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you made me hate you

Posted on Sun, Feb. 22, 2015 at 06:55 am

I hate you, you bitch. You don't even deserve to be called a mother in law cos you are anything but a mother. You talk about your sons and play them off one another. You favour the son who had f-ed up the most yet treat the others like crap when they do the most for you. You even allowed your loser druggie son to beat his wife and you turned a blind eye and instead excused his behaviour because "his wife had put on weight". You are disgusting and one of the most moodiest bastards I have ever met. I can't wait for the day I have nothing to do with you. I will have great pleasure in telling my son his grandmother was a f-ing idiot and doesn't deserve to have anyone. You are passive aggressive and you act like a child. I'm so glad you don't have any daughters because they would have ended up severely depressed or messed up. I regret getting married into your dysfunctional family and I will never understand how my husband turned out despite having you as a mother. The best of it is even he knows what you are like and we will be moving out and I can't wait to not see your ugly, moody, sour face every day. You yourself are ruining your relationship with the one son who will do anything for you. He is realising you are manipulative and 2 faced without me saying anything to him. You treat your own mother in law like crap in front of me. You act like my son is your son and when we move out I'm going to make sure he doesn't spend much time with you. You need to earn respect to get respect and just because I married your son doesn't mean you have rights over me or our children. You are an ugly bitch who has jealousy issues. If you can't handle your son being married, don't actively look for girls and try and set him up. I cant believe how much i hate you now...after nearly 4 years i have put up with shit because im too nice to do anything about it. Youve driven me to be this hateful resentful person. Ive given up so much because you didnt like it...i could have been stronger but you had the ability to make my life hell. My loving husband has seen what ive put up with which is why we are leaving. You even caused problems between your own sisters in law 20 years ago so youve not changed and you never will. Also, you stink of piss and it wouldn't hurt you to take a shower.

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So Damn Happy!

Posted on Sat, Feb. 21, 2015 at 11:32 pm

My MIL and FIL are about to get their quiet, peaceful life destroyed! My NIL, who is pregnant and have arrest charges, is moving litterally next door to her home. To top this off, the SIL (NILs mother) is also staying with MIL and only comes home when she is done prostituing herself/getting drunk! So today while visiting, my MIL says to DH "I cant take them, they drive me crazy!" but MIL is very bipolar - as she says to ME in broken English, "I am happy mi granddaughter and daughter here with me! I'm jealous of them and all their relationships". This is funny because i dont want a relationship with bipolar bitches, in particular, almost all the women in this family have no job, no future, and popping out kids for checks! MIL, you dumb bitch, i refuse to have any conversation with you because you are not there mentally, and say to everyone im a bad person because i am black, and you know you hate me. I will NOT have another child! I DO WORK AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO! I refuse to sit around and collect welfare! The only reason NIL is moving close to you is that she knows you'll watch her kids while she goes out and party with her mother/get drunk, etc. She is an unfit mother and you KNOW you did something bad when your daughter and granddaughter are whoring around and act like they got no sense of being single mothers! In fact, DH told me you were a bad mother yourself raising him!
Im happy that we rarely visit but when we do, dh and i get headaches and we leave in ten minutes. And im glad dh did not take after all his family too.

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I want my control back

Posted on Sat, Feb. 21, 2015 at 10:49 pm

Why do you think you can come over without calling? Why do you think it's okay to, again, tell grandma outta party yup cone up my house when she's been staying with sick people without asking me at all? I have a baby, a 6m old. How can you both knowingly try to get him sick? You're such assholes. You got him sick last time. And you, dh, just sitting in the bedroom like a beaten little puppy, too afraid to tell your dad no. I want the control back in my life to tell people no, to protect my babies from illness or idiots without being threatened. I hate being in the position I'm in. I hate dh for not being more of a man. It's such a turn off, I'm disgusted with him.

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Posted on Sat, Feb. 21, 2015 at 04:59 pm

I just hate all of you so much!! That's all I have to say...

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Been Married34yrs, MILstill a B; PART 2

