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no birthday gift for you

Posted on Mon, Mar. 13, 2017 at 06:11 am

So I was shopping with my mil, and she bluntly says that her birthday is coming up and points at expensive jewelry in the store that she'd like and also some Michael Korss handbags. Directly stating how she likes her handbags etc etc etc. It comes into one ear, goes right out the other. She knows I'm struggling to save money to throw a baby shower for my soon to be newborn. Its either her expensive birthday gift she expects, or my baby shower. Guess who wins?

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That time of the month!

Posted on Sun, Mar. 12, 2017 at 11:22 pm

So Iv barely been with my new husband two years and the inlaws are a complete nightmare!They dont like me and I dont like them either but at least Im honest about how immature they are, and yes they are about 15 years older than me! They each have daughters who are about 8 years younger than me, and act like stuck up bitches. The aunts all try to compete with their sisters kids, its always about who gets married to the richest husband first and who throws the biggest parties, has the prettiest dresses, and looks prettier and who gets college degrees faster. Ya and Im like, okay your daughters have barely graduated highschool they dont need pregnancy and marriage, like slow down! So turns out one of the nieces gets jealous of me, ya and shes only like 18, I guess her new husbands inlaws like me a lot, and my husbands entire family hates me because they like me and even come up and talk to me at gatherings! Im like afraid to even visit my husbands relatives because they have major jealousy issues.Well, i totally avoid his family like the plague, and they still manage to stalk me, and use me as their scapegoat for all the problems they have even try to brainwash my husband to leave me. Well I just had a baby a few months ago and these SILs who look like cinderellas step sisters come to my apartment for only like ten minutes, and i have to watch their fake i love your baby crap, and then they leave, well a period stain is on my white couch, no joke! Grossed out, i clean the stupid stain, then, guess what the same group of SILs come over about a month later, and I guess they are smearing their crotch all over my sofa again, because another red blotch of period stain is on my couch! Like the size of a frickn quarter! Yuck! I finally told my husband, tell your sisters to control their menses thats the most deliberate act of being a complete douche I have ever heard of! oh and get this, I go to pickup my baby from my MILs, and the same sister is there, and I ask her how shes doing and she tells me "oh i got my period." Im like "that is really terrible, dont worry i have some super long maxis from having my baby at the hospital I think you really need it dont want to get period stains all over your relatives furniture and clothes!" I kept insisting she take these diapers from MILs house, put a package of baby wipes next to her from my baby bag, and let her know the gig was up, i knew she did it on purpose the hag! Like who does that even if you hate a person? Then I go to her house after her trip from the mid east and she yells at my husband why we didnt go to this welcome back dinner at a hotel, my husband made a BS excuse and haven't heard from her in weeks thank GOD! Thats the nicest way I could tell the woman please dont wipe your crotch on my sofa and wear granny panties and control that sht! Cant make this stuff up lol I think next time I see SIL i want to give her some of those high waisted parachute panties and tell her that they are spanx!

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So Thankful

Posted on Sun, Mar. 12, 2017 at 05:27 pm

We had a distant IL move to an area that is in our proximity, which prompted a visit from the ILs and showing up unannounced, uninvited and unwanted. I have come to find out that this distant IL is moving out of our area, meaning there is no reason for the ILs to be this way and randomly show up again.

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Feed up so long

Posted on Sun, Mar. 12, 2017 at 03:20 pm

This is F up and I tell you I can't bear to go to these in-laws once a month Now! My stupid sweet BIL suggest we have dinner and he brings sodas. Oh boy I mean oh girl is making a total fool out of my husband. MIL hints that she want this and that and ole stupid submits.he is too stupid to see what these folks is doing to him.

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Posted on Fri, Mar. 10, 2017 at 11:40 pm

Well well well mil, it looks like I ve caught you out! I'm out working in my van and I just happen to pass you driving the other way, you put your hand up and smiled (which is an act because your a tw*t) and off you went. Fast forward half an hour and I pop back home to pick up some paperwork and my wife is on the phone looking both annoyed and worried. Apparently if mil had not have slammed her breaks on I could have killed her. Well Mil you stupid npd witch sadly for you I have a dash cam fitted which proved you were lying and even showed you waving to me. My wife does n't want me to say anything to keep the peace as usual BUT believe this mil the minute you mention this imaginary incident I will be serving your arse on a plate and my wife will have to accept it.

