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FIL lost his marbles

Posted on Mon, Sep. 21, 2020 at 10:45 pm

So, this month has been hell.
My FIL was on very heavy drugs,he hid it from all of the family. MIL cannot say anything or she will be abused. So she enables him. Due to the drugs, FIL hit his head and had to go to the hospital. He raged out saying he doesnt want to live anymore and due to this, he was Baker Acted. MIL cried to my DH, who offically said "i am done with this family for good... i cannot take this shit from any of you anymore." He blocked most of his family members. He does not want anything to do with them and says he is happier that way. He constantly works on his business more now. I haven't heard anything else since.

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BIL divorced

Posted on Mon, Sep. 21, 2020 at 10:39 pm

Remember how you said you and your whore ex wife would never be apart, when you got married and had kids with her?!

Tables turned. She is a felon, a drug addict and a prostitute who lost all custody of her kids. Her mother is raising your kids. Where are you as a father? Oh yeah, you're the father of 1 kid. And you have to listen to what the court says, or you also lose custody of her, thanks to the whore ex wife and your stupidity. You been fighting for 3 years, please stop trying. That poor kid needs to be with her grandparents more than you.

She finally divorced your ass last month! I never seen karma work its charm so good on the one person who needed it the most!

Now, you're living in a garage, because no one else wants you around their house due to your past BS. Your family doesn't like you one bit. My DH hates you the most. And personally, I laugh so hard as you finally got what you deserve in life.

I am not sorry.

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Dear MIL....

Posted on Mon, Sep. 21, 2020 at 07:18 pm

Your overbearing narcissistic ways are getting old. You use guilt to control your son and because he loves you, he does whatever you say. YOU ARE A BITCH !!!!!! I hate you so much! I can’t wait to see the dumb look on your face when you find out we are moving far, far away!! HAHA!!!

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Today is the day!

Posted on Mon, Sep. 21, 2020 at 04:07 am

I start organizing and packing our house. DH got promoted and we can live anywhere (remote position). Demanding MIL, head flying monkey (BIL) FIL and other BIL who watched this happened (both of you need to grow a pair) and loser, moocher and so jealous buddies from HS...GOODBYE! I am beyond happy, never wanted to visit here much less move here...the nightmare is over.

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Dear Sil and other in-law stuff

Posted on Sun, Sep. 20, 2020 at 09:26 am

Do I look stupid?

Did you really think that after how I was treated by your mom that I would be there for her as she aged?

Remember it was you and others who she treated decently.

Therefore, not wise one, asking me why I am not there for your mom is almost amusing.

It was lovely for you and the others to benefit from not being verbally abused by your mom.

I am grateful to not be in your position.

Thankfully, her dislike of me was very out in the open for all to see.

The answer is no. I don’t ever call, check on or do errands for your mother.

Do I intend to do so? No.

Do I care what you think about it? No

It isn’t your fault. If you opt to feel slighted or angry, it was your moms actions that led you and the others here.

Question for you Sil? Why aren’t your adult children doing anything for your mom?

Yes, the ones who she worshipped, spoiled, babysit. Didn’t your mom pay for all your children’s traveling sports team fees, hotel rooms, uniforms, shoes etc?

If you feel like someone owes your mom dear, you are right. You and your family might want to all step up.

Why don’t you, husband and adult children work out a schedule and plan to be there for her?

Leave me out of it.

Three words





I have to share the last time she verbally abused me in front of everyone.

She started in on my eating habits and food preferences. She was not hiding where she was going with it.

I told her since she found
that interesting I would write it down for her.

She was livid and she she was done. She gives up.

Yet, she showed up at our house to throw away her garbage. She drives past her daughters garbage cans to do so.

Then she digs through our garbage and recycling.

She saw my daughter and I in the driveway and said hi. We said hi. Nothing else was said at all. She stood there looking in our garbage and at the recycling.

Finally, she tossed in her stinky bag of adult diapers for the week and left without a word.


The plan for when she kicks the bucket

1. Go to funeral wearing my orange cheerful butterfly dress

2. Maybe attempt to hide my smile

3. Or spend most of the time “getting something from the car”. Or headed to the bathroom


I enjoyed pretending to not know who she was at a recent funeral. She followed my dh around and no one there liked her. She strongly dislike the person who died and didn’t try to hide it.

