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Delusional step daughter inlaw

Posted on Thu, Sep. 11, 2014 at 08:08 am

You dumb girl, we weren't lying during our conversation with your now husband that he was trying to hook up with every girl he knows on Facebook, we were telling him off about it during an sms war and accidentally sent the messages to your phone as that was the number your now husband put into our phone under his name. (probably by your request cause you are so controlling.) So it is your fault you had to find out that way. By the way you didn't tell us we had the wrong number until we said something about him cheating, after about twenty minutes of texting back and fourth, that isn't being a good catholic girl is it? Also the reason we don't like you and your family is because, you are a painful know it all, judgemental, haughty, self conscious, insecure, jealous, rude, you put down every other persons interests, and you give my step daughter head lice every time you come to stay and you are 24 for goodness sake. Also you are desperately trying to change stepson into yourself, he went from a simpsons loving, death metal listening, funny, easygoing guy to a church going, Andre Rieu listening, cynical, bitter, toxic individual.
Also it is funny that you are judgemental of us when you are marrying into that family of stepsons mothers side by choice, it is actually your choice to want to be apart of that dysfunctional rubbish. We saw the wedding pics and thought it was funny that stepsons mothers side all wore black to your wedding. Let that be the standard at which the rest of your life with stepson is now set at. He isn't that into you, he is just too lazy to work and is using you and your family as he knows you are so much more into him than he is you, so you are only a means to some end. He said to one girl on Facebook that he wanted to run away with her but he was afraid of you because you are too clingy (his words) and he didn't want you to throw out his stuff in a fit of rage. Get ready for a life of being the sole bread winner cause stepson will never get a job. It is funny that you look down on Dh and I, and dismiss our opinions when between the two of us we have 73 years life experience and you are 24, and wear a Madonna lace glove with a mister man T-shirt, ratty track pants and loafers, and you look down on us? Go figure.

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Please Don't Live Forever

Posted on Thu, Sep. 11, 2014 at 04:50 am

MIL your nasty ass mother lived to be 95, please do not visit that fate on my kids and me. You nancy boy son thinks you shit gold bricks but you and I know better. You are the least gentle and polite woman I have ever met- you are like a man in a womans' (gross) body. 31 years- please give me a break and exit stage left!

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Almost there..

Posted on Wed, Sep. 10, 2014 at 06:40 pm

MIL treat me bad during my confinement. (of course, she will "behave" well infront of my husband) My son is already 12 months old. MIL treat me nicer now, ever since I decided to buy a house. I don't know should I be happier? everything seems like goes well after my decision. FIL likes to INSTRUCT ppl to do the things using his own way, eventhough the outcome will be the same. Well, if you didnt he will be real mad and say you are brainless. He will interfere every single things we did for eg. taking care of baby. I'm sick of those ppl. And now, our relationship (me and my husband) goes bad after the above. I'm not sure if I should fix this relationship. They are his parents, forever. and If I stay, I will have to deal with them. Or should I moves on with my son.

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She's "Sick" Again

Posted on Wed, Sep. 10, 2014 at 12:52 pm

Every time DH and I try to spend time with FIL alone, MIL gets sick. Last time, she actually went to the hospital to prevent us from seeing FIL without her. We are supposed to see FIL at the end of the month, but I'm sure she will get really sick that day and he will have to stay home to take care of her. FIL and DH don't see what she's doing and they get all worried, but me and the rest of THEIR side of the families sees it and is disgusted by it. It CANNOT be a coincidence if:

1)MIL gets sick EVERY time that we try to spend time with FIL alone without her.
2)When MIL gets sick, she changes her story about how she's sick and gets upset at me for pointing it out, because obviously I made it up and did not hear her right - no matter how many times she changed her story.
3)When she's at the hospital - and FIL is with her, he has no idea what's going on. The doctor will say something, but MIL has many other stories and will tell FIL that this or that is wrong, which is completely different than anything the doctor said. FIL believes her. Even though FIL has not left her side and heard everything the doctor said, he believes her when she says the doctor said that all these things are wrong - and their usually stories that act like she is dying. Here is one example that actually happened - the doctor said she has a infection that she just has to take medication for and she will be fine. She told everyone how she has cancer. She then claimed they gave her a shot at the hospital and now she doesn't have it anymore. Then she claims she's out of breath and can't get up or do anything because she's recovering from the hospital and cancer - expecting everyone to wait on her hand and foot. When everyone went outside, she got up and did everything by herself, and denied it. Video proved otherwise. But FIL and DH still took her side and believed her cancer story! Everyone else in the family just rolls their eyes because they see past her shit.

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Posted on Wed, Sep. 10, 2014 at 12:38 pm

I saw a story on the home page that reminded me about my MIL....

