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Can't Wait

Posted on Wed, Dec. 17, 2014 at 12:29 pm

The holidays are almost over and I can't wait. Almost in the clear. It's not just my future Ils, but my family too. Anytime I get around my own family I always get accused of being on drugs or being anorexic. The in-laws house is somewhat peaceful, but afterwards they talk mad shit about myself and my fiance. It really speaks volumes of both family's characters...Just can't wait for it to be over. Hopefully we won't have to deal with either family next year and we can have our own traditions, but my fiance is stuck so far up his mom and dad's asses that I don't think it will ever happen! sigh....

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Thanks for the space to vent this!

Posted on Wed, Dec. 17, 2014 at 12:01 pm

My MIL is the most evil person I have ever met, and I'm almost 50. She was an abusive mother who I strongly suspect sexually molested my DH as a child. She is constantly trying to touch him and tries to sit in his lap, which seems to horrify him. She is so jealous that she even tries to keep him from talking to his sister. When we first married she tried everything she could to break us up. Even going so far as to put ladies underwear in his car for me to find. It was funny watching out the window while she put them in there. She invited his exGF to our engagement party, little did she know that exGF and I are friends, so we chatted it up and ignored her. (exGF doesn't like her either). MIL used to call me and talk bad about DH so that I would say something bad that she could go back and tell him. I was on to that trick though, so I finally just stopped answering her calls. I never say anything bad about her to DH, nor do I ever tell him any of the bad things she says or does to me. When she trash talks me or is rude to me, he jumps down her throat. And if he didn't defend me I would no longer be married to him.

This woman lies constantly, not just little white lies, she lies to cause real trouble. When her brother had a stroke, she called her nephews separately and told them that their father had money hidden, and where to find it. When the 1st one called her back and told her there was no money there, she told him that his brother must have stolen it. She did the same with the 2nd brother, so the idiots were fighting with each other for weeks.She loved it so much that she packed her bags and went there to watch. Finally, their dad woke up and told them that there was no money and they should have known better than to believe anything she said anyway. They sent her packing.

She steals jewelry and money from her friends and relatives. I know for a fact that money she used to remodel her kitchen came from selling jewelry that she had stolen from various family members. She sneaks into our house when we aren't home looking for money to steal. We don't leave any where she can find it, but we have had fun leaving things for her to find. We used to leave weird sexual stuff for her, or letters talking about her. Lately we bought some baby clothes at a yard sale and we've left them laying around.(DH and I are way past baby bearing age) We want to see how long it takes for people to start asking us about it. MIL loves to spread rumors, even about her own children.

She is so awful that her children won't allow her to spend more than one hour per day in their house. They live far away so she has to spend most of her time at a hotel when she visits them. Heehee!

Well I've wasted enough energy on the witch today. Thanks again

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Fake Illnesses

Posted on Wed, Dec. 17, 2014 at 10:12 am

Mil why do you always do this around the holidays!!!!!!!! It's getting to be like the boy who cried wolf!!! You keep this up and no one will believe you when you are really sick! Stop with the fake illnesses and enjoy the holidays with the very few family members who want to have anything to do with you any more!!!!!!!

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They're back!!

Posted on Wed, Dec. 17, 2014 at 07:06 am

Well it's almost Christmas and as usual my in-laws drove down from their 3 hour trip to stay with us for the holidays. This time it's gonna be short. They arrived on the 16th and are leaving on the 28th. I blame my wife. She has no (you know what). She told them not to come down until the 22nd but they don't listen. So this year I said to them that for the past 5 years why do you come down so early and disrupt my house! You try to take over and even tell my kids what to do. Do you realize that this is our home and you live only 198 miles away. Go home and we will see you on Christmas eve. Their response was that they have things to do down her and they have to go shopping for my kids gifts. fyi: my kids aren't little anymore. I have 2 in college and one in high school. Just give them money and let them but what they want!
Anyway my wife took their side and said please forgive me husband for being rude. You can stay as long as you want. Well I did what any other person would do. I packed up and now am staying at the beach house until they leave.

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your bitterness destroys!

Posted on Wed, Dec. 17, 2014 at 04:04 am

Wen DH and i jus started dating. We were in a ruff patch in our lives. He had 2kids frm previous relationship and was nt wrking. I wasnt wrking eitha. Bt i evn tho my nw hubby changes his ways. Mil stil blames me for all hia mistake. Mistakez he made wen i wasnt in his life.

Mil sides with his x gf/baby mamma. Wateva this x says bout me or hubby, mil believes. Hubby hasnt seen his kids in ova 2years. And his crazy mother jus allows the madness to continue

She chose not to attend our wedding, bt blames my husband for her nt being ther. Apparently we had to go til her house to tel he we gting married. Bt in the meantime i was tld to my face im nt welcome in her home.

Iv not been in to her house for ova 2Nd a hlf years. Our son is 32montha old. And she doez not giv a hoot bout her 3rd grandchild. Where as she did and does more than i can mention for the other 2.

This woman ia beyond dense coz she stil cant c hw and who she is hurting. . .her flesh and blood, my Dh and our son.

She lives 6mins away wher as my folkez live 6hours away. She has nt been to our place,EVER!makes no contact either. And wen she doez phn DH its to moan bout me or bout our wedding that wasnt done "properly"....

Dh younger brother is gting married on sunday. ... lol, no invite for us.

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no where near enough

Posted on Tue, Dec. 16, 2014 at 02:23 pm

As far as I'm concerned 2, 000 miles is no where near enough to be away from you trifling sneaky two faced haters of inlaws I was cursed with. But don't feel bad for me folks- pray for my husband- who's kin to those piles of crap.