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Posted on Fri, Mar. 10, 2017 at 09:09 pm

My mentally challenged SIL thinks all attention should be on her, and her only. She does nothing; no job,no education, her mother takes care of her kids while she had a on Facebook wishing she had a life! she takes a lot of pills for her health in her 20s. Anyways she tells me why I stopped having kids. (I had one, and I won't have more) "because i believe that I'm happy with one child. My choice, right?" She goes on a tangent, saying she wants three kids and her husband (my bil) was shaking her head like he don't want anymore. "Puerto Ricans are supposed to have big families! (She is a red neck, btw) give my mom DH mom) lots of grandkids, it's your duty as a woman!" I laughed so hard! She ran out the room crying. Then I was going to apologize to make her feel better and she says "you think you are better than everyone because you are skinny, have a career, have money... you are a bitch." I said "you're jealous of me and it shows..." She screamed at brother in law to never invite me around again. She also likes to be competitive with me for no reason. It's moronic and childish. And now MIL is telling people how bitchy i am to everyone, as I insulted one of her favorite DIL. Ugh. DH and I decided once and for all we are done with this dramatic, childish family. And I took her off Facebook so she don't see what I'm doing.

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Wtf is wrong with them?

Posted on Fri, Mar. 10, 2017 at 11:40 am

My in laws are dysfunctional. My sil is near 50s and not married. She thinks my kids are her kids, so when they want me she gets very jealous. My mil wants my kids to call her mom insteam but needs me to give birth to more grandbabies. Aunts wants me to give birth one baby per aunt be a use none of their kids are married or doesn't have babies yet.
It's not my fault you ladies can't be grandma's yet. And it's not my fault sil can't married. If you guys aren't bitch es, rude and bossy maybe sil can marry one day and your kids might find someone too. Mil keeps complaining, it's not going to get what you want. All you do it sit there and watch your stupid channels. Can't even get up to do shit and you call me lazy.
So tired of this families bullshit.

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She calls me STEPMOTHER!!!

Posted on Fri, Mar. 10, 2017 at 03:51 am

MIL, your mind is twisted and your Jocasta complex disgusts me. Let me make that clear for you: your son is NOT YOUR DAD and I`m NOT YOUR STEPMOM.

I know you`ve talked like this since he was a child so that now he could feel responsible for your life since you could never make important decisions by yourself, and that`s sick.

My psychologist got to the point of asking me if there was a history of sexual abuse in my DH`s family, cause your behavior towards him isn`t normal.

And another thing, don`t try to get me involved in your fights. Don`t text me through my DH`s phone to spread lies such as " I know you told me to stay away from you and my son". I`m not your family and I won`t put up with your nonsense anymore. BE WARNED!

The wrong in law died back in June.

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Everyone Of You Is F'd Up!

Posted on Thu, Mar. 09, 2017 at 12:43 pm

Yes! You clearly prove that dysfunctional people are drawn together like magnets! M/F/B/S Inlaw, you are all pathetic!

DH has a sibling who is approaching 50, and yet behaves like a dick! That nutty sibling has a spouse in their late 40's who behaves like a spooky brat, and was attracted to that pollock, enough to have two kids with!!!! The kids are just odd, one already getting into trouble, which doesn't surprise me, in the slightest.

M/F Inlaw are childish OAPs who need to grow the hell up and stop behaving like bullying shits. Your nonsense is being repeated by your dim witted older child and their equally crass and boring spouse.

I don't want to get dragged into your drama and dysfunction, you all bore me. You get off on your stupid drama and family tiffs, as you are so much alike!

You ALL suck and I want nothing to do with you, ever.

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A Party For Me??? I'm So Surprised!!! NOT

Posted on Thu, Mar. 09, 2017 at 11:35 am

So here's your latest. You've decided your kids OWE you a trip or at the very least a party for your anniversary. After throwing hints around the room guess what.... YOU GET YOUR PARTY. My vacation I've been waiting for for years has to be changed to accommodate your big day. And the dumbest act of the day will be when you throw your hands up and say OMG What A Surprise!! Really??? When it's being thrown at your house on the date you want and you're in on the planning. Give me a break old woman. Stop being a high maintenance, wrinkly old brat who feels that since you raised kids( I use the term lightly)that they owe you forever. No one forced you two clowns to "do it" and have kids. Why can't you just enjoy a friendship with your family and maybe I'd actually want to do something for you. You are OWED nothing in this world.

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