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My in-laws are loose cannons

Posted on Mon, May. 23, 2016 at 09:59 am

I married into a family of loose cannons. FIL was a controlling nut who wouldn't let DH and I alone to manage our own life and make major decisions about our own marriage by ourselves. ESIL and EBIL insist on having a pity party together and we don't want to be part of it. We don't and will never feel sorry for them. They were both treated like the goldens in the family, mooched off of the parents when DH and I were working our butts off and never asked for anything. For god sakes, grow up and take responsibility for your own lives and your bad behaviour. DH and I are independent and like to stand on our own two feet. FIL didn't have a will and put ESIL on his bank accounts to leave her to control everything which she loved to do, so she could screw us out of money which she did. ESIL's daughter isn't much better, she is also looking for handouts just because she has kids. They are the rudest people I know. They don't belong in a civilized society but should be living in the backwoods somewhere in trailers. Thank god we cut them out of our lives now we can concentrate on my family, who are kind, thoughtful, educated and honest.

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Posted on Mon, May. 23, 2016 at 04:57 am

So stepmonster was bragging about a relative who was brilliant (and he truly was - no credit to her) who would not take certain positions because he was afraid to fly. So stepmonster (who is really into her own special brand of "alternative" medicine) complained that he "wouldn't do anything about it. He wouldn't even get hypnotized!". So I say that, "Intelligent people can't be hypnotized." then got up to do the dishes. DH walked in a minute afterwards laughing and says, "I SOOOO expected her to say, but I get hypnotized all the time!"

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Posted on Mon, May. 23, 2016 at 04:49 am

Well, silly in-laws. Your detective skills are lacking! But bonus, at least you've learned to lie better.

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Ambulance Siren

Posted on Sun, May. 22, 2016 at 12:03 pm

DH insisted on hosting a barbecue for FIL and his horrible stepmother. As I type this, I can hear her loud no-stop obnoxious motor mouth and it sounds like an Ambulance Siren, "Me MY, Me My, Meee My". Just Shut the F up already!!!

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Top ten reasons why I hate my inlaws

Posted on Sun, May. 22, 2016 at 11:51 am

1. Sister-in-law first visit to our new apartment: She not only rearrange all my furniture but cleaned my already clean apartment.
2. Sister-in-law invites four of her friends to my wedding without telling anyone. One of these friends caught the flower bouquet and my wedding pictures show her,clueless who she is. Besides the fact,had to pay for four more dinners.
3. Borrowed 5,000. From mother-in-law because her son,my spouse collected small disability check and the fact mother-in-law gave her daughters,their children so much more. Sister-in-law had to make sure her entire family knew about this loan. At mother-in-laws funeral luncheon, brother-in-law screams out,"Some people rob the gravy train before they die". Yeah, like I'm God and know she will die shortly after loan. The loan was paid in full,was all yours?
4. Spouse gives mother a kiss good bye at the Hostipal where most of the siblings are. One shouts out, "What are you going to ask her for another loan?"
I glared at her and got Oh,I'm only joking. No your not you control nut.
5. Always told the parents have no money. Oop,that 5,000. Loan they forgot to tear off the balance of her account. So greedy liars you are.
6. Holiday gatherings, if you left the room, they would say mean,nasty things about that person and then would be so sweet when you came back in room.
7. Holiday picture, my new outfit wasn't good enough for the grandson. The control nut had to purchase the outfit she wanted,etc.
8. Without asking, just buy not one but two rabbits for my son. Hello, I have two dogs.
9. Stupid parents have six children and no will. Mayor nasty emails start between the daughters. Control nut has total control,stating her spouse and daughter get money because they cared for the parents. I thought they did it out of love not money. What about the others that helped out. Nope,just her family.
10. When the father-in law dies, the control nut will not and did not go to his funeral,etc. Nope,was advised because she had fight over the flowers ordered for the funeral. Hey,stupid we all know it was over the money.

