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Posted on Wed, May. 23, 2018 at 05:13 am

You are the most immature person I have ever encountered. You are well beyond 40 years old at this point in life and you insist on only having communication with your brother. That's your mistake, we will never come to your BBQs or anything else you invite us to, unless I also receive a message from you. Since you are too petty to do so, it will never happen. The other two evil step-sisters send their brother a message and include me as well. That's why we show up. But for you and your family, NEVER! Have a great weekend! Enjoy!

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Why my MIL is not my BFF

Posted on Tue, May. 22, 2018 at 10:42 pm

Has your MIL ever looked at your wedding pictures and said you look better in person? Has your MIL ever tasted something, said it was disgusting then tried to offer you a bite?
Has your MIL ever refer to you in front of your kids and husband as 'their mother' when talking about you? Is she
always yelling even when she is talking? The volume is only one setting=high. She's keeps nagging us non stop. She cripples the kids by doing everything for them when we visit. Similar to what she did with my DH and SSIL. Cleaning up for a 35 yr old whos still at home isn't something you should be proud of. My SIL is 35 and still lives at home. Is it any surprise she is still single? Her voice is annoying and she has the fashion sense of a 7 yr old girl. I gave them gifts and they donate them to the Salvation Army. Meanwhile they gave some ugly jewelry to myDH to pass off to me including my engagement ring! It's so ugly I never wear it. Who lets their mother choose a ring for their wife?! I hate how bossy they are. I wish they would go somewhere far and stay there hahaha

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Pieces of ..........@$#$

Posted on Tue, May. 22, 2018 at 12:05 pm

Well where do I begin. Let me count the ways:
1. my manipulative SIL has a drug problem over the last 5+ years and has not had a steady job for more than a few weeks BUT for some reason my MIL and SIL thought it was a good idea to have my husband get her a job where he works. GREAT YEAH THAT MAKES A LOT OF SENSE. Um for starters, you stole over $60,000 from your last job (over 5 years ago) and from your parents for drugs. You admit that you STILL cannot be trusted around money and that you shouldnt be anywhere near a cash register YET you thought you would work at the hotel. Well you spoiled brat the only job you would qualify for is front desk where there is access to cash. You would never take a maid job because you are too spoiled so how do you think I should trust you to not fuck up when you havent held a job yourself and still arent in complete recovery for over a year? Should I believe your lies and think you haven't touched that crap at all? Youve been arrested countless times and im suppossed to be ok with all of this. my husband worked hard to get his job and ill be damned if anyone is going to mess that up. he lost his job last year and we had to go 6 months without work. thats 6 months of scrambling on how to pay bills. you have never had to work hard at anything in your life and you just think its ok to do something like this? and when i confront you on it you think its all just stupid that i am upset. go fuck yourself you spoiled fat brat.
2. your whole family has made it hard to get close or be a family from day 1!!!!!! for so long i would have to take your insults and petty comments for the sake of peace and for the sake of my husband but NO MORE. Why does it take 3 years of marriage and a second child for there to be any progress?? It was only after my second son was born did i see any type of change. so let me get the straight im suppossed to just take all your shit for years and then when you decide ive had enough we can just switch over to being a happy family? meanwhile you still disrespect me by going behind my back to get a job at my husbands hotel even though you are a lazy fucking drug addict. yeah fuck off bitch. and for my MIL you have been an enabler from day 1. your daughter should have been in rehab and you should not have been paying her mortgae, buying her new cars and financing her trips cross country. you dont see me telling you how to raise your daughter even though EVERYONE can see how youre fucking up and enabling her drug use. YET you think its ok to tell me how to raise my kids. why the fuck do you have anything to say on how i discipline my kids, how they are or whatever? who are you to talk? you raise three kids (including my husband) with an entitled, spoiled mentality who have done nothing but steal, break the law, do drugs and lie. again GO FUCK YOURSELF CUNT
3. FIL has words to say to me.....oh i need help? excuse me maybe your son who used to chase me around the house during arguments as im trying to get away from him, pushes me when im pregnant, pushes and acts violently around me needs fucking help. maybe i wouldnt be so upset if i didnt have to go through hell just to have this relationship? if it wasn't the way you all treat me, its him acting stupid. I could go on and on about the things hes done in this relationship. i never once made a remark about you (FIL) or your cunt wife when you were arguing in front of my 1 year old daughter throwing sandwiches and other shit at each other, arguing carrying around knives, bragging about beating up people and acting tough...i mean COME ON YOU ASSHOLES are you serious???? how the hell are you going to treat me like im some fucking ghetto whore when all of you act insane on a regular basis? YOU ARE GHETTO TRASH.

