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Seriously... I hate them

Posted on Sat, Apr. 11, 2015 at 08:03 pm

So, I have been with my boyfriend for over four years. I have heard so many stories about these people that just make me cringe. It's not that they have done terrible things TO him, it's what they haven't done. For years they let drug addicts, meth cookers included, live in their house, free of charge, and physically and emotionally abuse my boyfriend. They stood by and did NOTHING. At age 10 his parents made him stay home and take care of a dying, comatose grandmother. He had no friends because of this, he wasn't allowed to do anything.

As an adult they have guilted them into continuing to live with them. And they literally control his entire life. (He is 26 mind you) If he walks outside they question him, he can't come over to my house without a million questions.

Now, because they suddenly don't like me, (because they chose to get involved in one of our arguments and I told them to mind their own business) They have kicked him out of their home, because he refuses to leave me. (We have a three year old child together!) Mind you, he won't move in with me because he does not have a job and does not want to take advantage of me (not that I have not offered him the opportunity to move it) so he currently has no where to go, and he is currently battling Lymphoma Cancer.

So yes.... I hate them.

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Miserable Witch

Posted on Sat, Apr. 11, 2015 at 06:51 pm

After delivery of my second child, my husband got a great idea (NOT). He would bring his mom from out of town and along with his teenage brother to join us after the birth of our son so that I could "have some extra help." His mom doesn't drive so the trip was four hours away. My son was born and had special needs. Well, that miserable witch expected me to feed not only my family but her and her son as well and clean up after them. I had made it clear to her to make herself at home and cook/clean for herself. She continuously would wait until I made meals so that she could eat. Lazy, good for nothing b#$%*!!! Three days later after I snapped out of my depression, I told my husband off and ordered him to take his mom back home. She was so mad at me that she didn't stay the whole week and told me that she had never been treated so badly and that she would never be back. (How I wish that would've been true.) Excuse me?!?! I cooked, cleaned for you AFTER coming from the hospital and having a baby with special needs!!! I told her, "Good-bye!" and off she rode in her broom into the darkness of the early morning.

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Let me speak the truth.

Posted on Sat, Apr. 11, 2015 at 06:50 pm

SIL if you died tomorrow, this world would be a better place.
Just saying...

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aged about 20-30 years in the space of three.

Posted on Sat, Apr. 11, 2015 at 06:30 pm

Ive know my husband for four years and we have been married for two of those.
I met my in-laws a year into our relationship as they live five hours away.
How i regret the day i met these nasty people.
I was hated from the get-go, particularly by my nosy, nasty SIL. I have tried so hard with all of them. Been friendly, polite and generous.
All of which has been thrown back in my face and I've now stopped caring about trying to fit in.
They've made it very clear I'm invading there territory aka husband and I'm unwelcome.
Its made me very sad and resentful of them all.
My husband doesn't stand up for me either when they fling insults. He takes his family's side each and every time.
Before I was introduced to them, my husband spoke to his family on the phone about once every 3 months but since they've been introduced to me they are in contact every other day with him.
They make sure there evil presence is felt in our household even they live nearly the other side of the country.
Since being introduced to my in-laws my stress levels have been through the roof and my health has declined sharply.
My hair is thinning and going gray. I'm suffering from minor illnesses most people don't see until they are at least in their 50/60's. I've have awful wrinkles and the biggest black bags under my eyes. My mental health isn't so hot these days either.
I'm only 28.
My doctor tells me my health is that of someone in there late 40's and will get worse if things don't improve. I haven't told my husband what the doctor said because there isn't any point. I try not to draw attention to myself either and put on an act like im plowing on through but I'm simply falling apart in every direction.
I was completely healthy and happy before I knew these people existed.
What my husband doesn't know is that I'm saving up and in afew months time I will be finding my own place and making my life positive again. I want to work on my physical and mental health and get back to how I was. I'm just glad we both decided against having kids or this could of been a million times more difficult.
I have made a firm decision that i want to remain single for a very long time or possibly the rest of my life after this ordeal too.

