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3 months

Posted on Mon, Nov. 28, 2016 at 06:54 pm

I need a new refrigerator but DH said no. But MIL gets a monthly check from us no questions asked. So my response was DON'T GIVE YOUR MOM OUR MONEY FOR THE NEXT 3 MONTHS SO WE CAN HAVE A NEW REFRIGERATOR. Now some might think I'm being mean but mind you MIL doesn't NEED my monthly check. She just enjoys the extra $$$ to spend on her fat self. But I on the other hand apparently don't need to replace an applice that leaks and is too small. Nevermind DH eats the food out of the refrigerator. So long story short....I can't spend our money but MIL can. Hummmm....somethings wrong with this picture. Hope DH doesn't mind going to his mommy's house. They can buy a combo meal with OUR money.

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Husband did the unthinkable

Posted on Mon, Nov. 28, 2016 at 06:48 pm

So yesterday morning, before my commute to work, my husband informed me that he has volunteered us to host his family's christmas party this year, on the only weekend day I have off for over two months. My jaw dropped, I felt like a little kid who was just told that there was no santa. "You did what now?"
BIL and SIL just had twins, and don't want to bring them to MIL and FIL's house because the mold problem is getting worse, so the burden is on us. Great.
Now I have less than two weeks and one paycheck to rush around and attempt to properly furnish this house so that snobby BIL and SIL won't talk (its way bigger than we need, and we both work so much that we're rarely here), clean the entire thing top to bottom, decorate for christmas, and buy the insane amount of food needed to feed all of these a-holes who don't even like me and talk about how selfish I am for not giving DH a baby yet when SIL has four.
I could kill him. I don't want to play hostess to 40+ people who hate me. This sucks.

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In laws from hell

Posted on Mon, Nov. 28, 2016 at 03:32 am

My in laws are too much!! My MIL thinks my baby's hers. She even brought my baby's outfit for the christening and she like to interferes with everything baby-related. What's worse is she also interferes with my husbands life which puts our marriage in jeopardy. I mean she still tells my husbands what to wear and when to get haircuts and always tells him things like "my grandkid should always visit" she demands the we half the week. So basically she wants us over every weekend and my husband can't even say no to that. Everytime we visit my and is about to go home my FIL and MIL would make statements like "aww do you really have to go home?" "Can't the baby just stay here?" "See you again next weekend" they tell that to my baby in front me. Most times I just stop myself from saying anything because I might break my marriage. I just want to tell them off you know. I want to tell them that I don't care about their dramas. I didnt deliver my baby so that they could have a baby if they want a child of their own they can make one. I sometimes regret getting married. I shouldnt have married the father of my child. It would be easier to stay away from them then but i'm stuck and suffering and my husband the mama's boy that he is is to inconsiderate to even see

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It's junk!

Posted on Mon, Nov. 28, 2016 at 12:41 am

MIL has been on a binge getting rid of my husband's memorabilia from her house, that includes his photos, his medals, his everything.

Don't even mention me, i have been married to her son for almost 4 years and there still isn't a photo of me (nor us!) in her house. She is like an ex girlfriend trying to get rid of every reminder of her lover, except it's her son! Every time we showed up, she gave my husband the death grip and won't let go.

Whats funny to me is MIL kept pushing her family pictures to us, especially of her mooching daughter's and her daughter's brats, because MIL wants us to keep giving them freebies from our hard earned money.

Seriously, if MIL doesn't want a reminder of our existence in her house, why should we want hers at our place?

Of course i shredded everything.

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Ugh- moochers

Posted on Mon, Nov. 28, 2016 at 12:17 am

I realize, by reading other posts that I don't have it as bad as other people do. My in-laws are kind and live A life centered around their church. They are thoughtful and always remember our birthdays. I shouldn't complain... YET, all this goodwill is undone when it comes to their holiday planning. It feels like a military drill that we are subjected to year after year. The call is always the first or second week of January and we are forced to plan around their holiday plans. They hound us week after week until they get us to relent and pry open our house to their visit. They don't let us invite them. They expect to stay with us for weeks on end. Their excuse for the abusive planning? They're looking for a deal. It's like they can't enjoy a trip unless it cost them half price or they were able to rope some poor unsuspecting friend, distant relative to mooch off for weeks on end. That's it: they are kind MOOCHERS- which just ruins the whole picture.

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We RUSHED out!

Posted on Sun, Nov. 27, 2016 at 11:41 pm

My dh wanted to shop for black Friday, so when he look at the Turkey, he said it was overcooked to his own mother! Mil says "your wife ain't cooking today...she came here to eat, then go to her mom house for food!" DH replied "she cooks better than you mom...time to go shopping!" We left rather quickly, but I had a word to say to mil "see, I know you want to see your favorite dil and GD so of course you try to get me angry, but I won't... My DD will go to her REAL grandma, so thanks, you dumb broad" and smiled at her. It felt great insulting her! Best part is we only stayed at least 25 minutes. I spent the rest of my thanksgiving with my family, and ate all the food there.

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Not going to do it

Posted on Sun, Nov. 27, 2016 at 06:23 pm

For once in 20 years I thought I had convinced my husband to not go to the extended family Christmas party. Of course now that it's getting closer he's backtracking. Still not going......

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Die already

Posted on Sun, Nov. 27, 2016 at 02:35 pm

My MIL is a small minded. She is 91. I wish she will die already. Just taking up space.

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A Tribute to my ESIL

Posted on Sun, Nov. 27, 2016 at 09:47 am

ESIL, early 40s, died last week in her home in Redneckia, Podunk, USA. She is survived by her loser spouse, her troubled kid and her EB who cut her off 5 years ago, the same time as my DH and I did.

