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Hospital Harassment

Posted on Fri, Oct. 10, 2014 at 09:50 am

I was giving birth to my first child. I had made it clear that anyone can come to see the baby in the hospital, but they must wait until after the child is born and we are in the postpartum wing.
Literally, all they had to do was wait for the baby to be born and for me to get decent again.

MIL came to the hospital while I was in labor. Plopped her butt right in the seat next to me, open her laptop and persisted to write emails.
When it came time to push, we were telling her to leave. She refused and made excuses
"Let me finish this email first"
"Let me use your bathroom"
Until the nurse practically threw her out.
While I was pushing, she relentlessly texted DH. Complaining that I am "taking too long".
This continued through the birth of my child! I was still being sewn up when she flipped out so badly that DH went out to tell her to stop. She fake cried on him. He wasn't having it and came back into the delivery room. The nurse was trying to get me unhooked from my IVs, when the phone rang in the delivery room. It was the nurse up front, asking if we were accepting visitors because my MIL wanted to come back. The nurse said no then handed the baby to DH and helped me move to my wheel chair. I was wheeled to postpartum/recovery, I didn't even get to sit on the bed yet. There I was, my butt hanging out of my gown, two nurses trying to help me sit down and MIL barges in, demanding to see the baby. Later on she tried to get DH to go home with her and leave me in the hospital alone. Even though I had a difficult birth and could barily move.
What the heck is wrong with her?!

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Good people with bad habits.

Posted on Fri, Oct. 10, 2014 at 05:51 am

My father in law lives in the country and has a few rules to save time and money. Rule#1 to make septic last longer, you are only aloud one shower a week and it should take 10-15 min like him. At first I followed his rules and I appreciated their help. But a person can only take so much. Soon after I started getting strong cramps in my lower abdomen. So bad I had to slouch sometimes. Eventually I went to the hospital and found out it was a bladder infection. I assumed I wasn't drinking enough water. Well...these infections kept coming back. Took me awhile to figure out the cause. Wonder how his wife does it. They also have another son who's disabled and every once in awhile bleeds from his belly button. I believe its from a cyst. But he only gets a shower on Sundays for church. Rule#2 do not flush tp down toilet. It was going fine until I found out he, bare with me, goes through trash to remove carboard rolls and then uses the actuall used trash to start the fire in the woodstove. I caught him before literally grabbing it with his bare hands to throw it in the fire. As far as I know, he now just throws the whole bag in there without opening it...Yeah. Like that makes a difference. #3 please recycle cans. Well, I had friends who came over and threw away everything. I guess my fathernlaw likes to double check my trash. #4 do not tell anyone about their illegal size fish, their pet skunk that constantly chewed on their disabled sons toes until they bled, especially his caregiver about that that one time I found their son eating the house cats droppings like it was a chocolate bar. Oh and dinner time was awesome. Right before dinner they would change their disabled sons diaper. When we walk back in the room theres a smell and we would be expected to eat our food regardless. By the way the dining room is five feet away from where the disabled teen sleeps, gets fed, watches tv all day, gets changed, gets his teeth brushed, and literally lays on that floor 24/7 except Sunday mornings. I have known them for 6-7 years now. And as far as I know nothing has changed. My husband grew up in this and thinks there is absolutely nothing wrong. But they have spent the SSI money on a brand new living room set, tv, paint, etc. As far as I know they have not spent one cent in trying to help their disabled son get better, get physical therapy, or at least try to teach him to do anything independantly on his own. He just lays there every day. Oh..when they pour cheetos on floor within his reach to grab and snack on. But its even cuter when their pet pug goes up to sniff and blow snot on it, then eats some while he continues eating. When I or anyone tries talking to them about doing more for their disabled son they emmediatly start to cry and say that no one knows what they go threw. Which is true but the neglect is still there. I'm sorry if anyone thinks I'm judging but I'm seriously not understanding their way of thinking. Im not used to seeing this type of lifestyle. There are boundaries and there are ways a human being should be treated. I know if I had a disabled child I know I would do everything in my power to make them improve in some way despite the inconvenience it might cause. Especially if I was getting paid to like they are. Am I seriously the only one who feels this way. Am I really overthinking this like my husband everyone around me says. I dont like the way these people do things. I dont need these people in my life. And I don't care if they're considered good people who go to church every Sunday. They have asked me to twist the truth and caused me to lie, caused me pain, caused my husband and I to fight and separate a few times, caused alot more damage. I'm also tired of his racist jokes and his conspiracy theories. All he does is cause us to get depressed. I only hope my husband sees outside the box like I see it or at least I hope we stay away from them for as long as possible for our marriage sake.

