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Of of S*!£ sister.

Posted on Sun, Jun. 26, 2016 at 06:53 pm

Thanks for helping with the funeral. 😊😭😉😂 just kidding. The cement came out awesome. Thanks for never contributing to anything at all that you weren't directly be dirtectly from. Also, you lie about everything! Quit that shit. Maybe if what you simply were was good enough for yourself you wouldn't feel the need to exaggerate details to make your life sound better. Let it be good enough. I know you work hard blah blah blah. But you're still a taker! Take take take. The world "owes you". That's bullshit. Your holier than thou complex- you're not even married. Not that it matters but damn, why lie about it ya know? Hypocrite. Racist. Know it all. Truly believes in her heart she deserves more than the average man. It's to bad BIL is a homosexual. You two are exactly the same.

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Posted on Sun, Jun. 26, 2016 at 04:20 pm

my hubby's 50 yr. old married sister slept ( had sex) with an 18yr. old boy!!!!!!!she groomed him by talking!! to him for hours & treating him to concerts !!!!! what a shameless horny hag whore!!!!you *l.k. are a vile human!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sil, the kid is a teenager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!you insufferable pedophile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i'm going to call the kids parents & alert the police!!!!! you should die you incidious trolling for teens old used up slagggg!!!!!!!!!!!in between your legs is a huge hole that reaks of ,,,,everything horrid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!f@@king die now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'n

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I wish I could go back in time

Posted on Sun, Jun. 26, 2016 at 02:09 pm

I love the father of my children, but unfortunately I feel like a divorce is immanent b/c nothing can repair the hate I have for you, and all the bullsh×t you have tormented me threw.

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No more food from the heart for you!

Posted on Sun, Jun. 26, 2016 at 11:35 am

It's weird how all this crap is coming to my mind now after all these years NC with the ILs. I guess I had so much other stuff to process that this stuff didn't seem as priority at the time, but maybe my mind and spirit are purging every little last thing now as I continue to work my way toward healing from their abuse.

So this involves food again (I posted here recently about past memories of food) and how I so went out of my way at first to impress the ILs by cooking up fancy and new recipes. Honestly, maybe in a weird way, if it wasn't for trying to impress them I would never have become that great a cook since I certainly didn't have the interest when growing up.

I remember happily slaving away for these people whenever they visited, baking fancy cakes and pies from scratch, cooking roasts and delicious pastas. I even baked a chocolate bailey's cheesecake for one of the loser BILs on his birthday-- had I known what an awful brother and BIL he would eventually turn out to be I would never have even got him a cupcake.

These people inhaled all of my food, sometimes even saying it was 'good' but 'too fancy,' like kind of subtle put down as in 'nice try, but your efforts will never fully be appreciated by us.' The sad thing is, SMIL is a lousy cook, wife #1 that one BIL eventually married hardly cooks at all, and wife #2 is just a mediocre cook at best. Would it matter if these people had been nicer? Of course not! But it just irks me how after all the effort I put out for FIL and BILs particularly at first (and even SMIL) to make them feel welcome and cherished by my cooking, this is the response I got from them (and others) as years went by ...

Here are comments from A-hole BIL (the one I baked the birthday cake for)- "My FAVORITE cake of all time is my aunt's cake" (FYI: it's a Duncan heines cake she got out of a box and pours booze on).

another comment from the same a-hole- 'My FAVORITE food is the bruschetta SMIL makes" (FYI: the spread is literally from a jar and she just toasts the bread to accompany it).

Comment from SMIL's low class grandson (who was like 18 years old at the time so there was no excuse for bad manners) after I slaved away baking a lemon cheesecake for their dessert -- "S-okay ..."

I'm sure there were other slights, but I can't think of them right now. Was I expecting praise and worship for all my hard work and to be regarded as the best cook of all time? No. But when all of the hard work I did for people can be so casually dismissed and made inferior to the cooking of others who just get it out of a can, box or jar, it is a little degrading. Oh, and who did I find out this information from? SMIL of course! She was just so happy to boast that her jarred bruschetta outranked my homemade efforts. Jealous B!

It really brings the meaning home 'don't give your pearls to pigs.' I have vowed never to see these people again (for more reasons than this of course), but let's just say that if fate ever forced me to share a meal with them again I wouldn't lift as much as a finger to get them an ice cube.

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Trying to figure shit out

Posted on Sun, Jun. 26, 2016 at 05:12 am

DH... I often wonder why it's so hard for me to get along with you at times, why you just push my buttons...

