I Hate My Inlaws!

SIL get a life and out of ours

Posted on Wed, May. 15, 2013 at 01:56 pm

SIL I know you are over 30 and have never had a boyfriend so u would not understand a relationship but u r ruining my marriage. U call my husband everyday for what and r obsessed with my son its so annoying. Ur family treats me as if I dont exist. But the finally straw was making a big deal on mother's day that my son spend the day with ur mom instead of his own mother which of course ur brainwash brother thought it was ok. Im so sick of ur family drama Im about ready to file divorce. My husband has no backbone when it comes to family. Well he has his own family that this crazy family is trying to tear apart. U Pick my son up every weekend cause u have no life. Maybe if u found a boyfriend of ur own u wouldnt have to treat ur brother as ur boyfriend. All of u r two face no wonder ur other brother and his family want nothing to do with u morons. MIL never worked a day in her life but has the nerve to say im weak and lazy. I have a special needs child that takes up a lot of my time. only if my stupid husband had balls to stand up to these idiots r lives would be so much better. So I told him he can live with her since she comes before me. My in laws can go jump off a cliff

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