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Posted on Fri, Sep. 25, 2015 at 07:56 am

YOU A#%HOLE !!!! F**K OFF!!!!

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Stupid Mil-or not?

Posted on Fri, Sep. 25, 2015 at 04:47 am

My mil is so stupid she doesn't even know how to use the atm...We trusted her with a debit card since we're out of town. Mainly so we wouldn't have to spend on Western Union fees when sending money, and most of the time that money is for her.Well, so far it has been far more expensive than if we had used Western Union. Each time she takes out money, we get fees from the atm uround $20-$35 because she keeps cheking the balance like ten times (greedy much?) And passes the card again and again...I'm beyond frustrated and mad, we already explained to her and she keeps doing it!!!! What she doesn't know is that that card isn't linked to the main account, it doesn't have money unless I transfer some...I'm not stupid, she would leave us without a penny if she had a chance. And guess what mil?? Your debit card privileges are over!! I'm giving the card to my mom. And everytime we give you money you're going to have to pick it up with her!!

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All The Reasons Why

Posted on Fri, Sep. 25, 2015 at 04:10 am

MIL, these are the reasons your son and I do not want a relationship with you and why I don't like you

-You used my husbands credit card to buy a $1000 riding mower, never payed him back, and tried to tell him it would be a "good thing" for his credit

-When my DH's car was in the shop and needed a ride to his friends house where he was staying (which was 10 min away) you said you would "rather not" give him a ride, thus forcing him to walk for an hour and a half at 11 at night, in below freezing temperatures, in a shady part of town.

-Then the next day she demanded that my dh take her dive her to the mechanic (a 30 min drive) because she needed to pick up her car. When my dh confronted her about this later she could not see how the two situations even slightly resembled each other.

-Completely ignoring me. This woman would wait till I was out of the room and then start asking my husband all kinds of questions about me. Thankfully, he would always tell her to as me if she wanted to know anything about me Which she never did)

-Telling us that even after we are married she will still not see us as a unit

-Coming to our wedding even after she was told that she was not wanted there by both of us. She also wore black.

-Cornering me and telling me that if dh is good in bed, it's because of how she raised him. WHAT SANE MOTHER TAKES CREDIT FOR THEIR CHILD IN THE BED ROOM!?!?!

-Telling me her ENTIRE sexual history

-Lying to the both of us on multiple occasions

-She used some of my perfume without asking, which is something I usually don't mind, except that this particular perfume was my grandmother's and is no longer made. So, I put my perfume away. The kicker: this woman is so childish that the though a natural and mature response was to not allow me to use toilet paper at her house if I won't let her use my perfume.

-When we were staying with her and my dh was sick, as soon as we walked through the door, she didn't even bother to look up, she told us to get out (we had no where else to go)

-Telling me that I was not family

-Trying to plan my wedding.

-Going through my things, because apparently if your possessions (purse, back pack ect) are at her house that gives her the right to snoop though them.

-Never admitting that she has any faults. Seriously, every time would confronted her she would conveniently forget anything she had said or done and then would turn around an tell us that we are ungrateful and disrespectful.

-Trying to tell my husband what kind of ring to buy me because "she knows me so well", but then when it comes to talking to me she refuses under the premise that "she doesn't know me that well"

-Saying that I was the reason that she and dh don't have a good relationship. DH has tried to tell her for years that they don't have a good relationship, but MIL suffers from selective hearing.

- And last, but not least, the way she hurt my DH the most. MIL and FIL divorced when my husband was 3,000 miles away at college. They had had a bad relationship for years, but had always pretended that everything was perfect. My DH grew up thinking it was the norm for married couples not to show any affection for each other. They lied to him for years, telling him that they were the perfect family and had the perfect marriage and made fun of other families that show affection and supported their children (instead of tearing them down and never giving them encouragement or support). Anyway, so MIL and FIL divorce. How did DH find out, you may ask. He called home to talk to FIL and was told by BIL "Oh, dad doesn't live here anymore, he and mom are divorced." MIL forgot to tell him that she and FIL divorced!!!

The last time we saw MIL she was shocked to hear we didn't want her in our lives. She never imagined that we wouldn't want a relationship with her. Upon hearing figuring this out, she told us that she would do everything any anything she could to be in our lives again. We haven't seen or heard from her in 4 months. DH has decided that she will never be a part of our lives and when we have kids, she will never see them either.

