I Hate My Inlaws!

Evil Toad more despicable each day

Posted on Wed, Jan. 21, 2009 at 07:50 pm

My FIL the evil toad has been upstate for the past few weeks. Last year, to be kind (huge mistake), we put him on our cell phone family plan so he could save money. You would think the toad would be grateful. He kept losing his phones and it was cheaper to add him than for him to set up his own account. What dopes we were. My credit card bill came in (the one I used for our cell phone account). I was so proud of myself this xmas, being frugal and not racking up unnecessary expenses for useless gifts. Well, to my surprise, my bill was higher that I thought! Why? There was a $300 charge from the cell phone plan for his phone for something he went and added then dropped in September. Since the company had my credit card on record they billed me!!!!! I cancelled my credit card and had a new one issued to prevent further misuse. Tonight the hubby called the toad and explained what happened and asked him, when the toad was able, to please reimburse us $300. Well, the toad went wild! I could hear the toad yelling at my husband over the phone from the other side of the room. I wrote down on a piece of paper to hubby, while on the phone, just to forget the $300. I knew the toad, would either deny it or forget what he did and either way not pay us back. Not getting the money will not bankrupt us but it's the idea that the toad had the audacity to change something on his phone without telling us and then when it's billed deny and refuse to take responsibility. Somehow the toad twisted the story around to say it wasn't his fault, he can't afford to pay us back (boo-hoo he has to send money to the freeloaders in south america while trying to rob us, all behind hubby's back), etc. He told hubby he doesn't want the phone. Great!!! Tomorrow I'm calling the company and having him dropped from the plan, pronto. They actually won't bill me a huge expense for this and I will be rid of this bullsh**. I am sure the toad will be further enraged when his phone is dead and will have forgotten he said to drop it. He plans to go into the phone store and have it out with the staff. Hubby told him don't bother the deed is done and it's over with, if you go in and make a scene they will call the police. Told the hubby good--when he calls from jail for us to post his bail, I'll say we've never heard of him! Told hubby the thing that gets me the most is how the toad abuses us and sends his money down south and lies about poverty! His sense of entitlement is way out of line. The hubby said he is fed us with him and doesn't want him coming back here anymore to his apartment. Slowly the hubby sees the nasty deeds his dad is doing and how he has used us while lying and sending money, which he should keep for himself or his son upon his death, down to the dead beat freeloaders in south america. I'm glad the hubby is seeing with his own eyes what an abusive a**hole his father is. I don't want the toad's money I just don't want him in our home anymore. Hubby is emailing the freeloaders in south america to tell them that since his dad, the toad gives them money each month, then when the toad runs out of money they should decide whom among them wants to take the toad in permanently to live with them when he's broke! Ha-ha-ha-haaaah!!!!!

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