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Posted on Thu, Oct. 09, 2014 at 09:53 pm

I've posted on here quite about my in-laws. I hate them. They are sooo annoying. I read some of these posts about people complaining about how their in-laws don't have anything to do with them and I get eaten up with envy. How lucky to not have your in-laws pestering you all day or coming over unannounced whenever they feel like it. I hate it!! I wish they would fall off the face of the Earth! My MIL is so fake I'm surprised she isn't made of plastic. She is sooooo Christian yet she is always talking to people like they are all beneath her, especially workers at food joints and retail stores. She is an old hag to be around and I just puke every time I have to see her. What's funny is her kids are nothing but worthless lazy bums. My SIL is no different. She is nothing but an ignorant worthless vile waste of space. She should be where she belongs, in hell or in prison but instead she is blissfully ruining my life. I'm not sure who I hate more. They are all freaks. Why the hell did I marry into this family? I love my husband but sometimes that isn't enough to deal with crazy lunatics the rest of my life. The only thing I have to look forward too is that FIl is sick and dying and MIL is old and has a few illnesses.

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you cant change in laws, so dont try!!

Posted on Thu, Oct. 09, 2014 at 02:24 pm

After three years of being married and trying to be nice to in laws and receiving ingratitude in return, I give up!! I no longer buy them anything. I used to go shopping and would always bring something for them. Sil could never get enough, and never said thank you. They always expect dh to take them to expensive restaurants. Guess what?? I have a say in that!!! I don't promote get togethers or go out of my way for them as I used to. I am deaf when they complain about things they "need" such as expensive creams and beauty products. I'm nice when I see them, respectful, but I no longer let them use me and I keep my distance as much as I can without making it too obvious. The result: I'm sooo much calmer, unstressed and so much happier. I have more money. No more buying them expensive stuff I wouldn't buy for myself, or letting my sil tag along at the mall so that she can expect to get whatever she wants at my expense. I've had to leave stuff I needed in order to afford all the things she picked out :/. Its like she didn't realize that she had 9 or ten items and I only had 1....its not fair going shopping for someone else with your money. And now I'm free :) you lose, I win inlaws :)

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Simpering SIL, Part 2

Posted on Thu, Oct. 09, 2014 at 02:00 pm

Well my DH is doing leaves. Where we live, we have a lot of trees and lots of leaves. So simpering sil calls and gets snippy because I do not track down my dh to take her call. Well her nose was out of joint and she only wanted to let my dh know that his brother is leaving to go down south for the winter. So what, and they are having a get together to send them off. We haven't seen him or the wife for the entire spring and summer so why would I want to go say good bye? All they will do is drink, my dh does not drink (in recovery) and my retarded dh will cry poor (as usual) and push everyone to pay for his drinks. What fun is that? So, I will stay home and have a peaceful time.

Sincerely your Smart SIL.

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Posted on Thu, Oct. 09, 2014 at 01:16 pm

Sil 1: You're cool with me.
Sil 2: I hope you get hit by a bus.
Mil: Stop lying about stupid stuff. It's really unattractive.
Fil: Croak soon please! Sincerely,
Had it up to here with your shit!

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The value of family

Posted on Thu, Oct. 09, 2014 at 12:03 pm

What's it worth to you?

You keep putting your personal issues, spiteful grudges and narcissistic self indulgences first... See if that keeps you company in your old age.

