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Finally my in-laws are done for me.

Posted on Mon, Oct. 13, 2014 at 11:21 pm

It has been a while since I realized that my in-laws do their best to make me feel uncomfortable and ignore me in the family gatherings. They rarely even give me a chance to say something in the family reunions. I am a forgiving person so out of my partner's request I ended up attending a gathering after almost 6 months of willingly not hanging out with them. As soon as my partner and I entered the room, one of his sisters would not even turn her head to be polite and reply to our greeting. I could not even take 10 minutes of being surrounded by those bastards unfriendly behavior and their passive -aggressive ways to be "friendly". I finally decided that not even for thanksgiving or Christmas I will ever ever expose myself to those nasty conservatives that are not just racist and entitled but also lack basic social skills. I let my sister in law have it really badly thru a private facebook message. Of course she could not even reflect on her own doing as I am the one who has "issues" according to her. I had even gone out of my way many times to please them and be nice. Never ever again! I hope that those manipulative and cunning women will finally get their life lessons one day. I can not mention publicly why I think is already happening. But am very happy with my decision of never ever allowing them to make me feel bad or snob me ever again.

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A little help would be nice MIL

Posted on Mon, Oct. 13, 2014 at 09:37 pm

MIL- she is the only grandparent in town, and expresses the least interest in helping with babysitting. she doesn't work and lives off of money her siblings send her. dh and I work full time and have daycare for dd, sometimes dd gets sick or daycare closes early, a little sitting help would be appreciated (needed only like once or twice a month when dh or 1 can't miss work). and yes, more often than not she does sit, but it's like pulling teeth to get her to agree to it. we hate asking anyone for anything but in these cases we really do need help, and you would think any other grandmother with only 1 grandchild would be all over it, but not really. every time without fail she brings laundry (in the past has even complained about our soap), and has implied she should be getting paid. too often in these instances I have come home to a toddler with a dirty diaper that hasn't napped or eaten (even with meals and bottles etc all laid out), and grandma is off in a flash. this weekend I saw you in action "watching" dd play in public only for you to zone out while dd ran out of sight and you didn't notice!(dm was there and saw it happen and freaked out). no words, wow, you didn't even acknowledge it or apologize. this makes dh and I wonder what goes on while you watch her at our place. so pretty much there went any little bit of help we ever even had. I guess I have to start missing more work. thanks for everything mil, you can now carry on with your unemployed leisurely lifestyle uninterrupted, but i'm sure you will be by for the holidays for the presents and leftovers.

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The meaning of marriage?

Posted on Mon, Oct. 13, 2014 at 05:23 pm

I don't understand why inlaws are so disrespectful and ruin marriages it's ridiculous. You would think that as adults we do want we want, think about it when we are single we even go and live overseas if we want to. I think that inlaws are made to be so prominent in relationships because their dumbass kids are still attached to umbilical cords. I think if more men and women in marriages set boundaries, stood up to their parents and respected their partners none of these inlaw problems would exist. These terrible inlaws causing havoc in marriages who would otherwise be blissful, simply know that their adult child is a pushover and an idiot. They show no respect for their adult children and treat their marriage and their child's spouse like two children playing houses. It's appalling and I believe these out of control inlaws is an epidemic. It's very sad because so many couples who truly care and love each other have got evil people making their marriage a misery. I truly believe that these terrible people lead so many couples to divorce. I believe that you should be able to sue inlaws who do cause emotional stress and lead couples to divorce. The government should introduce legislation into family law to be able to sue family members who are breaching boundaries and are out of control. This is the only way that terrible inlaws will stay in their place and back off. In Italy the mamas boy situation is causing a dilemma because adult men are tied to their mothers apron strings and those that their mothers back off a bit to allow them to marry eventually due to mama interference end up divorced. The result low fertility rates which basically affects the economy and everything else. So horrible inlaws are a major problem inducing divorce and affecting the economy.

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Give-Away MIL

Posted on Mon, Oct. 13, 2014 at 03:02 pm

I was 15 when I met their son and GOOD LORD I've almost had enough.

FIL is quite sweet, caring and quiet. Mostly TOO quiet. He lets his controlling, critical, judgemental wife to do/say anything and sits quietly listening to her stupid lectures.

