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I hate her

Posted on Fri, Jul. 21, 2017 at 03:26 pm

I hate my inlaws. My man is their only child. But they have always treated him badly. My mother in law is a psycho and she keeps manipulating him. She also tried to convince him to leave me. She has been going through my make-up and clothes and She even admitted to that. She keeps saying to him that women with alot of make-up and a tan are more beautifull. My skin can't have a tan and I don't wear alot of make-up. She also makes up conversations that did not happen and tells my man that I have insulted her. I hate her and I can not wait untill we move far away from her.

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I could go on for years with my inlaw stories!

Posted on Fri, Jul. 21, 2017 at 03:02 pm

We paid for my husbands mothers airline ticket to visit us for a week as we moved a 12 hour drive away, THANK GOD! She called me pig for years and I admit I was a little overweight but I would never call someone that even if they were severly obese. I lost 40 pounds after moving and thought she would compliment me, no it made her madder as the name calling no longer hurt as I was a perfect weight. So than came her critisim of my housekeeping. (I had been painting the entire house and sanding the deck getting ready for the bitch) We sat down to eat a meal I prepared and she acted like I was not even there and said to my husband in a disgusted way You like this sort of food? When I was not done eating she would light up a cigarette at the table, (we are both reformed smokers) and I would never smoke in someones home when I did smoke without approval) She insulted my hair, clothes, fingernails as they are not manicured, (yes i work with my hands), and even told me I walk too heavy on my feet After a few days i just pretended I was sick and stayed in my room as I could not take the abuse anymore. I realize some people no matter how hard you try you will never be good enough. I just hope I am never that rude and am thankful my parents were never like that If they were I would have put a stop to it asap unlike my coward husband. My two sisters married the two biggest loosers in the world and my parents still respected them as its called CLASS!

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Aunt in law y'all

Posted on Fri, Jul. 21, 2017 at 11:48 am

Havent seen any good aunt in law stories here, so here goes.

Pain in the ass aunt of my SO Decides that she would rather be my MIL not an aunt in law. Like, just bestows that title on herself. I didnt like it when i first heard it, but being young and stupid i didn't speak my. mind. Didnt think it could do any harm. I didnt call her MIL, but she refered to me as her DIL. I figured whats the harm.

Then we got pregnant. And she starts calling herself "grandma." Shit. This could get ugly, i thought. And it did. She had the nerve to comment on all the shit i wasnt doing right. "Oh, i see you Finally put the clothes i bought for my grandbaby on her!" "Oh, about time you use that frame i gave you. I thought you threw it out. Oh you use X brand of laundry detergant? Isnt that expensive??" Keep in mind that my laundry detergent was stored out if sight, so bitch was snooping.

Also, i could not, and still cannot find my address book. It was something i threw together during our wedding prep and figured it might come in handy in an emergency.it disappears after she babysat for us for a date night. Wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. Only that following Christmas she mailed out cards to the whole damily. First time in her damn life she ever sent Christmas cards. She is too lazy to get all those damn addresses herself so i know she stole my address book. Diabolical.

My SO was raised by his grandparents. Their oldest daughter (SO's aunt, the one i hate the fake MIL) still lived at home when my SO was born. So she moved away for school, managed to get knocked up in college -by a drug dealer, and had to move back in with her parents. She lived with my SO for most of his childhood /teen years. She never raised my SO except for getting him to school late for most of high school. She was his ride. Other than that she did nothing. But now she tells strangers that she raised my SO as a single mom. Did it all on her own and it was so hard but so worth it. Bitch. You know, just because you say a lie over and over doesnt make it true. It just makes you more of a lier.

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The Most Toxic In-Laws Ever

Posted on Fri, Jul. 21, 2017 at 08:49 am

Technically they are my ex-in laws but I have been close to my ex's family since before we were married or together so they were like another family. Recently in the last few years, they've slowly descended into madness.
MIL - this woman is the crazies person I have ever met in my life. I think she has some undiagnosed mental illness (which I hope my daughter doesn't inherit) but she refuses to admit her psychotic attitude. Her kids all have acknowledged she's crazy. Yet somehow she has friends and people convinced she's a good person. I used to think she was - she was like a second mom. Now I see what my ex's first wife was saying about the family. MIL constantly invades into her kids' lives. Constantly. It's almost obsessive with her oldest (my ex). She favors his oldest son out of the four of his kids but she loves to use our daughter for attention and not come visit her. She constantly plays the victim. Nothing is ever her fault. She never does anything wrong. Her son (my ex) is a horrible drug addict. Most of the time when he abused me she did stick up for me and was on my side BUT she always takes him back in every time he relapses. Takes him to rehab. Lets him come home when he ODs. Makes excuses for him. Then when I call her out on it she attacks me. She has called me vile names and threatened to take me to court for visitation. I laughed at her. Then posts on FB how she's a victim basically and when I try to correct it, she deletes the comments. Tells people I'm trying to call her son and he doesn't want to talk to me (no I called for our daughter) and how I took him to drug houses and gave him money. Um no. She talks about how abusive her husband is but I think she makes up about half and she starts 99% of the fights with him.

