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Brainless Bitch MIL

Posted on Tue, Nov. 18, 2014 at 03:46 pm

Bitch MIL thinks that she can make me jealous by praising & showing love to the other Bitch DIL in front of me, who is uneducated, fat, ugly, useless woman, who never had a job, does not even have any status as compared to me, who has a masters degree, has a successful career, has a much higher status than any of the asshole ILs. Bitch MIL by faking & pretending that you love the other DIL you think I will be jealous, I am not at all, I DO NOT CARE AN INCH, because I know what yours & her status is, I know you Bitches are good for nothing & shows how low can you go as this is what your up bringing is, you uneducated fat ugly bitches. You pretending to love her in front of me, does not affect me one inch, as thats what is expected from you. I dont care what the HELL you do with your other Bitch DIL & your other son, I am soo happy that you dont live in the same country as us, that means me & my son dont have to see your ugly fat faces again, will never see your ugly fat faces ever, I hope you all assholes die as early as possible.

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Nosey ass MIL

Posted on Tue, Nov. 18, 2014 at 03:39 pm

She always has her opinions about me and what im doing in our marital life, So not looking forward to thanksgiving shes already writing to DH about how excited she is to see him and not me. Oh well we'll see if this is the last thanksgiving i spend with his side of the family.

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"The event of the century" pt 1

Posted on Tue, Nov. 18, 2014 at 12:39 pm

Golden SIL's wedding was quickly approaching. Golden SIL lives across the country from us and the rest of the family.
Naturally, she had planned for everyone to spend whatever money they possibly had to fly out to her wedding and get a room in the expensive hotel that she had ordered everyone to stay in.
Of course, since she is the golden, she is used to getting her way or else she will throw a tantrum and seek her parents on you.
Anyway, I have a severe medical condition. One in which I get violently ill when I travel (ER visit worthy). SIL didn't go to our wedding either.

My ball-less husband didn't want to go to his bratty sister's wedding, spend the ton of money we don't have or be a part of it he wedding that he was never asked to but told to. he was too afraid to tell his parents or his sister.
I told him, if he doesn't want to go; he doesn't have to. He is an adult.
He eventually called SIL and told her.
..of course, the kicking and screaming temper-tantrum ensued.
Imidiantly after, I got a Facebook message from MIL. Cursing me up and down. Saying that I "ruined her family".
DH got a slew of text messages from FIL, saying how DH made MIL hysterical and he should be ashamed.

These text messages went on throughout the night.
I sent SIL a message about egging on her parents. She denied ever having talked to them.

Eventually the "you made us upset and you should be ashamed of yourself" text messages turned to all out threats. Threats that DH will "no longer part of the family".
These text messages were pouring in at 3am.

I got so sick and tired of these mean text messages that I walked to a different room to call FIL to tell him to stop. I DH was on the verge of tears, he didn't need to hear their crap. It just needed to stop.

FIL yelled "IT IS YOUR FAULT ___(DH) IS NOT COMING TO THE EVENT OF THE CENTURY!!" Followed by a ton of name calling.

Keep in mind, SIL didn't come to our wedding. Which was only the year before. She recieved 0 flak for that. Also, MIL and FIL were absolute asses to us during our wedding. Guess our wedding wasn't "the event of the century".

FIL handed the phone to MIL, so she could continue attacking me.
During the phone call, suddenly DH entered the room that I was in. MIL was so loud that he heard her horrible personal attacks on me and *my* family (even though they have nothing to do with this).

DH was shocked by the words coming out of his mother's mouth. He grabbed the phone from me and let her have it for a few minutes, then backed down with his tail between his legs.

He went to the wedding. Spent a ton of money just to get dirty looks and be be blamed for ruining "the event of the century".

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Posted on Tue, Nov. 18, 2014 at 12:38 pm

No we are not coming to Thanksgiving hell with the IL's! I would like a drama free holiday this year! For that I am thankful!

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Heil MIL

Posted on Tue, Nov. 18, 2014 at 10:49 am

Why do you hate one of your granddaughters, MIL? Why does she never hear from you? Why do you invite some grandchildren to your revenge-fests, but leave one out? Why does she never receive a birthday card from you, MIL? Why? Could it be because she cares about her parents, whom you hate? The friend of your enemy is your enemy, right MIL?