I'm in my early 20s, have two children and bought a house with her son and I am still treated as a teenager. She acts like my mother (who is a wonderful woman, nothing like my MIL) and believes in 'constructive criticism': "Wow, you've put on a bit of weight, what does PRECIOUS SON think of this?" "My goodness dear, you look sick and thin, what does PRECIOUS SON think of this?"

She thinks she knows my children better than I do (they try to avoid her and go to FIL), she constantly says I need to go back to work (DH makes $30,000 more than her, we live in a lovely house, have a nice car and I'm lucky to be a SAHM), and nothing in her eyes is clean enough.

If you disagree with her lectures/criticisms/ideology she bursts into tears and hysterics and then says your the one who is "over sensitive".

So, I've decided to give her away. Comes with quiet husband, will re-re-clean your home and will tell you how to live your life. Any takers? Yeah... I thought not.

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Posted on Mon, Oct. 13, 2014 at 12:55 pm

I am enraged today. I met my ex and some of his family yesterday so they could see my son.

I now no why my ex's family hated me so; my ex sat there and made up a story about me right in front of me. I wanted to walk out, but didn't want to upset my son.

That mo-do won't be seeing me again in a setting like that ever.

Here are some truths that he has never acknowledged:

He is a heroin addict
Stole my son's savings and cashed in his savings bonds for drugs
Abused myself and my son for years
Stole from his parents
Impregnated me while he was high and I was asleep then forced me to have an abortion
Locked me out of my apt when I told him I was pregnant (after we tried for eight months to get pregnant)
Lied to his family about me to cover his own misdeeds
Screamed at me the day of my baby shower that I better hurry up because his family was paying for everything and reminded me that mine did nothing
Ruined my credit
Left my son and I homeless for heroin and a girlfriend who was only 9yrs older than his son

I am catholic and believe in forgiveness but after yesterday I hope that with all that is holy you pay for your sins you evil bastard

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Get a life or drop dead ESIL

Posted on Mon, Oct. 13, 2014 at 12:41 pm

I`ve had enough of your BS over the years. It`s time for you to grow up and get a life, or please drop dead. You have such a pathetic existence hanging out with your equally deranged brother. You have no friends or companions to socialize with. You are one strange lady. What a loser you are! Only hanging out with your strange older brother and bugging your married daughter all the time. If you had relationship skills, social skills and a decent personality you might have some friends to hang out with. We don`t feel sorry for you like your parents did. You are your own worst enemy because you basically are a controlling, manipulative, money grubbing miserable bitch who nobody wants to spend time with. Maybe if you were a nice person you might have some friends or family who wants to visit with you. For starters, ripping off your brother (my DH) hasn`t helped your relationship with DH. In fact, he gets into a rage when he talks about you calling you an F`n bitch. So there you go. Your selfishness is now biting you in the ass. You will rot in your old age with no friends, or family who wants to visit with you. This, all because you are a self centered, controlling, money grubbing, miserable piece of crap!

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Is that normal?

Posted on Mon, Oct. 13, 2014 at 09:52 am

MIL and FIL are visiting to see their grand child. SIL refuses to visit..so instead she keeps texting MIL and FIL every moment just to gossip. She wants to keep MIL and FIL angry with me or shift attention to how wonderful she is in comparison.
Who does that? What 30 yr old is up their parent's butt so far that they have to check in to make sure that she is still the favorite?

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Posted on Mon, Oct. 13, 2014 at 08:18 am

I've been to counseling over you; threatened separation over you; been thru over 20 yearss if shit over you ; and I have managed to get you more on the outside! My therapist said to let my spouse handle all communication with you but he won't do it! Even when I ask he just says ok or it'll work out and I tell him I want to separate and he wants to call and chew you out when all he really has to do is take some responsibility!! Do what I ask and we can avoid the chew out! But something as innocent as letting you know I'd received your donation for one of the kids ' fundraisers is your invitation to get back in! You ask for your grandchilds game schedule and I gave you a game that would work for us but I no longer have to give you a game schedule I used to but keep in mind that I was just being (too) nice!
None of my friends do this! So now one date is what you get if that! But instead of being mature about this you again go back to your style of how can I try to make dil look bad in this sitch? I told hubby all week call her;she's going to call last minute and I hate that! Oh he just keeps saying they're not going to call, they're just not coming and of course sat morning they want to come for the game! Being that they had over 2 weeks to respond I said no we've made other plans now and that's rude and you were supposed to call her to not put me thru this stress! He then tries to blame me for communicating with her at all when I'd asked him to take care of it and he refused! He replies that it was a bad day and she then started blaming me for everything in a very accusatory way saying that oh I guess dil didn't get my response email saying we were coming today! No I didn't because you never sent that and my stupid
Husband has the nerve to question me and look through my emails as if he believed her!
He doesn't find one but her insinuation was obvious - she thought I'd deleted it! So I end up apologizing for the miscommunication while my husband is still blaming me for communicating with her! It's unbelievable that after 20 years of marriage I'm treated
Like a child still when I wasn't a child 20 years ago ! Just so done!

