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Proof they can't effing listen

Posted on Mon, Sep. 24, 2018 at 09:04 pm

So my so called husband told his mom we were expecting again and why we didn't want to tell anyone yet. He also told her to keep it a secret and what does she fucking do?! Tells her oldest son who's basically married to her in a way. My husband's dad is still in the pic but for some reason, the oldest is always involved in their marriage. Now they want to visit us on their terms instead of talking to both of us about it. Last time we let them be involved in my pregnancy, they stressed me out to the point where I gave birth 2 months early! But does my husband tell them that? Nope. He blames it all on the job he had that laid him off and tried to ruin his career. They kept pushing their views on us like him working two part time jobs instead of the military or moving in with their shitty asses. I am trying desperately to have a stress free pregnancy but no my stupid ass husband is worthless. I'm at a loss at what to do.

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Stupid younger me.

Posted on Mon, Sep. 24, 2018 at 07:55 pm

I am working through some flashbacks because I can't tkae their abuse anymore. Bought a book about it and my world has been turned upside down. Been together with DH for 27 years but only married for the last 4. When DH and I had been going out for at least 10 years, we were visiting the ILs for a week. We lived in another country so only visit once or max twice a year for short visits.
We were sat around the dinning table with SIL and her partner. This is the favorite set up for the ILS to humiliate me. MIL mentions that some exGF of DH was asking about him. I smile and say something like "I'm not surprised, he's a catch". He says he doesn't remember this girl but the ILs spend the evening describing her and saying how she regrets breaking up with him, would like to hook up with him again and he finally remembers. Being polite, I don't say anything even though this goes on for awhile and it's actually quite rude.
A day or two passes during this visit, while DH and I are preparing to go out together MIL comes rushing into the room and hands the phone to DH saying it's that exGF on the phone. I'm so surprised I stood there stunned while DH chats to this exGF for awhile and then hangs up. I know I felt hurt but I think I was so stupid not to realize what was happening. The ILS were trying to set up DH with theis girl again right in front of me. I never said anything, I think I actually talked myself out of how crazy and cruel these people were.
I wish I had the backbone and sense to see and react to and stop this shitty behavior then. I wish I hadn't let my niceness explain away this and other disgusting things they did to me. I wish I had seen through the lies and excuses from DH about their crazy. That I hadn't married him and introduced innocent children to this circus act.
It is emotionally exhausting sifting through the damage to process it. Things that didn't jump out as being abuse are now very clearly calculated strikes to my person. What hurts the most though, is that the book says that DH did have a part in their abuse of me. Plus since he didn't try to stop any of it, he must have enjoyed watching me go through it on some level. My greatest fear is that he will let our children also be torn to shreds for some sick familial entertainment.

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Disrespectful Assholes!

Posted on Mon, Sep. 24, 2018 at 07:49 pm

I have been married to my husband going on 6 years this December. His grandmother recently passed away and just to spite me his bitch of a cousin and aunt invite his ex to the funeral! She took his child away from him 6 years ago. We have not been able to see and or talk to his son. His family has hated me for no reaon since day one. Even went as far as to tell me that our twins should have never been born!

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Promise to my son

Posted on Mon, Sep. 24, 2018 at 05:15 pm

My son just told me he wants to get married. I wrote myself a list of all the things that drive me crazy that my MIL does and I made a promise to my son that I will not do any of those things to him and his new wife. For twenty years my MIL has made my married life a living hell and I refuse to do that to my own DIL. If only I had been afforded the same consideration when I got married.

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Oho, it finally dawned on you!

Posted on Mon, Sep. 24, 2018 at 04:31 pm

So, after years of lying and covering up for him, you finally 'fessed up to the fact that your husband is a psychotic fascist. What was your first clue? When he threatened to kill some poor teenager online? When he recommended that people be guillotined and/or deported for their political beliefs? When he started saying that you don't have any rights as a woman, after you took in his broke ass and gave him a home! Your brain has been marinating in the psychosis and fascism for so long that you've deluded yourself into thinking that he's on your side. He's not, and never was. I've known about his crazy ass for years. Don't expect to see us again until you file divorce papers and kick him to the curb.