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The Fake Snake MIL

Posted on Sat, Apr. 11, 2015 at 03:36 pm

My Husband and I lived with his parents for 3 years and throughout those 3 years she has had dramatic episodes where she cusses us both out and Ive had to keep my mouth shut out of respect for MY HUSBAND. But since Ive had our 1st child she had another episode where she makes it publicly known on Facebook how much she HATES ME and how HAPPY and "BLESSED" she is to have me gone out of her life ( because we're supposed to be moving out soon, for the first time ever)and since I don't check Facebook religiously like she does I didn't notice that she made such a post 'til the next day. So I decided that I wasn't going to be FAKE like she was because she comes home that day acting all NICE to me and me being offended and angry about her publicly humiliating me, I ignored her. Well of course she got angry and starts to cuss me out and for the first time I retaliate and go back at her like she does me and I can tell you IT FELT GOOD!!!!!!!! I was shaking in anger and happiness!!! THE LOOK ON HER FACE, PRICELESS!!! Since then she has contacted my family "explaining" what happened and ultimately asking them who's "side" are they on, lol like Really??? This woman is almost 50 years old and she acts like a 15 year old! "Who's side are you on?" Are we still in High School people? She continues to publicly humiliate me then texts me saying how SORRY she is and that SHE LOVES ME! She is the FAKEST PERSON I HAVE EVER MET! AND IM SO GLAD FOR HER TO KNOW THAT I. DO. NOT. LIKE. HER!!!!! She may be my daughters grandmother but she AINT CRAP TO ME!!! This woman would put my family down every time we had an argument just because SHE WOULD TAKE IT UPON HERSELF to "take care" of my husband and I, which don't get me wrong was VERY NICE AND GENEROUS OF HER but you don't throw that in someone's face EVERY TIME you get the chance. Oh, but SHE NEVER LET ME FORGET IT! To me if you want to help someone out of the kindness of your heart you don't make them feel bad about it.( My Husband is a college student who cant afford to take care of his Family so she said she would until he graduated.) So ever since that fight where I finally stood up for myself, I have never felt better!!!!

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Posted on Sat, Apr. 11, 2015 at 11:13 am

you know the feeling of being betrayed and stuff?

my in laws are famous for being so polite, kind and generous.
not until i moved in my husband's house because we havent got the house, so we stayed here for 2 years..

at first they were sweet to me, buy me clothes and foods, always so nice.. until i started to clean the house, cook them food. they all began to be so lazy! they are grown ups! i mean, how?! why?! and the four girls started to be mean. one of them is still kind to me though. this other one, lets call it X, always do something that really irritates me. very inconsiderate of her to do such thing when i do no wrong!

they even told many that they clean the dishes and stuff when i was the one who did all of that!

and recently i became so pissed that my husband's eldest sister threw tantrum at me when i do no wrong! i just woke up and 'BOOM' she said i had to pay for everything, and we had to empty our room. i was like what?! why me?! i don't know anything?!

and so after that.. i trust none of them. i just gave them silent treatment.. she never talk to me after that incident, neither do i. i wonder if she felt guilty?

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Posted on Sat, Apr. 11, 2015 at 04:15 am

Dear inlaws,

I can't believe you financially bailed out my lying, gambling addicted, idiot husband again.

No, I won't sign a loan.

I'm not borrowing from you to temporarily fix this situation that he has put us in. He will do it again and again and again. He doesn't care what it does to our "marriage." He thinks only of his dream of winning.

You should be able to see that he is out of control but you're either too dense or you're indifferent that he's destroying himself.

Did you notice that of your three children all of them are addicts with major mental illness? Maybe giving them tons of money while giving them trophies for every shit they take isnt the best strategy to raise individuals with common sense and integrity.

You helped him build a home that cost four times what he could afford on his income from your trust fund. Because you believed her make millions in his business venture. That's not how this works. First you earn the money, then you can spend some of it. Not the reverse. The reverse is what idiots do, who rely on others to clean up their messes.

And here you are. Cleaning up. But just a little. Every 20 thousand you inject into his account he will piss away. He will pour it into his dying company and he will not pay our bills.

Get a clue people. You made a monster. He will never stop until you cut him off.

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Shut up, shut up, shut up!

Posted on Sat, Apr. 11, 2015 at 01:48 am

Can you ever stop bragging? Yes, we know you're perfect in every fucking way. You go on about it incessantly and it makes me want to vomit!!!!! For the love of God, just shut up already!!!!

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just a few pick-up lines

Posted on Fri, Apr. 10, 2015 at 10:55 pm

Did it hurt when you were flung over the gates of hell?

I lost my number, can we never call you again?

Is that a mirror in your pocket because I can see myself kicking your ass

I'm not a photographer but I can picture you 7 states away

There are people who say every hug is magic, guess they never hugged you

Can I take a picture to show all my friends the devil does exist?

Aren't you in the dictionary between complete and psycho?

Your legs must be tired because you've been running away from mase in my mind all day

Do you have a pencil cause I wanna erase you from my future

You must be Jamaican cause you jamaican me wanna leave

Have you always been this terrible or do you work on it?

If beauty were time your personality would be 12seconds

Dear mil,
::insert middle finger here::

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I am done.

Posted on Fri, Apr. 10, 2015 at 10:33 pm

I can't say anything to you without you thinking that I am being mean. You take everything as a personal insult. But hear this if you tall my son he is a cry baby or a sissy I will take it personally and knock you the f**k out. You will not talk to my kids that way. And sit there and call me sensitive. Look how is calling the kettle black. Don't f**k with me. I may be married to your son. But I will not hesitate to kick you out. You can go live under a bridge.

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