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Massive vent!!!

Posted on Thu, Aug. 14, 2014 at 09:01 am

You ill mannered, pure nasty, attention seeking Cow! i can't stand hearing your man ass voice trying to take over every conversation to make it all about you! the nasty looks and comments you make about me and my fiance... argh well i will tell you something we work our butts off working to pay for our mortgage and wedding so that one day we will be able to start a family properly unlike you... unemployed drug smoking witch!!
Make comments about me and my home because i am 'ocd'?! Your house smells like there is a petting zoo in the front room! and you have the nerve to say take your shoes off?! your carpet is rank... whilst you sit there in your stinky muddy teenage boy trainers eyeing me up like a snake!

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How can you?

Posted on Thu, Aug. 14, 2014 at 08:23 am

MIL and FIL, how can you look yourself in the mirror every morning after the way you have treated your son and grandchildren? I never knew I had the capacity to hate the way I hate you. I would rather have dinner with the guy who rapped me and follow it with dessert with my abusive ex boyfriend than cross the street to spit on you. I have no idea how another human being could treat someone the way you have treated my DH, DS, and DD. Those are three of the best, nicest, kindest, considerat, and giving people in the world and you treat them like garbage - just toss aside their feelings and hard work they've put into the business for you and take their life and dreams away. A parent is supposed to support their child's dream and life, especially when the child is as wonderful as your son/my DH. I can now say I understand what could drive a person to commit an unspeakable crime toward another human - you've hurt my DH and children beyond repair. Rotting in hell is too good for you, I hope you have to suffer unbearable trauma like that which you have inflicted on three of the best people in the world - my DH, DS, and DD...oh and the baby I'm carrying - you've even managed to reach into the womb to harm your unborn grandchild. But I forgot, you already told DH that you don't care about him, his kids, his wife, and his happiness. You only care about yourselves and your blood sucking/money sucking other children. After everything DH has done for you and his siblings since he was a child and now you treat him like this because he has the audacity to want to have a secure future for his family. How such an incredible person came out of the f*ck*d up family I will never understand. Guess what? Your reputation won't remain in pristine condition after you kick him out of the business, oh no - we will not remain silent, everyone in your precious town will know what you did.

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Finally light at the end of the tunnel

Posted on Wed, Aug. 13, 2014 at 07:30 am

Mil ur passive/aggressive ways are finally biting you in the ass. I stopped all contact with u a year ago this month. Its been the best year out of 20. Dh has had to deal with u and he hasn't liked it a bit but now u have gone to far. U were about to get a surprise visit from dh this weekend but ur post on fb that was clearly a jab at me pissed dh off and he's not planning on even calling now. I didn't see it but hubby told me and i read it on his fb. Keep them coming u hag. All its doing is making u look bad. Oh, and the little jab about wives and gf's needing to stay in the family for the childrens sake, dd told me after the last visit that she is 17 now and should be able to make her own decision on whether she has to visit or not and she done visiting u. All u do is gossip about anyone and everyone and never ask her about herself except if she has a boyfriend. Just because u couldn't keep ur legs shut and had a baby at 17 doesn't mean all girls are like that. My dd had goals and u would know that if u asked. Lol u hinted all summer for your all expenses paid vacation to our place. Dh ignored them all so now summer is almost over and ur mad. Well, u better get used to that feeling because i have half the money and all the p***y and i'll be the one pulling the strings for these next 20 years.

