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You both suck.

Posted on Thu, Jun. 13, 2019 at 11:20 am

My shitty alcoholic and drug addict in-laws really are the bane of my existence and about to be the bane of my marriage. One has been a jerk to me the whole time I have known them and the other tries to make me play nice and forgive without an apology or admittance of wrongdoing or guilt. They split up after a few years of knowing them and he got cancer recently, I just lost my dad to cancer not even 6 months prior, and this POS gets to be crappy to everyone he has EVER come into contact with and the other spouse that left felt bad because he was sick and alone...new flash you were alone because you suck and your many "friends" clearly aren't friends they use you for your house and land. I didn't have to be nice at the hospital I could've done what I wanted to do and said "Karma works in strange ways" after wishing many bad things on my family and marriage but I was polite and quiet. WHICH YOU SHOULD TRY SOMETIME. But you get this diagnosis and get CHARITY to pay for it because you "hate obama care and health insurance" No you hate people of color, and pretty much anyone that isn't poor, white, male, hetrosexual, and a pig and so does the racist gang you belong to. But what Really boils me alive is that you got told your cancer was a direct link to your drinking and lifestyle. we were all told at the same time and your Ex-wife has the nerve to say that's not what it is?! OH I AM SORRY I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE SMARTER THAN THE DOCTOR OMG WHY DIDN'T I GET TOLD?! You can look at yourself in the mirror everyday, still drink a case of beer and be scum of the earth, and you expect everyone to just forgive you like they always have and you never apologize, never change, and they just overlook it. In case you haven't learned after all these years, you got the right one to try it with. You really are a sorry POS and I would never wish what my father went through on ANYONE but you, I hope you burn in hell. I hope you go peacefully and spend the rest of eternity in the pits of hell. I hope when you start to go you and have the "life flashes before your eyes" moment that you see everything you have done and it makes you sick to your stomach and ashamed of everything you are. You nearly ruined my spouse's life and i hope you feel a truly new level of guilt that no one has felt before.

You suck so hard. F.U.C.K. off.

Wow that felt great.

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Posted on Thu, Jun. 13, 2019 at 01:18 am

Dear MIL
Your son & have have the same password for our phones and ask each other to read each other’s texts when we’re driving or if our phones are closer to the other person. So yeah, I see what you text. Bitch.

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Posted on Tue, Jun. 11, 2019 at 04:04 pm

Hello FIL:

You want examples as to why I am so hurt by you and your wife? Here they are:

1. Before DH and I had children you only came to visit us one time in 10 years.

2. You and your wife give us unsolicited advice and criticism on our flaws, weight, parenting, finances, etc. This includes giving us books on how to fix our flaws.

3. If I do not agree with you or do as I am told you attack me as a person, including using my children to tell me my flaws.

4. You invite yourselves to my home and others to my home without asking.

5. You attack my faith on the way to the church to baptize my son and get angry when you were not invited to my daughter's baptism. You hate christianity so why do you need to be involved?

6. Now that we have something you want you actually invite us to your home or actually demand we come visit you eventhough we only have one income. I am the only one who works and I am not going to spend my time and money on you anymore.

7. I told your wife a story about how sick I was from food poisoning caused by bad egg salad and how while pregnant I found I could not even stand the site egg salad. It will make me nauseous and even gag. Guess what she made me the next day for lunch. Just guess.

8. You want to control my bank accounts in case I die. I guess your son cannot take care of himself. I thought you were such great parents.

The list goes on and on.

I need to let you go. You cause to much pain. I need to take care of my family and cannot help you anymore.

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Posted on Tue, Jun. 11, 2019 at 10:21 am

You do NOT control me, you control what others do and don't do to and for me, because you control THEM. Sick witch, proud of controlling weak me need monkeys, give them a present and they do what you say, I'm so glad my life isn't lived that way.

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Lock them up and gaurd that gate.

Posted on Tue, Jun. 11, 2019 at 08:56 am

I am so glad that gate has a keeper. Please keep all those nasty std spreading clowns contained inside the hazmat circus. Light some of those firecrackers and incinerate the viruses and bacteria that lurk behind that fence. Keep it hot for the demons that you keep. For the love of all things holy, keep those whoremongers and addicts locked behind you. Let no one escape, for their own good, keep them away from me.

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What kind of parent...oh yeah YOU.

Posted on Tue, Jun. 11, 2019 at 08:46 am

If that is really what you think about your child, you failed as a mother. YOU FAILED. FAILURE. YOU! You should not be describing your youngest child like that. Even though she is super skinny now, we all know she still eats for two. She has anorexia and bulimia due to years of your abuse. She cant help she is a druggie, that is also due to your failures. She kept her teenage pregnancy because you were so happy she snagged a rich man. You did not care that they were no good for each other. The money was great. How dare you call my niece stupid. She is just the genetic make up of your daughter and that money you found for her. She sleeps with married men because she has daddy issues. Who knows why? We all know her diploma was the "Special" kind. How do you expect her to know where commas should go? You should worry more about the std's she spreads or the drunk driving while her kids in the backseat, but you did those things too. More of your parenting failures. If your little precious would not have betrayed me, you know, sleeping with my husband, kidknapping my child, and other betrayals, I would be really upset you talk about her that way. However, please quit talking about her daughter, my niece that way. With you for a grandparent, and those bozos as parents, she never had a chance.

