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Ex sil run for your life

Posted on Tue, Oct. 28, 2014 at 08:23 pm

Dear ex sil I heard all about how your shitty husband hung in the pool with strangers til wee hours of the morning but wouldn't give you the time of day after your retirement celebration. I think your sweet smart and adorable. Don't let him start molding you to receive the retaliation that his bitch mother really deserves.

He and his brothers are all women haters - never at first of course.

Do yourself a favor stop confiding in mil, she tells everyone your business but of course with her famous slant that makes you look like the bad guy.

She was pissed about the religion change as we'll.

We've all been there don't let it happen to you.

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Thank you cards

Posted on Tue, Oct. 28, 2014 at 02:59 pm

Thank you ex for taking me to court to stop paying child support even though you receive 3 times what your child support order is for from ssi.

Thank you ex-mil for paying for his lawyer (your sister told me), then calling me to ask if I'll still be going to thanksgiving dinner at your house.

That is all!

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Gift hogs

Posted on Tue, Oct. 28, 2014 at 11:47 am

I can't get over how much of gift hogs my in laws family are. From my in laws to their cousins, they only hit us up if they want gifts. They don't even reciprocate and these are the people who act like they are rich, snobbish to boots, and treat others like peasants. We don't gift because we want something back, but i am continuously being astounded at how much of cheapskates they are.

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Really don't want to go this year.....

Posted on Tue, Oct. 28, 2014 at 08:15 am

In laws I really don't want to come to your Thanksgiving dinner this year, but dh insists. Sigh.... maybe I'll just have to call the marriage thing off....that way, I don't become one of you....lol

