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'The Poorest of All'

Posted on Mon, May. 18, 2015 at 07:48 pm

We spent hundreds of dollars each year for you and your family, which you never reciprocated. We have helped you plenty of times in your times of 'need' (which is practically forever). We have helped sold your stuff, bought your family dinners, did your errands, even after you treated us like your personal slaves, without the slightest regards for our time, and continuously demanded unbelievable free shits from us.

What's pathetic is you are the oldest and way older than us, but still have no shame begging and whining from all your younger siblings. We were poorer than you, struggling more than you, got zero handouts, have our own personal troubles to deal with, but that went over your head, because you seemed to think you're the 'poorest' of all and deserves every charity, while everyone else have to work and earn their money, only to fork it over to you when you whine.

We have been holding our tongues and punches, still tried to help your entitled ass as long as it's within our limits, out of pure pity to your overly exhausted parents, who still have to fully provide, raise your children, and pay your bills because you are an absolute cluster F of a 'mother'.

Despite everything, when we actually asked you for a generic tiny favor, for something so simple as to scroll for a contact number in your fancy phone, you completely ignored the crap out of us. It doesn't even cost you anything.

You are the turd of a fly who lives by eating horse shit.

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Posted on Mon, May. 18, 2015 at 02:41 pm

So it was ok for DH and I to uproot ourselves to move out here to help you, MIL, when FIL passed away all those years ago, but it's not ok for us to do the same for my mother since my own father recently passed away? Huh? You are a selfish hypocrite. And please keep all of your money that you insist to DH is the only reason why I'm still around. Take your money and go find yourself a retirement home to die in, because I am through putting my life on hold to help you any longer.

P.S. Your other son is a pathetic mama's boy whose own pride and joy son (your grandson) is a total fuck up.

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No room for you!!!

Posted on Mon, May. 18, 2015 at 12:39 pm

Thanks, in your Brobdignaglian potlatch of a wedding, for not even asking DH to be the smallest, most insignificant part of it. You only had twenty attendants on each side!! I avoid public functions, but my brother still had the kindness to offer me a chance to be part of their comparatively intimate wedding service. DH didn't even think it odd because he is so thoroughly accepting of your crapping on him at every opportunity.

I’m so sick of your Fakey McFakefake speeches about family and caring about other people when your actions NEVER LIVE UP TO IT. You’re like an evil creepy Disney couple that has no idea what humans are like.

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The Excuses Club

Posted on Mon, May. 18, 2015 at 07:47 am

It's apparently the only thing your whole bloodline is good at! let's start with a;

Mil-shut up. you are not dying. you are just a druggie looking for sympathy because nobody can stand to be with you anymore. & I don't blame them.you treat everyone like they are your personal money bags. are you do all day long is make up excuses for why you never got your life together and why you can't be bothered with getting a job because you're oh so sick. yet you forget that I took you to the doctors myself and nobody knows what the hell you're talking about. also why they wanted to put you in a mental hospital so you would stop making up diagnosis.

Sil-you're disgusting. the way you allow your druggie ex to torture your children just so you could go out and have a night of drinking and having sex makes you unfit. everyone thinks your ex is sexually abusing your daughter and I've even call the cops on several occasions but you would not allow your child to get checked. you deserve nothing less then that syphilis that's coursing through your disgusting blood. you are the worst.

the both of you my two children like a plague. at least my children are clean and can act like normal children. Normal happy children at that. I understand I have your blood grandchild here with me and your son / brother that does not give you the right to come here with gift only for your blood and love only for her. but it's okay my children don't need to know what feels like to have false love from two disgusting, plotting, disease infested individuals who have nothing to offer life. in short die already.

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Fuck off

Posted on Mon, May. 18, 2015 at 05:05 am

I saw your fucking stupid secret Facebook messages to my daughter about your ugly horses. Give it the fuck up already. She only pretends to give a shit because she doesn't want to miss out on birthday and Christmas presents.

Here's a private message for you: You were the nastiest mother in law that I could ever have imagined. And I still hate you. Go fuck your horse you dumb bitch.

