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Why did I agree to this?

Posted on Thu, Jan. 22, 2015 at 10:48 am

So as I've posted, it seemed that DH was on the verge of C/O with FIL and SMIL - because of SMIL's behavior and FIL's enabling.

DH asked me (a step up) and I felt he couldn't say no to him inviting them to a DS (DH's stepson) martial arts testing which is over four hours this weekend. They haven't been invited to anything (concerts, plays, etc. that the kids have been in) for months and last night saw that the ex's parents were at a concert and that his parents say they want to be involved.

I won't be there for the first part, and I told DH that he needs to be responsible for not allowing SMIL to wander off alone with any of the kids and that we both agreed his father can't either (he hands them off to the whack job). I also asked him what he'd do if she starts running her mouth and he said he'd tell her to shut up and then tell her to leave if she kept going.

DH then wants to invite them out in a few weeks to a restaurant to celebrate the kids' birthdays - admitting that the restaurant is a limited time event and that they have to leave. To this, I told him lets see if they can even behave for this.

Ughh thank you for letting me vent. I know there are worse problems, but I'm feeling anxious.

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Causing the family 'grief' ....BS!

Posted on Thu, Jan. 22, 2015 at 09:30 am

Something resonated with me from one of the recent posts-- the idea of an ESIL having the nerve to say to someone that she was "destroying the family." One of my ESILs (who's not really an SIL but just a conniving little snake of a wife to an EBIL, but who is 'oh so sugary sweet' on the surface-- HATE those types the MOST) had the nerve once to say I was the one "causing grief for the family" as if I was the sole perpetrator of all their bulls@&! Yeah.. Sorry it caused 'grief' to the family to finally call you scum out on the abuse I endured quietly for all those years. Funny how the very deliberate grief you caused to me and my DH and kids by extension didn't fall into your definition of "grief." Needless to say, I've cut myself off from these scum a while ago, and while I hate the lot of them I have a special brand of hate for this particular ESIL because she's so clever at keeping up appearances that people not only enable her appalling deviousness but also positively reinforce it. Makes me just sick that people like this seem to get away with it and remain on top while they've caused such underhanded grief and destruction. So I say to all those dirtbag in laws out there, if your 'family' has broken down you have no one but yourselves to blame for that. I highly doubt that a good, functioning and solid family can be completely grieved and destroyed by just one individual-- the odds would be against that individual anyway. You brought your own damn grief upon yourself, and in my scum-laws case seems like they're not all that grieved since they (particularly that ESIL) seem to be getting on as sweet as Apple pie and all her dirtbag followers just LOVE her all the same. I hope she is exposed for the trouble-making and malicious fraud she is, if not in this life than in the next. You have caused so much ACTUAL grief to my family with your nasty and selfish games that you will NEVER be able to repay, and you're still playing those games. Stop sending us Xmas cards Bi@&! As if nothing ever happened. We hate you and you deserve it. YOU and those other 2 scumbags broke down the family. Deal with it! Have fun in your dysfunctional group and continuing to make it seem like your all wonderful. I pray you'll eventually reap everything (and then some) of what you've sewn.

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MIL with horns

Posted on Thu, Jan. 22, 2015 at 08:45 am

My MIL has had me under a microscope since I married into the family. She's brought up things to me from 7 years ago. Long story short, we cut off our in laws due to disrespectful behavior and the constant silent treatment for past 7 years. All I have to say is you may have a million dollar house and the nicest cars but you don't have friends and a social life due to your behaviors. Most importantly you don't have my family. Good riddens and thank you from up above for answering my prayers. This is sad, my MIL prides herself on not talking to her mother for nearly 10 years and didn't visit her when she was dying. If I could give my children any advice is to not get married until you know your MIL.

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Posted on Thu, Jan. 22, 2015 at 08:04 am

You, MIL, are a hypocrite.

You cannot ignore your MIL and then cry that I ignore you. Maybe your MIL is a useless harpy hag like you are, I don't know, I have always found her pleasant.

You whine and whine that DH won't talk to you. Yet, after being told NOT to come to the hospital for his routine, in and out, quick surgery, you show up. Then when you see him...chew his butt!

To ask me repeated questions about my deceased parents is super tacky and really, caused me to feel a hole of loss all that day. Thanks for bringing up some really raw feelings.

I could say that you dashing out the door after you hear that DH's surgery was over and he was fine was a shock, but I don't lie. You made your obligatory "Look at how much of a good mom I am" display. Oh, but imagine when DH asked where you were...I had to tell him you blew him off because your DIL and DS couldn't get a kid picked up from school.

The real icing was DH saying that you don't hate me...but you really really don't like me. How cool. Not once have I ever given you any reason to doubt me, my intentions or my character. I've never lied to you, created drama, spoken unkindly to you or about you (this place totally does not count :) ). Last night, MIL, I brought home DH and made sure he took his pain meds on time (even at 1 am and 5am), got up all our children, fed them, dressed them and took them to school. Each little face told me that they love me and DH was so happy to have someone care about him enough to just let him rest.

Where were you?

You, MIL, are a hypocrite and a liar. You thump your chest about your "good family" but you talk poorly about them all. You preach God's love for others but when someone is "orphaned, widowed or poor" you are the first to lead the pack to go for the throat. You call your MIL, a woman of 70+, horrid and foul names because you say she causes "division" in the family...but you shelter SIL and BIL from what they did to DH and I, causing division. For so long I have hurt and prayed, I've asked God to change my heart, DH wants so badly for us to get along. But yesterday, when you sat next to me asking those stupid questions and needling me about topics that were clearly uncomfortable I decided that its not MY heart God needs to change.

