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Letting in-laws win the battles.

Posted on Mon, Nov. 23, 2020 at 12:03 pm

I have my eyes on winning the war. I just keep treating husband like the king he is while you all belittle us. He is barely holding on to any of you. I just keep reminding him this isn’t normal... he knows now! The screaming battles. The control they must have on our lives. He doesn’t make me deal with you anymore! He is just at the point where you’ll be out of our lives for good. We deserve to live our lives as we see fit.

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Fools rush in...

Posted on Mon, Nov. 23, 2020 at 11:04 am

If my increase in positivity were motivated by greed then I’d have visited your lair while I was in the area that particular day. I want nothing from you or to do with you.

We tend to see others through the lens of our own actions. That’s why you always think people are greedy or selfish. It’s because, given the same circumstances, that’s how YOU would behave.

For instance right now you’re projecting your own morality, or lack thereof, onto me.

It’s all good, babe. I actually feel very sorry for you.

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Viral Load In-laws

Posted on Mon, Nov. 23, 2020 at 08:40 am

Are you all getting together for the holidays to spread your cooties? Probably since no one is allowed to have their own lives are they Darling?

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Don't Think We Were Fooled

Posted on Sun, Nov. 22, 2020 at 05:46 pm

Dear In-Laws,

Don't think we were fooled for a moment about why you all were suddenly being nice to us. You want to claim the timing is off, but we all know differently, don't we?

It's OK, though: It's the Christmas season. We did what we did because of THAT. The fact that you immediately returned to a cooler response shows you have been caught in the act and now you know that ((WE)) know.

We really couldn't care less. Again, our intentions were pure. Can you say the same about your own?

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Posted on Sat, Nov. 21, 2020 at 02:01 pm

You are a disgrace to the nursing profession. You try to portray yourself as the kind, caring, ever knowledgeable nurse. Those kinds of nurses don’t talk shit behind patients backs. They also believe in actual science. Nurse Ratched, at your “service”. Smdh

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Posted on Sat, Nov. 21, 2020 at 01:58 pm

You are a hateful, evil old man. I know your dirty secrets and I am only biding my time before I use them to annihilate you.

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Posted on Wed, Nov. 18, 2020 at 05:02 pm

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the hood,

were dumbass in-laws snooping in places they shouldn't but felt that they could.

The stockings were hung by the stoop with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas would swoop down if he dared,

The adult children were sent to their beds
With boom boxes a blastin and holiday laughin,
with visions of class and weight loss that danced in their heads;

It's an in law christmas, they said! A christmas of gossip and backstabbin galore!
...of fakeness as real as the makeup cakeness on their faces.

Now dash away, dash away! dash away all!

And don't let the karma police bite you if you fall...

but have a MERRY MERRY Christmas to you all!

...and go fuck yourselves, k?

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I will never be good enough for them

Posted on Wed, Nov. 18, 2020 at 11:18 am

I thought they were the type of family that would replace the one I come from. I wanted to feel included. I tried. He is too good for me. He deserves someone better.

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Inconsiderate mil

Posted on Tue, Nov. 17, 2020 at 07:41 am

My mil is taking care of my sil (who is a grown adult and is married by the way) because she's been having health problems. AND she might have COVID. Results aren't in yet. So imagine my surprise when she came waltzing into my house, unannounced, because she claimed she wanted to "see her grandkids"!!?? I was in shock she'd come over risking our lives, and asked her to please not come visit until my sil's results come back clear. I've been so nervous thinking she could of spread the virus to us. And I told my husband I simply will not open the door to her until this whole COVID thing is over because she doesn't take care of herself and puts others at risk too.

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Posted on Mon, Nov. 16, 2020 at 03:54 pm

Yes you are all shit shows. You are the type of people that dont even give other people particularly the ones married with the male members of your family a chance. You are the ones who judge people quicker than you can even take the splinter out of your own eye and the garbage out of your mouth. you are the types to talk over other people instead of hearing them out much less ever give them the benefit of the doubt. you are the type of people who go through life ignorantly to that you can say you were right. you are the type of people that I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH. YOU ALL SUCK AND THAT'S WHY WE ARE MOVING. I WIN. BITCHES.

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