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I can't wait until you need something.

Posted on Wed, Jul. 22, 2015 at 04:08 pm

Remember when you used to hint that you wanted grandkids, and I'd say "Look at your golden- er um, other boy?"

Well, you can look to him for *everything* now! Because I gave you my whole heart, and you stabbed me in the back. =D

Financial difficulty? Look at your golden child!
Need a ride to the hospital? Look at the son and daughter-in-law you chose over us!
Can't figure out your new phone? Need advice? Need a narcissistic salt lick? We don't care! We hate you now.
So, you better look at the child you thought was better than the one I married, because we're not considering you his "mother" and "father" again.

I'm sure they have plenty of time and money for you, considering they just had their first baby. Yeah, the first! They'll probably have #2 soon. So, you kind of shot yourself in the foot, huh?

Imagine your twilight years: your partner is dead, you don't want to be alone. You might have dementia, and can't take care of yourself.
Your only viable child will be riddled with debt, in a tiny house, possibly still taking care of children, which is where all the resources will go.

The ones you forgot will be in a small house, but with extra bedrooms, because we lacked the desire to parent children. We were smarter with our money, and would have enough to support an extra person. Somewhere nice and quiet, with money for painkillers and medication, and maybe even a handicapped bathroom... ISN'T GOING TO BE OUR HOUSE! =D I'd rather push you down the stairs!

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Dumb MIL and Perv FIL

Posted on Wed, Jul. 22, 2015 at 11:44 am

It all started fine. Everyone got along. But when MIL realized that I wasn't going anywhere, and had a good head on my shoulders...that's when things started to go downhill. See, my husband no longer needed his mothers advice, or help or anything. Husband had a child from a previous marriage. His ex wife practically let MIL raise him into a redneck spoiled manipulated kid. MIL has called me by husbands ex-wifes name several times. MIL has told exwife several things about husband and my relationship, even gave her my cell number. WTF? MIL asked my husband on our wedding day to leave me and get back with his exwife, for the sake of their family. FIL had sexual relations with husbands exwife. They're the kind of people that try and look innocent...but they don't fool anybody but their dumb inbred family. I married my husband, not them. I've decided to be civil. Just that alone.I will not do them any favors, go above and beyond, invite them to dinner, buy them gifts...I tried being loving and warm to them, but that didn't work. So cold hearted makes me feel just fine. Is it bad to wish they'd move..far, far away?!

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Posted on Wed, Jul. 22, 2015 at 10:42 am

My MIL credits everything positive or helpful that my DH does for her to her other son (DH's older brother and my BIL) instead of DH. She blames her failing memory each time she does this, yet she's mentally sharp when she needs to be. She still tries to make DH feel guilty for not being at his father's funeral years ago, but DH WAS there. He was there for the viewing and the funeral. WTF is wrong with her? I know she doesn't like me because I took her widdle baby boy away from her (my DH), and she wants DH to need her and to rely on her as much as BIL does. BIL is a 50-something, spineless, twice-divorced mamas boy, BTW, and, in MIL's eyes, can do no wrong. Ironically, if MIL were nicer to me and stopped treating DH and I as if we were a couple of 5 years old, then we/he would probably visit her more often, but she doesn't understand that since she doesn't feel that she's doing anything "wrong" (yeah, right). Such a sad, pathetic woman.

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All I had to do was wait.

Posted on Wed, Jul. 22, 2015 at 04:46 am

Mil you treated me like dirt under your shoe while you acted like your family could do no wrong. You aren't laughing now, but I am.

Karma it's a biach. You all got what you deserved. Too bad so sad. I'm off living a life of peace and joy but you're not.

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Cannot stand this stupid short fuckwad

Posted on Tue, Jul. 21, 2015 at 11:44 pm

i got this father in law that thinks he has to know EVERYTHING if we are out past 10pm he has to call. if i get paid he has to know when, why, what, and how i pay for what i buy. this man has to interject himself into my business that he basically have a copy of all my emails. why dont i leave my fiance? because she is the mother to my daughter. ontop of all of this i have to pay 500 for 2 rooms in the most shitty house i have ever lived in with so many fucking HOA rules. OMFG i want this man dead and im not one to wish such a thing on someone

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Why I dont let you (mil) babysit.

