I Hate My Inlaws!

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Posted on Sun, Jun. 22, 2014 at 02:22 pm

MIL is more fussy than a toddler! I can't stand it! When she wants food, she wants it NOW or else she has a screaming fit! And by food, I mean she has to go out to eat at a specific restaurant of her choice NOW. She is a self diagnosed "hypoglycemic". Honestly, she is just fat and thinks of nothing but food. Unless I cook anyway, then she is magically on a diet. Even though she downed 2 buckets of chicken earlier. It is absolutely nauseating!! As soon as she walks through the door "when are we leaving to eat". "I need to eat now". She doesn't even say hello to her own son!!!
She tried to get me to go to a different hospital to have my child because "it has better food".
Even though the hospital had awful medical care, my doctor didn't work out of that hospital and the staff was rude.
Sorry MIL, I'm not changing my doctor because you want a Wendys in the hospital!
On a seperate occasion, a friend of mine traveled all day via car to see me. My MIL happened to be here that day, my friend was 10 minutes from my home..MIL starts flipping out because she wants food. Pantry is full of food..doesn't matter. She starts screaming that we need to leave now and to just leave a note for my friend on the door. What the hell!!! Then she starts going nuts because it took the restaurant 15 minutes to prepare her food.
I can't stand having her around. She is so rude and oblivious to other people's existence. She is not elderly by any means. Healthy except for fat. There is no excuse for her behavior!
I'm convinced, if it came down to saving a family member's life or getting a bucket of chicken...she would pick the chicken.

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