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My in-laws are F'd

Posted on Mon, Oct. 13, 2014 at 08:02 am

I was very naive when I got married at age 21. My husband was okay, but my in-laws are the pits. Especially, ESIL who has some type of controlling personality disorder. BIL also has issues. NIL has even more issues. I should have been a social worker to deal with this family. Had I known just how F'd up my husband's family was, I never would have married him. To this day, after 33 years of marriage I'm still dealing with their family dysfunction, to which his siblings never seem to improve, in fact, they have gotten worse. NIL has been trained by SIL to be a leech with relatives and she is even worse now that she has 2 kids. The Master Leech is ESIL who has no relationship skills and has scared every man out of her life including her own brother (my husband). She is her own worst enemy causing strife and drama wherever she goes. DH and I have cut the leeches out of our life once and for all. I come from a much nicer family and I wasn't use to all this controlling, scheming behavior. Well, I've learned the hard way that there are some really toxic families out there and it's best to keep toxic people out of your life forever!

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Posted on Mon, Oct. 13, 2014 at 07:10 am

IL's, I am hoping that I can help DH not morph into you guys. FIL, I wish you would quit using compliments as insults with us, but it makes me crazy when you do it to my friends. Do not tell my family, me, or my friends that we are fat (we are not), or how to dress, or manipulate to get your way. I am so glad that I finally realized that after all these years it isn't ME! You guys sometimes lament that people don't ask you places. It's because they can't handle know-it-all FIL and suffering, yet also know-it-MIL. I have gotten good at not having to spend time with you two the last few years, but now DH is getting older and it is a struggle to keep him from turning into you. He often insults me and everybody else and is a bore and know-it-all. I have called him on his useless lectures and sometimes he gets it. It's just so frustrating to see the damage that we have to overcome. Marriage therapist told DH that he is too independent in his mind. He hasn't bought me flowers in a least a decade and has convinced himself I don't want them. I probably even told him it was okay just to smooth things over. Refuses to celebrate Valentine's Day. Making my birthday more special than going out to eat? Out of the question. Going on vacation? Almost impossible to get him to shell out and take time off of work. Why? Because IL's have made him feel guilty to enjoy life and take time out to be refreshed. It's been no fun for DH to be a hero to other people while he lets our house, fence, and cars go to pot. I love when he's happy, but the happy days don't last long enough. He wants to move off-the-grid, but I am a social person. I am no way leaving the support system of friends I now have. They give me hope and make me laugh. We give each other gifts from vacations, and do kind things for one another. I am 80% the old-fashioned housewife and mother and yet am made to feel guilty for having 'time off.' Yet, these friends keep me sane and give me strength and encouragement to keep going everyday. I do a lot of little kind things for DH, and used to for IL's, but gifts are often slapped back in my face. The joy of giving and receiving does not exist with these people! It sucks to hear with a patronizing smile/smirk "I don't need that." DH is better than them and I love when he goes back to being that college boy who studied me and what I like. For a guy who used to hike, ski, shoots, and can be very active outside, I am bummed that he won't consider eating dinner on the back porch (allergies or bugs)My friends are helping to fill the gap for relationships that are actually reciprical. I would like to have jewelry from DH that I didn't feel like was given as PROOF that he buys me things. The last time he bought me something nice was Christmas, and I was impressed. But he didn't give it to me romantically. I opened it up with regular Christmas gifts and then he explained all the other choices he was thinking of and so on. Initiating sex is tough for me because I am often rejected. I have worked my ass off to be in great shape and I turn heads when I go out. HE has to initiate, which is often by being grabby or sabatoging it by trying to start something when I have to leave in 15 minutes. Totally sucks that most marriage advice is about women needing to give men more sex when my marriage is the other way around. Last week was better, but I might have to wait weeks sometimes when I really want more than almost once a week.

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