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Good memories

Posted on Thu, Mar. 04, 2021 at 03:13 pm

Hey mil, at least I have one good memory of you. It's when you had a bad belly ache so you decided to call an ambulance..... after you took laxatives. God had a smile on his face when you shit yourself on the way the. Hypochondriac is what you are and always will be. Doctors were annoyed with you then. Sure they are more annoyed with you now. I hate you

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The married BIL

Posted on Thu, Mar. 04, 2021 at 10:05 am

He's such a hypocrite. He left his job for a new one for his family and he's telling my husband (his brother) to stay in the military where they're treating us like shit and it's not a comfy cushiony job like he has. He is working for HR for a hospital and he's supposedly in charge of only 26 people 26 versus the entire frigging unit. Yeah ok. Then he was telling him "oh it can't be that bad". Bruh seriously? You work in a small hospital. My husband works with a wide variety of people and some are complete douchebags who sexually assault others and put down those who are not in league with them aka don't drink or smoke or party or try to kiss ass. Did I mention that BIL works in CA so he or others can easily sue for whatever. Military does NOT work that way. Why do you think the military is under heavy scrutiny?! Dumbass thinks he knows everything especially because he's "educated." He's exactly like the rest of the rascist and ignorant family.

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Posted on Thu, Mar. 04, 2021 at 08:01 am

So glad we no longer associate with your pathetic, petty, and VILE family. You all are a bunch of money hungry fakes. Our children will NEVER have a relationship with you, or your family. You’re all toxic and two faced. Hope you enjoy the fact that you will die alone.

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I cant say this anywhere else but here...

Posted on Thu, Mar. 04, 2021 at 02:04 am

We get a pandemic and she still won't bloody die!

(and she's had the vaccine now so now we're back to the thought of "she's going to live FOREVER")

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Still stupid

Posted on Wed, Mar. 03, 2021 at 06:08 pm

I setted on boundaries and these biggots still have to annoy me, by visiting sometimes or asking about me wondering,while I have smarter things to do than losing my time visiting them (since they showed their true faces)

Is it normal when they're coming over, his bro in this case, asks when HE (my hubby) is free so he can come over. As if it's not WE he is visiting, since we're living together and my husband is even living in my space. And his bro will annoy me,as I will cook for them, and listen to his bullshits too, and he still asks as if I am not there? O.o

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Posted on Tue, Mar. 02, 2021 at 11:01 am

Please move away and annoy us from a distance. You act like you are so worried about your son/brother but really all you care about is what you can get from him. F#$% off!

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Cautionary Tale

Posted on Tue, Mar. 02, 2021 at 10:57 am

When I first met DH over 28 years ago he told me stories about his family in which lying, stealing and back stabbing was common place within their own circle of friends. It didn’t affect me personally until the first time my apartment was broken into and was robbed and I had to file a police report. Coincidentally his mother’s friend at the time and her niece were the last people I saw shorty before it happened. After DH and I first moved in together someone tried to break into our apartment, but this time the neighbor was able to chase the burglar away and we thought it had something to do with his cousin, who used to live in the apartment before us. We had to move as a result and from that point on, he had limited contact with his own mother until her passing years later, due to some of the people she associated with and the drama they created. His mother even portrayed a handful of people as toxic due to their own actions. Coincidentally the same handful of people, their family and friends incited and participated in online trolling, stalking and harassment towards me for years now. It’s not my place to give advice, but no one should have to deal with people who don’t have good intentions towards them. Good luck to anyone dealing with similar issues.

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Blind in Body - Blind in Heart

Posted on Mon, Mar. 01, 2021 at 03:25 pm

Truth is, you're not fooling anyone. You might appear on the outside as some disenfranchised blind man, but anyone who has seen how you operate for any length of time knows that you're just a bitter, old fool ... who just happens to be blind.

In marriage and family, you were a spoiled brat, caring only for your own self-perceived "needs", who chose not to protect your younger daughter from the spite and rage of your elder daughter. You had no love for their mother, just for what she could provide you, resenting her when she wisely held things back from you that were a waste of money. Even though you had gainful employ, you opted to retire early and suckle the government teat that catered to those who have physical impairments, while your wife worked to save all the money that you would spend later, in spite of your daughters' due right to an inheritance.

In fatherhood, if your children didn't share your interests, you didn't really want anything to do with them. In grandfatherhood, you were indifferent, unless he by some miracle shared an interest. Your demeanor and actions show plainly that you ought never have been involved with children, because all you ever do is ruin lives.

You married a woman for spite, using her to amass a paid-off house and a slush fund that you could deplete from, after she experienced severe Alzheimer's and was given over to Medi-Cal to stay in a poorly-run nursing home for the rest of her life. Since you held power-of-attorney, not even her caring younger daughter could have a say in what her care was like.

When the whole COVID nonsense began, and her care and condition deteriorated without direct supervision from her next-of-kin, you were more than happy to deny her a doctor's examination which could led to her life being saved. In the end, you were complicit in her death. You are less than human and deserving of no pity, blindness or no.

When it came to me, your religious and antisemitic inflexibility were on full display. Unless we were going to a church you approved of, we were seen as nothing less than heretics. You follow along with whatever your antisemitic friends parrot to you, and you rain holy terror upon those who don't "toe the line".

When it comes to matters of finance and common sense, you are your own worst enemy. Because of the hard work of she who was your wife, you had a house that was paid off and a means to retire comfortably if wisdom was used. In your lack of wisdom, you spent money like it was free, engaging in whatever tickled your fancy.

You answered every convincing phone call, giving your bank and SSN information to anyone, as long as they had a convincing line (and, especially, if they claimed to be a christian). Who had to clean up those messes? Your youngest daughter. And yet you treat her as the most untrustworthy soul in the world, behind even those scamming you.

You are well into your eighties, clinging to your vain hope that nutritiion fads and supplements that your friends recommend. will prolong your life. I just hope that my wife will find the peace in your eventual passing that she never had during your life, as she no longer feels honour-bound to cater to every selfish whim you have. Then, maybe, we can have a peaceful marriage, uninterrupted by every self-inflicted, daily dilemma that you would conjure up.

Don't let the mezuzah hit you on the way out, o man who is truly blind in every possible way.

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but that's so far away 😑

Posted on Mon, Mar. 01, 2021 at 07:20 am

We're planning where we want to retire & everytime we talk to DHs father & stepmother we get a guilt trip about not wanting to live where they live. I don't even like being around them & my DH hasn't made any effort to go see them in almost 6 yrs, nor do they come visit us. So why should we base such a major decision off of what they want. They purposely make comments using guilt & my DH jokes it off. I don't even want to be around when he talks to them on the phone anymore. We're grown adults who have built a successful life, more successful than their's, yet we're supposed to live where they want us to live?!

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Okay then

Posted on Sun, Feb. 28, 2021 at 12:57 pm

I haven't met you but my god I did nothing to the relationship between my bf and his ex. It wasn't my fault. Both are to blame. I love your son. He's. Good man. His ex is a decent woman (I think they were young and didn't know what they wanted). They didn't work out. I don't care if you stay friends with her. You had 12 years to get to know her. You had a wonderful relationship y'all are family. Give me the same chance. I'm just different from her. I like a lot of hobbies your son likes. That's okay too. I pay my bills, have a career, I have two wonderful well mannered kids who I support. He and I have been together 5 years.. Your son is a good, kind man. Don't shut him out.

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