I Hate My Inlaws!

Final Insult

Posted on Sun, Oct. 24, 2010 at 10:42 pm

For 18 years I have supported your son, in every way possible. He neded a kidney transplant and you all abandoned him. I have always done everything you asked of me. I tried to be a "member" of your sick family, even though now, I realize who would want to? It's like being in a viper pit. Even though I have always treated you all with kindness and respect, in the past,you never let me into your "inner circle". You never included me in anything, without acting as if you were all better than me. You're not. You're mean spirited, narassistic, racist people who don't seem to have the capacity for love, compassion, respect or kindness. The last straw for me is that you all. - every single one of you, including my "partner" refused to acknowledge the death of my sister.
I lost her to death. My loss.
You lost me by being the awful people whose slights and insults and mean acts I have tolerated for the last 18 years. Your loss.
I realize now that there's no hope for any of you. You're horrible, mean people who care about no one but yourselves. You get no more respect, help, or acknowledgement from me.
You are all horrible. You are dead to me.

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