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Stalker fil accept you lost & move on!

Posted on Fri, Aug. 29, 2014 at 03:50 pm

You rage and jump up and down like a gorilla, demanding respect and yelling at your 40+ son that he needs to obey you but instead we laugh at you!!

You actually step in your own shit during your tantrums when we forwarded one of your particularly abusive & vile rants--ha ha, feeling smug now?

So what do you do next? You stalk us!! You stand at my kids' school like the sociopath you are--my kids hate you, my kids want nothing to do with you!!

It's too late--you have been exposed for the manipulative, hateful, abusive, obsessed, vindictive, malicious person you are!!

Your tricks don't work anymore. You don't scare us--you can try with your self-righteous "I am furious" routine but alas we laugh at you!'

You can't take your money with you.

Your only son hates you.

Our kids want nothing to do with you.

Your health is starting to deteriorate.

Unlike your vindictive self, I don't need to take revenge.

Comeuppance is a great word, isn't it?

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I'm controlling

Posted on Fri, Aug. 29, 2014 at 09:56 am

According to my ILs, I'm a controlling person because I insist on mapping out our travel destinations so we don't get lost while driving there. Anytime I pull out the MapQuest printouts and the travel maps, the ILs roll their eyes and make snide, underhanded remarks about it. The ILs (and my DH) prefer to just get into a vehicle, point it towards the general direction of their destination, and start driving. I purposely didn't map out our destination for the last event we tried to go to with the ILs, and a barely 45 min drive turned into 2 1/2+ hours because we got lost since we didn't use a map. As a result, we missed a good portion of the event to which we were all going. We had purchased tickets to the event in advance, so not only did we waste time, gas $$, and wear/tear on the vehicle, but we wasted the $$ on the tickets since they were practically useless. Everyone was pissed, so it was very difficult for me to keep the "I told you so" smirk off of my face. Fucking morons.

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Empty cans make the most sound

Posted on Fri, Aug. 29, 2014 at 09:51 am

Hey MIL, you didn't pay for 'that', my parents did, so quit taking credit of everything you didn't paid for. It's embarrassing to see you boasting to your friends about everything my family gave us. So far you have given us nothing but that crap, so you don't have a bragging right. Go back to bragging about how much you spend on your golden child, make more lavish parties, everyone knows that is the only thing you can brag about her. Her parties, nothing else.

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Haven't heard from or seen you in weeks....

Posted on Fri, Aug. 29, 2014 at 09:42 am

and it's been awesome!

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Welcome to the jungle, BITCHES!

Posted on Fri, Aug. 29, 2014 at 09:41 am

I was born in August, that makes me a Leo. For 20 yrs I allowed my husband's family to treat me like crap all for the sake of "getting along". Yup, I played the pussy cat. Now, 20yrs later, kitty has grown tired of "playing with her mice". You have 1 year to run and hide, as I have plans for you. I know what you fear. You 5 fear truth. You fear being exposed for the glitter covered pieces of shit you truly are! Beware bitches, cause when this lion opens her mouth, you're gonna hear a mighty ROAR!! Oh, and btw, the only things covered in glitter are children and whores.

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DH we can forget about any future visits now?

Posted on Fri, Aug. 29, 2014 at 05:35 am

Within an hour of MIL and FIL arriving FIL was already saying our house wasn't that nice. This was supposed to be the visit that was going to go well and repair relations between us, LMAOL. I told myself then and there that I would shut down the nice me and just be robot/civil me for the next 48 hrs of their visit. Putting lipstick on a pig, still makes it a pig.
FIL managed to make such an ass of himself that DH was "hiding" in the garden doing home improvements halfway through the visit.
My most memorable bits of the visit are :
- FIL proudly announcing he had crapped his pants. He was sitting on my new sofa at the time. I stopped mid sentence to MIL and went to inform DH he was going to burn our sofa and purchase a new one plus the bill would be sent to the ILS. I then went to gag and mentally burn that scene out of my mind (didn't work).
- The night before they were due to leave, they announced that they were staying an extra night. Announced not asked. I hate you DH for the pleading eyes and willingness to subject us to those A-holes. Funnily enough, DH had booked Monday off to recuperate from the dreaded visit but the extension of the stay screwed up his plans. It also meant that ILS did not get a moment alone with me as they seemed to have planned by extending their stay thinking DH would be forced to leave for work on Monday morning.
ILs were upset because I spent most of my time pretending to be busy on my phone while sitting next to the kids. They thought I would the good old naive dumb DIL that would kiss their asses and act as their maid and fall for their old tricks, nope. I may have forgiven but will never forget.
It was funny watching them scramble to leave Monday morning when they realized DH wasn't going anywhere until they were gone and he shot down plans for Christmas with them.
I was a good team mate DH, I was civil, relatively polite and a good hostess despite their pig like behavior (sorry pigs); can we now agree that there is no point to them in our lives? That we deserve to be safe and comfortable in our "crappy" but shit free home? Even if you don't agree, they will never be welcome in our home again. You may by all means go stay with them and send the kids and I a postcard :)

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NO! No! No!

Posted on Fri, Aug. 29, 2014 at 04:55 am

Do NOT tell me how to live my life!!!! Do NOT tell me what I should be doing!!!!Your own situation is a sorry mess and you know it. A lazy fat slob of a husband who does NOTHING, who sits around and mopes and partly because you have helped to create that monster!!!! Your son is so very happy with me, you can't stand it, but he is happier than he ever has been. You try and use him as an emotional prop, no more! NO! Keep your waffling and trouble making to yourself and your dumb husband. I won't be visiting any time soon so don't hold your breath-actually do that! I don't want to hear about your news, what you have been doing and what you intend to do. I am staying off your radar! You make me sick!!!!

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Addvice to an Iddiot

Posted on Thu, Aug. 28, 2014 at 09:23 pm

Sister-in-law we don't care about your views or what's right and wrong we just do what we want because we are we. Our church does not care if we drink or show our boobs to the world. You are uptight and backwards, get with it and loosen up, get married a few more times and drink whisky like us then you can be one of us! Don't judge people who trample all over you and your rights and lie and deceive you. Just lie there and take it like the dog we think you are! Holy crap, get a life!

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your granddaughte will having nothing to do with u

Posted on Thu, Aug. 28, 2014 at 08:59 pm

Today I get the mail there is a letter from mil and fil to my dauhter. Dear >>>> You will soon be 18 and your parents cannot keep you from us anymore. We have enclosed a check for you to start out as a adult. We are also inviting you to come live with us and we will pay your college. sincerely Grandma and Grandpa.
seriously they think she will have anything to do with you after everything you have done. she shredded your letter and check without hesitation. also if you truly cared you would have said love instead of sincerely. you dug your own hole with us and also the grand kids your not a grandparent you have to earn that right

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I despise my in laws

Posted on Thu, Aug. 28, 2014 at 07:23 pm

My mil is such a hypocrite she pretends to like me when she sees me but every time my husband go see them she has always something stupid to say. I despise my Sil she does the same thing too but I confronted her so she can stop and my husband said I support you and ok with you. However she thinks that she can come and talk shot about me and I'm just going to leave her?! Hell no! The bis is sad because her boyfriend is gay and try to rape a chick in Attlantic city. How is that my fault?? Shut up and concentrate in your relationship that is a disaster just like you and your mother.

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