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Posted on Fri, Dec. 12, 2014 at 11:23 am

You are a nutty loser. I'm a goddamn atheist. You are the fat ugly blob who won't leave the house without being latched onto mommy. I did add many new additions to the house so nice of you to notice considering how you never visit!?!

Now, go on and run that half marathon because we all know you can't finish a damn thing and you sure as hell don't have the balls to ACTUALLY punch me in the face like you so profusely declare you want to do (behind my back - mind you). So whose REALLY the coward? YOU!?!?

Btw, the women he works with are a joke in the looks and personality department. Guaranteed they don't know their way around a dick if it smacked them in the face. But you would look up that since you are well versed in looking like a joke...considering your job is the equivalent of "living in your parents basement!"

Also, I am bisexual and he loves it. I don't mind a little carpet burn so if my husband wants to add some flare to our relationship then so be it. I don't care if he cheats either as long as he comes home to me std free. So, again, what's your problem. Do I need to buy you a plunger this Christmas because your bitch ass is always going off and bringing up some old shit.

Your new years resolution should be to get a life! Maybe you wouldn't be so mean. Maybe just maybe you would have friends outside of family members/family friends, like me. Douche bag!

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The invite

Posted on Fri, Dec. 12, 2014 at 10:21 am

MIL and SIL, I don't know whether to be shocked about your most recent stunt or if I'm just numb to it now. MIL asks to fly out to visit my kids and celebrate a mini Christmas with them this weekend. I stupidly thought that this may be a turning point since our blow up fight about her favoring/visiting SIL's golden son every 6 weeks and giving my kids the obligatory weekend visit once or twice a year. I had confronted her about how often she visits the Golden but rarely visits my kids. I told her my kids loved her and just wanted to have the opportunity to spend time with her. This weekend I thought we were taking a step towards healing and change. MIL and FIL flew out last night and will be staying for 3 days. I discovered today that my MIL and SIL went ahead and booked a ticket and hotel room for SIL and Golden to come to our town this weekend as well. She is arriving tonight. I feel really hurt because she just saw Golden one week ago in his city for Thanksgiving. I thought this visit with the in laws would be special time for my kids to spend time with grandma and grandpa and now I find out that Golden is coming too? I just wish for once that she would spend time with my children without Golden around.

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If only in my dreams

Posted on Fri, Dec. 12, 2014 at 08:27 am

I want to rip the arms off my FIL and beat my MIL with them. I never new hatred could exist in me like it does for you. What you do to your son/my dh is the most disgusting thing in the world, I can only hope you will get what you deserve someday.

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MIL is hellbent on destroying relationships.

Posted on Fri, Dec. 12, 2014 at 08:22 am

MIL can't "make" anyone hate us..but she can sure as heck try! She takes great pleasure in it, actually.
Making up stories and twisting everything I say are a few of her favorite things.
If I ask how the weather is, she will go around ranting about how I'm bragging about our weather.
If we do not call, she runs around saying that I brainwashed my husband and we are never going to talk to her again.

I can't win with her. She is always on the attack.
I'm just going to put all of my time and energy into DH and our child this Christmas. She can think whatever she wants.

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Posted on Fri, Dec. 12, 2014 at 03:06 am

The tag line from the movie Happy Christmas: "Family: The gift that keeps on taking." As much as the IL's have taken from me, I couldn't have summed it up better myself. Merry F*cking Christmas to me.

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Posted on Thu, Dec. 11, 2014 at 10:40 pm

DH has always had your back. He has never talked badly about you, spread gossip, criticized you, nothing like that. You are always calling DH lazy and a bad father behind his back and I have never told DH because he loves you and I figured it would only hurt him. But now he sees you for who you are. That you are the kind of brother that would gossip about him and use his misfortune to try and make yourself look better. You are outed for the two faced jackhole you've become! The rest of the family still sees you as golden, but DH knows the truth. You've hurt him terribly and the worst part is I don't think you even care.

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Posted on Thu, Dec. 11, 2014 at 06:53 pm

Thank you for taking on the roll of mom for my nephew. Your efforts are much appreciated. We love you for that! Just wanted you to know!

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SIL built a nest

Posted on Thu, Dec. 11, 2014 at 04:50 pm

My SIL came to visit us and help us move in to our new place. It has now been 8 months and she is still here with no plans to leave. She claimed a bedroom in our new home. DH said he will never askin his sister to leave. Who would want to leave when they have a nice place to stay that's rent free, with no bills and free food. She really needs to pack her shit and go!

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Banned BIL

Posted on Thu, Dec. 11, 2014 at 02:40 pm

Dearest Brother in Law,

You are hereby banned from my house. Buh bye forevermore! Why? Because of the following:

I am tired of hearing your lovely cuss words. Not a random hell or damn, but multiple F words, many many times a day. In front of my young child.

I am tired of you inviting your friends to dinner with us, which of course you expect us to pick up the check. This is not your house, please do not invite people we barely know, when we are trying to be nice and take you and other close friends to dinner. Also: hush up, now, the grown ups in the room are talking, we do not need the input from a child (sorry to insult children when referring to BIL).

I am tired of listening to your gross references to attractive women, and your hope of taking them for a "test drive". Yes, what a respectful young man you are. Actually, you are not young, you are pushing 40. Time to grow up.

I am tired of cleaning up/telling DH to clean up after your many cooking adventures in my clean kitchen. No, I do not want to taste your latest creation. If you'd like to cook, you are old enough to understand that you must clean up after yourself too. If your brain is too immature to understand my words, just look at me and your brother, when we cook we clean up, it's really not that hard to understand.

Most of all I am tired of seeing my DH, an otherwise seemingly capable human being, being reduced to a spineless moron whenever you are here. He chooses to not stand up to you when you deserve it. He claims to not hear the raunchy way you talk. He treats you like a helpless infant, maybe because your parents do. Well, I am not your mother, father, or brother. Had I been no doubt you would be a fully functioning, polite human being.

You are not the cute 20 something "cool kid" you once were. You are knocking at the door of 40. Time to grow up. I don't know who you will next visit, but I know one thing: it will not be me.

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Tis' The Season!

Posted on Thu, Dec. 11, 2014 at 02:25 pm

So, the mass email comes out regarding the annual gathering. The itinerary has been set. The menu has gone out. EVERYONE has their name next to items being brought. Of course this has already been determined. Two things left without a name next to them. Cocktail Franks & Fruit/Veggies. TAKEN. My SIL takes them both. Nothing left to bring. Send out a general email stating we could still bring the veggies?! No takers. NO email replies at all. Even though they all replied to each other. My MIL and (3) SILs. TIS' THE SEASON!

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