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Crash already!

Posted on Mon, Apr. 14, 2014 at 06:53 am

My ILs love to fly and travel. They travel several times a year. I admit, each time I secretly wish their flight takes has a -ahem- unfortunate accident. A shame it hasn't happened yet.

Just like parasites, they don't die easily.

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Female in-laws= God's punishment to womankind

Posted on Sun, Apr. 13, 2014 at 11:28 pm

Dear MIL,
I love how you think that I'm rude just because I speak my mind, stand up for my self, have years of college education, a good job, and a beautiful smile. It must feel so good knowing that you have ruined the relationship with your son because you wanted to plan and control every decision we have made since day 1. I feel so embarrassed and a guilty sense of pleasure for you when you walk into our home knowing how uncomfortable you feel cause I now have the upper hand.

And Dear Sil,
No one likes you nor cares what you have to say. Seriously, why do little girls think they have any control over their brothers and lives. Do you have some sick effed disease where you think your brother should only focus any attention on you? Buy you things? Be his priority in life?
I hope God has a special place in hell for satanic in-laws.

P.S. I won, bitches ;-)

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Oh no!

Posted on Sun, Apr. 13, 2014 at 03:37 pm

My mil loves to act like I am the antichrist who stole her son away (he moved away to be in the military after college, but somehow that is my fault.)
Now that I am pregnant, my MIL rants and raves "just you wait! You'll see how it feels if that baby is a boy!!"
..See what MIL? That in 18+ years he'll be out of the house? Off to college or a Job? Have a girlfriend? Oh no!!! It is called growing up! How ever will I see that coming?!

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The evil puppet master of manipulation

Posted on Sun, Apr. 13, 2014 at 03:26 pm

when I married my wife I knew that she had some issues with her family. Her mom is mentally ill and her father is an abusive jerk. My wife is the oldest and the only girl with four brothers. Her father does not like women and has always been abusive to my wife and his own wife who is also mentally ill as I said. Her father has done nothing but put me down since we got married and even before questioning everything from how far I went in school to what I did for hobbies to who my friends were. I lost my job a few years back and we had adopted a child so I was staying home as a stay at home dad because it was working that way quite well even though we didn't have a lot of the extra money we used to have. Are water pump went and we were short a little bit of cash to get it fixed so my wifes reluctantly asked him for a little bit of help. He came over and before he could even sit down he started to attack us and me for being out of work at cetera. I have never really liked the man so that was all I needed to hear and I unloaded on him I did not hold back one thing I told him what I thought of him and the things he has done over the years to make her life miserable. My wife remembers him being abusive to her mother when she was at her sickest before she was medicated. My wife also remember some sexual abuse by him which she told me about after we had been together for a few years. Her telling me this did nothing for us to like him more. actually hated him even more from that point on it was hard to get along with any of them because they were such deep denial in the family that it was totally ridiculous. After that day the whole family have not talked to her R Us. to be quite honest even though it's sad to see my wife have to go through that we are much happier without contact with them at all. I don't have to see my wife get hives everytime we would have to see them. And I don't feel the need to kill one of them either lol just kidding. Its a real bad situation.her father even went as far as to say I only have one blue eyed grandchild eluding to the fact that our daughter who is adopted and has blue eyes is not really part of his family. He has manipulated all his children but my wife has not drank his Kool Aid but his boys are under his thumb and think he is the best thing since sliced bread. He really is the evil manipulator and love nothing more than to start trouble. We're done with them all

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To both of my parents in law

Posted on Sun, Apr. 13, 2014 at 03:17 pm

You like to talk shit about me to the rest of the family..

Just so you know, the rest of the family talks shit about you behind your back for being so nasty.

Although I do try to stay out of it, I find it to be beautiful poetic justice.
Have a wonderful day!

Ps..the rest of the family dreads when you come to visit their home's too.

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Shirts from IL

Posted on Sun, Apr. 13, 2014 at 12:09 pm

I threw them away!