Too little too late mil. When you find out what you missed out on, when you find out how serious it is, you will have the choice to backpedal and find a way to deflect blame OR you could cease and desist, be sincere and regain a family with your apology.

Either way it stops, here and now, no more. Up to you. You have more to lose than we do.

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I am worried...

Posted on Thu, Oct. 09, 2014 at 11:47 am

I'm 33 weeks pregnant military wife who gets stressed from mil.... My hubby has three sisters who love showing how happy they are on Facebook though their life seem lame to me... These three don't like seeing people being happy... And always check up on my Facebook as well... Then tell me they are happier than I was on the phone or purposely uploaded pics.. They don't like my "it's not my business" attitude...
My husband is also big stress because he is pretty dumb.. He can forget about things in 10 secs or he is the person who loses "don't forget" notes and more stories...
But these stupid mils believe that he is the most amazing guy ever!
Even though I'm having hard time moving around with my big belly they told my husband that house keeping is woman's job or she must be bipolar, or setting you up for not doing anything..
Um... I've never seen them cleaning up or cooking... But I do cook lunch and dinner for my husband everyday...
I'm stressed out with these people though they live in different country... I'm also worried they will be super bad influence for my son....

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Posted on Thu, Oct. 09, 2014 at 11:31 am

Well, I've posted on here a few times over the last couple of years for therapeutic benefits, and when I post on here, I generally regard that as being positive because it means that I've successfully taken control of my emotions and am placing my attention and focus on things that are worthy of if, but I felt that I had to post again...

Dear Rat Girl,

You must have gone wayyy off the deep end this time because NO ONE and I mean NO ONE wants you here. You could have taken your nasty ass anywhere in the world, why decided to revisit a place where you caused so many issues for people? Hmm, guess there wasn't much thought involved in this one (and with your pea brain, you don't have much brain power to spare I realize), but seriously? You never take steps to make amends with your brother and I (remember he's the one you dishonored with your nasty attack on me in 2011), and then you have the NERVE to come over here again? Even your asshole brother, Mugly doesn't want to have anything to do with you!

The hypocrisy involved in this situation is really quite unbelievable. I come to find out that you're an unemployed loser who's been leeching off of your cancer survivor mother with your fat, layabout good for nothing older brother. Seriously?

You are a moron and a two-bit saboteur drunk. Yo have brought nothing but negativity into our lives, and that's why you aren't in it. Here you are thinking that people here want something to do with you, and you have no idea! That speaks to your stupidity, immaturity and arrogance, and this is ultimately why I hate your guts. Guess what? I have ZERO respect for you.

But alas, the days of me internalizing your family's dysfunctional dynamics are long, long gone. Instead, it's been replaced with a firm, resolute determination to NEVER let you our anyone in your pathetic, broken family EVER pull me into this morass again. Your idiot brother Mugly has been given some very stern warnings from yours truly vis-a-vis my husband who has to be the unlucky messenger, and he has been instructed to pass down some messages. Try to keep your shit together and not booze too much this trip, eh? I don't think anyone wants to deal with the G*****bitches again, least of all, Mugly.

Oh, and about the only type of acknowledgment you will get from my husband will be negative ones about your actions and your words. No, shit for brains, you aren't off the hook, not even close. We will always remember what you and others in your family did, and our lives are SOOO much better off without your family dysfunction.

STAY THE HELL AWAY!!!!!! You reap what you sow, biatch!

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For the love of god

Posted on Thu, Oct. 09, 2014 at 09:36 am

Shut up MIL! Stop demanding me to do things for you because your life is "so hard". You have millions of $! And you're complaining about your irrelevent job.

You just want attention. You're so pathetic.
I have two autoimmune diseases and small children to take care of. I complain a hell of a lot less than you! Just shut up already, you're driving me nuts.
Also, stop demanding that I cater to your every whim because you're "so sad". Suck it up buttercup! I'm being a lot nicer to you than you were me after I got out of the ER from being extremely ill. You actually told me to go back to live with my family because my illness is not my husband's "responsibility". How nice of you.
So I'll say it again, suck it up buttercup. Your "sadness" can take a flying leap.

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