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Superfical In-Laws

Posted on Sun, May. 22, 2016 at 08:40 am

Thanks for NEVER asking me why or what happened between me and my parents.
Thanks for NO emotional support.
Thanks for NO heart to hearts.
Thanks for NEVER taking an interest in WHO I truly am.
Thanks for NEVER taking an interest in my career choice.
Thanks for ALWAYS giving MY husband a list of choirs that need to be fixed around your house.
Thanks for putting MY home last on that list.
Thanks for being SO Superfical.

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Mother in law from Hades

Posted on Sun, May. 22, 2016 at 08:02 am

I will never,for the life of me,understand my MIL's logic. I have been nothing but respectful to her,ever since I first met her. Her son and I have been married for almost four years ,with two children. She is so sweet and fake to my face. Yet,everyone else from his family tells me how badly she talks about me when I'm not around. It's gotten to the point where I confronted her about it,and her response was that she is not going to apologize for anything she has said. You would think she would have Altleast a ounce of respect for me considering I've been good to her son. Hell,she doesn't even have a good relationship with him,but worships every other child she has. I've just chalked it up to the fact that she is a bitter,pretentious,and duplicitous individual.

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There's no one like you...

Posted on Sun, May. 22, 2016 at 07:48 am

I have lived many, many places in my life. I have met many, many types of people. You, MIL, take the fucking cake! This woman had her first child at 14 (my poor DH), second at 16, third at 30, and yet another one at 35. What the ever loving hell? The last two were conceived when she was STILL married to another MAN. My husband wants nothing to do with you, and it's never been hard for ANYONE to understand. My FIL is also someone we never talk to. He's a child molester-but no one sees that bc he "married her"(25 when DH was conceived!!). I don't allow them anywhere near my children or into my life in any way. I don't want my children around their way too young "Sils". GAG No one in that family gives their kids any home training and I want nothing of it! None of them were at or invited to our wedding!

Clueless people that make the same mistakes again and again. I don't know how my husband crawled out from under the heap of bullshit and embarrassment but you know what? He's one hell of a man-NO THANKS TO ANY OF YOU. I'm proud of the man he's become DEPSITE you all!

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There is nothing you can ever do...

Posted on Sun, May. 22, 2016 at 06:26 am

For the years of pain you all put me through ILs! For singling me out, excluding me, creating drama about me and strengthening your relationships at my expense! There is no way you can ever make up for deliberately trying to 'get' me in order to control me and cause me pain, while the other piggish ILs and your extended minions rooted for your attack, some even attacking me themselves. There is no way you can make up for your psychotic hypocrisy; treating me like dirt but somehow expecting that I should regard you with the highest respect, loyalty and affection (gag) fools. And there is absolutely no way you can ever make up for hating me so much that you'd do anything to destroy me even if it meant damage to my dh's relationship with me, and indirect damage to my children, the ones at the VERY least you were supposed to care about (but I forgot, you evil people don't give a s*!! about anyone else but yourselves). So don't try now to pretend to want to make amends (those of you who do) or that possibly a simple sorry for ONE little error in judgement out of the countless many will ever make anything better. You're dead to me and so are your children that I never knew. And while I will do my best not to sow hate in my own children, one doesn't know you exist and the other one can't stand any of you because he sees how you made/make his mommy feel. It was one of the best decisions I ever made to cut you out of my life and each day you fade more and more out of memory and the world is that much brighter. And THAT's what you all deserve, to be regarded as absolutely nothing!

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Bad Apple Returns...Damn It!

Posted on Sat, May. 21, 2016 at 02:20 pm

I knew, when SFIL called and said he and MIL are getting back together, MIL wouldn't waste any time contacting us...to rub our noses in it. Unfortunately, I was right. Today was that day.

DH was outside washing his truck. I was inside preparing lunch and could hear him talking to someone. I looked out the window and there she stood...looking pretty damned pleased with herself. I slowly backed away from the window...just seeing her pisses me off. You can imagine my surprise...and ire...when DH invited her in...yep, he's in the dog house...and boy does he know it. When MIL left, the whole neighborhood knew it!!!

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