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The Truth

Posted on Wed, Jun. 19, 2019 at 10:25 am

Dear wretched MIL,

All your grandchildren (and the cousins) got together over the weekend. They chatted about things and family members. You came up in their conversations, yep you. I am happy I was there to help dispel one of your annoying tactics you use on all the children, especially all the females in this family.

Our son talked about how “worried you get”. He stated that you get so worried that you make yourself sick. Hahahahahahaha wow, that’s pretty rich.

One of the female cousins said, “I wish grandma would worry about me as much as she does you”.

I looked this young impressionable girl in the eyes and asked, “does your grandmother control you?” Of course she answered, “no”.

I quickly explained that “this is because you are a female, your Grandmother knows she cannot control the women of our family”.

This little overly “worried til the point she is sick” is all part of her control. “She doesn’t fear her for her grandson as much as she fears being left out”.

Nice try MIL. Your one act play with the boys in this family has been quashed. Everyone now knows to pay attention, close attention to how “worried” you are. Your worry is almost convincing, if it wasn’t for all the attention you receive right back. Lol, these boys need to stop being so controlled by you. I am here to help with that.

You’re so afraid of being abandoned by the men in this family, you’re doing whatever mind control you can over these guys. It’s bullshit and it’s going to stop.

I might not be blood related to you, but you sure as hell better appreciate what we provide you. I could very well hold that key to your abandonment.

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Cut off

Posted on Tue, Jun. 18, 2019 at 05:52 am

I’m done mailing cards to only be told we are using you.

Your sister says you shouldn’t give nice Christmas presents because you don’t get calls all the time.

Your other sister said you shouldn’t help us with food when we needed it; so STRANGERS helped us.

Visits work both ways, and love isn’t suppose to make you feel bad.

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Know It All SIL

Posted on Mon, Jun. 17, 2019 at 07:34 pm

You act like you know everything while knowing zilch. Keep popping off at the mouth while you talk behind your husband's back to DH. It's obvious you talk to my husband and it's obvious that you feel like you married the wrong brother. Newsflash bitch: he's with me at the end of the day. You sit back and have nothing because we're leaving. When we're gone you will still be calling and texting because your thirsty but just remember he's always paid you. You met "the love of your life" as a lowly janitor and that is all you will ever be. You think he will ever want you. Why do you think he keeps you secret? He's ashamed of you. You chased him and you hang onto his coattails refusing to let go but when we go we are gone. There is no more wind in your sail girl. Once we are out there is settled and you are through. It does not matter to me if BIL's last child is a chuck and product of DH's.That's on you, you ugly ass dog trailer skank whore, that you have to raise a bastard son. Have fun with your secret while I live my life guilt free seeing karma in action turning you into a human ashtray. You're damn right you didn't look good in that selfie and while your living a miserable rotting existence online just know that I'm kissing him under the stars of a full moon because he loves me completely. You might buy the lies be tells but honey he is trying the same with me. We have lots of sex and morning sex is the best. Hope you like the way I taste. He's beside me, he chose me, and no matter what you say (I pay no mind) because you are just some idiot girl wasted many years of her life in the wrong relationship thinking she is going to upgrade. I have a bullet with your name on it and I would think twice if I were you. The most you could do is actually tell the truth and ask for money but you are a coward. A bottom bitch. No way you are younger than me heifer. I know you lie about that too. Hope you enjoy the hell out of being second place because you'll never take my place hag! You wrinkly old skank! Wash your big girl panties, they reek of fear and desperation!

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I Want My Time Back

Posted on Mon, Jun. 17, 2019 at 02:07 pm

Unfortunately, I married my DH seventeen years ago before meeting his gross family. He was such a cool guy, he had to come from a cool family, right? LOL, nope! For years, I got stuck visiting these miserable, cruel, passive/aggressive imbeciles on the holidays. Each and every one of them was a miserable nightmare. These people would insist we visit and then when we did, they'd act hostile and angry but not say anything so you were always uncomfortable and felt like you were walking on eggshells. They literally lived in the middle on nowhere so there wasn't even a town, park, or restaurant you could escape to for a little while. My poor kids had to endure holidays like this. Finally, we had enough of these people and all their antics. I put them in their places pretty hard, I have no problems asserting myself rather than say nothing wrong while slamming doors (idiots). We haven't celebrated holidays for years now even after writing off my gross in-laws. Usually I never think about these worthless individuals who I never even asked for acceptance from in the first place, but occasionally, rarely, when DH is extremely stressed out, he might pull some of his family's weird, unhealthy, emotionally retarded, passive/aggressive hostility and I'm reminded of all those holidays that my kids and I could have enjoyed with my family instead of wasting it around my DH's un-evolved family and I get angry. We want our time that you morons wasted back! DH will apologize for his behavior soon and we won't see this display again for several years but now, I just want to call up my stupid MIL (FIL died, hopefully she'll follow soon) and tell her what a piece of shit she is. I really think the world would be a much better place without her in it.

