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Emotional Deficit Disorder

Posted on Fri, Aug. 19, 2016 at 10:38 pm

So MIL is self absorbed house wife. Very self centred by nature. Lacks empathy. Shows sympathy in a narcissistic false manner. For example I've had knee surgery me: 'i don't want to go on that 5 mile walk with you today my knee is bad today' looks at me blankly (no empathy) then she says 'my knee is bad too, I've been lifting heaving things at work, but I just take painkillers!' Umm yeah you've still got your cartilage and after years of taking pain killers after a gymnastics accident I'm kind of resistant to pain relief! You thick, ignorant narcissistic bitch!

She thinks I am not good enough for her son. Naturally as she has decided I am faking my illnesses! How you fake knee surgery I will never know! I wouldn't mind but I still work full time despite the chronic pain! My pain is that bad I've been put on antidepressants for it (so that I can carry on working and not be a sympathy seeking burden as she makes out I am) her son (not my husband) got a minor eye infection, no doubt from doing something stupid like getting his own bodily fluids in his eye or putting a shot of vodka in it and she showed him so much sympathy. Her treatment is so unbalanced and sexist.

I hope she reads this. You are a sad housewife with an unhealthy attachment to both of your sons because of your failing relationship with your husband. Stop leaning on your children for emotional support. Stop judging me and your other son's girlfriend(s). Your life is totally empty leaving you with far too much time on your hands to contemplate mine.

She judges how I spend my money. Well guess what bitch I judge you for not working! You lazy sponging bitch! You treat your husband like shit yet he's provided for your ass while you pretend to 'clean' all day every day.

She makes assumptions about me! She assumes I'm a snob. She judges the drinks I drink, the food I eat. I've had to sports injury massages in my life and she makes passive aggressive comments like 'you're used to getting massages' she's manufactured this idea in her head that I lead a really glamorous spoilt lifestyle. Even if I did, I work full time to pay for a better standard of living. There is no excuse for staying at home after your children have gone to school!! I cannot fathom how someone can get jealous of someone who works really hard, when they themselves didn't.

She loves to play the domestic martyr! Even though it's s position she chose to play in life instead of going back to work?

She's all over me like a rash jumping at me when I speak. I mentioned 'the cleaner' and was talking about the cleaner we have at work... And she dived on me 'you have a cleaner!' She assumed that I had a cleaner at home... And the disgusted look on her face suggests that if I did she would have been appalled, but guess what working full time (not that you'd know) pays so much that if I wanted one, I could afford one! But despite what you think of me (she's decided I'm a stuck up entitled little bitch that fakes illnesses and manipulates her son) (I think) judging from her passive aggressive comments, I bleach my toilets, scrub my sinks, pick up after your really badly trained son who always puts his clothes on the floor, never makes the bed, never puts the toilet seat down, leaves hairs all over my bathroom (which after working all week I get on my (sore) knees and clean). I budget my money and always spend on my family before I spend on myself! I haven't been to the hairdressers for two months. She goes once a week for a blow dry! The irony of her judging me astounds me! I know it gravely offends her that her son has chosen someone so different to her. I wish she could hear his view on stay at home mums. He didn't choose me because I'm 'precious' as you've previously said, he chose me because I work hard and I contribute good money to our household, make him laugh, we have great sex (you should try it, it might put a small on that washed up face of yours) and we both want the same things out of life. She behaves like she knows him better than I do. She gets involved in our disagreements, be that what direction to cut vegetables in, what color schemes to go for in our house... She's there butting in agreeing with her son. We've tested it. Hubby and I got hubby to say some absurd things just to watch her agree... I said 'tigers are oranges and black' hubby said 'tigers are yellow, auburn and black' (same difference-ish just semantics) we did this to test her (and to prove a point to my husband... And faster than my husband could draw in breath she scowls at me and looks at me like I'm stupid and says 'they are yellow and auburn' then rolls her eyes! The best part is she moans about what a terrible mother in law she had?! I've kept this concise missing out the down right offensive birthday presents I receive. We've just been brought up so differently. If she buys us milk for her coffee when she comes she hands my husband the receipt and expects reimbursing! He's your son! My parents are the total opposite. I'm the total opposite. I work to give my kids the best life they can have. I don't expect men everywhere to pay for me and pick up the bill. I just think she is a massive hypocrite. She look for faults in me that she has in herself. She wreaks of insecurity. Go fix your marriage and get your own romantic life and but out of mine. Three's a crowd love!

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Weird dream

Posted on Fri, Aug. 19, 2016 at 03:19 pm

I had a really weird dream last night... that FIL and step MIL snuck into my house and slept over (with DH's knowledge) in the middle of the night.

In the dream, I woke up and was gob smacked that they could have such a nerve after I cut them off after 3+ years. They even expected me to cook them bacon and eggs. Lol. Surprised they didn't complain about the bed in my dream like they did in reality whenever we had them over here. Double lol.

So what did I do in my dream? I cussed them off and kicked them out! They were out of my house within a minute. But I do recall FIL sheepishly returning briefly to try to snag a piece of bacon. Hahahahaha.

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Not Perfect

Posted on Fri, Aug. 19, 2016 at 09:47 am

I know you all like to accuse me of thinking or acting as if I am "perfect."
I, by no means, have mastered the art of perfection.
It just so happens that I learned a life skill called: Thinking Before You Act.
It's a magical concept that allows me to not demand everyone "forgive and forget" my poor behavior.
I don't burn bridges I wish to cross again.
If I say something, I mean it.
Taking responsibility for ones choices.
Not blaming others or circumstances.
Not denying and lying when confronted.
All lovely adult skills that my in laws haven't quite mastered.

