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You Poisonous Snake

Posted on Sun, Jul. 27, 2014 at 12:52 pm

Oh, MIL, how I look forward to the day you stop sucking the life from everyone around you. I could hate you just for the way you mentally and emotionally destroy your own husband, or how you tell your son bold-faced lies about his own father, but instead it just fuels my raging fire of hatred for you. All of the guilt trips about how we didn't take our infant son to whatever random 'family' event (that would have been a nightmare to keep him from dying of heat exhaustion, etc) you decided to do a day in advance only helped build our contempt, but when we finally took him to the family campout and you wouldn't even say HI to him because you needed a drink/smoke/gamble/etc you won me the war. You were never a maternal figure for your son, and you just showed him that you don't care to be a grandma in exactly the same way. Oh, and thanks for breaking our son's playpen, which costs considerably more than "maybe $20" to replace. You have never realized that your son adopted many of his friend's moms as his positive maternal figures, but I desperately hope that one day you get to see your grandson see one and call them 'grandma', because that is what they are to your son and now your grandson. They are the women who gladly took your son in and raised him to be an amazing man despite you. My own mother loves that her grandson has a whole tribe of grandmothers to take your place, because she believes that being called 'grandma' should be a privilege and not a right. She doesn't fear competition, but you do. I look forward to your next face plant, and to when your husband has finally moved out and you have to shoulder all of your own responsibility.

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i hate my husband

Posted on Sun, Jul. 27, 2014 at 12:36 pm

He treats me and the kids like trash, dont give me money and is very abusive. His mother and father and sisters and brothers all thinks they are gods and they are better than everyone else. We have two kids together and his family couldnt cares less they dont want him to treat us well. Am not working and am out daily looking for a job and this man does not provide for us he treays us like trash,i cant stand him as for his family go fuck yourselves

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I Hate, Hate, Hate these People!!!!

Posted on Sun, Jul. 27, 2014 at 06:59 am

My royal snot sibling Inlaws were given several mansions, vacations, fancy dinners, household goods, jewelry, numerous businesses, bailed out of gambling debts and huge cc debt, etc., etc., etc. by the PILs. I put DH through college while the golden royals were helped out by parents. Even so, DH and I have always been very generous in helping them out when needed.We didn't want to be sucked into their drama and tried to be mature about everything.

My MIL actually threw cheap five dollar pillows at me one time because she was afraid I would spend too much on pillows when she heard me admire them in a catalogue. She said "There, now you can't buy those expensive pillows." (I really wasn't planning to buy them, just browsing.) SIL was always giving me budget shopping lessons because "I spend too much." (I shopped at Goodwill and K-Mart and I’m very budget conscious.) I shrugged all this off.

I really don't want their money, I don't need it and never asked for a single dime from them or my own parents. But guess who the despised "gold digger" is? Me, why of course!! These people have slammed me all over town, even to the minister. I was busy with my life and largely ignored them thinking I could “rise above it all”, but meanwhile they just get nastier. It seems I allowed all this to happen by not punching them in the face or divorcing DH (which I believe was their secret wish all along).

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean that, I meant I hate, hate, hate these GD f@#king SOBS!!!

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inlaw and family drama

Posted on Sat, Jul. 26, 2014 at 11:41 pm

I don't hate my in laws in fact I don't hate anyone!I just want them to get their shit together and QUIT FOR THE LOVE OF BEER stop dragging me into your drama!!!I love my life, my husband and I are happy people that are quite frankly... tired of the negative crazy shit you all cause.. please get therapy then see us when y'all are better and can act like normal people.. This goes for my own family and extended family too!

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annoying on a good day offensive on a bad day

Posted on Sat, Jul. 26, 2014 at 11:32 pm

Ok where do i begin? My in laws words can't describe how ridiculous these people actually are so lets just start from the beginning here.

Fil- Annoying,inappropriate,uneducated,(Seriously only like a 8th grade education)socially embarrassing Rocks a captain kangaroo hair cut a handle bar mustache and a denim vest at all functions and of course knows every thing about every thing.

Most recently he wanted me to quit my job to open a welding shop in his half falling down wooden garage. Mind you this guy had never welded or done construction a day in his life having made a career in the super market he works at. When i nicely explained that his garage will burn down rather fast if you weld in a wooden building. Well he threw a fit and started berating people who work in the trade saying were all tricksters and con artist that scam hard working people like him self. He knows so little about construction it's comical. He is the guy on the job site who acts like he owns the place and cause thousands of dollars worth of mistakes an his fellow workers sit back an let him get put threw the ringer. I'm not putting down construction workers but they can be merciless in that way I've seen it.
Odd thing is that Fil thinks were like best friends when in truth i despise him an me and my friends and family make him the constant subject for jokes. How do you tell some one after 3 years that thinks he is funny and wise but is in fact ignorant and unhelpful?

