mistake. All it did was wear me and my self esteem down over the years to the point where I let them walk all over me both socially and emotionally and found myself being a passively weak man towards them and only them for about a decade.

My wife also has sisters (no brothers sadly, probably would have done wonders for the general vibe of that "family") both of which are completely effed up due to any lack of competent and honest parenting during their upbringing. One is your typical stupid spoiled west coast girl that basically has had everything handed to her like her parents did; really pushy and bossy and used to getting her way but only within her parents domain because of the messed up family dynamic. The other sister is actually not all that bad, just stupid and prone to making really bad choices. None of them fucking listen though at all, and I don't mean in a macho "listen to me or else" way. I mean literally they will argue with you that the sky is blue kind of way. They and their parents are also the kind of people who like to get a rise out of someone just for the fun of it... sick in the head really.

When they are all together it is literally insane, like some kind of solipsistic cult or coven and even my wife changes her dynamic drastically and I swear to God becomes dumber around the people and the effects last for days after she's seen them... not trying to be funny. These people are also literally immune to any kind of logic or good advice. I will try my best to be patient and caring and give them advice ONLY WHEN ITS PROPER TIMING (I can't stand people who are just itching in anticipation to give constant advice...) which they will turn down as if I am speaking some alien tongue only to later in the year or whenever have the same advice told to me as if it i were their own thoughts... literally happens all the time and makes me want to punch someone, more twilight zone shit. Meanwhile they literally will start in with what I call "The Advice Train" minutes after the beginning of any kind of casual encounter. Basically treating us like children even though our IQ's and social behaviors are far more matured than any of theirs hands down.

My mother in law, whom is the source of most of the stress for the entire family in general, will never take no for an answer anytime. If and whenever I carefully put my foot down as the supposed head of my household and an adult man who pays his bills she accuses me of being an "angry guy" and tells me to calm down even if I just utter something with a patient tone that she doesn't like. I'm convinced she just hates men in general really. Her husband either backs her up in order to gain brownie points towards his lifeless marriage or just sits there with a stupid look on his face.

Her father in law constantly throws me under the bus as well. He always pops off with stupid crap like "I TREAT MY WIFE THIS WAY AND SO SHOULD YOU HUF HUF HUF" making sure everyone in the room is watching as he tries to lecture me. He drinks constantly and lies to his wife about it and even goes as far as to blaming me for drinking all of his alcohol if and when I come over because he is such a tool that he allows his wife to monitor his alcohol intake.

A major problem with this behavior is that he and his wife have the most loveless marriage devoid of any kind of communication, intimacy, or caring that I've ever seen. Also, my wifes sisters who stays with them on and off due to her terrible life choices told us that her dad does nothing but yell at her mom when no one else is around. They always put on the "happy act" anytime anyone else is around which I don't really care about but its when they come at me with accusations I get mad at the hypocrisy. Her father used to say I controlled his daughter with fear when that is really all he has ever done and continued to do until my wife finally snapped out of it a couple years back.

Needless to say, we have finally moved away from the disgusting, miserable baboons and are both on to bigger and better things. I'm mking good money now and I'm done with school and can't wait to start a family in my own house. Mine and my wifes rules. If she or he ever pulls any weird shit when we have kids they will be cut off permanently, and the best thing is I've discussed this with my wife and were both on the same page. Its like my wife literally becomes smarter and happier with each passing day that she isn't around those toxic idiots. I am so very grateful but really regret never simply telling them off... Oh well. I guess I still might get the opportunity some day.

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Please, stop

Posted on Fri, Sep. 30, 2016 at 06:08 am

Mil, you knew the answer would be no. You asked only to hurt your own feelings.
I just want no relationship. I have no reason to maintain one no matter how much you deny what you've done. I don't owe you anything. I'm not your uterus for rent service. I don't wish you ill but I won't sacrifice my family solely to keep you happy & protect you from your own consequences. Be honest with your friends and family. Tell them that poor choices have kept you from our family. Quit getting upset that your son stands by my choice. He knows me. He knows that although many members of his family have traits I don't agree with, I am polite, respectful, and supportive of maintaining relations. He knows that you are the only one that has crossed a line so badly that I feel truly sick at the thought of exposing us to you. Please, move on. We are strangers, accept it.

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Posted on Fri, Sep. 30, 2016 at 04:55 am

I've been married to my husband for thirty eight years and estranged from my in laws for the past ten. I can proudly say that I was always polite and respectful towards my in laws, but felt that I could NEVER do a thing right in my mother in law and her daughters eyes! Turns out that they had been talking to my husband about me since just before we married. My husband always denied this when I said I felt they didn't like me and told me it was all in my imagination. Yesterday he said he needed to ease his concience and admitted that his mother and sister had pulled him aside over the years and bagged me out constantly. Not once did he stand up for me. That part I'm having difficulty processing. The person I should be able to trust the most let me down. I have been honest and open and confided in a man who knows everything about me and who I thought I could trust and it turns out he has never been honest with me. His sister has a trail of broken relationships and marriages. His mother hates the world and has no friends. She was not happy in her own marriage while her husband was alive. That I know because he was popular and she was always jealous of the friendships he made. She drove his friends away one by one. Then he died suddenly of a heart attack. She is now a recluse and still going on about me, to the point of blaming me for everything including breaking up her family....She told my husband that she doesn't know how I can live with myself! Who says that to another human being? Reality is that she kept so many secrets regarding the people she deceived, at the same time accusing everyone for her miserable life that she created. Her daughter rings her daily, because she is a controlling trouble maker and rings her m9ther to make sure shes on track with her hatefulness. If I had known that my life would be this way because they dislike me so much I would never have married my husband! I pity anyone else who is suffering at the hands of horrible in laws! It's a certain kind of torture! I firmly believe my husband could have nipped the problem in the bud years ago. Too late for us now!

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Snake who eats up Son's marriage

Posted on Thu, Sep. 29, 2016 at 08:37 am

So my husband was a divorcee and I loved him so got married. Earlier failed marriage was a result of bitchy MIL. When she is not around, she spits venom into my husband's ears over phone and my marriage shatters! Husband treats them like above GOD.
I don't even want to see her filthy face and Hubby says to shift with them. She is the worst person I have ever known.
I don't want to be with this bifid tongue lady as again she will break Son's and my marriage!

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