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I remember

Posted on Tue, Oct. 18, 2016 at 10:19 am

When the phone rang years ago, I answered it. I was told it was bad news.

I hoped the news was that mil had died.

It wasn't. It was fil who died.

I had my hopes for nothing!

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Feel Like I am In Hell

Posted on Mon, Oct. 17, 2016 at 08:38 pm

Long story but try to make short. My husband of 43 years passed a year ago from cancer. His family, sisters, turned into pure demons as soon as they found out he was dying. I no longer appeared to have been his wife for all those years or did they see his children being his children anymore. Our property, money, etc some how became theirs in their eyes. It was continual harrassment of trying to get my husband to turn everything over to them. Put accounts in their names, give them his property and leave me penniless and his kids with nothing. This went on until my husband passed. Thought the drama queens would stop, wrong! Today they begrudge me of my place where I live, begrudge me having the property in my name that my husband and I worked so hard for. Life is just hell. I don't know what to do anymore. Hate living in the same state as these people anymore. They talk about me like I am some kind of worthless dirt. Call and tell me I better not be spending any of that money. It would take a book to really emphasize all they are doing. It's not like they are poor. They all have lavish homes, multiple homes should I say. And the best of everything life could offer. Still they want mine. Heart broken and miserable and missing my husband all rolled into one.

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Mother in-law knows best

Posted on Mon, Oct. 17, 2016 at 08:32 pm

I absolutely HATE my mother in-law! This women is the freaken devil and I'm being nice. She's a joheavea whiteness (my husband and are are NOT) and hates me passionately for not exposing my children to any aspect of her religion. I will be honest I am blunt and abrasive especially when it comes to what I FEEL is best for MY CHILDREN. I don't care what she thinksaid and if she has a problem with it she will be the one who has to get over it. I feel like the children I brought into this world my husband and I should be able to raise they way WE see fit.

My MIL is beyond controlling. Her MO is to wait until me and her are alone and say messed up horrible things to me about how im not a good mom and that she could do a better job at raising my kids that I ever could so I need to be smart and just let her raise them. First of all I'm a damn good mom or at least I try to be! I'm a SAHM and I live for my kids. My MIL made it very clear when I was pregant with my now 2 year old twins that as soon as my girls came that she was going to step in and "help" and that I didn't have a choice and had to obey her since she was my MIL. I was raised to be independent and to trust and belive in myself, I'm a strong woman and my children will always come before anyone and everything, including my MIL and I'm never going to apologize for it.

