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My Christian in-laws

Posted on Sun, Jun. 28, 2015 at 01:59 pm

My story is very different than most on this site. For 1 thing, I have been married for over 40 years. My in-laws think they are nice people. After all, they go to church all the time & say how religious they are. I also think they treat a lot of people with disrespect. However, since I am married to their son & brother, their behavior effects me more. I could write 1000's of pages about these people. My husband has 8 siblings. FIL is dead, MIL is 94. It started with MIL before we were even married. She usually made negative remarks about my appearance. Her & FIL never acknowledged my daughters' birthdays or went to any school events. I have never heard anyone in their family give anyone outside of the family a compliment. I will try to keep this short & just state some of the general problems. Both of my daughters are married with families of their own. One daughter that lives close by, has not seen them for 3 yrs. Another daughter, out of state, has not seen them for 5 yrs. Neither daughter has any attachment to them at all. When we see IL's, usually nobody even mentions them. DH had a stroke 9 yrs. ago. SIL brought FIL to the hospital. They said MIL was sick. We asked where SIL's kids were. She said MIL was watching them. SIL is 15 yrs. younger than DH. She has children around the same age as my GC. SIL's children are treated like they are perfect. SIL is much younger than her siblings. She can do no wrong. In the last year, when I have shown pictures of my GC, SIL has made negative comments. One time, she said they looked like Indians. They are all blond haired & blue eyes. MIL made a negative comment about GD's hair. For years now, I have hated to be around MIL & some of DH's siblings. They are very sarcastic people. When they see they have hurt your feelings, they always say they were just kidding. DH just says that is just the way they are. Recently, I have quit going to any family get togethers, even though I like some of the family. MIL has always had her favorites. Some in the family can do no wrong. At my age, I just want to enjoy life & not be around all this negativity. However, DH acts irritated if I don't go. He has a hard time accepting how horrible some of his family really is. They even treat each other this way. Nobody ever apologizes for their behavior. Life just goes on like nothing was said. I feel a lot of resentment toward DH. Both of our DDs also feel resentment. ILs have been a major problem in our life to the point where it has effected our health. I just don't know what to do. DH says they are family. Oh yes, another example-My sister died 5 yrs. ago. Not 1 person in the family said they were sorry or sent a card.

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Eye rolls everywhere.

Posted on Sun, Jun. 28, 2015 at 10:55 am

One of the funniest moment was on one Thanksgiving a couple years ago. The party was at my husband's aunt place. The mom and daughter duo cooked everything from scratch, delicious juicy meats, hams, roast, 6 elaborate side dishes. We both ate like hungry hungry hippos, because everything was so damned yummy!!

But when my MIL opened grace, she had to thank her golden daughter who brought one burned out disgusting potato dish that no one touched, instead of the aunt and her daughter who cooked everything else.

I am not surprised those cousins barely showed up anymore.

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Conveniently blind

Posted on Sun, Jun. 28, 2015 at 09:22 am

Let's see - you've attacked my character w/o getting to know me. You've accused me of theft, which was later proven to have been done by someone else (one of your goldens), you do stupid things then tell my DH (your son) that I'M the one who did the stupid things or told you to do the stupid things (which is ridiculous since I'm never around you w/o DH, so how could any of these things have transpired w/o him knowing about them? I know - because they are all LIES), you verbally attack my mother w/o ever having met her or spoken to her (yet you claim that you spoke to her that one time that she called you. My mother calls NO ONE, not even me after all these years. She doesn't even know how to place a long-distance call because she was that dependent upon my now-deceased father. But she miraculously called you out of the blue one day? Again - LIES!), and then you have the audacity to wonder out loud why I don't like you or ever come to visit you. Give me a break, lady. I know you're keeping your other tit nice & warm w/ the hopes that DH (your son) will latch back onto it just like your older son (who has never unlatched himself), but that will never happen. You are a deranged and mentally unhealthy - please seek help.

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so freaking selfish...

Posted on Sun, Jun. 28, 2015 at 02:04 am

I established a business 7 years back. After few years, we got pregnant and my partner tell me to have her parents to look after the business since I often travel. I agreed because I wanted to help her parents.in return, her parents and us will do profit sharing of 50-50.both agreed. I thought my in-laws were giving our share since whenever I ask my wife abt it she tells me everything's fine. I found out last year that they are not giving our share right from the start. I ask my wife about it and she told me that they promised to compromise about it. But when I talked to my in-laws, they told me that they didn't owe us anything. Since they are on their 50s, they told me they are old to look for a job. They told me that they won't allow me to get the business I entrusted to them. I asked my wife if she promised them anything with the business. My wife was so surprise and get agitated because its not what they talked about. My in-laws,get their own permit without my wife and my approval,they treat us that they will get us arrested if we make move to get the business back. They even told my wife she is no good that she can't control me. I pity my wife for having selfish parents. My wife and I promised to ourselves never to extend again for them.. By the way this is the second time they did it.. We thought they changed but they didn't..

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Was getting married a sentence?

