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Don't Got Time for This!

Posted on Fri, Jun. 09, 2017 at 08:51 am

Dear husband, as I've told you many times before, although you were raised by personality disordered parents, you are a grown adult man that can make his own decisions.

I've taken my responsibility in the situation by not educating myself enough, not sticking up for myself and our marriage more, not setting boundaries (with them or you!) and enabling your enmeshed behaviour by prioritizing them over me.

I'm keeping you (and everybody else) responsibile for their behaviours from now on. And behaviours always have consequences.

This is the way healthy relationships work. And this is the only way I will live my relationships from now on, healthy.

Get on board or get out cause I AIN'T GOT TIME FOR ANYTHING ELSE!


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Karma is a bitch (and so are you!)

Posted on Fri, Jun. 09, 2017 at 07:25 am

Dear MIL, although you still talk to your other DILs/grandchildren and not me and mine, we all talk behind your back of all the evil things you have done to us. They are just too afraid to tell you to your face, but don't be fooled for a minute, we don't trust you. We hate the way you treat us, our children, your husband, how you play favorites, how you are critical of everything. I know you are just really a scared old lady, afraid your husband will die before you and there will be no one left to defend your behavior. You don't drive, you don't grocery shop, you don't pay bills, most everyone moved to get away from you. It is just my family and my kids want nothing to do with you, and you are 100% responsible for that. I am relieved that you living in my home will NEVER HAPPEN, you have no one that will take you, Karma is a bitch (and so are you!)

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Watching you Suffer...

Posted on Fri, Jun. 09, 2017 at 06:58 am

Dear PD-inlaws, I count down the days my husband will send you his no contact letter. I look forward to watching you suffer just like you put me through for a decade of my youth. You took away my autonomy and right to be a wife. You trampled on my young marriage. Now that I'm an adult and know better, it's time for you to suffer the consequences of your long term behaviour.

Of course you will deny, gaslight, rewrite history and place the blame on me. I don't care, because I'm smarter and better than you, and your son chose me. I never liked any of you (narc waif Bpd MIL, sociopath FIL, PD BIL) and look forward to our new life without toxic behaviour. All of our success can be attributed to you NOT being in our lives. I will soon be able to say, I don't have any inlaws. I've dreamed of this day for years, thankfully I don't have to wait until your dead now (although that would be nice too, even better).

You can rage all you want, we moved long distance because of you, and you racist, sexist homophobe hicks are too scared to come into to my city. Have fun rotting in your hick trash toxic enmeshed bubble until you die. Just like you used to tell my husband, "I told you so! Now you have to suffer the consequences son." Now it's your turn, smother.


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Give Me Strength.....

Posted on Fri, Jun. 09, 2017 at 05:06 am

Just how many times do you have to repeat the same thing before you are satisfied??? Talk about boring! You could bore the dead with your inane repetitive wittering....geeze! Same things said, every damn time, no need and no blasted help. Give it a rest for the love of all that is holy. Nightmare creature.

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Another "Really" Long "I Hate My MIL" Story!!!

Posted on Fri, Jun. 09, 2017 at 12:47 am

I can't believe you. I was so stupid so fucking stupid to think you would change. You said you would at least try after our blow out fight, stupid me. You said you would try for my husband (sucks he is always stuck in the middle of us), so I said i would try too. (At least now i had a reason to try).I tried, you are still the same fucking piece of shit. You didn't even try a little bit.

