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It's too late!

Posted on Tue, Aug. 02, 2016 at 02:54 pm

ESIL made a failed attempt at reuniting with us after years of a hiatus and being treated like chopped liver in the family. There has been too much damage done in the family. You were treated like the golden child in the family and DH, my son and I were the dirt. We got shortchanged because of you. It's too late to reunite, you caused the rift not us. We can't bury our hurt feelings and all the wrong doings that happened to us in the family. So you live with the consequences of your bad behaviour and we are holding our heads high!

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Happy Birthday, MIL

Posted on Tue, Aug. 02, 2016 at 06:27 am

I don't think DH even remembered today was your birthday. He hasn't said a word. Gone and forgotten.

Please tell Hitler and Ted Bundy the folks up here are still making TV shows and documentaries about them. They are gone but not forgotten.

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Shove it MIL!

Posted on Mon, Aug. 01, 2016 at 09:23 pm

A son is a son until he takes a wife... but a daughter is a daughter for life. If MIL's didn't treat DIL's like sh*t said son would always have a relationship with MIL. MIL's push sons away by being rude,jealous, snotty, assh*les to their wives. THE END

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She is such a bitch

Posted on Mon, Aug. 01, 2016 at 05:40 pm

My sister in law is the biggest bitch . Her bother got cheated on by his wife so she is trying to make it seem like his wife is a bad mother just because she cheated on him does not make her a bad mother some people are just looking out for themselves and not what's best for the children way to go bitch you come across as the biggest uncaring asshole that you are again so glad to see your true colors I hate you !!!!

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Hateful Sister In Law

Posted on Mon, Aug. 01, 2016 at 12:58 pm

So my brother married a girl he went to school with, at first I thought she was sweet and innocent, so My mom did something I can't mention for my sake. I move in with sis in law's grandma, nice lady, but then she shows her true colors, tormenting me , threatening me, Getting her mom to lash out at me, and she took her mom's WiFi out of my laptop, and she uses my brother as her own personal attack dog,I'm even being told who's going to hold my money and how to spend it, um, pardon me, he gives the money to me, not you, you have no rights to say anything.

Fyi, say one more bad thing about my dad, I will let you have it.


Sincerely (not😄),

Your little sis in law

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You are bullies

Posted on Mon, Aug. 01, 2016 at 10:37 am

You weight shame my child and me to our faces, not to mention all the nasty things you said about me "behind my back" well guess what, it got back to me. I will never visit again, because I have no intention of ever breaking bread with people who sit around and judge me.

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new baby, new responsabilities

Posted on Mon, Aug. 01, 2016 at 10:00 am

The baby is now here. 18 yr old sil better get her act together. Her baby was born with health problems. Maybe eating a little more during pregnancy would of helped?Maybe his health was more important than her figure. And now she refuses to feed him even when he is clearly hungry. Only wants to feed him every three hours. Thats standard, but babies are different you can tell he wants to feed more often and hes hungry and fuzzy. She won't listen. All she does is go straight to her moms in the morning and get picked up by her boyfriend in the afternoon when he gets out of work. Hunny, you better start learning to cook and take care of your family or your marriage aint gonna workout...and I understand you said you loved your baby, well, I have a feeling you love your lazyness more. And how rude your aunt came all the way from another country to meet your baby and gave you a present and you didn't even say thank you...WOW, your selfishness never ever ceases to amaze me. But I'll just sit back and enjoy the specktacle as you destroy your own life and I'll see you living back at your moms in a couple of weeks after your boyfriend and mother in law gets tired of you ;)

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To golden wife of golden BIL

Posted on Mon, Aug. 01, 2016 at 08:50 am

We cut you all off for a reason years ago, including your selfish troublemaking self. You contacted years later trying to reconnect. Maybe if the problem had only been between me and you there would be a chance if future civilness, never friendship though. But it wasn't. It was a group IL mistreatment and attack, that you were at the centre of. You kept saying "life was good" on more than one occasion in the midst of my suffering, because my suffering meant your gain. Bitch. Now, years later you probably realize that being on top isn't all it's cut out to be if it means helping to break down a family. The only reason I responded to you was just to finally have a voice, NOT to reconnect. You mean nothing to us. You have the insane idea that I would somehow want to associate with someone like you after you got all the glory at my expense? Oh no dear. That's not how 'friendships' are built and I think you know that. While you might be interested and reconnecting (easy for you to do since everyone worshipped your ass) my only interest is finding out the truth, confronting people unabashedly because I'm not scared anymore and seeking justice. There is no loyalty toward you, and I don't care how you feel like you didn't care how me, DH, or our children felt. I just need you for Information. And if you hurt or get humiliated in the process by my IL confrontations so be it. You deserve nothing but resentment from me!

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Things my inlaws have done:

Posted on Mon, Aug. 01, 2016 at 07:57 am

- FIL drove 2 year old Nephew from NJ to NY without a seatbelt because he couldn't figure out the carseat thing.
- MIL rehung pictures in my SILs house while she was at work because "they didn't look right". MIL is NOT a professional decorator.
- MIL smokes in the house where my kids sleepover
- FIL drives in between lanes. SIL pretends she gets carsick so she can drive. I don't trust FIL to drive my kids, so it causes issues in the family.
- MIL decided I suck at gardening and when she's over my house having a cigarette, she'll prune a bush or pick weeds that were actually flowers.
- MIL still sends Christmas cards from all of us and makes a pic collage - I just feel like it's my family that sends our card, her family can send their own.
- MIL complains about my SIL (husbands brother's wife) all the time to me - making me wonder if she says anything nice about me. Probably not! My parents think my husband is the most wonderful thing and have never once said any word of negativity about him. I'm not used to this in a family!
- MIL got my niece and nephew baptized when watching them, because the parents decided not to.


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He knows

Posted on Mon, Aug. 01, 2016 at 05:28 am

Mil your son lived with you for 20 years. If he doesn't choose a relationship with you it's between you & him, not me.

He knows me & he knows that I would have given every individual member of your family a chance but he knows that they haven't given me one is 7 years because of you & your lies.

There was a time I worried that losing half his family over me bothered him but now I see he cares less than I do. He knows that I'm nothing like the person you make me out to be with your vicious lies.

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