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Horrible inlaws

Posted on Tue, Sep. 09, 2014 at 12:46 am

My partner and I have been together for 8 years now I've never been classed as family to my inlaws my O/H gets invited to family events but is told only he is welcome my presents is not needed anyway we have recently had our 1st child durinv the pregnancy my O/H was told the baby was not his and to get a test even after the birth same thing. They are now carrying on as we cant go to my SIL year 12 formal as we have to take our child to syd for and ooperationl. They have the hide to brag to everyone they no about our child but cant get off their lazy asses to phone and see how shes doing they make me sick to my stomach my O/H can not stand them how dare yous bring our innocent child into your petty childish shit F**K OFF already and let us live our lives!! I hate yous so much

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Gimme a break

Posted on Mon, Sep. 08, 2014 at 09:36 pm

I've posted here before, maybe a year ago. MIL has favored SIL since birth. SIL's kids are the only ones who count in this family. DH and I have 2 kids, 4 and 1, and no one from the family even visited either of our kids for over 2 months after each was born. Meanwhile SIL got knocked up at 14 and MIL and FIL raised that kid completely for 5 years so SIL wouldn't have to give up any of her life for the kid. Now SIL is married, her oldest kid is 7, she has a 2yo (whom she and her husband pawn off onto anyone who will take him, and they don't even watch him when they're there), and she's pregnant again. When she was pregnant with the 2yo, MIL had a huge baby shower for her, I wouldn't be pissed if any of them gave a sh*t at all about my kids. Now this pregnancy, which SIL tells everyone she doesn't want at all, is another reason for MIL to be doting every second. We also just found out that on our anniversary in a few weeks, MIL is planning a gender reveal party for SIL. Gimme a frickin break! The only people who even care what the gender is are the parents and maybe the grandparents. Yet of course every single thing SIL does deserves a celebration. We, of course were not even supposed to know about this thing, but someone else in the family let it slip. Honestly I hope BIL loves MIL because when she's old and can't take care of herself, guess who she's living with? Not me! Let's see how that little narcissist feels when she's gotta take care of someone else and not just have it all be about her! SOOO fed up!

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in your face mil

Posted on Mon, Sep. 08, 2014 at 07:43 pm

So this second pregnancy im getting things done my way!!! No mil you are not allowed in the delivery room, no I won't even call you to tell you your second grandson was born because I don't want any visits in the hospital after 48 hours of labor pain and no sleep. I don't want to have to worry about looking fat or messy for visits cuz I'll just be busy enjoying my newborn. And after im settled in my house I'll give you a call in about two weeks. You can look at him no you can't touch. Reason im doing this is because I don't want you coming to my house every freaking day just after I gave birth and I can barely walk. Of course my house won't be sparkly clean and I might not have showered in days. A newborn takes all your energy. So no, obviously im gonna want my space. So yeah, go cry to your son about how im keeping you away from your grandson, he takes my side!!!!

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intrusive mil

Posted on Mon, Sep. 08, 2014 at 07:23 pm

I want to forget so badly that one time my husband returned from out of town in the middle of the night. We hadn't seen each other in weeks. It didn't take a minute for us to get busy...and of course my mother in law couldn't wait till morning to greet his son. She thought he had the obligation to report immediately to mommy despite being a married men. So there she is in the middle of the night spying on us while we're having sex. I notice her, my hubby doesn't. I'm beyond mortified. To top things off she asked me in the morning at what time her son had arrived in the night. What's wrong with her????? I think she wanted to verify the time and make sure I wasn't with another man or something. She's seriously messed up

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mil issues

Posted on Mon, Sep. 08, 2014 at 07:14 pm

I stupidly called my mother in law to ask her for a couple of slices of bread now that my hubby and I have been struggling. I thought she wouldn't mind after all these years we've helped her out and now we needed her help. I was wrong...all I wanted was to prepare a simple meal for my toddler, me and my unborn baby. At least she loaned me money to buy my prenatal pills...she couldn't give me 35$ despite the thousands we've given her, nope it was just a loan

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Get over yourselves!!

Posted on Mon, Sep. 08, 2014 at 12:21 pm

You have started a war with the wrong person!!

I have effectively shut you out of our lives!!!

I had the power the whole time. It is because I am a decent, empathetic person that I tolerated you for as long as I did.

You interpreted my kindness as weakness and you erroneously acted to meddle in my life, my marriage & my family.

Bitches, the gloves are off. I have enjoyed pummeling you to the ground.

Your guilt trips, fake overtures, gossiping, projection, your cutting your son off, your blatant lying, your threats to ruin our reputation, your attempts to blackmail us with money--give it up!!

I warned you that it is in your best interest to play nice with me.

It's only going to get worse from here for you!!

It takes a certain level of grace and humility to handle elderly age and all your money can't buy you more time!! See if nurses and your retirement home staff will deal with your verbal & physical garbage.

You are your own enemy--thanks for making this shut out a walk in the park!!

Your smug, cool & detached DIL
(Yes, I'm winning & it feels great)

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SIL I don't hate you, just your whining

Posted on Mon, Sep. 08, 2014 at 10:53 am

Facts. People get divorced. Deal with it. Maybe that bangin little body of yours isn't enough to make up for your whining, no clue about real life, and generally being spoiled. Hopefully you can find a like minded raging liberal like yourself to get with.

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the whole f****** family is toxic from uncle cousi

Posted on Mon, Sep. 08, 2014 at 10:41 am

omg all of you r crazy pieces of shit!! all of you should go marry each other u trailer park trash!!

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oh grandma in law

Posted on Mon, Sep. 08, 2014 at 10:27 am

OK, I'm sure grandma in law may be a stretch, but....

So I realize you have die-uh-beat-us (diabetes) "just like"a certain spokesman on TV and a heart condition but being 892 pounds doesn't help. I really get internal laughter when you eat 5 pounds of potatoes with a gallon of gravy on them. Lol. Flanked by half a turkey and 3 pounds of stuffing at family dinners. Topped off with a whole cake. Yum. But the best was as everyone was fighting to bring you the plate, some idiot effed up and brought you a regular soda instead of a diet. Holy Cow! You and your die-uh-beat-us. Some thoughtless fool was trying to kill you. Not really, you're just dramatic. Speaking of croaking, you've been "dying" as long as I've known you. Time for a different sympathy tactic. I wish you no I'll will or death, but I really wish every holiday with you really was the last one.

But you are good for some laughs. Groaning louder and loader until you're getting enough attention. Lol. I'm just sorry I almost chocked someone with the comment about why you hung the picture of the king in your bedroom. I'm sure it is more for fantasizing then being able to see it first thing in the morning.

In summation, you're a fat,old,miserable sow that needs attention at any means necessary.

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goodbye toxic assholes

Posted on Mon, Sep. 08, 2014 at 10:26 am

so yes I have reached the end!!!! I'm so over this life with all of you!!!! you all can fuck off and I hope my soon to be ex husband grows a pair!!!I'm sure you will all be happy to see me go,truthfully I'm happy I'm going!!!!I'm ready to be happy .I had a whole family of WT that broke up this marriage.HEY dh you let them you pussy!!I'm just sick and tired of being tired.YAYyyy freedom will be mine !!! Fuck marriage its stupid let freedom ring!!!

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