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F.I.L hasnt changed

Posted on Sat, Aug. 05, 2017 at 08:40 pm

So I haven't seen my father-in-law in 5 years he always treated me like crap with constant insults and belittling. It came to a stop because I finally stood up for myself and wouldnt to go to his house (i was not welcome anyway). Since giving birth to our second child my husband thought his dad should meet his grandson I thought for a second,maybe just maybe he might be nice to me. But no, he is still the usual asshole who only ever Rings my husband if he wants something and treats me like crap. When it came to our wedding we spent a lot on my in-laws and did we even see a cheap card to congratulate our wedding? No. Let alone a gift.My husband's brother is getting married shortly and it's rumoured he is getting a car for a present. My husband is fine with this. I don't know if he's in denial or if he's just used to being treated like shit by now. Either way after this wedding- I hope it's a lot more than 5 years before I see his ugly face again

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not even a mention of me

Posted on Sat, Aug. 05, 2017 at 09:19 am

My MIL died, could not help but to notice that my name was not in the obituary.
I have been with my husband for over 25 years so of course everyone I know that read it made a comment to me about it. How humiliating and hurtful that was. Haters will be haters.

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I hate myself!

Posted on Sat, Aug. 05, 2017 at 09:12 am

I thought it was my inlaws I hated but now realize its myself I am so angered at. How could I have been so insecure and stupid for so many years to let them all say whatever they wanted to me and never defended myself. Once at a familly holiday my MIL actually pulled me aside and said Why do you always have to be here? Another time on Christmas she pulled me aside to criticize the presents I got for my husband. I would be mortified if my parents did that to my husband. I know I was extremly kind to my MIL, knowing she lived alone and did not have anyone it was always me who invited her over for dinner, took her on our vacations and paid for everything etc etc etc. My sister in law had a baby and was in a hospital a five minute walk from my work so I was going to go by on my lunch hour to visit and bring a present. My MIL told me to not go that its for family only. Why is it the nicer you are to some people the worse they are back to you? I just wished I had stopped going to all their family holidays as I know now I was not welcome. If your a young girl and newly married and your MIL treats you like crap and your husband thinks its her way of being cute and your too sensitive when you say how hurt you were. get the hell out now, its never ever going to change. I wasted the last 25 years of my life and will never get those years back. I HATE ME!!!!

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Posted on Sat, Aug. 05, 2017 at 08:59 am

Day 6,805 - still trapped in MIL hell.. no escape in sight..someone, anyone, please send me some sanity..

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No matter what.. my birds will stay with me

Posted on Sat, Aug. 05, 2017 at 02:00 am

FIL asshole.. how can someone hate birds..what are they troubling you, you loser son of a bitch. One of my love bird was unwell. I told him I'm going to the vet as the bird is unwell..he plainly said to abandon them, why you keep such things in home, I don't want them in this house and all shit he said..how come these words even came into your filthy mouth..you loser..what have they done to you..more than me my husband loves the birds the most..they are family members..I'm just stonned how can someone have so much problem with these poor beings..

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Quit slobbering, you fool...

Posted on Fri, Aug. 04, 2017 at 08:55 pm

SIL: Your constantly inserting yourself into the lives of your brother's adult children smacks of hypocrisy. First of all, you would do well to get your own house in order. It's also so very interesting how you pick and choose to fit your own desires and agenda. Your ridiculous fawning over some while completely ignoring others, including, it would seem, those of your own nuclear family, certainly does not go unnoticed. You're a pathetic, grasping, desperate hound. Get a life (your own.)

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SIL pregnant... Again.

Posted on Fri, Aug. 04, 2017 at 08:40 pm

This is her sixth kid. Three of them are in foster care. Since no one else spoke up, I did. I told the bitch get your tubes tied after this one, because breeding is not God's work.

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Attention Whore Niece in Law

Posted on Fri, Aug. 04, 2017 at 02:15 pm

My nephew's wife is an attention whore. Really she is. I only occasionally post on Facebook and when I do, she has to post ugly face photos and now she is back posting "How wonderful Jesus Christ is." Really her hypocrisy is too much. Sweetie, you only warm the pew on Sunday and are a bitch the other 6 days a week.

For my mother's sake I was kind to you and for that I got my face slapped and now that Mom is dead, I am done. Do you understand the concept of what goes around comes around? Your time is coming and I plan on having a front row seat.

It is sad when my niece makes comments about how you have never finished anything. But it is the truth. You never have and the scary part is that you are raising my nephew and nieces the same way. At least they know who I am. But you have tried your best to make sure they never knew who their Great Grandmother was.

Well Karma is a bitch and it is coming for you.

Aunt in Law.

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Posted on Fri, Aug. 04, 2017 at 08:48 am

I hate all my inlaws as they are the worst enablers I have ever met. None of them have ever had to help around the house and now have the most spoiled children I have ever met. They drive brand new Camaros, one drives the same Audi as Tom Brady, etc have gone to very expensive univerities and never even had to have a part time job or do even empty a dishwasher at home. My husband is in his 50s and his sisters still call him Bri Bri instead of Brian. Come on, really? I would be so humiliated if my family still treated me like a baby. They do it to their own children as they think they can buy love and by treating them like babies. Well now they are in their twenties and still act like 12 year olds. We had a four month old black lab puppy that all the children(mostly little girls) would come to our door to play with. We had a cookout and our lab was playing with my nephew, (older than these little girls) and he got knocked over on the lawn playing ball with the dog. He was fine and almost laughed but Instead of saying your fine my SIL made a huge deal out of it and made him cry and than said Thats it Im outta here. Couldnt help to wonder what else it was we did wrong other than invite them all over and provide food and alchohol and a small pool. Now I can understand why my husband is such a spoiled rotten lazy baby, he was brought up to be one. Im so glad I was brought up to help around the house, earn my own car and pay for the insurance, repairs, paid for my own college whiile I worked full time etc. as now I can stand on my own!

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Sissy Boy

Posted on Fri, Aug. 04, 2017 at 06:39 am

One of my female in-laws had it in for me and kept badgering me at a holiday dinner to the point where I lost my cool and told her off. After that her nephew was rude to me and only thanked my husband for the gifts we sent them. Did my heart good when his aunt showed videos featuring his former girlfriend at a family dinner. He and his wife left abruptly after dinner, gee guess it's not so funny when your aunt pulls her crap on you. His mother the aunt's sister hates his wife and no doubt they cooked up this little scheme to upset his wife. I suppose he noticed the gifts stopped we used to send them. See it was me who picked out the gifts jerk.

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