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Posted on Fri, Aug. 11, 2017 at 02:45 am


So lets back track to about 4 months ago. MIL starts a huge fight about how everything is messy, nothing is ever clean, the car I drive is always dirty (only the outside, inside is clean), and I should get a job!


So about 4 months ago my husband gets a project for work that just happens to be out of state. Here I am jumping for joy as anyone would knowing that for a short time you will be in a different state than the MIL! (YAY HIGH-FIVE) and a plus for me cause I have family there (YAY DOUBLE HIGH-FIVE). So we go, I have the time of my life (no piece of shit MIL and her stupid comments). But sadly we come back (sad face). Well little did I know that while we were gone the BIL came over and brainwashed the MIL. Everything is a mess, how do you live like this, and you should tell them to clean up.


So when we get back MIL picks a fight and tells me "YOU BOW DOWN TO ME"! ????????? Of course I look at her and laugh which of course makes her more mad. Then she proceeds to tell me a story about how her and her MIL were best friends! Did everything together and absolutely loved to be around each other! Well "NEWS FLASH" we will never be friends "FUCK YOU" and telling me "YOU BOW DOWN TO ME" isn't exactly the best way to win me over! We exchange many many many many more words, I laugh, she yells, and she says "SCREW YOU" and goes and hides in the bathroom and I leave! Super eventful day!


So lets fast forward to last week:

Sense she loves to start fights. Once again she decides to start another fight. Same fucking fight "nothing is clean" she says, "the pantry is not organized", so therefore she can't invite any friends over.???????? (IF YOUR FRIENDS ARE JUDGING YOU BECAUSE THE PANTRY/CABINET THAT YOU KEEP FOOD IN THAT HAS A DOOR THAT YOU CAN CLOSE, IS NOT 100% ORGANIZED, JUST DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GET RID OF THOSE FRIENDS).

I SOON REALIZE THIS FIGHT IS NOT ABOUT HOW THINGS ARE NOT CLEAN OR NOT ORGANIZED! This is a fight about how she wishes that her son would have found a wife that cooks, cleans, and tends to his every need. That's right she said "I wish that my son would have found someone better than you"! Of course me being the sarcastic lovely person that I am looked at her and said (my finger is pointing directly at her by the way) "I KNEW YOU HATED ME I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU TO SAY THAT"! So of course we exchange many many many many more words again. She tells me about how I'm not a good wife or mom for not providing "money for my family", "how she went right back to work", after having her kids!

(Yes, I totally understand that and that is the reason why not one of your sons will be with you or by your side during your surgery)


So as I'm sure your guessing I'm totally over this piece of shit MIL. She complains about stupid shit. She doesn't talk to me unless she wants to start a fight or pulls the "I'm Sick" card and wants some sympathy. Well FUCK YOU, I have not even one ounce of sympathy for you. I hate you and really don't give a shit about you! I will never BOW DOWN TO YOU! AND THAT'S A DAMN PROMISE!

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Its funny

Posted on Thu, Aug. 10, 2017 at 06:56 pm

This weekend we got invited to a birthday party from a friend who considers us close family. He invited US and his cousin (he is married into the family like I am) to the party. He did NOT invite the rest of you asshat in laws. Ironically he is having the party on my DHs brother's birthday. I dunno if BIL is having a party, but if so, we aren't going.

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No manners

Posted on Thu, Aug. 10, 2017 at 02:54 pm

My MIL rings at least 10 times continuously without leaving any gap between her calls if we don't pick up her call. If my husband doesn't pick up she would call me several times. She doesn't have any manners to even think that we may not be available to pick up and that's why we don't pick up.

She thinks her son is her boyfriend and complains if he doesn't pick up on the first ring.

And she wants explanation in detail about why he did not pick up on the first ring.

My MIL is seriously an ASS****

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What if you find out ?

