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Posted on Sat, Aug. 22, 2015 at 06:32 pm

Like the title says "Uuugh". So I have a step brother who isn't the brightest tool in the shed but his girl friend. I just...I just. I have no words on how dumb this girl is. It's not like she has a disorder or anything she is just SO LAZY.

Anyways, I am currently babysitting one of my nephews (its 9:30pm so he's sleeping) because you know, he's three and they are supposed to be sleeping, when she texts me " Heeeeey sis in laaaw. Can you come babysit your two nephews while me and your brother GO DOWNSTAIRS WOTH MY FRIENDS AND HAVE A LADIES NIGHT?"

Now I am thinking, they are 3 and 1 why are they not sleeping. Then I remembered, they are dumb as bricks and don't give their children sleep schedules. So I told her politely that I was already babysitting. So she asks me to ask the dad of the kid if she can drop her kids off. DROP THEM OFF.

It just frustrated me how ignorant these people are. And her family is worse than her!

Anyways, that's my story.

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Making differences mil

Posted on Sat, Aug. 22, 2015 at 09:02 am

Thankyou mil for teaching me that never to make differences between my kids.To treat them equally and not have favourites and show favouritism.Little things like displaying photos of all my grandkids when i have them equally and not loads of just the favourites.I have seen the resentment towards you its caused and you how you piss people off.I will never treat my kids or grandkids the way you do as i'd hate them to resent me.My family will be close and happy,unlike yours!!

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I opened my front window blinds and ...

Posted on Fri, Aug. 21, 2015 at 09:02 pm

What did I see?

14 inlaws across the street!

Oh what a sight oh so early in the morning

Mil was there looking manly and fat

Sil actually was dressed verses pajamas to my great shock

When I married dh I never thought we would ever live so close to them

Life is strange

I walked away from the window with a lack appetite so something good came out of the "morning surprise!"

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I hate my brother in law

Posted on Fri, Aug. 21, 2015 at 07:49 pm

This bastard is an annoying piece of tard I wish he could just live my husband has let his brother live with us for about 2 years now and i am sooo annyoed. He is a lazy ass doesnt do anything to help he pays no rent no food or nothing at all but a 130 dollar bill a month I am sooo pissed at my husband I cannot say anything to his fucken brother cause then he calls his bro and acts like a little bitch and says ur wife said this and that so then we have problems I stay quite b/c of my husband but I am tired this fucker needs to get the fuck out my house. Thank goodness I also had another bro in law but that lazy scum bag left and now I got another to get the hell out. My mom in law is an annoing fat whore that asks my husband for Coach shoes which cost 120 dollars. After I told her ass get some cheap ones she said no and now it turns out she cant squeeze her fat ass foot in there and she looks funny as hell cause I'll ask her fat ass why dont u wear those expensive ass shoes and shes like i doo stupid whore ugggh I hate them all!!

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Concerned SIL

Posted on Fri, Aug. 21, 2015 at 03:41 pm

SIL, I am extremely concerned about your mental well-being right now because any mental health professional would tell you that you are projecting. I am so concerned about you threatening people with violence. You have low self esteem issues and I think that you need to lose weight already so you can gain the confidence you need to see that you are so terribly misguided if you think that having a low level psychology degree qualifies you as a psychologist. You need help!!!!!!

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Controlling fake b*tch

Posted on Fri, Aug. 21, 2015 at 12:57 pm

I finally meet her: She seems so nice and I was relived, he said his mom loved me, a week later, he tells me she wakes my bf to tell him he should dump me. That I am not pretty enough for him, that I am mentally unstable (she met me for 5 minutes), she even showed him the facebook of a girl he used to like when he was SEVEN YEARS OLD, of course my bf told her off.

We can't afford a place so we move in with his parents And every day there is ALWAYS a problem:

She called me an idiot for doing what "every stupid teenage girl does" when I became a vegetarian, my bf wants to go vegetarian too, not cause I asked him to, but she blames me for EVERYTHING his son does that she doesnt like. As of now, she keeps manipulating him on not going vegetarian cause "that's not how they raised him", keeps playing the "you've changed" card, just cause he likes dogs more than he used to (and they dont), told him she and her husband cry sometimes cause of how much their son has "changed".

The worst part is that she says she's upfront and that is not true, my bf and mil have had fights in front of me for things she doesnt like he does, blaming on me but not directly EVER. She keeps being fake and pretending she even likes me, keeps saying that real couples meet through friends and not online like we did and ends the phrase with a "no offense" as if that fixed anything.

She's hated me from day one cause according to her, I'm not pretty, especially not for her son. Her sons are grown man now, they can choose the life they want, but no, she keeps trying to control EVERYTHING they do, and that's why her sons can't stand being with her or even taking to her.

She wants to control who they date and want them to date only blue eyed blonde model-like girls (she's a tanned brown eyed brunette???), called her middle child's girlfriend a WHORE for dating both of her sons, and doesn't want her sons to date "whores" or girls who've been with "too much" guys, but she dated MANY guys before marrying her now husband, but "she is not a whore". She wants to control what they eat, she feels as if she's been stabbed when my bf told her he wouldn't eat any meat anymore. "You're not like that, you've changed, you like meat! why'd you do this, my little boy? You know better than this, you're the one that googles everything. You promised me" (exact words, yes). She wants to control what they do with their time, so it's ok if her other sons listen to really loud music all day, but when me and my bf start playing guitar, even without plugging it, it's "annoying" and she wants to make an "schedule" and assign what days we could play the guitar.

