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We Are Done Wasting Our Time

Posted on Fri, Jul. 20, 2018 at 11:53 pm

The 90th birthday party for the family patriarch is tomorrow. I'm tempted to wipe my butt with the invitation that came in the mail.The rest of the time, my in- laws could care less about my husband and I, except to gossip behind our backs. So here's the "R.S.V.P." to their stupid party we were only invited to out of phoney politeness . Hell no! We won't go! You don't really want us there and we don't want to even breathe the same air as people whose heads are so hopelessly stuck up their asses. We're so totally done keeping up appearances to a family who deserves to rot in Hell for their treatment of us. So totally done showing up to family gatherings where everyone politely ignores us whIle we sit in a corner by ourselves. We are done pretending everything's ok, that the double standards don't exist.It's better for all of us if we don't show up because you people aren't worth going to jail over. I'm done posturing and being polite when I would rather beat the crap out of every one of you worthless snobs.

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Posted on Fri, Jul. 20, 2018 at 09:33 am

Finally after 20yrs my nasty mean SIL is getting fat!!! I waited soooo long for you to get paid back for laughing at me for gaining weight, Now, in my 50s I am the one who has gotten my body back in great shape and you in your 40s are looking like crap! Rember when you were 24yrs old and laughed at me? Well now its me laughing at you, and you dont tell me i look great cuz now you are jealous that when u saw me you were shocked at my amazing transformation!! Hahaha!! Keep eatin' you WITCH!!

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If Only...

Posted on Fri, Jul. 20, 2018 at 09:22 am

I could turn back the clock.

it was legal to push you in front of a truck.

you would realize its YOUR family that wasnt good enough for me to marry into.

you cld hav seen into the future that YOUR daughter ws the one that wld get pregnant and hav an abortion.

I wld hav married the guy in Canada that treated me like a queen.

you wld just drop dead SOON.

yor son wld have told me when we dated that he never wanted kids, I wkd have dumped him, but he fooled me, tricked me and decieved me.

I cld do this part of my life over so I wldnt make this same horrible mistake.

If Only

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:)Good riddance to bad rubbish

Posted on Fri, Jul. 20, 2018 at 08:38 am

MIL: I don't miss you. You died and left everything a mess. You didn't raise your children to take care of themselves nor did you let your husband make a decision on his own. Therefore no one knew how to do anything and expected DH and I to take care of them like children. The only reason DH could stand on his own two feet is he hated your smothering and couldn't wait to get out of your home and start a normal life with ME.
I never envisioned myself trying to teach EBIL, a 45 year old man, how to record his financial transactions in a checkbook or how to download an app from his bank to do it for him. He had never washed a dish or used the washer and dryer. He was still living at home with his smother and Ddad. They were so lost after you were gone, they couldn't care for each other.
Ignorant, illiterate, hopeless, you made the rest of your family suffer. Are you glad they missed you just like you had hoped they would?

By the next year after you died, FIL died too. After DH finally cut EBIL off, I don't know what happened to EBIL and guess what...I don't miss him any more than I miss you.
Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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I pray to God for your death.

Posted on Thu, Jul. 19, 2018 at 01:43 pm

You have overstayed your existence in our lives. Leave us alone you controlling, greedy and manipulative mother and brother of my other half. Hope you die instantly and painfully. Hope your kids die too because you killed our daughter. Hate you all.

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I waited almost 40 years for this!!!