They are a strange bunch. They can say & do terrible things. Then when the consequences come about they insist that they did x because someone else did y. Or they tell you that they didn't do it at all because they have never had an ill though toward you.
Then they "forgive and forget" and go about life. Because I foolishly say what I mean, stand by it, judge people by their consistent behavior patterns, and don't associate with people that repeat the same offensive behavior over & over, I am public enemy #1. I am the "perfect" and unforgiving soul that has torn their family apart.

I call it boundaries :)

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Excuses excuses

Posted on Fri, Aug. 19, 2016 at 12:27 am

why why why must you make so many excuses for your evil mother.I understand that you think having such a disgusting mother is an bad reflection on you but I would have cope with it much better if only you admitted to yourself just how toxic she really is, she's cunning conniving devious cruel and controlling, but you continue to live in complete denial. You have seen evidence of her jealousy her bad mouthing me and my family they would never say a bad word about her.I have learned over the years 30 if you argue with a idiot you will both sound like an idiot so I will never take her on, I have just accepted her evil ways I don't have to love or respect her she's not my family. DH you can shove a flower up an arseole but that doesn't make it a vase.

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Another one...

Posted on Thu, Aug. 18, 2016 at 06:32 pm

Well, another one of DH's family members deleted him off Facebook (gasp!)
This has become a regular occurrence since we ticked off MIL. He rarely posts & when he does, it's nothing offensive or insulting.
We're fairly certain that MIL has been spreading her victim version of events & that is the reason.
Of course if confronted, she'd deny it.

I guess they want to show us their united stance against our cruelty (read: honesty)?
Jokes on MIL who insisted we keep her on to "watch the kids grow" since she no longer can see them. When our new child arrives I'll be blocking her from any news about it & none of her little cronies will be left to tell her :)

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Inlaws yuck

Posted on Thu, Aug. 18, 2016 at 05:53 pm

So my husband is an idiot my would I want your mother over my mother to watch our dogs . When your mom watched the one dog . She was so unhappy there so why the heck would I do it again . Really she hated the dog and the dog knew it . You know it as well as I did . She dose not have a fenced in yard also but the main reason is that she didn't like the dog and the dog didn't like her . Ugh ! Why are you such a jerk .

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Posted on Thu, Aug. 18, 2016 at 02:14 pm

It's sad how DH worries more about his upset mother than help his wife who is going through so much crap from dealing with his mom. Wanted to hurt myself a few times because of the abuse I was going through, esp when I was pregnant. DH doesn't stand up for me, just thinks I'm crazy. Worries more of how upset his mom will get. So when i'm in pain he just leaves me home and goes to work. Only needs me to take care of them at nights and when our baby needs a diaper change. Now I know how Cinderella feels. Actually, cinderella has it alot better with his stepmother and stepsister than I do.

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Posted on Thu, Aug. 18, 2016 at 08:32 am

I hope i don't turn out to be like one of them one day. And i don't need her to teach my kids their retarded superstitious crap. Mil teaches my daughter things she doesn't need to know, but when it comes to educational things she just sit there. Retard, you don't need to know english to teach math. Its not hard to do kindergarden additional and subtraction. Only for you because you're retarded and lazy to teach what she needs to know.

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Vindicative Witch

Posted on Thu, Aug. 18, 2016 at 07:26 am

SMIL and FIL called DH. DH and I have changed our cell numbers and moved to an apartment hours away. How the heck did they get his new phone number?

They not only called, they called over and over and over. FIL was cussing and threatening us. He even said Ex-con, married to Nutty SIL, is checking with his prison friends to see if anyone knew someone who would "take us out."

DH was quick to tape the conversations. He called the cops. They are investigating. DH is filing for a restraining order today.

DH is really close to his younger brother, who we discovered gave SMIL our new phone numbers, even though DH told him he wasn't to give our numbers to ANYONE for ANY REASON.

DH spoke with BIL. BIL said the didn't know what to do when SMIL called crying saying she
wanted to apologize to us, so he gave our numbers to her. DH decided we would not be able to have a secret relationship with BIL, who was the last link DH had with his family. He is very sad, but realizes it is essential to our freedom.

Why can't they just leave us alone?

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Posted on Wed, Aug. 17, 2016 at 12:00 pm

Its been 8 months since my FIL died. Apparently NOT paying bills has been something he and MIL became accustomed too. Seems to run in the family as all my SILs don't pay their bills either. But now I am getting collection calls at MY HOME. WTF??? How are they getting my number??? So I give them all the info they need to collect from the MIL. I inform the collection people if anyone claims shes not around THEY ARE LYING!!! PAY YOUR BILLS STUPID!!! I have to yell at DH to get his dumb ass family to act like responsible adults and pay bills. I have cut ties with those idiots MONTHS ago but somehow things pertaining to them keep popping back up in MY life. I'm sick of it. When FIL died I'll admit I wasn't sad or really even cared. MY DH has the worst people ever related to him. MIL is so dumb and down right dim witted it's laughable. DH has 5 sisters and they too are just as dumb and dim witted. I just don't understand leeches who go through life using and abusing the system, never paying what they owe, and taking handouts from DH like we owe them something. I just want all of them to fall off a cliff already. Society would be so much better off without them.

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