I tried, I made dinner that you took one bite of, smiled, and spit out! Everyone else liked it and there was nothing left. I tried,I drove you, picked up your friends, and took all of you to church (STOP GOING TO FUCKING CHURCH, YOU DON'T LIVE BY WHAT YOU LEARN ANYWAY, YOU HYPOCRITE)(I DIDN'T WANT TO TAKE YOU, BUT I DID DO IT FOR MY HUSBAND). One more thing, STOP pushing your religion on me and my child. Every time I drive by or see a church of the religion you chose to practice I give it the "MIDDLE FUCKING FINGER" for no other reason than you chose to practice it and the next time you ask me to go to church with you I'm going to say "HELL FUCKING NO, GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY!!! STOP, TRYING TO PUSH YOUR RELIGION ON ME!!! I'M NOT INTERESTED ONE BIT!!!". I told you how much it bothers me when you speak your native language (BUT OBVIOUSLY YOU DON'T GIVE A SHIT). I'm the only one person in the fucking room that doesn't understand you, but when I'm not in the room I'll sit at the top of the stairs and listen to you speak english. FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU MIL!!! Speak english BITCH at least humor me, do it when I'm around(I know you can) but you are so FULL of yourself and you think you are the best thing that has ever hit this world that you can't even make me feel like I'm part of the conversation (AND YOU WONDER WHY I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU). But no you keep squawking in your native language anyway! "Boundaries" you have no concept of what that word means! Mind your own damn business, when it comes to MY child. I told you to lay off the absolute horrible parenting advice (I'm still trying to undo what you did to my husband), you still throw in your two sense and trust me I don't need or want it. I will NOT chase my kid around the house just to get him to eat, one bite at a time. He will sit in his chair and eat!(advice from other people fine, but I hate and despise you so much NOT FROM YOU). So, the other day the power goes out and of course you have no choice but to wait till it gets turned back on . I called the electric company, kept checking the website, and just waited for the power to come back on. So all morning long I'm telling you the predecited time power will come back. Of course why would you believe me. But if the neighbor tells you the same exact thing, you believe her. WTF??? WTF??? WTF??? MIL, REALLY THE FUCKING NEIGHBOR??? AND YOU WONDER WHY I HATE YOU!!! I told you when you bring food, bring enough food for EVERYONE not just you and my husband and still yesterday you bring KFC and only enough food for you and my husband. Well, HAHAHA jokes on you, you inconsiderate BITCH. I ate more than half my husbands food and I wasn't even hungry...all I can say was at least you didn't make it cause you have no idea what flavor/herbs/seaonings are even IF IT BEAT YOU WITH A STICK AND SAID "HERE I AM"!

At this point, I'm so beyond done with you. I hate you, and believe me when I say "I hate you" there is so much passion and anger that goes with that phrase!



Sorry this story is so long.......I so tempted to email the MIL this website or even the whole story I just wrote!!!

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Big dogs

Posted on Thu, Jun. 08, 2017 at 11:47 pm

Big dogs don't bark...they don't need to. SIL is a yappy little insecure f*ck. B*tch needs a shock collar.

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I deserve better

Posted on Thu, Jun. 08, 2017 at 10:03 pm

Where to start? Okay: my mother is a liar and a narcissist.. no fun being her daughter so for my own sanity i had to cut her out for good.
Ten years ago i married dh and was under the impression that my new inlaws are really.. i mean really good people.. and holy s) %t was i wrong. My mil showed her true colors on our wedding day and so did his idiotic siblings. Mil things she is the Queen and her very middle-agged married child less babys have to serve her emotioal needs.
Mommy hates women who dare to love her son's. And what drives me literally crazy is my dh explanation for her fu:'/@ up behaviour.. he say' s she thinks that he is not a person who can marry anybody because in the past he was irresponsible with money and some other ridiclious stuff.. and that thats the reason why she is treating me like sh:%.. is dh crazy? I did not fuc) @€up his life.. smoothering yourβ€œ babiesβ€œ (age 44 to 56) with "loveβ€œ and expectations ruined their life.. you created your own cult and you.. you devil.. are the leader. your kids have Stockholm syndrom. Well.. i love my dh but he is spineless and yeah.. he don't know why all that happened. My love for him is strong but not enough to live like that. And hey mommy β€”freak in law.. he is not capable of performing like men do.. happy arse-wipe? your rotten and.. oh so proud of family tree.. is dead because none of your freak - babies gave you a grandchild. I am embarrest being related to you but that will change.. i am done.

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There is something wrong with them.

Posted on Thu, Jun. 08, 2017 at 01:27 pm

MIL demanded we name our firstborn son after FIL. And by that, I mean she wanted our son named FIL's full name, with "Junior" at the end. FIL was so excited by the idea, he tried to guilt DH into going along with it.

It would have sounded like FIL was my baby's father. Excuse me, while I go throw up.

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Future son in law....

Posted on Thu, Jun. 08, 2017 at 12:38 pm

Talked to me about marrying my daughter

The problem is my heart is broken from his parents business throwing me away like trash

Time may heal some wounds but not all

I am hurting

I would of thought that this time of life would be happier than it is

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Jealous of us?

Posted on Thu, Jun. 08, 2017 at 09:39 am

We get it in laws. We are happy, my family is happy, however, you guys hate seeing us so happy. You know dh doesn't bother with you guys since we moved away. You're not liking anything i post about us as a family, however you like everyone else's stuff and how you are close to each other as family members. Oh well, I always knew since my dh is the successful one out of all your family, you'd call me a gold digger and cut us off. Have fun being in the ghetto.

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