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Disgusting ILs

Posted on Tue, Nov. 18, 2014 at 09:42 am

ILs see nothing wrong with discussing, at length and in great detail, their physical ailments and medical procedures during meal time. Nope, nothing wrong with discussing hardening toe nails, hang nails, toe nail fungus, loose bowels, messy births, heavy-flow periods/menstrual cramps, ear wax color, colonoscopies, OB/GYN exams/results, baby vomit/shit, green mucous (nose and chest), and unrelenting yeast infections all while trying to consume food. And I'm SO SORRY if my almost vomiting, occasional looks of disgust, and not finishing my food RUINS your meal. How selfish of me! Gee, I'm so happy the holidays are coming up! I can't wait for all of those wonderful holiday meal conversations.

Disgusted DIL

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The Holidays

Posted on Tue, Nov. 18, 2014 at 06:18 am

I know many can relate to this:

Here we go again. Another year where DH has a falling out with his dysfunctional family, so he isn't certain that he wants to spend the holidays with them. Sigh. I used to push for DH to just suck it up and go, - after all they're his family - but each time we went we would feel uncomfortable and something asinine, ignorant, and/or critical would be said to us, causing DH to want to leave early and souring the whole holiday experience. I would then end up at home with a very angry and miserable DH for the rest of the evening, making me stressed and miserable as well. After years of ruined and wasted holidays, I finally just played it neutral, leaving the decision up to DH as to where we would spend our holidays (my family lives several states away, so they're not a convenient alternative). More and more often DH would decide to NOT spend the holidays with his family and have it be just the two of us. And surprise! Our holidays became less stressful and more intimate and our relationship strengthened. His jealous family saw this (read: ME) as a threat, and accused me of keeping DH from his family and turning him against them. Double sigh. According to their narrow-minded, narcissistic logic, it could NEVER be anything that they've done to push DH away. Oh no. It's the evil, gold-digging DIL that's taken total control of DH's feeble mind and turned him into her weak-willed slave. Yup. That's got to be it.

SMH and FML.

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Posted on Mon, Nov. 17, 2014 at 08:32 pm

After years of passive/aggressive holidays suffered at the hands of my p.o.s. in-laws, I finally told them just what I and my kids thought of them. I've been free from the siblings-in-law for two years and this is the first year that we are fortunate enough to not have to see the awful parents-in-law either. I'm really excited for the holidays this year. My stupid in-laws didn't take me seriously when I told them to leave me alone. But now they've learned the hard way. DH doesn't want to have anything to do with them again and our happy family get to like the holidays again. Yay!

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selfish people

Posted on Mon, Nov. 17, 2014 at 05:38 pm

As long as your sons are splurging money on you, buying gifts for you, everything is good. you say stuff like we miss you, when will you come, haven;t seen you in a long time and my dear husband is fooled by your sweet words. he is soo emotional thinking about you.. but when its our time to receive you have no money. never gave any gift to us on our birthdays, anniversaries, stopped giving that gift money for your only grandson. That when even my DH became bitter about you. how low life you guys are. thse are the people who move around in chauffer driven cars. buy jewellery, eat out all the time. we are struggling to day to day, working hard, doing all our house work, paying bills, so we can have a better future. you never think of what we are going through, you just want to enjoy your life, 'cos after living entire life as misers and that is how my DH lived with you, lack of everything... NOw after retirement you have plenty of money, no expenses so you want to spend all that on yourself. have you ever thought of your kids. These guys have so much money but do not want to help their other son who is struggling to buy a house, by returning the money he lended them.. so He cannot get back his OWN MONEY. they say you will splurge, we will give it to you only when you get married..

good that my DH never asked for the money he lended you a long time back.. 'cos that will open a who pandora of trouble for us.. how dare we ask for our own thing... once something goes in that house, even if it is ours, we DARE NOT ASK FOR IT.. or ther will be drama crying... that this DIL is BREAKING our Close KNIT FAMILY.. close knit my foot.
ohh god these people are king and queen of ENTITLEMENT. God help us.

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you're on your own

Posted on Mon, Nov. 17, 2014 at 11:54 am

None of you will see me or my kids again. You just couldn't keep your mouths shut. Your role as family to us is terminated. Yeah, no more inlaws!

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