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Just found this site

Posted on Mon, Jan. 12, 2015 at 02:15 pm

Don't have the strength right now to go through everything. I just can't understand how DH can get so angry at his sis and dad, take it out on me but then be so nice to them. That's really messed up. Glad I found this site! First time I have laughed all day!

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The In-Laws

Posted on Mon, Jan. 12, 2015 at 07:36 am

What can I say? My DH may have possibly landed a job with a school as a social studies teacher. I'd say time for celebration, but we don't have a car. DH's father has made it clear that neither he nor his wife will be helping my DH with rides to work and they live right down the street from us! UGH! It just seems like every time DH and I seem to be getting on our feet nobody wants to help! They'll help us out whenever we have nothing or no money. I think it's an empowerment thing...who knows...well, there's my in-law story for the day. Thank goodness for this sight!

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What goes around comes around.....

Posted on Mon, Jan. 12, 2015 at 03:47 am

So SIL, how did you enjoy your Christmas? Staring at your Christmas tree, crying into your wine glass????? All the siblings you thought you controlled all moved on and celebrated the holiday without YOU. Gee, you're not the center of the universe. The only reason they tolerated you was to keep peace with your mother, now that she's gone, they have no reason to put up with you, or your hysterics. Stop blaming everyone for your problems and tke. Good loooong look in the mirror, not that it will do any good, cause you're perfect...as you've told people for years .

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Adios Racist A**wipes!!!

Posted on Sun, Jan. 11, 2015 at 10:06 pm

After almost 5 years of bullying me and DH, you've all decided to put that straw on the camels back after MILs death. I'll never forget this night that EBIL got wasted (nothing new, everyone knows you're an alcoholic) and again insulted me like usual. Except this time was different. This time DH stood up to your sorry a**es. The whole family was there and of course ESIL stood up for your drunk a** not bc she likes you but bc she hates me bc she can no longer control DH. You controlling abusive pieces of dog crap, I hope you know this was the happiest day of my life bc DH said good riddance and he's not looking back. Surprise surprise that a good husband is not okay with another guy threatening violence on his wife. it's sad bc I actually liked you youngest SIL. You were the only sanity in that nut house.

Forget about my mom and I spending hundreds of dollars on food catering MILs funeral. None of you thanked us for that. Everything that we've done for you was a slap in the face. I'm sorry you are such bitter angry people and that other people's happiness turns you into satan. Im
about ready to go get that restraining order tomorrow just to make sure I never see you again. Tonight was the final nail in the coffin. And you texting me while Im typing this saying I'm a bitch just makes it all that sweeter!

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when did the world start revolving around you?

Posted on Sun, Jan. 11, 2015 at 06:51 pm

I crushed my finger a few days ago and I have a two year old. Tantrum central. My mother in law now claims she has a broken bone in her foot and needs my husband to do everything for her! I'm just glad he saw through her and told her know!

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Screw 'the right' thing ...

Posted on Sun, Jan. 11, 2015 at 06:13 am

I'm fed up of doing the 'right thing' when it comes to these Mo-Fos. What is the 'right thing' to do in situations like abusive ILs anyway? Kinda just seems to me like it's more 'the dumb' thing to do.

We (or at least I) completely cut you vermon out of our lives years ago when your trashy wives abuse toward me got so out of control that it would have been the 'moronic' thing to do for me to put up with their shithead behaviours for even one more second. And you EFIL and EBILs fully deserve to be married to human waste like them after constantly turning a blind eye to their ways, neglecting my dh, insulting our intelligence and allowing the Vernon you married to actively breakdown the family-- you'll never get it FIL-- step MIL doesn't actually care about you or your sons or else she would never have interfered with you relationships in such a scheming and malicious way, particularly with your relationship to your eldest, my dh, who is the only son of yours who seems to have his brain screwed in somewhat adequately. It would have been better that you FIL had died the day your first wife did: Dh would never have to have relations with that monster you married so soon afterward, and he would have had much fonder memories of you of the father he grew up with instead of the one you've chosen to de-evolve into.

I wish he could finally see that the father he knew or THOUGHT he knew is dead to him anyway. Yet the poor thing keeps hanging on to the nonexistent thread of Hope that you actually care about him, (and your grandchildren ) even after the way you and your monster have treated him, but also me, his life partner who s directly linked to his heart and hurts when I hurt-- shame on you! and your other sons and their monsters aren't much better.

