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Posted on Sun, Jan. 15, 2017 at 02:40 pm

Why are grown men so obsessed with their families? Is it because men sometimes have less friends than women? Pathetic seeing a grown "man" put his family of origin before his wife and child.

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PIL give gift to their son but nothing for family

Posted on Sat, Jan. 14, 2017 at 01:27 pm

My husband's parents sent him a cell phone for Christmas but Nothing, not even a phone call for their granddaughter. I did not expect anything because they estranged me over 10 years ago. My DD is 15. They are more generous when they see her but get stingy when they don't. This is the first year they have blatantly ignored her. The fact that they sent a phone to their son when normally they barely give him a car or phone call shows how sick they are. The worst part is my husband thinks it's OK and will not say or do anything. He doesn't want to inhibit their communication with him and thinks I am trying to do that because I think it's wrong for him to accept their gift. It makes me sick. I have tried to change him to no avail. I choose to stay but I think it has lead to depression. I wish they never existed and my husband had a pair.

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Buh bye DH and In laws

Posted on Sat, Jan. 14, 2017 at 12:03 pm

The straw that broke the camel's back has happened, and I'm about to divorce DH. Tired of being married to a man child. Maybe it would have lasted if he were only a Mama's boy, but he's a family boy. His parents and siblings can do no wrong. When they insult me, I am just being oversensitive.

Enjoy your real family. Enjoy trashing me. Being 5th place is no longer acceptable to me.

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In the slammer for the holidays

Posted on Fri, Jan. 13, 2017 at 10:22 pm

So i thought it would be great to marry my husband because he has lots of family, but there was just one problem, his family didnt want my DH to get married to a person outside his culture. Well his previous wife was a different culture than him and me as well but his fam got along just fine with her. The fam and DH basically wined and dined his ex wife for the twelve years he was with her. When I came into the picture they were nice at first and then became impolite and rude. I then discovered that SIls were close to ex wife still. Then found out my husband never told his family that he broke up with his ex, and every time i went to family gatherings and parties his cousins thought my husband was cheating on his wife and thought he was still married to her! Im like omg, these people have zero class! But turns out, the ex wife has been close to his entire family even tho they separated like six years ago! His ex then proceeded to file child support getting jealous of our baby and dropped it then refiled it but the CS disregarded her filing because his daughter turned 18 already! So wait it gets better,DHs daughter comes to visit from a different state, for a family gathering, and turns out shes jealous of her dads new life with me and our baby even after i go out of my way to appease her with gifts! She calls the cops by instructions of her mother and makes up lies and I end up in jail! Ya! The 18 year old was burning with jealousy and made up stuff about me and thank God the judge dismissed it! I wasnt able to see my baby for months until court thanks to DHs daughter and ex wife being jealous! Ya so its the last time his daughter is allowed to visit us! My husband even cried and was so upset! So then all the in laws who despised me had watched my baby till i had a court date to dismiss all this! The cowards who called didnt even show up to court, they just split out of town. Yep i was at the in laws mercy for months after DHs daughter did this. My MIL told me "i told my son not to marry you and you are trouble." and everyday complained about watching my baby. I felt like the entire world tried to break my husband and i up. But it didnt work, and now im buying a business, enjoying my little family, and still the in laws ask and get mad that i dont go to their parties or functions, but sorry im better than that..if i went or not there will always be someone complaining and Iv vowed to keep that negativity far out of my life! Never again will I invite a jealous person into my house or around me! Yep the jail was the last straw for me family or no family!The iLs finally saw the vicious side of DHs ex wife and daughter, but i cant say it has given me any relief because how can I trust ILs who went out of their way to make me feel unacceptable for years yet it takes false imprisonment to make these people see that they were treating me like nothing all the while befriending and siding with my husbands ex who he cant stand? I guess they expect that I should trust them or attend every gathering they have? ya lol no thanks i will pass!