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F#%$ U ....MIL & SIL's

Posted on Tue, Oct. 28, 2014 at 06:32 am

Btw.Should ..SCREEN SHOT SAVE THIS!!! Yesss! THIS IS A GIFT TOO: ME, Myself, & I ....Finally! Phewww! No More Bullshit! MIL ! No More Of Your FAKE PHONY,FUCKY EVERYTHINGS! That's It! Sorry For The' F' ...Bombs! Thats right INSANE ONE ! I CAN'T Stand Even The Sound of Your Voice! Your Ugly As Satan Himself! Oh...Btw... He Even Sent You 'Evil One' Back!!! Oh Yeah & To Be Around You? Omg! ThanQ...God For This ! WE TOOK OUR LIVES BACK! Finally! This Happy Family of The 4 of Us Are Just That! Still 2gether ! We've Blowing That Bitch Off Long Ago! Mastermind MIL Can't Even CALL & SEND Except for Hubby's Birthday ( She Did Not Send ) Or Have Anything Too 'Our Kids' This year on THERE BIRTHDAYS Or The (most Recent ) Lastest Holiday's?Tour Royal Call?! ThankGod We Didn't Get Not One Happy Thanksgiving Phone Call?! Pheww! While She's Filling Her Skinny, Bloated Nasty Face! Again , Listen Up ... Glad Don't Call ! It's Best This Way! Your Still Full Of Poison Dead Air! True!! Can U Imagine How OUR KIDS May Be FEELING ?Get Your Kicks On This!?Disgusting! You Still Are A Very Cold Winkled Up Miserable Bitch! Your Pathetic! You Hurt Your Son( not me) You hurt Our Very Innocent Kids ...Old One! Your A Dumb Ass & Your Still Old Nastily Selfish As Usual!F You & Those Unbearable F'd Up Hicks! Did You's" Notice" THE' NO PHONE CALLS' HahHah! We took back OUR LIVES! Who's In Your control Now? Fuck You! I Will NO MORE' EVER' TAKE YOUR 'DISRESPECTFUL' ATTITUDE ! Nor Will I Take Your Excuses ! Stop Those Lame Lies! STOP All Your Sickening Nonsense Nasty Sneaky Ways! So Busted Bitch! All along You ...MIL,SIL's & IL's With There Endless Amount of Lies, Lies, & Lies ! Boy ...I've Come To Realize You Were Always Extremely Jealous!Your So Insecure Because I Have Your Son?! Unreal! Just Think Old Brain Dead Bitch!!! WE ARE 20+ plus YEARS HAPPILY STILL MARRIED!( you Were) Bitch The Cause Of The issues... Gone Now!HahHah ! How about you? LoL! Now Crawl Back To Your Fancy Oh Wait A minute... Slither On Back & Crawl Into Your Rotten Dirty infested Crusty Cage! Oh ,Just Remembered ... You Have Been & Are Dead To Me Years Ago ! I 'Thank God' I haven't Had To See Youu! Years Now! Wake Up {Old Hag} This Shouldn't Have Been A Surprise To You ! SIL & The Rest of Those Bottle Sucking Bitches ...Wondering Why? You Know What You Have Been Doing & Have Done?! Outlaw'd Fuck Ups Do Me A Favor... Tell That Miserable MIL She's Like You's ... The Same Barracuda Troll Faced Sickening Pathetic Two Faced Loser Hicks ! Your Still Always Going To Remain All Useless Ass Sniffers For MIL & Again That Old Rank Fucked Up Brain Dead Bitch! Oh Btw, It's Not /Nor Should Not Have Been about Me Ever! Liar! I'm Better Then You At Everything! ( Almost) See...Your A Complete Wasted Amount of Breath ..,Bitch! MIL, You Have Always Blatantly Ignored Me & Your Beautiful Grandchildren Like The Plague! Silent?! Loving Life Lately!!! Ps. It's Been Great! Because I Found Myself & The Truth! DH Also Sees You For Just That! Your So Desperate & Heartless With Your Son! ( my long suffering ) Hubby . You Are A BUNCH OF Puss SHIT BITCHES! F$&@ Off LONELY Bitches! Yup! F$&@ Off! MIL, I'm Done With Your Old Winkled Up Sagging Non Existent Pug Face! I'm Now Bored Of This!!!( trust me ) I'm not Lonely, Ugly & Old As That Nasty Washed Up Ol' Lizard Face! I'm So Damn Tired Of That BITCH! So Sick & Fucking Tired Of YOU'S!!! So I'm Purging The Fuck Outta You's! My Rant & This Rage Has Faded... Ahhh!' NO MORE' Time & 'NO MORE' ENERGY WASTED On MIL Hate Crimes! The Best Thing is...My Life & My DH's & Our Kids Has Begun Fresh Again!! You Are A Thing of THE PAST OL' BITCHY Gross MIL ... WE TOOK BACK OUR LIVES & I'm getting the Last Laugh On You!(Ps) ENJOYING THAT STINKY PLACE YOU CALL >HOME HELL HOME

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i *almost* felt sorry for you

Posted on Mon, Oct. 27, 2014 at 05:00 pm

So my mil is really struggling with her knee and you can tell she can barely walk. She'll be getting a surgery soon. I was thinking that i could go and clean her house and help her out with chores and even do some cooking... UNTIL she hinted she wanted to bring a niece of her to take care of her while her knee healed. She doesn't even have money to pay her bills, she obviously expects my husband to pay for her niece to take care or her... What??!!!! He was going to be paying all her bills while she recovered and still expects him to pay for someone to take care of her!! That is such a huge financial burden for us especially since we're especting a second child. Forget about it mil!! Forget about us paying for your niece, or your bills or me coming over to help!!! Youre not taking advantage of us anymore you're delusional to expect all of that from us...

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i win!!!!

Posted on Mon, Oct. 27, 2014 at 04:47 pm

I had been nervous for a couple of weeks thinking about the fact my mil would be living with us pretty soon. Once, talking with her i commented her son and i had agreed that when she did live with us while her house was finished, all we would ask from them would be to help out with groceries. She was offended. She actually thought she would be living off her son indefinitely!! Soon later i found out she had decided to go live with her brother instead. Yay!!! Couldnt be happier...

