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Dear mother in law

Posted on Tue, Dec. 05, 2017 at 04:47 pm

You spent a week away from your sons, your husband, and most importantly, me.

The day you left, the clouds parted and the whole week was sunny, which haven't been in a year.
The day you came back, the clouds appeared again, it rained and it was cold for two days straight.

And I'm talking in the literal sense of the words. Really. That's what happened to our weather. It's like it knew.

I wish I was making this up but I'm not lol

We were all so much better off without you, your irresponsibility, your ignorant bitchy comments, your filth. We didn't miss you at all.

I hope you go visit your only son that loves you out of the state again, very soon, and for a longer period of time. Even better, don't come back at all! We don't need you here!

Fuck you :)

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Not hate; just irritation

Posted on Mon, Dec. 04, 2017 at 11:32 pm

Sorry if you are scrolling through here and stumble upon my story, expecting full on hate speech. Really, my mother-in-law is a cool lady, and we get along alright, but lately (after 4 weeks of her staying on our couch, visiting) I am starting to get irritated by her presence.

She's not loud, she cooks and cleans up after herself, she isn't nosy or rude...just staying on our sofa. Look, we live in a one bedroom house, our room is right next to the living room where she's staying, so having sex or talking freely is strained. It's a small space for three people.

These past couple weeks I have been going to class and working, and my husband has too. She's new to this country, so she's getting the hang of things. But now, 4 weeks after she's arrived here, she's getting comfortable not really having to pay for her own place, and being recently divorced, she's happy to be spending more time with her son.

But lately, she's been acting stupid, asking dumb questions, almost flirting with my husband. I try to give them their space and let them go do things together, but I am getting irritated at always having to do things with her (even going out on Friday nights). The first two weeks were cute. But now it's just like, I want my frickin space and sofa back. I want to fuck my husband without trying to be silent or worrying if she is asleep or not.

Thing is, when my husband was telling her that she can find a new place, a room to rent, she got offended. Now she looks at me weird, and I can't stand her presence and her energy. Maybe I'm the one who is overreacting, who is being rude. But the thing is, I've been helping her find a job and taking her to places and doing all these things to help her re-situate in this country, a new place for her and a huge culture shock. I've been patient and understanding, but I also feel like she's monopolizing my time and taking advantage of that. I speak the language and she doesn't, so she comes to me and asks for help with things she should do for her job (like taking tests, etc.) meanwhile I am in my last year of university and in the last two weeks, with many projects and finals looming.

I've come to the end of my patience being extra nice and trying to make a good impression. I'm not really sure what her expectations are, and maybe most of the drama I am making up in my head. But I'm still irritated, nonetheless.

Also, I'm pissed because my husband would never do everything I have done for his mother, with my mother, who has some issues right now. That my mom would NEVER EVER be allowed to stay in our house for 1 day, much less 4 weeks.

I feel jealous that his mother that she will always be the first woman to love him, and even if we break up one day (I hope not) that she will always be ther for him, and provide the love he wants. I realize that is something I need to get over.

But the fact that I am not even spending this quality time with my own mom, who really needs it and help right now makes me sad and angry. My mom is in another part of the country now, so I wouldn't be able to anyways.

I'm not a hateful person, but everyone has limits...boundaries. I'm just getting to the point where she needs to stop depending on her son and I and start thinking about her next move and where she can go to live without having this stupid attitude, that we are kicking her out. Well, we are kicking her out. Even my husband is frustrated, he can't be himself around her, he wants his privacy too.

I just want to be happy with my husband and not feel like she's part of our own little family, like we will need to live with her and help her with everything she is doing now that she's in the same country as us. I am not ready for that responsibility, plus she's a young lady, in her early 40s...she's able to work and meet people and live her life on her own.

It's just funny because my husband, when he was younger, was kicked out of the house by his mother when she was married. And now that karma has come around to bite her in the ass...she doesn't like it.

I just don't want to be the one who is blamed for kicking her out...I mean...I want her to understand and take everything with a grain of salt. That i like her and spending time with her, but I don't need to live with my mother-in-law, and she deserves to have her own space anyways! I mean damn, she lives on a sofa in her son's house...who wants that for very long?

Also...how can she not be understanding? She was married once, twice, I dunno...would she really want to live full time with her past mother in laws? No matter how well they got along? No man...I just feel like I wasn't ever part of the conversation in the first place.

My husband invited her to come here to this country because it's easy to find a job etc etc. And they could be together too. I was told two months ahead of time, but not consulted...just told..."hey, she's coming this date and this date, what do you think?" The fuck do you mean "what do I think?" clearly what I think doesn't matter, she's coming here and I have no say, because if I say what I really think...that she should find a place to live beforehand or stay in a hotel...i'm going to be the bad person because I am trying to separate a mother from her son.

So this is why I am so irritated. It's all the things...jealousy of her spending time with my husband,feeling like my privacy is invaded, feeling guilty that I'm not giving this love and attention to my own mother who really needs it now, feeling like I'm going above and beyond in helping her adjust to this country while I have University to finish and graduate, being forced to spend so many hours of the day with her because we live in the same space, she's not paying rent and using the heater and water more than we use, and I don't know what her judgments are when her son and I fight or make love or whatever, so I feel insecure at the same time. Plus the guilt for her being a nice lady overall and I'm still having all these feelings.

At least I can rant here...

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I Know You Stalk Me Online

Posted on Mon, Dec. 04, 2017 at 04:52 pm

Hey, psssst. I'm well aware that you know where I vent online. Did it ever occur to you that I post certain things in certain places just to irritate you? Of particular enjoyment is when I post mis-information designed to tug on a certain part of your emotions. You're so predictable, that I know exactly the kind of response you'll have. Spoiler Alert: that's exactly the kind of reaction I'm looking for.

