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Posted on Wed, Jul. 02, 2014 at 03:00 am

Just to let you know that we are having a lovely time without you all.

Oh yes, I heard you on the phone to DH the other day and how DH said something to me and you thought it was to you. When he said he was speaking to me, you replied snottily "Oh."

Oh yes SIL, how does it feel to finally feel the wrath of DH. Told you off and he felt so much better for it LOL. He's not scared any more you silly b!tch.

Oh and as for the other SIL - hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

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How Could So Many Family Members Suck?

Posted on Tue, Jul. 01, 2014 at 08:34 pm

We are now being ignored by in-laws. Because you see, it is " US "who are the ones who "don't" want to deal with the family according to them.They claim they have invited us to SO MANY events. Yet we don't show up according to them. Um, nope, we haven't been included. Not for weddings, gatherings, birthdays,or holidays. Mil is a passive aggressive, game player, shit starter,fake victim , who lashes out with quiet passive aggressive games. Fil is a sarcastic know it all, cheapskate, bragger,user, racist against white people.Four Bil's and their wives are jealous, attention whores, competitive,meanspirted bullies, who are after Mil and Fil's money, who have spread lies about us and have reached their goal pleasing Mil and excluding us from the family and extended relatives.

My family.. My mother is a self absorbed fake victim who would complain to a cancer patient about a hang nail she has. She divorced my father when we were teens and has traveled the world with numerous men and finally has married a sucker who thinks she was Mother Teresa. Stepfather lashes out at me every chance he gets, to protect poor fake victim mom who has suffered a life of dining out, abandoning her children, getting abortions, making us sell the family home as she divorced our father, so she could spend it on helping her then boyfriend remodel his home,buy his daughters things, after which he dumped her when the money went. Dad is a control freak who beat the crap out of me through my whole childhood. Leaving me with bloody knots on my head and red hand marks on my legs and arms. He choked me and pulled my hair. All the while,mother cried about how stressed she was from having to deal with us, and needed to go for dinner. Sister is now an adult crack head who is overendulged by divorced fake victim dad who pays for her two divorces,rent,phone,utilities,bail and stores for which money is owed for liquor sister has stolen and jail commissary. He only calls me to seek favors for crack head sister and to complain about how much money he has spent on her. Dad hasn't seen me for at least a year or more.I had made plans to see him but he stood me up and left me sitting at a restaurant. He can't remember to send my husband a card for special occasions but can send a distant relative a card for a religious saint's birthday which the great nephew is named after.He also never spends one dime on me except for my birthday where I get $10. A great niece or nephew gets $50.

If your relatives are as bad as this on both sides,click the love.

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Terrible gift givers

Posted on Tue, Jul. 01, 2014 at 08:17 pm

My MIL and FIL are so cheap! For my bridal shower, my MIL gave me laundry detergent. For Christmas, FIL gave me a bar of soap. The cheap, thin bars of soap that you get in hotels. My MIL's Christmas gift was ONE beverage coaster. Usually, you buy those in sets. But not my MIL. She bought one. For my birthday, she gave me a cook book (even though she KNOWS I don't really like to cook). She gave my niece a doll for Christmas (even though she knows that my niece doesn't really like to play with dolls). But it doesn't matter what you like or don't like. She will buy you what SHE would want instead of what YOU would want.

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You pushsed the wrong button

Posted on Tue, Jul. 01, 2014 at 08:04 pm

You have been a rotten nasty piece of work for 20 years. But even you crossed a line I didn't think any moral human could cross (and you call yourself a Christian) I have said very little all these years as you treated me like shiat because of dh. I have been polite, turned the other cheek, more cheeks than I had and let it go just one more time.

This time you cross the line of no return. The next time you even as much as try a passive aggressive remark or a full blown hateful one you are going to met your new dil. You no longer have the polite, let it go dil. You no longer get the benefit of the doubt.

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Posted on Tue, Jul. 01, 2014 at 03:11 pm

