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anorexic greasy haired sil

Posted on Thu, Oct. 23, 2014 at 08:52 am

so i see you still havent sent thank you notes for that bash you threw for your kids birthday.there were so many gifts that you probably werent keeping track.
in case you havent noticed,hes a brat.i know people that have had experiences with him and they tell me.
im glad you got demoted from that big job this year..oh boy!!!!
its kinda of funny how people your age still have other people that are enablers so you can party all weekend and not even have to watch your own kid.......

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The tactics

Posted on Thu, Oct. 23, 2014 at 08:46 am

The tactics used by my MIL to make me feel like soil benethe her feet are as follows:

1) Saying I'm not worth time or the "effort" while I was in the hospital (extremely ill) and urging my husband to "just leave me there" while he does her bidding.

2) Excluding me from everything, even in my own house.

3) Walking away when I try to make simple conversation.

4) Repeatedly telling me how I "came from a broken home and do not understand family".

5) Making up stories to tell the rest of the ILs to try to get them to hate me too.

As of lately, she can not stand that I am a good mom and that my child is always gleaming with happiness. She acts disgusted to see him smile all of the time.

MIL, you are a real piece of work!

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so sorry sister in law

Posted on Thu, Oct. 23, 2014 at 08:36 am

well sister in law,i dont feel sorry for you.the divorce is final?i feel sorry for him.though what i knew of him i didnt like him.i think when you married you were just desparate ,or rather your mother was desparate for you to get married.im starting to think you have a daddy complex or something ,seeing as you like OLDER men!
i dont "know"you that well ,but i know your type.you may be pretty on the outside ,but thats all there is .you took everything that man had and made it yours.you left that man with nothing.i mean he lost everything.i feel a bit worry for him that he ever got involved with you and im for sure probably thinking hes glad hes done with you and your family.
you want people to feel sorry for you?well i dont!you make more money than most in your family.your kid is a brat.you have designer everything and rub that in peoples faces.you flaunt your money and cars to people.
your home smells like your pets.i mean it stinks really bad....
i hate to break this to you ,but if you want a relationship that lasts you need therapy or something .i have never seen a person like you,you need to break away from your parents.maybe meet a nice navy man and move the hell away!
i love the fact that i hardly ever see you .its better that way.
not that my relationship with your brother is any kind of cake walk......but thats another story there....

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I didn't just magically appear

Posted on Thu, Oct. 23, 2014 at 08:12 am

I have a family, too, MIL! How DARE you try to lay a guilt trip on your son, my DH, for us wanting to visit MY family, who lives out-of-state, for this one holiday! I have not seen my family in over TWO YEARS, but I'm surrounded by you narcissistic, manipulating vultures every day. Apparently that isn't good enough for you, ILs, especially MIL. You are so selfish, MIL. You don't get your way and the passive-aggressive behavior kicks right in! The last time I visited my family, after not seeing them for FIVE YEARS at that time, you just HAD to call DH. Every. Single. Day. My family could see how DH's mood instantly changed from happy to solemn when his phone would ring and it was you calling him while he was vacationing. You still have your oldest, twice-divorced son (in his 50s!) still sucking at your tit, but that isn't good enough for you, is it? You want BOTH sons for yourself. SELFISH and TWISTED!!!

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No logic

Posted on Wed, Oct. 22, 2014 at 07:23 pm

SIL is the most loud, pushy, and annoying bitch who continuously shamed us about when we are going to have kids. It's too bad that we have logic and responsibility to wait until we are financially stable for kids. Unlike her, who was broke as shit but still popped out kids, then dumped them all to her parents to raise. When we visited her place, she was too lazy to change her kids diaper for hours until it hung low and her place just reeked of crap! Yeah, that's the bitch who keep pushing us to have kids. Of course she wouldn't care, she thinks kids are cheap because she never pay for whatever came out from her crotch.

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MIL is an attention hog

Posted on Wed, Oct. 22, 2014 at 06:16 pm

MIL always has to top someone's story or do something to get the attention on her instead of someone else. Doesn't matter who it is or what it's about, she will make stuff up to top it.