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And You Wonder.....

Posted on Tue, Dec. 16, 2014 at 02:19 pm

I haven't darkened my in laws doorstep since I married their son in 2012.
My father in law was trash talking about us coming to visit- and his ignorant wife was dumb enough to repeat what he said to me....
" we're not paying for anything for their wedding...when they come visit- they stay here- we feed them.that's enough"
Ok- that's cool- you don't have to do jack for me and mines- I'm done- I will never enter your house again- so you can never say I benefited from a dime of your money. I will never drink a glass of your water or be under your air conditioning for any reason.
I don't even want to meet you in a neutral place- because that means you have to get in your car and burn your gas.....I don't want to cost your sorry a $$ not one thin dime.
Cuz I'm a good daughter in law- I'm just tryna help you out...

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It just gets better and better

Posted on Tue, Dec. 16, 2014 at 02:10 pm

Every time I try to let the nasty things my in laws have said to me or about me go- I hear about some more yankydank.....
My husband reported to me that his mother in law stated that if he wouldhave married his son's mother instead of me- then he wouldn't have to worry about his son. And Also that they really wouldn't want his son to stay at my house- because " he wouldn't be the number one priority at her house" .....I'm so tired of those piranhas.

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I am not happy to be apart of this family

Posted on Tue, Dec. 16, 2014 at 01:06 pm

When I thought of my wedding day as the day my fiance and I would become a family, I looked forward to my wedding day. When I thought of my wedding day as the day I would become apart of his family, I dreaded my wedding day.

I hate everything about this family. I don't fit in at all. All they care about is sports. They have no other interests. I'm not into sports at all. All they talk about is sports. I am so sick of hearing about sports. I wish they would talk about something else once in awhile!

My FIL, MIL, SIL, and one of DH's aunts are really overbearing. They have tried to push themselves into our private lives. They are very domineering. They love to tell me and DH how we should live our lives. If we don't do what they say, FIL and MIL get upset, SIL gives us the cold sholder at the next family gathering, and aunt keeps pushing us to do what she/they want us to do. They are incredibly fake. They pretend to be nice to you, but as soon as your back is turned they start complaining about you and criticizing you to each other. They are toxic.

One of DH's uncle is a bully. He says rude, offensive things because he knows it offends you. He thinks it's hilarious to upset people. Making people express anger is his favorite goal to reach. If you get angry, he laughs and keeps going. He is the bully that everyone had to deal with in high school.

Two of DH's cousins are spoiled brats. They are disrespectful to their parents. They whine when things don't go their way, and their parents do whatever it takes to make them happy again.

My BIL is a nice guy, but I fill bad for him. He bends over backwards to please the family. He does whatever they want him to. He doesn't have the spine to stand up to them. He is the family doormat.

The rest of the family--grandparents, other aunt and uncle, and the rest of the cousins--are very cold and unwelcoming. I have never felt welcome by these family members. They don't talk to me. Whenever I try to talk to them, they don't seem like they want to talk to me. It is like pulling teeth to get these family members to say more than two words to me. These family members are incredibly uptight. They don't smile. They don't talk. They don't do anything. They just sit there like bumps on a log.

The only family members I enjoy talking to are the kids. The kids are the only ones who have made me feel welcome and accepted. So I play with them at family gatherings and avoid talking to the overbearing, stuffy, uptight adults as much as possible!

My biggest fear is that my children will end up like these people. I will do whatever it takes to make sure that doesn't happen.

Sadly, my husband doesn't understand how awkward I feel at family gatherings. He claims that he and his family are close, but I don't buy it. For one thing, he doesn't make much of an effort to keep in touch with anyone. For another thing, no one in this family really TALKS. They only talk about surface things. No one talks about what they think or how they feel. Except behind each others backs. If they were really a close family, they would be able to tell each other the truth about how they feel. But no one in this family can be honest about what they really think or how they really feel. They just tell you what they think you want to hear. The fact that no one in this family feels comfortable with being honest with each others communicates a lack of closeness.

It's sad to see how dysfunctional this family is, and even sadder to see how oblivious they are to the dysfunction.

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This house is not a home!

Posted on Tue, Dec. 16, 2014 at 10:02 am

I reluctantly agreed to move into a rental house with my DH and his mother and youngest brother. I warned him that I was against this and I will only do it to prove a point my point being his family is horrible and we should not live with them. Two months later I can say I told you so it's been hell since we've moved into this house, nothing but bad smalls and even worse uninvited house guests who way over stay their welcome. To my shock and dismay my DH does not see anything wrong he agrees that his family is dirty and their friends are worse but he says it's not a big deal. God in heaven above it's a huge deal I said home is where your should be happy and feel safe. When i'm home I feel like i'm living under a bridge constantly picking up after trashy people who don't deserve anything! Our lease won't be up until August and I'm not sure if I can hang on to my sanity for that long. I'm not asking DH to disown his family I'm just saying we can't live with them it's impossible and miserable for everyone. It's totally hostile and that's not healthy at all,I worry that my dumb ass BIL will set the house on fire with his constant smoking he's so careless how and where he smokes it's a miracle he has not burned this house to the ground. MIL is obese and lazy as hell she has never worked a day in her life and it shows. As a young professional and a student I find it frustrating to say the least when I see people abusing the system and getting away with it. My MIL and BIL are poster children for bottom feeders and it irks me to my core! I pray that at the end of the lease my DH will agree we should get our own place because if not I'm outta here I'm not going to live my life like he lives his time to grow up DH and get off your family tree branch out.

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