So given that I know all this I can't believe that I was duped once again into doing the 'right thing' when it came to you on my birthday of all days. After 2 years of being ostracized and black listed in your white trash community by your sociopath wife after I finally found the courage to say enough, you have not only turned a blind eye to it (again) but also continue your cruelty by playing games and leading my Dh on into thinking that one day you will make that call to me and discuss her behaviour, maybe even apologize. In the meantime, for the sake of doing the right thing, we have allowed you to meet with our children outside of our home -- though they have no real relationship with you anymore. It is FAR more than you deserve given you don't show much interest in them nor trying to fix some of the destruction your wife has caused for at least the grandkids' sake.

Then my b-day happened last week, and lo and behold, I get a message from my husband telling me that after TWO years of leading him on, you were adament about making the phone call to me on my birthday. My first reaction was f-you! After all the time that has past, and everything that happened it's far too little too late, and the thought of speaking with you made me ill. So here I was on my bday, my stomach all in knots, angry and confused when I could have just been enjoying my day. But dh and my family talked me into doing the 'right thing' again and hearing you out. At 5'oclock you promised you would make that call and you had me standing there in the kitchen for 30 goddam minutes having an anxiety attack before my bday dinner when I could have been doing something more productive. You never called. Bastard!!

Even though you are mostly out of our lives you still find ways even up to today to insult us and poke the stick in farther. Thanks for the bday gift a-hole! Now I feel like a fool again for taking everyone's 'advice' and falling for your lies, and you're a-ok with your behaviour. For a man who has pretty much lost the relationships with his son and grandchildren, and destroyed the relationship with a DIL, you think theast thing you'd want to do is ruffle even one more feather to preserve the barely existent graces from us that you still have.

So screw the right thing in terms of giving you anymore privileges!! I owe you nothing, and if dh knows what's good for our relationship he'll stop listening to your lies and consider you DEAD like his dear mother. You've never deserved him or us, and the right thing for us is ignoring your very existence. That was your final insult.

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stick it where the sun dont shine sil

Posted on Sat, Jan. 10, 2015 at 07:01 pm

my sister inlaw will only ever ask a question if she wants to judge,i have 3 children and she has judged my parenting styles to no end,she only thinks shes right because shes older and always tries to belittle me for my age,how dare she complain that my 4 month old is in a room to herself,why not?her room is right next to mine and she sleeps through the night,al my kids are the best sleepers,where as,what do yours do sil?? they are 6 and 3 and both sleep in your bed at night and wake at 5am,enough said! mind your own goddamn business and go shopping or something,as your so addicted to buying so much crap u don't need,i don't need to be told how to parent,unlike u I actually look after my children and don't have my mum to live with me purely to be a cook,maid and nanny!

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Posted on Sat, Jan. 10, 2015 at 07:33 am

I haven't forgotten about your little hissy fit that changed everything.
I still hear you talking crap behind my back, gladly no one is listening anymore.
I have not forgotten how manipulative you are. Neither has your brother.

After your parents die, we'll never see your manipulative, sick face ever again.

Just thought you should know :)

Rot in hell please,
The SIL who still remembers.

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My husband prefers my in laws to me

Posted on Sat, Jan. 10, 2015 at 01:42 am

We live near my in laws, who don't really get the fact that their son has gotten married and has his own family now.

They expect daily visits and make him run errands for them. They're so overbearing and entitled that even though I used to like them now I hate them with a passion.
My mother in law is also rude to me if she feels like it.

I realize that the problem is with my husband for not setting boundaries and actually enjoying this enmeshment but God do I hate my inlaws!

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I fear for my relationship with my soon to be baby

Posted on Fri, Jan. 09, 2015 at 07:47 pm

I am pregnant with my first child, it took my husband and I three years of trying and specialists to be told 'you'll most likely never have children' it was kind of a bit of a shock when I was told I was pregnant I mean I had been told it wasn't going to happen.
We told my in laws and my MIL said 'about time' and that was where it started. She posted it all over facebook that I was pregnant before I had told anyone and way before the safe point. I ended up in the hospital three times before the end of my first trimester and every time 'I was doing something wrong' or 'already a bad mother' all because my body isn't very good at this pregnancy thing.
My mother is planing my baby shower and the MIL is pissed that my mother is. She had the nerve to tell me that 'it's not my mothers place to give me a baby shower' I don't know what to say to that other then to tell her that she doesn't have to come.
I know that I am stuck with her because she takes a very VERY hands on approach with her grand kids. I've seen her take over and mother my niece and step son like there parent isn't doing a good enough job just because they do something she doesn't think is right.

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