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How I Got Rid of My In-Laws

Posted on Mon, Jun. 29, 2015 at 07:09 am

My in-laws are mean, bitter and apparently devoid of any human emotions. I am glad I don't have to put up with them any more.

It started when DH and I got engaged. BIL and his then-GF had been engaged but had cancelled their wedding due to them splitting up and getting back together. Well, a couple of weeks after we announced we were getting married, they followed suit. I didn't initially see any problem with that. Their wedding was the year after ours so there couldn't be any conflict over dates etc. I under-estimated how mean-spirited BIL's GF was.

I wanted a quiet wedding - I would have eloped if possible, but DH was keen to have some of his family there. We decided on a child-free wedding at a local registry office. When BIL's GF heard this, she repeatedly phoned us up crying saying we had to change the wedding so that her daughter could come. She even messaged saying she would pay for us to upgrade the wedding to accommodate her since it was clear we couldn't afford a bigger wedding. (Bear in mind that this is a woman I have only ever met once.) Eventually we upgraded our wedding for her (we paid for it ourselves), changing the venue and the time of our wedding to suit her. We were firm that the reception was a no kids affair though, since it was being hosted at my mum's (small) house. BIL no.1's GF said that was satisfactory and she would find a baby sitter.

Fast forward to midnight the night before the wedding and she phones DH telling him that she isn't coming to the wedding, neither is BIL no.1, or their daughter. She and BIL no. 1 say that the wedding shouldn't be taking place and they don't approve etc etc. DH was devastated and tried to convince them to come, especially his brother. They refused to come to his wedding, even although he had paid to upgrade our wedding and changed things for them.

When I found out the next day, I didn't say anything as it was our wedding day and I didn't want to ruin anything. BIL no. 2 and his GF completely ignored me when I spoke to them and didn't so much as say hello to me at my own wedding. They later posted an album of wedding pictures on social media - I featured in none of them (despite being the bride) and the album was entitled "DH's wedding". Charming. MIL left the wedding reception after about an hour so that she could go and check on BIL no.1 and his GF, and make sure they were okay.

Anyway, after getting back from honeymoon, I was so happy that I decided it would be best to phone them up, apologise if I had caused any offence with crimes unknown, and just smooth things over so that married life got off to a peaceful start. That's when MIL informed me that BIL no.2's GF had been spreading lies about me and things I had (not) said. I asked BIL no.2's GF about it and she denied it and then changed her story. Weird, but it wasn't a big deal. Then DH asked her to remove the wedding album from social media, since it was insulting to photograph the entire day and then remove photos of the bride. BIL no.2 told DH never to speak to him again. That was 6 years ago and they haven't seen one another since.

DH hasn't seen BIL no.1 for 6 years either, despite holding out an olive branch on numerous occasions (offering to cook them dinner etc).

Needless to say, DH didn't get invited to BIL no.1's wedding. When they invited him to MIL's 50th birthday, they made it plain I was not welcome. Luckily DH told them where to shove their invitation.

For 5 years, we sent the children of both BILs birthday and Christmas gifts - even if we couldn't see them, we wanted them to know that they were still thought of. We never got thank you cards or heard anything back, except a complaint from BIL no.1, who complained once that we got his daughter's name wrong (they had changed it after their wedding and we didn't know). When we had kids, BIL no.1 did not even bother to acknowledge their existence.

MIL clearly decided that BIL no.1 was the favoured son and starting spending all her time with him and his GF (who she would always say she hated). When they got married, she made a huge fuss in a way she never did with ours. That hurt DH's feelings.

When DH graduated from University, MIL booked a cruise and wasn't at the graduation. I had paid for expensive photographs to be taken - MIL made digital copies and cropped me out of them before posting them on Facebook.

