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self centered jerk MIL

Posted on Tue, Oct. 16, 2018 at 12:30 pm

Sent her granddaughter (my daughter) a birthday card inscribed with a reminiscence of her dead son. How appropriate, cheerful, and all about the person celebrating (not!!) It was all about what SHE was going through at the time of my child's birth.
No matter what the occasion in our lives, MIL has to make everything about herself.
I'm so beyond over it.

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I will never be good enough and I'm done trying

Posted on Tue, Oct. 16, 2018 at 07:03 am

From the very beginning, you didn't like me and I have no idea why. You embraced your other children's spouses and welcomed them into the family with open arms - even your daughter's alcoholic, unemployed husband - but I was never made to feel included. I am educated, successful, and provide a wonderful life for your son and our child, yet you treat me like dirt. I have no idea what I ever did wrong and how I deserve this.

Is it because your son and I are independent? We don't need your help, money, and babysitting like your other children do? Are you at a loss for how to deal with us because you don't have that leverage for exerting control in our lives? I've spent years trying to come up with an explanation.

You go on family vacations with your other children and grandchildren and don't invite us; you talk to your other children daily and go months without contacting my husband. (You only speak to him when he calls or texts you - when he got tired of being the one to do all the work, communication ceased.) You're super-involved with your other grandchildren, but take no interest in our child, who barely even knows you at this point.

I've tried so many times to start over with a clean slate. I've tried to let go of my anger. I've tried and tried and tried, but for whatever reason, you just seem to not like me. So I'm done.

You don't want to visit your grandchild? Then we're not going to visit you. You don't want to keep in contact? Then we're not making the effort to keep in touch with you. I realize now that this is your loss, not ours.

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Goodbye perfect inlaws

Posted on Mon, Oct. 15, 2018 at 05:51 pm

Dear MIL here is your MOTY and GMOTY award, a flaming pile of crap. Although you want to pretend like we are all so important and you are just the shining matriarch of this family you do not get to tell me during every conversation how busy you are and how you never have free time for anything while blaming me for never calling you with offers to pack up my three young children and travel to your house. I can not wait to move so far away from you to be closer to my own sweet dear mother who is everything a mother and grandmother should be, helpful, loving, and most importantly willing to spend time with her grand children as much as she can. I really hope your spoiled daughter (SIL) and her spoiled offspring give you all the affirmation you need of just how shitty you are. I hope you understand how much this is all your own doing by repeatedly giving SIL any and everything she could possibly want while throughing your son to the wolves. I promise your lessons as a mother have been heard and remembered with explicit detail so I know how not to treat my own sons. And guess who won’t be coming to your rescue, your little boy who you verbally and physically abused and treated like 2nd class for years who now fully sees no matter what he does, says, no matter how hard he tries SIL will always be your golden child and he will just be the other child you had who just can’t ever quite match up to your beloved daughter.
And yes I know I keep telling you that we will come back and visit you frequently but I’m secretly hoping you never take us up on our offers to come visit us when we move so I don’t have to feel guilty for never having the time to visit you; because even though I hate you I still want to try to see whatever sliver of good in you. I don’t think I will worry too much considering your inability to visit when we are a few towns away, never mind several states away.
And dearest SIL I hope I never have to see your fat, judgements, selfish, spoiled, self centered ugly face in person again. I know how much of an inconvenient “noise” my children are to you so I’d hate to make you suffer through them. My only wish for you is that you find how difficult being a parent really is when you can’t pass your child off to another babysitter, nanny, or who ever while you go on yet another vacation. And while I would NEVER fault a mom for doing what she needs to do to provide for her family or to remain mentally and physically fit for her own self care and wellbeing, I have the strongest suspicion that your children are nothing more than a status to you for your yearly holiday card to show just how awesome and perfect you are. But that’s ok, keep judging everyone and everything around you, overeat and drink heavily; I’m sure those aren’t signs of you covering for how miserable you really are and how black your heart is.

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Fake b-tch

Posted on Mon, Oct. 15, 2018 at 12:32 pm

My MIL never liked me, and she loves to give her son passive aggresive opinions about me to start dramas

She's a fake b-tch and I can't wait till we relocate and never see her again!

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My MIL is a horrible person

Posted on Mon, Oct. 15, 2018 at 11:57 am

My MIL is a horrid person, who makes Disney's Ursula seem attractive and kind.
Every time she has seen me over the years, she makes snide comments about my weight. She likes to pretend that my house smells, that I smell, that I can't cook or clean, pretty much anything that her small mind can come up with as an insult.
The worst of it is that when DH talks to her on the phone, she tries to convince him to cheat on me! Telling him to have an affair because he "deserves better." She is a hateful, horrible human being. What mother wants her son to be a creep? What grandmother wants her grandkids to grow up in a broken home? My MIL does, that's who!
But the joke is on her! DH has been in intensive therapy and realizes now that his disgusting pervert mother wants emotional incest with him. 🤮 I have decided to take a job on the other side of the country and we are moving far from her. She will never have our address or our new phone numbers!
The ridiculous woman does not know that I am pregnant, which is why I'm slightly heavier now. She does not know that her son quit his job years ago because I make more than him, and that any messes at home are due to his housekeeping, not mine! She is the biggest fool and I am so happy to be rid of her! She won't know we're gone, out of her life forever, until it's too late.
She will live and die alone with only her repulsive fantasies of being her son's only love. 🤢 🤣

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Sure. Please Visit!

