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Posted on Wed, Jan. 11, 2017 at 06:45 am

I caught my MIL cheating with a married man that has a pregnant wife. He's 21, and her gross ass is 54 and 300+ pounds.

Even more disgusting is how she's a racist, but the guy she was with was black. She uses the N word, and talks about how they are degenerates and a disease to society.

Anytime I've ever had to sit next to her she reeks of the old moldy trailer that she lives in on her parents property. The smell of unwashed ass and cat piss literally wafts off of her. She looks like a female version of Gimli from Lord of the Rings.

This is the fourth married man she's been caught with. The first my my FIL, then she was caught cheating on him and he kicked her out. Gross, stupid, bigoted, hypocritical bitch.

Karma is gonna get her again when his wife finds out from me ✌🏻️

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No More Chill

Posted on Wed, Jan. 11, 2017 at 06:35 am

I'm emotionally exhausted from the holidays still. We had to deal with so much BS that I have decided to be just blunt and honest from now on.

November-I was working and going to school full time. School during the day, and 12 hour night shifts. I was due to graduate in December and was so focused on school and exhausted I couldn't think straight. My MIL's bday is in November and we had set up an early Thanksgiving because we all had hectic schedules, so my BIL and his wife were there as well. It was a nightmare. We had bought her a cake and a card even though it was a couple of weeks early because we didn't anticipate being able to gather for her birthday. She turned her nose up at it and wrote on Facebook about how my BIL was such a good host.

Later that month we were all able to meet up and my BIL and his wife had given her a card. She went on and on about how thoughtful it was on Facebook and how he is such a good son.

December rolled around. I graduated with my Masters. She never showed, even though she had been invited 3 months in advance. When we met for Christmas she remarked that it wasn't that big of a deal that I had a Masters. She never graduated high school. She, in fact, was a home wrecker that ran off with my bus driver DIL (her now ex) even though he was married, had a child with the first wife, and the first wife was pregnant by him again.

We gave her gifts that she didn't even look at. When she left my BIL's house she left them. She broke the gift that we got for my SIL and said it wasn't that good of a gift anyway. The gift she got my husband and I were PJs. Mine was a 4x. I wear mediums. She got my BIL and SIL several gifts that were well thought out.

DH and I miscarried earlier this year and were told our chances of getting pregnant would be slim to none. When we discussed it with my BIL and SIL that we were going to try again my MIL rolled her eyes and commented that it was for the best we couldn't have any.

I've decided I'm done with being a pleasant DIL to her. It's not right that I am disrespected by her when I've worked my ass off for what I've got. DH has helped her pay for groceries because she still lives with her parents and her parents got mad and wouldn't share theirs with her.

No more gifts, no more money, no more anything. Happy New Years, Bitch.

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My Neurotic,Manipulative,Sadistic,Jealous IL

Posted on Tue, Jan. 10, 2017 at 10:07 pm

My IL are the Devils in disguise! They have taken the life out of me & I don't know why I have put up with them for so long.

It all started from day 1.

My dad was very ill & could not attend my wedding. My evil MI used this an opportunity to ruine our wedding, knowing very well I would do whatever it takes to protect my dad from all this drama.

My devil MI stopped my weak ball-less husband from buying a WEDDING RING for me & helping me pay the cost of our wedding. Yep I paid every cent including my wedding ring to shut her up so my dad does not get upset!!

She then stopped us going to our honeymoon by staging a heart attack. She wanted the attention so badly she fell on the floor slowly looking around to ensure & moving slightly so she did not hit herself. It looked funny, very staged & very bad acting!! She refused to go the hospital or see a Dr. she started crying & asked my DH not to leave her like this on our honeymoon. She wanted & needed his support as she claims she was dying!!! She then looked up at me & smirked at me to say she has won.

The culture I married into, the IL must pay for the wedding as well as buy new furniture for the newly weds. The witch asked me to help her in buying the furniture for us which I was happy to help. After shopping all day she asked them to ship it to her unmarried single daughter's house. She then took 2 small figurines from her bag that she purchased from the markets with me for total cost of $1.50 as a wedding gift from them.

Yes my husband come to the marriage with $1.50 worth of goods. I bought my furniture & paid for the wedding..

She then said 'the gift best suited me'. I was so shocked & how real piece of work she was.

The next day we were forced to go furniture shopping with all of my IL. I knew something was up as IL'S were smirking all day. They asked me for opinion on colour & style choice etc. Later that day I found my $10K wedding jewellery as well as money that was given to me as wedding gift from my family & friends was stolen. My DH told me his family took it without my permission to buy furniture & pay our wedding cost??? WTF I paid for everything. I asked them to produce a receipt so I can see what they paid for which they could not provide...