Previously, MIL had phoned DH every week. She stopped doing so after his graduation and she blocked him (and me) on Facebook. DH was hurt and confused but every time DH tried to ask her what was wrong, MIL would tell him that nothing was wrong and he was imagining it etc. DH wasn't even invited to the 18th birthday party MIL threw for DH's youngest brother, BIL no.3, who DH had always been close to.

Fast forward a couple of years and we had moved city (thank God). MIL hadn't kept in contact or made any effort to call etc. MIL sent DH a Christmas text, Saying "Merry Christmas from X (her full name) and Family.". Like he was a next door neighbour. You can imagine how hurt DH was by this.

I got pregnant so MIL automatically books a cruise around the Greek islands for baby's due date. DH and I didn't see her (or any of the other family) once during the pregnancy. She didn't even see our baby until he was four months old.

When baby was 4 weeks old, she got BIL no.3 to write stuff on my Facebook wall about how DH was neglecting her and was bitter and nasty etc. (I imagine she would have done it herself but couldn't since she had blocked us). DH messaged BIL no.3 and said that wasn't the case, that he loved his family dearly and couldn't understand what was going on with them. BIL no.3 said he wanted nothing to do with DH, me or the baby. We haven't seen him since.

Fast forward a couple of years and we have a second baby. MIL is the most hands-off grand-parent ever known and always seems utterly disinterested in our children. She never bothers with what DH is doing despite the fact that he's her son. (In fact, we used to have a game when she came round that we would see how long it took her to ask a question. Often she would go months without asking a question - how are you; how's work; what are the kids up to etc. Nothing. She would just sit and talk about herself.)

Once I was trying to eat my lunch and MIL started talking about her colon.

In a way I am glad that MIL is disinterested in my children - before DH and I got married, she would bitch and moan about her two granddaughters and say how one was spoiled and one was clever etc. She would go on and on about how much she disliked their mothers and how her sons could do better etc.

Now we rarely see MIL - she spends her time with the families of my BILs and pretends to like their GFs. I finally get peace and quiet and get the amusement of seeing her ass-kissing people she said she hates.

Also, BIL no.1 split up with his then GF, now wife. (Their wedding pictures were hilarious, heehee). BIL no.2's GF posts online about how sad she is that BIL no.2 hasn't ever proposed to her.

My husband and I are free from their drama, happily raising our kids. When MIL comes round, we are polite to her and make an effort for our kids' sakes, but that's all we do. And we've never been happier.

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Thank you...

Posted on Mon, Jun. 29, 2015 at 03:25 am

You have to be the most selfish person I have ever met. You create all kinds of drama and finally my husband (your son) and our adult children see it and they all think less of you now and finally see what I've been dealing with all these years. I should probably thank you because they have never really believed me or taken me seriously because you were smart enough not to insult me in front of them. But you finally slipped and showed your nastiness and manipulation to them. So thank you. I'm just sorry your son has to suffer because of you now. A real parent puts their childs needs first not their own bitterness. You suck!

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I wish I could sue for misrepresentation