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Just a reminder

Posted on Fri, Jan. 13, 2017 at 08:03 pm

Ur brother chooses to stay away from u! I have nothing to do with that! I certainly have NEVER told him he can't see u but he won't because I don't feel comfortable around u because of all of ur judgements long before we married! What on earth makes u think I would ever want to b around u? Maybe if u had bothered to get to know me u would understand y we love each other! In our house there is no judgement! We live laugh & love & next month it will b 11 very happy years together! So get used to it! I am here to stay! But again he chooses to stay away from u! I have nothing to do with that! & I am not insecure in any way! I'm not the one with issues! U r! U criticize everyone ur siblings date which is none of ur business! U r worse than a mil! I don't give a crap if u were a virgin when u married! Good for u! At least u have some morals. I forgave u years ago but I don't want u in my life! I told ur brother before we married after ur 3rd degree & all of the things u told him in private that u thought he would never tell me (but he did because we don't have secrets in our relationship) that I would have nothing to do with u! I'm sick of feeling bad because he doesn't talk to u but then y should I feel bad? U brought that on urself! Apparently I am crazy for being upset that u hurt my feelings & offended me on another level. U r a horrible person! I wished u had learned a lesson from my silence but u never will! Ur still judging everyone!

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Posted on Fri, Jan. 13, 2017 at 04:59 pm

You both set me up for failure in your business

It sucks

You blew it

I cared about your business

I feel hurt

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No, I don't think you are his family.

Posted on Fri, Jan. 13, 2017 at 11:11 am

Dear IL's,

You constantly remind us that YOU are DH's family, not me and not our children! Kindly explain why not one of you (MIL/FIL/SILs) could bother calling DH when there was a death in the immediate family. He had to find out weeks later after it was too late to come to the funeral. Your excuse was that no one thought to call him?! Are you kidding me? And you wonder why he feels closer to my family...

You are all terrible people.

Your DIL

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Mind ya f**k**g business MIL

Posted on Fri, Jan. 13, 2017 at 08:39 am

If I want to sit on my arse and watch day time TV on the sofa I will. No I'm not at work because I am quiet this time of year. BUT unbeknown to you I have a nice lump in the bank from working my arse off throughout the rest of the year. I love putting posts on FB just to piss you off😄 I comfortably support your daughter and our kids so go and suck it up. Oh before I forget, the kids obviously love me more than you since I'm only their dad😂Don't let it bother you, you old crow!

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Posted on Fri, Jan. 13, 2017 at 04:04 am

Please, please do not use your health to manipulate people. Please get some counseling for your issues! Why won't you even consider that your behavior is why people aren't close to you. You talk about everyone behind their backs and act fake to their face. You've been catty, bitchy, rude, pushy, two-faced and fake for the years that I have known you. I was even willing to let bygones be bygones and try and support you, but then I hear hurtful things you say to my family members and how you use guilt to try to force people to visit you. That kind of behavior just drives people away and does the opposite of what you are trying to do! I don't hate you, I just hate your behavior. Please take a look in the mirror and think about why things are the way they are and stop playing the victim and maybe things would change and you would get what you really want....ugh

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Posted on Fri, Jan. 13, 2017 at 03:14 am

Why do you continue to try and sabotage your son's happiness? Why must you meddle? Why lie and try to put doubt in the minds of others about our relationship?

Why pry into our personal business? Why keep trying to drive a wedge between us! Especially as you know by now that you are failing miserably! We are Content and happy, we want to be together.

You both have issues-serious at that-and yet want to keep obsessing over us. You clearly haven't really been united as a married couple but insist on banging on about whether or not we have issues in our own relationship. We don't-well, other than those you create.

You are trying to chip away at our confidence in each other and stop at nothing to try and cause unrest. No sneaky tactic is beneath you.

Why don't you just stop being so nasty and spiteful and stop making your son feel so wretched? Don't you love him?

Are you jealous? Because he chose me to be in his life, but didn't choose you to be his parents. Are you being so spiteful and vengeful because you know you have been blocked by me, when you try to gain control? As you have failed to get me to tow the line and give into your bullying and manipulation.

I think that I have answered my own question. 😊

You are bitter individuals who can't stomach being told no. You can't handle the fact that we won't jump when you say jump. You know that despite any stress we've encountered we have risen above it and get through it. Like so many couples do-apart from you.

At some point you will no longer be around and we will finally be free of your interference and toxicity. You will be gone, no longer a shadow hovering over us, you will have achieved nothing.

And I for one will not mourn your loss. Far from it, it will be a blessed release. And do you know what....deep down, you know this.

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