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A break from MIL and FIL

Posted on Mon, Mar. 31, 2014 at 10:05 pm

When DH criticizes you and MIL. Do NOT tell me he is confused. Remember I am your DIL and will always take the side of DH. I am not part of your stupid family who treat you and MIL like their rulers.

In your eyes, my life began when I met DH (at 35)
Well let me be clear to you: I have had a tough life. And I will not have you people mess with me. I am am independent woman, you do not have any power over me. As you clearly struggle with this concept, I will give myself a break from you, MIL and FIL. Try to learn something, like listening to DH and maybe you will see me again.

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dating the devils son.

Posted on Mon, Mar. 31, 2014 at 08:19 pm

Ever since I met my partner his mother has had a hatrid for me. The first weeks into our relationship she planned dinners for my partner and his EX GIRLFRIEND, never made effort to talk to me when I was at my MIL's house. Months went on and she continued to bring up my partners ex gf whenever I was around, made facebook posts about the ex gf. I ended up jobless for a month and the hate towards me got worse. As if I was worthless, shed go on and on to me about getting a job even though I was putting in cvs everywhere I could I the little town I live in. Needless to say I never asked for a cent off her son, so whats her problem? Has she never been in the dumps before? Has she never lost a job due to unforseen circumstances? My partner is a joker and always brings up having a baby, my MIL is dead against it. Not that its any of her business and she has no say in the matter anyway. Years down the track and she continues to exclude me from events or dinners, continues to talk about my partners x. And the horrible thing is my partner is the sweetest kind hearted man I have ever met, and he could never say a bad thing about his mother. He could never tell her to cut her sh** out even if he noticed how bad my MIL made me feel.

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Grandson that looks just like my son

Posted on Mon, Mar. 31, 2014 at 06:33 pm

Since the time my husband and I had gotten engaged, my MIL had said several times “I want a grandson that looks just like my son.” 4 years after we married, we announced we were pregnant. First words out of her mouth were “I hope is a boy that looks just like my son.” I politely said it didn’t matter if the baby was a boy or a girl. She brushed it off. The day came we found out we were having a girl! I was so excited. I called my parents then my MIL. First thing she said was “I’m so disappointed. There’s too many girls in the family.” This is her first grandchild and she says this!?!? I went it to shock and basically told her to “F” off and hung up on her. We somewhat made a mends. Our daughter was born. Did she come to the hospital to see her first grandchild….NOPE. My daughter was 3 weeks old before she even asked to hold her! She lived right around the corner from us. Several months went by and I tolerated. Christmas came and my FIL commented as to why I didn’t bring any for the baby’s stuff in. I said it was because I didn’t want it to stink like an ash tray. MIL is a heavy smoker. They questioned my parenting and I went off. She said I became crazy ever since I became pregnant. Needless to say we don’t talk. They see my daughter very rarely and for short periods of time. My husband see’s my side of the situation. My daughter doesn’t need somebody close in her life that is disrespectful and doesn’t think about how what they say affects others. I don’t need my daughter’s heartbroken the way mine was. It’s so sad when people don’t value a child because of their gender.

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There you have it...

Posted on Mon, Mar. 31, 2014 at 06:04 pm

That's life sil. If you treat people badly and
Use them for your convenience they're eventually going to catch on and they're going to get tired of being seeked only when you need something from them. Its called logic honey. When I got married to your brother I was so excited to have you as a sil. We were around the same age. You immediately start taking advantage of me. At first I would always give you thoughtful gifts. You said thank you maybe 2 times out of 30. And it wasn't sincere. Because in your mind youre entitled to expensive gifts. I couldn't spend 10$ because then you'd expect dh to spend the same or more on you. He gave you $500 on your graduation, another$500 on your birthday. And I'm sooo glad to announce that this birthday of yours there was a grand total of $13 spent. And it gets better because next year there won't be no gift. you deserve that and much more sil ;)

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Rotten Fruit

Posted on Mon, Mar. 31, 2014 at 05:25 pm

First of all, I would like to say that this site has been more than therapeutic; it has been cathartic. It may have literally saved my life.

Now to my rant: My inlaws claim to be evangelicals, but they seem to have forgotten the Biblical injunction that all things should be done "decently and in order." As far as they are concerned, that does not apply to them when they are on a mission to destroy their daughter-in-law's (and son's) family. Perhaps they received extra-Biblical revelation in one of their ecstatic trances that it was okay to shelve the Golden Rule and have at anyone they don't quite like.

The weird thing about all this is that my husband has the longest fuse on the face of the planet. He is forgiving to a fault and I've often thought he should walk around with a sign that says "kick me." Well, his fuse is endless no more; the end has been reached and he has shut the door on his conniving, sick, mean former family. They are dead to him.

The funny thing is, it's their loss, not ours.

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Stupid SIL, no one cares

Posted on Mon, Mar. 31, 2014 at 04:05 pm

We haven't spoken to my husband's family in years. They were horrible insulting boundary stomping idiots when we had our premature twins over a decade ago. They caused non stop drama when we wouldn't jump to their whims during a time we needed to focus on our children. They wanted us to jeopardize our children's health so they could show them off for their own selfish needs. I had an emergency c section with complications after having a long, restricted bed rest.They told me I expected my husband to do too much after our children's birth.They never cared about our children and only wanted to use them to look good in front of others. They liked to act like they were close to our children and knew them.