Posted on Mon, Jun. 29, 2015 at 12:16 am

I am an only child. When I met my husband I was so glad he had a large family. Little did I know. I should have known when one of his sisters told me she was shocked he would marry me. Then when I called him sweetheart, she told me smugly he was her sweetheart first (wtf). When I found out I was pregnant a week before we got married, she asked who the father was. Bitch, you know damn well. Believe it or not, your brother really does have sex, so there. And I was 31 at the time. Funny thing is..she says her snotty comments when my husband is not around, so he simply writes it off as I'm taking it wrong. Well cue ten years later and I am done. F*ck each of his miserable snotty sisters who think they are so great, and f*ck his brothers who are pompous asses (throw my husband into the mix too). I shouldn't dread holidays and family get togethers, it stresses me out months ahead of time and I usually am traumatized after. For one thing, I don't enjoy sitting around with a clique of judgmental morons who treat me like a bastard child at a family reunion. I have fibromyalgia and hurt all the time, why should I suffer their shit? I'm done feeling guilty at staying home because I feel too rotten to play their f8cking charades or boring ass board games. So what that I'd rather stay home and read a book, I certainly wouldn't hold it against someone for feeling the same. What is worse is I have overheard my husband (who would rather stay home and play his computer over anything) using me as the excuse why he doesn't go visit. So now I'm the asshole of the century. I never told him he couldn't go see them. In fact, it was me who mailed out the birthday cards, Christmas cards and shopped for presents. No more. I'm taking the cash I spent on those ungrateful bunch of douche nozzles and putting into a Disneyland fund for my children. And that's another thing..they remember the birthdays of all the other nieces and nephews except my children. Only one sister-in-law (married to his asshole of a brother, he's such an ass that his co-workers put I SUCK C0CK on his truck with shaving cream) remembers my kids' birthdays, even just to call up and say 'happy birthday'. So this formerly sad and hurt person lifts both middle fingers to the biggest bunch of dipshits and will no longer dread holidays because I am never subjecting myself again. Plus, I am going to move out of state (whether my husband comes or not is moot as I own this house free and clear) far enough that I'm out of this miserable desert and it will be so inconvenient for those jerkoffs to slither back in my line of vision. And to my sister-in-law who walked in my house and had the audacity to give me a dirty look, fck you and your fat ass. You have really aged and look terrible, I chalk it up to your outsides are showing your insides. Getting mad at me because I didn't want to go out to dinner with you and BIL is because 1. it was after 9 at night and I was getting ready for bed 2. NO I am not going to ask my teenage son to babysit, I have one son with autism who can have meltdowns at any minute for any reason and 3. I thought I was being nice by telling my husband to go ahead and go, I would gladly watch the kids. You know damn well two of the other SIL would never let their husbands do that, if they can't go...he can't go. But no, I'm still a big asshole. You all seemed so nice at the beginning, you bunch of fakers. Too bad I learned that you all are a weird cult unto yourselves. The only reason I don't sue for misrepresentation is because of one SIL I love and one niece I love. The rest of you can sit on a lubed cactus. Fuck you all.

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Lazy MIL

Posted on Sun, Jun. 28, 2015 at 10:29 pm

Thanks for inviting us to dinner and serving hot dogs. That's it. Just hot dogs. One each. And a can of chili. You really went out of your way.

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Sing Dirty To Me, Grandma!

Posted on Sun, Jun. 28, 2015 at 09:46 pm

Usually, my MIL saves her dirty jokes, which are generally more disgusting than funny, for the immediate family and her friends. Yesterday, on a car ride with my FIL, MIL, DIL, and husband with the car windows open and while in heavy traffic, my MIL loudly broke into a bawdy song about rolling her over and doing her over again. At 86, she thinks she's adorable.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to say my husband is a minister.

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Please, Embarrass Me Some More!

Posted on Sun, Jun. 28, 2015 at 09:39 pm

I am a professor and we take my visiting in-laws for a day at the museum and dinner at a restaurant of their choice. A lovely young women who is a former student of mine is our waitress. Instead of an entrée, my step FIL orders an appetizer, which he is politely advised doesn't come with a salad. My MIL harasses the waitress until she very graciously gives him a salad she doesn't charge him for and that he didn't even eat. Then, my MIL begins pestering the waitress for free desserts for all of us. Mind you, they are not even paying for the meal and we would have been delighted to purchase an additional side salad and desserts. I wanted to crawl under the table I was so mortified but my MIL was gleeful to have traded upon my relationship with the waitress to secure a free salad. (I went back to the table and added a $20 bill to the tip.)

My MIL is constantly on the hunt for ways she can bully anyone and everyone for unearned discounts and free this and that. She acts as if it makes her a superior person if she can get someone to give her something she didn't earn and doesn't deserve.

That was last year. This year we went to a buffet my in-laws love and my MIL scolded my husband loudly for leaving a $10.00 tip for great service for a table of five including a coffee he didn't charge for. She loudly declared so that the service person could hear her that we should leave $5 or less and that they usually don't leave any tip at all.

