I Hate My Inlaws!

Hahaha MIL

Posted on Thu, Oct. 28, 2010 at 02:23 am

You are such an idiot. When you called DH and asked him to please tell you that DS can say more than one word because your BFF GS is 3 and can't say more than one word,you looked like a idiot gossip with nothing better to do. Just because I am of a different nationality doesn't make DS slower than any other kid. That poor 3 year old has a pushy crappy grandma. Guess, crap attracts to crap as friends . And what did you look like when your BFF asked you about DS and you didn't know? HAhahahaha. I love how Dh shot you down and told you leave that poor kid alone. That he will talk when he is ready, it doesn't make him stupid, slow or anything like what you were implying. And now DH sees one more reason why you should NEVER be given any sensitive information.
Really MIL, you're stooping to insulting children, really? I've said it before-YOU and FIL SUCK AS PEOPLE. And even without rope you manage to hang yourselves. Unbelievable...Sighs,walks away shaking head

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