After 5 years of no contact, sil sends an email about someone's relative who died that we never knew. This person isn't related to us.In the past they expected us to jump through hoops to deal with their family but couldn't have cared less about ours. One child had surgeries and hospital stays and they were never interested. They never are if it isn't all about them. They were never helpful to us but always expected favors from us.

Sil and other idiot ils like to say my I am controlling my husband.He doesn't talk to you because through counseling and talking about your family, he knows you are hopeless and only want to use him. He knows who you are and what you want. We're both so sorry that you couldn't marry your own brother because that's what your incestuous, narcissistic, sick family is all about. You and your siblings treated my husband as if he was your parentboyfriend and you resented him and hated me for him growing up and having a family of his own. Your sick family still believes that each of you come before his wife and child. You went after me and never listened when he made it clear he wouldn't tolerate attacks against his family. You idiots refuse to accept that his family is his wife and children. Attack them and you loose.
Give it up. Don't bother. You still are horrible people. You haven't changed at all.

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Are you trying to be generous?

Posted on Mon, Mar. 31, 2014 at 02:57 pm

No, of course you are not. Everything comes with a price from you people. Even if you do something voluntarily. MIL collects junk from garage sales then gives it to us only to turn around and try to hold it over our heads. Complete junk that we never wanted or asked for! Every single "gift" they have given us is nothing more than something they can hold over our heads.

One of my sides of the family did this as well. You know what I did? Boxed every. Single . Thing they had ever given to me and gave it back to them. I said that I don't want anything if it is not going to be considered mine. No Christmas gifts, no birthday gifts..nothing. They took the hint and shut their mouths..why can't my ILs?

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Posted on Mon, Mar. 31, 2014 at 02:26 pm

This guy is such a p**sy. He sent anonymous letters in the mail to my husband. This is my husband's step-FIL. The letters were saying my husband is a loser(which he is not-he is employed at a terrific job) and was talking how his football team is shit. Mind you-this so called FIL is 70 years old, lives in trash Ville, and is married to a slut(my MIL. Oh, I forgot MIL you only sleep with people when you are separated)...I guess she has been separated over 100 times. Yeah she is a porcupine. How immature are these people. BTW..when my MIL was drunk she said she could please her Son-In-Laws better than her daughters could. Yeah, this shit is for real and she is 60 years old. THANK YOU, they are out of our lives!

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This "Worker Bee" Wants Her Own Hive

Posted on Mon, Mar. 31, 2014 at 04:59 am

My relationship with my inlaws have been less than ideal, but "okay" if I had to say anything. I have been with my husband for 8 years, married for 3.

We are now stuck in a situation where we have to live with his parents for a period of time to "help them out" with rent and whatnot.

My MIL has become increasingly aggressive, unhappy, and is prone to lashing. Just a few days ago, my husband and I talked about getting a trash service for the home. Otherwise, they're happy to allow trash piles to gather in the garage and take them out to various dumpsters. We discussed options with her, even offered to pay for the service.

As the conversation went on, she became increasingly angered because we didn't agree with her plan. My husband defended our decision, to which she started screaming at us in front of our very young children. We refused to play the game of "I'm right, shut up!" So, what doe she do? Throws a fucking temper tantrum just like a child does. Starts screaming obscenities, yelling at her husband that they're moving out, how dare we?! etc, etc. We shrug it off.

From there, she gets in my husband's face and says she wants to fight him. Dares him to fight her. He ignores her plea for attention, to which sets her off further. She starts screaming louder, with such ditties as 'I FUCKIN' DARE SOMEONE TO START SOMETHIN' WITH ME! I WANNA FUCKIN' HIT SOMETHING!' again, in front of our young children. She also mentions to her husband that we are worker bees, and the queen bee doesn't have to put up with shit from anyone.

Excuse me, "queen", WE ASKED ABOUT FUCKING TRASH. This little worker bee wants her own hive so MIL's can rot in the festering hole she created for herself.

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My father in law is making me hateful.

Posted on Sun, Mar. 30, 2014 at 09:54 pm

My fil moved in with me and my husband 6 months ago and I am about to lose my mind. In a nutshell: he is diabetic and requires a special diet which we cook but he sneaks our food then complains his blood sugar is either too high or too low. He leaves feces on the bathroom counter and all over the toilet. Now he is in the kitchen eating said food above. He will not wear his dentures at all so he puts the spoon or fork to his lips then sucks the food off the utensil. I have to go outside when he eats. My husband buys him sugar free cough drops and hard candy which he eats in one day then eats all the candy in my candy dish (I just quit smoking so I like to have candy around to help the cravings). Keep in mind he has poop on his hands while he is going thru the cabinets and refrigerator. He coughs and hacks constantly and spits in the sinks. He pretty much is the most disgusting person I have ever met. I used to love older people but now cant stand to be around any of them. Yes he helps financially but I would rather go without like I did before he moved in. My house smells like old people. My home is no longer mine. I am a stranger in my own home. My husband and I fight constantly which we never did before (married 14 yrs). I have asked my FIL to wash his hands, stay out of our food, not hack in the sinks, etc etc. All of which falls on deaf ears. I am pretty certain I will be divorced in a matter of no time at all. I am tired of complaining and being a b**** in my own home. I do not like the person this is turning me into.

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