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Posted on Wed, Jul. 16, 2014 at 06:36 am

Today is nasty FIL's birthday. My in-laws have been absolutely horrible through the years. I finally stood up for myself recently (about six months ago) and the psychos flipped on DH because they're too much of cowards to face me and pony up for what they've done to my children and to me. FIL told DH six months ago that he never wanted to talk to DH again because he was married to me. This morning, DH asked me to remind him to tryto call monster FIL tonight because DH is sweet and thoughtful and I guess has forgotten how cruel his father was too him.
Guess who isn't going to remind him! I'd never forbid DH from speaking to those monsters but I'll certainly not go out of my way to remind him to allow those jerks to walk all over him. Additionally, I'm going to keep DH in a happy mood and busy tonight so he doesn't let them get him down.

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talk about worthless

Posted on Tue, Jul. 15, 2014 at 09:42 pm

my (EX)(disowned) MIL....not only looks like the crypt keeper but she tries to look like a tweenie in cootchie cutters. too bad the 10,000 tons of cellulite on her thunder thighs make everyone around her gag. she also feels the need to control every aspect of every family members lives. if we needed your input we would ask...we don't so shut the fuck up with it. she has 4 sons and only 1 talks to her. yet everyone else is the problem. she has 4 DIL's and only 1 talks to her. and yet everyone else is the problem. its always everyone else isn't it? the reason we don't want your parenting advice is because you're a shitty mom. none of your kids can even stand you...get a fucking clue I mean REALLY. she plays favorites with the grandkids...only precious BIL's kid is worth her time. she knows where the gravy train is at BIL, and she isn't going to be hoppin off that anytime soon! she tells anyone who will listen that she just graduated college (at 60, woohoo) and that she deserves special treatment because of it. WE DONT CARE AND NO ONE ELSE DOES EITHER. its not like she will ever use her degree because she is too lazy to hold down a job. well that and whenever she goes in for an interview they immediately know how dumb she is. she mooches off of anyone with no shame. there is no one I hate more then lazy people with their hand out. we hate you all and I really hope you read this. stop stalking my FB page because I wouldn't let any of you into our lives if I was on my deathbed.

my (EX) (disowned) SIL...tries to act like she is the smartest person in the universe. she thinks she is mother of the year and no one in this world is worth her time. she has to compete with everyone, make snide remarks, talk down to people and then cry when the rest of the family stands them up at a restaurant. umm well they did that because of your "you are all beneath me" attitude. people don't like that shit so get the hint bitch. she is a mix between the stepford wives and bride of chucky. just because she breast feeds her 2 year old child (which is fucking disturbing in itself) she feels she can whip out her fat titties in front on my husband and son. her husband, my (ex) BIL has no balls. his balls were ripped away from him the second he met his wierdo wife. never coming back. some advice...quit giving mommy money to pay her bills. she doesn't have any and she uses it to support her hoarding and bar hopping addiction.

I am so glad I will never spend another second with you assholes. honestly I have never seen a more psychotic family in my life. EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE is fucked up in the head, not worth a shit, shit talking, shit starting, two faced, waste of air people. but yay for me because finally you all managed to drive your son and brother away forever. I wish I could say I had a hand in it but no, you managed it all on your own. THANK YOU!!! I couldn't have asked for a better outcome.

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Couldn't be happier...

Posted on Tue, Jul. 15, 2014 at 08:21 pm

now that we have cut my husband's side of the family out. they are all whiny, stuck up, manipulative psychos. our lives have been happy and peaceful since we got rid of ALL OF YOU. it makes me wonder why I didn't just say f*ck you the second we met. next time I see any of you will be when I piss on your graves. XOXO

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Most selfish in law...ever

Posted on Tue, Jul. 15, 2014 at 07:01 pm

Wow where do I start how about when my husband was 16 yrs old and she decided she was a lesbian and left the family to be with her 'girlfriend' who I might add she brought to dinner the night she left to introduce her to the family...
No one saw her for 2 years then she popped up and told everyone she was living with her girlfriend and running a dry cleaning shop with her.
She couldn't not afford her mortgage anymore even though she took most of what her husband had so my husband at the gender age of 18 with his 16 yr old brother had to move in and get jobs so she wouldn't lose her unit.
They paid for new carpets she borrowed money of them all the time....
Now lets fast forward to 20 years later my husband is now 36 and this woman has spent the last 5 to 10 years making one false promise after the other.....she offers to help financially all the I've then when you call her on it she makes excuses or denies ever saying that!!!
She actually started a 'list' whenever she brought my husband something like socks or a lotto ticket she would write it on this list and he would have to pay her back even though he never asked for these things.....
She came into a substantial sum of money 10 years ago and basically did all the wrong things with it spending only on herself......
To cut a long whinge short and there r so many more things I could mention I don't understand why my husband will not put her in her place or stand up to her.....I'm stumped. I'm ready to have it out with her but he just doesn't.