Your family was awful, and the people they married took that awfulness to a whole other level. At first when I thought your father and brothers were somewhat decent people I couldn't get what they saw in narcissistic, arrogant and trouble-making POS like who they married, but as time went on it all made sense because they all showed their true colours, the spouses were just a reflection of them.

Your extended family (while slightly more decent than your immediate one) are all
Sketchy, somewhat prejudice, backword, self-absorbed and arrogant enablers. I just tolerate them.

So I had to do what was best for me and my children and cut the ILs off, and very much limit the contact with extended ILs. It's given me some time to heal (meaning become stronger in myself and see the abuse for what it was and even what it continues to be since some ILs have crawled out of their holes in past months and have minimized the situation, and/or tried to guilt me into taking them back into my life). But they're done! I've figured them all out and want nothing more to do with them.

But you still irk me. This is the next piece I have to figure out. I'll do almost anything to keep our family together, but I really think it's your attitude of 'my shit don't stink and all our problems are basically because of me' that really drives me nuts. It reminds me so much of the attitude if ILs... They were monsters who always had 'reasons and excuses' for it, always poor them, BUT if I ever made a single slight or misstep it was the end of the world!! I can't stand an attitude like that. It's just so incredibly pathetic. (To be continued)...

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Posted on Sun, Jun. 26, 2016 at 03:36 am

mil , you have caused dddrrrrraaaaammmmmaaaa as a grandmother !!!! you loser, you , you derraged neurotic manipulating narcisstic beotch!!!!!!! shame on you!!!! f@$k off & die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We Got Lives, SIL...

Posted on Sat, Jun. 25, 2016 at 10:07 am

My SIL texted me about her daughter's party that we were suppose to go today. My DH is off tomorrow and works six days a week. Tomorrow is going to be our day together off. For today, sorry we couldn't make it as I already had plans to go to the store and fix everything for the week. I work Monday thru Friday and Saturdays is my only time to do things for my family. I ignored the voice messages from SIL as she Loves to create drama. The truth is we got lives outside of you and DH and I do NOT want to be around the family. He doesnt care about you guys and is more focused on us, working and moving away from all of you.

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Posted on Sat, Jun. 25, 2016 at 08:13 am

GSIL has be given everything she owns by PILs. She spends her money foolishly knowing PILs will ALWAYS give her more. They don't give their son anything, not even for his birthday. GSIL got a new car last year for her 40th birthday. It seems to me, PILs enjoy watching their son's reaction, as if they enjoy that they hurt him. Recently, DH has now cut PILs and GSIL out of our lives. Now PILs will have to find someone else to mow their lawn, fix their cars, make home repairs, etc.. When PILs die, GSIL will fall, and we WON'T be there to catch her. You get what you give. In this case, nothing!

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Mouthrunning, overbearing MIL

Posted on Fri, Jun. 24, 2016 at 10:36 am

Violets are blue
Roses are red
I'm ready to wrap duct tape
Around your head

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In the name of religion

Posted on Fri, Jun. 24, 2016 at 08:35 am

I am not perfect. Yed, I have my faults. I met your son at a time when you did not even speak to him as he was not part of your cult. I was a teenager barely 16 when I suffered the first time rejection from your clan. I became pregnat & moved out to begin s life with your son. What happens then is cruel. You move in his ex girlfriend & her kid, you ban me from your family, you blackmail him to leave me. Even to the point of calling our home and putting his ex on phone. He did leave me and return to her in your home. I was still pregnant. He returned very appologetic & I forgave him as I saw what it did to him. I become pregnant with second son. I am offered a plane ticket for my son and I then offer a car to him to let me go. Nope. 23 yrs have gone by. Not one wedding, party, dinner nothing have I been invited. I left your son 5 years ago and you forgot your grandkids existed. He found females and you welcomed them into your home yet your grandchildren were not as they were mine. I even began attending your cult seeking acceptance for not me but your grandchilderen. Didint work. I ended up remarrying your son and you continued treating me like crap. Your entire family has. How can you judge or treat me like this when you allowed him to be abused by your husband as the other children were not. You gave him away at 13 yr old to your father. I housed him, clothed him, made him a man and father yet im the bad one? I know why it bothers you. Its because gave him unconditional love and acceptance. Something you could not do. So you are no one I want to even know. All those. Years i wanted to be part of your family. You should be proud of yourself as im sure Jesus is smiling at your actions in the name of religion. That is what reason you state im not accepted. F!&# you. Your gods twisted then like you

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