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Posted on Mon, Mar. 20, 2023 at 06:33 pm

I know mentioning this will break my chi,

But! It's nice to merely affirm that you agree the situation is fallible and that you will remove yourself from their so called agonies... which they claim is you.

Ok, I actually understand wtf that means.

I said "bye" & thus my capacity has been made clear and presenting the utter bulkshittery has been acknowledged.

I said my piece and was concise. I made affirmation to all the drama and one sided slander dunk and dip you believe is everyone else's fault.


It's been a year not without a crocodile tears forgery from you two...

My health has improved, sorry to say that's not the story how my hubby came to be.

I'm sure he's forgiven you two but I wait for that further jurisdiction.

Act like civility and I'm sure all will be well.

Understand? You are what you do onto others.

This goes for the inlaw(s) and my fostered family.

I know where I stand, do you and do you feasibly get the reasons fir all that inexcusable garbage?

Know that I am not going to be your bitch.

Sorry, 22 years is long enough to make the point.


Let US "leave the building" already.



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Posted on Mon, Mar. 20, 2023 at 07:23 am

To sister of husband

The entitlement that you have is crazy.

I actually pitied you at some point for you saying that you identified as one of my adult children’s mother.

Then, you seemed to identify as my husbands significant other.

At first he thought of you as “insecure” but I reminded him that it all very creepy the way you view his desired role in your life. He called you out on it.

Now, you seem to have identified as the mother of all of my husband and I’s children. The fact that you are demanding all of their phone numbers in case you need them.

Why do you want my husband to your emergency contact when he see you as insane, manipulative, inappropriate, assuming, using people, entitled, and irresponsible?

We are moving out of state and he doesn’t have time for your craziness!

Do you know that you aren’t much different than your mom?

He will be adjusting to a new job far away from you on purpose.

We want space and boundaries. My husband is not your significant other and did not take vows with you.

Our children don’t consider you special or beloved in their lives.

I will not stand for your nonsense.

You are not part of our family.

You are his older sister. Who opted to not get married, have a relationship or even have actually close friend or roommate!

Yes, you say, “Now, you are alone.”

Then, you declare that you want my husband to declare his love to you sounding like a broken hearted teenager who was dumped.

No, he was always just your brother.

He is my husband and he and we are moving far away to get away from your crazy demands and flat out lack of appropriate boundaries.

Our adult children do not view you are their mother and don’t want you to even have their phone numbers.

Yes, you are blocked on my phone.

My husband wants you to leave him alone. He keeps his phone on silent rather than hear your demanding calls and endless long texts demanding declarations of love.

Now, leave us alone please.

Bye! ::::cue moving truck that is about to back up in our driveway::::

And not Good Bye!

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Dear Mother of My Husband

Posted on Fri, Mar. 17, 2023 at 08:40 pm

I know that you are sad that my husband is moving away.

Do you know what this means?

Have you ever heard of cause and effect?

Remember how you have always been to me?

Well, that was the cause and the effect is that we are moving FAR away from you on purpose.

If you are sad about it, remember that you caused this.

If you would have just been decent toward me, I would have insisted we live here until you pass away.

However, do I care about how you feel?

Was it really a contest that you could have "won" somehow? What was the "prize" that you wanted?

I like the fact that he isn't even telling you where we are moving!

What does that tell you? Do you feel like you "won" by being mean to me?

No : ) and Bye! (and not good bye)

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St. Paddy's Day

Posted on Fri, Mar. 17, 2023 at 08:19 pm

Hey MIL, did you get one of your flying monkeys to wish my husband a Happy St. Paddy's Day (HSPD) as a way to prompt him to wish YOU a HSPD? Why would he when you haven't shown any genuine interest and enjoyment in the Irish culture? Remember that time you were visiting us and we were listening to Irish music and you just sat there all sour and dour, glaring at your husband and wishing you were doing anything else?

We were all singing and dancing around and being festive, but you looked like there'd be more cheer found in a graveyard.

If you want to wish your son a HSPD, then you should do so. If you are just playing games for some attention (which I assume you used as another excuse to declare us unthoughtful because we didn't reach out), then you shouldn't have bothered.

1.) My husband doesn't play games. He means what he says and does. He's a sincere and genuine person. I'm sure he would have reached out if he thought for a moment that you actually cared about Irish culture and about the festive nature of the day.

2.) My husband isn't quite smart enough to pick up on the nuances of that particular game of yours. I chose not to point it out to him this time (in the past it has been ME who has said to him "Hey, I think your mother is trying to say something there.")

As it turns out, we had a lovely day with friends and family. Everyone was in a fine, festive mood. The music was good and the company was even better. My husband still hasn't realize the little game I pointed out above yet, and I'm not about to ruin SPD to point it out.

