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MIL Got Drunk on Family Vacation

Posted on Sun, Jul. 15, 2018 at 07:43 pm

So we took a family vacation this past weekend and my MIL decided to get drunk. We went with my DH’s family for a 4 day weekend to an amusement park. This trip involved 6 adults and 3 little girls belonging to my HD’s sister. Ages are 3, 5 and 9. We had a great time BUT... on the first full day, my MIL wanted to go back to the condo early to start dinner and while we stayed at the park for a few more hours. No big deal at the time, for she wanted to cook dinner and was very eager to do so. We all agreed and she took a shuttle back. Well, 2 hours later, we come back for dinner and find her swaying back and forth in front of the stove with veggies and potatoes spilt all over. I asked he if she was ok and if she needed help. She said “no” in a very slurred voice. I then knew at that moment she was drunk. My DH was able to get her to her bedroom and she passed out before hitting the pillow. NOW, what really makes me mad is that we said we were not going to have alcohol on this trip because we have young kids and the park doesn’t allow you to bring in your own drinks anayway. So we knew she had some somewhere and we had to find it. We looked everywhere but couldn’t find anything. I then saw a water bottle sitting amongst 2 other water bottles on the kitchen table. I noticed it was a bottled water brand that we did not bring along for the trip. I opened it and smelt it.... strate tequelia. I was pissed!!!!! Not only was it out on the table for a child to accidentally drink but I knew instantly why she just HAD to go back early to start cooking. I dumped the remander down the drain and threw the bottle away outside in a large dumpster so she wouldn’t be able to find it. This all took place at about 5:30pm and now she was passed out drunk for the rest of the night and lost that time with her grandkids and family. The kids never knew what was really happening (we told them she didn’t feel well). The next day she was hung over and stayed back for the day because “her head hurt”. Another day lost with the family. We are now on the last day (we had to check out by 2pm)... so we planned on hitting up some rides in the morning and then pack up after lunch to make the 6 hour drive back home. She didn’t get her butt out of bed till almost 11am and then got mad because we didn’t wake her up. She yelled and said she felt she lost out on family time. Well, maybe she should have left the alcohol at home and then she would have had a nice family vacation. FYI, this is only the second time I have ever seen her drunk (I have known her for 10 years) so I would never have thought she would do this especially around her 3 grandkids. Her actions were so uncalled for and selfish. I dislike her even more for this. If we ever go on another trip with her, I’m checking everything because she clearly has a problem with self control and limiting as to how many shots she takes. But as of right now, there will be no future trips with her. We will just go with my DH’s siblings and have a better time with them anyway.

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SIL the manipulative whore...i mean sore

Posted on Sun, Jul. 15, 2018 at 07:39 pm

SIL the jig is up. You may be able to manipulate your parents and other siblings but I know what you are doing. I was always on your side until now. Too bad mommy is enabling you because you will never be well until this stops and you decide to deal with the real issues. LOVE YOURSELF ALREADY. Maybe then you will stop hating on me!!!

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Things I'm sick of

Posted on Sun, Jul. 15, 2018 at 07:54 am

1. MIL asking my husband to clear her debts.
2. MIL complaining about her ex husband, whom she hasn't seen in 30 years, since they divorced, nevertheless she talks about him like they divorced yesterday!!!
3. MIL trash talking everyone (including her own daughter).
3. Above mentioned daughter having a blatantly obvious mood regulation disorder which is untreated & which we all have to suffer!
4. All Inlaws being utterly helpless.
5. All Inlaws being utterly classless!
6. Husbands innate helplessness and underachievement stemming from having been made his mom's surrogate husband following her divorce.
5. MILs manipulation of my husband - telling him her ex husband is not his father, yet tripping herself up on the math by swearing she did not cheat on him!?! Honestly, the woman is not the smartest, but what a sick and manipulative game to play!
7. Playing the violin about her deprived childhood.
8. In laws never ever saying thank you - just expecting everything from everyone.
9. Inlaws expecting others to pay for stuff.
10. In laws LYING LYING LYING!!!

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Posted on Sat, Jul. 14, 2018 at 10:32 am

Let's see sil... Did you get herpes from the man you cheated on bil with or bil? Lol I hope your vagina hurts lol serves you right whore

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Phony is ugly

Posted on Sat, Jul. 14, 2018 at 09:03 am

Please stop. For the love of God, stop. The rare occasion you do see our daughter only because it's one of many parties gsil has for her kids, stop taking pictures of my kids to post on Facebook and pretend to be in our lives. Your a phony, maybe that's why Facebook was invented. For pos like you with no real lives. BTW, your hair looks like shit. Your stylist sucks. I finally stopped being the nice wife. SUCK IT!

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Ok rachet fake bologna

Posted on Fri, Jul. 13, 2018 at 08:20 pm

I am so tired of hearing about your hissy fits. Somebody should have told you years ago, you don't mean nothing to me, and no, I don't care what you think. It's not your wedding, you and your kids are not invited, you can't come. You can't tell me when and where to have it or who to invite. You made your "stand" and you got dropped. Now tell everyone how you never wanted to go, and I will tell everyone you were never invited anyway. Have your kid's birthday party,take your parents with you. They as well as you have no place in my wedding. We will leave empty chairs, with their name cards, and when people ask, if anyone cares, I will tell everyone that they had a birthday party, that was more important than thier child's wedding. Believe me I NEVER wanted any of you there.