When I look back over the years and see how my ILs have pushed me away, I am saddened by how different it could have been. My children really don't care for their grandparents because of my ILs behavior. I was so trusting and naive. My DH was acting more like his dad and called him on it. DH behaved for about 2 weeks and now he is back to negative behavior. What really kills me is that he has promised me over and over again to do the 'gifts'' thing. His parents really screwed him up with gift giving. He went on a long business trip and I did not say anything about gifts. He then calls me from out of town to let me know that he had considered buying me a couple of things and even described them to me. I pretty much didn't say anything but 'oh.' Then
He comes home with nothing but was smug that he 'thought' of me at least. My DD mentioned something she wanted and he literally ran to the storage and got it for her the same hour this week. I seemed down and he knew why and let me know he once again 'thought' he might buy me something, but didn't. He was smiling about his thoughtfulness. I have shown him my Pinterest, wish lists and emphasized that it doesn't have to be expensive, etc. His excuse is that I'm too hard to buy for. I wouldn't even know what to feel if he got me flowers at this point because it's been maybe 10 years? I always accept gifts with enthusiasm, so it's his own shortcomings that make him feel no gift is good enough. I make sure MIL gets flowers for mother's day from all of us. She never dreams of bestowing flowers on me for anything! I got nothing, not even a baby gift from my ILs when my last baby was born. Of course they were hovering all over the place and giving people the impression that they were doing something. They are so cheap. I'm not against frugal, but it is different than being cheap. I want to feel like someone has gone to some effort to make me happy. Only my friends do that, and I do for them not my DH. All the advice about being nice and then people will be nice back is crap. Is it too much to ask for the closest relatives in my life to give a damn about my feelings? Sometimes my DDs will do something thoughtful for me. But they are going through the phase where Mom can't do anything right and my DH lets them be disrespectful because he is also disrespectful of me. I am so sad today. I used to really look down on people who had emotional affairs, but now I have more sympathy. Sucks tho, when you want your DH to love you and you can't get anywhere. If he feels the slightest bit miffed at me he closes down. I have had to act like a cheerful Pollyanna to keep this family going and I am sick of ignoring all the puts downs and crap directed at me. He knows I am 'off' right now but thinks I just need more help with the housework. That still means no sex for me until I become a cheerful easygoing nobody again. I do thoughtful things for him and he doesn't reapond much if at all. I spend my evenings with a cheerless man who barely responds to what I do or say. Of course he could say that about me now. I see no point in trying if he won't.

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Poetic Justice

Posted on Tue, Jul. 01, 2014 at 02:58 pm

BIL, how's the dragon-breath next door?

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Posted on Tue, Jul. 01, 2014 at 01:20 pm

DH believes that his parents are the best parents ever. You see, my in laws has repeatedly told him that since he was born, it's like a mantra, if he says it enough times maybe it will come true. It never did.

While other parents want their kids to spread their wings and became independent, not my in laws. They want their kids to be as dependent on them as much as possible and they did a great job with their older children. Their older children are attached to them by the hip and will be dead on the street if they don't have their parents to mooch off. They also taught them to mooch off from their younger siblings as much as possible. Hey, better protect those inheritance, right?

As for their independent younger children, my in laws made it as hard as possible for their kids to separate themselves from them. My in laws put their names on everything that should be legally under their kids names to make it hard to separate from them. They refused to transfer titles or even produce the paperworks so their kids would have to do everything through them. It has been like this for decades.

You see... my in laws loves to feel needed, they are also the biggest asshole parents and want their upper hands in case they need to blackmail their own kids to do something for them. They love to make their kids wait for months and beg to pay for their own responsibilities or purposely paid something late if they are passive aggressively pissed off with their kids or in laws. They act like their kids can trust them for everything, but their words are trash. Recently DH ran into trouble with the law which was purposely caused by his parents inept sense of responsibility. Again.

You may think that DH is the fool for letting his parents do all of this, hey i fully supported you. I lost count how many times i said "I told you so". Everything under my responsibilities are fully paid for and on time, yet he took his parent's words that 'i can't be trusted', and 'in case you got divorced'. However he is still repeating his fabulous mantra and hoping it will come true.

