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People don't change - Run for your lives

Posted on Tue, Sep. 16, 2014 at 04:23 am

Long story short, my ex left my son and I for a 19 year old girl and heroin.

He left us homeless, and we even lost our beloved cat that my son had since he was 5.

Fast forward 3 years, I have a job I love, my son loves his new school, and is finally starting to feel like he has roots, he suffers from ptsd.

My ex got SSI for Scizophrenia (not hard to do when your nurse mom takes your psych out for dinner once a week).

SSI deems him not responsible to pay child support because he's crazy (guess they don't know about his H addiction).

He calls me and tells me he is buying a car for 6,500.00 - and bragged to me that he doesn't have to pay child support and now he wants to come pick up my son.

The fact that the grandparents think this is ok tells me they still have their heads buried in the sand, and if any of these posers think I will allow someone with the motor skills of at best 20%, (he falls sometimes 20 times a day), to drive around with my son whle on 20+ medications - including suboxone they have made the wrong choice.

People of Massachusetts if you see a Boogeyman who has long hair in a ponytail, missing front teeth, and pock marked face driving a white lexus, get off the next exit of that highway.
As for me, I'm gonna run for my son's life!

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Run down

Posted on Tue, Sep. 16, 2014 at 12:10 am

Mother inlaw- nasty liar that sleeps around but feels the need to point out others flaws, stupid

Father inlaw- pretty ok. Money hungry, verbally abusive an a little cocky

Oldest sister inlaw- complete b**ch. cheater, liar, sleeps around, incest, nosey, starts family drama, has the nerve to get upset when things happen to her but poke fun when it happens to others. Feels she's always right, uneducated, rude, evil, smelly, uses the welfare an child support systems just for cash to spend on herself and strangers, abusive. Two faced.

Second sister inlaw (by marriage)- smells so nasty the dogs won't go near her, compulsive liar, two faced, back stabber, abusive, uneducated, dumb as a bag of bricks, incest, cheater.

Oldest brother inlaw- physically abusive, verbally abusive,sex addict, perverted, jerk, uneducated, lazy, nasty, two faced, overly dramatic.

Second brother inlaw - arrogant, jerk, dumb as a rock, sex addict, chronic cheater, compulsive liar, abusive, lazy

3rd brother inlaw- cool guy, bad temper, funny yet rude sometimes


Yeh I know I should of spotted that before marriage... Love makes us blind. Getting outta it tho.

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Posted on Mon, Sep. 15, 2014 at 11:44 pm

You can give a man your heart and soul, give up everything for him, endure abuse and neglect just to still go out looking like a s*ut. Yep that's right, moving on because of the jerk that ran off to another state autonaticly makes me look like scum.. Not my fault he ran off to mommy an daddy. He never could fix our issues.. Never tried, just wanted me to now down like a slave. HECK NO!

I find it irritating that my soon to be ex inlaws are pretending to care about my soon to be ex husband when they did nothing but tear us apart. 5 years wasted! They are Infact the main reason we are divorcing. They where to nosey, spiteful, rude and just plain abusive! And good old hubby dear didn't bother stopping it. He ignored it all. Me being talked about, our child being neglected and treated as if he was a dog by them, me being hurt by his family repeatedly. Each time his so called family wanted to take our money I had to find us a new way of living... Isn't that the mans job?!?!
Yet I sucked it up an did my part an his, tried to keep him sane while causing my own insanity! Now I'm a mental mess... Yet my illness never ment anything. As my mind slipped away they all smiled and enjoyed my pain. Yet I stuck by his side like a good little slave....I mean wife. But now that Iv moved on I'm the bad guy? How many chances can you give someone before you say screw it?

I never felt loved or protected. Iv been the man in this whole thing. Well they win, they all get what they wanted . I'm done trying with him. No matter how hard he cries, lies an tries, I refuse to believe him. It's over. I'm going to move on an support my child even if that means being alone.

And his nosey friends to which dropped him after our marriage decided to magically show up an verbally "support" him by attacking me with words... HA! Bunch of fakes. Just looking to start drama. Screw em all!

