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In-Law free

Posted on Fri, Jun. 17, 2016 at 06:31 pm

So I've been in-law free for two years now. My in-laws member liked me because I have different ideals than them. I'm not the type of person to bite my tongue and say what people want to hear just to please them. Why should I? DH is a kind man and isn't very confrontational so I didn't really expect him to stand up for me. He rarely stands up for himself and I knew that about him when I married him so I never really got angry that he came from such sucky people. After all, he didn't choose them. After quite a few miserable holidays suffered in their company, they finally went too far. Confronting them was glorious. I let out years of frustration. They tried all sorts of things from harassing DH, stalking us, etc. DH stood by my side, changed his number and our lives are much happier now. In-laws can be a cancer, mine were. I stood up for myself, refused to back down and have no regrets. I bet they do though.

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BIL and his new Motor Home

Posted on Fri, Jun. 17, 2016 at 12:57 pm

My DH comes to me and says " My brother bought a new motor home and he wants to come up here for a visit." I'm like that's nice. Where is he going to park it. Their is a nice KOA down the road and he knows where it's at. Well he can't live there for the next 3 months, he doesn't like all the traffic. Mind you, he lived from our home for 25 years, and the traffic never bothered him then.

So my DH says, " I want him to park in our side yard. It will be nice to have him around. All he will have to do is use some of our water, I let this ride for a few hours. And I came back with. I am planning on charging him to live here since it costs money to run my well and I no good is going to come out of this. My DH exploded about this. He says. well he can park this motor home at sister, sister, sister's house. I told him no. 2 of your sisters live in sub divisions that have home owners association and I am sure parking an motor home/ rv is not going to happen. Everyone works, the BIL is retired and no one will be around to play with him. My DH waited a couple of days for this to stew on and then he called simpering SIL and told her what I said. He is being suspiciously quiet about this. I am waiting for him to pop the next stupid thing and I will blow it out of the water also. We live in a nice neighborhood and we have lived here for 12 years and his brother has never bothered to come by and visit once. Now you want to park your home in my yard. I don't think so.
You have way more money than we do, use some of it and rent a lot at the KOA. And don't use the traffic as an excuse to try and live in my yard. You have plenty of friends to mooch off of. Use their yards, not mine.

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Posted on Fri, Jun. 17, 2016 at 10:02 am


There is something seriously wrong with you. Maybe a professional could explain it to me. Maybe you're beyond all understanding.

But understand this- you have finally gone too far to shift blame and lie your way out.i was beginning to think you could sacrafice children and my husband would still use those tired, worn out excuses the whole family uses to explain your damaging, vicious behaviors.

Frankly, I was done with you the day I "met the family", and you pulled me aside to explain my husband was such a sinner you have been praying for him to die since he was FOUR.

Thats when I told my husband you were not allowed in my home, nor around my children. ..for your own safety. Bcuz if you said that about any child of mine, they couldn't pull me off you fast enough to save your head from being slammed into a bloody pulp...and I didn't feel like going to jail over your useless carcass, so keep you AWAY.

Remember when you and hubby got kicked out... again...and my husband let you move in, only you told all the neighbors and everyone at church, you moved into to SAVE him? That it was your house now, bcuz he was broke?!

Or when you told EVERYONE your daughter was DYING, and suffering terribly, and she wouldn't live long enough to deliver the baby? You even announced it at the family reunion! She never had so much as a headache!

Or when you insisted we pay your mortgage on the 5000 Sq ft home you wanted?! And when you lost that you moved in with your senile father and his kindly wife...and proceeded to trick him into signing EVERYTHING over to you? You kicked that sweet, loving, elderly lady who had been married to him for YEARS, and who had nursed him through more years of illness and death...into the street the day of his funeral! You didn't even share the inheritance with your siblings! You stole it all!

THEN you convinced all your kids a secret balloon payment you didn't know about came due, and you'd "lose grandpa's house!" If we didn't cough up $30,000.

Fortunately I talked hubby out of it, it felt wrong. I said we could pay any money directly to the bank, and only when the goal was reached and we could all pay together, so we didn't lose it anyway.