She hated me from day 1 beacuse she wanted her sons to be celibate and decided they lifes to joheavea. My husband is extremely anti organized religion and nowe that I have had to deal with his mom I completely understand why. My MIL told me before my girls came that it was "her right" to teach my girls about joheavea since they were HER grandkids. I passionately disagree. Whenever I told my husband what his mother was telling me he would be upset and call his mom to put her in herenting place and of course she could deny everything and play the victim, how could I ever make up such horrible things about her and clearly I was just out to get her. My husband never knew who to believe so I was expected to just pretend it never happened. The last time my MIL keep my girls was over a year ago. I called her asked her to babysit and I told her that I would sit out their lunch and that under no circumstances where they to eat any gluten free pasta (gives them acid diheria that leads to horrible painful diaper rashes) and they could eat whatever else she wanted to feed them from our pantry or fridge. I also told her that she could not take them anywhere, that they needed to stay at our house since everything they need would be there. She agreed and I thought everything was great. I called my husbad in the middle of the day beacuse my gut told me something wasn't right and had him call to make sure she was respecting my wishes and to make it clear that she understood what I wanted. He called her and then called back and said all was good and they told him they understand. I get home and my babies are no where to be found! I was livid!!!!! I immediately called my husband and told him what was going on and he was just as upset as I was. I told him to have his parents bring me my children now and if I had to go get them that I wasn't going to be able to be nice. He called back again saying his mom told him no, that she was trying to get them to take a nap and she would bring them over after they woke up. (1st off it was after 5 at night and there bedtime was at 11am and they won't sleepanywhere but there beds) I told him to have his parents bring me my babies (they were 10 months old) or I was going to go get them. 5 min later my husband walked threw the door and 5 min after in walled my in-laws holding my 2 crying babies. My MIL stood there and expected to be praised for taking such good care of my babiestuff but that's not how it went down. The first thing I said to her was "what did the girls have for lunch and she immediately responded with gluten free mack and cheese, I could barely contain myself. Knowing she was wanting me to blow up so she could play the victim I calmly said in a very low voice "please understand that this right here is why you will never have the opportunity to keep my girls again since you have made it very clear that you refuse to respect me and my decisions as a mother". She immediately looked at me like a deer in headlight and ran out of the house leaving my FIL and my husband holding a fussing baby completely confused. I calmly turned to my FIL and said "in no way did I attack her, I never even raised my voice". He said I tried to tell her, I understand. And then I said "I'm not mad at her one bit, it is what it is and I hate that her being able to keep the girls didn't work out". Me staying calm made her so angry beacuse no one believed her that I acted crazy and was never going to let her see them again. She makes me so sick! She still has all of my husband and his siblings childhood toys and refuses to let them have them beacuse they are "hers" and that they might be worth some money one day. She's byfar the most selfish persons I have ever met. When my husband was 9 his dad hurt his back at work and had to have surgery. He was out of work for over a year and instead of getting a job and helping pay bills she allowed there home to be foreclosed on. Right after she pulled my husband and his twin brother (both 9) out of school to homeschool them and sent them both to work full time for a family friend and took there paychecks for the next 2 years. Even today she braggs about it, "what child do you know would go to work at 9 and give there parents all of there paychecks" ummm a 9 year old that's told to, that's who. I feel like that was child abuse and nothing to be proud of. She also still believes that somehow she's entitled to a percentage of my husbands and my BILS paychecks (they are 32 with families of there own) so that she can live "the life she deserves". We don't hover her any money and she resents my husband and my BIL beacuse of it. As soon as we moved away from them (only 10 miles but we used to live less than 2 acers away) she flipped out. She refused to come see our new house or the girls for 4 months. In that time she called my husband twice telling him that I was posting on FB that I hated her and how horrible she was (she dosent even have a FB and I never once posted anything negative about anyone, I don't believe problems should be handled that way) and that my husband needed to stand up for her and go live with her with my girls. Thank God my husband knew me better than that and saw right threw her. Ever since we moved there has been ZERO drama (besides the 2 imaginary FB posts). What bothers me now is that my husbad keeps comparing my parents to his. My parents are so loving and kind and fully respect me and my husband so I can't understand why he dosent understand why I don't feel it's a good idea to go hang out with his parents like we're all old friends. Everytime I let my gard down I get attacked by his mother and have to listen to rants about everything I'm doing wrong everytime he leaves the room. Im done dealing with it to keep the peace, I'm to the point where not only could I give two craps less but I want her to get mad! I refuse to listen to how much better she knows how to do things and how im a horrible mother for letting my kids eat gluten and drink tap water that has floride in it that's eating there brain. I DON'T CARE!!! I'm going to raise my kids the way I feel I need to, not the way she says I have to and I don't care if she likes or not!!

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Posted on Mon, Oct. 17, 2016 at 03:42 pm

When I see or hear about my ILs a little vomit always comes up. Sometimes they make my stomach turn to the point of diarrhea. So my ILs sum up to vomit and poo. They literally are vomit and poo. Such a ridiculously stupid group of dumbasses ever born. And to think I am married to one. I need a mental evaluation. Yep....vomit and poo.

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Stupid SIL

Posted on Mon, Oct. 17, 2016 at 12:23 pm

My stupid SIL came by the house this morning. Instead of getting out of the car, the dumb biatch honks her horn a couple of times. You stupid, lazy biatch, you can't step out of your vehicle. No you couldn't. I just want to take a baseball bat to you and your vehicle for being so stupid.

