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Bad mouthers

Posted on Tue, Jun. 15, 2021 at 04:31 am

We recently found out that BIL and FIL were badmouthing us to FIL’s side of the family. Now those people don’t want anything to do with us. We have an infant during a pandemic. We’re not dropping our jobs and our lives and hauling our baby several states over to take care of a gross, unsanitary old man when there are members of the family who don’t have kids who can help him. I am my child’s caregiver, not the caregiver of a racist, sexist f*** who keeps telling me that I should not put my baby in daycare in order to work. I hate these people. BIL and his wife are such obese and lazy POs. My husband won’t have much to do with them after they risked our baby’s life by potentially exposing him to Covid-19. Byeeeeeeeee f’ers. I won’t miss you!

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To mother of my husband

Posted on Mon, Jun. 14, 2021 at 03:14 pm

Yes, I saw you at the event. I arrived and give the graduate his gift and wished him well. Then, I left. It turns out 3 minutes is the perfect “visit” and thanks for the rude stares while I was there. All of you are really good at being yourselves! (It isn’t a compliment!)

Glad I am only part of your family on paper not blood related!


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The estate

Posted on Mon, Jun. 14, 2021 at 08:02 am

That property was settled years ago. So what a lawyer borrowed time and money from us. We already recouped our cost which is something you sure as hell couldn't say if you were left with such a mismanaged estate. So when are you going to get over it??

And another thing, we had no contact for the years leading up to now and it's well understood why. You people have nothing better to do than to sit around the same county, where nothing relevant happens, complaining about people you don't even know because to talk to them would mean you actually have to try at something in your life for once. No one calls you. No one misses you. No one likes you. Please stay in your hole forever!

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Posted on Sun, Jun. 13, 2021 at 01:10 pm

Dear MIL,

You can hate on me all you want. You can talk shit all you want. You can throw both direct and indirect nasty comments at me all you want. And guess what? I will ALWAYS BE WITH YOUR SON. Not only do we loooooooove the shit out of each other but our bond grows stronger and stronger EVERY FUCKING DAY. And, the sex im providing for him is BANGING!!!! I WIN BITCH!!!!

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letter to MIL

Posted on Sun, Jun. 13, 2021 at 09:29 am

Dear MIL,

You are such a bitch! You need to get laid already!

The woman who HAPPILY fucks your son

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Posted on Sat, Jun. 12, 2021 at 11:59 pm

F off you narcissistic mean people. You can keep to yourself and ignore me all you want. My loss is nothing. You mean nothing to me.

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Posted on Sat, Jun. 12, 2021 at 08:31 am

On the off chance you don't manage to outlive everyone around you by killing them off by causing constant stress, you won't be forgotten. There will only be relieve. You are perhaps the nastiest most selfish narcissistic person I've ever met.

I hope whomever is still around captures your legacy in an O-BITCH-uary for all to see.

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Posted on Tue, Jun. 08, 2021 at 05:40 am

My daughter became everything you lot like to complain about. She is going to wear an extremely short dress and combat boots to prom. She's going with a guy who has an exotic name. I like him so much that I learned to say "Good morning" in his father's language. Her friend group is like the United Nations. She didn't try out for the cheerleader squad. She has a thunderous volleyball serve. But most importantly, she has a good heart, and she thinks for herself. You should try these things yourself.

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Do the Math!

Posted on Mon, Jun. 07, 2021 at 09:42 pm

Two years ago tonight, you and I parted and I haven't seen you since.

I did something that I should have done years ago - divorced you.

Do the math - the last two years - 365 days x 2 = 730 days. That was 730 blissful, peaceful, tranquil, quiet, serene, positive, uplifting, inspiring and fun days gone by. The good news is that I'm looking forward to more, much more days ahead of living without you or your pest of a family. While tomorrow is never guaranteed, I live each day as a blessed gift away from you all.

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The Great Shrimp Debacle

Posted on Mon, Jun. 07, 2021 at 09:04 am

Have you ever met someone who is so ridiculously rude to waitstaff that you are worried about spit? Soon to be ex mil takes first prize at the county fair... We went to a restaurant famous for their olives wink wink... And she ordered Chicken scampi. The waitress put the order in correctly but the cook made the wrong meal. The waitress was pleasant, warm and all around good at her job. She talked to my kids about their drawings with genuine interest, just all around nice. The food was brought out by a helper. Our waitress was over within minutes to ask if everything looked alright. Mil snapped. There is shrimp here!!! I can see shrimp!! Her bottom lip started quivering like a child. The waitress calmly but assertively asked. are you allergic to sea food? (Making sure the situation was safe.) She was genuinely concerned. Mil snapped "No! You didn't do your job! is it that hard?! Are you stupid?!" Mil started carrying on about the shrimp and how her food will taste like shrimp and it's awful! And that she hates shrimp "it's the most terrible food on the planet." No one ever listens to her... She screaming at this poor waitress who took this with the most grace I have ever seen. Mil could have just been polite. There wasn't on bit of bad service before this her reaction was just over the top dramatic.. Before the waitress could apologize and correct the error mil continued to go on a rampage. To the point other customers were staring at us. The waitress said I'll correct the mistake right away, taking the offending dish with her. I excused my self to "speak with a manager on mils behalf" I went to the kitchen and profusely apologized for her behavior. That even if it was entered incorrectly (It wasn't) no one should be treated so poorly. To her credit the waitress didn't seem phased by mils behavior "We should have gotten the correct food out.. but her type happen often but thank you for being concerned". I slipped the waitress an extra $20 in cash. Manager brought out the correct dish. Fresh and plated better than a picture. Mil complained that it took 9 whole minutes to fix the issue. Mil spent most of the meal complaining. Kiddos were trying to hide under the table at this point because she was being so over the top. I tried my damndest to defuse her.. Her dead beat son did nothing but stuff his face with bread sticks and pretend his mother wasn't losing her mind. I messaged him "control this woman please?" "Do something.. she's gonna get us thrown out" "I really wanted tiramisu.. if this bitch ruins that chance.." "hello?" He just munched away staring at his phone... tuning out her babble.. My ASD son reminded his own grandmother to behave. Asshat stbexh just said "you know how she is.. I didn't want to get involved" Out of morbid curiosity A few months later we went again. I order the shrimp Alfredo. I could see veins popping out of her forehead. Lol.. I order shrimp every meal I have to endure with that woman. She has a problem with every meal at every restaurant. I live in an area where people have high expectations of service. It's always really good service. I don't understand this woman...

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