I Hate My Inlaws!

Lazy lard wings

Posted on Mon, Feb. 18, 2013 at 04:21 pm

Golden SIL- Just because you cleaned a small portion of your father's dirty senior condo doesn't mean that you get a trophy. I do that much in my own house every day and never expected everyone in the world to stop what they were doing to give me a standing ovation like you do. You cleaned a little. So what? Stop sending my DH, your brother, dozens of photos of the spot you cleaned, you ridiculous spoiled princess bitch.
I know that your pedophile, molester husband is the one that did nearly every bit of housework in your home and that's why you looked the other way and kept him around. As disgusting and bizarre as your relationship is, you were happy that he shopped, cooked, cleaned and organized the hoard of jam-packed items in your house that you bought to make yourself feel better about your pointless life.
Now that you know how to rub a rag on a surface, why don't you get rid of your horrible husband? Maybe getting off your massive lard butt will help work off some of those layers of hanging fat wings that flap when you walk. Do you expect a gold star every time you stand up? Grow up and face the facts you hideous bitch.

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