Posted on Sun, Oct. 14, 2018 at 02:45 pm

In-Laws, please take note: I am HOPING that you come visit again. Yup, that's right.

If you like spit in your drinks, come visit me.

If you want your sheets to be "accidently" musty and moldy, please start making your plans. If you want my favorite friends to pop by every single day to act loud and ignorant, go ahead and check your calendar.

If you'd love to arrive and have all of your grandkids whisked away immediately afterwards by my dear and loyal friends, sports events, scouting trips, and church activities for the majority of your time here, call your travel agent.

If you want my husband to have zero time off to spend with you (I'm great friends with his boss and will make SURE he's kept busy during your stay - and bonus points: we'll enjoy the OT checks!), then start packing your bags.

See, I'm not the least bit afraid to have you in my house. And you can be sure I'll stick around and shoot you the same rude sneers that you all love to give to me. I'll give you the same silent treatment whenever my sweetie leaves the room that you do. I'll play favorites. I'll remark on your cooking, your looks, your job, etc just like you do to me...making it seem like I'm just "curious", just like you do.

I'll be MORE than happy to receive you lovely people. But just be aware that there may be several surprises to give you plenty to talk about when you go back home. I mean, you were going to talk smack about me anyway, but THIS time I'm planning to give you PLENTY to talk about.

Bless your soul and I hope to see you soon!!!!

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Never the right one

Posted on Sun, Oct. 14, 2018 at 10:53 am

I just lost a dear sweet family member. She was so loved by everyone. She had a good sense of humor, always happy. She died unexpectedly from a brief illness. I lost two other family member this year. These people were loved and I'm not saying that because they were family members. There were so many notes and cards and 100's of FB postings about how wonderful they were.

Then there's my mil. She's very passive aggressive. She says horrible mean things. She has also done something that could have put my life in danger but of course she was 'just joking' (her passive aggressive behavior is evil) She plays favorites and lets you know you aren't it. Well she is in her mid 70's and doesn't have one health problem.

The nice people die young and the mean old ones just keeps kicking literally and figuratively.

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The Grudge... She Ain’t Pretty lol

Posted on Sun, Oct. 14, 2018 at 09:26 am

Keep holding on to that grudge you miserable old lady hahaha.

This is hilarious. You are the one holding a grudge over something YOU created.

Let’s repeat this “YOU CREATED”.

First came the baiting, and the “gifts”, then the earned trust, followed by years of calculating, manipulative, triangular conversations... then one day, 💥BOOM💥 mask came off and the Covert Narcissistic Operation revealed. Everyone saw. Everyone knows you’re the culprit of many twisted, manufacturered stories to break me down and possibly destroy and remove me from the family. That all backfired on you.

Awwwwwe such a sad shame, we have so many family excursions and reunions to attend, all without the one person who wanted it all taken from me. You really should not have messed with the gatekeeper here. I mean, you were a daughter in law once. Surely you know my rights and my power hahaha. The grudge is the only gift you have. Enjoy it 💋

Gotta go and make some plans now... ta ta 💅🏻

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Mama's Boy Husband

Posted on Sun, Oct. 14, 2018 at 04:58 am

Back in the 1990s, I used to have an annoying boyfriend who loved to ask ridiculous questions like "if you could save only one of your parents from a burning building, which one would it be?" Well, we broke up eventually, but I still thought of him from time to time early in my marriage as I pondered whether my husband would rescue me or his mother from the burning building. I no longer ask myself the question, as the answer is evident. He would rescue his mother, then our daughter, then three random strangers who weren't even in the building, then he would stand there and watch me burn up with a smile on his face. He loves me not. I am resigned to that. What really unsettles me is that I think he loves his mother more than our daughter. I used to tell him that I was reluctant to let my daughter go on road trips with his mother and stepfather, because he is a terrible driver and he did almost all the driving. He would say "my MOTHER rides in that car too - what about HER?" He refuses to acknowledge that his mother is a grown-ass adult who chooses to live with the consequences of her poor judgment, while our daughter is an innocent child who had no voice in the matter. He may be an unloving husband, but he is generally a good father, so his seeming indifference to our daughter's safety really shocked me. It shows how much he's tied to his mother's apron strings. And he still won't confront the dear lady about HER horrible husband, who treats all three of us with unwarranted contempt and disdain.

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I hate my Daughter in Law

Posted on Sat, Oct. 13, 2018 at 12:12 pm

She keeps a gross house. It smells like dog. She can't cook anything besides spaghetti and tacos. And those aren't good. She works yes, but the kids are brats. She's gained at least 75lbs. I don't know how my son can have sex with her I guess he rolls her in flour and find a wet spot. I know my son could do so much better. He is so miserable. My little boy has realized he's made a huge mistake, and like so many other men have to stay because it's cheaper to keep her. I know he has a girlfriend from work and I gotta say I approve! My DIL is smelly too, she can't wipe properly because of the massive belly I guess. Blame it on the kids she says, hell...the youngest is 5 if you can't lose weight in 5 years it's because your fat mouth keeps eating stuff you shouldn't. Don't feel sorry for you! Maybe she will die and my son can collect SSI and the 150k life insurance policy on her. I'll raise the kids! And take away the Twinkies she gives them to make them as porky as she is. Oh one can dream, can't she?

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