I made it very clear, this was my wedding gift from my family & friends. They had no right stealing.

My MI is so neurotic she would check our sheets each day to see if we were having sex & then make these disgusting faces at me to make feel uncomfortable. We are newly weds you evil witch, what do you expect us too do, play monopoly!!!

I could not take this anymore so I packed my bags to stay with my Aunty in another state. My DH wanted to come with me.

Day 6 of our wedding day, I could hear my DH arguing with his evil mother on the phone. All I heard was 'Ok fine I would do it'. He then said he needed to pick up these old furnitures & send it in cargo to his parents house.

After nagging him he then explained that it was his ex wife's & his old furniture that his parents & sister wanted back.

He has been divorced for almost 1.5 yrs. I don't know his ex & was not part of his life or inner circle during the time of his marriage or his divorce so why would he & his family put me in awkward position on our 6'th day of marriage when we should be on our honeymoon. I asked him why he would start his new life with his new wife like this....

He confined in me that his first marriage ended because of his family... I asked him why he did not protect me from his family

I was so angry & upset the way his family & he has treated me. I questioned his intentions. this was too much for me to handle.

I thought when we lived on the other side of the world, they could not bother us. We would be much happier...Was I wrong!!!!

They all come here for a holiday which DH paid for, you could say he paid for everything.

They were so rude, ungrateful, winging at everything & anything, put me down when they can. Complained about my cooking even though they would go for seconds or third. They would take every opportunity for my DH & I to argue. Then She would have this big smile on her face all day.

I was living in hell & was counting each day of their departure.

One day I was slaving away in the kitchen. My IL & 2yr old was in the living room. My 2yr old hit her head on the coffe table when jumping. My MI started screaming louder then my 2yr old. I ran back to the kitchen grabbed the first thing that I can get my hands on that was frozen pea bag to put on my DD head.

My MI started screaming at me blamed me for my daughters fall & that I was a bad mother for not keeping a eye out on her. WTF... she then snatches the frozen pea bag & said I should look for ice bag. I grabbed it off her to place it back on my DD head & told her it does the same thing.

She started crying & said I was disrespectful towards her. Then she started to act as if she was fainting & slowly falling on the ground... really bad acting performance, I started laughing at her pathetic performance..., my DH screamed at me for being so insensitive.... she had the biggest grin on her face & my husband does not see what I see.

My FI denied smashing the back of my car which I paid to get fixed.

After they flew back home I discovered my jewellery worth $50k was stolen including a sentimental priceless jewellery my dad gave me & my unborn daughter 1 week before he passed away, so my daughter & I could remember him if anything happens to him.

These jewellery belonged to me they were given by my family & friends as well as what I bought when I was single.

I was extremely upset, angry, mad, hurtful when my DH told me it was his family who stole it.

I called them demanding them back. I told MI they hold sentimental priceless value. She laughed & said it was the funniest & happiest moment in her life that she wanted to celebrate this moment. I put her on hands free so my DH can hear our conversation. I cursed her & hoped one day her evil karma visits her to remind her of her toxic sadistic neurotic behaviour & this is the day I would be celebrating.

For months I was so stressed & distraught that I had to seek counselling Everyday I would cry & could not understand how these people could be so mean & evil. I have not done anything or said anything for them to be this evil.

How stupid of me believing & trusting my DH all these years.

I discovered my H has put his evil family first before his own family. The reason for being in debt for 15yrs he was supporting his evil family. He was paying his parents mortgage. My SI expensive trips overseas holidays, 2x plastic surgeries, paying her car off & putting a large downward deposit on her first home.

WTF.... After 15 yrs of working together, renting, not buying anything expensive, not going on holidays, not going out, buying cheap, eating & staying at home just to save to buy our own first home.

You know the worst part of all this is when my H would argue with me all day when we are shopping eg for buying a bag of tomatoes that cost no more then $4, I should watch what I Spent. I should buy 7 tomatoes because there is 7 days in a week or he would be upset with me for buying a dozen eggs for the week when we have 1 left in the fridge.

Somehow we are always in debt. I could not understand why....now I know why.,,

I confronted him... He could not understand why I was so angry with him helping his evil family first, why we are debt all these years & why he was hiding this from me..... when he started saying that I don't use my jewellery, it's now in the good hands of his family & put in good use.

I was devastated to hear him say this, as if nothing was wrong & it was all in my head...

I showed him the door. I filed for a divorce.

