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The Center of Attraction MIL

Posted on Tue, Apr. 21, 2015 at 11:22 am

MRS MIL got to the country illegally. She abandoned her twin sons for the second time, accepting them to be abused and become child laborers. She quickly got into and affair with her husbands employer and then with her other kids' school principal. He hired a man to attack her husband. She laughed.
She neglected those girls. I married the older son and did the only thing I could do. I put my best foot forward, selflessly. Later, I found that no one in the MIL's family even liked her. They admit she was too selfish for any of her kids to obtain a basic education.
She says everything was always sweet, till I came along. I guess she means and truly it was that she controlled my husband's salary. She said her mother was the best when I admit mine sucks. Her dear mother sold her off to marriage to a poor man at age 15 after ensuring she remained uneducated.
She looks like a huge, pale chicken. Yes, she has rather skinny legs for her 250+ pounds. The way she attacks is truly illogical MIL. She grinds like she is fighting back for the man I stole from her, yet she speaks very ill to him. She stabbed him once literally.
He chases after her still and never says anything when she acts and speaks degradingly. She boasted about fantasy trips to try to get envied by her family and lies about who does her hair and the cost.
When she got married finally, she did a host of illegal stuff. She lied about her occupation, living status, address, then, her niece told me casually about her now live-in partner's wife. I saw him with the other woman. Now I think he has committed bigamy. His estranged children will rat him out if they know.
I've zipped my lips and thrown the key away. I'm not that sort of person. The man is almost thirty years her senior. I think that's why she is always so grumpy. I will not put up with her anymore. Nine years ago, she chased her other DIL away but I have endured enough. She hasn't accepted that her other son has been lonely for over nine years because of her behavior. She lusts for the attraction of those two abandoned sons.

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Star Wars

Posted on Tue, Apr. 21, 2015 at 06:32 am

My husband just told me that MIL may drop by sometime today. The blazing lasers shooting from my eyes made him say, "I'll tell her you will be running errands all day."

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I'm sorry

Posted on Tue, Apr. 21, 2015 at 04:22 am

Fiance, It breaks my heart to tell you this but i just can't marry you. I know we began making plans but I'm sorry I can't marry into your screwed up family. I don't have the mental or emotional strength to deal with them.
I love you but I will never be your wife.

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A picture speaks a thousand words.

Posted on Tue, Apr. 21, 2015 at 04:08 am

When I look at pictures of people who get on with there in-laws and more so, when both sides of them family get on, it makes me feel so disappointed and sad.
I will never have that.

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Posted on Tue, Apr. 21, 2015 at 02:46 am

So, I guess tonight when your son came to you in confidence you finally told him the way you feel about me. I shouldn't have expected anything less. He simply asked if you knew anyone that could help me get rid of something from five years ago to help me to be able to get a decent job to where I could help support my household. I just figured since you seem to get your kids out of any trouble that they have ever been in, that would be the least you could do for me, but no. Well, I will do whatever I need to do to get this thing done with once and for all. I don't know how you think acting this way towards me will get you anywhere, but now as result you and your family will suffer. I have my mom and I'll see if she can help, and more than likely if your son and I can figure it out, she won't have to. So, with that being said, I really hope you don't think you're going to have my little one this Sunday to go to church with you. I guess you and your wife get pointers for looking like the greatest grandparents in the world. Well, that stops now. Your son and I are not married! That makes me the legal custodial parent of your grandson who just makes you look good to society. Since you are unwilling to help out the mother of your grandchild, you have just bitten off more than what you can chew after what you said tonight over the phone to your son about me! So, have fun when we don't show for any of your family or holiday events because after what you said tonight, you don't deserve him. I am once again the legal custodial parent and now I'm going to put the hurt on you like no other. I know you think you're tough, but let's see how tough you are when you go for quite some time without being able to bond with your grandson! If you have any kind of love for him then maybe you should just get used to the idea of pushing that down too! It wasn't like it was that hard to do with your first born now was it! You reap what you sow, FIL, you sowed it now you're going to reap it. I won't tell you straight up what's going on, but you'll catch on sooner or later when your time with my little one grows shorter and shorter. The sad part is, you won't think about what you did wrong, you'll be in denial that any of this is your fault! Well, old man be stuck in your ways and don't have a relationship with your grandson as a result! YOU REAP WHAT YOU SEW! Sincerely, your white trash DIL! BITCH!

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8 Years of In-Laws From Hell