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Keep grasping at straws mil

Posted on Thu, Sep. 24, 2015 at 11:33 pm

Genius mil only has three manipulative moves in her bag of tricks. Posting pics on fb from the past(before me), dh's grandma is at deaths door(she's 90 and keeps managing to pull thru) no calls or texts(my personal favorite). Its just one crazy loop. She's like a two year old that can't believe her tantrums aren't working. Dh has always gone running before. God, knows Ive never had the hold on him that she has. In this family it goes mil, sons and the hanger on wife and kids that she has to put up with. No one EVER picks wives, kids, friends. I decided to see what would happen. I said she won't set foot in my house, the kids and I won't visit and dh better start being a husband, dad and son last or im taking the kids and were out. The poop hit the fan but dh held his ground. She raged like a big fat baby said she wanted to see us all, couldn't we all go for a visit. Thats weird because the dil's were told she only wanted family pics with the sons because they always end up divorced. Its true though. My dh is the only one not divorced. The smart ones are the ones who escaped this loony bin of a family. Ours has only lasted because we moved to another state. Soon the snow will fly and she'll whine for us to go for thanksgiving, christmas then a break until spring and it will all start again.

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MIL,you were actually right...

Posted on Thu, Sep. 24, 2015 at 11:08 pm

for once. I should not have married your oh-so-precious boy. He is an unaffectionate, bull-headed, know-it-all, passive-aggressive, shallow, unintellectual, arrogant, prideful, unloving jerkwad, who throws toddler-worthy fits, JUST like his parents. Believe me, I regret my injudiciousness immensely. Apparently, the nut didn't fall far from your bush.

Unmarried ladies out there, think long, hard, and twice (or more). It is truly said "marry in haste, repent at leisure". As time goes by, he will likely become more and more like his nutjob faaaamily.

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I don't care

Posted on Thu, Sep. 24, 2015 at 08:51 pm

Dear inlaws, we met at your housa again to celebrate a holidat with you and your friends. I behaved well right? Fake smile, fake laughter, being active with you and others, talking a lot, loud like you do, transmitting indirect messages is what U did haha. Yes, I learnt how to treat you as you treat me and others lol. MIL you acted so greedy because you didn't want me and my husband to take to our home all the meat that we bought and had to put it in your fridge for some hours before we arrive home. I know that in the usual normal days i'm a totally different person with you guys haha, just an orrogant, smile so little, and pass in a hurry with my husband to say hi and bye. But, I surprise you in social events, right? I show you a face that you hate because you can't make me emotional, shy or angry, I don't let anyone control me, I literally becomd that difficult person and you all back off when You talk to me and you choose your words ;) I like it. Another thing, you always like bringing the topic of me and my husband having children. I told you and told the others million times that we are not planning on having any for now and you were trying to be funny saying that i should give you the first baby to take care of him, I can give a shot yes, a fuck yes, but a baby? that is mine? sleep well b*tch and dream about it. I won't do that whatever that would cost me, even if it will be divorce I won't care. But, when i laugh and talk as if i would, it just means that "ok, bitch, you will see what I will do, just wait" I talk with you all like a good girl, but in reality i take you all for granted and i act with indifference. I may say what you like, but I swear ro god that I do only what my mind tells me. I know how to fuck up with your mind guys because you simply like to be manipulated through language. One more thing, you are all fuckers planninh on going back to your home country after t years and leaving your youngest daughter (18) with me? I swear to God and in the name of God, I will show what I will do to prevent that from happening. The last solution will be divorce, I love my husband so much, but i hate you all so much, your son (BIL) spend 2 months with us at home in which i became sick to my stomach, let alone if your daughter lives with me. I will fucking leave everything and go away. Fuck you all, I don't trust you. But I know exactly how to manipulate you. How many times see me smile about some topic then do the opposite? This exactlt what I will do when it comes to me having a baby and your daughter living with me ;) no no and no, what's in your mind won't happen as long as i am breathing. You are liars and mamipulators and I told everything bad in you to my hubby, he listens and smiles, which means that he is receptive and eventually reactive ;) I don't come and visit you alone without my hubby, and I don't want to invite any of you. I'm sooo happy like this. As if you are angry because once upon a time when i had a fight witb hubby and i was sick, the following day you came knocking and knocking on my door in the early morning witb your fucking other daughter who was the cause of the fight. What do you expect? Open the door for you and make you a coffee as usual? Lol I did not. From that time, I am thanking my lucky stars that that fight happened. Men they used to come to me at any time and stare at the house if is clean enough or not and ask what i cooked pfff. I am happier and my relationship with my husband is getting better more and more. You feel the great improvement, right? Enjoy! It is so dangerous to start a game with me you will always lose. So keep in mind, I visit you with my DH the way we want and leave when we want, we don't sleep at your house ad you sometimes want, we have our own plans to go out (without any of you), If I will have children, I will at best kiss them when they are in my arms, your daughter won't stay with me whatever happens, you will never see me feeling down, shy, and easy to control. How do you feel about me now? Deep hatred that you can't show? I know because you and me know how cunning you are and how I am becoming cunning with you. Ciao ciao

