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Playing the victim

Posted on Sat, Feb. 11, 2017 at 09:27 pm

My MIL lives with me along with her daughter who is 2 years elder to me and my husband because she is studying and can't afford to live by herself and MIL and FIL moved here from overseas and can't afford living here, so they live with us. And my life is HELLLLLLL
She had taken over my kitchen, I get no time to make a meal for myself!!

She has her brothers and sisters family here and one of them come over every other day for gossips for hours!!!!!!!

Freaking go back to your home! Bitch emotionally blackmail my husband that she can't live without him.
She plays victim in front of him that she had to obey my rules and has no say in the house.

I am going to leave him soon and have the house to myself!!!!!!! Can't deal with this shit!!!!

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Impending doom

Posted on Sat, Feb. 11, 2017 at 12:48 pm

I have to spend time with my inlaws today, I've been dreading it all week. I hate them. I hate them. I hate them. Since I've my baby I've had to suffer them more frequently and it's just a matter of time until I blow up on one of them. Thank god I can drink again..it's the only thing that gets me through. Hearing my MIL babble incoherent baby talk to my son in her raspy man voice makes my skin crawl. I think instead of cleaning I'm just going to start shotgunning beers. Can't wait for the day they finally piss my hubby off enough that he'll cut them off for good. Fingers crossed that tonight's the night.

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Money Doesn't Matter.

Posted on Sat, Feb. 11, 2017 at 11:55 am

So consumed with the materialistic, you have messed up what could have been a truly rich relationship.

You believe we care about money as much as you do and think we are bothered by possibly "missing out" on inheritance money once you FINALLY pop your clogs!!!!!

We simply don't care!

Think on that!

We do.....NOT.....care about money or the material. We aren't you! You

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She has a Heart?

Posted on Sat, Feb. 11, 2017 at 05:10 am

For years I have put up with my MIL. I could go on and on about the way she has acted and her stupid daughter with her childish behavior.

It finally happened this week she had a heart attach. When I heard the news, I couldn't help it. I commented, " Not possible should couldn't have had a heart attack" My son looked at me asked why? My answer, " You have to have a heart to have a heart attack and someone that cold does't have one" Everyone started laughing.

I further found she had to have a pacemaker and I said it would take a very small one. If she does have a heart it is like the grinch. It is two sizes too small. Everyone got in on it and commented when she says some of the horrible things that she does it should be hooked up to shock her like a dog collar.

She is so hated that everyone had a good laugh at her expense.

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Posted on Fri, Feb. 10, 2017 at 09:18 pm

-Your son had to physically push you away because your hugging & kissing on him crosses a line.
-I know you lie so often that you believe it yourself but please give up the delusion that we will be involved in your upcoming event. I'm certain you've been dishonest & really need our presence to help you keep up the charade but NO!
-You've changed your story now but the truth is in writing. You insist now that you couldn't visit my children without your other son's child because they "deserved" to come too. Before you told us that you only came out way to get that child. Well, we agree. They deserve to come & so we've arranged it-without you!
-You brag that FIL sneaks & waves at you behind his gf's back (I don't believe it is the way you describe). Do you really get joy out of it? Only a sleezeball would do that & if it is true, you should have the decency to give him a one finger salute the next time rather than getting all giddy because it makes you feel desired.
-You insist our child won't know you as if it is a bad thing. Obviously that's been the goal!

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MIL Tries to humiliate me FIL hates me

Posted on Fri, Feb. 10, 2017 at 03:01 pm

Sigh. I have been with DH for 3 years, past childbearing age for both of us. His family meddles into our life. My FIL walks into my house with out knocking, if the door is locked he just does the code without knocking. I just found out he does OWN the house, but my DH lied to me about it, or its "given" that he will get it eventually. MIL humiliated me last summer at a family reunion by failing to introduce me in her loud speech, announcing who anyone was. My DH stood up after she shut up, and skipped over me, and he said this is my DW but motormouth just interrupted him and shouted "We LIKE her very much" forced to acknowledge my presence...which made it all the worse. I know they think I dress young for my age 40s but I dress to please myself. NOT YOU. I WILL NOT cut off my long pretty hair to please YOU. I will show my cleavage when I go out because I WANT TO I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN. I am not ready to curl up and die just yet. My DH likes it, so she should just stop being jealous of me. My SIL is so threatened by me and always calls me names and has the DH's sons baby mother against me too. So now we never see our GS because of this woman. The son is a little coward and wont stick up for himself. The baby is just 1. I have a precious two year old GS who lives with us. The SIL and BIL are so jealous of a little motherless boy and any attention he gets they feel is undeserved because he isnt really a Grandkid. He is my GS and we love him. THE MIL does treat my GS well at least. But she hates me. Both parents do. They think Im trying to gold dig or something, by DH isnt rich at all. If I were Id be riding in an RV with some wealthy older man. I love my DH but the passive aggressive stuff I cant take anymore. I stupidly added SIL and MIL and baby mama on FB they only added me to stalk me and make fun of me. They never like any posts or share anything with me. I hate them all. I might leave my DH because I am sexy and I am ready to live and feel good about myself! I used to until I entered into this marriage. My DH tries to stick up for me but to no avail. They never stop ... My FIL trys to pump poison all day into my DH. Calling him for every little things, and showing up at his work to "help" all the while hating me. They might win the battle. I deeply love my DH but I love myself more.