But, gee, you didn't want to give out the bank info, did you? So we didn't contribute. But others did. Thousands and thousands. Funny how you denied that balloon payment ever existed a few months later when I'd asked if you saved the house. You said you has no idea what I was talking about.

Why did I ask in the first place? Bcuz you were asking us all for ANOTHER $30,000 to make up back payments!

And here it is a year later and you're losing grandpa's house anyway. Big surprise.

I've known you 4 years, you've lost 3 homes.

Here's a really simple idea...tell your husband to GET A JOB. Oh wait, I forgot...he's too "creative" to work for other people. It's not good for his "artistic" sensibilities.

If you never have any money, and he's not going to get a real job, WHY DID YOU HAVE TEN KIDS?!

You'd think the continuous streams of lies you tell about me would convince my husband of your true character. Like when you told my husband he couldn't marry me bcuz I'd confessed to YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND, that I'd refuse to have his children?

I CAN'T HAVE CHILDREN NUMBNUTS, THAT'S WHY I ADOPT! Do you really think I'd hide that from a future husband? Do you think we hadn't discussed it at length? If you weren't such a complete idiot, you'd know I almost refused to marry him bcuz I loved him deeply and didn't want him to suffer that pain. I knew how much he wanted his own children. But he already loved mine without reservation and he realized that was the same as adoption. And he said he wanted me, no matter what.

How about how you've been pretending were not married and are living in sin for 4 years? Bcuz you refuse to recognize us bcuz we didn't get married in a temple?


Are you INSANE?

But you're quick, I'll give you that. We had a guard put on you for that ceremony. Bet you didn't know that. But we forgot about the few moments where we were seated between parents.

But even if I had remembered, I would have never guessed you could be so vile. For Heaven's sake woman, the Sealer was talking and you just TALKED OVER HIM.

I'm pretty sure we won't go to hell for being happily married. ..but I'm not sure you won't for your blasphemous words and behavior. And yes...we are happy. Beyond what we even believed was possible. We had no idea this much happiness existed, much less it'd ever belong to us.

How did he come from YOU I'll never understand. The only good thing I can say about you is you spread your poison equally.

You lie about every single one of your kids, henious, damaging lies. They hate you too btw. Thought you should know. They actually beg me to show up to family events, bcuz they desperately want someone to put you in your place.

But I always tell them they need to shovel their own crap, not my circus, not my monkeys.

I don't DO drama. I avoid it like the plague. I despise tit for tat, gossip, he said she said...iit's all horrid and ruins lives.

But this time...this time you went to far for me to stay out of it. Too far for even my peace loving, incredibly forgiving husband to ignore.

Our house burned down while we were gone. You ran to the worst gossipy neighbor for miles around, spreading your typical lies. Only she took you seriously and posted your lies on our town's public forum.

That we didn't have insurance, that we'd lost the house, that we couldn't make the payments.

Together you and gossip cow made us appear not only financially irresponsible...wait, that's YOU...but also prime suspects for ARSON.

And now we're being investigated and the insurance is on hold until the investigation is done!

Then you denied the whole event...as usual...so my husband demanded you put a correction on the public forum. You lied AGAIN and said you already had, and the LIED AGAIN,AGAIN.. saying you had even contacted so and so, who is the moderator and asked for the post to be removed.

WE CAN SEE THE FORUM...IT'S PUBLIC, STUPID. There was no correction, and the real moderator is listed!

That's it...that's the beautifully twisted moment when my husband finally saw you for what you really are, not the poor, misunderstood victim you portray, but the back stabbing, amoral, conniving bloodsucker you really are.

After all, you PUBLICLY chose to let a horrible, damaging lie that YOU CAUSED TO BE SPREAD stand, instead of protecting...you might want to look that word up to understand what it means...your own son.

What you did is called BETRAYAL. And we all know you understand THAT word perfectly.

And the whole town knows it was lies bcuz we gave our insurance info and claim number to all the neighbors who suffered fire or water damage.

Unfortunately, they're only blaming gossip cow. Only we know the truth.

Still...the truth will set you free. Thanks to this latest stunt...we're free. Hallelujah.