You played your little games with me for YEARS. I mostly took it quietly. Those days are OVER. So long as you continue your little passive-aggressive jihad against me, you can expect me to do the same in return. The only problem for you is: I can do it and come out smelling like a rose. Can you?

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Flying Monkeys I Have Known

Posted on Mon, Dec. 04, 2017 at 11:31 am

Back when the queen bee in my husband’s family insisted we spend all holidays with her family, one of her friends/neighbor would always pop in. I was still on ok terms with my husband’s family at this point. Her friend stepped outside onto the patio for a cigarette, I looking for some respite joined her. I said something about the weather being so nice. She promptly shot me a dirty look, stubbed out her cigarette and went inside without saying a word. Only one of many indications my inlaws were less than thrilled to have me in the family and badmouthing me to anyone who would listen. This neighbor also made a point of telling my husband how nice he looked every time she saw him. Gross, I think I need a shower just thinking about it.

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My mother in law is legit crazy

Posted on Mon, Dec. 04, 2017 at 10:58 am

My mother in law is freaking nuts. When I had my first daughter I was severely depressed, I cried constantly. Needless to say I wasn't up for much company, immediate family was fine but other than that we wanted our time. So what is the first thing she does? She brings my fil's whole entire side of the family TO MY HOUSE and stays all day. I am literally sitting in my chair looking out the window bawling my eyes out. Does she pay attention? nope, she proceeds to walk them through our home and show them each and every room. I was pissed. They didn't care about my feelings or thought maybe I was tired. It was three days after my delivery (emergency C-section) and her and my fil started asking when we were going to try for another one. They also put in their request for a grandson (as if we had any control over that). They were basically using me as a baby factory.
Fast forward three and a half years and we have our second daughter. The first thing out of their mouth when I come out of recovery is, "well maybe the next one will be a boy." Seriously?1? They had little to do with our second daughter and to this day pay little to no attention to her. my mil even gave them a valentines card, one for each granddaughter, my first daughters card said, " we love you more, our special granddaughter.) My other daughters said, "have a great valentine's day, we love you." Needless to say I threw them both out.
My in laws had a near melt down when my husband told them he had had a vasectomy. Literally his mom cried and pleaded saying if it were God's will no man would stop us from getting pregnant with their longed for grandson. My Fil put his two cents in and told us he hoped we had sex before the vasectomy and that I would have gotten pregnant.
Since the birth of our daughters I have had issues with depression and anxiety, so she tells me to take myself off those devil medication and let God heal me. Like does she want me to be suicidal??? I can't stand her, or my father in law. they are seriously ridiculous.

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Unwanted Invite

Posted on Sun, Dec. 03, 2017 at 08:59 pm

We were closing up our rv in Redneckia, my inlaws and (husband’s idea of a summer home before he knew better). My husband’s cousin invited us to spend Christmas at her home. My husband said he told her we had other plans, gee I said, she must think we have amnesia after the way the previous Christmas went down. The one where they all ran downstairs to the basement to smoke cigarettes and left us sitting alone in the living room. The one where she talked over me when I thanked her for cooking dinner. The one where her nephew thanked only my husband for the gifts we gave to his family. Oh and then a month later she wrote out a rambling text saying how much she cares about us and wants to see us more often. I wish my husband would call her on her b.s. but he’s too big of a chicken. He just made out Christmas cards for all the family, most of which can’t even be bothered to send us a card in return.

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Asshole sister-inlaw

Posted on Sun, Dec. 03, 2017 at 06:43 pm

I hate her with a passion. She not only hit up my husband for money to fix her car while he was on his death bed but she didn't even have the curtesy to arrive to the viewing on time. She finally came 1 hour before it was over. Then she made a spectacle by bawling with crocodile tears. Her son didn't even have the decency to come and pay his respects to his uncle. Her and her other dumb ass sister, and kids, just sat in the back and didn't speak to anyone. I hope they all rot in hell just like their fucking bitch of a mother!!!

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There’s a New Sheriff in Town

Posted on Sat, Dec. 02, 2017 at 09:54 pm

My inlaws thought I should bend to their will. They counted on my husband’s dependence on their approval and family loyalty. Yes, they wanted a relationship with me as long as it fit in with their agenda. What they didn’t understand was their wants and needs didn’t fit in with my agenda. See my priority was living a good life with my husband. Not pleasing them.

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Dear bil

Posted on Sat, Dec. 02, 2017 at 03:55 pm

Just because you got off meth doesn't mean your better than everyone... Your still and always will be a felon. Just because you got a carpenter job back that you kissed ass to get because of family being in the same industry, doesn't make you better than anyone. Get off your high horse. But you are your wifes lil bitch. You can't sneeze without her permission. What a submissive lil bitch.we used to have a good friendship in the beginning when my husband was overseas. What the hell happened to you? I think it's gone to your head. We no longer have anything to do with you or your family. Good riddance!!! Bitch!

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Yes im talking about you

Posted on Sat, Dec. 02, 2017 at 02:53 pm

All of you in-laws can suck it. I can't wait for karma to get you, it's like waiting for Christmas. little bitches. Can't say you don't like me to my face huh you have to go and act like a real asshole to my kids? Hell is waiting for you. I stopped talking to you all a long time ago and because of that you have a reason now not to like me lmao. spineless bitches. I saw the truth and didn't want anything to do with you. I had a valid reason to stop trying. I was still cordial though. Not anymore. Choke on dung bitches.

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