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so tired

Posted on Tue, Jul. 01, 2014 at 12:09 pm

I just need a place to vent today. My ILs have raised my DH to be like them and it's hard after 2 decades of marriage. I stopped doing nice things for the ILs after I realized it was never reciprocated. No more parties, gifts (except from everyone and not just me), no more encouraging my DH to call him folks on their birthdays. I just stopped being the driving force. Now my DH is breaking my heart. He's alway had bouts of being unsupportive from the start. We had premarital counseling, like all the good Christian couples at our Christian college did. We took personality tests and the counselor told me that I was the one that would be a problem in our relationship. Well, I have spent the last twenty years serving this family and denying my dreams. I can't even get enough time off between children to get a job and pay off my student loan. I am the peacemaker, budgeter, only person who plans, the gift buyer, the cleaner, the cook. I am very tired. I don't know what that marriage counselor was thinking, but after studying personality disorders, my DH is extremely passive aggressive when he feels like he is not getting his own way. He projects his issues onto me and says I am doing that to him. His family is used to this kind of bullying/bickering. I feel so beaten down some days. I am beyond hating, but really hate the behavior. We studied the book, The 5 Love Languages. I have been meeting all his needs and he refuses to buy me gifts, my top one. Not even a surprise cup of my favorite coffee from Starbucks. There is another friend in my life who is going out of his way to do stuff for me, to make me laugh. My DH NEVER does anything like this for me. He meets our financial needs and makes me ask for anything I might want. He will not buy me anything without making me pick it out. I know for those of you who don't have any extra money, you might think I am just a complainer. But we have been broke many years of our marriage and it's not about money. It's about being able to study and love a person enough to do sweet things for them that only you two understand. I have more inside jokes and understanding conversations with my friend and I really want to be this way with my DH. If I do something sweet or meaningful for him he says "I didn't need that." He also says he doesn't need vacations with me. He would rather just buy toys for himself and his hobbies than 'waste' money on making memories. Yesterday I tried something new. I did not respond when my DH made a comment. He doesn't grunt, look my way, or even acknowledge a lot of what I say usually. I just sat still. He looked up and asked me why I was so angry. I said I'm just sitting here eating dinner. I usually ooo and ah and make conversation sound two way when he is talking. Since he doesn't extend this courtesy to me, I decided to be non responsive the one time and he didn't like it a bit. My ILs are always very bored with anything I have to say. I am tired of being treated like crap. All my friends, men and women, listen to me and are kind and respectful. I know that's harder with your spouse. But mine tries to be more unattractive around me. If I look lovingly at him, he scrunches up his face in some kind of stupid funny face. He farts when I walk by. I spent the last 2 years getting into incredible shape. he enjoys patting his growing belly, even when I told him it turns me off to rub his belly like it's a 'friend' or something. I got the family gym membership and he went 5 times in one year so I cancelled it.

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MIL Karma!

Posted on Tue, Jul. 01, 2014 at 11:14 am

Do you know that old saying, "Karma's a b*tch"? This finally happened to my MIL and I am so happy!

MIL has an aggressive dog that bit my DS when he was 4 years old. I don't blame the dog for this situation, I blame the ILs who took the dog to meet DH and DS at the airport when they picked them up for a visit. Considering airports have lots of noise from all the planes, lots of crowds, etc, I think the dog got spooked from all the chaos and it ended unfortunately with a small bite from the dog to my son's arm. Thankfully the skin wasn't broken and no serious physical injuries. However, my son has been afraid of all dogs since.

MIL completely brushed this incident aside, she has said one million times that her dog never bit DS, he "just nipped him". She also loved to point out every single dog DS would pass in the car during trips, which only made DS more fearful.

MIL's dog has since attacked other dogs, other people. She tells anyone who will listen about how misunderstood her beloved dog is, that her dog is perfect and not to blame for any of the troubles that he finds himself in.

Haha, guess whose turn it is now to suffer from the perfect dog? yep--MIL recently had knee surgery from a fall caused by her saintly dog. After the surgery the dog also jumped on her leg for some reason, and now she may need surgery #2! I cannot help but feel this falls under the category of "karmas's a b*tch"!

The best part is that now MIL says she is unable to travel via airplane to visit us (we live across the country from her).

I think I should write the dog a thank you note!

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Posted on Tue, Jul. 01, 2014 at 10:14 am

I'm glad that my MIL knows deep down that she has lost any power she thought she had (which was none) over us. She'll change her mind soon though. She is a delusional basketcase so her opinions change on a daily basis.

Also, I don't give a damn about the dozen people that she lies to because most of them are backstabbing in-laws (family) and to top that I never see them so fuck it! They can think what they want. I don't care about any one of them because they aren't important to me and those who are important to me will still be present in my life unlike my MIL and SIL who rarely show their face!

MIL can talk all the crap she wants about me. The worst she can do is alienate me from her family (Wooo, really scary!). That's fine by me. In fact, it's great!!! :D

That just means the less time I and my kiddos have to spend around people who dislike our family for no reason. It also means that our family gets to spend more time with the people who actually love us. The ones who love us uncritically and unconditionally. These folks still love us when we're having a bad day and accept that we aren't perfect. Talk about a win/win!

I hold my head high and I'm proud that I have more respect for my husband than to start drama with his mother. I have refrained from retaliation towards her and will continue to do so despite her dementia ridden tongue. I accept her, I love her, and I pray for her every single night. That goes for everyone in my life! Despite, whether she will be a better person or not I have learned the virtue of forgiveness. I only pray that she will someday learn it too!

Until that time, I don't have to say a word about her because she has done a great job herself. In the court of public opinion amongst my peers, they have met her and they all agree that somethings off with her. They provided this information to me without my asking and I still haven't asked why they think this because I don't care. The less time I spend thinking about my in-laws the better!

I have a wonderful group of family/friends and I don't require the love of my in-laws to be happy. In fact, I don't require the love of anyone to be happy. I know in my heart who I am and I love myself with every breath of my soul! I am a beautiful, smart, sensual, kind hearted, generous, motherly, and devoted woman. I am one of the best women in the world and I don't need anyone to tell me that!

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