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Posted on Mon, May. 18, 2015 at 04:03 am

These are few things which I am gonna soon tell DH and in-laws on their faces.

MIL- You are a piece of crap. The way you treat me soon will be done with you. You say that I am dumb. FYI I am far better educated then your son. you are an illiterate bi***. I respected you and listened to all your shit doesnt mean that you can humiliate me everyday. You boast about your cooking a lot. you should know that is nothing to be so proud of coz that is the only thing you know. You had been doing it from the age of 8. I hate your food. Due to your cooked food..i had food poison several times. Your kids dont listen to you that doesnt mean you force your decisions on me. The important thing I wanted to inform you..Your son doesnt love you..so stop interfering into our lives . Last not the least..i am not ever let my kids see you.

FIL- You lazy old man. There is more to life than watching TV and sleeping 24X7.So lift your butt and do something than ordering everyone else. I know you dont like me coz m more intelligent than everyone else in ur family. U admire your elder son and his spouse a lot. But, when you would know they just fake their love n concern..what u gonna do. they soon gonna leave the country and never come back to see you. You will then know who your real family is.

BIL- I know you dont like me. I know you tried to break our relationship before marriage many times. U can never see your brother happy. U r a pathetic person. You know what ur future is ...you gonna be ur wife's dog.

DH- U say I am dumb. FYI my IQ is more than yours..I am better educated than u. U say ur family is really honest. Ur family is a pack of liars n u r the biggest liar of all. I left my higher studies for you. U lied to me about everything. I loved u and this is what i get. Every other day..i come to know the truth behind ur every lie. When i married u..i admired u ..now as each day passes i detest u. LIAR!!!!!

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Glad You Choked On Your Own Bitterness!

Posted on Mon, May. 18, 2015 at 03:29 am

Oh my, didn't you just hate the fact that I was so popular, shitty S-I-L.

You put on such a show- and a seriously fake and forced one at that- and yet I was still the one being approached and spoken to, asked questions. Cracked jokes with people who were so lovely and who I got on so well with. I could see from you face that you HATED every moment.

You came across as being false. You twitched when you smiled as it was forced and after a short while you couldn't keep it up. You kept looking over at me and my hubby/daughter as you could see they were also being greeted with such warmth and genuine interest. That is because we do not pretend to be people we are not.

Now you fully realise that we are here to stay and you are not the only D-I-L. Our daughter was a hit and behaved beautifully. She looked amazing, spoke nicely and carried herself with dignity.

You always want to compete with me, with us, and each time you come away with egg on your face. If we go somewhere you have to, if we go abroad you have to, but you never have the same amazing experiences as we do as you go for the attention and not to enjoy yourself. It hasn't sunk in yet has it, you are your own worst enemy.

I could see you choking on your own bitterness and envy and I just thought how silly you were. You AND your husband need to grow up. You are as bad as each other.

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Not the same difference!

Posted on Mon, May. 18, 2015 at 02:46 am

SIL, I understand that you think you are some sort of saint and you even have a handful of people hoodwinked into thinking the same thing.
However, there is a big profound difference between caring and just sticking your nose in where it doesn't belong!
Let me give you an example.
Caring is asking someone if they need help and waiting for a response. If the answer is yes, you proceed to help them but if the answer is no, you back off.
But you have it in your head that you can butt into people's lives, get in there business, THINK your helping and then taking all the credit. This is NOT being caring.
I tried to point this out to you last time but you shot me down in flames and we haven't spoken since.
I can't stand you watching do this to other people.

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What a dick.

Posted on Sun, May. 17, 2015 at 11:56 pm

I unfortunately married a mama's boy to the nth degree. He is so abnormally attached to his mommy that he has cut me off from and turned me against my mom and dad. He made sure to deeply insult and hurt them so that his mommy would reign eternally as queen in our lives. My humble, hardworking parents have been summarily dispatched by this petulant spoiled brat. There is a reason for the commandment to sons to LEAVE their parents. No woman should be put in this terrible position, but unfortunately money can't buy character, maturity or integrity.

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Posted on Sun, May. 17, 2015 at 10:52 pm

You are 91 years old, please die already!

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