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I just want to close the book on this

Posted on Thu, Apr. 14, 2016 at 06:54 am

BIL has stopped talking to us, not that we have a close relationship anyway. We think the problem is money - he's used to getting some from his mother and now that we're handling her finances, he can't. Not that there's any money to give - I don't know if BIL knew it or not, but MIL went into debt to give him money. Now she can't afford to pay even the interest on her debt without some careful money management from yours truly.

In the meantime, we setting an estate in which MIL will be the sole heir. After it is all done, she won't be rich but she will be out of debt and should have enough money to cover the inevitable assisted living (she is barely able to live independently now and it won't last). In this process, we stumbled across a fund that was set up for BIL's child. Since this child is almost an adult, we think it would be best to transfer the fund to this family. They can give it to BIL's child or not; I don't care. I just know that I have my hands full and this is one account I don't have to manage so I don't want to.

We've been calling him for days to get the information to set up this transfer. DUDE! I AM TRYING TO GIVE YOU MONEY FOR YOUR KID! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO TO GET IT IS ONE EFFING PHONE CALL! He doesn't even have to give personal information directly to me. He just has to give it to the lawyer handling the transfer. It's insane.

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Crazy family

Posted on Thu, Apr. 14, 2016 at 06:31 am

My MIL thinks shes a victim and everyone is picking on her, thank goodness my hubby told her she's crazy yesterday. She even thinks its the driver's fault if she's crossing the street while the light is still green! She could of had knee surgery earlier to avoid all the pain she's going through, but she blames it on mother nature and the weather is doing this to her! She'll forget to do something and it'll be my fault even if i'm not home!
We had dinner last night, kept complaining how her nephew's daughter is so attached to her mother, WTF. She's her mom! She had the same problem when i had my daughter. MIL and SIL wanted my daughter to attach to them. And she keeps blaming SIL's boyfriend for no wanting to marry her yet. If she wasn't so crazy and forcing him to marry her after just 3 months of dating, he would maybe come to family dinners and etc more. I dont blame him for not wanting to invite his family to meet my ILs.
HAving my second child soon, she keeps complaining how i should be having my 3rd or 4th one SMH. I should be resting more now and taking it easy because i'm having difficulty with this pregnancy. She thinks i'm lazy, yet i'm still doing all the cleaning, taking care of my daughter, and food shopping. She just sits there to watch her TV and gossip with friends. She complains when i'm in alot of pain, saying my doctor isn't good. She'll compare her pregnancies with mine and if something is different it's the doctor or me. All pregnancies are diffferent. She'll compare other kids to her daughter, because she thinks her daughter is perfect. If she was perfect, MIL you wouldn't have to complain why she still cant get married at 45 and why the people you hate, their kids are getting married and having kids in their 20s! And stop trying to complain or ruin someone's big day just because you're not getting what you want or its not happening to your favorite kid, nephew or niece! You're the one teaching them to be like you, reason for not able to find someone. If your marriage wasn't arranged, you would be like them too!
And SIL, you're not the mother of my kids, so stop pretending to be and listening to your stupid mother! Take her on a vacation too, instead of paying for trips and gifts for your BF! MIL wanted us to take her somewhere, umm i'm huge and can go into labor any day now! She only thinks of herself.
Complains about how everything is expensive but wants her kids to give her money so she can shop for garbage or give it away like its nothing to her friends! This is why your husband doesn't talk to you or wants to give you any money. You're lucky to still be married to him! But it's a agood thing he doesn't see you as much, because you decided to move in with us without even asking. Oh and your so-called besties, they're the ones going behind your back telling me not to let you take care of my kids! Tell your besties to back off too, just because they dont have grandkids or their kids won't let them watch the grandbabies, isn't my fault. These are my kids, don't have the right ot tell us how to raise our kids. Breastfeeding is healthy for them just because they never did it before! And the reason our kids look like us and not like my SIL..... ummm I gave birth to them!!!!!!

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Hateful Inlaws

Posted on Thu, Apr. 14, 2016 at 06:25 am

You're entitled to your own opinions even when they are wrong! I'm rubber and you're glue so whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you! Yucky!

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Weight of the World

Posted on Thu, Apr. 14, 2016 at 06:16 am

The most glorious day came when an uncouth IL made an assumption about my DH. We were at their middle sons wedding reception when, after downing several drinks, this delightful IL worked up the liquid courage to tell me that they saw something in my husband that wasn't even the slightest bit intuitive. They shared their "insider information" with me and this is what happened :

I said, "I don't believe he feels that way at all. In fact, I am expecting and we are happier than ever. This feeling might be coming up for you because it's what you need to hear right now."

They then replied, "OOOkaaay. I wanted to tell you because I am concerned about him."

That's when I dropped this bombshell, "I'll ask him about it but don't worry my mother thinks the weight of the world is on us all the time. She's especially concerned about me and doesn't believe me when I tell her otherwise which is draining. Excuse me, I must to go to the little girls room. "

She gave me a strange look and went on her way. She was inebriated and she's shown no signs of remembering, in fact, she's very forgetful as just last week she'd forgotten how long my husband and I have been together.

I pay her no mind for she only wishes for things to be wrong between us. She gossips about me to others in her family and I suspect that they have to put up with her accusations more than I.

I'm glad I can't hear the things that go on upstairs for that woman because unless things have changed she's unreasonable and judgemental and even when she herself does things that are unkind, rude, and inappropriate she gives herself a pass which she, by all accounts, seems unwilling to give to others. I love her regardless and she can't stop that me from countering her negativity with goodness.

