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I know why you don't like my kids

Posted on Thu, Nov. 17, 2016 at 08:37 am

Dear MIL who I have not had the displeasure of seeing since early July and will not have the displeasure of seeing until sometime in 2017:

I get it now. I finally understand the motive behind making my DH your scapegoat and ignoring my kids, while lavishing attention on SIL'S daughter, the golden grandchild.

My husband and kids are intelligent. My 3yo had an IQ far above yours. You don't like smart people. You like stupid kids who grow up to be compliant adults after you feed them a mixture of criticism and codependency that my kids would never tolerate.

I'm glad you played favourites. You pretty much hit every bingo square to make sure none of us will miss anything about you.

See you at your funeral!

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It took 25 years....

Posted on Thu, Nov. 17, 2016 at 06:54 am

Thanksgiving is next week. Our whole marriage the mil shoved a food in front of me on Thanksgiving I am deathly allergic to, a food that could cause death. They thought this was funny. They talked about it all year asking specific questions and bringing up articles they read and then after all that knowing it could kill me they shove it in my face and laugh on Thanksgiving.

Fil died a few years ago. Dh no longer defends the bad behavior and we spend Thanksgiving away from mil.

fil was mean and controlling and had some sort of hold on dh but now dg is no longer controlled by the evil force.

Now I am living well without mil in my life much. Living well is the best revenge.

Karma is handing me a gift after 25 years of horrible behavior from the ils. I am so grateful and won't ever take it for granted.

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Thanks for coming - Christmas is cancelled

Posted on Thu, Nov. 17, 2016 at 04:29 am


My 10,000 miles away in-laws begged, cajoled, threatened, cried and used emotional blackmail to get us to holiday for 3 weeks at their place this Christmas - and it HAD to be Christmas. I cannot stress the word CHRISTMAS enough.

Side note, we had to cancel our last trip a couple of years ago and wire our airfare direct to FIL and MIL as they are broke. Our entire apartment would fit in their living room - but we are supporting them!!!

We have been wiring a regular monthly allowance for years, without which they would literally lose everything. This crap has been going on for years and we receive no thanks.

My SIL who lives near them pleads poverty. She has a swimming pool, maid and gardener, however the maid and gardener are part time.

So we planned this trip 18 months ago, booked the flights a year ago. Used up holiday allowances at work ( wife ), rearranged schedules, shut down my business ( self employed ), etc...

soooooo ...

Sister in law just cancelled Christmas dinner via Facebook. Instead we are having a quick christmas eve meal. Might swap presents Christmas day lunchtime depending on everyone's schedule. You know, over a quick coffee, time permitting.

My inlaws are a bunch of ****s still fighting some petty argument from 20 years ago. It is a constant power struggle over nothing. There are now two possible outcomes.

1) Christmas dinner happens on Christmas day but my wife's family will all sit in passive aggressive silence and leave after 90 minutes.

2) Christmas dinner is my wife, her parents and me in a casino restaurant. The casino they swear they never visit due to previously mentioned financial problems, which apparently is still sending them coupons for cheap meals.

I should add that this is just one issue regarding the holiday. Its going to be 3 weeks of this type of shit. This is just the first screw up and we haven't even got on a plane yet.

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Posted on Wed, Nov. 16, 2016 at 08:20 pm

I just realized why whenever we were at events and someone took our photos, MIL is always so diligent in giving us our photos. She always give it away fast.

It's because she doesn't want a photo of US in her house.

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Posted on Wed, Nov. 16, 2016 at 07:33 pm

MIL, you and your partner in crime (FIL) are such special little snowflakes, aren't you? You keep trying to shove your idiotic libtard ideology down our throats, priding yourselves on your "open-mindedness". Yup, your minds are so open that there is obviously nothing in there. Seriously, things like truth and facts mean absolutely nothing to you. Funny how you can't see how YOU are actually the hateful, narrow-minded, control-freak abusers. You nasty vicious "progressives" (HA!) want to control everyone other than yourselves. And then you have the nerve to b*itch that nobody comes to visit you. Sheeesh, you're a special kind of stupid!