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See you in court

Posted on Mon, Sep. 24, 2018 at 03:55 am

I absolutely hate my in laws. My in laws run a family business where my husband used to work for almost 20 years, then they kicked him out, immediately after we got married. They tried numerous times to cancel the wedding and when the wedding was finally to happen, they did not attend the wedding. Although I am financially independent, have my own house and a great job and a degree, they hated me from the first moment. When they were supposed to meet with my parents, they kicked us all out of their house and cursed and called us names. Then, as I mentioned before, they kicked my husband out of the family business and he got unemployed the next day we were married, so much about being newlyweds and supposedly happy. All our plans of having a baby vanished. My husband pressed charges and now we are in court fighting for our legal rights. Every month there is a court appearance. This will go on for the next 2-3 years, according to our lawyer. My husband is sad about it, but I think he lives in denial. He does not want to accept that they do not like him either, not just me and that they do not wish him well. They are jealous of him and of him being happy. Although I tried to explain that to him many times, we even went to a couples therapist, he still loves them and wants to forgive them. That causes lots of problems in our relationship, because of the anger and hatred build up in me towards them, the unempleyment, the court dates and of course because of the fact that they have ruined all our plans of having a baby. Our love was strong but the daily problems and fights just became our routine and now I believe our marriage is over. We are considering getting a divorse. I cannot stand them anymore and I am very disappointed that my husband is so frustrated that he lets all his anger at me every day...

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Pathetic users and losers

Posted on Sun, Sep. 23, 2018 at 12:29 pm

Fake ass people! All of you! You aren’t fooling me. You people make me sick. Your true colors are showing when a crisis happens. Done bye!

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More wake up sis

Posted on Sun, Sep. 23, 2018 at 09:32 am

Also please stop comparing ur loser husband to me or my hubby! I own a business for many years now & my hubby has a good job the same one for 18 years! I get that ur hubby is like me in that he’s supposedly educated but doesn’t use his degree because he can’t sit still u say. My situation is completely different! I have an illness that causes lack of concentration & memory loss! Plus I need to move to stay healthy! He’s just a loser! Also stop telling me how he cooks for u & saying he’s like my hubby because he does that! He has to do that because he doesn’t work half the time! My hubby does this after work every day because he’s here before me because I work long hours! This is normal for couples to share household duties so don’t make what he does seem so great! It’s only been 5 months u have even known him! The reason he doesn’t date women his own age, my age is because we all know what he’s about! Complete loser manipulating u with religion! Sickening! Please wake up!

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Wake up sis!

Posted on Sun, Sep. 23, 2018 at 09:16 am

I swore I would never do to u what my hubby’s sister did to me but now I completely understand y she did what she did & said what she said! She loves her brother my husband like I love u sis! Wake up! U married a loser! The man is older than me & I’m 7 years older than u! What he owes fits in his car, he’s had 3 jobs & been unemployed in the 5 months u have known him! He owes back child support for 2 children & was living with his ex wife! R u really this desperate? The whole family isn’t speaking to u & u don’t understand y! I tried to get to know him & what I witnessed is called controlling! Wake up please! Understand that a man in his 40’s should b set already & that if he’s so religious the back child support he owes should b his priority above everything else! Now he has ur health insurance, a place to stay & the $ u make to pay for his mistakes! Please wake up! Please before it’s too late!

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I hate her!

Posted on Sun, Sep. 23, 2018 at 09:08 am

I hate my mother in law! She never likes me and never will! What I found really hurtful is my husband expect me to be nice to his mother whereas she always acts as a bitch towards me. She completely disregarded me - totally!! One good example is birthday time, she sends birthday wishes to her son and her grandchildren but never me!! I don’t deserve to have birthday?! Recently i found out she gave my husband money behind my back and told him to keep it in case one day if he wants to leave, then he doesn’t need to tell me! What a bitch! My husband and I argued about this and he said he can’t see anything wrong with it! Nothing wrong with it!??? That bitch is setting up a barrier in my marriage, telling my husband it’s ok to keep secret and to have a plan to leave, and that’s nothing wrong! She is the biggest bitch in the century! I hate her!! And the worst thing is, in a way she has achieved what she plans, making me to argue with my husband and making me to have doubts about him! And I hate that! I hate it that my husband is not seeing it and still thinks what she is doing it’s nothing wrong! I am angry and sad, and all these emotions have turning me to become a nasty person myself, such as hoping horrible things that might happen to her etc. I don’t like it but I can’t help it...

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