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Hedging bets

Posted on Mon, Jun. 17, 2019 at 12:54 pm

Going to spend a week with my in laws. They continue to alienate me and I am so done. Kinda hoping something happens to trigger NC cause they cause so much stress and anxiety.

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Posted on Mon, Jun. 17, 2019 at 12:53 pm

AIL you’re supposed to be such a clean freak and germophobe you keep your house spotless. I wouldn’t know because I was never invited. My DH and I hosted you and your husband a few times. You are the only person I’ve ever known to wear house slippers outside, even in winter ie, to the mall, to a restaurant, to an outdoor soccer game. The only time I’ve seen you in real shoes was at a wedding. Do you realize how gross this is and you are exposing your self to all types of bacteria with little protection.? But no one in your family ever mentions this. Also you take two bites of your meal and say you are full. I’m no expert but I’d guess you’re anorexic. At 70+ years old do you really think someone is looking at your boney ass. No wonder your husband is 70+ years old and still working, who wants to be confined to a house with you all day. This doesn’t even cover all your worst qualities like being a fake nice hypocrite.

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Sad father's day

Posted on Sun, Jun. 16, 2019 at 06:15 pm

My wife's sister's husband (I can't say brother in law because she has three brothers who I like) is such a butt sniffing person. He ALWAYS drives my father in-law and have made comments in the past (but I don't share because I don't want to be that person that causes that problems) about driving them every time. But he acts likes there is no problems and he enjoys it. Well on father's day we celebrated at my house and my bother in law came and he is fun, we had drank cognac together shared a cigar and he agreed to deliver a cigar I had purchased to my other brother in law. who could not make it. Well, my wife's sister's husband how I will call WSH arrived and he goes fishing and never shares with me any fish he catches (he goes fishing on a boat with friends). I wanted to be the better person and bought all the fathers a cigar and we drank cognac. Well he sat with my father in law all day during the party and did not spend any time with my parents who were also present. This is not the first, nor the second time this occurred. It occurs frequently but my wife looks pass it and blames me. I used to so much for him and the one time I asked for an insurance quote (he is an insurance agent) he took 6 1/2 weeks to get back to me. He also plans trips to Japan and leaves the rest of us out just so that he can take my father in law up. They match and they can be together for what I care it's just that my wife does not see the problem. I always try to treat everyone equally but he never does and the minute I talk about it, I am wrong. so I just keep it in to myself. I really wanted to say that they butt into our relationship so much, they can take care of my wife and give her a pension and medical that I worked 30 years for. They only want wants is best for them and because I do not kiss my father in laws butt, I am wrong. Oh well, I will never lower myself to their level. sad case. I had a terrible father's days.

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To the duo bitch MIL and SIL

Posted on Sat, Jun. 15, 2019 at 11:41 pm

I don’t give a sh1t who you are. You are equal to me. I don’t give a sh1t if you’re richer, different race, or more famous, you are still equal to me. I am always nice to servers, because they are equal to me. I actually want to know how many servers have spat on your food, given at how c’nty you are.

I find it hilarious how every time i interact with you and your friends, you all act like your sh1t doesn’t stink and try to put me down like i’m less than you.

Newsflash, you’re not.

You’re made of the same flesh and blood as i am.

In the words you like to use: ‘Oh honey, bless your heart’. Could you shove your snob attitude up your high pedestal a$$. Please. Thank you.

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Love Story

Posted on Sat, Jun. 15, 2019 at 09:33 am

Ex-BIL, it's so quaint to see you posting about your horrid ugly-hearted contentious wife on social media, professing your undying love and luck when it comes to your plus-sized cupcake. Why is it that you look more like her infantile teenage son, than her husband? She has a miserable look on her bloated judgemental face as if to say--"one wrong move buster, I'll sit on you." I've always wondered about the TRUE nature of those relationships that are full of virtue signaling, cliches and social posing. The truth is that she is three times your size and looks more like she's changed your diaper for the last 25 years, than been the object of adoration and affection you PRETEND to exhibit in your awkward posting. You both should try to be, in real life, what you try to portray on social media. But, we all know that it's really about keeping up appearances because you both, underneath it all, disgust one another. I'm sorry you've both confused high control with true love.

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Hypochondriac In-law

Posted on Sat, Jun. 15, 2019 at 05:11 am

You think because your kids are diagnosed with everything under the sun that everyone else's should be diagnosed too. Honey, I have news for you. No one wants to be part of your trailer park melodrama. Kiss my ass and mind your own business!

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