Me and DH are successful. We have our own house, paid our way through college, have our cars paid off, have savings saved up, but we are also cheap. MIL is none of these things... MIL is the type of person that is cheap when she shouldn't be, and expensive when she shouldn't be. Whenever we do something in our lives to save money or find a better way of doing things, she goes home and copies us. She will then tell us all about this change she made and how we should do it too. I'm not sure if she realizes how stupid she sounds after copying us and then telling us like its something new... or if she really believes that she did it first? If we buy something new, she always makes comments on how she needs to get it too. Most of the time she doesn't have money because FIL doesn't earn too much extra income to splurge on everything she wants... but if she does end up getting that item, then she will talk and talk about how great it is and what its used for and act like we have never even heard of this item before! Oh - and don't get me started on hand-me-downs. DH and I get nice things that we know will last a long time... we believe that its better to get something long lasting and made well if we can afford it rather than get something cheap that we will have to replace soon anyway. Well MIL will try to give us the stuff she doesn't want anymore - and usually is anything she gets at the dollar store. Well keeping in mind the stuff she gets this stuff from the dollar store and she's already used it, the value of these items is very very low and they are usually disgusting because they've been used. She gets upset if we don't take them and she acts like they are the greatest gifts ever that were supposed to be eternally grateful to her and forever in her debt. She just tries to use us so she doesn't have to throw anything out! Even when we tell her that we don't want it and she should just throw it out, she still tries to give it to us anyway - even though we will throw it out in front of her. Long ago she stopped trying to give me hand-me-down clothes... but when she used to try, she would get upset if I didn't take it - and trust me, I never took it. They weren't nice clothes, they were disgusting and used. She once tried to give me her USED lingerie that didn't fit her anymore. Who is their right mind would do that?!!! Donation places won't even accept that crap!

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You are losing at your own game!

Posted on Wed, Sep. 10, 2014 at 08:52 am

You are so fuckin' delusional.

We love it that you cut us off, and declared us dead to your extended family!!

Thank you!!

Why don't you hold your breath until your son gives in & grovels?

Go ahead!! Let's see what happens!!

You are losing at your own games!!

Your son loves the peace, the lack of interference, no more of your denigration & blackmail.

We don't need you in our lives.
We don't want you in our lives.

You are not coming back into our lives!!

So sorry--Not!!

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Posted on Wed, Sep. 10, 2014 at 08:46 am

"Ooh, which one of these strong young men will be my price?"

Are you serious?! My boyfriend, my father and my brother come to help ME move, and you still try to make it about you while you sit on your bony ass without lifting a finger.
I realise your self esteem is so low you cannot even let me have the attention of my own family, but I gotta tell you, they all thought you were ridiculous!!

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Just shut your mouth already

Posted on Wed, Sep. 10, 2014 at 06:02 am

MIL stop having a say in every aspect of our lives please. It's so annoying.

If I want to buy a $60 PJ pants then let me buy it. Because 1. Its my money that I've earned, 2 you're not going to buy one for me overseas from your home country even if it's cheaper bcoz you don't know what I like and I won't wear what you buy anyway.

Stop telling us which foods are good/not good for us. We are perfectly able to discern what we should and should not eat. If DH or I choose to eat something unhealthy we fully know the consequences and as adults we can make that decision. We don't tell you not stuff your face with cakes since it's bad for your cholesterol.

Stop tagging along to everywhere we go. If we don't ask whether or not you want to come it means you don't volunteer to come. Get your own life. You should remarry or something and get another grandchild to fuss over and spoil. Oh sorry.. I don't think anyone would be interested in you - uneducated, naggy, intrusive, money minded, stubborn.

*sigh* guess we're stuck with you then.

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My parents are also ILs but...

Posted on Wed, Sep. 10, 2014 at 03:24 am

there's a difference between them and my PILs. Before I tell you the difference, let me tell you first what we have in common.

1. Since we come from an Asian family, my brother and SIL live with my parents. I also live with my DH's parents until our house is finished.

2. My parents and my PIL all don't have a college degree.

3. My SIL hated my mom because she was naggy, critical, judgemental and intrusive. I also hate my MIL for the same reason.

The difference?

My brother sided with my SIL and after all the fights they went through, my brother talked to them as to why my SIL was not happy with them. My parents knew how to listen and didn't have pride. They admitted their mistakes and changed. My mom shut her mouth, gave them respect and just let them be. From that moment on, they lived harmoniously together and are now happy with each other.

While the unfortunate me, my husband sided with my PILs. They are too stubborn to change and too proud to admit their mistakes. They think they are always right just because they are older than me. They always dictate to me how to raise my baby when in fact their ways are already old and obsolete. My parents knew how to adapt to the modern times while they are stuck in a rut. That's why their lives have never improved. Always have little money, depend on my husband for financial support and can't enjoy simple luxuries in life like eating in a restaurant unless we treat them. My parents enjoy these things without my brother's financial support. They always eat out, travel and enjoy life.

My DH always say that his parents are already old and it's hard to change them. I don't believe that. My parents are older than them. It all boils down to the character of the person. They are just stubborn, proud and foolish. Anyway, there's nothing I can do except count the days til we move out.


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I finally got rid of the evil inlaws for good

Posted on Tue, Sep. 09, 2014 at 04:44 pm

Been in this evil family for 10 years and I am finally free. SIL you can keep your brother all to yourself now after all that what you really wanted anyways. Always being needy around my ex DH well I keep my child and take your brothers money. You thought you were going to break me down but guess again I filed for divorce and never want to see you devils again. MIL you were always mean and evil to me for no reasons just because I took your baby away damn lady you breast feed him until he was five cut the damn cord already. SIL with your fake ass I don't ever want to see you again. You may have gotten away with brainwashing DH but you are damn sure you are not going to brainwash my child. Well have fum paying your slow brother alimony and child support for him since you always pay for everything for him so that will be $2700 a month you owe pay up bitches. Karma is a bitch

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