I Hate My Inlaws!

I hate everything about you...

Posted on Thu, Nov. 19, 2009 at 03:57 pm

Let's start with my BIL. He is a lazy, alcoholic, loser who refuses to work and just lives off his mother and father even though he is 25 yrs old. Your father pays for your place to live. He also pays the fines he gets from the dog shit you refuse to pick up in your front yard. Your mother pays all your bills and supports your drug/alcohol habit. Yet, you trash me? Because how dare my husband want to spend time with his son and wife and not get high and be a loser like you. That must be my fault. You call up your trashy good for nothing cousins to talk crap about me. Like I care what those dirty whores think. I mean seriously don't come visit us when your herpes is flaring up on your face! You talk shit to my husband because you are so filled with jealousy because he has a future and you don't. Well here's some advice. Get a dang job!! I know its sad that you are 25 and never had a girlfriend before 2months ago. I still wonder what is wrong in her head to be into a guy like you. You have serious anger issues and I cannot stand how you treat your mother. Does it make you feel big when you push her around and yell at her because your life sucks? Now you expect to be invited over for thanksgiving? WTF! Why would you even want to come over? You hate me and know I hate you back. Get your own life, please, so you can stay out of ours. Maybe move out of the country. yes, yes please do! I'll buy the plane ticket!

As for my MIL...Geez she is the typical overbearing type. You put me down in your sneaky little ways. If my son get sick with a common cold (which isn't often) it must be my fault. I must not dress him warm enough. If I do put a sweater on him you tell me it's too warm. If he doesn't wear one than he must be freezing. I can't give my son a little bit of whip cream cause it's junk food but you hand him 5 lollipops, 2 beef jerky sticks, 1 cup of soda and thats ok. Of course it is because you are the queen. You constantly remind me that you have raised 3 sons so I better listen to you. 1 who has 2 dui's under his belt and refuses to work and treats you like garbage. Another one who is sitting in prison. Yeah you did something right. I better listen to your parenting advice. It's a shock my husband has a future and is as caring as he is. You tried to get me to get rid of my dogs because they are unhealthy for my son yet you smoked around all your kids when they were growing up but thats ok because you did it. You told my husband to divorce me and take my son away from me because he did something wrong that caused a fight. What kind of person are you? So willing to hurt your grandson by taking his mother away simply because I was upset with your son for something that was 100% his fault and he knew it was. I could go on and on....

The bottom line is you people suck! Just stay out of my life. Please. I am really tempted to run away on thanksgiving day. Just the thought of my BIL sitting in my house makes me cringe!

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