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Unbelievable In-laws

Posted on Wed, Nov. 16, 2016 at 04:25 pm

DH has always been treated poorly by his parents. Everything was always about his loser sister, who dropped out of high school, refuses to work and sucks MIL and FIL dry. DH worked his way through college and has a great job. Yet, they can't understand that DH isn't their cash cow. How many times does DH have to tell them that he isn't responsible for their bills. How many times does he have to tell them to live within their means? Who do they blame? Me. I'm spending all of their son's money. So I agree with them. Every time I buy something, I show them the receipt. They storm out of our home and won't contact us for a few weeks. Works for us!

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You're not going to win.

Posted on Wed, Nov. 16, 2016 at 01:39 pm

Dear moaner in law.

I see through you and I can see such a nasty, vindictive, narcissistic,evil,bitter and twisted woman. A part of me pities you but the other part of me sees your plan. Well you can f**k off!

Firstly, I am not married to the black sheep of the family so no, I won't be waiting on you hand and foot when you decide that you are too old to do anything for yourself. I guess that maybe next week. No I am going to dump and run at the nearest old people's home :-)

You pretend to be a Christian but you do not have a charitable bone in your body. You judge. You gossip. You are racist and a bigot.

You think I give a shit what crap you have brought my kids? No because it will be crap and you can not compete with me because I AM THEIR MOTHER!!! I have great joy depositing your crap to the nearest charity shop.

You HATE the fact both our kids are equal. There is no golden mommies boy and black sheep. Just two kids who are equally loved and they KNOW it. Your own kids don't talk to each other because of your manipulation. By the way I do not care that the heifer of a daughter in law kisses your ass. She's welcome to that smelly orifice.

You hate that me and the black sheep are a team. I know you are jealous of our relationship and yes I do laugh because he calls you all the names under the sun.

Finally. You think we are stuck sharing the house with you...... WRONG BITCH!!! We are weeks away from finally getting our own home and you know f**k all about it. Then I'll be like: Peace out bitch!

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Forgive and Forget?

Posted on Wed, Nov. 16, 2016 at 01:36 pm

DH says maybe I should just "forgive and forget" all the horrible things you've done to us so that I can suffer through another holiday with your hateful, bitter, white trash family.

But no...

I won't forgive and forget how you crashed your own son's bachelor party to call him all kinds of horrible names and embarrass him in front of his friends and coworkers. He BEGGED you to leave but you wouldn't until you were finished humiliating him.

I won't forgive and forget that you make sure to call DH on every day off or payday he has to hit him up for $ and favors and rides. And the fact that you call him names and abuse him when he finally says "no" to you.

I won't forgive and forget how you snidely called me a spoiled princess on what was supposed to be the happiest day of DH's and my life...just because I had a beautiful ring on my finger that your son chose.

I won't forgive and forget that you hate us and guilt trip us because of our success together. You refuse to see that we work really hard for everything we have and that I make your son happier than he's even been.

And lastly: No, I won't forgive and forget the fact that you took a phone call IN THE MIDDLE of our wedding vows. Seeing you chatting away during that special moment truly showed me how much respect you have for your son and for me.

So, no. I won't forgive and forget. But I also won't lower myself to your level. Eagles soar above and all that. Living a better, happier life than you people is the best revenge. Maybe I'll send a postcard.

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Hateful MIL

Posted on Wed, Nov. 16, 2016 at 05:46 am

Gave my cat the last of the milk MIL came round to see her son, she thought he needed some Mommy time "any chance of a cup of tea" she bellowed, I used the last of the milk on the cat, luckily for me the cat left a little bit in the bowl so I tipped the remainder into her cup of tea, that was over 4 years ago and I still laugh. ha ha ha ha if only she knew,I will tell her one day jealous old cow.

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Wishing I had seen it sooner

Posted on Wed, Nov. 16, 2016 at 04:49 am

That my DH was exactly like my inlaws. Maybe if they loosened their grip, he could start to make up his own mind. My parents dont really give advice, only when asked for and then say "do what feels right", whereas his parents always try to tell us how to do something because it is their way.
Their lives are not great. They live in a dirty house and there is junk everywhere in their yard and they both are compulsive over eaters who purposely made their children fat and now are trying to do it to their grandchildren.
I almost want to get a divorce so my kids arent exposed to their dysfunction all the time. They need psychological help but think they are perfect. Newsflash: Hoarding and overeating are signs something is wrong.
Everytime I think I am getting through to my husband and pulling him out of their ways, they find some way to bring him right back in.
I think at this point we need group therapy as opposed to marriage counseling.

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