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Grandparents Rights

Posted on Tue, Jul. 16, 2019 at 03:14 pm

Go ahead and hint at this one more time. Go ahead and try you rotten bastards. Come at me. I WILL BURY YOU!

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Drop the rope already

Posted on Tue, Jul. 16, 2019 at 02:03 pm

Compared to me, you will NEVER be:

More loved
More respected
More admired
More successful
As intelligent

So just give it up already

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My mil is a narcissist control freak uneducated B

Posted on Tue, Jul. 16, 2019 at 12:13 pm

She is an uneducated low class backward woman who has nothing to do except be a beech to me. I hate how she looks how she speaks the words spitting out of her hell hole mouth. I hope she suffers pain mental and physical the way she has given me. If I knew what a ls person she was I would have never got into this family. Hope she leaves me alone and rot somewhere else.

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Just be gone

Posted on Tue, Jul. 16, 2019 at 12:02 pm

When will these mooching @ssholes die??!!! I can't wait for the day when it's finally my turn to post the happy news. I wish they'd just die already.

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Learned My Lesson

Posted on Tue, Jul. 16, 2019 at 11:58 am

I probably will seem like a cold-hearted B but I have had my fill of my MIL. She barely made $1000 a month in SS and had a car that was on its last legs when I met her. I found out right before marrying her son that her car had no AC and a myriad of other issues. So I did what I thought was right and I bought her a $4k used car the day after I married her son (which was my second marriage and his too). This was the start of a big problem. In less than a year she started asking us for money, complaining about her teeth hurting her and needing glasses. Within 9 months she was asking me for a job because I own my own business and am very successful.

Unfortunately I felt sorry for her. Big Mistake. People are usually in their situation for a reason of their own making. My husband didn't want her to work for the business (BTW my husband works for my business now too but that is not how we met). I thought it would be better to give her a job than to have her asking us for money all the time. The issue was she lives 1 hr away ... so I thought well we have a big house (8 bedrooms, my 2 kids and his 3 kids) ... she could stay in the guest room M-Th and go back to her sister's house on the weekends. DH didn't want it. He was not close to his mom because she was a drug addict when he was young. He grew up with needles left around the house, had times when they had no water or electricity, had police raid the home. His parents divorced and my MIL continued to party. He and his sister stayed with the dad who smoked pot (the raid actually happened with the dad because he was growing it). Anyway ... long story short ... she was a shitty mom. But over the years she got off the drugs and wanted to be a good grandma and make amends, so I thought DH should give her a chance. Deep down though ... people rarely change.

At first she was part time which quickly turned into full time. She is limited in what she could do because she was 65 and she had neck and back issues. In the beginning she did use the extra income to get new glasses and take care of her responsibilities. But I started to hear about the things she did on the weekend, out drinking with friends. My MIL is a heavy smoker too. After xmas she started complaining more about her teeth. She wanted to get them pulled and get dentures. She started getting estimates and they tell her all about implants which she cannot afford. So then she comes to me and asks me to loan her the money.

If you don't know how expensive implants are ... in the US it costs close to $40k. You can't smoke, especially during the healing phase. You get the implants first and 5 months later you can get teeth made to attach so you use temp dentures in the meantime. My MIL said she would quit smoking and she did. She begged for this and I found a place in Mexico to do it for $20k that had great reviews. It would take her 4 yrs to pay me back. I booked it ... and oh do I regret that.

When we went there we talked at dinner the night before she got the implants. It was then that I found out that she went out to bars drinking with friends every other weekend to the point where she had to call an uber to pick her up. She had told me initially she had $1000 saved up but when I asked for that she said she spent it on injections in her neck before we left. I got onto her about the fact that she made $20k extra in less than a yr working for me and she had saved nothing. She buys other employees meals, eats out frequently, goes drinking, recently started to buy cases of beer to drink at my house, and has started paying her sister even more than $600/mo in rent for her room because her sister is terrible with money too. So giving my MIL a job has resulted in her being philanthropic despite her inability to pay for her own wants ... and then she comes back to me.

I have been frustrated with her lifestyle and her financial habits and felt taken advantage of. She recently fell at my house in the bathroom because she could not get to the toilet in time and started peeing herself and slipped on her own pee. She had a concussion and a few scrapes on her arm. I had to see after her but she will not follow instructions. She complained heavily about her head and neck wanting stronger pain pills. I told her the Dr would send her to the hospital for an MRI if she complained like that and I didn't think she had more than a concussion which they cannot do anything for. It is clear she is addicted to pain pills. She started to get better by day 3 and 4. She slept mostly although she claimed she didn't. But then she became delirious and confused. She had to leave our house because she was climbing the stairs and falling again ... just very disoriented. We all figured she had taken something. Her friend was going to have her stay with her but decided to take her to the hospital. Turned out she had double pneumonia and very low levels of oxygen in her body.

This is when I find out she has COPD and was diagnosed with it FIVE YEARS AGO. She only quit smoking 3 months ago for the implants. But I am suspect of even that because I found an unopened pack of cigarettes and ecig liquid in her car. So I think she is still smoking on weekends. I just spent $10k on the implants and knew nothing about her health condition. She almost died from the double pneumonia, which she wasn't coughing or complaining about. I told my DH that I refuse to send her back and pay for the teeth which are another $10k. She can just continue to use the temp dentures. My DH had the nerve to tell me I'm a liar then. I told him he could pay the $10k from his 401k for all I care (because he didn't have any money when he came to the marriage ... I paid $40k of his debt). He said he wouldn't cash out his future for his mom's teeth ... but he still tried to make me feel guilty about reneging.