Then, she has the nerve to want to attend his funeral as mu dh’a date.

I refused to go with him since she would be there. He walked around and talked to people. She was ignored by everyone.

People asked me who the old woman was following around my dh? I said that I had no idea.


In everyday life, if someone in this small town asks about his mom. I act surprised that she even lives here. I act as if I never even met her. If they ask about his other relatives; I act surprised that they live here. I just have no idea. If I ever met them, they didn’t make a impression on me.

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Posted on Fri, Sep. 18, 2020 at 10:40 pm

It has been a blessing to not have any of you around. Good job being a little bitch fil. You really pissed off dh this time. He can invite your shitty family when he wants to. You can't control him and it infuriates you. Like your family says "nobody should have to change who they are" ... well if your family wants to be assholes we will treat you accordingly,by staying far away.

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Get well soon !

Posted on Fri, Sep. 18, 2020 at 10:44 am

After all the posts i have been through on this site and having my own experiences b with my badly behaved mil, I have realised that we should pity these people who are mean, evil or cruel because they are basically are very unhappy people. They have no confidence or guts to be nice people. They are basically tortured souls who don't realise that there is a deeper consciousness within us. They are superficial because they don't know better. They have no deeper understanding of themselves or the world. They never introspect. I used to get sooo n depressed with my mil's that I had given under depression add was on medication. And then one day I had this Eureka moment when I decided that that I will never allow her to have any power on my emotions of my soul going forward because 8 am the ones is going under be depression not her ! I don't deserve this I would rather confront her no matter however pretty trivial the issue is. Off it disturbed me I will give her a piece of my mind whether she crosses her line. People like these need to be called out because they think no one will confront them or ask them pointed question... but from the time I have started doing that I have started feeling much better ! These people thrive on attention, conflict, reactions...

I have decided I will not be bullied into doing, accepting or saying things.. She deserves nothing but y sympathy that she has to live with a person likw herself !

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Mirthful SIL

Posted on Thu, Sep. 17, 2020 at 07:05 am

Hahahahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahah!!!

Whew! I just

Hahahahahaha!!! Heh heh hahahahahahah!

I can’t- you’re just - I mean - OMG


Ouch- now my side hurts so much from laughing at you that I’ve forgotten my point.

Wait. Wait. I think I’ve got control of myself.


Oops, nope. Oh well.

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To almost former Sil

Posted on Wed, Sep. 16, 2020 at 04:15 pm

I know about the situation.

Remember, you won’t be missed at all.

In all the time I knew you, I came up with only three good things about you.

1. You tend to bathe on a regular basis and wear clean clothes

2. You are good at organizing and packing

3. I appreciate that you have opted to have to live across the country from us. Distance is a beautiful thing!

Divorce is a stressful event.

Bil will be better off without you.

PS. I pity the next man you end up with Sil.

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Who the hell’s misleading you?

Posted on Wed, Sep. 16, 2020 at 11:18 am

We are fine and love each other as much as ever. Our foundation is firm and getting stronger by the day. Nothing’s crumbling here.

In fact, thanks to this crazy pandemic, we’ve learned to hold each other closer. Things that were once taken for granted are now appreciated. We have learned to hold even our challenges dear because at least we are alive to face them.

I feel sorry for you, hun. You can’t even tell your own family the truth of who you are and what you believe. You asked me to keep your secret and I have. I’m so sorry that you have to hide your beliefs and tuck away your true self or face being disowned. That truly sucks.

It’s gotta be hard to see someone like me who faces the music and chooses to speak truth even when that information might cost me relatives or friends.

I’ve summoned the courage to step out of the shadows and decided that people who can’t accept me for who I am have no place in my life. If they judge me they lose me no matter who they are or how close our relations.

Everyone is different, though, and I don’t judge your silence.

Just don’t come at me pretentiously waving your imagined betterment. You’re no better than anyone on this earth. You’re a sad, aging, barren sycophant and you will eventually face your own karma.

That brings me no joy. Why?

It’s because, unlike you, I possess the gift of empathy.

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