When I first moved in here, she didn't want us to sleep in the same bed cause according to her it was "too small", she didnt want us to shower together, she doesn't want us to go to the bathroom together or pee if the other one was in the bathroom cause "that is the last piece of privacy you're left" ????

Before my bf started dating me, he never dated anyone, so he had to lie to his parents saying he had been with girls, cause his mom started saying it was "not normal" and that he "should see a psychiatrist". She's incredibly SEXIST towards women, when we're having dinner, she's said more times than I can count, that it's ok if guys date and fuck a million girls, strangers as they are, but if a girl does so she's a whore, even though she's dated many guys. She told my boyfriend, while we were having dinner, that he shouldn't have to "settle down with me so soon", that it was hurrying things up, that he should date more girls as he would have more "experience".

She doesn't like dogs, and both my bf and I like both cats and dogs, but she doesn't want my boyfriend to like dogs and let the dogs inside OUR bedroom, cause "that's not the way they raised him", so she tells him he's "changed" for liking dogs. BF goes "You say it as if it was a bad things liking dogs" and she goes "Yes, it is!" (on the verge of crying) "That is not how we raised you! That is not how we do things in our house, that is what they do it in her (me) house". Of all the times they've argued over me (not directly but you can obviously tell she wanted to lead the "fight" in that direction to blame me) she's said horrible things about me and the way the I am or was raised, shittalked to me about my family , as if she's ever met them!

Everything I do or am, "you should check that on a doctor". She's NEVER apologized to me for treating me the way she does. The worst part of all of this, is that she keeps treating her son as if he was a 5 year old that cant make his own decisions, she keeps treating him like crap just cause he doesn't want him to date ME, and she is SO stubborn she always thinks she's right even when she's proven wrong "My opinion is always right and you're always wrong".

When she met me she told me she wanted her sons' girlfriends to "like her" cause she's always been afraid of the girlfriends "taking away her sons" and not see them anymore. But the only one who is gonna make that happen is her, cause if she keeps acting this way towards her DIL's, her sons will never want to see her again.

I don't know if she's doing all of this to finally drive me crazy, but she's definitely getting somewhere, cause I've thought about leaving my bf many times since I can't stand being around her anymore, cause I am sick of her and sick of trying to get her to like me, sick of having to shut up whenever she's agressive or mean to me cause if i do, I am "uneducated" or "pitying myself". She's the only person who's ever disrespected me or that I've had to deal with that is so uneducated and just plain MEAN. I am SICK of having to deal with her knowing she will never like me or love me, I am so sick cause I've tried everything, I do everything for her and her husband, and it's never enough, I hate her and I hope we can move out as soon as possible and never see her again, or that she doesn't have much longer on the earth cause I don't want to deal with her anymore.


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I opened my front window blinds and ...

Posted on Fri, Aug. 21, 2015 at 11:55 am

What did I see?

14 inlaws across the street!

Oh what a sight oh so early in the morning

Mil was there looking manly and fat

Sil actually was dressed verses pajamas to my great shock

When I married dh I never thought we would ever live so close to them

Life is strange

I walked away from the window with a lack appetite so something good came out of the "morning surprise!"

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5 Years

Posted on Fri, Aug. 21, 2015 at 08:26 am

This Christmas it will be 5 years since I have seen any of my in-laws. The best Christmas present I have ever given anyone, was to myself. That gift was the gift of ABSENCE. I am absent from all holidays with them, absent from all reunions, absent from all pictures, absent from all conversations, and absent from every moment of their lives. The saying is true, yes, absence days make the heart grow fonder....for more and more ABSENCE.

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Poison Ivy

Posted on Thu, Aug. 20, 2015 at 01:35 pm

MIL, I can't let myself have the satisfaction of telling you now what I think of you and your behavior while you're still alive, because of course you'd screech like a scalded pig and go running to DH about it, but I amuse myself by knowing that when you are dead, I will take a pleasure day to myself to go visit your grave, and plant some kind of creeping, invasive, thorny, insidious, nasty, black and poisonous vine on your grave. The kind that, once it gets established, you can never get rid of. I'll give it excellent compost and fertilize it lovingly. It will be a fitting tribute to you. Yours truly, DIL

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MIL Treats me as Chaueffeur

Posted on Thu, Aug. 20, 2015 at 01:22 pm

My MIL has stayed with us (lives about 500 miles away) a week or two since my husband and I first moved in together in 2000. When she is here, I cook and serve three meals a day or take her out, drive her around while my husband is at work. What I get is constant complaining about my dog (*which we have had 11 years of her visits) and just someone sitting around being waited on hand and foot. Now she decides that when she comes here, she will only fly into an airport that is almost 100 miles away from me, so 200 round trip I have to drive with my young children to get her. I told her to please fly into the closer airport (35 miles) and she refuses as doesn't want to do a stopover and wants to save money. She lied to everyone who will listen that she timed the airport ride last time I got her at the 100 miles away one and it was only 45 minutes. It just makes me so angry! Now she is telling em wants to come again and I have to pick her up. Hell no!!!!!

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