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Posted on Wed, Jul. 29, 2015 at 10:29 am

My FIL's mission is to make my life a living hell. He talks about me in the third person and has a big issue about my skin color and weight. One day I'd buy him a mirror so that he could check out for himself how he looks like...and not the perfect self he perceives himself to be. Now I know why he is not blessed with grandkids...because he is racist and thinks that people who care around him would like to steal from him.....!

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Why I hate my Sister-in-law!

Posted on Wed, Jul. 29, 2015 at 08:09 am

She is evil;
She is toxic;
She is stupid;
She is insecure;
She is a trouble maker;
She is a rip off artist;
She is cheap;
She is nasty;
She is manipulative;
She is vindictive;
She is spiteful;
She is controlling;
She is not a nice person.

Hell should take her now!

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If only they were nice!

Posted on Wed, Jul. 29, 2015 at 04:22 am

If only my in-laws were nice people, it would have made the world of difference to me and my marriage. But no, they had to be adversarial with me, nasty and generally a pain in the ass. I would have had more children and a happier marriage had my in-laws supported our marriage the way in-laws should. It was so unbearable at times, I thought I was going to have to leave the marriage. Hence, why I have an only son. They were so horrible to DH as well. Early in the marriage I was begging my husband to move away from them as they were on our doorstep all the time, expecting meals. I was the family cook of course. I was to be a slave in the kitchen for the entire clan only to be used and abused by my in-laws. Never mind that I had a full-time job, a house to look after and a hyper-active kid. No, that's besides the point, my role in the family was to cater to them. The way they treat in-laws in that family is disgusting. Now DH and I have peace finally that his parents have passed. His father was extremely demanding, but his mother was better. If my son gets married, I will treat my DIL with respect and kindness. What kind of idiot would treat an in-law badly. What are these stupid in-laws trying to do, break up marriages. My idiot FIL caused his own daughter's marriage break up because of his toxic personality. Some people just have crap for brains I guess.

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Another Wedding Anniversary Come and Gone

Posted on Tue, Jul. 28, 2015 at 07:45 pm

Well another wedding anniversary of DH and I has come and gone. Celebrated 8 years today and as time passes by without you stinkers causing misery in our lives we find peace and enjoyment in anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions more and more... But even so, your stench still lingers. None of you have EVER taken any responsibility for how you treated DH, and me in particular. Always shifting the blame (even among yourselves) and/or adding insult to injury by contacting on the rare occasion and pretending like nothing ever happened and all should just be brushed under the rug (for your sake of course!) you are not only the most toxic people I know of but a disgrace in general. While my parents and and other close relatives acknowledged our day, of course you did not (particularly the retarded FIL... StepMIL is a loser and a lost cause. We expect nothing from her but destructive behaviour so DH even keeps her out of his life. We also don't expect congrats from BILs and their bully wives, because in fairness we owe them nothing after the way they treated me and us, and neither do I expect anything from them since they've never shown any remorse or genuine goodwill for us). But for a FATHER, and a FIL, you are pathetic!! You pretend as though you are the passive victim of evil StepMil, but you've always had the power to stand up to her when it came to your side of the family, including shielding DH and his family from her wrath, jealousy and visciosness. You just didn't want to stand up to her because now we (particularly I) know that you were always just using her nastiness as a scapegoat to cover for your own mean and empty heart. You're a FAKE. You never wanted DH to marry an outsider from your little cultural, cultish clan. You have had so many opportunities to step up to the plate as a father and FIL, but you have epic failed to simply even TRY and extend a hand of peace every single time-- this occasion was no exception. Admit it FIL, You wanted DH to be what you thought he should be and live your life although you treated him like a second rate citizen after you got with that creature only one year after DH's mom died! I could go on and on. Unfortunately thoughts of you and your 'dysfunctional second family still linger in my head, along with all those 'close' relatives of DH who 'forgot' to wish us a happy anniversary today. He deserves a far better family than that (a family like mine) and I sure as hell deserve 100% better inlaws! Can't believe none of you are in hell yet 🌋

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Fear and manipulation

Posted on Tue, Jul. 28, 2015 at 09:59 am

Oh how I wish to one day have my son fear me as much as your son does you, MIL.

Oh wait, no I don't because I'm not a tyrannical bitch like that.

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Tacky, MIL, just tacky

Posted on Tue, Jul. 28, 2015 at 03:07 am

On the day my BIL's 2nd child was born, MIL posted a sale onto her business FB site and announced that all winged things were 40% off in honor of the new baby. Maybe it's just me (and DH) but we think it's pretty tacky to use the birth on your new granddaughter as a market on ploy to sell more of your junk to people. Stay classy, MIL.

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Mil exposed!

Posted on Mon, Jul. 27, 2015 at 06:14 pm

-Fat, overweight with a HUGE belly fat , gained so much weight after only 2 kids! Im a size 3 she gets so jealous of me , its like bitch get the fuck over it , dress better or something if you cant loose the weight lol.

-BIG ASS WITCH NOSE LITERALLY! Goes with her witch personality yayyy!

- Shes soooo short so she looks like a huge fatass short big hippo! A big blob.

-not only does this woman look like a fat hippo but she cuts her hair super short like a boys! it makes her look even worse!

- woman narcissist for sure!


-You look old ass hell with those wrinkles for your age! I guess that's what happens when you spend your whole life sad,evil, and miserable!

-Learn how to draw on your eyebrows better! since your old ass face don't have hair besides your chin and moustache.

