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Outsmarted you SIL

Posted on Wed, Apr. 16, 2014 at 02:00 am

You thought you could get me in the shit with DH?

Consider yourself outsmarted you silly, childish little mare LOL

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Sister-in-law I really hope you are reading this

Posted on Tue, Apr. 15, 2014 at 09:55 pm

Quit your @$&(*! fishing for information! I get it. You haven't spent a holiday with us in 2 years, yet you want to appear to your family that we are soooooo close. Well we are not and I frankly don't care. So quit sending me this damn emails out of the blue asking a whole bunch of questions about us just days before you go to your parents' house. Yes, I know, thru social media, that you get together on all holidays with your side of the family. You want me to feel like a second class citizen, but I don't. But I am also not giving you a bunch of information about us when you CLEARLY don't care.

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Posted on Tue, Apr. 15, 2014 at 08:03 pm

You love to switch email up I already told you what I'd bring biiitch. You senile stupid bitch. You make my every holiday miserable and dreaded!
I hate you forever.

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I can't tell if..

Posted on Tue, Apr. 15, 2014 at 07:32 pm

My future SIL has a long history of contacting us just to twist whatever is said/done into something that makes us look like terrible people (and herself a saint) to the rest of the family. We (DF and I) have experienced this manipulation quite a bit. Basically, she loves to set us up.

She recently contacted me offering to throw a brial shower. Due to a recent move, husband to be and I don't know anybody here. She knows that I have no friends here. She also knows my family is predominately elderly and can not travel (nor can I).

Before even speaking with me, she invited some of her family to this bridal shower. Which happens to be about 3 people (1 of which may not show). Again she knows that I have no friends here and my family can not travel..

I'm not sure if she is truly trying to be nice by hosting a bridal shower..
Or to be rude to show off the fact that I have no friends in this area and my family can not show.

Part of me thinks that she only wanted to offer just so I would say no. Then she can report back to her family (especially the few that were invited) to say how hard she tried to be nice and throw a bridal shower for me but I was just not having it.

What do you think?

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Crazy Biotch!

Posted on Tue, Apr. 15, 2014 at 04:40 pm

Dear MIL,
Let's get a few things straight. First, we know your new grandson to be will be born next month, and we don't care. We don't care that he's your first grand child, we don't care that you think your other son walks on water. We don't care that you have a little slut as a daughter that you can't control. We also don't care to tell you that we are getting married next month. Why? Because you're crazy. You think your other son is amazing because he's a factory rat. Guess what!?? NEWS FLASH your new daughter in law is a literal trailer trash piece of crap! She got pregnant so your "amazing 1st born son" wouldn't LEAVE HER!They have NO money and he buys her a new car and now they think they are going to go buy jet skiis and take trips to Colorado next year, wherever THAT money comes from. Little bank tellers and factory rats don't make enough for that. That little house they run their mouths about, yeah, that was listed on Zillow as worth 65,000 GROSS! I'm marrying your "other" son who has a great job, provides, and we are so happy you don't have a thing to do with us. And PLEASE for the LOVE of CHILDREN STOP feeding your little porker of a daughter fast food, 200 pounds is just NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! Sickos!!!!!! Stay away from us because the only grand children you'll ever have will be from your nasty daughter in law and her skanky fake nails and dyed blonde hair. I will NEVER be your daughter in law, you will never be by mother in law. YOU ARE OUT OF OUR LIVES FOREVER YOU NASTY TRASHY SMOKING PIECE OF CRAP!

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Posted on Tue, Apr. 15, 2014 at 04:37 pm

IM breaking, I really am. We moved away from the in-laws many moons ago. It was great, a weight lifted of my shoulders, the sun rose and i could see clearly, I was finally happy. totally at peace with the world. But now we have to move back to where they are. Im breaking, Im broken, to finally taste freedom and then to have my wings clipped and be back on the ground, back where the inlaws are at. Its like my heart is breaking. How many times must I fake a smile and fake my happiness when i am near them? The saying goes,that you must act happy infront of your enemies, because it kills them to see you happy. I can act happy, I can don a fake smile, I can make them all think how wonderfully happy i am. but i wont ever be free.....only the caged bird will understand my song.

