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Annoying sister

Posted on Tue, Feb. 07, 2017 at 05:25 pm

She is so annoying. Yes I asked for my old job back way before you asked me to baby sit for you . so cut the fuckening shit already I'm so sick and tired of your shit . !!!!!!!!

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Posted on Tue, Feb. 07, 2017 at 01:34 pm

So, I learned today that my MIL told DH over 10 yrs ago, just before we wed, not to get a job with a certain company that I had suggested!! This job would have meant an additional 40-50k per yr for our growing family! The nerve of that woman! What gives that badalax the right to decide a career choice for her son?? Outraged and appalled!! So DH has been employed with the same company she works for since this time. Is that woman paying our bills or vacations? I think not! I tell ya, the nerve of some people. Can't wait to put her and FIL in a. Rising home when they can't take care of themselves!!
Guess what? We won not you! He's taking the job as we speak right now!

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FMIL who plays favorites

Posted on Mon, Feb. 06, 2017 at 05:36 pm

You know, FMIL if you didn't make it so obvious that you favor the other two girls who are dating your other two sons, maybe you'd be able to see your favorite son more often than once a month.

Think about it, I met my fiancé while he was still living at home with you. I saw how jealous and manipulative you can get if your child favors spending time with their significant other rather than with you. You went so far as to even use the fact that my fiancé was still going to school and couldn't afford to live on his own as a way to control him.

The other two girls met your other two sons after your sons have moved out. You didn't have their partners under your financial control, so you weren't able to throw it in their faces and make them stay home with you when they would rather not be. They never had a chance to see your true colors, and you know they wouldn't stand for it. Who knows, maybe you really are jealous of the other two as well, but are just playing nice because you know that if you don't, your sons will definitely choose them over you.

I'm sure that if those girls met your other sons while they lived with you, you wouldn't like them as much because of your jealousy, and they definitely wouldn't like you, because they'd see EXACTLY who you are.

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What did we do THIS time? Open letter to my MIL

Posted on Mon, Feb. 06, 2017 at 11:39 am

Everything is our fault, but we are never told what it is we did...in fact, I don't believe we did anything at all. I'm sorry your son doesn't need you anymore, and that he is a grown up and can support a family. This is something you should be proud of him for, not shame him for. How dare you tell people that we mistreat you. How dare you. You really have some nerve and one hell of an imagination. You need help. Seriously. You need serious help. I wish for you never to be in my life again. I will not miss you. I promise. Do us a favor and keep your promise of being out of our lives forever.

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To mil and fil

Posted on Mon, Feb. 06, 2017 at 05:35 am

I cared about your business when I worked for you.

For reasons that don't make sense, you didn't value my good work ethic and honestly.

I hope that you enjoy the kharma fallout (unreliable employee, people calling In, theft from employees and employees allowing theft from customers.)

As I told mil, I actually cared.

Now, if I ever find another job, my motto is to watch out for me. If you care about someone else's business, expect to get taken advantage of and thrown away like garbage.

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Potential future in-law...

Posted on Mon, Feb. 06, 2017 at 12:10 am

FIL's on again off again gf (I don't think he knows when they are "off" because she usually puts it on fb, which he doesn't have) has now deleted me & DH from fb.
I guess we are no longer friends...

The offense? Posting something she didn't like.

This woman took in some family members kids. Sounds nice right?
Except she is obnoxious & will not ever let them out of her sight. Ever.
So then she gets on fb & talks about how the youngest just can't be away from her & has separation issues. (Gee I wonder...)

She's constantly insisting that she is such an awesome "parent" (her self praise is transparently disguised in stories that just paint her as a hero) & a running theme is that someone is always doing something wrong to these kids & she is just protecting her kids *eye roll*

For days, we watched as she posted rant after rant (all caps lock, one run on sentence) about how her youngest (5) was being "bullied"
Some boy was hitting her arm when she walked into the classroom.

This woman was going to the school then bashing them because they weren't handling it right in her eyes. And she was sharing how she'd told her kid to deck the boy & jack his jaw...at 5?

So she asks if everyone else would be upset too (by the villain 5 year old & the school system that just dislikes and mistreats her kid *another eye roll*)

So I comment about how if it were my daughter, I'd want to get to the bottom of it but also, I'd be pretty livid if I found some woman trash talking my 5 year old son & encouraging their child to punch him in the face all over Facebook.

I worded it kindly.
Aaaaand blocked.

Lol lol lol!!!
She also loves to insist on there how she "tells it like it is" and basically she's just a total Bad A that doesn't care who she offends because she speaks the truth.
Evidently, the truth & other people's opinions are more than she can handle.

My husband laughed so hard because he saw what I put & knew it wasn't worded in a way that attacked her. He said I should have just joined the rest of her commenters praising her for being such a protective parent.