BUT WAIT THERES MORE! Mr. I love my child, mr. I wanna fix it, mr. I love you but gonna treat you like crap, decides to allow his family to convince him to "vacation" away from his child an I.... Yeh buddy your family an friends have blown any chance of us fixing this, you can stay there if you want. I'll get the bills handled. I'm moving on. Finding a true love that will appreciate me and all I'll put in. Nothing I did was ever good enough! The dress up, the love, the time, the obidence, NOTHING!!! Well I'm free now. Stay there with your so called family. An tell your fugly sister to put a plastic bag over her head and tie it... She's one to judge, miss I have a bunch of kids but instead of taking care of them I'll pay attention to multiple men an leave the kids on good ol sister in law... Well not anymore!! I don't have to take anybody else's bull! IM FREE!!!!

Paint me red if you must. Call me what ever you want. Iv learned Marriage is a system set up for a woman's failar. Never again will I sign a paper at the cost of my freedom, sanity and happiness! Done!

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Why I can never trust you with our baby

Posted on Mon, Sep. 15, 2014 at 11:40 pm

When DH and I announced our pregnancy MIL was visibly upset. I get it. MIL was hoping our relationship wouldn't last because until I came along DH supported her financially. She was supposed to be watching my DH's disabled daughter that he adopted with his ex but all she did was pop her in front of the TV and give her a bottle (the girl was 6 at the time). Since our baby was born MIL and SIL have spread rumors about me, told lies to everyone about me and have tried to break up our family. DH wants to have a close relationship with his parents, which I support but that doesn't need to include me or my kids. The one thought that I can't shake is when his adopted daughter got really sick and MIL who claims to know everything diagnosed the little girl as having chicken pox and insisted on DH bringing her around me when I was pregnant. DH had no idea of the dangers of chicken pox to a fetus but his mother did and so did his sister (she is a medical assistant that goes around claiming to be a nurse). I will never forgive them for this. I feel like their goal was to kill my baby or make her as disabled as the only child they seem to care about (they barely acknowledge his other biological child).

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Stage 5 Clinger - The Sister in Law

Posted on Mon, Sep. 15, 2014 at 07:03 pm

Where do I begin ?! My husbands relationship that he has with his sister is so frustrating. It has been bothering me for literally years now. She is constantly pretending that she is his mother because she has no job, no life, and nothing better to do. The thing is I don't mind her, we get along actually really well. BUT I cannot stand the relationship between the two of them. She actually writes him lists for food shopping, and gives him instructions about what he should do when calling his job, and etc. I cannot stand it. The thing is my husband eggs on her annoying behavior by calling and asking her opinion. So freaking aggravating !!!!! I cannot understand why he would even take her opinions on things into consideration she's retarded. I just wish she would get a life so she could get out of mine !

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That word doesn't mean what you think it does

Posted on Mon, Sep. 15, 2014 at 05:37 pm

My MIL likes to go on and on about how "supportive" she is of DH and I. And of course, how evil I am for not wanting her "support".

Her "support" consist of planting her ass on our couch, asking us if she can barrow everything, making a huge mess throughout the house, watching pornographic shows on our living room television in front of our infant and claiming to "baby sit" when all she does is shove a passifier in the baby's mouth the entire time.
Also while making nasty remarks about me.

So, yes MIL. If that is your definition of support, I do not want it.

