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Double Standard

Posted on Mon, Apr. 03, 2017 at 06:48 pm

ILs have bought Golden Child cars and a HOUSE. They also help renovate it. They ALWAYS have BIL and SIL's children. Buy GC gadgets, phones, cell plans, etc. DH asked to borrow money for a downpayment on a house, $3,500. We would pay them back in a month. NOPE. They can say no obviously, it's their money. We knew it was a long shot and weren't really expecting anything, but it's always hurtful when you are reminded of the double standard. One child gets everything (money, attention, time, effort) and the other just feels bad. It makes DH feel useless and unloved. They have no clue what they're doing to him.

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Posted on Mon, Apr. 03, 2017 at 12:42 pm

I have been married to my husband for 10 years. He was previously married for 20 years and I have been punished by my husbands family for not being his ex-wife since the moment I met them. They treated me like I stole him from some story book marriage and ruined their family. His ex is a chronically depressed alcoholic that still can't let go. She is still best friends with one SIL that keeps ex informed on our lives. SIL tells ex when we go on vacation and then ex will call and leave sad, drunk voicemails, her phone has been blocked so now there is some peace. SIL always looked at me like I was something stuck on bottom of her shoe. Her adult children snub us. My MIL is the only one who has every been kind to me this whole time. My husband tells me today that SIL has been having an internet affair and now they are separated. I don't know if it's permanent but I am going to enjoy my schadenfreude moment while I can!! Hahahahahahaha you judgmental hypocrite, hope you get kicked out of the house, you can go live my husband's drunk ex and whine about your pathetic lives together!

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Your baaaby

Posted on Mon, Apr. 03, 2017 at 07:48 am

DH said he blocked you MIL. He said after our last meeting with you (a 5 minute experience) that he doesn't want to a relationship anymore.

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FIL with Cancer...

Posted on Mon, Apr. 03, 2017 at 06:25 am

Hello cunning FIL,

Finally, you are diagnosed with end-stage liver cancer, not treatable, not curable at all, final stage symptoms already started, 84 years of poisonous age, but you and your armadillo wife are still not worried about your disease, but very much irritated with the feeling that when you die, I and my children would be free from your cunning acts and would take all the income of the properties that you never allowed us to take for the 25 years of my married life. Yes, when no more FIL, no more harassment, no more manipulations, no more cruel brain ideas in the house, nothing. MIL would still be there, but when u die, the first thing I would do is KICK hardly on that armadillo's ass. 25 years of manipulation, toxic thoughts, jealousy, hatred.... cry, cry...anyway I will be relieved at last. Only months...or ONLY MONTH.....hahahahhhhaaaa

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Posted on Mon, Apr. 03, 2017 at 03:55 am

With Easter approaching, thought I'd make a list of all the reasons why we might not spend the holiday with our in-laws. Do they.
1. Tell embarrassing stories about your spouse.
2. Are they envious of your life.
3. Do they ignore you.
4. Present their food as if it's gourmet quality, when in reality it's nothing special.
5. Lament about how things just aren't the same since Mom and Dad passed away.
6. Guilt trip their family member and his wife saying they don't call.
7. Say how much their family member has changed since getting married.
8. Gossip about other family members and people you don't even know.
9. Tell the same old stories.
10. Only want you there to keep up appearances.
11. Make negative comments about your hairstyle, weight etc.
12. Expect you and your spouse to attend all family birthday parties,yet ignore yours.
13. Call your house and ask to speak with your husband, without even asking how you are doing.
If only we could be honest with our in-laws who love to play games. I learned the hard way, confronting them only makes things worse. I've been no contact for three years now. But their treatment of me still hurts.

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Dear Pit Viper (Inlaw)

Posted on Mon, Apr. 03, 2017 at 02:42 am

I could not begin to make up the unique drama and superficiality that is your life.

In fact, I am stepping back and letting it all unfold. It is all your choices. It is actually entertaining.

Who needs television. Thanks to your life, I do not.

Now, go get drunk, act fake, spend time with other drunks who fake being your friends for free drinks, and call it what is.

The consquences are yours to "enjoy."


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Beyond Sloppy Seconds

Posted on Mon, Apr. 03, 2017 at 01:41 am

My husband's parents never see our kids, and that's not our fault, it's their choice. My sil has so totally dominated her parents with her own kids that there just isn't any room for ours.
My in-laws have one guest bedroom. One. And it belongs to their daughter's kids. Literally belongs to them. Holds a stash of their clothes, their shoes, they each have a bathrobe, towel, slippers, and toys, all bought just for them by my husband's parents, in "their" room at the grandparents' house. Maybe we could overlook this and it wouldn't be a big deal, except for the fact that sil's kids are ALWAYS there. So, on the rare times when we'd go over, my kids got a steady stream of "That's mine. That's mine. That's mine." from their cousins, who view them as invaders in "their" space at "their" grandparents' house.
My husband's parents are not our kids' grandparents, they are their daughter's kids' grandparents. They see her kids every single day, it's always been impossible for my kids to get a moment alone with them. So guess what? I gave up!
I figured it was better for my kids to slowly forget their dad's parents than to go to their house, beg to borrow toys & space that should be equally theirs, and fight for the scraps their cousins don't want and for attention that's always been reserved for others.
There was no effort put forth by anyone but me, anyway. They never invited us over, never offered to meet us anywhere, never asked to get together at all, but then they play their damn violin for anyone who will listen, complaining about how they NEVER see our kids and it's just soooo sad.
My parents have shown up for every game, every recital my kids have ever had. Guess how many my husband's parents have attended? Zero. And they live 2 blocks away from the school where most events happen while my parents drive all the way across town to be there. I invite dh's parents to everything, but they always have an excuse, and 90% of the time? That excuse is that they're already committed with sil's kids. Yeah, no need to repeat that message, I read you loud and clear. But don't expect my kids to give 2 sh*ts about you when you don't give 1 about them, you know?
I don't actually hate my in-laws (can I still post here? Haha) but no way am I going to insert my kids into a situation that's guaranteed to hurt their self-esteem and make them feel second-rate in a place that should feel like home.

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Posted on Sun, Apr. 02, 2017 at 07:47 pm

i am so done with my husband . his mother is so mean to me and he doesen"t even care about me at all stick up for your wife and stand up to your mother jerk I am so sick and tired of all of her crap enough !!!! she made me cry , she was trying to make people be mean to me .SHE IS not nice now and SHE will never eVER will be

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Posted on Sun, Apr. 02, 2017 at 04:14 pm

I only regret not distancing myself sooner . I kept attending your parties and holidays in the hope you would accept me. Anytime you ignored me or made snide comments, my husband made excuses for you. They are just jealous he said or worse he would claim not to have noticed your behavior. Maybe if I put my foot down sooner, things would not have reached the point where I have zero contact. My husband now has limited contact. I can't believe I hate them so much. It really is a shame.

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It's Time..

Posted on Sat, Apr. 01, 2017 at 09:31 pm

I'll forget about all the scandelous things you did and said about me. I want a relationship with you all and live like a real family should. I believe you are all truly good people and you have love in your hearts. I'm sorry for making you all feel uncomfortable when I entered into your family. I was just trying to love you the way I loved my family. I was wrong for being hurt when you told lies behind my back. I should have overlooked it and known that you must have been in a bad mood when you said those things. I'm sorry for showing kindness to your children and treating them as if they were my real blood. I shouldn't have crossed that line. I just figured I could extend the love to you all since you are my DH's family. I know my place now and I will never do anything to upset you or make you feel jealous, ever again. I am forever indebted to you....


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