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My apology to you

Posted on Sun, May. 16, 2021 at 03:56 pm

Let me take a minute to make an apology to my mother in law for all the wrongs I have done.

I'm sorry my college wasn't good enough for you. I'm sorry my salary isn't enough and I'm sorry I give my cats water from the tap. I'm sorry I don't save every itemized receipt from the grocery store and I don't cut coupons out of the catalogue like you. I'm sorry that I don't want to move across the country to be closer to you and give up my job and family for you. I'm sorry I defended your daughter when you were writing nasty emails and calling her a bitch.

So, the next time you judge me, please know that none of these apologies were sincere in the slightest and you can shove your narcissistic opinion right back where it came from; your ass.

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Posted on Sun, May. 16, 2021 at 10:10 am

Mil, sometimes I imagine your body on fire and your head being held under water. I smile every time.

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The leeching in-laws

Posted on Sat, May. 15, 2021 at 07:13 pm

My in laws haven’t spent a single dime on his education or anything in his life, no the only thing they’ve been doing in his adult life is leech of him.

But of course they’re not done, now they want to leech of both of us and constantly ask for a house because they don’t have a retirement plan.

Their good for nothing daughter made the smart decision to leave the house at 18 because she couldn’t stand this and now it’s all up to their son and he’s not asshole enough to leave them on the streets.

Our planned vacation money? Whoops in-laws spent an outrageous amount on stupid shit (including obnoxious amount on lottery tickets, and get rich quick schemes) gotta pay that off. Our emergency funds? Whoops in-laws got a broken car gotta fix that.
All our money is always spent on them and they are blood sucking leeches and sometimes they’re so bad I just want a divorce. They’re obnoxiously conservative and think I should be the slave of the house cause I’m a woman. I love my husband but I can’t live like this anymore.

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The In-law Holiday show

Posted on Wed, May. 12, 2021 at 06:54 am

So, you obsessive, rule-abiding cheapskates: still waiting to see whether travel restrictions to the US relax? It must be killing your controlling asses not to be able to call me and inform me that you will be descending on my time, house, and hospitality for several weeks at a time.

You will have to hold onto your pre-counted ziplock bags of cheap PG tea (dirty water) and cheap-ass bargain bin crap you dole out as though it’s a treasure. We don’t want more STUFF. Stop cluttering our house!

I’m sorry to say this: the pandemic, as horrid as it’s been for so many, has been a blessing in disguise for my family because your cheap, controlling asses can’t descend on me. You can’t inform me you’re doing it for my good and that I “need” you.

I can’t stand you, you haughty, evangelical, cheap, dirty, messy, incompetent pains in the ass. Your battle stories of “ when we lived in Africa” and “our Church this or that” are BORING. The fact that you said you turned your back on your teenage pregnant relative because “you don’t interact with those kind of people” when they needed your family the most says it all. Christian, my ass. Go to hell.

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Son-IL, I guess we’ll see...

Posted on Tue, May. 11, 2021 at 08:09 pm

If you’re not there then I will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that all the love and acceptance I’ve given have been wasted on you.

I’ve been a good parent to my kids and that’s why I kept trying to build bridges with you. It’s so emotionally draining to give and give and give only to be disrespected and despised in return.

Someday you will be faced with discouragement and judgment by someone you’ve loved and cared for and, sweetie, it’s going to hurt like hell.

I will not enjoy that but I will pray every day that when it happens you’ll understand how you’ve made other people feel. Maybe then you can see past yourself and face reality. None are perfect and “there but by the Grace of God go” all.

Judge less, empathize more.

I hope to see you there. It will break my heart to have to give up.

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Is this a challenge?

Posted on Mon, May. 10, 2021 at 06:40 pm

Adult niece of husband keeps making more and more “not life improving” decisions. I couldn’t make up what she has done and what she is currently up to in her life! I can say that she is train wreck.....it is unkind to judge so......

One of adult nephews has crashed another car while driving drunk. The last time he drove in a parked car in someone’s drive way. Now, he has drove into someone’s mailbox.

Oh what mess, their mom is denial and sees her adult children as victims and they are just misunderstood......

It is challenging not to judge my husbands relatives. I don’t claim that I even know them though. I say they sound like the other branch of people with his last name.

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All aLONE, my STARs!

Posted on Mon, May. 10, 2021 at 03:39 pm

BIL #1 - Do you think I didn’t understand that impromptu hug the last time you were home?

What did you do first? Spit on your hands? Stick ‘em down your pants? What? Did you all laugh like you “got one over” on me?

Guess what!? Ya didn’t.

I have never in life seen so many neurotypical adults act like a bunch of toddlers.

Like the several times SIL has slapped people and then pretended it was because she “saw a bug”.

What the literal fuck is wrong with your entire family???

All the money and college degrees in the world cannot buy maturity. It’s something you have to develop over time. So, when do you plan to start working on that?

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The last laugh

Posted on Mon, May. 10, 2021 at 07:31 am

My in laws are horrible not only do they get in my marriage and my business when it's not their place they also go as low as name calling. My brother in law called me an idiot so I took his picture and signed up for a bunch of dating sites with not so flattering details about his life including weird fetish sites who's the idiot now B@#$*

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It gets even better

Posted on Sun, May. 09, 2021 at 11:49 am

Husband forgot about Mother’s Day. He thought if it at the last minute. It was all good. As a thoughtful wife, I had already taken care of getting his mom something from him.

However, I had already made up a cheap black pot of pink flowers.

Mil hates pink.

He didn’t know this and as a person who pays attention to details and preferences for others.

I however do notice details about people. I saw red flowers 🌺 and purple flowers but went for the pink flowers.

The planted the cheap pink flowers in the ugly basic black pot that I found behind our shed. I wiped the dirt off the side of it enough.

Dh was grateful that i remembered and did that for him to give to his mom. As always, I asked to not get any credit. It is only from him.

The best part? He left it on her porch yesterday (the day before Mother’s Day) quote and unquote to get it over with.” Then, he said he would call her later that day tell her about it being from him. He was putting it off. I told him to go ahead to do it!

The day she met me, she announced that no one should worry, it won’t last, she is too young. I was 23!

And now almost 27 years later, her son didn’t even want to see her on Mother’s Day even though we live walking distance away!

I love knowing when she saw the pink flowers, she had to wonder how her son wouldn’t know that she hates pink! 🌸

Plus, our adult children don’t even care for her enough to wish her happy Mother’s Day or buy her a card or flowers!

What do I do for her? I live and let live. Tolerance. She can either have a good Mother’s Day or not. I don’t care.

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Not looking forward to this

Posted on Sat, May. 08, 2021 at 01:16 pm

Fil and Mil are invited to my husband's best friend's wedding. Problem is these people put me through so much shit and we're probably going to be sitting next to them. I don't want to because I just want to punch out his dad. Hopefully they don't have the money to go because no they won't be helpful at all watching the kids and I don't trust them. We're not paying for their hotel and no I don't want a room near their asses.

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