I have had it. I feel taken advantage of and lied to. They don't appreciate the things I have done. I want my MIL out of my house. She can commute the hr to work if she so desires but I no longer want to witness her poor decisions any more. I will not pay for her teeth. My DH says he would like to keep her close to monitor her and has tried to make me feel guilty about not letting her stay here (despite the fact that initially he didn't want it either). I don't care. I have no sympathy. I am not her parent and I refuse to have to treat her like a child. I am not going to impose numerous rules or conditions for her to stay with us any more. I do not want to know what she does and nor do I care. Perhaps she won't have so much time to go out drinking or have any money for it if she is commuting 2 hrs each day. She can save her own money for her teeth if she wants them that badly. And she will pay me back the $10k as long as she works for me because it is automatically deducted from her pay. The question remains as to whether she will live the 2 yrs to pay that off (interest free of course). I'm ready to cut my losses.

I chewed out my DH for the poor treatment of me by him trying to make out like I'm the liar. He has apologized and agreed she will not live with us any longer. He is continuing to try to get his mom to follow instructions. Good luck with that. She definitely assisted the pneumonia by taking 3 of her pain pills at a time that were a combination of 325 mg tylenol and 5 mg hydrocodone. It's a wonder she didn't ruin her liver and kidneys with the tylenol because she took 2 excedrin at a time on top of that. She ignores all instructions and is addicted to pain meds, alcohol, and smoking. I told my DH he should plan on her dying within the next 5 yrs (probably sooner) given her attitude. It's the cold hard truth, and I could care less because she does it to herself. I WILL NOT treat her like a baby and nor will I be her nurse maid. My DH is trying to research how to mitigate COPD. I am so mad they didn't inform me of it before I paid $10k for her. I told him that the time to have done that was 5 yrs ago and the harm she has done since is irreparable. She will not change and he just needs to accept it and let her do what she wants ... but we do not need to have it in our face everyday.

Sorry for the long rant. My own mom smokes and can't quit but she does try to take care of herself otherwise. She is an excellent mom and I would take care of her in a heartbeat if she ever needed me. But she is 79 and has always been responsible for herself. My mother and my MIL are equal opposites. Thank God I lucked out with such great parents. It is hard for me to comprehend how some people like my DH had to grow up. Some people should never be allowed to raise children.

Now I'm going to go clean out the guest room which I had noticed had a bad odor in it but didn't quite know what it was. Didn't realize she was peeing everywhere. She could have worn some Depends at night to help with that and I could have put on a waterproof cover ... but no I guess it was just simpler for her to wet the bed and hope no one notices. The plan of a 3 yr old. I will probably be getting a new mattress for the room.

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Far far away

Posted on Mon, Jul. 15, 2019 at 08:46 am

Next time you show up at our old house pls keep up your persistent tapping at the door. Hopefully you are met by a thug who smashes your stupid walnut face in. We have sold up and moved far far away near my supportive and loving parents to raise our family and we never bothered to tell you pack of sick creeps! Hearing about your ‘perverted’ relationship with your other grandkids was enough to make me throw up. Sleeping over, pretending games etc. I hope the new owner of our house gives you a knuckle sandwich followed by a brain aneurysm. Adios.

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Posted on Sun, Jul. 14, 2019 at 10:58 pm

FINALLY, MIL looks like crap! She has gained weight and use to make backhanded remarks but now since I've been working out I look GREAT and mil looks like shit. Horrible snake she is. DH never EVER stuck up for me all these horrible yr. I wld NEVER marry into this crappy so called family again if given the chance. Mil and the rest of the low lifes have ruined my life but at least now they cant talk about my weight. I walk with confidence in front of them, the tables have turned on that witch, paybacks are a bitch and so is she!

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Happy Anniversary to Us!

Posted on Sun, Jul. 14, 2019 at 11:20 am

One year ago a very wicked witch unexpectedly kicked the proverbial bucket! During the past year our lives have never been more blissfully peaceful. No more interference from her evil mini-me daughter or conniving son either. Life is good!

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Have you ever seen "My Last Days?"

Posted on Sat, Jul. 13, 2019 at 07:56 pm

It's a show in which people battling terminal illness choose to live the remainder of their lives in positivity and send a message of love to their families and the viewing public. That's NOT what my MIL's husband did. In fact, God and doctors (somewhat misguidedly!) saved his life and gave him more than three extra years. He responded by becoming hateful and bitter toward just about everyone in the world. You name it. Immigrants. People of color. LGBT people. Muslims. Pope Francis. Atheists and agnostics. Nonfundamentalist christians. Democrats. Liberals. Women (because they sometimes vote for Democrats, they sometimes work from home and raise children instead of "earning money like a man," and also because they occasionally have abortions). He laughs about sexual assault, and then he stigmatizes women for getting pregnant. He actually voted for a neo-Nazi once. I wish God or whoever makes these decisions would make him switch places with one of those terminally ill people and just die already.

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Ignoring Photos Says Everything

Posted on Sat, Jul. 13, 2019 at 01:34 pm

I find it cute that you are so jealous of people getting together and being happy (rather than being like you - a miserable crank bemoaning everyone's joy) that you don't acknowledge our happy photos. I know it's hard for you to be happy for someone else's joy, but maybe if you tried it on for size you might find your own life opening up a bit more and attracting more happy people around you. #JustAThought

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