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You Can't Be Happy

Posted on Wed, Apr. 13, 2016 at 04:54 pm

You can't be happy when you carry so much hatred.

You can't be happy, being so jealous & envious.

You can't be happy when you're always finding fault.

You can't be happy when you're always in competition.

You can't be happy, when you can't be happy for others.

You can't truly be happy with yourself when you have fake eyelashes, fake hair, fake boobs, and a fake butt.

You can't be happy and call yourself "original" when you're constantly copying others.

You can't be happy when you have to brag about what you have and every other mediocre thing about you that you think is so great.

You can't be happy when you have to convince others what a "perfect" marriage you have.

You can't be happy when your only motive is to cause trouble and destroy family relationships.

You can't be happy when you find joy in gossiping and tearing other people down.

Happiness will never be found in a person who possesses such wickedness in all the things they do.

So before you claim to be so happy and perfect, just know that someone like you can NEVER BE HAPPY.

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Selective Bitchiness

Posted on Wed, Apr. 13, 2016 at 11:49 am

MIL & SIL have been an evil, gruesome twosome towards me since I first met them, never missing an opportunity to insult me and let me know I will never be a part of their backwards clan. Now that SIL has a new hubby, MIL & SIL have cut back on the insults and act like they're innocent little angels completely perplexed by my "attitude problem" during visits. They say things like "Why are you being so quiet?", "Is something wrong?"

YES, you stupid, nasty, vile, fake, phony bitches! Something IS wrong. You're putting on quite the little performance for your clueless new hubby. It's so beyond frustrating being portrayed as the bitchy wife sitting in the corner not talking, when you two skanky pigs are responsible for it. Now you get to look like the nice people. So twisted.

And another thing, stop vacationing at the same place hubby and I went on our honeymoon. That's twisted too. SIL, you copy everything I do. Don't you have one original thought in that microscopic brain?

The reason we're always late showing up for holidays and visits is because I DON'T WANT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!πŸ’€πŸ•ΈπŸ•·β˜ πŸš«

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Niece in law

Posted on Wed, Apr. 13, 2016 at 10:09 am

My niece came over yesterday to give me all the gossip about her brother and his wife and what happened after I left the birthday party.

Apparently, my 6 year old nephew got pissed that he was not getting enough attention at his sisters birthday party. So he had an tantrum and told his mother that "he hates her". So she slapped him across the face in front of her family. Glad I missed that one. So her sister sends her an email, informing her that she and her husband the doctor were going to contact cps on her about her behavior at the party.

I really do not like my niece in law at all. She is a very selfish, spoiled bitch. My niece tried to blame all this behavior on hormones. Oh please, she is just plain mean and this only proves what I have been saying for years. It sucks to be you, honey. I would have taken the boy in the bedroom and dealt with it another way.

Karma is a harsh mistress and it is only starting with you. I hope I see your sister at the next birthday party. I plan on saying : at least I did not get the birthday girl's present at Goodwill, I went to Macy's. Can't wait.

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Be careful what you wish for!

Posted on Wed, Apr. 13, 2016 at 09:39 am

Well, Mil and Sils, you wanted me gone from day one, lol, you got it. But now Dh is going to be with someone you dislike more than me, HAHAHA!!!! I wish I would've left sooner!!! A woman willing to screw a married man? She'll fit right in with you all!!

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Birthday or Baby Shower

Posted on Wed, Apr. 13, 2016 at 08:37 am

Husband tells me about 2 weeks ago his sister is having a baby shower for her baby in May. The baby is due June 30th.

I told my husband you watch and see, she's going to have it on May 7th because her birthday is the 5th and Mother's Day is the 8th. She is so narcissistic and predictable I saw this coming from a mile away. So guess what, husband comes home laughing and says you were right-my mom called and the baby shower is in the 7th because she wants to celebrate her birthday too! Well, jokes on her because we were invited to a child's birthday party the same day and it's his close friends child and he sent us an invite in the mail and we rsvpd already. Husband even said we would have more fun over there! He's right! His sister and mom always try to monopolize holidays and birthdays. Well, no more.

He said if we have time we might stop by. Which means fat chance in hell. I think it's funny because just this past February your moms birthday was 3 days before Valentine's Day and instead of accepting our offer to take her out to dinner she expected us to go out to a restaurant with her on Valentine's Day! I shut that down real fast. You then proceeded to pout and try to guilt husband after he repeated about 5 or 6 times, "but Mom, it's valentines Day".
So I see the Apple does not fall far from the tree. Mil and sil are both selfish trolls. It's a baby shower and she is making it about her birthday. Poor kid. My daughters birthday is 3 days before mine and I never take away from her and talk about my birthday that is only 3 days away, but then I do think of others and you clearly don't. I see you are just going to repeat the cycle of having your son, guilting him to do everything for you just like you and your mother did to my husband. You should be ashamed sister in law about throwing yourself a birthday party and baby shower all in one. It's not about you!!! It's about your baby.

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Don't Want To

Posted on Wed, Apr. 13, 2016 at 07:27 am

Celebrate any more holidays,family events (where you fake hug me in front of DH as if...), I wish I could snap my fingers and have a life again since you sucked it out ofme. You may fool DH but you haven't fooled me. You know I hate you and I know tou hate me. All I say to myself anymore is "I can't wait for the day..."

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