I Hate My Inlaws!

Yes, she DOES know better...

Posted on Fri, Dec. 07, 2012 at 03:00 pm

DH's eyes have been opened WIDE these past few years in regard to how his mother manipulates people, especially her sons.

Her latest 'thing' is to interfere w/ my daily phone call to DH. DH & I speak once a day while I'm at work just to see how our respective days are going & to figure out dinner plans. We call each other at a specific time everyday, & we have been doing this for YEARS. & MIL knows this. Now she's started calling DH FIVE MINS before DH & I have our daily check-in w/ each other. So he spends a few mins listening to her gossip about the same family BS that's been going on for YEARS (BIL's dysfunctional family - a whole other story), then DH spends the next several mins trying to get off the phone so he & I can talk. Per MIL, this is me "controlling" HER son. I am a F/T working professional, so I have to make the effort to keep a few mins available everyday at the same time for our phone call. I can't just randomly take personal calls anytime I wish. DH & I planned our call time together, which works GREAT for us, so, naturally, MIL has to try to crap all over that. See, we've managed to keep her at a comfortable arms-length when it comes to our lives, & she HATES THAT. We've stopped her from sabotaging several of our personal plans (she tried to ruin our plans to visit my family earlier this year after I hadn't seen my family in 7 YEARS!), so now she's using desperate measures to keep her control over everyone. & she's losing. & it's driving her batty. Awwwww...too bad. What a hypocrite.

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