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Ha Ha Got the Last Laugh

Posted on Thu, Nov. 06, 2014 at 07:53 pm

Nobody thought DH & I would last. SILs, BILs, jealous ex-wife of DH---Got news for you idiot gas bags!
Joke's on you, dumbasses! I am still in love. With him.
And he's still crazy about me. Even though we're not married anymore. I get him. Without the legal red tape. So, YES WE ARE TOGETHER! Since you're all nosey, YES WE DO HAVE SEX ABOUT EVERY NIGHT! And...I always get MINE first. Nice, huh? So, shove your holier than thou attitudes up your asses, why don't ya?


Can't change it, bitches! Works for us!

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I can't stand my SIL and FIL

Posted on Thu, Nov. 06, 2014 at 05:34 pm

They are quite possibly the most annoying people in the world. OK first off we all live in the same house My husband and I were good enough to open our home to them, and let me tell you, worst decision ever. They are rude, messy and just love to undermine ever decision my husband and I make involving our children. Such a nuisance. They cause me so much stress that my illnesses have become much worse. We've tried kicking them out but they just stick around stick cockroaches. ....

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Burn in hell ex's

Posted on Thu, Nov. 06, 2014 at 03:34 pm

Got summoned to court today so my ex could eliminate his child support because he's disabled.

He brought his oxycontin addicted uncle . His uncle actually said to me "we are struggling".

I said to him I am raising his son on half of what ex will be getting and I pay rent; ex lives with his uncle in uncles' wife's house that she inherited.

He had no reply. Ex won- no child support - my parting words to them both (you still have to answer to Jesus).

I hope they both overdose on the money that was going to feed my child:(

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Posted on Thu, Nov. 06, 2014 at 02:18 pm

So you finally figure out how DH and I really feel about you and now you want to act like the perfect mother and grandmother on fb and to us?! Well it's too late for that. We will not give you the opportunity to call our child a moron or piece of shit or idiot or anything else you have called your own children. I will do everything in my power to protect and shield our child from you. Put on the act all you want. No one is buying it. We don't need nor want you.

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A poem for when all you a-holes are all dead

Posted on Thu, Nov. 06, 2014 at 11:43 am

Twinkle Twinkle
Little in-laws,
I plan to get drunk at
All your funerals.

You alienated me
From day one.
That's why I don't answer
My telephone.

Twinkle Twinkle
Little in-laws,
My motivation for getting fit isn't to "keep my husband",
It's actually to outlive you so I can douse your bodies with Love's Baby Soft
At every one of your sure-to-be-bullshitty funerals,
After which I'll dance all night in celebration
Of being free, and alive
On a planet where you do not exist.

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Letter to an ungrateful Granddaughter in law

Posted on Thu, Nov. 06, 2014 at 11:32 am

Dear GIL,

I know you thought when you married my grandson that you were going to be able to "form your own traditions" and "live your own life" but that could not be further from reality.

Married life in THIS family means you are just another orbiting planet, orbiting around US. (And by US I mean me, Dear)

I'll have you know that I was well within my rights to throw a huge, ridiculous tantrum when I learn that you're not coming to my Thanksgiving. Again. You haven't been to that particular gathering that I host for 2 years now.

So what if you're nearly 40 and have always wanted to host your own Thanksgiving? We host a perfectly good one at our place. What about your own extended family and friends? They can all come along to our house. What could possibly be uncomfortable about that? I am perfectly comfortable there.

You know, I'm shaking my head because I knew you were going to say no again. That's why I was furious before I even showed up tonight. I could have asked my grandson about it during one of the half dozen times I've seen him in the past ten days, but I wanted to wait until I could corner you.

When you deferred to him, and made him answer me about Thanksgiving, and I learned you had plans already to host at at your house and that you had already paid a deposit on an organic turkey, I was even angrier than I had originally planned on getting.

I guess I'm still miffed about last week when my grandson was gone out of town for work on a night when you two had my favorite grandchildren. Remember, how he let me have his kids from his first marriage overnight so you wouldn't feel like a nanny? I called you at dinnertime trying to guilt you into coming over to hang out with me and the stepkids you'd just gotten a night off from. It's almost like you had something better to do than watch me "parent" your stepkids.

I just wanted to let you know, alone, how entitled I feel to control every major fucking goddamn holiday. Seeing my grandson stick up for you the other night just reminded me how disloyal to me he's become since he re-married.

His first wife did everything I asked for 8 years straight. If they didn't feel like socializing with me literally every weekend, they'd actually make plans to do something else out of town so that I never felt left out. They never told me they chose to "stay home and spend time together" or "keep a weekend relaxed and unscheduled." Family is very important to us, you see. I know you can't understand that because you're too selfish trying to form traditions with your husband, children, and step-kids. What a waste of time-- we have the traditions already in place, woman!