I need to start wearing a disguise when we go out to dinner with MIL.

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I love you, son... or maybe not

Posted on Sun, Jun. 28, 2015 at 09:02 pm

This morning right after I got up, my MIL who is staying in the downstairs duplex, knocked on our door. I yelled that I wasn't dressed and asked her to give me a minute. She barged in and I again told her I wasn't dressed and would she give me a minute but she just kept talking. I finally stopped asking and adjourned to the bedroom telling her that I was going to get dressed and would be back in a minute. I then got her what she needed. When my husband came home, she told him she didn't think I wanted her and her husband to stay with us and maybe they should move to a hotel. (We live in a popular tourist area and there are no hotel or motel rooms available on short notice at this time of year and she knows that.)

Her goal is to get my husband agitated. When I worked late one evening, she asked if I had gone to stay in a motel. When she told him about her life insurance policy which he is to use the proceeds from to bury her, he asked her a follow-up question on the policy and her response was she bets he would like to get a look at her will. (He is her only remaining living child.) He's still working hard to get her approval after all of these years and doesn't realize it will always be fleeting and she will always push him away and pull him back like a yoyo. Sadly, my husband is accomplished, witty, and very well liked. He refuses to tell his mother he loves her and says she is toxic but, at some level, he still hopes to earn her love. I love him very much; so, I talk him down when he gets all worried what his mother thinks of him -- more often than not. This time, I told him it's none of his business where I am and, she's right, I can't wait until she leaves. He was about to object until I asked him to remember his phone calls to me the last time he stayed with her. "She's your mother and you can't stand her and you grew up with her!" He likes my mom better than his own for good reason. I am so grateful to have been raised by someone who loves me no matter what, that I can be honest with, and who always has my back. Happy 90th birthday, mom!!!

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Posted on Sun, Jun. 28, 2015 at 08:28 pm

So your birthday was today and no call from dh aka your son. Well remember when my dd bday was on mothers day and then my ds bday was at the beginning of June and no call from you, good I'm glad you remember so it should be no surprise. Dh finally realize you for who you all really are. You thought that you could get rid of me by spreading lies to the whole family but all you did was push him all the way to me. You went as far as to say he could do better, better than what because im a princess because my father, Jesus, is a king. So I really I feel sorry for you because it's been so long with all this foolishness. Our ten year anniversary is here in a few weeks and we are still strong. I was so young when I met your son and you thought that bullying a young girl was funny,but oh no more. I'm now 33 and grown, and by the way hating my children is only making you look bad. They will continue to live and love in spite of not because of. I doubt if they ever have a relationship with you seeing as you only see them maybe once every 3 to four years in walmart. Take care hope your golden child gave you a good gift.

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Health Benefits

Posted on Sun, Jun. 28, 2015 at 04:35 pm

..... I recently had surgery and my drs' were amazed at how my high blood pressure had corrected itself.

They kept asking me how I did it; I thought hard about it because I had not taken meds or changed my diet or excersized more, and suddenly it hit me .....

I left my no good lying, thieving, drug addicted, cheating ex ..... and Bonus the F*cked up Inlaws too!

Proof Positive Stress is not good for you!

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Why can't ESIL come clean!

Posted on Sun, Jun. 28, 2015 at 04:24 pm

ESIL has caused so many problems in the family because of her jealousy and unhappiness issues. She has been a terrible sister to DH and equally a bad SIL. Yet, she refuses to apologize for her horrible behaviour and come clean with us. Until she reaches that point in her life we won't have anything to do with her as she continues her game playing and devious scheming ways. Using her daughter and other brother to manipulate us. She is truly an evil and pathetic human being. DH has decided to let her rot in her own juices. Fine by me, I've never liked her anyways. I'm not missing much, just missing alot of demands, nosing into our business and aggravation. So, goodbye!

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