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i want out

Posted on Sun, Apr. 13, 2014 at 07:46 am

It's been 2 months only and i hate this family. Seriously.. I'm just pretending to be happy all the time. So much mental stress.. my smile has started to fade away too. I'm sad all the time. The emptiness i feel all the time inside my heart. I just came to visit my mom for a week. On this too my MIL commented that now u've to live here, not there. So put ur heart here n try n forget them all. Shit man! This is not done! In not happy at all. I'm sad after coming at my mom's place too bcoz i know I've to go back there. I can't smile n feel happiness completely. It's just my husband is a nice person that's why I'm putting up with that family. My MIL is second wife of my FIL.. that's why she never got to visit her mom after marriage. She had to face difficult times; but that doesn't give her the right to make our lives hell! N repeat the same things with us! I'm bearing it all just because i don't want the family's name to be ruined. N of course, because of my husband. Ours is a love marriage. But i never met his family n i curse myself for that. He's nice but rest of them r not. My MOTHER IN LAW, FATHER IN LAW, SISTER IN LAW r mental torturers!! I want to run away. I want to start over. Live separately. Wishing for their death! My thinking has gone so low! I can't go to market to buy anything by myself. Work like an ass all day. If u rest, then also u see them making faces! M i in a jail??!! It feels like so. It seems my life has come to an end. I can't do anything by myself. For giving your clothes to drycleaning even, i have to show them n take permission. It's really disgusting. N when i didn't, I'm still listening for that.. Oh god! Where have u put me.. I found a decent guy but the family, with whom I've to live day n night, is so so pathetic! I'm sick but i can't rest. It's a drama for them. I still worked n got more sick. Don't they have a heart?! I want out. I don't have the courage yet to get out of there because it's been just two months of my married life. But if they keep on doing so, I'll leave everyone.. May be my loving husband too whom i love a lot. But he accepts his family as they are. I can't. I'll wait for 1-3 years. I don't how much I'll be able to endure. N then I'll just leave one day. Please god forgive me. Because of this, many hearts will break. my maternal family's, my father's, my brother's, my sister's, my mom's specially.. My husband's.. I don't know if future holds something else or situations will change or not. But this is what i think right now. I'm feeling depressed like I've never felt yet. I'm sad all the time n faking smile at the same time. I hope my in laws change.

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What the heck

Posted on Sun, Apr. 13, 2014 at 01:14 am

DH and I are expecting our first child soon, which also happens to be the first grand child to my PILs. DH is not the favorite, SIL is. Whenever we see the PILs, they always go on and on about how they wish SIL would have a child instead. How gross is that? Why do we even bother with these people! Oh well, DH doesn't see it yet..but wait until SIL has a child and they forget all about ours. He knows it is coming, and when it does..he is going to lose it on them.
I still hope it doesn't happen though.

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Posted on Sun, Apr. 13, 2014 at 01:11 am

She starts drama because she's on SSRI's that make her paranoid. She's boring, unmotivated, and nitpicky. She has no children and she can't hide her misery. She can't stand people who are happy because she rarely feels that way. She has no ambitions and thinks that going to watch games is her ambition. She's most likely to die fat, sad, and alone.

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Pushed the Wrong Woman

Posted on Sat, Apr. 12, 2014 at 04:14 pm

I really didn't get to know my in-laws before I married my DH but I figured they must be cool because DH is amazing. He's funny, down to earth and funny. He's always been very shy and introverted but I just thought it was part of his great personality.......then I met his family. He's shy and quiet and always trying to blend into the scenery because these people are tyrants! Not just tyrants. STUPID tyrants. Have you ever had a stupid tyrant try to judge you? It's bizarre, like being told your wrong for not being as unintelligent and uninformed as they are. It's weird.
Well, I mesh with DH as an opposite but similar soul. I'm strong, a warrior, someone who stands up for myself, my loved ones and others who have been wronged. When my in-laws tried to push me and gang up on me, I stood up to them. It's not like their opinions are important. Like I said, they're stupid.
Fast forward a few months. Our lives are peaceful, in-law free. DH just missed SIL's birthday and doesn't care. You guys let your small minds destroy you son's/brother's live for you.
Please stay in the past. Live is great without you.

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