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Posted on Thu, Jan. 22, 2015 at 12:11 am

i just neglect to understand why my in-laws (mother, brother and sister) has, yes, it has been their mission every fime for the past pastr 25 years -we live in south africa and they live in germany to make my life absolute hell when we visit, althouth the visit is only for one week! -pleae note we stay in an hotel because not even a cup of coffe or tea is ever available at their homes. we have never asked for anything -contrary my husband is doing much better since he has been in south africa so we are very indpedend, but, yet, nastiness, rudeness,just plain no etikette from their side is endless, infact to the point that we once had to pay and additional r36,000-00 to change our return tickets to sa because my migraines were getting the better of me -being sick from morning till night for an endless 3 days!!!! when they see me it is critiscm, belittling to no end! no normal human being will be able to take this in the mean while i am supposed to relax when i am there because my business is stressfull. please believe me, his family are beyond evil and his is definitely married to him family because he keeps on tellingme to just forget about it, although i can see the shock in his face at time. definitely getting to divpraced to this 'family puppy' -i am a very strong and determined person who will make a success, no matter what, but, defnitely cannot do it with these lot of vultures, jealous, critizing bastards around me, pulli e down all the time and just being plain bitchified!!!
feeling much better now, thank you

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Stolen things

Posted on Wed, Jan. 21, 2015 at 02:41 pm

My BIL steals things. A lot. He stayed with us for a month so he could get back on his feet, and I sorely regret it. He stole hundreds of dollars from his own parents, my hubby's ssc, his mother's ssc, more than five hundred dollars from his own job (security cameras, moron), various little things around the house, and even stole things from the church bookstore! I've never known a more selfish, childish jerk.

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No, no, and HELL NO

Posted on Wed, Jan. 21, 2015 at 02:14 pm

No, you may not dictate to me how to raise my daughter. No, my pet mice are not a terrible threat to her health that will kill her within days. No, I will not get rid of my pets because you don't like them. No, I will not give my two month old baby pepsi because you think she'll like it. And finally, no, it is not "disrespectful to my elders" to very calmly disagree with your "opinions" about how MY daughter should be mothered.
I want my baby to turn out better than your sleeping around, still living at home, unemployed 25 year old daughter. I refuse to bow to your every whim. Your own family only walks on eggshells with you because you are crazy and they need you to shut up once in a while.

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Wedding Crashed

Posted on Wed, Jan. 21, 2015 at 01:50 pm

Monster in law truly commandeered my wedding. Invited guests without telling us, told me how I wasn't good enough for my hubby two days before the wedding, changed food orders without telling us, and even made her own guest favors to hand out after I explicitly told her that I was handling the favors and that I didn't want her doing them.
It was also super fun when she invited hubby's ex-gf without our permission. She then insisted the ex be in the family wedding photos because she'd "always been just like family". I now get to look at that in my wedding pics for the rest of my life. Awesome. Best part came when she called us on our wedding night/first night of our honeymoon. She called to tell us that we were so disrespectful to our families during the wedding that we "made her weep with anger". We hadn't done anything even remotely disrespectful, she was just causing drama because hubby is her youngest child and she didn't want to let him go. I wish to god she would realize how crazy she really is and get some freaking mental help.

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Stupid is as stupid does.

Posted on Wed, Jan. 21, 2015 at 10:31 am

My MIL had just walked out the door of my consignment shoppe. She turned around because she had forgotten something then proceeded to PUSH the glass door, clearly marked "PULL" and yell at me from the street, accusing me of locking her out because the door would not open.

MIL almost went through the glass door with how hard she pushed her body against the door.
Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

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Psycho Drama Queen MIL Part 2

Posted on Wed, Jan. 21, 2015 at 08:24 am

My MIL has also threatened to take custody of me and my husband's daughter when my husband and I were having a disagreement. I don't think so because for one he and I aren't unfit parents and two she didn't even raise any of her three children. They were raised by their grandparents plus she really hurt my husband when he was little by giving up on him. We made it very clear to her that she better not even try to take custody plus she doesn't even have a legal leg to stand on. Also SIL (his sister) is feeding into the MIL's drama by threatening to take my husband and my stuff that we have stored at her house to the dump. Plus MIL tries to undermine my husband and my opinions just because 'she knows better' yeah right she didn't even raise her kids. I am a nurse so I have some kind of idea of what I'm talking about. She also has a big mouth like when I tell her stuff in private she would blurt it out to everyone. She was also writing lies about my husband and me on her Facebook posts. If anyone is stupid enough to believe her then more power to them. She also had her stupid 'henchmen' such as her husband, my SIL, and family friends of hers bash me on Facebook. So what did I do? I blocked all of them. I'm not playing their stupid childish petty drama gang up on DIL games plus I blocked their phone numbers. I am not letting her hurt my daughter like she hurt my husband. She already cut off all contact with us before just because my SIL was jealous because she thought that our daughter was getting more attention than her son from MIL. To my SIL it's nothing but a child war game between her son and my husband and my's daughter. My SIL's sleazy boyfriend was even taking part of trashing me on Facebook and he doesn't even really know me. Alls I can say is get a life other than bashing people. Also what grinds my gears is that my MIL claims to be this great Christian but yet she loves to cause real life and Facebook drama, trash people, be nice to you one minute then stabs that knife in your back the next minute. If that's Christian then I don't want to be one. My husband's aunt is a real character too. She tries to tell him what to do and he is a grown man. She even told him the night before our wedding to NOT marry me. Well guess who got the last laugh bit@$ because he and I got married. His family turned into a bunch of back stabbers. My mom was wondering why he didn't have much contact with his family when he and I first started dating well now we see why because his family is a bunch of crazy people. I got plenty more stories for later

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