Posted on Thu, Aug. 10, 2017 at 01:42 am

My MIl is widowed and live with us, my husband is her only son and here is wr the problem starts. The problem is not only my MIl but my Husband as well.
We had a love mariage.. we dated each other for 5 years and during those years, I enjoyed the pouting, his attention and everything. After we got married , I felt like we are not couple anymore, wrever we go, my MIl has to e with us, be it an underwear shopping for my Husband.. yes it was that pathetic and the unbelievable fact was my husband always used to ask her mother to come along just out of curtsy and she never denied, never in her lifetime she told .. no you both need to spend some time together.. you both can go, I will stay home.Deep inside I kept juggling with myself. Then One day We got our good news. I though things will change.. but nahhh.. one day I was feeling sick and so i did not go to office, my MIl did not knew this and then her Daughter called her, I could not believe my ears.. she just cud not stop bitching about me. I was shattered, I had maintained a good relation with her till then... apart from small little quarrels she enjoyed to stay with us. THe day I heard it , I went to her room n straight to her face.. I heard what you said and I feel verry sorry for myself. She obviously told her Daugheter.. with her I had been frnd like relation. she did not even bothered to say sorry, she did not even bothered to say anything. Days passed she was still living with us, but obviously She lost her own respect in my eyes. our baby was born life was going well and then one day I heard her talking to her own mum and again bitching about me. this time I lost it. I called her mother , asking what type of person is ur daughter? I called up her daughter asking what type of Mom is you mom? I questioned everyone.. it that what you do to your own family? family who is the only support for you? who pays your living? we pay every single penny for her living.. right from her beauty par lour cost to her bathing soap. I stopped talking to her from that day.. I stopped talking to her daughter from that day, I talk to her Mom sometime and that too coz she is very elderly person. Months have passed.. I still can't connect with her. She tries to be as polite and sweet with me, but deep down me I have that feeling that its fake. How much is it justified to bitch about your daughter in law in front of all those people? they called it sharing of feelings? well go ahead.. if the feelings are soo hard its better kept away from me.

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Posted on Wed, Aug. 09, 2017 at 04:46 pm

Still think you won MIL & FIL? Today is DH's b-day. He spent it with people who respect, value, and love him. He's having 3 birthday celebrations with family that love him with all their hearts; his wife, 3 children, my parents, and my brother and his wife and their kids. This is the 4th year of no contact. Still happy with your choices? The rocks, gardens, pool, counter top, cows, barn, and house instead of your perfect son? Your son who worked his ass off for you for nothing and got abused and manipulated and lied to by his parents? You narcissistic, money hungry,control freaks lost more than you will ever know by tossing DH to the curb. DH and I can't wait to watch your precious farm self distruct, it's already begun and the show is fantastic. Hope MIL can learn how to survive without her only love - her money!! Siblings in law - you're all pathetic butt kissers who only are staying for the money - hope wherever FIL ends up when he passes he can see you all royally eff up and then sell the place you greedy buggers. Not that you'll get much money, we've got all the farm books and MIL will bankrupt it before you get the fortune you all think is coming. Lol....enjoy loosers!

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Enjoy the house while you can

Posted on Wed, Aug. 09, 2017 at 09:09 am

MIL told us at the beginning of the year that since FIL has passed she has about 1 to 1 1/2 years worth of savings to live on then she will need her 3 kids to pitch in and help. Husband and his siblings agreed they wanted her to keep the home they were all born in. But MIL has decided to gamble and to buy lunches for friends. Why she has started blowing money when she only sent our 1st grandchild, her first great-grand, a $5 gift is beyond me. But husband has a surprise for her: no more keeping the house . Why should we send $$ a month when she is doing zero to keep more of her money in the bank. Next year is going to be a big surprise for her. Idiot.

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Con Artists In the Family

Posted on Wed, Aug. 09, 2017 at 08:45 am

My husband's two female cousins both married a couple of ne'er do wells. Because of this they both have to work two jobs in order to make ends meet. My husband felt sorry for them. Truth is their husband's are low class bullies and his cousins are no better. Birds of a feather flock together. I think my husband finally sees the light. He would never admit he was conned by them, he's too proud. But I notice he has cut off contact with them. We don't hear from them either since they can no longer get in our pockets.

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Stop Whining!