Honestly I stopped liking her a while back after a few things but I played nice for FIL's sake. Now that she has broken our FB friendship (hahaha), I think our real life interactions will not be needed (thank goodness)

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Falling Apart In-Laws Taking My Marriage With Them

Posted on Sun, Feb. 05, 2017 at 07:43 pm

I felt like posting this because I have yet to find anyone in a similar position.
I grew up in a family where the parents aren't your best friend, they're the parent. They are there to listen, take care of you, and give you a place to stay/food to eat when you're at your lowest (as regular parents do).
I moved to live with and marry my now husband. I didn't realize his family was so much different from mine until after we married. I met and got along with his family at first. I liked his mom and sister, but his father is generally an unpleasant person to be around mainly due to the fact that his wife (my husband's mother) left him and took their daughter with her MANY years ago. So my husband was fine with me not liking his dad because even he doesn't.
My first red flags went up when my husband's mother always bad mouths his dad, or goes on long rants about how much better her life is after leaving him every time we visited. That's fine the first couple of visits, but it's EVERY TIME. Also, in between her talking about herself and her own life, whenever I tried to get a word in about me and my life, she would just talk over me or not listen at all. That, to me, is very unusual coming from a household where my parents show respect and courtesy by at least taking the time to listen to what you have to say.
My second round of flags came up when I made a Facebook post about something completely irrelevant to them, and both his mother and sister attacked me over it. I didn't say a single word back to them, I just deleted them from my Facebook. Since then, there have been many occasions where his sister would get upset about something, and his mother immediately attacked us over it because she doesn't know how else to deal with her own daughter (as she has admitted to me). She's never apologized, just go on another rant about how terrible her life is going and that we should just help her out.
There was a point in time where we had to ask my husband's mother if we could move in with her. She said she had to talk to her boyfriend about it first (he lives with them). Days go by, and we find out she's letting her boyfriend's two girls stay instead, even though we asked first. She let them in without question and without telling us. That's fine. Until our fridge broke and we had to throw out all of our food. The landlord refused to reimburse us for the food we had to throw out, and so my husband and I were without food for a week. My own mother suggested that I ask my husband's mother for either food or money, seeing as my husband has loaned his mother hundreds of dollars and they always have an excess amount of food. He asked his mom, and she claimed she couldn't spare a single thing. Instead, she ranted on about how she can't handle her boyfriend's two daughters living with them.
As far as I can see, these people are too wrapped up in their own mess that there is no room for me. There's no respect, courtesy, or adults in the family besides my husband, who is just trying to keep the peace. I AM NOT an argumentative, confrontational person. My way of dealing with people I don't like is to simply avoid them, but because his mom's dad just died, it's causing a lot of damage to my marriage. I want to be there for my husband who just lost his favorite grandfather. He wants me to be able to give his mother a hug and give my condolences even after all she's done. I don't know if it's a problem with pride or respect, but I can't do that, even for him. I feel that my relationship with his immediate family is too far gone, that I can't even fake a smile or "hello" towards them. I don't think his parents act like parents. They act like children and have leeched off of my husband for money and cannot provide anything in return. My own parents continue to give and provide, even though they have nothing themselves, to this day. Parents take care of the kids, not the other way around.
Still, there's a nagging voice in the back of my head saying to just let go of everything for this one occasion... but there's another voice that wants my feelings towards them to not be misconstrued that everything is forgiven and OK. I've been patient, forgiving, and a pushover this entire time, and I've finally had enough. I refuse to be dragged into his family's drama anymore. I also refuse to keep letting his family bring our marriage down with them.

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Stupid is as stupid does.

Posted on Sun, Feb. 05, 2017 at 07:30 pm

Holy cow SIL, you and your mom really took a deep dive into the shallow end of the gene pool! We got the baby back from her month-long visitation with you, and the child has gained FOUR POUNDS in 30 days, and is having melt-downs every 15 minutes. What did you do, "spoil her rotten" (in other words stuff her full of nothing but cookies, candy, and other crap), and park her in front of the t.v. instead of actually parenting her? Do you want her to have Type II diabetes by the time she's in kindergarten? You and your benighted family desperately need to take some parenting classes.

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My Mother/Worthless Grandson

Posted on Sun, Feb. 05, 2017 at 08:34 am

My mother fell and broke her elbow. She is 83 years old. This is extremely hard on her and very painful. Her grandson will not even call her to see how she is doing. She is so hurt but this is really killing her. She took you in when your parents divorced. She made sure you had everything you wanted or needed. How do you repay her kindness, by not visiting or calling her. Little boy, Karma is a bitch. And Karma will be visiting you. I would love to slap the shit out of you for treating get like this. When she cries because you won't call, it kills me inside. I just harden my heart a little more towards you and that worthless twat you married. I am not telling anyone what is going on with her. She is so upset, and that is not good for her. Enjoy your life, I am done.

Your angry Aunt.

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Thought i liked her

Posted on Sun, Feb. 05, 2017 at 08:29 am

I grew up with a pretty crazy mom who was loud and often obnoxious. But she was up front, had a good big heart and really tried to help others. So when i got to know my MIL it was so refreshing ...she seemed so quiet and peaceful and we got along really well. Boy did i have it wrong. She is so ungrateful and insular and just so incredibly selfish i can't deal. Who isnt grateful when someone finds them a nice job and nice living situation? Her...she chooses to focus on all the negatives and bite the hand that feeds her. Who will do what they want with personal pictures of your family without asking? Her. Who snoops around your things? Her. Who will freeze you out and abandon you instead of sensibly talking things through? Her. My husband loves her so even though she was a pretty nutty mom...but I'm just done. No more passive agressive narcisstic bs for me. I will protect myself and kids from that incredibly damaging crap.

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