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control freak

Posted on Mon, Sep. 15, 2014 at 05:04 pm

Where to begin.... my .mil decided to begin coming into my liFe when i started planning my wedding so I let her help big mistake she too it over I was pregnant with a planned baby by her son and she was so excited about a grandchild but too my wedding over she tried to shove me in a dress way to small.for me and got mad when me and my husband bought my dress because the one that was gave to her didn't fit me a week before my wedding. After the wedding I had a baby shower she didn't let my mom and friend do anything she hurried and got everything for it and didn't include them other than favors for the guests. My mom was going to get my cake and I had told her what I wanted and told mil about this so she had her friend order me one and called me and said my friend ordered your cake I was like ok but no whipped icing and no pink I want I want purple and butter cream and she assured me it would be I got to the guests shower my icing was whipped and pink i didn't eat cake that day. My mom wanted a grandson and I wanted a boy and mil wanted a girl when we found out it was a girl she rubbed it in by jumping up and down with squeals saying I get my granddaughter in front of me then later looked at my mom and said I won! When my daughter was 6 weeks old she told me she would be closer to her than my mom because she lives closer to her and my mom was in a diff town. I was watched like a hawk when my daughter was little like she was just waiting for me to mess up and of ccoarse given all kinds of unwanted advice. On my daughters first birthday she took the whole day over. There hasn't been a first anything she hasn't took over. She goes with us trick or treating every year. I try to be nice and let her be involved but I am fed up. One of her son's has hardly anything to do with her kinda wonder why ;-) and my husband thinks she is a nut and that is a nice word he used another he tells me not to pay her no mind but I get my feelings hurt a lot. Guess it's time ti fight fire with fire my attitude in these last 6 years has changed dramatically because of this woman. She goes against what me and dh want with our daughter and does stuff that we don't want for spite. She even acts like she can tell me what kind of pets we can have and if I say anything about were gonna do this or that she over reacts big time. Like my husband hunting she was flipiping out saying don't let him go up there he may accidently shoot someone or a wild boar may get him and so on. She needs meds lol. She keeps clothes for our daughter at her house and even made a bedroom for her withholds of toys like she is gonna come live with her or something crazy! She got mad that I was ok having a girl too I forgot about that i just really wanted a healthy baby but I kinda wonder if it would have been A boy would she have anything to do with him I kinda doubt it she has a grandson and they are not close at all. In fact even though he is older all he gets anymore for Christmas is money in a card while my daughter is showered with gifts all year round. Her other son is never around him and my husband have been pitted against one another sense they were kids and they see another on the holidays and that is it! And we live in the same town. She puts him on a pedalstool and my husband in a ditch even though we go to every event she has and despite her behavior let her be as involved as she wants.

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Quiet but deadly!

Posted on Mon, Sep. 15, 2014 at 11:43 am

Kept quiet all these years to these judgmental pricktards!!(MIL,BIL,Extended InLaws) Soo many years of judging,talking crap,& i kept quiet letting my DH deal with their asses.Only to see they don't respect him enough to listen!Welp!I may have stayed quiet all these damn years which for the life of me i don't know why I kept silence all these years.I can finally move on with my little family without these evil in law pricks trying to destroy my marriage!!I am finally free!!No more InLaws to deal with anymore!!!!They no longer have any hold on my marriage no more!!!It is the best feeling for a DIL who only wanted the best for her Husband to fix things between us & his family!You missed out assholes I could have been the best DIL you had if you judgmental asstards(yes my in laws have a special name I made up for them asstards)gave me a chance!So now you fucked with the wrong BITCH!

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Broken Silence....Oh Happy Day!

Posted on Mon, Sep. 15, 2014 at 11:32 am

Well it has finally came to an end.The ugly cycle of never ending talking behind my back from my MIL,BIL,&In laws & judging me all these years,& having this power struggle over my DH has finally ended.My Husband has finally seen how evil my MIL&BIL's are.
11 years of trying to do nice things for them all the while they stab me in the back with their evil judgmental words and how I am not the right person for my DH.I have been very patient with these assholes for soo long.Never disrespecting them even though they deserve to be treated like that.All I wanted was to be accepted.To be apart of the family.To be treated like the other DIL's.To be given a chance from the very beginning .Did I get a chance?Hell no.Why I even wasted crying to my DH about how bad they treat me is just stupid.They were never worth a damn tear or even a damn care.My DH finally woke up & told my MIL off about how terrible she is & how accepting she is of his brothers wives.
The last draw was when she called my toddler a little bitch!Well I just showed her what a little bitch looks like. This woman has soo much hate she cannot even control her feeling about me she has to call my daughter a bitch.She would never call her 2 other grandsons a bitch ever oh no God forbid she ever did that.Long story short my DH finally cut her ass off & his Brothers.I am the happiest woman on Earth right now because this heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders!!My DH sees how truly evil these people are and how bad they tried to break up my marriage!Soo happy I won't have to look into these judgmental pricks ever again!!!!

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Facebook hypocrite

Posted on Mon, Sep. 15, 2014 at 10:12 am

Wow, MIL you take the cake! Some of the things you post on Facebook makes me want to scream! You won't have anything to do with DH anymore. I guess you ran out of things you wanted him to do, which he never complained about doing anything for you whether big or small, and most projects he did were big! Cherish every person because you never know when the last time you'll see them, was a quote I read. Do you even read the quotes you post, or is that just for your idiot so called Facebook friends who don't really know you, like most of us do! You actully believe the bull you write. Do your so called friends know you dropped DH like a bad habit, many of which you have, but I won't say, because I don't have all day! So piss off, and have a blessed day, as you phony Facebook hypocrite would say! If you ever need DH for anything, don't bother! You've got me to deal with! And I can be a real bitch, like you!

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