Posted on Wed, Jul. 18, 2018 at 06:56 pm

I'm hoping that I never do run into you bunch of mutts, because I can't stop laughing my arse off! It looks like the Karma Fairy is workin' overtime around your ignorant asses these days FINALLY. Your brother was a miserable piece of human excrement and there was never a minute of my life and DD's that we didn't have to be on top of things. We went without when all we heard was that he had to go to work to pay for your Stupid, Lazy Sister who has been on welfare for 30 years and never worked a day in her life. And you even take credit that you gave her that so she could have a better life and then this is how she repays you? I am so glad that she spent the money that was supposed to pay for taxes on the cottage which is a hovel. And you arrogant, narcissistic BIL that you allowed her to hoard, become a stark raving drunk hey that's following both brother's foot steps. How much has that F-ing cottage cost you bunch of morons? And you couldn't just go there and enjoy your share. You don't even realize that your sister has a life estate and you and I have a share. Your dumb ARCTIC blonde wife has NO rights, only through marrying you does she only have the right to go and visit and only if your sister gives permission FOR EVERYTHING including removing junk and burning it or cutting down trees. Oh and if BIL dies before her. I'd bet you lunch that wifey has the floor plans to the new cottage and they won't include sis, but she kinda goes with the house by law! By the way stupid wife, I found out everything I needed to know long before you reared your ugly heads at my house. The only right that your sister DOESN'T have is to destroy the cottage and she's done an excellent job of that. I wouldn't want to be your wife EVER and have to listen and watch you destroy what you do have. It would take a hell of a lot more than a tank of gas in the old motorcycle to calm me down! But then again when you are a gold digger and have a few months pay of rocks on your fingers, I guess you could tolerate pretty much anything eh? Bye the way did DW tell you that she put your sisters personal business online? All of it. She will argue that she closed that account, but that's the beauty of getting the smart gene and a person like myself can and did find it ALL pictures, everything. I have choices as to whether I want to use skills or tactics. Unfortunate that you two don't because you are so fucking stupid. I would hate to be her going along with the ride, so to speak, you know what I mean. I knew you would come to the house after 12 years with blind greed and TRY to bully and manipulate ME and asking for your dead brother's ashes. You didn't ask for my share of the cottage, but I knew what you wanted anyways. Yeah and blondie there claims she had a wonderful time and that we laughed and cried over your dead brother's memories. YOUR brother and I had no good memories. I bet you're still scratching parts of your body and hope you always will try to figure out why I gave you the expensive motorcycle jacket and the really nice candle. Given the bottom feeders that you associate with, I hardly think that you'll ever figure that out. Oh and sure FNB here's your brother's share of the cottage so that you can mismanage THAT too and find someone to blame NOT ME! And claiming you aren't a rich man when you live in a house worth almost 1/2 a million bucks, enough motorcycles to fill your garage. You really should enjoy those bikes while you can because all you are going to end up with is a scooter with a flag on it! You shouldn't have bragged that it costs you $5000 to stay at the cottage and abuse, bully and manipulate SIL for 3+ miserable months, also asking her to leave when it's her home. I bet too, that she greets you both with open arms and gives you her bed, which I'm sure is why you gave her your old one and she sleeps on the sofa. As well, how many people do I know that have lakefront cottage? I must admit, not many. But then I don't know how many people would pay $5000 a month to sleep on a hoard of piss and shit either! For THAT amount of money, I could and have had fantastic holidays. Then you take pretty pictures of the last 5 feet, the lake and the cat on the dock and brag to people you think are your friends that you own a cottage. Good people of worth don't have to brag, because smart good people will SEE. You are horrible people, also ordering sister to remove the shingle off the tree that's been there since 1962! Shame on you. I am so glad that I'm me and that your horrible brother never broke me. Bye the way, he's paying from the grave too as will you and yours. I haven't had to exert too much energy to see you morons get what you deserve. I wasn't very religious before, but I pray every day that one of you, preferably BIL will have a massive stroke and leave you with just enough brain cells to know when someone is wiping your ass. Then sister has to come and live with you and preferably the dumb wife will have to go back to work as well as look after everyone. All at 60 plus years old while I get to continue to enjoy my early retirement. So here's just a small amount of your personal business online. Too Hilarious BYE BYE for now bozos Oh and PS I don't have to worry about running into you where you're going when YOU die!

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dear mother in law

Posted on Wed, Jul. 18, 2018 at 06:40 pm

Your own mother pimped you out when you were a teenager. I know because your baby daddy of 34 years told me. Nope, he never married you. As much as you talk shit about him, you owe that man everything because of it wasn't for him you would still be the poverty stricken white trailer trash hooker you were born to be. You fat pastey fucking hillbilly w h o r e. You are dumb as hell. You thought the leaning tower of Pisa was in France. You lead such a pathetic lame ass life. I cleaned the toilet with your toothbrush you shit mouth bitch.

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Posted on Tue, Jul. 17, 2018 at 05:33 pm

well no fucking wonder your brother wants nothing to do with you. maybe if you stop treating me like shit. stop manipulating your brothers friends and family towards you than he will think differently. he is way to simple to understand that he is being manipulated and treated badly. as an outsider (of 10 years mind you) its OBVIOUS). THAT YOU ARE A FUCKING ASSHOLE AND YOU MANIPULATE YOUR PARENTS AGAINST HIM SO THAT THEY CAN THINK YOU ARE DOING BETTER/NOT A DRUG ADDICT / NOT A MOOCHER. THE REALITY IS YOU ARE ALL OF THOSE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP PRETENDING AND STOP THROWING YOUR BROTHER AND ME UNDER THE BUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DUMB FAT BITCH

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Posted on Tue, Jul. 17, 2018 at 05:29 pm


instead you wish to act like dumbasses and then twist the story to my husband (your son and brother) to make him believe your bullshit lies. guess what???? the gig is up!!!!!!!!!!!! you got caught. you both have been assholes for years and even though ive been giving my husband examples of this for years he never believed it ....UNTIL NOW!!!!! HE IS SEEING IT IN REAL TIME WITH HIS OWN EYES. so congrats. you are pushing him away from you. NOT ME. ive always told him over the years to be close with you all and to make time for you all but he has always told me he wants nothing to do with youall......NO WONDER WHY???? YOU ARE BITCHES/ASSHOLES. he told me that you never let him speak and its no wonder you have no relationship wit h him? STOP BLAMING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUMB FAT FUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Reap what you sow

Posted on Tue, Jul. 17, 2018 at 05:02 pm

MIL died no one cared,no service nothing FIL died same thing. You really do reap what you sow!

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