SIL - Two sisters in law. I was best friends wit them but the last few years - nope. One disowned me because I told off her alcoholic, abusive husband. I stuck up for her. I got disowned and now she's turning into a mini version of her mother. She married a guy she barely knew and has children. Let this stranger in her house around them and they call him dad when they have a dad (who is also an abusive pos). Recently sent me a psychotic message yelling at me when I don't talk to her. Won't come to anything with my daughter because I won't let her husband come. Calls me crazy and threatened to affect my job when I told off her husband. The other sister is the type that stays neutral and tries to make everyone happy. Lets her brother come around even after he's been using. Let him watch her kids.
BIL - he just kind of sticks to himself and his family and smokes a lot of weed. He's pretty chill.
FIL - he's ok but after his last divorce he kind of lost it a little and has been depressing. But he's the most sane one and had he been able to be home more I bet the kids wouldn't be like their mother. I see now why my ex is the way he is and his siblings. Their mom is crazy. She messed up her kids. She's the worst mother ever and she never should have had kids. She can barely take care of herself. If she hadn't had their dad I guarantee she would have lost her kids.

I've finally realized that they are toxic and I don't need them in my life and I don't have to. I treated them like family. I did a lot for them and to be so easily dismissed says everything. I divorced him two years ago and I should have divorced them. They don't even care he screwed me out of a small fortune. That he neglects his responsibilities as a father. That he uses them. I only kept in touch because of our history and so our daughter had a relationship with them but now I'm done. She is better off not having them around and if they want to see her they make an effort.

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Posted on Fri, Jul. 21, 2017 at 05:51 am

Yippee!!! Best news ever for us - now stay there! Now just need to get rid of the rest XD

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Posted on Thu, Jul. 20, 2017 at 08:26 pm

She is nothing but a controlling bully . Always says mean things to me constantly bullies me . Bullying causes emotional damage for years to someone and my stupid husband is to dumb to realize you do not bully someone and expect the person who is being bullied not to fight back and I am telling people so that the bullying would please stop but your to stupid to understand please make her stop bullying me please I had enough of this shit and she does not deserve to have me be nice to her .

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Posted on Thu, Jul. 20, 2017 at 07:37 pm

My husband tries to humiliate me everytime I say something derogatory about his mother . But if my husband cared about me at all he would know that she is the meanest person that is in this earth she starts trouble with me anyway that she can to the point where I want to bust and have to say how mean she is I mean come on if my husband cared and gave a shit about me he would not allow his nasty mother to treat me like crap . And you really need to wonder why I can't stand her this is abusive . You should not abuse anyone !!!!!

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Posted on Thu, Jul. 20, 2017 at 12:29 pm

This is my fourth story on here, I feel better getting it out of me! Just thinking about years ago my husbands sister and husband who live a couple hours away from anyone so never have to host holidays or anything. I have done Easter, Thanksgiving etc and it was not cheap to do. I also made sure that we took my MIL out or had her over for every one of her birthdays as none of his other siblings gave a shit. (needless to say my husband or her never had a cake or anything for me to this day) anyways one year my SIL said she is going to have everyone for my MIL birthday which would be about 7 adults and five children Her and her husband both make over 250k a year each and he inherited a ton of money. Can you believe they were charging each person 25 dollars to come to their cookout? I did not go as I am not driving two hours each way to sit in your yard that does not even have a tree and pay 50 for the two of us. I heard they did not even have a new container of ice cream but served the freezer burnt shit they had so they profited on the deal. Also my husbands brother paid and his wife paid too not knowing each other paid so they were charged 100 plus children and they do not have it to give and they always put on a nice spread when they had us over. I am so glad I did not go and cant believe how cheap some people are!

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Not Anymore

Posted on Thu, Jul. 20, 2017 at 10:46 am

Your birthday is coming up and I am not going to offer to make the cake or bring any of the food. I'm done. Ask your son. He should be the one doing it anyway! He doesn't make my mom anything on her bday. I'm done doing anything for you.

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So glad I found this site!

Posted on Thu, Jul. 20, 2017 at 10:44 am

For twenty years I used to think am I the only one with the meanest selfish in-laws. After reading these stories I do not feel so alone anymore and some made me laugh. I have tried counseling, books etc trying to get over the hurtful things my inlaws have said to me. I cant even stand my husband anymore and I know he is the way he is from his enabler of a mother. I just wish I knew now what I know as I met him when I was 21 and I was an insecure in love girl who was willing to put up with the BS. I should have known what I was getting into. My husband (Boyfriend at the time) would go out drinking all night, sleep all day till 3 or 4 pm get up and make himself a big breakfast, leave the mess for his mother and go back out drinking as he walked past the pile of trash they he should take out as it was just the two of them living in a condo. She would clean his room and than he would flip out on her in front of me that she touched his stuff and she would not say anything back to him. First of all I had to clean my room and the entire house since I was a child and If I ever talked to my parents like that I can guarantee you I would not have a place to live. He never had to do one thing around that house so now he expects me to do everything. Thats not even the problem, I dont even mind cleaning but he supervises me and tells me how I do not know how to clean. I just cant help but to hate my mother inlaw for teaching him this is how a woman is suppose to be treated. He is extremley verbally abusive to me and sometimes physically if he does not get his way. I am now finally planning my escape as after 25 years you realize its never going to stop and he is never going to change. He will always act like a spoiled child that he was brought up to be. We cant go anywhere without him picking a fight with a stranger for no reason. We have been kicked out of bars, nightclubs, country fairs and he was banned from the local hospital for being abusive to the nurses. Its humiliating to go out in public with him as you never know when and who he might start a fight with. Its sad as my friends were coming to visit me that I have not seen in ten years and just cant deal with the fight that will happen when I try to clean the house up before they come and also he will sit in the other room and listen to us and make comments. Its just not worth it! AND HIS FAMILY THINKS ITS ME

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