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I can't change your dysfunction

Posted on Thu, Mar. 26, 2015 at 08:38 am

I have tried for years to get dh to be my partner, to make us a family. He never got the memo that when you marry, your family of origin becomes your extended family and you make a new family with your wife.

He defends mil and her mean, hateful behavior towards me and tells me it's my fault. When something is going on with his family I am told to stay home because, It's just going to be family. The ils guilt him and never let him forget he is responsible for them in their old age.

Well after the last incident I am happily giving him back to his parents. He is emotionally married to his mother anyway. So I am going to start to build my own life without dh. He can do whatever he wants regarding the ils. I won't be attending any more family dysfunctions known as holidays. I will make plans for myself with friends and my family and he can go sit with the two things known as his family. I'm done.

After the last incident I will no longer go on trips with dh as he was going to ditch me with the car and our pets to fly home to be with mil and I was to just make my way to our destination without him. If you want a trip make plans with your real family because I will not be ditched in the middle on nowhere on a trip so you can go play husband to your mommy.

I can't change these people. I can only change myself and I don't think dh is going to like the new and improved other woman.

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christan my ass..

Posted on Thu, Mar. 26, 2015 at 06:50 am

I have terrible in laws.The worst and meanest are the 2 sil who go to church every week and claim they are christans.They have shunned me and my children at every family event.They never invited my kids to any of their kids b day parties or included them in anything.The sil have done this to all 4 of the brothers kids.They gossip and lie to make their gossip more intresting.I really hope they do stumble upon this site.Do they think their cruel ways have not hurt my children?One thing has happen though..My kids have grown up stronger and kinder and wiser than theirs will ever hope to be as theirs are following the same paths as their parents have which is really sad in a way.God is love not hate and by the time they learn this lesson it will be to late for them.

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Posted on Thu, Mar. 26, 2015 at 05:51 am

I would rather have my head sewn to the carpet, than to spend Easter with the IL's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Did you do it, MIL?

Posted on Thu, Mar. 26, 2015 at 05:50 am

Did you do it, MIL? The horrible thing you did to the family years ago. A few of you know what really happened, but you won't say! I guess I'll have to wait till you're six feet under for the truth to come out.

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Thanks in-laws... NOT!

Posted on Thu, Mar. 26, 2015 at 01:19 am

Thank you in-laws for teaching my hubby some immature disrespectful habits, that I can't shift because he doesn't think they are wrong!
Its driving me (and other people) round the bend.

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Is it time?!

Posted on Wed, Mar. 25, 2015 at 10:08 pm

I can't stand my MIL! I really can't stand her! She's dirty, Super nosey, and very intrusive! Unfortunately I must live here w/ my husband and children because we are nowhere near rich enough to have our own place. I can no longer work due to epilepsy/seizures and so only my husband is able to work. We have four kids that she tries to play mother to. She keeps trying to cook food for them that they refuse to eat because she uses old rotting vegetables and well the majority of time her food just doesn't appeal to them. She refuses to throw anything away! We have plates, and cups as well as silver utensils so that way we can reuse them but she keeps buying paper plates, paper bowls, and plastic utensils as well as plastic cups! Uses them in the house on a daily basis AND rewashes EVERYTHING! Why?! I might as well donate these damn dishes if she keeps using these paper plates & all! Those are for parties not everyday use and supposed to be thrown away not rewashed and reused! She keeps trying to force my children to read the bible and goes into their room and plays 20 questions with them. (Being sarcastic) she actually sounds like a freakin' investigator interrogating my kids and asking them where the other one went and what they ate and what time the other will be home, etc. She peeks into the garage to see ify husband is home and if he isn't she's asking what time he'll he back and where he went, etc. Smh. Let ME be the parent to MY children! She farts everywhere she goes and does not even apologize or say "excuse me." She treats my FIL like a freakin slave! He can barely walk as it is, and yet she has him drive her EVERYWHERE since she can no longer drive due to having a stroke in past. So when she shops, she leaves him to carry her stuff out of car and into the house while she carries only her purse and a plastic cup that she continually rewashes! Smh. She gets drinks from jack in the box or mcdonalds and washes the cups and stores them in cabinets too! Wtf?! I am tired of having to clean up after her all the time and she refuses to clean anything. I've never known anyone to be so...unclean and yet she does it all! I have NEVER seen her dust, sweep, mop, vacuum, or wipe anything! She even has her husband who 86, wash her dishes for her! She tells him when to eat, when to sleep and even yells at him like he's a kid. I can't believe he takes it! She told my 15 yr old son that he needs to put some freKin patch on his skin so he can be smart and when my son said no. She asked him why not?! Then said, "you wanna be stupid like your dad?" Our son said, "Yes!" Unfreaking-believable! I detest her so!!!! I try to stay clear of her but she won't stay away. When I see her my day is already ruined! She stresses me out so much and I have epilepsy now so I don't need the stress! It was her birthday today and I couldn't avoid her so I wished her a happy birthday and she didn't even say "thank you." My 11 hr old daughter even said Happy Birthday and she ignored her. I wish she was dead already. I cannot stand her

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Posted on Wed, Mar. 25, 2015 at 09:46 pm

am the chick your brother decided to bang for the rest of his life fuck off and deal with it. bitch

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Just Sitting Here

Posted on Wed, Mar. 25, 2015 at 09:09 pm

Smoking a bowl of that ganja and not giving a fuck in the world what my in laws think of it! I have a job now so does my fiance. My mom is going to find a sitter for my son and we will be doing well. Nothing to do now but come out on top! And we will! Cheerio MIL and FIL.

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MIL, you are the leader of all lunatics.

Posted on Wed, Mar. 25, 2015 at 08:00 pm

Am I on "Punked"? I legitimately feel like you've gotta be f*cking kidding me that you actually just cried because my DH has grown facial hair, you crazy psycho bitch. It's mind-boggling to me when you say it's because you want your "baby-faced boy" back. Not only is that the creepiest imagery I've had in a long time, but he's my MAN. Not a boy of any kind, I assure you. Cut the f*ckin' cord already, you self-righteous lunatic.

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Contradicting MIL

Posted on Wed, Mar. 25, 2015 at 01:25 pm

First you say you're son is a byproduct of you, now you're saying he's just like his wife. So which is it?

You are clearly in denial. It's also clear that you are mentally ill. Please seek therapy.

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