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Happy bday DH

Posted on Tue, Aug. 12, 2014 at 09:02 pm

i thought the ILs couldnt shock me anymore but they have outdone them selves. In the scheme of life this isnt close to their worst offense. but it opened my eyes again to how shitty again.
On my DHs bday (also his grandmas bday) his car broke down. I was an hour + away. My mom and his mom both live in the same town his car was in, and its not far to our house. When his car breaks his first call is MY mom. knowing she will do anything for him and im an hour away. She was at work and couldnt answer, totally fine. So he calls me, ends up walking about 2 miles while i get to him asap. I asked him 'why didnt you call your mom?' he laughed bc she would never take 10 minutes out of her life to help her child, or anyone else ever. So being that its gmas bday and he didnt make it by to give her a card, he called her and told her what happened. her response 'so are you coming over now' to which he had to explain he has no car having a beyond shitty day. then his mom gets on the phone. and shes like oh that sucks. at least pretend to be a good mom and say 'you should have called me' we all know she doesnt mean it but jesus at least try to give half a shit.

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Good luck with what you call a marriage

Posted on Tue, Aug. 12, 2014 at 08:26 pm

Oh ESIL, you're such an idiot. You thought marrying EBIL would change him didn't you? And when that didn't work, you had a baby in hopes EBIL would spend more time with you and that also failed. EBIL always came up with excuses to get away from you. All he's done is complain about how annoying you are. Get a clue!

You're too dumb to realize that his sudden interest in going to the gym late after work is to avoid being home with you. Bet he's hoping to pick up some hot chicks while he's there too. You know how he loooves talking about hot girls, even in front of you. I'm sure his friends are hearing all about that. And there you remain, stupid little homely wife, sitting at home with child, waiting for that narcissistic idiot to give a damn. You will spend your entire marriage waiting on him and you'll die waiting on him. Knowing that is the best karma I could ever hope for. God don't like ugly and being emotionally co-dependent on EBIL is your life long punishment.

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Stupid BIL

Posted on Tue, Aug. 12, 2014 at 06:22 pm

I freaking hate your guts. I hope a big sink hole swallows you up and takes you to the depths of hell where you belong. You are a vile nasty person and my DH is finally seeing that for himself. I can't wait till the day he cuts you off and I don't ever ever have to look at you again!!!

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Just stay out of my life

Posted on Tue, Aug. 12, 2014 at 06:15 pm

Your family are stuffy,cynical,"know it alls" and i dont want them in any part of our lives. Stop telling them how our realationship is ,and stop sneeking them on the phone when im talkng to you,its absolute isanity they are also insanely predjudie and just plain negitive why would you want that in your life? Stay true to yourself and quit letting them influence you.I married you for you. Just disappear inlaws & assholes

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Posted on Tue, Aug. 12, 2014 at 05:28 pm

Why do golden sons act so bitchy after seeing mommy dearest

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Hey narciss....uh, SIL!

Posted on Tue, Aug. 12, 2014 at 03:54 pm

Just when I think you can't get any worse, you take it up a whole new level instead of a slight notch. I finally wised up to you and called you out on it publicly so I guess you do have to step up your game a bit.
Pay attention to your kid for shit's sake. You don't need to monopolize the damn family as your free nanny while you flit off to whatever trendy event is happening next. No one gets to visit with MIL because you constantly have her flying across the country to watch the Golden. After watching your kid for three full weeks, it has only been one week before you ask MIL to jet out again so you can go to a conference. Do you realize your other SIL and brother along with their three young kids have not seen MIL since February? The rest of us feel guilty asking the ILs to come visit lest they are bone ass tired coming off another free babysitting trip for you.
Lighten up. Learn that you don't get to have everything you want. Spend some time with your son instead of all your friends. Poor kid.

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Posted on Tue, Aug. 12, 2014 at 11:23 am

SIL, you will never be intelligent nor attractive. Your only talent is being mean. Your inner ugliness shows on your face, in your shoddy, ill-kept house, in your sleazy children (come on, what type of mother approves of her daughter showing THAT MUCH skin publicly on the internet?) Basically, you're a failure, and your life's work has been to attempt to destroy anyone whom you think is smarter, prettier, or anything-er than you. I hope you realize someday that you can't destroy everyone who makes you feel insignificant. You are always going to be insignificant--that is never going to change. Accept it and move on.

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