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They hated me first

Posted on Mon, Jul. 26, 2021 at 06:45 pm

My in-laws' Facebook posts all seem to take the same tack. "We don't have a problem with X. We have a problem with Y. If you think -X and don't think -Y, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!" Gradually (and it took almost 10 years) I realised that they didn't like me. (I had to dust off my old algebra textbooks, though.) Trying to figure these people out is like trying to calculate the speed of light in furlongs per fortnight. I could do it, but why would I waste my time?

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Karma finally set in

Posted on Mon, Jul. 26, 2021 at 01:07 pm

Dear bro... after all the b.s. you let that crap wife of yours put us through... the lies, the insulting conduct and neglect karma dropped its bomb.

Why did you do this to us? We took you in we welcomed her with open arms only to deal with two miserable decades of hell.

Why? Wtf did we do to you? Why the lies? Why the slander and hardship?

Now you're on your asses you come stalking around pretending you're worried?

What garbage, if you were you would have dropped by, paid a visit, at least call.

And when the man who took you in when you were out on your ass wanted to see you before he died you couldn't be bothered.


No, that's enough already.


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I hate you all.....Part 2

Posted on Mon, Jul. 26, 2021 at 09:17 am

First, just let me express that I hate you all.

Step-DIL, WOW! 16 people didn’t show up for your cookout. And while it was an inconvenient date and time for DH & I, there was no changing it because that was the only date and time everyone could be there. We had to leave early, but we made it. I would have to say KARMA is dishing it out to you a little bit at a time. The only thing that would have made me want to stay any longer would have been to be a fly on the wall. I’m sure you, SIL #1, SIL #3 & SIL #4 couldn’t wait for us to leave so you could talk about me.

By the way, SIL #1, SIL #3 & SIL #4, where were your kids? Why didn’t they come? What excuses did you make up for them because I’m sure you had to even though they are adults? And the rest of the family, where were you? I almost felt sorry for you Step-DIL.

SIL #4, did you notice how I did my best to ignore you? Did you notice how I didn’t direct any conversations to you, but you butt in anyway? Remember, you’re not talking to me. So, don’t. It’s funny how you SIL’s will only talk to me in front of DH, your brother.

Take note bitches, “I don’t care how well you think you used to know me. Unless you’re in my life now, you don’t know anything about me”.

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I want to leave

Posted on Sat, Jul. 24, 2021 at 05:50 pm

You two are stingy, selfish, controlling and manipulative. You use me for your own purposes and work me like some slave - ensuring your son can't see through, but he can now. You have no respect for other people; only care about yourself. I want to leave before I learn any more disgusting behaviour from you and become like you. I want to leave so you two can enjoy each other forever and finally the understand true loneliness that you crave so much.

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Game over

Posted on Sat, Jul. 24, 2021 at 04:06 pm

You lost

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Mommy's Rockstar

Posted on Sat, Jul. 24, 2021 at 12:08 pm

MIL, your son may have picked up the guitar at the age of four but unfortunately he he'll always play like a two year old. When I married him he was almost willing to grow up but you insisted that he keep playing in his loser band with his deadbeat friends and hanging out with teenage whores. He was a married man and it was time to grow up but somehow you convinced him to rebel against this oppressive marriage, divorce me, and get a few new tattoos.

Well, look at him now, mom. Still broke and still not famous. Gee, you're so smart.

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You're the inexperienced one

Posted on Thu, Jul. 22, 2021 at 01:55 pm

Emotional abuse, manipulation, talking about me behind my back, and you thought It was all my fault he left? You admitted you got mad and took your anger out on me for his actions as a teen.

You questioned my virginity, saying that I obviously wasn't since I didn't openly discuss my sex life with my parents (I was 18). You got mad that I didn't eat all the fast food you offered, even though it visibly made me sick. It was because I "was just picky and all I did was want". I asked for tacos instead of take out, that was too much of a want. I broke all of their house rules, we cuddled on the couch whilst his ex tried to have sex with him in their living room multiple times.

I made you look like bad parents, was what you said, because I bought him chapstick. I bought him bedsheets because his bed had dog shit stains and they preferred to buy toys for his little brother. I waited 3 months before I bought him sheets and you raised hell, but only to my now fiance after I left their home.

You hold a grudge against a post I made almost 5 years ago because you banned me from your home after he decided to move in with me instead of a dorm that you picked. You took away his car, didn't get him a driver's license and took away any financial help to, in your words "make the grass look greener". My parents had to teach him how to drive.

When we talked you called him stupid and that you had no idea what to do with him, that abuse is in the eye of the beholder and you did nothing wrong, that he needs more experience before talking to you about how you treated him; like it was normal to abuse your children.

We never planned to not speak to you again, you chose your path, you chose not to right your wrongs. Your son is gone. He's never speaking to you again. He's happy, stress free, his hair grew back after we cut you out of our lives, he started losing weight too. He laughs you off now, crazy parents who compared him to a brain dead toddler to excuse abuse. You're a household joke. You claimed to be responsible for his success, and in a way you were. The second he stopped trying to please you was the second he became successful.

We've been together for almost 10 years and you still can't see it..

You spread lies about us we now need to mend to have relationships with his family. I can't tell you anything because you twist it and make us into terrible people. He wanted to run away you know, to get away from you. He hated you that much.

I'll never be sorry for a single word I said to you, you're terrible people and you deserve the loss.

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Why are you still here?

Posted on Wed, Jul. 21, 2021 at 03:08 pm

Let's see . . . you're nearly 78 years old and you refuse to get vaccinated because "Big Pharma is evil" or "the government is evil" or "Facebook is evil," take your pick. So why are you still sitting inside and posting racist, homophobic, and other bigoted crap on Facebook? Why not go outside and lock lips with a complete stranger? Better yet, go to a public place and lick the doorknob. You know you want to. Have I got a Delta Variant for you!

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You got what you wanted

Posted on Tue, Jul. 20, 2021 at 03:05 pm

MIL, what did you think would happen after you successfully turned your whole family against me? I’m sure you hoped that I would be so upset that I would break it off with your son and you would never have to see or hear from me again.

Well, MIL you got what you wanted. You never have to see or hear from me ever again. I am out of your life. The only thing you didn’t see coming is that your son, my DH, followed me. On his own by the way.

Enjoy your life! 💋

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Great another vacation . . .

Posted on Sun, Jul. 18, 2021 at 05:30 am

In which you and your equally gigantic husband lie on the beach like whales, drink margaritas until you pass out, and learn not one whit about the local population. I wonder how much this one set back your husband's parents. You didn't even have to pay anyone to dog-sit, since you conned your father into doing it. And then you complain about how lazy and ignorant everybody else is.

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