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It will come back to you

Posted on Sun, Jan. 18, 2015 at 08:38 pm

MIL, FIL, SIL, and BIL, all your evilness and ill will is going to come back to you. I'm not stepping foot in your house anymore. If my DH wants to visit you on your birthday, or any holiday I don't care anymore. DH will spend the morning with me and have an early dinner with me and the kids. If he wants to visit you and your evil family for dessert in the evening, so be it. I don't like it but the less I try to control him the better I feel and it seems as though he really does not want to visit you, he just doesn't want me to tell him not too. What ever. You 4 evil bastards are the only things we argue over and I'm done arguing. My mental and physical well being need to be taken care of and by being away from you it will be so.
My kids are old enough that I have told them almost every single mean and evil thing you have done to me. Guess what? They hate you. Now They know why I hate you. Unfortunately they are under 18 and if DH wants to drag them to see Satan, I mean MIL, then they have to go. It's a good thing, though. Now that I won't be there anymore to buffer the rudeness and evil they will be begging DH to leave and not me.
I already told my children the way their Grandparents, Aunt and Uncle on their Dads side of the family are, is not normal. I tell them they are mean and that is not how people who love each other treat each other. I told my children I love them and when they have a spouse and children of their own one day I will be there for them unconditionally, unlike my evil inlaws.
You may think you are winning MIL, A.K.A Satan, but you are not. I told my kids when they turn 18 they can tell you to fuck off. Literally and figuratively. Lucky for you, I raised my children with class and dignity and they wouldn't stoop to your level to tell you that. But, I guarantee you they will never speak to you after they are adults. You can't treat a child's mother with hate, contempt, spitefulness and passive aggressive ways without them seeing it and hating you.
So sit in your dark, dirty, smelly hell cave and just keep doing your evil deeds as that's all you know. I on the other hand will stay as far away from you as possible and I almost guarantee that without me around DH will soon stop going by at all. I have a life to live and being a thorn in someones side is the last thing I would ever be happy being like you. I will go on with my life and being around positive, uplifting people.

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merried to the who family

Posted on Sun, Jan. 18, 2015 at 06:21 pm

I have been putting up with my husbands mother n father for 7 years always did what i had to do to make them happy and its nvr enough!
It got to the point where even his brothers and their wives do it
But the thing that I hate most is that how moyher i law waits for my husband to leave so she can come to my room and cuss at me,cuss my dead father and when.i tell my husband about it they all claim it never happend... It drives me crazy! Fml

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hate all in-laws

Posted on Sun, Jan. 18, 2015 at 04:16 pm

It's coming to a point where I hate my husband. We dated 6 years & are married for 5 years. My FIL makes it known by doing things, that I'm not his daughter as well. If my husband does a something wrong, somehow I'll be blamed by MIL & plus I have to put up with the sisters of the MIL as well. They want respect but don't give it . They treat me ugly, but If you give the same medicine, they can't take it. I hate, yes hate my husband, cause if he had to stand up for me years ago, the way his brother stands up for his wife, then it would not have been necessary for me to scoop down to their level. I'm done with them all!!!!

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my mother in law and sister in law

Posted on Sun, Jan. 18, 2015 at 01:33 pm

Drives me nuts. All they do is shop all day. Well, actually they sleep all day and shop all evening. My mother in law acts like she is perfect. She is so unrealistic. My sister in law, brother in law, and new born baby lives at my in laws house. Mother in law and sister in law do not work. My father in law works outta town and only comes home on the weekend. I hate their lifestyles... They drive me nuts. They drive all of our family nuts. I just found out for seven years my mother in law thought I was they problem. However, other family members have pulled me a side and revealed to me that is my mother in law with the issues. This has been so freeing. The woman is NUTS. God help me

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The atm is now closed

Posted on Sun, Jan. 18, 2015 at 12:24 pm

My hubby and I started out poor with all of our relatives. We grew up in a state that had few jobs and almost everyone was/is on welfare. After dd was born we wanted better and moved to a big city and after years of hard work are in a really good place in our lives. My relatives never ask for anything. Ever. We were raised if you don't work you starve. Dh was raised you get a hand out anywhere, anyway you can. Dh tried to tell his family 20 years ago how much better it is living here but they all said no way. Now 20 years later the in-laws are still struggling. We used to post vacation pics, updates on whats going on with us on fb but have had to stop. We would get messages saying if they had the money they would be able to pay bills but they don't make enough at their jobs and the kids are leaving home so the welfare is decreasing. Mil will text hubby and say they need money but she can't ask the bil's for it because they don't make much. If she had her way we would be sitting in squalor with the rest of them. Twenty years ago when we were moving she had a complete sobbing break down and was clinging to dh begging him not to go. Whatever pic you have in your mind it was worse. Then we had years of her having bil's call asking dh to take dd and leave me and go back home to mil. Dh and i were in our 30's when we moved! Yeah, its hard to believe everyone is barely making it when they post pics of flat screen t.v's, new guns, new cars. The atm is now closed. If mil needs money the bil's can sell their toys and give her the money. We have become the goose that lays the golden eggs. Its not because we have become wealthy its because we budget. Im not going to give up my comfy life that dh and I busted our asses for so they can live better and we can live worse.

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We've been had!

Posted on Sun, Jan. 18, 2015 at 06:43 am

After years of meeting the in-laws demands, entertaining them at my expense and hard work, DH catering to FIL driving him to his hobby destinations, and generally spoiling FIL and MIL, we were ripped off! It was all a scam, just using us for years and then in the end shafting DH only to give ESIL and EBIL more of FIL's estate. DH was so disgusted with the way FIL treated him he didn't even go to his funeral. We were too nice for too long and all they did was take advantage of our generosity and kindness. No more! We've had enough. DH learned his lesson and he's not giving into ESIL, NIL or BIL's demands anymore. Once bitten, twice shy!

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Hateful inlaws

Posted on Sun, Jan. 18, 2015 at 02:19 am

Karma is here. I waited........ finally dear SIL you have gotten retributions. I love that crooked mouth of yours. You have been cursing and chanting bad things whenever I walked past you. This crooked mouth is the result of all your sins. Best of luck. Leave with this crooked mouth of your till you step into the grave evil woman.
Dear MIL you too, is it not heartbreaking to see your dear daughter having a crooked mouth. It was you who brought her into this world. But sad to say you are as ill mannered. You neither teach nor guide your offsprings. You only know how to sleep with your man and reproduced. Lucky DH has FIL genes and is kind n mild. You stop brainwashing my DH for he knows how bad n evil you people are. Till then I am waiting for retribution to be bestowed upon you fat ass MIL n your other evil eldest oldmaid daughter. God I pray for your kind assistance to their retributions.

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Overstaying in laws

Posted on Sat, Jan. 17, 2015 at 08:47 pm

They said they would only stay for 3 mos.. It's been 3 years.. If they don't leave. I will

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Posted on Sat, Jan. 17, 2015 at 05:05 pm

I'm done! That is all.

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Dear MIL,

Posted on Sat, Jan. 17, 2015 at 12:58 pm

Please take a long look in the mirror before you start telling people that they should be ashamed of themselves. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF FOR RAISING YOUR KIDS THE WAY YOU DID! FUCK OFF!

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