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How am I supposed to react?

Posted on Tue, May. 22, 2018 at 11:07 am

Brother In Law- it makes me physically sick when I see you pretending to be the "Happy Family Man".
You were pretty sloppy when cheating on your wife the first two years of your marriage (how she still doesn't know I consider it a miracle). I have seen you physically and verbally batter her. You slept with my two of my friends while your wife was pregnant. They both came and told me the truth (not knowing about each other I had to tell the ladies they weren't the only ones). My husband even had stories to tell me of you infidelities. Its why the men havent gotten along for years- my husband having to cover for his brother. Even my Mother In Law knew of the infidelities (BIL was sexually harassing an ex employee that worked in the family office). MIL gave up a relationship with her own granchildren because her son had so many infidelities they were afraid of me telling the truth- so they pushed me out of the family. I regret not telling my SIL about her husbands many affairs (plus transfer of STD's) but then I realize its not my place to tell- I would be blamed for breaking up a family. SIL needs to figure it out on her own. Its her choice to stay with a violent man.

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No title, just too bitter.

Posted on Tue, May. 22, 2018 at 10:49 am

I wonder if you know(or care) how desperately I miss my daughter? When I post on facebook pictures of my son and daughter and how much I miss my daughter who passed away, MIL, you don't even have the decency to comment. DH can put the same pictures on facebook of our kids and she comments 'how much I miss her' 'I was so happy when she was born so I had someone to play dolls with'. Seriously?? MY DAUGHTER never played dolls with you! She never played with you!! She hated going to your house. I kept her away from you as much as I could. I could not STAND the thought of DD being around the shallow, gossipy, judgmental, back-stabbing, sneaky, discriminatory, anti-pet, church-going'Good Christian' (bullsh*t), jealous, holier-than-thou person that you are. And furthermore, do you honestly think that I need reminding that on Memorial Day I should put flowers on DD's grave? Do you honestly think that I would FORGET?? NO, NO, NO I do not want you to fill her urn with flowers on Memorial Day! That is MY job! I am her mother, NOT you! I loved her more. I raised her, not you. I cared for her for over 20 years, in and out of the hospital. I and DH made the painful decision to let her go. To let her rest. WE held her. WE live with the pain EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Am I sorry I didn't have more children (as I am frequently asked)? NO. We had a better than 50% chance of going thru this pain again. THIS IS GENETIC on your side of the family, YOU FAT IGNORANT COW! Do you know what genetic means? It doesn't mean GOD chose this. It means poor genetics determined this.

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Lost My Girl Power Update

Posted on Tue, May. 22, 2018 at 09:12 am

My XMIL is still in jail. According to my attorney, she is likely have to do several years in prison, as detectives have clear proof XMIL hired people to not only scare me, but to cause bodily harm.

XMIL and the three men she hired are all pretty stupid. XMIL paid each man with a personal check, which were cashed. Proof of guilt on all their parts. The amount of evidence continues to mount, which is why all involved confessed. All are waiting sentencing.

XFIL was released within days of his arrest and continues to be under house arrest, meaning ankle monitor. He did not plan the crime, just knew of it. In my opinion, that makes him just a guilty as the rest and should receive the same punishment, but that's just me, not the law.

My father received a call from XFIL. He apologized for XMIL's lapse of judgment. My father was verbally fully loaded and ready to kill. XFIL has been silenced.

XH, according to a mutual friend, is shocked by his parents' actions. Our former friends and some of XH's relatives, who dumped and slander me when I left husband, have now expressed regret and support. Not interested.

I have permanently moved in with my parents.I have a therapist I see two times a week. Progress has been very slow. I am weighing whether I should or should not attend sentencing.