Posted on Mon, Apr. 20, 2015 at 11:03 pm

I married my DH almost a decade ago. Like many girlfriends who have met "the one", I wanted to be liked and to please his family. For the first 2 years of our marriage, all was well. I found out they didn't do birthdays, I started baking cakes for them during birthdays. They needed a babysitter? Sure. No offer of money? Not a problem. Then, one day on a beautiful spring day, I smelled marijuana in my laundry room. I asked my husband where it came from? I honestly thought it was the neighbors next door. My DH had the guiltiest look on his face and I felt a pang inside. Was it the marijauna? Nope. Even though I don't drink or have ever use any kind of drugs, I never had an issue with my friends or guys I dated use recreational drugs around me. It was the norm. But when I said "yes" to marrying him, I told him that the only thing I asked was no drug use of any kind. Mainly because it's still illegal here and also because I don't think it would benefit our lives professionally or as a married couple. He lies to me and says it's not his. After a calm confrontation, I get it out of him. My SIL and her husband gave it to him at their house. I don't blame them because my husband was a grown man of 27. What bothered me was the feeling of betrayal. All these people knew how I felt and yet thought it was no big deal and went on behind my back. I decide not to bring it up to his sister or brother-in-law and we work on our marriage. Months go by and I get a call at 6AM from my SIL screaming at me for telling my MIL about finding her husband smoking weed in NOT his car. At first, the parents talk to them and confront the SIL's husband's drug use (Weed, Meth, Vicodin) and alcoholism. SIL and husband go crazy and on the defensive. Months go by...we move a few cities away. Things calm down we start to get along again. So much so that we move back after 1-1/2 years and are fairly happy. Now, the MIL is traumatized by threats of not seeing her grandkids and getting yelled at by her daughter that I start to notice that she is always defending the SIL and her husband every time something bad happens that she knows should be criticized. Leaving kid in car, dropping kid off with no shoes in 30 degree weather to my house, outwardly smoking weed in front of us, forgetting to pick up kids from my house after he gets home from school, not feeding kids and they complain to me that they're hungry, passed out on sofa when I drop kids off and too wasted to answer the door,refuses to get a job when his wife is informed of layoff, etc. I start to voice my concern and then all hell breaks loose again. Why did we move back? Why did we not learn??? We fought and fought. The worst part? My husband never said a word (A LOT of drama). I fought my own battles with his family. After an ultimatum, he said he would go to marriage counseling with me. Things eventually get better, we communicate better and decide to be better as partners. He starts to speak up and puts his family in their place (ending in bad arguments) as expected. My husband gets his Master's degree while I get my bachelor's. We are focused on building a good future for US. He gets a job offer nearly doubling his salary in a big city and we jump at it. But since it's 7 hours away...of course it was MY evil plan to get him away from his family. For the summer, WE drive 14 hours roundtrip to pickup their 3 kids for vacation with us. WE drive another 14 hours round trip for a birthday, then another and then another. BREAK Then...another and again summer. When holidays rolled around WE wanted to spend it with friends who drove down to see US. Keep in mind his family never drove down to visit us (too far, expenses, not comfortable). Family sends a text "It is inexcusable that u are not here. Me and the kids are done with you! We will be calling the lawyer to disinherit you!" OK...but please MIL and SIL....don't threaten but just DO IT! It is not worth any amount of money to be a part of your toxic and dysfunctional family! Disconnect cell phones...check. Disconnect home phone...check. Give new numbers out to only trusted family members and instruct not to pass along...check. 3 weeks later...a letter from all three kids addressed and mailed by the SIL. Wash on heavy duty cycle, dry on high cotton, remove and pretend we never said anything mean or cruel to you guys because it is clean now. Pffffft -*ignored* Another letter arrived 2 months later coached by SIL because I know what my niece likes write to me about....*ignores guil-trip* and......*Scene*

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I Have No Respect for In-laws

Posted on Mon, Apr. 20, 2015 at 10:11 pm

Over the last 8 years I have tried to see the good in my in-laws, but you know what? I give up. I have lost so much respect in the last few years during my engagement and marriage to their son. They made the wedding about them and although they said they wanted to help with ideas, etc, they never did. They are both useless children who lack social skills and boundaries. I have not seen them in 9 months and I am loving it. I know it's horrible, but I am just waiting for them to die. Even my DH is sick of their crap, which includes guilt tripping, crying on the phone, discussing their relationship with him ad naseum, being miserable, making poor financial decision, and just generally being selfish. My BIL and his wife are fairly useless, too. And imagine that, but they also have a bad relationship with my inlaws. Awesome group of individuals, lol. I honestly don't understand how my husband was raised by his horrific mother and useless father. He is loving and kind, nothing like them.

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It feels good!

Posted on Mon, Apr. 20, 2015 at 06:14 pm

Putting my foot down with the inlaws and telling MIL to stop bullying and saying mean things to DH feels good! Now she knows that I know all of the things she has said about him!

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Why can't you just be nice?

Posted on Mon, Apr. 20, 2015 at 03:19 pm

FIL, why do say that my autistic son is that way because I 'do everything for him?' How many times do we have to explain to you that it is NOT our fault that our DS has problems?! I am so glad that you are too old to be here for him to remember you. You have traumatized him enough already by yelling at him. You have pissed me off by implying that I am a bad mother. We are going through hell everyday and night with our DS and his issues. So THANKS for your support! (Sarc) I don't know why you even wonder why we don't have you over. We can't stand your know-it-all lectures. I wish you had boundaries. I choose to be with people who love and help, not 'help' by being constantly discouraging and demeaning!

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So done

Posted on Mon, Apr. 20, 2015 at 11:02 am

My in laws think there the smartest and coolest people in the world. I cannot believe my husband grew up with these rude people. MiL won't stop complaining about everything ( and I mean everything ) example : you shower to much, you do laundry to much, you sleep to much. Like just leave me alone.

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