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where to begin!

Posted on Fri, Jul. 22, 2016 at 08:39 am

Ugh white trashville. My MIL sits on my couch and rips marijuana bong hits all day while chain drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes ALL day. Meanwhile her daughter ( my SIL) is a escort, stripper crack head(seriously) who she completely enables. I told my mother in law in hopes to get through to her that she's helping kill her and now Im the bad guy because I won't allow either of them near me. It's annoying enough my husband is a pot head ( g i wonder why!,) but she visits with tons of weed. She is so jealous of my mom who's a classy lady married to a wealthy man. She drops comments about how " would my stedad marry her and screwed up stuff like that! Not to mention she was a serious alcholic and did read brain damage, repeats the SAME story over and over and is the DUMBEST person know to this world. Her husband faught in Vietnam and was shocked when I told her we didn't win that war... god help me she's freaking retarded! !

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She full of sh*t

Posted on Fri, Jul. 22, 2016 at 05:23 am

I hope I don't turn out like my mil. She's ungrateful, cranky, miserable bitch.
It's not my fault you're in pain. Not my fault your daughter's boyfriend doesn't want to marry her. Not my fault you talk so much shit about people and now theyre treating you like shit.
Stop blaming me for everything that you do when it goes wrong! Stop making up shit about people that aren't true and telling others they're lying. I sometimes don't understand why im still with your son. If it wasn't for your grandkids, I wouldn't even let you come over.

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My MIL.....Grrrrrrr

Posted on Thu, Jul. 21, 2016 at 06:28 pm

10 reasons why she's so awful.

10. She allergic to soap and water
9. She cleans her house around as much as she cleans herself.
8. She's a hoarder
7. She sells crafts that she makes...I want to warn folks don't buy them her house is cock roach infested.
6. She's so fat, and wears clothes as if she were a size 0.
5. She wears all her jewelry at once.
4. She always asking for money from everyone.
3. She colored her hair pink, and then orange.
2. She dresses like Hanna Montana.
1. She's a street walker.

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Like we care?

Posted on Thu, Jul. 21, 2016 at 12:59 pm

It's SIL's brats birthday. It's a DAMNED lose lose situation for us.

We gave them toys they like, they fought over it, screamed like demons, bashed the toys around, ended up being a freaking hell, then SIL ended up bitching at DH for giving her brats toys they like. Wtf.

We gave them educational toys they don't like, SIL bitched at us saying that we 'technically' didn't give her kids anything, then provoked her parents into bullying DH for 3 months continuously, ended up being a freaking hell for DH. It's not our fault her brats are mentally insufficient for educational toys. It even said 2 years less than their age on the package.

We gave them money, the selfish bitch SIL ended up spending it on herself.

If we don't give them anything, we'll get hell from them for sure, but at least we don't lose any of our hard earned money over it.

F them all.

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Lap that sh*t up!

Posted on Thu, Jul. 21, 2016 at 09:35 am

My mil has poor eating habits. She eats tons of sugar and puts sugar in her already sickening sweet tea. She was raised in a region of the country where that state is always last in health and have top scores for obesity, uneducated people, unwed pregnancy and early death just to name a few. (I have just described dh's family) She puts sugar on her desserts. I have never seen anyone do that before.

The other day she came in with her lunch. It was a huge coke and cookies. I am so detached from her and all the chaos of the whole toxic family (much smaller now because most of them have died of various diseases) All I could think as I watched her suck down the coke and cookies was, Lap that Sh*t up! I used to be so horrified by the things they ate. Now I watch her eat tons of junk and smile. I want to cheer her on.

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So my husband is a jerk

Posted on Thu, Jul. 21, 2016 at 04:22 am

So my husband is a jerk and I blame his parents . My son took his fathers car without permission and my husbands father told on my son .so I was saying that he is a big mouth . My husband gets pissed off and and makes up a rumor about my son to see if I can keep my mouth shut does anyone else think my husband is the worlds biggest ass besides me . This is my life with my husband his main goal is to treat his wife like a piece of crap . He didn't learn manners and class from them either . He yells and screams at everyone he is a big mess Noone gave him any direction . So I always say that I can not stand that they didn't teach him anything am I wrong ? Aren't your parents your biggest teachers with everything. I am so sick with having to put up with such bullshit from this family .he very mean and angry talks down to people just like his mother .and that is what she taught him and this is why I get so angry at his mother . And his sister is the nastiest craziest person ever she gets pissed off at me and tries to kill my dog . Omg ! She is nuts ! This is the shit that I have to deal with from my husbands family.

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You are dead to us.

Posted on Wed, Jul. 20, 2016 at 08:21 pm

Hey SIL,

You are a horrible bullying sister, a horrible mooching daughter, a horrible neglectful mother, a bitter lying ex wife, a piece of shit sister in law, every time i see your face and hear your snarks i resist spitting on your repelling being. You can't even spend a day without being a total C-word.

Do you really think my husband (your brother) wouldn't tell me about all the toxic mouth diarrheas you have spewed about me?

I am glad you are marrying a mooching bum, that's who you deserve. Mooch away until your parents are broke, then don't f'cking call us.

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Dear BIL: You are a lazy golddigger!

Posted on Wed, Jul. 20, 2016 at 08:05 pm

So here's a little backstory with my BIL:
He dated a stripper for eight years, she was a stripper when they met, she continued to strip after they got together. She put him through college, paid for their luxurious house, bought him every gaming console, huge tvs for every room, expensive furniture, while he worked part time at a factory. (12-24 hours a week), he proposed.
After their fifth year of engagement she realized it wasn't going anywhere and left him.
Not even five months later he hooked up with this new chick, who isin't a stripper, but her family has money like crazy. He has since sold the house that his ex was paying for, and allowed her family to buy them a house by the coast. Now shes pregnant and his solution to childcare woes: he's going to quit his job and stay home. Now, I support stay at home dads, but he's only doing this because he's lazy, he never wanted to work, and thats why he always dated girls with money. Oh, and he's "engaged" to this one too, I wonder how long she'll let him leach off of her before she takes off too. He is looking for a free ride and nothing else. Have you no sense of self-worth? Have you no drive to achieve anything on your own? How could a person possibly be happy having everything handed to them? I don't understand it at all. He'd rather be with someone for the wrong reasons just to keep up this lifestyle of his.

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Walking Jokes

Posted on Wed, Jul. 20, 2016 at 08:21 am

Mil & BIL, you all drew the battle lines. You decided the prize was my DH. He couldn't be shared, he had to be won completely.

You brought out all the ammo & back up that you could & clearly thought you couldn't lose. But you did. And he picked me & left you both.

Now we just have a few laughs at the train wrecks your lives have become. Both now divorced, job losses, still going with your dramas.

Mil you are just sad. You really believed you'd get him away from me but even if you do, he'll never love you like you want. We don't want to forget about it or try to make it work. We enjoy our lives without you.

Sorry you can't say the same but you should have thought before you acted!

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Full of thanks, only to her son.

Posted on Wed, Jul. 20, 2016 at 04:51 am

Every time i picked and bought gifts for my in laws, MIL went on thanking my husband for it, and ONLY him. I received absolutely no appreciation nor gratitude from her.

Meanwhile my husband absolutely does not give a shit about his mom, he never remember to buy his parents anything, i am the one having to remind him every time!

Funny, isn't it? From now on i will only be thanking FIL whenever there is an ultimate rare gift coming from MIL.

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