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5 things I wish I could do:

Posted on Mon, Oct. 27, 2014 at 03:17 pm

1. Smack my in-laws in the face every time they humiliate me.
2. Break my DH nose for being born in that crazy family.
3. Call my in laws out every time I catch them lying.
4. Kick my self in the B#tt for believing that Love could conquer the hatred they have for me.
5. Drag my ESIL royal a55 on the gravel when she tries to ask us for money just because her marriage is broken and doesn't want to find a job.

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Letting It All Out

Posted on Mon, Oct. 27, 2014 at 02:12 pm


I needed your approval. I needed your acceptance. It hurts to know that you never approved of me. It hurt when you tried to replace me. It hurts that you never made an effort to get to know me. You started helping out a couple who was down on their luck, and you paid more attention to them than you did to me. I watched you show more of an interest in her life than you ever did in mine, and it hurt. I felt so ignored and rejected by you. She was clearly the woman you wished your grandson had married. You dismiss my interests because they aren't your interests. You look down your nose any time I do something different. You insult my cooking just because it's different than the bland food you prefer. I never had a grandfather, so I desired your approval more than was probably necessary. I try to talk to you, and you blow me off. I feel sorry for you. You treat DH the same way. DH never shared your interests, either, so you pretty much ignored him his entire life. He is your only grandson! You could at least make an effort to understand him! But no. Anyone who is different from you isn't worth your time. I can only imagine all of the fulfilling relationships you missed out on because you were too closed minded and dismissive of someone just for being different. I resent you for the way you treat DH and for the way you treat me. The knowledge that you'll probably show a disinterest in my future children also breaks my heart (assuming you'll live long enough to see them). I don't understand how you can call yourself a Christian and be so cold and distant to your own family. I wish you weren't so dismissive of me. I wish you would actually make an effort to get to know me. I wish you weren't so quick to judge me. I wish you weren't so afraid of me just because I'm different. I wish you accepted me as part of your family. I wish you could know how much you hurt me. But if I told you, I know that you would insist that you have done nothing wrong. That's the problem with you, grandfather-in-law. You can't admit when you've done something wrong. You are perfect. You are without sin. You judge anyone who isn't perfect. You accused DH and I of not being Christian enough just because our wedding invitations didn't have a Bible verse on them. I could not believe that. I sat next to you in church every Sunday, diligently taking notes, and you doubt my salvation just because I don't tattoo I'M A CHRISTIAN in large letters on my forehead? I find it amusing that you don't make an effort to be apart of mine or DH's life, but you still think that because you are the family patriarch you have a right to tell us how we should live our lives and expect us to obey you. The only time you ever show an interest in our lives is when we do something you don't approve of. Well, grandfather-in-law, I've got news for you: we are going to make decisions based on what will make US happy. The way we choose to live our lives has no affect on you whatsoever. I am not going to let you pressure me into doing something I don't want to do. If you won't make the effort to get to know us, then you don't get to tell us how to live our lives. You can mind your own business!


Your granddaughter-in-law

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I Just Don't Care Anymore

Posted on Mon, Oct. 27, 2014 at 12:36 pm

My FIL has pretty much ignored me since I first met him. He has never made an effort to get to know me. At first it didn't bother me. I figured he was just quiet or shy. But then he tried to set DH up with another woman WHILE WE WERE STILL DATING. After we got engaged, I started going to church with DH's family in an effort to get to know them better. He barely said two words to me during the entire engagement. But he talked to everyone else at the table. And at the wedding, he was so friendly to my bridesmaids. It was like he was a completely different person.

What hurts even more is that every time I point out the way he treats me, DH has some sort of excuse for it. I wish he would believe me.

Whatever. I don't need FIL's approval to be happy, and I don't need his acceptance to be happy. DH and I have started going to church elsewhere, and while DH likes to see him once a week, I go over to his house once a month. I'm not going to waste my energy.

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