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no I will never call you mom

Posted on Thu, Sep. 24, 2015 at 08:33 pm

So after two years of mental and emotional torture and maybe 4 months of calling you by you first name no mother in law...you will never "earn" back the title of mom to me. I forgive you. I will not hold a grudge. I will be kind to you for the sake of my children and my husband, but that does not mean we can forget the boundaries or why they are there. I will never be "friends" with you, because you have proven I can't trust you. Lines were drawn and they are staying where I put them.

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a note to mil I wish I could write to her

Posted on Thu, Sep. 24, 2015 at 03:06 pm

Dear Mil, I loved you once but I know you more now. I have quietly swallowed a lot of your comments or things you do to feel secure in your insecurity. You are getting older n hence crankier. I wish I will be able to cope up with you in future as well. I don't hate you but it gets on my nerves when you advice me without being asked, not that I don't appreciate it but sometimes, I am just not into the mood to listen any advice, how sad it is that I respect you enough to not announce this on your face but you were also a dil once, you should have common sense. Also, it makes me wonder why you could not make nice friends whole your life and you have no women from fil's side who you like. Who do you like then, I know who, its yourself. You are too full of yourself n it makes me hate being around you. Please. I don't want your guidance until asked, your self assuring views and ways neither I appreciate your upbringing of my sil. You both are full of yourselves and very self obsessed hearts.

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SIL that I do (not) care about...

Posted on Thu, Sep. 24, 2015 at 10:58 am

Go ahead girl throw insults out carelessly as usual. Sit back judging everyone for their mistakes while ignoring your own. We all know...especially your brother...just how easy it is for you to sit back on your lazy ass running that trap that never seems shut! Say what you want to say but then accept the fact that you are destined to be forever alone. No one cares about your whining because we all know behind that boo hooey phewy your just talking shit behind all our backs! Keep on fucking off bitch you and your mama are both spineless fucking cowards!

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Blinded By Spite.

Posted on Thu, Sep. 24, 2015 at 09:30 am

I had never met such spiteful and unashamedly hypocritical people, until I met you!

You people think you can behave how you like, speak to me how you like, to your own son how you like also and that we will welcome you into our lives with open arms......NO WAY!

YOU have caused us so much stress and anger through your spite and underhand tactics that I just can't trust you. This is YOUR fault, your doing so don't for a minute think you can dictate how I dealwith you and your shitty behaviour.

You were blinded by spite and now your final days will have you seeing clearly, just how your own nastiness backfired on you and has done nothing but cause you heartache.

Do you expect sympathy? Take a running jump at yourself. Do you expect another chance? Hold you breath. Do you think getting older means you can weedle your way in to our private lives as you are frail? Dream on!

YOU stuffed up trying to make me feel bad, trying to blow things out of proportion for your own benefit, it didn't even work. Feel stupid now? You SHOULD do!

You will breath your last breath knowing that you failed to do what you wanted. Mess our relationship up in order to shirk taking responsability for your major cockups in life. YOU have not exactly been perfect, you have not been honest about situations, you lie to make out things are fantastic.

When you are treated with the contempt you deserve you go ape! Well TOUGH! The same applies of course to your, disgusting, thick as pig shit husband who so loves to wallow in his misery. He loves to stir up trouble making immature comments. Fat prick! Serves you right having to care for him as the fat ugly slob can't look after himself.

You deserve every second of the misery you experience you old bitch!

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