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Christmas with the in laws

Posted on Sun, Nov. 19, 2017 at 02:59 pm

I get chest pains and tension headaches just thinking out it.
MIL hates that her Jewish son married a Christian woman. She despises up going to Christingle. She buys me passive aggressive presents and insists I open them in front of their family putting me on the spot even more. She buys self help books and things design to upset not spread love & joy. She bought me upper lip wax strips one year. You horrible wench. She wraps all of her own presents then makes us all sit through the worst drawn out twenty minutes of our lives where are 62 she contrarily acts like she doesn’t know what’s in them and thanks her husband who has absolutely no idea what’s behind the paper. It’s so fake & I despise the whole debacle. She does a Christmas buffet (and it’s always so late in the day) one year the cat climbed on and was licking the sausages wrapped in bacon. Puts me off my Christmas dinner having cat spit and cat hair on it you know? FIL is a perv. He makes stupid comments all day long. ‘That blouse is see through’ ‘you look curvaceous in that’ you know just shit you don’t wanna hear from a 68 year old that you are related to. I am dreading their version Christmas again. I feel like I’m being a bad wife and maybe my husband misses their way of doing things. My family go all out. Tonnes of food. No pets. Nobody is forced to open their presents while everyone stares. No inequality in presents. No melodrama and small performances to fake surprise-presents that have been self-wrapped. MIL normally blanks me, ignores me, sits in a corner tight jawed or just tries to make me feel uncomfortable by criticising what I consider to be normal Christmas ways. Like Christmas pudding she rolls her eyes at me eating this. Just because she doesn’t like it. She’s worse than I’ve made out but if I got specific there’d be no disguising it was her I was talking about. Maybe I could shove MIL up the chimney? You’d hope Christmas was the one year you could put your differences aside but no- this is the day she takes the opportunity to let me know I’m an outsider and that she knows her son better than anyone and this is the day she takes joy in criticising everything I do and the way I do it. Actually dreading Christmas. My heart is so big and I have so much love to give, it’s my favourite time of year but good god these people bring me down. Coal for the in laws!! There’s no comparison in the way my mum does Christmas to the way they do. My mum does 4 courses with a huge turkey and she wants to provide for her family. Real veg, sprouts, roasted parsnips, red cabbage with apple sauce mixed in. She goes all out. The in laws miss starters and their only veg is frozen peas. It’s such a heart sinking rendition of Christmas. They make it all about the presents and not enough about the actual festiveness. Mum does chocolate gateau, a cheeseboard, Christmas pudding, a trifle, chocolate melt in the middle puddings with ice cream... the in laws just seem to do alcohol. I’m torn between enjoying Christmas or being a good wife. If his mum would come to ours some of the years and bend a bit instead of being rigid and inflexible then I’d find it all easier but she declines the invites to ours (we have no pets) and insists we go eat cat hair coated turkey at hers. Even when she comes to mine she still acts like it’s her day! This isn’t on Christmas Day because she’s never done that. On say Sundays... she takes over and tells people how the table should be laid and where the ought to be sitting and I feel like I’m no longer the woman of my own house anymore.

Dear Santa,
Please can I have an improved MIL for Christmas?

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Effort and heart is wasted on you

Posted on Sun, Nov. 19, 2017 at 09:39 am

Mil has made it clear she is jealous of my mother being so close to us but when given the opportunity to spend quality time together she passes because 'she needs to lie down after a while'. I invited mil and fil to have Christmas dinner with us at my mother's (she has much more room than us) I told mil she doesn't have to just come to dinner she can come and spend the full day with us if she and fil would like and straight away she says 'oh no I'll just come for dinner I'd have to lie down blah blah pain blah blah' so I said fairenough we will leave some of the kids presents till you come so your not missing out. She basically just said no it's fine and seemed uninterested. She has arthritis and is a very large woman,(due to never exercising, which you're supposed to do to help arthritis) I understand that can be very painful but i know many people who have arthritis including my nana who is 15 years older than mil and has other health problems but it doesn't stop her from walking a mile every morning never mind spending a little time with family. She refuses to help herself and is making herself much worse its like she wants to play the victim. Complains about her health but won't do anything about it refuses operations etc. Complains about wanting to see us more but refuses to be up and about for more than 2 hours a day.

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Thanksgiving-No Thanks

Posted on Sun, Nov. 19, 2017 at 07:37 am

Every year as Thanksgiving gets closer the inlaws start making small talk and being very helpful ,so they can be invited over for all the festivities at my parents house that start Thanksgiving and end NewYears Day.My mom of course is so gracious and has invited them over numerous times but they never invite my parents to any of their under-organized “functions “ that start late and are boring ,but when my mom invites one them they are like stray cats and 12 people show up on 1 invitation.When I was walking down the hallway at my parents house I even heard MIL in the bathroom “whispering” (she doesn’t know how to whisper her normal speaking voice is yelling and “whispering” is a normal speaking voice with a hand up to her mouth “)get over here so we can eat all of their food . Huh ?!? Who does that ? They also think that my family and I are “stuck up “ because we all we to really good colleges while they never went at all they don’t speak properly .MIL refuses to put in her missing tooth in public. So I’m glad we will be celebrating Thanksgiving-No Thanks this year. NO! I don’t need your small talk.NO!
I don’t need help with anything .NO! I don’t need a babysitter .NO! you can not be invited you undereducated simpletons .In the words of the mean girls (if you’ve seen the movie! Lol )YOU CANT SIT WITH US !!!

