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No Calls From MIL

Posted on Wed, Nov. 18, 2015 at 07:01 am

It's that time of year again, the dreaded holiday time. In a normal year, during the two weeks after Halloween, DH and I would have received at least 5 or 6 voice mails from MIL about Thanksgiving and Christmas. I specify voice mails, because we never just answered straight away.

No matter what our holiday plans were, or how long before we had informed her, she would be calling simply to ramp up the drama by changing the dates, informing us about the fights among her other children, asking for advice on the menu and other lame excuses.

Even on years we wouldn't be attending (I have family too, you know) MIL would be begging, bribing and whining for us to come. Since my DPs passed away a few years ago she expected we would make the trip to see HER every year, no matter what we told her. She seemed happy my DPs were dead!

The irony was that each time we made the 400 mile trip to her house and did the holiday thing 100%, she was still never satisfied. When we left she always guilted us for living so far away and not staying long enough. Each year we dreaded the next.

No calls this year. We made the final 400 mile trip last April for MILs funeral. Her greedy, money-grubbing kids earned righteous cut-offs from DH. We changed our numbers, and will never go back.

Ah, blessed silence and the freedom to make holiday plans with decent people we care about. I asked DH if he missed the drama and he said, "Hell NO."

* Fa-lalalala-lala-Fuck you.

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would it kill you to text first?

Posted on Wed, Nov. 18, 2015 at 04:26 am

How many times do you have to barge into my home unannounced, only to find me walking around in my underpants, until you get the message?! We've said it a hundred times...CALL FIRST!

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Mil you will not get a penny

Posted on Wed, Nov. 18, 2015 at 02:20 am

a dime, a dollar, a vacation, a house. We won't help with another surgery, medicine or bail money for your douchbag pedo son. We won't cancel our trip to see you, give to your other d-bag sons fund me account even though you sent out a text telling everyone to give money. You twats can't even send a christmas card once a year but someone needs money and all of a sudden we're a family. Fk U

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Nothing but a B*TCH!

Posted on Wed, Nov. 18, 2015 at 12:31 am

Boundary over stepping Mil who usually shows up several times a week without the warning we've told her repeatedly she needs to give has been MIA for weeks. Im sure that has a lot to do with me having a major surgery and needing all the help I can get with my house and small kids. Could also have something to do with my birthday a week after surgery that mil has made sure to avoid for as long as Ive known her. But behold my dd's birthday party this weekend that mil has suddenly called to ask dh about. Of course she cant let us have a good time with my family without her scarecrow face showing up. So we all have to downgrade ourselves and not be able to openly talk because judgemental snob mil and sfil will be setting here imposing. If she cant respect me as my kids mother when she should then she should keep her ass at home for everything. On the other hand I will make sure to keep all of MY birthday cards and flowers displayed in the living room as a reminder to mil of what a bitch she is. I will also make sure to thank all of MY family in front of her for all the help they gave dh and the kids and I during my surgery. All while giving my dd the best day ever! Im done saving face in front of mil from now on when she's on my turf I'll be just as rude to her as she is to me when Im forced to be in her house. I better make it good since I have to look at her ugly ass for the next 2 holidays in her home. Ive never had such hate and disgust for anyone. I never knew what rude was until I met mil. And the one time I confronted her in the past about her rudeness her excuse was " well..hasnt anybody ever been rude to you before?". She is the only person that ive ever wished death on. And i dont feel bad. I would not be able to attend her funeral without smiling and feeling overwhelming relief. I hope all of her karma continues to come back around and bite her old hateful ass.

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Thanksgiving is a bust.....again!

Posted on Tue, Nov. 17, 2015 at 09:37 pm

I moved thirteen hours away from my family to be closer to my husband's family. I so wish I didn't agree to that. Anyway told my SIL I would host thanksgiving since she was do to give birth. Having her there with her family makes being in a room with her parents more bearable. Her dad feel asleep at the table two years ago and her mom just sits and smiles at everyone. ( this family is not big on communication). A month and a half later I ask if she and dear MIL could pitch in $40 or $50 bucks to help with the cost of the food. Within minutes I get a text listing all the hardships that have plagued her family and that the due date has been moved up by a week. Then I get the lovely call from BIL that not only will they not be helping out with money they're not even coming for dinner. Really, and you're just now telling me this. I already ordered the turkey and ham! These people are so inconsiderate. They knew the due date was changed three days before I texted them about the money. I was so pissed I canceled everything. I really want to go home and spend Thanksgiving with people who understand what family means.

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Best Holidays EVER

Posted on Tue, Nov. 17, 2015 at 05:35 pm

HEY ALL!!! I got the best news EVER for the holidays. My FIL is possibly dying. I KNOW RIGHT.....I am the luckiest person EVER. Now if the rest of the in laws would fuck off and take my husband with them.

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Crazy Mil

Posted on Tue, Nov. 17, 2015 at 04:35 am

Well My Daughter Came out and when she told our grandparents my fil was totally fine with my mil on the other said that she was gonna go to hell and that she would never speak to her again if she didn't change

My daughter started crying and that was 3 years ago and she hasn't seen her since

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I have to whinge for a moment, sorry.

Posted on Mon, Nov. 16, 2015 at 11:49 pm

I don't get it. My SIL can copy some shit from Pinterest, post it on Facebook and everyone falls over themselves complimenting her. How original and creative she is. SHE COPIED IT FROM SOMEONE CREATIV AND ORIGINAL!!!! If I may digress for a moment, since I'm here...She is a two faced bitch who has mastered the art of telling people exactly what they want to hear and getting away with it. When she's drunk, she says my brother hits her. When you offer her help, she says she never said that and says she loves him so, so very much. She was questioning whether she wanted to marry him up until their wedding day. On Facebook, she goes on and on about how much she loves him and he is the world to her. He is the best husband and father. She tells some people she loves her job and that she feels completely fulfilled by it. She tells me (a stay at home mom) that she hates her job and she wishes she could just be a mom who stays home and bakes and makes crafts with the kids. She gets what she wants, when she wants it. From everyone. Her parents, my parents, my brother, everyone by telling them what they want. She has a wicked temper when she doesn't get her way and everyone just gives in to it. I don't understand. My family would shun me for talking about the princess like this. I am supposed to be gracious and welcoming. But I can't when I see the truth. And I am resentful that she gets away with poor behavior and I am held to a different standard. Rant done.

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Posted on Mon, Nov. 16, 2015 at 08:01 pm

It's wrong how much hate I harbor toward them, but it's not my fault their fucking crazy as batshit!

This women is a pain, a gods honest pain in the ass.

I secretly think she's jealous of me.

If she could stick her son back in her womb she'd do it!
She's just that fucking insane.

She hates when we go somewhere she wants to go to, she's a nightmare, that just won't go away!

The FIL is just as bad maybe even worst.
Together their hell on earth. Some ppl should just not have kids

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I guess you don't realize...

Posted on Mon, Nov. 16, 2015 at 06:58 pm

I guess you don't realize that your son and I don't give a rats ass if you don't come to Thanksgiving. In fact, I smiled and felt my heart flutter with joy when you said you went coming. No drama or fighting or nasty gossip! Truly something to be thankful for!

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