My first and last ROad trip with my wife and FIL we ended up breaking down in the middle of no where close to this town like straight out of the movie Texas chainsaw massacre or Wolf creek. Here we are over heated im trying to figure out how to get us back on the road and all he has to say is his friend the mechanic fixes cars all the time. Totally useless, i finally dumped a bottle of water in the coolant tank an we got to where we were going but seriously how can people like this exist lol.

Mil to sum her all up she is a bi polar one upper who thinks cause she is a nurse that the world should bow down to here and it don't matter how bad your day is her's is worse.
She is so crazy he head bobbles like a bobble head toy or what ever it's called

Cause of them i am actually considering leaving my wife. Except she has treated me pretty well threw this whole ordeal. Mostly i now avoid them but that ain't a good trait for a marriage. so It's like how do you tell some one after so long that you hate their whole family and there will never be any type of a relationship with them for the simple reason that when i was going threw a very rough time in life finding a job they would basicly put me on trail an on the spot in front of the whole extended family and make me feel like a loser and i'm not i come from a very good hard working family. and now i got a very good job at least by this regions standards an their attitudes changed back to the way it was when we met. So I have room for fair weather people in my life.

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the s words

Posted on Sat, Jul. 26, 2014 at 10:48 pm

Airhead-in-law, your psychobabble is to no avail. Does it not feel pleasant to be hated? Then try not being hateful. You got Mommy and Granny to do your bidding as they have been doing all your life, so you and your fat arms could be on full display as you wreaked your havoc on my family. Could you not butt the heck out? Could you not MYOB? Of course, you could have, but why, when Mommy and Granny and their ragtag band of motley accomplices are at your beck and call? You cannot have your cake and eat it, too (although you obviously eat plenty of them.) You cannot steal others' rights and expect them not to hate you. It doesn't work that way. It is plainly evident to anyone with a brain that you are not worth the trouble you have caused. You are shallow, spoiled, selfish and stupid. It's amazing how many negative words start with "s."

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Posted on Sat, Jul. 26, 2014 at 05:54 pm

Horrible Mother in Laws - I have one of the worst! She never accepted me because I was not Italian - Yes an Italian MIL. She wore BLACK to my wedding - while it may be acceptable nowadays - it was totally taboo in 1980's. In addition, I am educated and work - how dare a woman be educated (I have my bachelors and my masters) and I make more money than my DH. MIL won't even acknowledge that! DH and I have now been married over 25 years with several kids. All of our major arguments are about his mom and sister. It came to a head several ago and I just stopped going to DH's side of the family. Then they (MIL and SIL) decided that unless I apologized to them that I was uninvited to all family events including holidays. I say "Thanks" you did me a favor. The hard part is that they are taking it out on the kids. The MIL and SIL did not show up for our daughter's engagement party, wedding shower, or any of the kid's graduation parties because I was there - Hello - I am the mom, of course I am going to be there!!! The party is for the kids - not for me! DH told them that if MIL and SIL did not show up to the wedding that DH would disown them. I wished that they had not shown up but it would have been hurtful to my daughter - MIL & SIL did show up. But now my kids see their true colors. DH finally figured it out on his birthday a couple of years ago when the inlaws wanted to take him out for his birthday but made it clear I was not to be there. He finally stood up for our relationship and told them that if "my wife is not invited then I am not comfortable with going - thanks for the invite but no thanks." That's when it finally started to turn around for our marriage. He sees them but so much less than before. Just waiting for the evil MIL to die but she is pretty young as she got knocked up at 17, dropped out of high school and has never worked a day in her life (correction - one day at a department store). One can have hope!!! All I can say is that it is really up to the Husband to deal with his mother on behalf of his wife - check out Dr. Phil's advice on this subject - he is right on. Thanks for listening!

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To my evil DIL

Posted on Sat, Jul. 26, 2014 at 01:45 pm

How dare you make MY son get up at night to HELP take care of his own child? What is wrong with you??? YOU are supposed to do EVERYTHING! You are a monsterous person DIL!!! Well, he won't have to take care of his child if I have anything to do with it!!!

Oh by the way, I'm moving into your house temporarily. I will have zero respect for your personal space, private possessions, house or you in general. Guess what? When you get sick of being disrespected in your own home and ask me to leave, I will cry. I will say you are abusive. I will tell any one and every one that you abused me. For added flavor I will also say you abuse my son. I will make up a entire phony back story for you to explain your "abuse" and tell everyone that too.
I will tell the rest of the family that you hate them too. Just to stir the pot more because you will not let me disrespect you.

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Posted on Sat, Jul. 26, 2014 at 05:39 am

You will go no more a loving
By night and by day,
Tho' she's just across the street
And the parents are away.

For the wife gets just too mad,
And the MIL, EGAD!!!
You're tearing out your hair,
And there's talking everywhere!!

Though you so do love to wander
By day and 'neath the moon,
Still you'll go no more a loving
'Cause you look just like a buffoon!!

Based on a poem by Lord Byron

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What the?

Posted on Fri, Jul. 25, 2014 at 09:56 pm

LOL, niece-in-law, you need to lay off the Jack Daniels! You were never the brightest bulb, but your babbling indicates you inherited the alky gene.

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