That reminds me-I was so offended that you never used the Christmas stockings I gave to my grandson and his first wife. I know you don't have the same first name as her, but you could still use her stocking. I hand knitted those for them. Yes, you two have 2 more kids for whom I have not made stockings. So what of it? Why do you insist on using Christmas stockings that your mother made? I don't care that she personalized them for each of the actual members of your nuclear family! Do you see how unfair you are being? I simply want to control how you do everything important in the entire world. I'm one your husband's grandmothers. That's the most important relationship on earth to a young man of 38.

Well, since you're dead set on breaking my heart and not abandoning your plans to do what I want when I want it, I'll just have to be "upset" every time I see you for the next several months, like I do every year. I ruined my visit with you last Christmas by pouting the whole time. I don't mind making every holiday season tense and unpleasant because Christmas is about (my) family. If you wanted to feel entitled to run my grandson's life you should've tried being his grandmother.

Love, Grandmother
PS- Want to come over and hang out with your stepkids this weekend? No, I know it's not your weekend. I already called your husband's ex-wife and she gave them to me for the whole weekend. I could feed them candy for dinner and let them stay up late and act like total jerks. Then I'll try to bully you into having your Christmas morning at my house. Because it would be so much more fun for the kids to do what I want.

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Money Leechers

Posted on Thu, Nov. 06, 2014 at 09:05 am

Dear PIL!

OK! Let me get this straight... Its OK for you to take money from your son to get some elevation work done on your house but its not OK for me to give money to my parents to help them clear their debts? And all this because I am a woman and its a man's job to take care of his family. So my brother is supposed to take care of my parents(although he is already taking care of them the best he can) and I should let my brother choke to death.

Let me tell you freaks that my brother is a wonderful person and he is not one to take his responsibilities lightly. But some times even for a strong and determined person things get a little rough. And I am happy that my brother came to me in his darkest hours. He asked me if I could share his burden for a little while, just for a few months. He did not ask me to completely pay off our parents debts. He asked me if I would be able to lighten his burden for a few months.

FIL! Don't you think it is time you cut down your expenses and not make any new investments? Specially because you are retired and you do not have the income you used to have? MIL! whats wrong with you? I am the one working my A#@ off at work. And I have a right to do what every I want with my salary because IT IS MY SALARY. What right do you have to tell me what I am supposed to do and not do with MY SALARY? And you SIL! Get a job and get a life. Your marriage is broken. This is life .SH$T happens. Learn to deal with it. And stop using "I am the Victim" card. You are an adult with a 5 year old girl to take care of. So start behaving like one. I feel so sorry for your daughter that she will grow up not knowing her father.

Itz high time you guys stop depending on your son for money. Your son and I will always be there when you are in real trouble. But stop projecting every tiny thing in to a life and death situation. Did I not pay for your surgery? And I did it with out hesitation or a second thought. I remember very well that you did not even had to ask me for my help but
I freely gave it to you. Do you know why I did that? Itz because I love your son.

Now you expect your son to turn a blind eye to my family when they are in need. When will you get it that I do not need your son's money. I am a modern independent woman. And I do not expect your son to pay for my family when I myself can do it. All I need from him is some moral support.

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Posted on Thu, Nov. 06, 2014 at 08:05 am

I really hate my MIL so much I am sorry to say I can't wait to the day she's not around. I go see my mom once a week with my son and my MIL complains to my husband that we go to my moms more then hers, well you stupid she is MY MOM and yah I am going to see her more then you. This lady is a jealous bitch and it's not up to me to visit her she has a son and its not my problem that he never wants to see her. She has my phone number and knows where I live fucking make a afford to come see us lazy cow !!!!!!

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Sorry MIL

Posted on Thu, Nov. 06, 2014 at 06:50 am

So sorry that me giving birth was not enough about you. Please accept my apology over a nice hot cup of GET THE F OVER IT.

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Childish inlaws

Posted on Wed, Nov. 05, 2014 at 08:05 pm

We'll, you have now gone against your son's wishes and blame him for you doing so. You are immature and sad. You will no longer be mentioned or welcomed into our lives. Hang onto and smother the sons you have, interfere, criticise their respective spouses, play favouritism and claim that everyone else has the problem. I really feel sorry for you and hope that I can now feel the release I need to encourage a loving, nurturing and respectful relationship with my husband and children. Yes, you do have a problem and I am a DIL that won't stand for the childish manipulative behaviour you spew forth. DH has mentioned to me that he has had peace since not having you, MIL meddling in our life I am an ex DIL to you now. Happy lives to you ex-IL's. Happy days ahead.

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