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In Laws Making Me Regret My DH

Posted on Fri, Jul. 13, 2018 at 05:43 am

When I first met my DH 6 years ago, he was great. We fell in love fast and had our first child about 2.5 years later. Because of this, I was forced to move in with him and his family because I had to go back out to work and I had no one to take care of our DS.
Big, large, HUGE mistake!
MIL and SIL, from day 1, acted like DS belonged to them. They would encroach on the time I spent with DS, like he is supposed to be with them and not me. They would always rush to do things for him before I even have a chance to do it. They would rush to teach him EVERYTHING. Long story short, I was not getting to be a mom to my DS which began to take an emotional toll on me. 3 years has passed and it's STILL the same. I struggle to be in DS's life and it shouldn't be like that. I carried him for 39 weeks 6 days without any help or concern from any of DH's family or even mine so why would they want to swoop in and try to force me out of DS's life and heart like that?
Another thing: MIL loves money. She's always taking money from DH without any care or concern. Like common sense would tell a normal person that if a man has and is supporting a family, chances are he has a budget and you're not really part of it. And it's not to say DH wasn't giving her any money. He was but she wants ADDITIONAL money ALL THE TIME. As the years went by, and DH decided to build a house for himself, I and DS, money became a problem. I lost my job. The construction was taking a nice juicy bite out of his salary. Our backs were against the fence every month. Bet yet still, MIL wanted money for nonsense every week.
I am one religion. They are another. As I am my DS's MOTHER, I am responsible for his religion and spirituality. But no. They think that they should and have all rights to indoctrinate my DS into their religion so they have him like a little puppet day in and day out. SIL is the worst when it comes to this. And she likes to record him on her phone, post it on social media like she's his mother and caretaker. Nothing maddens me more than that. I don't want my child on social media.
DH, I've realized, has no backbone and no balls. He doesn't support me when I put my foot down and likes to make excuses for them. I'm really beginning to hate them and resent him. It's like he should marry his mother. He shouldn't have a wife because his family has no respect for others, doesn't respect boundaries, is very pushy, selfish and self righteous, and they are not "people-broken". They are driving me crazy.
I am beginning to regret being married to their son and having a child with him. Maybe my life would have been happier.

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fuck off in laws! you suck!

Posted on Thu, Jul. 12, 2018 at 09:27 am

funny how in all the years in listening to ALL OF YOU gossip about each other, I've never told anybody's secrets, never caused problems by saying (this one said that and did you hear what she said?). NEVER. The one time I did recently was because the druggie bitch and MIL thought they could get away with bringing me and my husband down so YES i told her secret to the one person in the family i thought i could trust because the issue upset me and AFFECTS ME AND MY KIDS. When you bitches want to affect my and my husband's ability to put food on the table than guess what? The first time this happened where you crossed the line, I did not tell your secret, you know who did? YOUR SON/BROTHER. Yet because I opened my mouth now, everyone is blaming me. Funny though, did you realize that YOU (entire in law family) ALL TALK SHIT ABOUT EACH OTHER????? guess what, you all can have each other! and that includes in law cousin's bitch wife who stirred the pot just to fit in. guess what, KARMA IS A BITCH. FUCK OFF ASSHOLES

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Hope she's eaten by a shark..

Posted on Thu, Jul. 12, 2018 at 12:35 am

My evil, narcassistic mil that is! She has always refused to be my facebook friend but added my dd and tries to go thru dd to get to us on messenger. Last week she writes dd and says she has food and wants to bring it over, knowing I'm in bed. Dd tells her I'm in bed so she says she's going to put it on the hood of the car and for dd to go out and get it. In the mean time dd has woken me up (I have 3 kids, I never sleep). I go out and get it off the car and mil is still in the driveway. I grab the food and she starts getting out of her car, I walk in and leave the door open. She speeds off and tells dd she's leaving so she doesn't disturb me! She then messages asking dd what my ds wants for his birthday. Dd gives her a list and she says "I'll just give him a giftcard". Dd asks if mil will give her $5 and mil says " I'm broke, I'm retired now". The very next day mil sends dd a picture of her scarecrow looking ass on the beach with her sister 18 hours away. She literally went right to her sisters and they went to the beach for a week, but she's broke and retired, right? Dd writes and says "I guess you won't be here for ds's bday then, huh. Mil says "no, I wont". Ds's bday comes and mil could see where everyone wished him a happy birthday and liked his pics because dd was tagged in them. She says nothing! Never, ever said Happy Birthday to our sweet little ds. BUT we see where on her way home from the beach she will be stopping by gsil's to spend time with her gdd for her birthday!. What sickens me more is that when we told her our ds's due date when I was pregnant she just looked disgusted and said " well that's awful close to ggd's bday". I'm done with this sick, evIL pos. I don't know anyone like her and she is a waste of space on this Earth. I pray a shark eats her and she never makes it back home.

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Tattle Tell

Posted on Wed, Jul. 11, 2018 at 07:49 pm

Awe, a little grown up's Mommy isn't giving her all the attention, so she has to whine and wine. Tattle to your mommy alcoholic. It has probably been a few minutes since mommy has kissed it all better for your drunk, helpless, mother hoarding self.

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