Has she damaged him so much or is his way of dealing to not deal?
I need to find peace because it consumes me this hate....

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Get Over Yourselves

Posted on Tue, Jul. 15, 2014 at 09:15 am

My in-laws are the most entitled people I have ever met! They live in a town where everyone knows their family, and everyone kisses their ass and makes exceptions for them. I am SO SICK of hearing the phrase "We don't normally do this, but we'll make an exception because of your husband's family." They are so entitled! They grew up having everything handed to them because of who their family is! They grew up hearing everyone tell them how great they are. If there's a sign that says, "Do not enter" my in-laws will ignore it and enter, because they can go wherever they want! Do you not know who they are?! No one tells them what to do!

When they want something, they want it NOW. My FIL can't nicely ask DH to turn down his car radio. He has to DEMAND it. My MIL can't nicely say, "I'm hungry." She DEMANDS to eat NOW. We will ask her, "What would you like?" She will say, "I don't care! I'm hungry! Let's just go!" Well, we're trying to be good hosts and let you choose the restaurant but whatever. And then they treat the server at the restaurant like a peon. The server will come up and do the usual "Hi I'm ____ how are you guys doing tonight?" And they won't even acknowledge that the server has spoken to them! They just sit silently and look at their menus. And then they'll be like, "I'll have this brand of soda." And the server will be like, "We don't carry that brand. We carry this brand." And they'll be like, "But I like this brand!" And then they pout because the restaurant doesn't carry the brand they like. How DARE the restaurant not carry their favorite brand of soda! Doesn't the restaurant know everything revolves around them?!

And then there was the time my SIL got a new car. She pointed it out to me in the parking lot. "It's that white one." There were two white vehicles next to each other. I don't know ANYTHING about cars (they all look the same to me) so I innocently said, "Which white one? The car or the van?" Her response, "DON'T call it a VAN! I would NEVER drive a VAN!" Me: "Sorry to offend. All cars look the same to me. If I see a big car I call it a van. What kind of car is it?" But she ignored me and didn't answer, because she was too busy pouting because I had the audacity to refer to her car as a VAN! She is so snobby! Lots of good people drive vans! If you don't like them, fine. Everybody has their own taste. But taking it personally because I called your car a van? Really? Get over yourself, you spoiled brat!

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Ignorant BIL and SIL.

Posted on Tue, Jul. 15, 2014 at 12:04 am

My husband and I have been dealing with his brother and wife for the past 6 years. They continue to be jealous of us and refuse to accept me because I stole him away from them, and moved close to 6 hours away from them. My sweet husband lost his grandfather this past week, and he didn't have any life insurance or prior funeral arrangements. This caused tension among the family, resulting in several people pulling together money to pay for the service, find a burial plot, and ensure everything was taken care of after he passed. My husband was having a frank conversation with his brother about the importance of insurance, whether it be life, homeowners, renters, medical. Turns out the brother doesn't have any life, renters, or medical insurance for his family of 5, 2 adults and 3 children under 6. After my husband told his brother the importance of the need for this type of stuff and to be prepared the brother got mad, and shut my husband out the rest of the weekend. The ignorance of these people is absolutely mind blowing.

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and they arrive

Posted on Mon, Jul. 14, 2014 at 01:11 pm

so the ILs are here! and boy are they fussy about their food. I am so tired already though its been only ten days and still got three scores to go!! Easy for the husband as he is away at work for most part of the day. Right now, the FIL is eating fruit and not once did he offer me. I mean come on!!!

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Like Father Like Son

Posted on Mon, Jul. 14, 2014 at 12:14 pm

My FIL just a terrible terrible human being. Even before we had our falling out with my stinky in-laws, I never liked him. He's unintelligent, a hypochondriac, selfish, misogynistic and easily one of the worst father's I've ever met. Even though I don't like DH's siblings I've always felt sorry for them for being ripped off an even remotely happy childhood. I never even argue with him because I don't see him as an equal (he's sub human). Sometimes when DH and I are having normal teen child issues he tries to act like his father. It's so frustrating! Good thing Momma is there to make sure he doesn't act like him for long.

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Posted on Mon, Jul. 14, 2014 at 07:27 am

She truly only contacted us when it's gift grabbing time.

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Totally My Fault

Posted on Mon, Jul. 14, 2014 at 06:04 am

I love how you hate me because you think I keep you away from your brother, but you consistently make and break plans with him. You're the one destroying the relationship, not me.

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