And to make things worse, my DH has a chronic medical condition, and he has to have a procedure done this week. Well, Gee SIL, your family has heart problems,so the potential is there for DH. Stop telling him about your son in law who was having dizzy spells. So what, what is wrong with him is not the same as DH. You dumb twit. Stop trying to minimize what is wrong with your brother. You have done this for years, and it is past time to stop.

Don't worry, after DH has the procedure, he won't let you know what's happening, you don't care. We both know that, stop acting like you do.

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Mother of the year

Posted on Mon, Oct. 17, 2016 at 04:47 am

You are the mother/grandmother of the family, and instead of promoting friendly relationships between your children/grandchildren you are the first to incite trouble and gossip. What kind of mother/grandmother are you? You are the reason your entire family don't get along. You and your backstabbing ways.

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Fake concern

Posted on Sun, Oct. 16, 2016 at 06:00 am

My husband's cousin suddenly started texting him after a storm hit our area, saying she was just wondering how we are doing. This after smearing us to the point that their aunt doesn't even contact him much anymore. After letting her know we are fine via text she started to phone again. He didn't answer her call. No doubt she's hungry for fresh gossip so she can continue to spew her poison filth. I blocked her on both our phones. No, we aren't feeding into her b.s.

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In-laws ignore us and kids

Posted on Sun, Oct. 16, 2016 at 02:40 am

I'm angry, I'm bitter, I'm not who I am anymore... Moved to another state to be with inlaws and they ignore us! Inlaws treat my husband horrible, they go out regularly with other family and have gone on vacations with with them without us. They make negative comments about my religion, town I grew up in, my politics, my family. We wanted our son to spend time with grandparents and MIL agreed one summer to watch our kid one day a week and at the very last minute she "changed her mind". I get it's not her obligation and was even going to offer to pay her, but we had to scramble to find care for him, she should've just said no in the first place. So pissed I had to explain what happened to my son, unforgiveable. They don't attend sporting events, holidays, gransparents day at school,graduations - all these things go by and can never be replaced. All for them to live in their tiny minded, self absorbed, crazy reality of a life. I just don't want their reality to become mine, EVER!!

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never good enough. may have had enough

Posted on Sat, Oct. 15, 2016 at 12:55 pm

Just home after another horrible dinner with my in laws. As always, as soon as my other half was out of earshot, MIL starts questioning me about my career, pretending she doesn't know about the job I have had for several years now. It cannot be a case of my job not being good enough for her because what I do is a generally well-regarded profession. Perhaps it's jealousy. Or perhaps it's that she doesn't want to have to say anything remotely complimentary or supportive. This is a day after I didn't get home from work until nearly 9pm and found that her son hadn't bothered to make dinner and while I was prepping food he told me all about the funny videos he watched online for the evening. I must be a complete idiot to be living like this.

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Fed up

Posted on Sat, Oct. 15, 2016 at 07:10 am

In all the time I've known you, you manage to have issues with everyone. You are outright rude to your aging parents if they dare disagree with you. You can't get along at church, your job, or with neighbors. Of course, the other person is always to blame. I've seen you tear down your only child, my wife, to her face and through several other mediums: voicemail, FB, notes, email...
Vicious attacks on everything about her because she managed to offend you. I have seen her cry & beat herself up. She keeps quiet to avoid the drama and let it pass. She never fights back because years of your abuse taught her you would never ever apologize or see how hurtful you were. You justify everything.
And now you started your passive aggressive jabs at our oldest child for daring to not be excited enough when she saw you?
You have already destroyed your child, you won't do it to mine.
You are so full of yourself that you can't even see how wonderful my wife is. You should be more like her but I'm just glad she isn't like you. I hate watching her make excuses for you but her hearts to good. She is convinced you are just lonely & years of being single have rendered to incapable of relating to others. She wants a good relationship but you make it impossible. Don't brag saying she is good because of you. She is good in spite of you and your abuse (and she wasn't even the one that told me about that).

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