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Oh Daughter In Law

Posted on Wed, Mar. 15, 2023 at 11:13 pm

Since baby has been born your developing a real attitude. Your not going to hurt me with a child. A child is not a weapon. When they’re 18-25 sometime in there I’ll see them again and maybe they will love that I dress young and listen to Iron Maiden. I’m not going to change Pissy Princess so don’t go expecting me to. I have 3 sons. You got your claws into my eldest. He’s a good catch. Educated and a good worker. He hasn’t always been nice. Not as nice as my other 2. In fact he had a jealousy issue and was always acting embarrassed of us on vacations. In other words he is a bit of a twat. So you can have that one eh. You won’t take any advice. Had a fit when I tried to feed him a diced strawberry and grapes. Thanks for asking you snidely said as if I haven’t fed and raised 4 children. Ok so fine. Control everything. My son doesn’t want a stay home mom so you got until May to find a job. You refuse to bottle feed breast milk to your son to get him used to daycare. But you won’t because I said it. Snarky. Mean little disses. I’m sick of both of you to be honest. You can go to hell. I make friends everywhere I go. Unlike you whose always trying to be so proper. Your mom is so uptight I bet she made your dad put a sheet over her each conception. Your not nice to me. Like it when I suffer. Karmas a mother though. You never want to take my picture and that’s a sure sign someone hates you. But. I’ll dance at my grandkids weddings and there won’t be a thing you can do. You’ll be the hated MIL one day and I’m gonna laugh laugh when his wife pits him against you. All I’ve ever done is love my son but you can keep ‘em and your bratty kids too.

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Thank you U.S. Postal Employee :)

Posted on Wed, Mar. 15, 2023 at 10:20 pm

It's that time of year again where MIL sends "me" a card either weeks before or a month after my birthday. At least I think it's for me - because my name is always horribly misspelled despite the fact that I have the same name of one of her relatives - whom she never seems to have trouble writing her name.

Usually DH opens it, calls MIL to yell at her but (sigh) also thanks MIL for sending it - probably giving her the attention she wanted.

Well this year, I got it (complete with her address label and stamp slapped on it upside down) and took it to the post office.

I explained to the lovely postal employee that my MIL has been misspelling my name for over 20 years. She gets it! :) She writes the postal abbreviation for "no one by that name" on the card, then lets me know its going to be diverted to a central post office (and stamped and marked up more) and then sent back to her.

This lovely postal employee tells me that, "Now its not even just you! The post office is officially telling her she's wrong!"

Thank you!! Made my day! :) Best early Birthday gift!

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Hollow Victory

Posted on Wed, Mar. 15, 2023 at 04:35 am

Because I care about my husband I suggested he go visit you sorry wretched folk. You know what his answer was? "No thanks."

I would have never expected this answer from him in the past.

Just let that sink in for a moment, MIL. This loyal and loving man reckons that it would be more painful to see you than it would be to NOT see you.

You'd think I'd be pleased but I'm actually dealing with some mixed feelings about this. Him finally being broken down by you makes me angry. You've hurt him so deeply that he no longer sees that a positive outcome would accompany him visiting you assholes.

While it's true that I'm glad he won't have to deal with your crap in person, I hate to see the sadness in his eyes as he realizes the broader picture here.

You pushed and you pushed. You were cruel, passive aggressive, and manipulative. You were neglectful, uncaring, unaffectionate, and a complete cad.

I am quite sure that the devil himself is preparing a very special welcome for you, you piece of shit.

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Pick Up What's Put Down

Posted on Mon, Mar. 13, 2023 at 09:12 pm

We're communicating in the passive-aggressive style that YOU invented for our communications. When YOU used this exact tactic to convey your feelings about a matter, we didn't pick up on it until it was too late. We chose to keep good feelings in our hearts and told ourselves that you just have communication struggles. Boy were we wrong and we learned a very costly lesson in the end.

We now know that it's not as simple as that: you were conveying your disagreable feelings about the matter and we just didn't want to see that. That was on US.

All of your decades of gameplaying, cruelty and bullshit has finally broken my husband's spirit regarding you. Are you happy?!

This is not EVER what I wanted to have happen. I wanted us all to have a nice (and god forbid LOVING) relationship with one another. You were assholes from day 1 and let me know from the start that you'd never accept me. Over time your continued reminders of how little you think of me, our children, and my husband has broken that part of him that would have actually looked forward to visits and phone calls.

We'll continue to have visits and phone calls but no one's heart is in it anymore. There is nothing there, the lights are not on and no one is home. It is completely obligatory and out of duty and respect.

We don't even care what the reasons are any more. There's zero feeling whatsoever, just a hollow and empty space where we used to give a fuck.

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We are moving away!

Posted on Mon, Mar. 13, 2023 at 05:28 pm

We won't be walking distance to most of his relatives anymore!

Can you believe it?

I have been posted for years and telling my husband we need to move away from "those people."

He found a job HOURS away from them! We are leaving!

Thanks for reading!

Written by

The person who had in-laws for neighbors but is moving away!

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Posting while Buzzed…..

Posted on Sun, Mar. 12, 2023 at 11:54 pm

I’ve been drinking a few and all I can think about is how much I hate my MIL. I will sober up tomorrow morning and still hate the bitch. Consistent hate when drinking and sober. That’s real hate.

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