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Questioning why I married into this family

Posted on Sat, Nov. 18, 2017 at 10:19 pm

I wonder sometimes, what in the hell I was thinking when I married into this family. If I could go back in time, I would slap some sense into myself.

MIL and FIL are passive aggressive and manipulative assholes that don't deserve to know my child.

When she was born, I had terrible postpartum anxiety and depression but they threw a damn fit that they couldn't stop by unannounced or whenever they wanted. I was struggling, but they made it all about them. FIL called my husband and ripped him a new asshole and made him cry. I will never forgive them for that.

What frustrates me is that my husband does! Immediately! He is an "eager to please" type and it's hard to see him allowing them to treat him like shit and he just takes it.

I can't make my husband cut ties with his parents, so we still have to trek over and see them for the holidays and it's our misery for me. So hard to bite my tongue. They have no relationship with my daughter and I'm fine with that. She's better off not knowing such hateful people.

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I wish I could kill them...

Posted on Sat, Nov. 18, 2017 at 02:11 pm

Especially my mother in law.

She's such a bitch and piece of shit to my boyfriend and I.

Ever since she met me she's hated me cause I can't get a job and wasn't studying (back then), even though she never finished high school and she lives off her husband's retirment, and she literally does nothing in the house, not even cooking.

I can't count the times I've fantasized about killing her, in so many different ways.

The only thing that stops me from doing it, is knowing I'd go to jail, otherwise she would've been dead for a long time now.

I hate her.

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They go to church. m

Posted on Sat, Nov. 18, 2017 at 03:35 am

Oh yes, they are better, smarter, wiser.. with four adult kids and zero grandchildren. The three first ones have some mental health condition and I seriously asked myself if there are some genetic difficulties involved. My dh displays some strange behaviour, too. He suffers because he can not speak freely to this freaks. For no reason they hated me from the beginning. mil is the worse.. but hey she is going to church.. she is just a fu) :-ng cSNt dearheart. Her husband, my fil, is a know it all, yeah he is stupid oohhh so stupid. My Bil is desperate to bond.. he molested me.. i do not bond.. and SILs.. you are the girls no one likes.. you are just there.. faking your way through life. And there is me.. i wanted to have kids with dh but.. he cannot perform because i hate my inlaws.

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Mil talking behind my back

Posted on Sat, Nov. 18, 2017 at 02:54 am

I ve been married for 1yr 3 months. For the first 6 months me n my hubby wer living alone n wer very very happy. Then due to my Fils bad health my mil n fil had to move in with us. N we had a smooth relationship so i thought it wouldnt be a problem. My mil speaks to me kind n good n i thought all s well and good. Yday night i put clothes in the washing machine and by mistake i had put a little extra weight n the motor fuse was gone. I felt very guilty of making the washing machine useless n extra expenses. And my mil din tell anythin straight to me. But today morn she is telling my hubby tat am not a normal gal at all n my parents ve not raised me right, which gal in normal senses wud do tat, its bcos u r our only son we are tolerating all this. I overheard this and felt my heart shattering. Is it such a big mistake tat makes me 'not normal'?? If at all she felt ts a big mistake why cant she tell this straight to me. I don even mind she badmouthing about me. How can she talk bad of my parents tat they ve raised me wrong?? Is she goin to spend for the machine now? No. Then wtf s bothering her. I felt so disheartened n i hope she feels sorry for wat she has said!!!!!

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What the heck

Posted on Fri, Nov. 17, 2017 at 10:33 pm

I was best friend's with my ex boyfriends mom, my own mom was jealous. Now, I've had inlaws for 12 years and have zero respect or interest in them. Whyyyyy???? Can I just replace them lol

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Drop that b****!

Posted on Thu, Nov. 16, 2017 at 07:14 pm

Drop & Block that b****! Stay out of lives psychopath. Our lives are so much better without you, dear SIL!

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I hate my inlaws

Posted on Thu, Nov. 16, 2017 at 08:29 am

My inlaws are pure evil & i hate them with a passion! My sil is a nasty manipulative bitch who has treated me like an outsider from day 1! Yet I’ve always bent over backwards to please them & in some twisted way craved for their acceptance of me. 18 years later I finally give up! My mil also emotionally manipulates my husband & now so do my sil’s. He can see no wrong in them & how they treat me. They are nasty & jealous of absolutely everything i do! I practically raised my three kids on my own as my husband never helped & believes its my job! I study full time as well as run my husbands business & do 100% around the house from all the chores to mowing the lawns! My husband does absolutely nothing! Yet they hate me even though i do it all while my husband acts like the king! He allows his family to disrespect me time & time again. No matter how much I express to him the hurt they cause me he still sides with them & sits back & watches the unfair treatment i get. I resent my husband so much for this & I’m thinking maybe I should end my marriage to him as im so unhappy! My inlaws are the interfering pigs & i feel like packing up and leaving!

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