I Hate My Inlaws!

I hate MIL and SIL

Posted on Thu, Nov. 18, 2010 at 10:24 am

What is wrong with all these mother in laws?????????? After all I have read her it is so crazy!! What kind of wackjob ladies have boys and treat their son's wives like garbage??? I just do not understand it!!!! I hate my MIL and SIl They fuel each other and for some reason hate me! Make me feel like ignorant, excentric freak. I have a college education and you guys barly graduated. IDIOTS. I am tired of being treated like I am lower class that you. I have tried to be the most kindest person to her but you both do not love me or treat me like a person. I nearly died having my child and you acted like I was a used vessle and threw me out- did not acknowlege my surgery and the infertility. I was the incubator for your grandaughter you wanted SO BAD and now ignore. SIL is the favorite. She does everything with you. You buy her "girls" presents, beds, bedsets, clothes etc.. How dare you take my DD shopping for the "girls" comforter sets but do you ask if my daughter needs one? That is just a drop of water in a sea of crap you have done to my daughter and myself. NO you are a witch! I do not get invited to anything you and SIL do together. My husband ignores it and says "What do you expect from a couple of wackjobs freaks." Still, it really hurts. I wish my husband would stand up for me. If I had known this I NEVER would have married him no matter how much I love him. It would have been better to be alone than to suffer the exclusion, backstabbing and indifference. I thought when I got married I would gain more family but really it is like I am not part of the family at all. Should have known when we got engaged you looked at my ring and said yours was better then got up and went to bed. All my child wants is to be loved. You are a piece of crap worthless grandmother. You never call us or see how we are doing - nothing! My daughter hates you MIL and so do I. Those two "girls" are your grandaughters not my daughter. You have never been a real grandmother to her. When you die I will throw a party because you never treated me, DD, or DH like a person or given us any dignity one time in twenty years. Yes I have kept quiet the whole time because of your passive agressive crap try to corner me to look like an idiot but you have not gotten anything out of me and neither has SIL. You never will because I know your games. You are a mental case and so is SIL and you deserve each other. VERY DIFFICULT PEOPLE! Even people who knew you from work comment on how sorry they are for me and they have NO idea what I suffer I just smile when they say it. Way back one family friend would not attend my showers becasue you were there. I did not even knew you know eachother just goes to show you. I hate you. I hate fat arse SIL who is an ignorant hick. I hate her face put on some makeup and fix up yourself fat arse SIL. You look like a pig. Now I have to sit at your sorry house with the FIL who secrety hates you on Christmas. Sit with the B SIL and little witch neices prance around when they are ugly spoiled girls. I hate you both MIL AND SIL DIE IN HE$$! Sick family I got myself into!

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