I now have a peaceful loving home with my loving daughter. I got my smile, my laughter, my joy, my happiness back. I am now able to sleep, I am stress free & happy ...
Wow what a waist of 15 years of my life..,,

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No thank you for Christmas presents

Posted on Tue, Jan. 10, 2017 at 08:12 pm

Well I certainly learned my lesson about what family truly means. I made the mistake of purchasing Christmas presents for my Nephew and his nasty wife. I also purchased presents for their kids. I actually got to see the kids and give them their presents. I am glad I did that. I will never again purchase a thing for my nephew or the skanky wife. I realize that you were moving, but neither one of you could take 5 minutes to say thank you. No of course not. That is the final straw for me. Your ignorance is showing loud and clear. I expected a little better from my nephew but I am not surprised his wife could not be bothered. At least I didn't spend much. But that also is not right. Instead of posting about your new home and whining about not taking one final family photo in front of the old house. of course your FB friend are lobbying to have you go and bother the new homeowners about just letting you back to take the photo. Why couldn't you just once stop worrying about stupid things like that. Because you are obsessive about stupid things like this and will always be. Yes I was angry about the non thank you, but I have moved past it. I will continue to purchase things for the kids but nothing for you.

And I guess that trying another direct sales gimmick is more important than bothering to say Thank you. Well since neither of you are going to change I will save money not spending any on you two. Please keep posting on FB about how special you are and begging for prayers for what is supposedly wrong with you and your life today. It is beyond old. I realize that you do not want me, or my mother in your lives and she told me that she is also done with you. You will never realize how much pain you have caused by doing this. I am tired of seeing her cry over this behavior.

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Loser Son in Law

Posted on Tue, Jan. 10, 2017 at 06:42 pm

I feel so sorry for my grandchild. She has a narcissistic, money-grubbing, pathological liar SOB for a father (along with his preachy, self-righteous ignorant asshat family), and my foolish, narcissistic, borderline personality disordered, hussy of a daughter for a mother, that poor baby is so screwed. So done with all their drama and bullshit. Next time your stupidity blows up in your face, take it to a womens' shelter. I am over dealing with your toxic dysfunctional selves.

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Con artist and vile woman

Posted on Tue, Jan. 10, 2017 at 05:22 pm

One of my husband's cousins is a legend in her own mind. Twice borrowed money from my husband, the second time he had trouble recovering the money. Leads people to believe she helped my husband with his sick mother out of the goodness of her own heart. She was paid to do so. Asked my husband at the viewing prior to his mother's funeral if she was going to be buried with her jewelry. Stated someone in the family would like to have it. A backstabbing gossip, who bashed me to the point the rest of the family turned on me. To say she's a nasty pig is an insult to all pigs.

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Why me??😱

Posted on Tue, Jan. 10, 2017 at 03:15 pm

Wtf did I do so horrible in my past life that I got in laws like YOU!!! Not just one of you is fucked up but whole freaking family!!Fil with OCD mil Drunk ex drug addicted!!i hit the freakin jackpot!!

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You Have No Power Here.

Posted on Tue, Jan. 10, 2017 at 09:30 am

And that drives you up the wall doesn't it. I am so relieved that you are at the distance you are.

You have already been arrogant enough to invade our home-I left, you seethed- and went home knowing you'd failed to get any control over us, and ever since have been on the attack.

YOU are making your son ill. He's already suffered considerable stress as a result of YOU both bullying him relentlessly but you simply aren't satisfied are you?

Screwed up doesn't even begin to describe your family. It seems as if on both sides of your family you have a history of problems, dysfunction. You quite literally are a joke, banging on about us and our life, which, is none of your blasted business I might add, and yet you two constantly try every sneaky trick in the book to fraudulently acquire what you want-stinking thieves!

You will NOT take over our lives, our family or home. You will NOT force yourself on us, you will NOT split us up so grow up, back off and stew in your own toxic juices in your joyless, loveless marriage and home.

I have a good chuckle to myself when I see the crap you write on your Facebook profile, implying you are happy...

No you aren't! Haaaaah! Hah! Haaaaaaaah!!!!

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my mother in law is a bitch

Posted on Mon, Jan. 09, 2017 at 10:36 pm

ever since i got wit her son she has tryed every thing to break us up n when we whernt home she would go thro our room and take wat she wanted even thro it was ours so we moved out and now we live in his dad garage and his dad has ocd and is a control freak if its perfect then exept to get yelld at but in laws are the worst

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Hey MIL FIL,SIL&BIL, Micro-Aggression Much

Posted on Mon, Jan. 09, 2017 at 09:47 pm


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