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I hate my Mil

Posted on Fri, Jun. 17, 2016 at 08:18 am

My Mil is a bitch! Everything has to be about her and her family, even her in laws are useless to her. She needs the attention and she's always right! BITCH, I'm not taking your shit! I'm only nice and don't talk back because I respect my elders, love my husband and teaching my kids to do the same when someone like you are around us. Your family is the same way, why do you think your daughter isn't married yet. You complain all the time it's the guy, have you thought that it's the way you raised her to be like you but have some brains. I'm going to teach my girls to think of others and it's not always about me me me! You can complain all you want to your people, at the end you'll get hurt because I won't take it anymore and walk out on your son. Love him but I'm not taking your shit, since he doesn't doing anything after I tell him what's going on, I'll take my girls and move. Sad because you always complain about more grandkids, you trated me like shit when after I had my 1st and worse when I was pregnant with my 2nd. You're lucky I didn't leave and make your son feel like shit. No wonder your husband doesn't even want to be arouND you nor give you a cent of his money to spend. He rather give it to my kids who loves him back. You tell them you love them, you don't know anything about love. Yea my parents aren't perfect, but at least they treat people with respect.

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He doesn't like you!

Posted on Fri, Jun. 17, 2016 at 07:15 am

Mil, face it, your baby boy doesn't like you! You think I did it? No! You alone did it.

-You started drama before the wedding when I was trying to help your son out of a mess he created.
-You pitched your twisted version with me as a villain and had people trying to break up our wedding.
-After failing to convince him I was bad, you mailed me "evidence" to make him look bad. Ps one of those papers was actually evidence of your financial irresponsibility #bankrupt
-After we attempted some peace you still refused to help with the wedding.
-You refused to accept any responsibility
-You never acknowledged an anniversary
-You sold an important possession of DH's without consulting him & kept every penny
-You tried to put him in the middle of your divorce with FIL
-You completely and undeniably disrespected me when I was kind enough to let you visit in the hospital after the birth of our 1st child together
-You showed your true colors about accepting "step grandkids" when BIL divorced-I have a child from before so did you think it wouldn't bother us?
-You completely bailed on taking interest in any of us or our kids. You don't initiate any contact
-You creeped him the heck out with your obsession with physically touching him & professing your love if you happen to encounter him alone.

He has seen how selfish you are. The way you play victim... Through your own actions!!!

DH knows the only time you are a grandparent is when you share a "grandkids are my world" pic on social media.
He knows the photos of our kids you "like" are the only way you care to see them.
He knows you comment on things only after other family members so that it looks like you care or have a relationship with us. It's just a made up public act and we don't call you out but we won't encourage you either.
You are a fake and a horrid excuse for mother/grandmother!

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Posted on Thu, Jun. 16, 2016 at 12:26 pm

I went to a garage sale today. Picked up two stuffed animal puppies for my new pup. When I gave them to my jealous pup, she took them in her mouth and shook them really, really hard. Then she took them, one by one, outside and left them there...reminded me of my MIL.

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You're invited! What time? Where?

Posted on Thu, Jun. 16, 2016 at 10:15 am

My in-laws are notorious for not making full plans. For holidays and special days like father's day and mother's day they say that the whole family is going to get together. Okay, at what time and where? "Oh we don't know yet but we'll let you know."

Days go by, still no word. Since these occasions happen on holidays and weekends how the hell am I supposed to make my own plans around the event if I don't know where me and husband need to be and at what time?!

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Don't you just hate snakes in sheep's clothing?

Posted on Thu, Jun. 16, 2016 at 10:08 am

This one goes out to you golden wife of the golden BIL since I'm on a roll. Better to vent on this site where folks can relate then to vent to DH who runs away every time I want to vent about his crappy side of the family (kind of funny and sad at the same time... My heart goes out to him because in the end he has stood by me).

To Golden Snake in Sheep's clothing who married golden BIL: (I refuse to call you SIL since you didn't introduce me as this at your wedding like you did the other wife and were nothing but a spoiled and selfish thorn in my side since you and BIL hooked up). Don't think a few 'sympathetic' words after all these years of no contact and all the harm you've caused will make me believe for a moment that you've changed.