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Selfish, Selfish, Selfish

Posted on Tue, Apr. 15, 2014 at 04:33 pm

My husband's parents are quite wealthy. That's their business, of course; they don't owe us anything. I just hate the way that they handle the situation and the conversations that we have to be in about it. They will offer us money for the most ridiculous things, and then turn their faces away from our real financial struggles. I would never say anything, because I would never beg for money unless it were an emergency, but the way they go about things upsets me.

Here's a great example. I was out with my MIL the other day, and she asked me about the frozen embryo that we have that we so desperately want to bring into the world. We are still paying off our bill from our first miracle baby, though - thousands of dollars left to go. Trust: she wants more grandchildren, too, and does not disapprove of IVF. During the rest of our outing, she then told me about three expensive things she thinks I should do: get a newer car, go on a vacation with my husband, and finish my basement. Each time, I laughed and said, "Well, maybe one day, because as I said, we're in debt from IVF and bringing life into our family comes first." Each time, she just ignored the logic and said things such as, "Oh, but that basement space is just going to waste..." as if that fact alone could make money magically appear in my bank account.

Anyway, it got worse. Later that night, she and my FIL were pushing really hard for me and my husband to go to a religious conference far away that they love but that doesn't come close to reflecting our beliefs. Over and over again, we said, "Well, thousands of dollars is a lot to pay for a conference that isn't even our religion" and they said, "Oh, but it's such a great conference." Finally, my MIL said, "We'll pay for everything for you to go, but we want to pay for all of the airline tickets and hotel rooms ourselves to make sure that's what it's used for." I almost spat out my water. First of all, we have never done anything dishonest that would warrant them saying that they'd need proof we didn't use the money in ways it wasn't intended. Secondly, it just breaks my heart that they have thousands to throw away on a single weekend experience for us, but won't get us so much closer to a second grandchild that they beg for. I do not understand them. Maybe they think we're lying about our debt challenges? Maybe this was a test of some sort? I really dread spending time with them because of conversations like this.

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For better or worse!

Posted on Tue, Apr. 15, 2014 at 01:36 pm

I married my husband for better or worse, but I didn't know the worst part would be my in-laws. They are clannish, uneducated, money grubbing assholes. They love taking shots at my husband and I who they are jealous of. Maybe they should try getting a life. Oh yes, you need confidence and social skills to go out and meet people. Both of which they lack. They are totalling lacking in manners and social graces. They love fighting with people in stores to save a buck and barter with everyone to get free stuff or save money. It's embarrassing to go out to public restaurants with them the way they carry on. I say they should stay in their backwoods ways and leave us alone so we can stay happy. DH hates them as they cheated him out of money and family keepsakes and I hate them just as much. We've reached an impasse and we're not backing down. So leave us the f*** alone! We're not your bank or ATM machine@

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Dream on....

Posted on Tue, Apr. 15, 2014 at 01:34 pm

LOL, you ridiculous in-laws are out of your league! How is being with the love of my life, without interference from you cockroaches, being alone? You are the ones who are alone, because my husband is the pick of the litter and you will never see him again. Sorry I'm not sorry. Please pass the bonbons. LOL!

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mY kids are WINNERS!!

Posted on Tue, Apr. 15, 2014 at 12:54 pm

I have only one sibling, my brother, he has no kids and is a fab uncle. So all the nieces/nephews & great nieces/nephews are on DH's side . Here's the breakdown: Our 4, 3 are out of the house, successful, kind, great in school, oldest is happily married to a wonderful, fine girl. On in laws side? Not so much. Drop outs, divorce, scrapes with the law, out of wedlock babies, rotting teeth, obesity. They never have had their priorities in order. Hmmm let's see, will we go to an amusement park and /or stuff our faces with grease and sugar, or take the kids to the dentist? Amusement park it is! And in the meantime there's DH and I , plodding along doing everything right. Now, we're reaping the benefits . The in laws? Not so much. It's downright embarrassing how much better my kids are doing, but I'm not gonna stop bragging- I EARNED those bragging rights! Word to young wives on here: stick to your guns and know what you're doing is right. Gently remind your DH who he's married to and it's NOT his family of origin. Before you know it you'll be in my shoes- happy, almost done raising kids, and with a big shit eating grin on your face that says, "told ya so"! :)

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