Posted on Wed, Aug. 09, 2017 at 06:37 am

You complain, complain, complain that you don't get to see your "graaaaaaaandchildren", yet when we jump hoops and give you a schedule the size of two football fields that that WE will come to you, you are always too "busy" with your retired "schedule". F-off already with the stupid gilt trips!

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So sick of the craziness

Posted on Wed, Aug. 09, 2017 at 04:00 am

I hope that you know that everytime that we have anything that your nasty mother has to get invited to she ruins it by her bad behavior and I do not think that since she doesn't have parties any more and also she doesn't know how to behave at a party. I mean come on all she does is try to cause trouble she enjoys bothering me and if you think that's ok then I do not want anything to do with you anymore. You have said in the past fine if you have the parties somewhere else she does not have to be invited and I have been doing that and know your all of the sudden not including me in anything you selfish jerk . And you know that your mom treats me like crap so who would put their spouse through pure hell knowing that their mother is a complete ass. Who could you please tell me why all of the sudden we have to deal with her and I am telling you she is driving me crazy and I can't deal with her , she is too mean to me and I refuse to I wouldn't make you hang out with someone who was bullying you and can't you see that it's not even healthy for her to be around at all do you want the kids around someone who is so miserable that they enjoy bring other people down to their level . Wake up she's 80 years old and she will never ever change you can't teach an old dog new tricks and why are you trying to force this mean women into our lives to create kios you know deep inside that she will never behave . And I do not deserve this at all if she yelled at you to come into our lives yell back please and tell her you do not behave properly in front of the other side of my family and you are terrible to my wife and until you can behave properly you can not come . And you know that she will not ever behave properly she enjoys being mean and nasty you said it yourself she will never change and our lives were fine without her . She just has nothing better to do with her time now that she's retired so she needs to ruin our lives now why can't you see that I can not stand this she's terrible please I'm begging you don't make me have to be around this nasty women please . And tell her to get a job she is driving everyone crazy . And you have some nerve say that I deserve her crap at your mothers house when she decided to make me cry and to ruin our sons birthday but you can't see that she is just trying to ruin our lives we were so much happy with out her in our lives she really needs to fill up her day with other things oh and this is the best one my husband thinks that because I refuse to deal with someone who always puts me down and I refuse to have to deal with her evilness that He will not include me in anything anymore why are you double punishing me she is horrible but you are not taking my side why . Ok she is like a child and why would you reward a child for their bad behavior why she wants to act like a child treat her like one . But what the hell are you doing have you lost your mind . If you don't talk to her I will . She has treated me terrible for all of these years and I'm supposed to reward her that is saying to her please keep on treating me horrible because I will not stand up to you . Don't you think that this is affecting me terribly who would in their right mind would force and evil person in their wife you don't you love or care about me at all . Please cut it out.

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Selfish mother in law

Posted on Tue, Aug. 08, 2017 at 02:47 pm

My husband is an only child. He comes from a poor family but he has worked very hard and now he has a very good job. He supports his mother entirely, even though she has her retirement fund.

He bought her a house, pays all her bills and he even gives her money for groceries. She uses her money only for her things, go to the mall, etc.

We never receive anything from her, not even a birthday or christmas present, even though she has the money and buys things for herself.

I am not angry at my husband because he has a very kind heart, and he never denies me anything. He gives me everything that I want.
I also have a job which we use only for savings and for vacation. My husband's entire salary is spent on our house and on his mother's.

I just wish we could work less, and have more savings for the future instead of supporting her. Or I wish she could at least pay some of her bills.

I really hate the way my mother in law is. How selfish she is, and how she assumes it is my husband's responsibility to sustain her economically. Also, she only talks about money with him, or at least that is the way I see it. And whenever she remodels the house or does anything, she asks my husband for the money.

When we go out with her ,she assumes we have to pay for everything, she never even reaches for her purse when the check comes in a restaurant.

I don't know how to stop feeling this way. I have tried to understand, but my family is entirely different.

I want to know how to feel the fun for hating my mother in law! I just feel anger whenever I think about her.

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