I Hate My Inlaws!

Sluggy Butt and "The Family"

Posted on Fri, Aug. 08, 2008 at 03:25 am

Sluggy Butt (SIL),

Bummer for you, your fat, lazy, worthless Slug..Your brother (my DH) removed you from his my space. Why? Because you have done nothing but put him down and tear him down for the past two years. You sit on your lazy worthless a$$ and shred your brother who has been in IRAQ for the past year. You were no better source of "support" on his first tour over there.

Suprise...Suprise.."Suddenly" cousins start coming out of the wood work and sending him friends requests. Cousins he hasn't seen or spoken to in years and cousins who have never had an interest in sending him a friends request on my space all the years he has had a my space account. One cousin being the one that lives right next door to you and who your closest to..

Coincidence? I think not and neither does your brother..Do you think he is stupid?? He denied her friends request (you manipulating slug) and all the other ones also..We both know EXACTLY what your up to and why all the cousins started sending friends requests..

Why don't you act like an adult and fight your own battles instead of getting the whole f'ed up family involved..I hate you..I really wish you would just fall off a cliff and die..And please don't for get to take "Zombie Cow" (your mother) with you!!!

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