She was preceded in death by her parents who selfishly did everything they could to keep her dependent upon them so she would always be there for them. They never used the word NO to her. Why? Because she got mean when she didn't get her own way and they were afraid of her tantrums. As a result, she grew up to be entitled and greedy, with no care for anyone but herself.

DH and I were notified of her death but we didn't respond. Her body was turned over to the county because no one in her family could or would come up with the money for burial. No memorial service was scheduled.

This tribute, on "I Hate My In-Laws" is the only obituary written for her...anywhere.*

*TBH I'm a little sad about that because I have a heart. That's more than I could ever say about her.

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Can't Stand My In-Laws

Posted on Sun, Nov. 27, 2016 at 08:07 am

I wish I had kept my distance and never got close to these people! They all act like I'm supposed to kiss their ass, even when I'm treated unfairly! Anytime there is a misunderstanding, it is ALWAYS my fault! And DH rarely sticks up for me...he prefers not to take sides and doesn't say anything! Even when my MIL lived with us for about 8 months, never paid any rent, drunk every day, rarely helped clean and when I asked her to she would get an attitude with me! And she wonders why I evicted her from my house after I found she was texting family members and friends bad mouthing me, telling them how I'm such an evil bitch! Why? Because I had expectations and didn't let her freeload and sit on her lazy ass all the time? Because I treated her like the child she was behaving like, telling her to turn off lights and to clean up after herself? Then everyone in her family gets mad at me!!

She was certainly no angel when she lived with us and I'm wondering why they didn't invite her into their home if they were so damn concerned for her well-being? Because they didn't want to deal with her either!!! She told me I should never have treated her the way I did, because of her status in the family as my DH's mother. Basically, I had to apologize to make her feel better, but she never apologized to me for the crap she put me through! Now, anytime there is conflict she brings up the fact that I evicted her from my house and how she will never get over it! I'm so sick and tired of her playing the victim and I'm always the villain! She's such a hypocrite, telling me that I'm mean and hateful and need to be nice. That I need to apologize for being difficult and starting arguments...while at the same time she is cussing me out and telling me how horrible I am and I've made so many enemies! Really? Why don't you practice what you preach lady, and maybe lay off the booze a little?

Since day #1 it seems like MIL and SIL gang up on me. SIL thinks we are supposed to bend over backwards and drive across town to her house every time there is a family gathering or event. It was fine for a couple of years before we had a baby...Now that DS is here, I'm tired, I don't want to travel! If she wants to see us, why can't she hop in her car and drive over to our house? She doesn't even work and we both worked and she wants us to drive all over the place with our baby for her! I don't think so! One time, BIL and his wife were in town, so she decided to make plans for us to drive all the way to her house with our 3m old and hang out for 2 hours, then drive downtown for dinner at 7pm! I had already traveled to and from the next state to see my family and friends and had just got home late the night before. I couldn't believe she was making plans and didn't even ask us if we were okay with it! Not to mention, our baby goes to bed at 7pm you Dumba$$! Why would we want to have him at a restaurant at that time and have to deal with the fussiness and crying because he wants his bed? She has a 1 year old so she should know this! In the end, we told her NO and she got an attitude...BIL and his wife stopped by before they went to dinner to see us. We stayed home!

During holidays we are also always expected to go to the SIL's house! This year, we stayed home so our DS could nap in his own bed and my family came to visit! This really pissed MIL off, because she had to go to two different houses that day! Well maybe if she didn't teach her daughter to be such a B***H then we could all get along and be able to compromise somehow! I'm done with driving all over town for you people! It doesn't matter how many miles I drive, nothing will ever change! We will be staying home for Christmas too...get over it!!!

We recently went on vacation with FIL and DH's siblings and spouses. This was the 2nd annual vacation, and it will be the last! SIL thinks she runs the show, but when it came down to it, she didn't want to help with anything as far as cooking or cleaning went, she was completely selfish! The so-called family vacation turned in to a frat house - drunkfest! I cooked the first couple of days and also cleaned while everyone else got hammered! Her husband was so drunk one night that he fell over and passed out on the living room floor!

My DS that was 5 1/2 months at the time got sick with a cold and wouldn't sleep at night, so I had to hold him upright all night due to his stuffiness so he could sleep, and I didn't sleep. DH would take him in the morning so I could sleep and DS was making a lot of fussy noise in the living room one morning. I was so tired from being up all night and after DH wasn't trying to pacify him for some time I finally got up and was quite frustrated, so I walked out half asleep and said "just let him cry, geez!" After this, my SIL avoided and ignored me the rest of the vacation! She acted like I wasn't even there and whenever we were around each other it was awkward! Guess she was mad how I talked to her brother. Well, she should mind her own damn business first of all! I mean, I don't roll out of bed happy as can be after I've been up all night...so yeah I'm going to get an attitude with DH if he's not keeping the noise down! I'm 40 years old and tired! Cut me a little slack and stop being judgmental! Not everyone can be perfect like you, so get over it! We haven't talked since then, and they had the nerve to ask if we wanted to go on vacation with them next year! Really? Why? So you can act like I'm not there again? So you can judge and criticize everything I do?

Needless to say, I've blocked all of them on my iPhone and do not plan on going out of my way to make contact or connections with these snobby a$$holes ever again! DH will have to be the main point of contact from now on and he never made a lot of connections with them before, so I am guessing we will communicate a lot less with them! I'm a little depressed about it, because I would always try to connect with them and get along. No more! I'm tired of every misunderstanding being such a big deal and I get ganged up on and treated like a piece of $hit! Have a nice life, without us in it!

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