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Still an outsider

Posted on Thu, Jul. 17, 2014 at 10:57 pm

I have been with my husband for 12 years now, married 11. His family still believes the lies and gossip his evil stepmother have spread.

They are all on facebook but have never befriended me even tho I have sent them friend requests. They are friends with my husband.

They never celebrate birthdays with the family but still expect us to send gifts and cards. We have NEVER been invited to their kids birthday parties even though we invite them to ours. FIL and SMIL refuse to attend our childs parties giving lame excuses. Any time we give them birthday or christmas gifts, they thank DH but not me. I am the one who pays for these presents and wraps them too.

They have never returned by phone calls, texts or emails. I have tried to reach out to my sil's in the past only to be rejected because they listen to SMIL's bullcrap. They only contact my husband. Never me!

Apparently I am not good enough to be included. Just as well, they stopped dealing with me when I stood up for myself and refused to be a doormat.

I rarely see them, maybe 5 times a year. Thank God!

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Mil you have no idea

Posted on Thu, Jul. 17, 2014 at 09:21 pm

I have neuroapathy so bad that I cannot even get out of bed some days. My b***ch of a mil called me Lazy the other day. I work 2 jobs and take care of 6 kids even when I am in pain so back off B***ch

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so far

Posted on Thu, Jul. 17, 2014 at 09:20 pm

I have missed mothers day, fathers day, your birthday, easter, my sons birthday and my husbands birthday and hopefully every other holiday I can WITHOUT my MIL. fabulous.

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My Redneck MIL...

Posted on Thu, Jul. 17, 2014 at 08:19 pm

is absolutely disgusting. I mean inside and out. she always tries to play the victim and act like she does nothing wrong. I think she has some deep mental issues she needs help with. she is a total attention whore and control freak. if the attention is not on her then she cant handle it and loses interest. she uses all of her grandchildren just to show off on Facebook how "lucky and special" she is to be a grandma. the truth is she doesn't pay any of her grandkids attention when they are around. she is only worried about going out and picking up random men. everyone in the family hates her and she tries to break up all of her adult children's relationships. if she cant be #1 then no one can. she will tell anyone who will listen how important family is but she doesn't give a shit unless they offer her money or offer to buy her things. my husband and I figured this out very quick. in order to have a relationship with grandma its gonna cost you. pathetic...it really makes me want to choke her every time I see her fat ass waddle and bleach blond hair. she is a compulsive hoarder who never stops. her house is disgusting and a health violation. we lived with her a short time and it was just unbearable. she kicked my dog down a 5 ft hallway just so she could "get back at me" over a childish argument that she started. after that we moved because I figured she would try to poison us next (psycho). she claims she is "making crafts" to sell. the only thing I've seen her sell is her body. her family motto is "we should stick together even if our family isn't worth a shit". wow...needless to say we don't have contact with her anymore. yes I think it was divine intervention. my husband told me she was crazy from the start but she is very manipulative and I didn't see it until it was much too late. NEVER trust your MIL. I think they are all evil.

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Where's the fork?

Posted on Thu, Jul. 17, 2014 at 06:31 pm

Mil has mistaken me for someone who cares about her loser family....

She just won't shut the he!! up about them and goes on and on and on. She has no other subjects but the loser family. She is a huge bore with no hobbies or interests outside 'the family'. Sometimes when I am watching her talk, because I stopped listening to her several hours ago, I just want to stuff her mouth with an apple like one of those roasted pigs so no words can make it out her mouth. Sometimes I redecorate rooms in our house in my head while she's taking. Sometimes I visualize what their house would look like if a tornado hit it...how far would the crap in her house fly?

Apparently she was never taught manners where she learned not to dominate the conversation let alone with only one subject.

I would rather gouge my eyes out with a fork than visit mil and listen to mil talk.

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Posted on Thu, Jul. 17, 2014 at 05:48 pm

The inlaws are users and self absorbed.

Why can't they be decent people?

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I wish them well.

Posted on Thu, Jul. 17, 2014 at 12:44 pm

Have you ever met someone so awful that there is nothing else you could do but wishing their life well? Because you know if her life isn't going well, she will make everyone in her life pays for it? Yeah, that's my sister in law. Pray to the sky that her parents will live forever for her to mooch on, because we certainly don't have enough resources or heart to support her and her family.

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Over the SIL Show

Posted on Thu, Jul. 17, 2014 at 11:46 am

Dear SIL: When your brother and I got together 10 years ago it was all about you needing to "mourn the loss" of your brother. When your brother and I got married 5 years ago you tried to steal the stage and plan your wedding before ours. Now, your brother and I are having our first baby and it's all about how your marriage is falling apart and you can't handle your own biological clock.

I am so sick and tired of every single good and happy moment in my life with my husband being overshadowed by some sort of your own personal drama. No wonder why you are getting divorced. Your husband woke up and realized the mistake he had made in marrying a selfish, self centered biotch.

You make it painful to be around you. Even though it's 5 months away I am already dreading Christmas this year.

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grow up SIL

Posted on Thu, Jul. 17, 2014 at 07:39 am

Dear SIL,
Just bcoz your siblings don't bother to argue with you, it doesn't mean you are right every time!! Please don't think you are the queen bee and everyone in the family should be on attention and at your command.... Your childish talk which you may feel is adorable, frankly creeps me. So does your dressing sense. If you didn't do it in your teen years, it doesn't mean you can do it in your mid-life. That phase is over. period.

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Posted on Thu, Jul. 17, 2014 at 07:06 am

Dear MIL,

You make me absolutely crazy. Probably because you ARE absolutely crazy.

Love, your dear DIL

PS - it's nice that, thanks to me, you have a MUCH better relationship with your son than you did back when you constantly treated him like crap, but you really don't need to make up for lost time by smothering and oppressing both of us.

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