- your own husband hates being around you ! Everyone loves it when your gone its such a treat! Last year you went on vacation your dh was so exited to be home being at peace and enjoying his time alone ! SO SAD...

-your own dad moved farther away from you because you are such a resentful, miserable , and hatefull person ! Get a clue already hes just too nice to admit it and tell you :)

- You bring negativity, tension, hate, sadness whenever we are around you. Im going to make sure my baby never grows up or is in your environment. If you want to see him it will be on my terms and my time . dumb old bitch!

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Lost mental peace 2

Posted on Mon, Jul. 27, 2015 at 09:32 am

They are coming guys,to see my 3 month old son. And I am scared now ,what kind of issues she will create again and my husband obviously will support them like a puppet in their hands,I am worried a lot and I am feeling so stressed thinking of that b**** and her f*****(FIL).please give me suggestions to not to loose my patience and fight with her.sometimes I feel like kicking her when my husband is away...😤😤😤

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Posted on Mon, Jul. 27, 2015 at 08:43 am

My In-laws are the biggest bunch of pathetic, twisted, no good losers I have ever met. I've had nothing to do with these scumbags for the past 5 years.
They guilt tripped my husband into visiting them over the weekend just gone. I wasn't happy about it but the choice was his.
He came back and told me how it went. I was shaking with rage by the end of it. Basically, my in-laws invited all the new single female friends of the family (as well as some that have been single for a while) and had a house party introducing him to them all.
This has been a tactic of my in-laws since we got together.
They want me gone and my husband set up with any female friend of the family.
They wanted him to end up with one of them but choose me instead and I'm simply hated because of it.
My Husband has tried reasoning with his family but it goes in one ear and out the other.
Every so often they'll pull shit like this and this has been going on long enough!!! I'm on the verge of giving every last one of in-laws a big piece of my mind. It will be deeply unpleasant if I do, but they will deserve every last word that I say. Maybe then they will listen!!!

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Psycho NY inlaws. LI watch out!

Posted on Mon, Jul. 27, 2015 at 07:55 am

I met my now husband when were kids growing up on LI we both live separate lives and just really knew of eachother as kids kinda hung in same circles but never talked. Fast forward to our 30s and some how after we both been unhappy for along time found our way to the great face book website. I'd been married at time just had my third baby and found out my house was being foreclosed on. Without fight to my then husband for the last time I just let him know as hard as I know it's going to be for him I was done! I wasn't happy I wasn't the mother I wanted to be because of all the stress and I needed to go back to NY to get healthy and figure out how to raise these kids! Low and behold i was contacted by the guy earlier in story by way of face book, started off explaining what's been my life why I am at the point in my life I am, he explained his story and we began to exchange feelings. Since I was not separated from my husband at that time I had to explain and go through motions of beginning a new life I can not be stressed out in, where I could function. It wasn't easy but I wasn't living my life for some one else's happiness another minute! And with all respect I could have I moved on. There were lot of costs and adjusting by my current husband (bf) and parents helped me out. Right away his kids told their moms, who contacted his family, as did my ex husband. None of anyone's business mind you. I wasn't talking crap about anyone I wanted to be fair, I wanted everyone to be healthy as possible and more so I wanted to be free and create my life instead of being a boss lady, mom, dad, maid, like I did everything!!!! But no his mother began her shit! Never have met me for 1 minute I received a note in mail bashing her son that he's all screwed up and should not be helping my children and I. Go figure years ago she cheated on her husband with her dads bf at the oak beach inn got caught giving old man a BJ. And guess what she made mistake met a new guy who accepted her an her children! No different then I. Also my husband her son is not screwed up, how bout we look at ourselves as people an what our actions do to alter our children's lives! How bout making sure we are guiding our children correctly and learning from our own and others in order to making a better future! So fast forward 5.5 years my husband is amazing takes care of his 2 kids with crazy amount of child support, takes care of my three, goes to every child's events, spends time with me and still travels through 3 states everyday to provide us a life and take care of business, if he were my son is be so proud! No these losers brought him to court to sue us for money he's owed them since he's 18 and broke out his front teeth, and saving him from arrested cause original child support wasn't going directly to his ex because of something in system! They never wanted this money till I came! His step father is banking over 6 figure salary clearing 1/4 million early that does not even mention his mom works as a PT and in Union!!!!! Are you serious he's owed you 6,000 you paid more then that for your youngest sons wedding party dinner at Tavern on the Green!!! You know who you are so if this is ever read know this!!!!! You as nasty greedy people, it's 5.5 years and we haven't needed you once, don't come for us, live your life, remember if your sons such a loser why all these years later are you still in my BUSINESS!!!! No one wants you your a terrible mother... We will always be here for our kids is never sue them I don't care if they need 100,000... And by the way readers.. We insisted my husbands kids understand adults do dumb shit but that they still love and visit etc.. Do you his oldest son is beautiful a model we've paid over 5k in total so far to get him out there. At 15 and excited he visited his family in NY told them about his new goals and dreams, my husbands mother screaming at 15 said your father shouldn't be spending any money he owes me..... So she distroyed that moment for her grandson, called up my husbands younger brother who began to slam my step son to ground put his knee on his chest, and scream at him, well now with no help from me or my husband his son no longer will have anything to do with those morons!!!!! Inlaws aren't worth it, some are so immature they never grew up themselves. Good luck that's for wishing me that is lose my three kids, not only do we have my kids, his kids moved in they don't want to be with anyone else, we are doing amazing !!! Oh I forgot to mention only one that lost their kid is you A. mcK.... Dumb ass you lost out!!!!

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