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You Keep Proving Me Right Every Time MIL

Posted on Tue, May. 22, 2018 at 08:40 am


As our special event came closer, you continued to stand your ground and have NOTHING to do with me. Your timing (within 24 hours) couldn’t be more ridiculous. The L♥️VE bombs dropping left and right, all over the place trying to convince me to include you. I stood my ground. Why you might ask? Because here we go again, you’re too shitty during EVERY gathering and I wasn’t buying what you were selling. I think I’m mostly offended that you thought I would buy into your love BS. I told you that if you’re sincere, we will make the most of it and work together after the event took place. This was the real test to see if you are sincere. I was proven right!!! We haven’t seen nor heard from you and your little desperate, verbal gymnastics and it’s been a month since we had our fun without your ugly presence. Where’s the love now dear MIL? Lol. Don’t play me, we ALL know you have zero ounce of love. All you have is calculated, manipulative bullshit that has carried you your entire life. You’ve met your match, I will never trust you. I am beyond thrilled and proud of myself for taking that stand and not allowing one more piece of BS to allow you in. All your family has done their entire lives is fall for it and it continued to reward that HORRIFIC behavior. No more, not with me. I’m the gatekeeper to everything family related and you’re never welcome here or any special gathering. You have nailed that coffin. Enjoy spinning on that hamster wheel with those other two, round and round you go lol. Good riddance.

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Posted on Tue, May. 22, 2018 at 04:45 am

While you busy telling everyone how bad you gonna punch me... I guarantee that EVERYONE would GLADLY throat punch you for me. You see trying to sell all that crap merchandise from that pyramid scheme you call a job is highly annoying to most. For the record I give zero about what you want to do to me because the second that fat floppy excuse for a womanly figure comes near me with an arm or leg I'm grabbing the nearest chair and breaking it off.

Hitting you over the head isn't going to help with all those mental problems and frankly I assume that is why you wanna punch me so bad. Bring me down to your level with all that anxiety and nasty depression that had you acting like a child. You are too fat and ugly to know where the booty begin and face end but I bet your mama sure do regret popping you on the head so many times.

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I could spit on you

Posted on Mon, May. 21, 2018 at 08:00 pm

Why does my mil pretend on Facebook that they are the world's best grandparents when in fact they treat my kids like crap (not the other grandkids though!). How can you live with yourself treating my kids like that just because you don't like me? It's mutual, I hate you:)) My fil is a weirdo and pretends to be so happy when golden sil is over so she doesn't freak out and throw a fit. They will do anything for other people to put on a show, then turn around and be complete assholes. Their house reeks of bad vibes, my little one hates it there so I haven't taken her in over a year. Yeah, it's that bad.i have never felt so much rage towards anyone. Fuck them.

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Bitches in law.

Posted on Mon, May. 21, 2018 at 12:54 pm

I had a color theme for our wedding. It’s pretty simple, really. I just told my bridesmaids to wear blue color. Not even a specific color, no dress style, just blue. Whatever blue they like, whatever style they like.

Then MIL demanded that SIL should be one of my bridesmaid. I shrugged and said fine. Her daughter is way older than me, almost 40 years old at the time. My other bridesmaids are in late 20s. On top of looking odd, SIL is a total bratty bitch throughout all the wedding planning.

First, SIL texted me she wanted to wear other color. I told her all my friends have bought their blue dresses. Then ignored her. Then she actually showed up and confronted me face to face. She stomped her foot and said, she wanted to wear ‘this’ color, because it’s her color, she looks so good in ‘this’ color.

Then at the wedding, she didn’t even showed up in ‘that’ color she wanted, she showed up in a white ivory dress.

On top of that, MIL also bought her a head band that looked like a copy of my bridal head band.

We all saw that, and we all said, what the f???!

On top of that, SIL kept hovering around the photographer, so much, that he kicked her out from wedding photo session.

Then when we were taking pictures of just the two of us. MIL was standing on the side, staring at us, her arms crossed, tapping her foot, because she wanted her mom and son dance to start (NOW!!!). As a result we don’t get as much pictures of us.

I still remember how much of a bitch, MIL and SIL are, and nothing much have changed since then. They are still a bitch.

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