Posted on Tue, Jul. 21, 2015 at 10:29 pm

1. I don't trust you . I know the minute I walk out the door with my baby in your hands YOU WILL call your fake annoying bitch ass ugly friends to go over and spend time with my baby behind my back. You know I don't approve of your fake friends around my baby stupid scandalous bitch. And by the way... if your friends ever try to put their hands on my baby to hold him or anything again, I will SLAP the old bitches hand off , I hope you really don't test me on this and keep your friends away now :)

2. You are not going to act and treat like my son is yours. NO. Stop telling me you want to buy all these things for your house : crib, walker, toys, because you think im actually gonna let you see my son on a weekly basis or get "close" enough to allow my child stay the night. He already has all his first big things and toys that's my job that's my responsibility and you know that . I don't care if your exited to be a grandma you do not get that privilege . And obviously I cant stop you from buying all that but just know if and when you do , you are wasting your money lol , he will never use any of it since he will never stay at your house !

3. Your still a bitch and always will be , you still make snide remarks and comments, you still give dirty looks , you still try to control us by asking to pay for everything that we are already going to pay right in front of you after I repeatedly told you I do not want you paying for anything unless we ask but you still keep pushing , the more you push the more Im pushing you away. you cant see that yet? Gosh your so ridiculous and dumb seriously bitch.

4. You talk over me , ignore me, change topic when I "think" were actually "bonding" or having a good decent conversation . Only to find out... you don't give a shit about anything I do or say because... you still hate me for stealing your son away from you and having his baby! Your such a disrespectful bitter hating mil bitch .

5. And last but not least I just officially figured out that you are a 100% NARCISSIT.And... I will not let you ruin our life, family, marriage so NO you don't get to and will never babysit or have MY SON stay the night with his dads evil bitch of a mother!

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Reason enough.

Posted on Tue, Jul. 21, 2015 at 05:30 am

My MIL uses Katie Price (aka Jordan) as an inspiration...
This one reason enough,among many, many others is the reason I have nothing to do with her.

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Spoiled SIL

Posted on Tue, Jul. 21, 2015 at 02:13 am

My DH has regaled me many times of how much his sister was superior to all others. Here is a short list.

SIL: clothing for school was purchased at high end department stores and wore maybe twice before being bagged up for the little sister who was 6 years younger.
Siblings: out of style hand-me-downs, Walmart, K-mart and only if they were lucky and needed specific shoes Foot-Locker.

SIL: was given a brand new car for her 16th birthday. 3 months later the car was totaled by her drunk boyfriend trying to street race. SIL was presented 2 weeks later at Christmas with a brand new car. Since then SIL has yet to drive any thing over 18 months. She either wrecks it, sells it, or trades it in and gets a new one.
Siblings: DH was handed the keys to a beat up Chevy Nova. This was only because MIL refused to let anyone see her children get on a public school bus. (Thats for poor people.) He spent the majority of his money and time keeping that car running. There are pictures in his yearbook of the ag class working on that car captioned with bold letters ' ... AGAIN'. Little sister didnt get a car. "Go ask your brother for a ride. Tell him I said take you."

SIL: There are entire photo albums dedicated to the celebration of Princess SIL. First class invitations, confetti, balloons, fanfare galore. She was the ever present belle of the ball in extravagant garments while her guests were either Sunday best or backyard casual.
Siblings: DH and little sis shared a single album for all of their parties and celebrations. Cheap invitations with sloppy hand filled info, barely anyone present and half the time DH had on no shirt and little sis had a stained shirt. The few times that nice parties were thrown for these 2, SIL would be in the background sulking.

SIL is a spoiled rotten brat even now.

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First Impressions

Posted on Mon, Jul. 20, 2015 at 07:46 pm

Oh MIL, the first real conversation we had and I caught you in a lie.

You are not a teacher, but a teacher's aid. I could tell from first 10 minutes of conversation with you, that higher education was not in your background.

I was especially offended that you put yourself in the ranks of three of my aunts, who hold master degrees and are real teachers.

Oh and dear SIL, first time I met you, you slapped me in the face. its always great how you tell the story...remember when you through that beer at my head? ..right, wasn't that because you slapped me in the face. Oh and which of us did you sister make leave that night?

Yes, first impressions are everything sometimes. I have not in 16 years thought any higher of the two of you than our first meetings.

You have now forced your way into a scorched earth zone for being so horrible to my wife. Congrats.

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A Solar Elispse or is it...

Posted on Mon, Jul. 20, 2015 at 06:12 pm

A extra wide Sil?

I did a double take and that rude woman has packed on the pounds!

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