Posted on Sat, Feb. 21, 2015 at 01:19 pm

I wrote early,a few days ago but, 34 yrs being married to this family, I have so much to say. This family thinks, they are the best people & everyone else is not good. They are snobs. I can tell you, I have not heard anyone say anything good about this family. It got to be, people would say are you related to... I finally would say, "NO" never heard of them. They steal even from my family. My dad was nice enough to have my BIL over to hunt. My family are big farmers. BIL came over & stole from my dad. My husband & myself asked BIL to return items. MIL speaks up and said, "What Is The Problem?" So, what he took it! Never got the stuff back so my husband & I replaced items. Never seen a MIL tell her kids it's OK to steal and she's the best foster mom. Yes, I said my MIL was a foster mom. I guess the state does not check out people before they give kids out. Now, my husband was told his mom can't pay her taxes on her house and his brother can't pay his child support. Hint, hint, hint. they thought they could get the money out of us; Oh, not us, everything is my husband's, nothing is my, I guess in the 34 yrs, I never worked for anything. I've been told by the B. I should not have a dishwasher, a stove, a refig., why should I have a cell phone. Who do you think are getting a new car. Which have been all things that I worked to pay for. Bought a new washer & dryer, never heard the end of that. Guess I should go 2 the river & beat the clothes on a rock. Now my husband just tells his family he pays for everything because that's what they want 2 hear. And now think everything is only her son's. He's only staying married 2 me because he has too, little do they know all the bad things my husband tells me about them and how the mom treated him so bad growing up. My husband only sees his mom the most once a yr, on Christmas time, only because he feels that's when he should do it. I have nothing 2 do with them. I Hate These People!! They are worst!!

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Time heals all wounds, sort of.

Posted on Sat, Feb. 21, 2015 at 12:09 pm

I realized today it's been over a year since I have been around the il's. They were such an emotional drain and it was a good decision but being out of the mess makes me see clearer just how bad I was treated. It makes me feel bad for the person I was. So sweet, trying to please, ignoring mean comments,trying to get along. I decided I had enough and went off on a few of the il's. Lol it was great! They thought, like I kind of did, that it would blow over but instead of me feeling bad I feel more everyday like I never want to see any of them again. I get mad about things they said and did and how I just took it with a smile on my face. It was like they were holding their approval over my head and no matter what I will never get it, ever, so there is no use trying. They aren't even worth the effort to think about.

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Divorce!!!Say something, I'm giving up on you!!

Posted on Sat, Feb. 21, 2015 at 05:29 am

Now, I understand why people choose not to be married to a so called man "a mama's boy"!! Some people think this is cute phrase when a boy is a boy but this phrase is sickening to a wife when her husband is in his prime & should be making a separate family of his own. What is a wife to do when she is tired of being apart of a train wreck of a marriage. Your mom rather see you without a happy wife and be miserable with her because you can't f¥ck your mom. So aren't you to leave your mom& clever to your wife completely.

Ladies, I'm preparing myself for divorce, I can't continue to fight a losing battle...at this point the only way I can win is if the b! t € h dies soon & who knows if he is even worth it after she kills over?? I don't know but I do know that I'm not afraid of change and I will just have to accept that I have a failed marriage because of a sick & selfishnarcissistic MIL & a mama's boy that never saw my value as a beautiful Intelligent mature and loving wife. I've tried to love her and inlaws unconditionally but now I realize it's no longer wworth it and should just save my love for me and my next husband. As the song goes, "Say something I'm giving up on you..."My verse goes, Say something, I'm divorcing you...you're the one that I loved but I'm saying goodbye..."

Loving Wife♡♡♡

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Our Answerphone Means YOU Get The Message!

Posted on Sat, Feb. 21, 2015 at 03:53 am

Yes! The message is loud and clear! You HAVE to leave a message, you HAVE to wait for us to respond when we are ready. YOU pushed us to this, you in-laws from hell. Suck it up!

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EVIL. just pure E-V-I-L!!!!!

Posted on Fri, Feb. 20, 2015 at 05:35 pm

My DHs' Grandma got diagnosed with dementia today.
Although my relationship with all my in-laws is cagey at best, I was generally rather sad to hear the news, as its not a nice illness.
BUT what I didn't expect was that all my in-laws BLAME ME for the diagnosis. Apparently its all my fault she got dementia!!! They won't explain why its my fault either. It just is apparently!
Granted I've not seen or spoken to any of my in-laws for two years!!!
I'm sicken to my stomach by this and its my upset a lot of people on my side of the family too.
DH is caught in the middle is also upset.
Not sure if this is simply the shock and they are looking for something or someone to blame but as far as I'm concerned after doing this, I never want to hear about, see or even remotely sense my in-laws EVER AGAIN.

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Just noticed a pattern here SIL.

Posted on Fri, Feb. 20, 2015 at 04:29 pm

I was thinking about my hateful SIL earlier on today and then like a bolt of lightning it hit me...
1st: your brother finds a new wife (me) and you hate me before even talking to me (so I've heard). You then yell at me and attempt to hit me only after meeting me for 5 minutes.
2nd: your uncle finds a new girlfriend and again, before you even meet her your calling her all sorts of names and makes her life a living hell when they do meet.
3rd: two male cousins also gets a new girlfriend's and well...You get the picture I'm sure.
The funny thing is if a female member of the family gets a new boyfriend/husband she doesn't care and carries on.
SIL this isn't fair to verbally bash and instantly hate on another woman that you feel somehow "invades" the family territory.
Obviously, this is an issue you will have to deal with on your own terms. It if wasn't for the fact you scare me half to death, I would tell you to your face... But instead, I will tell my husband to nicely pass the message on to you.

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