You were/are such a spoiled selfish rotten B. You will do anything to be liked and to be #1, and will exact revenge on anyone who doesn't put your big ass on a pedestal. Before I became your target you tried to make an alliance with me when BIL #2 dated a more intelligent woman than you whom you were jealous of. You are such a snake that you know all the right buttons to push with those who are stupid and live for drama (thankfully I'm not one of them). But at the time, I was working with Native people and while I care for that community you assumed that I would start hating on BIL's girlfriend when you said she 'didn't like this community' (even though for all I knew you were making it up). You spoke other shitty things about her behind her back so I would love you and hate her but all I saw was a sad, rotten child trying to cause trouble.

Well the girlfriend broke up with BIL because she was too smart for him, and once BIL2 got with someone more along the lines of his low class caliber (unfortunately they got married) I'm fairly sure you pulled this same trick on me because low class girlfriend started hating on me for (reasons?). You even SAID to me that BIL2 could do better than her so it made no sense how you two became inseparable buddies after only a short period, unless....

Of course, trashy girlfriend was too dumb to know you were manipulating her, and because she is such an aggressive wretch herself had no problems jumping on the hate bandwagon. When it came to me, you even did a number on SMIL who is a tyrant and can't resist a good witch hunt.

So yeah, your 'sympathy' now will NEVER make us friends or anything for that matter because you had a heavy hand in it all! All it's done is perhaps given me the self control to not want to slap you if I ever bumped into you. You're a snake. And while you may have won in accumulating your minions, you've also ended up gaining people like me who can't stand you, want nothing to do with your children, and have to write about you on IHATEMYINLAWS' in order to vent. Good one!

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I'm so over you and "the brady bunch family" EMIL

Posted on Thu, Jun. 16, 2016 at 07:39 am

Seriously, get over yourself. Stop trying to force us to join your creepy Brady Bunch family. No, we don't want to spend every weekend with you. No, we don't want to go to church with you, so stop asking.

Why can't you be normal like my mother and give us newly weds some space!! Honestly, I'm surprised you didn't try to join us for our honeymoon.

I'm appalled that someone your age cries like a child when you don't get your way. (Like seriously, I had to stifle laughter when I heard you sobbing, it was so pathetic. Yes, your son is growing up, that's what happens to a man in marriage, so get over it!) And it makes me happy to no end that even when you cry DH just tells you to stop because you're being ridiculous. Save the tears and get over yourself. Just because you bend over backwards for your inlaws doesnt mean you finally get a turn to boss around your son and DIL. That's the life you chose. It's not the one I'm going to choose, no matter how much you cry and throw a little tantrum.

You might have everyone fooled with your little act, but I see right through it, and I'm not falling for it, which means neither will your son since he listens to me. After all, despite how much you wish it were you, I'M his wife. NOT YOU, EMIL. So stop being such a needy psycho!

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The Rock, not the ring

Posted on Thu, Jun. 16, 2016 at 06:05 am

The MIL is the type of women who...

1. Shows NO love or affection for her husband or children
2. Gives NO hugs
3. Never really says "I love you"
4. Does not cook from scratch, only uses the microwave
5. Can only socialize when drunk
6. A workaholic
7. Very plain
8. Does not decorate her home
9. Does not remodel her home
10. Is NOT involved person
11. Never asks: how are you? What's new? How's your career going? how is my child doing?
12. Has a very very distant relationship with her child (my spouse) and me
13. Not into family holidays, very plain holiday.
14. Can bare communicate important information about family events, special holidays
15. Quiet, to herself
16. Cannot understand why certain people are not relating to her the way she would like
17. Emotionally constipated
18. Does not relate well with her own emotional body unless she is drunk
19. Cold
20. Bitter when drunk
21. Holds on to resentment
22. Suppress her own emotions
23. Did I mention she is Emotionally Constipated?
24. The most hardest woman I ever had to understand, because I am so emotionally sensitive.
And that is why I do not relate to you, you are a Rock, and I am like Niagara Falls......

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