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Even after death...

Posted on Mon, Jun. 10, 2019 at 10:30 pm

You still cause me stress. Not only did you NOT consider your debt load before promising people a specified dollar amount in your will, you verbally gifted the same item 3 x over to different people and did not include a cocidal in along with your will.

DH ( ME) executor is having to clean up this fucking mess while working full time. Fuck you... Fine no cocidal, we have to garage sale everything just to try to make up the amounts you allocated in the will. This while dealing with DH’s useless half siblings who do nothing and expect everything. We live another state and have been travelling back and forth to continue dealing with your crap. THIS, after DH gave up contracts to look after YOU. Did you need to leave the estate in such a fucking mess. Papers everywhere, loans we did not know about .. really... Your other three useless children don’t work, live close (20 min) do nothing and yet this shit falls on us. Just know... the only reason I have stepped up is so that DH does have to suffer more than he already has. I have all the time world don’t you know with working full time and completing Masters Degree. I am doing probate on my own to keep the estate expenses at minimum so that your other greedy kids can go party for 6 months and hopefully die.

Your money means shit to me and DH. If he did not promise you he would fulfill your wishes we would have run to the hills from this crap. Can you go haunt your other kids and tell them them to leave us alone... we will let them know when probate is granted and the shitty house is sold.

Thanks for the memories.

One more thing. DH has no intentions of EVER speaking to his half siblings once this is over. Funny that the youngest by 14 years has the pleasure of being executor. I WONDER WHY!

I am so stressed out and at the end of my fuse.

I am thankful for this forum, needed a place to vent and I know.. this too will pass, much like you.

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Posted on Mon, Jun. 10, 2019 at 05:03 pm

Now MIL is trying to be kind. I’ve been married to her best kid for 24 years. She was a cold bitch to him growing up and now is trying to reach out. Nope. You had your chance and blew it. You get to spend your remaining years with the assholes you raised after him. You don’t get to come around now because after all these years you FINALLY realize you enabled and raised fat lazy mooches. Have fun babysitting for free and buying them yet another house or car or whatever their little hearts desire.

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Days of a Skink Looking In-law

Posted on Mon, Jun. 10, 2019 at 05:01 pm

Day 1 - I blew the coach. Whoopsie! Now I have to leave, his wife hates me, everyone hates me. I even hate myself because I didn't use this Oxford comma and they really are important.

Day 2 - This quote successfully alienated everyone. Why did no one like it? They jelsies of me.

Day 3 - Don't hate me coz u taint me! The truth, I am so aspirational. I really are, I really are.

Day 4 - Never jizzuezz by the lines on my face but I is 40. I is lie bought my age.

Day 5 - Did not abort my teenage pregnancy not that I tell the truth bought that. I is proud of lie, lie means I do not own the firstborn mistake. She stooopid like me DUUUURRRRUUURRRRUURRRUURRR *drools*

Day 6 - *head hits keyboard* What was I sleeping, whys my hand nevermind;their this military dude, this like airhead chick and thier blah blah blah really a-noise me. LOL This entire post is lie coz I two faced lying whore butt I ummerrgumm *drool passes out hitting end table;wakes up* where was I so grateful about something in my life;we all have same graves;that sound perfect. *picks up needle injects heroin*

Day 7 - I hate MIL SIL.I hate EVERYONE! I lukk cute, maybe slit my wrist later coz he didn't call on May *phone rings;answers* you have my eighth good *drools* what was I typing oh right really he wuzz too busy actuality enjoying ploughing his wife!

LADY you doth protest to much and your grammar is atrocious. You need a brain scan talking smack about mine but that is another story for another time. You react to everything I say, everything I do, and even things I don't even say or do directly to you. So to answer your false overly emphasized statement.

YES, I IN FACT DO! I'm like the ring leader I call the shots. I'm like a fire cracker I make it hotter than you. Which is why you forever screwing married behind your cuck's back. Insecurity is a real bitch for you isn't it??? Especially since you emotionally eat for two and you can't remember the last time you went 30 minutes without eating. They don't have to buy the milk because you literally two whole cows! FYI: That's a real put down.

You yourself used language you got from him because you are a fat hoodrat sewer skank.

Welcome to the East Coast. Hope some southern belle kicks your ass.

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Mind Your Own Beeswax

Posted on Mon, Jun. 10, 2019 at 06:01 am

Soon after I married my DH his cousin called and said Uncle X said your husband is a millionaire. I was taken aback and said nothing. Where I come from you don’t talk about money unless you’re living in the same house and sharing a bank account. If I knew now what I didn’t know then I would have said, it doesn’t make a difference whether we have 2 dollars or 2 million in the bank it will change nothing for you or anyone else in your family I promise you that.

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