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Posted on Fri, Feb. 10, 2017 at 09:59 am


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Dear NIL,

Posted on Fri, Feb. 10, 2017 at 08:04 am

We were once very sorry. Sorry that you decided to go home to your addict of a mom, even though you knew she would mold you back into Cinderella again. Even though you knew that she would break your mind back down into tiny pieces now even harder to put back together this time.
For over a year, since you decided to give up a chance for normalcy, we welcomed you here any time you wanted to visit. Sadly, that open invite, we have to take back. When you decided that you were going to attempt breaking into our house to steal for your mom, was the moment we had to decide to no longer try. We are sorry but we can no longer try to give you advice, help you out when you come here upset, no longer have you around our young child, and no longer care about the road you decided to take for your young life.
We can only keep the memories of that year you lived here. The memories of how quickly you morphed from a scared, quiet girl to a happy, normal teenager. You were confident and has courage for the first time in your life. You smiled and you actually didn't have to force it. You were bought things you needed, not wanted, without having to worry about being forced into doing something in return for it. Those items were items that children need not items wanted just to have them. You excelled at school with the drive and motivation to work hard for your future. You finally saw a future. With the help of two therapists and set never changing house rules, same as the ones our children had to follow, you developed into a normal teenage girl.
We will keep those memories instead of the memory of the person you are now.
We are sorry you didn't decide to keep wanting the future of a normal successful life. We are sorry you decided to not take our offer to attend college paid for.
We are sorry that you decided to take the path with less to none rules and emotional trauma over the path with rules most children follow and normal adults taking care of you. We are sorry that drugs were the option you decided upon. Sorry if we failed you.
This is our goodbye. We pray that maybe one day you wake up and decide to be the girl you were here with us over the girl you are once again but worse. We love you always.

Your Aunt and Uncle one last moment.

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Another I Hate My MIL Story

Posted on Fri, Feb. 10, 2017 at 12:33 am

I hate my MIL so much. I despise her. I can't stand to look at her. I hate her with every cell in my body, every strain of hair on my head, and I just want to yell in her face for everything that she does. She is a horrible cook, can't wash a dish worth her fucking useless no one will miss her if she wasn't her life, and she thinks she knows everything abosolutely everything! I'm sick and tired of her stupid not wanted useless comments about topics she knows nothing about. I'm sick of sharing everything including the little things that you think you need to know about my marriage. MIL stay out of my business and use that energy toward taking all the food of dishes, bowls and silverware. One more thing when I think of a napkin in my head it's one napkin or more per meal. Not one napkin per 2 or 3 meals. Hello, use the damn thing once and throw it away! Using a napkin once will not break the bank, considering when you buy napkins there was 300 in the pack. I'm so confused on your theory about food. You will leave the salad dressing on the table the entire day but put the hostess doughnuts in the refrigerator. Which we all know will be fine on the counter alot longer than the salad dressing just sitting out on the dinner table all day long. Or when you make rice, as soon as it's done cooking you unplug the rice cooker? WHY? Just leave it plugged in hot fucking rice all day long. No no no you leave it in the rice cooker all day and sometimes the next day and then eat it. Hmmmmm...maybe that's why your stomach always hurts. Take care of food the proper way. At least if you don't want to leave the rice cooker plugged in put the rice in refrigerator (you know where you put the fucking doughnuts). I hate you so much. If your wondering why I ignore it's because if I do speak to you everything I just wrote will come out and more and further ruin the horrible, absolutely ridiculous, and painful thing that *we have.

*we = is not the word I wanted to use but I can't think of anything else! We will never be a *"we" anything!


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Posted on Thu, Feb. 09, 2017 at 06:42 pm

and DDs that married them. You are such hypocrites. You say we want to run your lives? Hardly. We stupidly tried to help both couples out as young adults, but never, ever again. As they say, no good deed ever goes unpunished. We will never bother you again, and we will quietly re-write our will so that our only true remaining family will inherit whatever remains. They will be the executors and sole inheritors, and we will request that no one notify you of our passing until well after the estate is settled so that you don't bother our only true child and their spouse. Good bye and good riddance.

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