I Hate My Inlaws!

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Posted on Mon, Aug. 06, 2012 at 05:50 am

After having a c section an being in days of labour i rang you to ask if you would like to meet my child just ring and let me know when you will come, 2days after getting out of hospital all 10 of you showed up at my house not one considered ringing me or even thought they maybe to many of you i had to keep walking out the room to cry as you was passing my child around like a new toy when you all finally left i cried so much as i was so angry at you all my poor partner didn't no what to do!! Also when it was my partners birthday i decided to invite you all to do something to celebrate it with us and what a surprise you took over and planned were to go and when as none of you had money which i can understand but i wanted to plan his birthday but its different when it is all your birthdays going to restaurants ect... which we can never afford, but what made it was you turned his birthday into a family get together not one of you got him a card or said happy birthday even my BIL didn't even no what the get to gether was about. i was fuming my partner was just smiling away enjoying the family's company but i was just biting my tong for his sake as it was his day in the end when it came to saying good bye i just walked away! even when i was pregnant with my daughter my SIL snapped at me for something so ridicules i was 7months pregnant and shes on the phone in her room calling me a bitch and all sorts i didn't want to cry in front of her then my partner came up stairs to see what the shouting was about, i told him she came in saying he didn't no anything about me we had been together for nearly 2 years and have lived together for that long as well my partner lost his temper, after the argument my partner had a shower i went out side for a walk and to get away then the crazy old bat started following me around i was s**ting my self. also his family have lied and are very rude when my SIL is drunk she is constantly saying nasty things to me for example i didn't like you , i thought you was a bitch , i love attention and also on my looks and on my hair and clothes, i have always been nice to these people there has never been one insadent were i have retaliated to there comments or behavior, there have been so many insadents that have made my mouth drop in shock for example ( beating up each other, not telling you when a family member has died, stealing from your family, ringing silly o'clock in the morning cause you are so drunk and don't no were you are more then once, making up lies saying my partner hit me, calling the police on one another) the list goes on!! i really don't want to see these people again they make me feel sick and angry for my partners sake they can say all they want to me but knowing and seeing my partner down because of you makes me hate you even more you are a defiantly like a Jeremy Kyle family and it is embarrassing!!

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