Posted on Sat, Jun. 27, 2015 at 08:41 pm

Coffee, breakfast, lunch,snack, coffee... Don't want to eat lunch because I am a bad cook...yet expects me to cook dinner. FUCK YOU! FUCK ALL OF YOU! I am tired of your BS. I have to put up with your racism, classism, MAYOR DISSOCIATIVE IGNORANCE DISORDER, having to do things whenever the **** you want. I RATHER DIVORCE THAN SPENDING ANOTHER SUMMER WITH YOU. Stop whistling and speak the fuck up! I would never want to go spend my vacation time with you. I rather spend it in jail!

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Posted on Sat, Jun. 27, 2015 at 12:55 pm

My PILS didn't want my husband to marry me. FIL and MIL told him he didn't have to marry just because I was pregnant. Thirty-five years later and no baby.

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oh, to be a fly on that wall

Posted on Sat, Jun. 27, 2015 at 10:53 am

For two years we've been mostly no contact with my husband's sister. She had some kind of a problem with him marrying me, not sure what because she didn't make that clear. She was abusive toward me from the time we got engaged until I stopped communicating with her.

My in-laws have wondered why we don't participate in events that include SIL, which we sympathized with, but we felt it was important not to drag them into the conflict. In particular, I did not want the GPIL to hear how awful their GD had behaved. We just told them that we could not get along with SIL and we were sorry.

Today my H was visiting his GM (who lives in town) and he said while visiting GMIL had bitterly complained about me being "the problem" as SIL is coming to town and we have already made plans to go away on vacation. H said he got really angry and told his GM part of the truth about SIL. He told GMIL that SIL had called me a "whore" -which is in my mind kind of a side note. The real problem is her attacking my character and trying to break up H and I, and spreading rumors. I am not a whore so that didn't particularly hurt me to be honest. But it was a big deal that he said that much. He said his GM stopped yelling immediately, and her face dropped, and she hugged him, and apologized. I wish I could have seen that!

Maybe now I am not the villain? That is a nice fantasy. But if it happens, I'll take it. Who knew revealing that little detail would make sense of any of this for GMIL?? It isn't even the worst thing SIL has called me.

I imagine GMIL will be calling SIL to confront her over this. I'd pay to hear that conversation. How will she justify calling me a whore? All the time I had sex for money? Interesting.

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spineless DH, terrible in-laws

Posted on Sat, Jun. 27, 2015 at 10:17 am

So i met this guy at a work related function and when things got serious i moved to another company great guy sweet caring etc etc only problem is he is a spineless being.his elder bro uses him to run errands he will leave work n rush to do them.he is treated badly by him and his elder sisters who talk openly n say the meanest things to him and laugh at him and he will still be at their beck and call.my inlaws expect me to leave everything that makes me be me so that i can fit into their very superficial family they do not respect me in any way.i.e my birthday party they did not show up i am nice to them accomodate them when they have nothing but no.this week the eldest flew in his g.f and told DH since i work a short shift i shld be her tour guide..i wasnt asked i was picked at home thinking its a drive and i see the airport and am given the keys and told her name is so n so pick her up n give a good time n left..im leaving him he is spineless and i do not want sm2 that lets their family walk on their wife n do nothing

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When you behave like a female dog...

Posted on Sat, Jun. 27, 2015 at 09:51 am

We have endured two decades of torture from my in laws.

The straw that broke the camels back, was when they started showing my kid that she was not their favorite. They did both little & big things to "put us in our place." As a result we see them only a few times a year. When those times roll around we prepare ourselves for their next attack.

Well I have had enough. My hubby has more tolerance than I do.

So the next time we were going to see them was Christmas Eve. They had 6ft high tall(they measured) piles of gifts for GSIL's kids -- if your counting 12 feet of gifts for 2 little kids. My kid had a small box (clothes that were too small when returned it had cost them under $20).

Being the ever prepared DIL, I went out to the car and got their very beautifully wrapped special gift.

You can see the shock (they couldn't believe that they were getting something so fancy) and greed in their eyes. When opened they had a confused look on their face. What is this they demanded. You see in the beautiful box were brochures for a pet crematory (and not a very good one at that.)

My response, "When you act like a dog (I MOUTHED THE WORD BITCH), I'll make sure you're cremated like one."

The following year each kid had 1 gift under the tree. I'm sure they had more for their golden grandkids hiding somewhere. But I think I got my point across.

Don't mess with Mama Bear. :)

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The funny moment

Posted on Sat, Jun. 27, 2015 at 09:18 am

My boyfriend's mom got what she deserves. She offended his brother's wife, or to say my future sister-in-law. She yelled at her telling that she is a whore. My sister-in-law kicked her face with her foot, and my boyfriend's mom fell on the floor. I was stunned but it was damn funny. She tried to get up, but her daughter in law sat on her stomach and started slapping her face. My boyfriend's mom almost cried from pain, and I tried not to laugh at her when I was trying to separate them. But I definitely enjoyed watching her kicked.

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