Dh and I were at GPILs house. All DH's family was there - his parents, aunts, uncles, everyone. DH and I announced that we were pregnant with twins. MIL says very loudly "Oh - I was going to announce my pregnancy too, you beat me to it. I'm expecting triplets that are all girls!" DH's side of the family is used to her crap she makes up and hate her just as much as I do. So everyone except MIL is hugging me and all excited, no one even said anything about what she said and just ignored her. MIL starts getting upset and repeats herself even louder, and also says "Why is no one excited for me?! Triplets are better than twins!" Everyone just sort of looked at her and then FIL finally realized what was going on and called her out on not being pregnant and wasn't sure why she would say something like that. She then proceeded to argue with him (in front of everyone) that she was pregnant and he is supposed to be on her side with everything she says and they were just arguing back and forth before MIL got pissed and left the house - leaving DH and I to give FIL a ride home.

So even though MIL is too old to have kids and she had surgery many many years ago so where she cant have children, she still tried to top my pregnancy announcement. That is how desperate she is to have all attention on her.

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Only for my parents do i stay

Posted on Wed, Oct. 22, 2014 at 06:09 pm

I am only in this marriage for my parents. He has shredded what little was left of my self-esteem, happiness, peace of heart. He broke my heart repeatedly. He made me feel like crap and never has he apologized for any of those incidents.
His mother is imminently in our lives, constantly pushing boundaries, constantly ruining special occasions and moments for me. This marriage is tainted, cursed--or perhaps I am. My parents know that I am unhappy--it was an arranged marriage in the sense that my parents and their friends arranged it, I met him for a few months (supervised) and married him subsequently. I have no rights with his mother and him. I want to kill myself. But I live for my child. I live for him. I stay for my parents' happiness, I don't want to disappoint them, or add to their burdens.

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Yes it is...

Posted on Wed, Oct. 22, 2014 at 02:24 pm

...my intent to distance you from your son and grandson. Fortunately you are doing all the work making it happen.

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Dreading thanksgiving

Posted on Wed, Oct. 22, 2014 at 12:12 pm

We'll be making a 4 hour drive to visit my husband's family on thanksgiving. I don't mind. They're nice people. Only thing is my mil and sil are obviously tagging along. Which would be ok if mil would be more conscious of her expectations and reality. She wants us to drive there with dh's truck instead of using her car and saving money on gas (cuz of course dh finances everything) just because she has some used stuff she wants to take to her family members. We're gonna spend more on gas than what those stuff are worth. Oh, and she keeps hinting she wants us to give her money to buy a present for her niece. Sorry mil, if you want us to use the truck, then help out with the gas. And no, we don't have money to give out because of a whim of yours... We don't even have our own house fully furnished and were expecting a second child. Don't worry, I'll spell everything out for you so you'll understand.

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You are clueless

Posted on Wed, Oct. 22, 2014 at 11:45 am

Mil, you are so clueless! You have 3 grandchildren from me and your son who you never visit or ask about but at your moms funeral someone asked your daughter when she's going to have kids you lit up and said "someday". Please, your daughter is as mean on the inside as the outside. Just like you. The only reason you got a man is because your mom let your boyfriend move in with you at the ripe old age of 13. Yep, that's right everyone, my slut MIL was having sex and living with her boyfriend at 13 and he was 14. Your boyfriend became addicted to drugs and you still married him 7 years later. He was a shitty father, you were a shitty mother. I'm glad your daughter can't get a boyfriend. She's 34, talks only about how great a teacher she is, how she's such a great leader in her union and so on. This union leader lives with her mom and dad and teacher sister sleeps on the couch in the living room because she's a pig and a hoarder. Her room is filled with garbage and clutter. She can't see her bed because there is a 4 foot mound of dirty laundry and crap. What kind of normal functioning adult ever find her appealing? If she can't clean her room, how the hell is she going to take care of a baby? Oh, that's right bitch mil will quit her job to be a full time grandma. My husband had asked his mom to watch our baby so I could go back to work and she said no. Well you know what? I quit my job, stayed at home and now we never have to see you anymore. You're going to die old and alone. I don't care. You treated me with disrespect and catty, snarky, passive aggressive comments but look who's happy now? I am. I don't have to see you anymore. Karma does happen and you're living proof. Bye evil witch. Have fun being miserable.

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