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Posted on Tue, Dec. 07, 2021 at 07:47 am

I’ll never understand, for the life of me, how a mother can straight up lie to her own child, guilt and manipulate him, all when he was just trying to help her out of a shit situation.

She conned us out of nearly $10k with her poor life choices, lies and manipulations. All because she is selfish as hell. Your past is no excuse to treat people who care about you and try to help you like shit!!

She would rather see about and spend money on her go no where boyfriends than spend a dime on her grand daughter. To this day she has spent more on random men and zero on her grandchild. Not that I expect anyone to provide for our child, but it just shows you where some people’s priorities are - and it isn’t with their family.

Ssssnake. I’ll never care about you or what happens to you. You make your children worry and stress and even cry. Shame on you, you disgusting excuse for a human being.

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Mil had a heart attack

Posted on Mon, Dec. 06, 2021 at 02:47 pm

I don’t know how this turns out but it I don’t care.

If it works out that she needs care, I won’t help.

If she needs to move in with someone, it won’t be us.

If she needs someone to take her to doctor appointment or pick up medicine, it won’t be be.

If she needs anything, the help won’t be from me.

If any out of town relatives come to see her, they are not staying at our house.

She is at a hospital right now.

It may end up that she may need to move in with someone.

Or she may not ever leave the hospital.

Or she may end up having to live in a retirement home with assistance.

All of my husbands relatives are blocked on my phone. The plan is to be supportive to husband but not be there for his relatives or her.

Thanks for reading.

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WTF is wrong with these people

Posted on Mon, Dec. 06, 2021 at 01:36 pm

Mil still tries to manipulate us by saying when our kids are older and have their own families that we'll understand her way of wanting her kids (sons) over on the holidays. Lady, we don't share that same view at all. When they're adults, they can do whatever they want. We'll go on vacation or switch off hosting. That's what my side has always done and we both like that idea. She proceeded to say "oh you're that couple". Uhh no we just don't see that we have to constantly insert ourselves into and around our kids' lives like that. We'll always be there especially when they need us but lady, you have to let your kids go and enjoy life. We think that she doesn't trust her grown ass sons to make good choices or anything especially the ones who don't live at home with her. My parents don't treat us like children like her and her bastard of a husband do. Then to top it all off, to get her away from him, my husband offered her to fly out by herself (like his aunt also offered) and she said no it's not as simple as buying a ticket and going. Uhh he takes trips without her all the time. He also got pissed at her for not calling him as soon as she landed (exactly) when she visited us. Then proceeded to be a complete asshat about it all to the point where her oldest son called me to tell her to call her husband (this son is the one still living at home too). Wtf

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Baby Shower Blows

Posted on Mon, Dec. 06, 2021 at 05:32 am

I just need a place to vent and figured this is a perfect place to talk about my issue. So my husband and I are expecting our first child. We struggled for 5 years to conceive and ended up doing IVF in the end with the success of this current pregnancy. Since we are first time parents, my family as well as my husband‘s family wants to throw us a baby shower. I figured that since my side of the family is so large (at least 80 people between aunts, cousins and close friends), we could have two separate showers. One thrown by my family and one thrown by my husband‘s family. I figured this wouldn’t be a big deal because one shower would be extremely huge and the other shower could be very small with maybe 15 to 20 people. Well, this weekend when visiting my in-laws for my niece’s birthday, The topic of a baby shower was brought up. I told them what I was thinking and my MIL freaked out! She only wants me to have 1 shower and wants to plan the whole thing for my side of the family as well as my husbands. I told her politely, that I was concerned that it would be way too many people and it would be a lot of stress on her to try to plan for that many people. Random fact: my MIL is kind of bipolar and does not handle stressful situations very well. She likes to drink heavily when alone to mask her problems and then will be extremely hung over the next day. It’s really sad and my FIL refuses to do anything about it because he’s scared of making it worse. Anyway, she was all upset that my side of the family has already been talking about doing a shower. It was brought up at Thanksgiving but we didn’t actually plan anything. It was more so just talk of when about we would do it but didn’t actually pick a date. My MIL was so upset that my side of the family has already been talking about a shower, that she immediately freaked out by saying “Fine. If your side of the family wants to do a shower, let them. I can just sit in the background like always and watch from a far like everything else I do in this world.” I was really taken back by her comment, so I told her that if she wanted to throw a smaller shower with her side of the family, I wouldn’t mind doing that. She still refused and stormed out for the room. This is exactly what I hate about her! Just because my family was talking about doing a baby shower before she brought it up to me, she thinks that she has missed her opportunity and is making herself feel even worse about the situation when in reality she could easily just do a smaller shower with her family. That’s really all she wants but I think that since this is the last grandchild to have a baby shower, she wants to be able to say that she planned it all. Sorry MIL, you missed this one and now I’m just gonna let my family do a shower and if you decide to show up fine, if not you won’t be missed.

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Just Because

Posted on Mon, Dec. 06, 2021 at 02:33 am

If I had it to do over again I would bring over Vienna sausages and cheese in a can to your holiday dinner since you turned up your noses at anything we brought, really give you something to talk about.

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Posted on Sun, Dec. 05, 2021 at 11:33 pm

Enjoy your STERLING SILVER earrings. I know you only wanted pure silver but I have pieces of Tiffany jewelry I spent hundreds on that are sterling silver. If it’s good enough to go in that pretty blue box, it’s good enough to go on your not so pretty ears. Not that I would ever get you anything from there. And btw, you only got the earrings because they were on a Black Friday sale for $14! Lucky me! At least they’re from Macy’s, a step up from your usual Dollar Tree grabs.

Merry Christmas, MIL!

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Shit Shows

Posted on Fri, Dec. 03, 2021 at 04:45 pm

Create their own while shitting on others.

Then wonder why they get negative reviews or no one shows up.

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It's too late for you

Posted on Thu, Dec. 02, 2021 at 09:34 am

Babygirl needed your support and love when she came out in the 7th grade. Did you give it to her? No, you did not. You were too busy licking the anuses of your stepdaughters and the homophobic in-laws of your younger stepdaughter. I used to lurk on his FB page, which was set to public. Between his Moral Majority-type posts, which occurred 2-3 times daily, I would see you wishing him a happy birthday. I would also see your stepdaughters and one of their husbands upvoting this man's bigoted posts. Are you that starved for attention that you would seek the good opinions of people who would harass and belittle your granddaughter and even throw her in jail because of who she loves? You're no grandmother to her. You're a Quisling. Stop trying to control her life. You lost that right (if indeed you ever had one) when you courted people who wish her harm.

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Posted on Thu, Dec. 02, 2021 at 02:27 am

Why force interactions when you can’t be civil? Why call my home then hang up when I answer? thank god we no longer have a landline. Why couldn’t you let us live our lives without trying everything you could to undermine our marriage? I can only come to the conclusion you thrive on chaos.

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See ya!

Posted on Thu, Dec. 02, 2021 at 01:15 am

Year after year you invite us to spend our vacations with you and year after year I have said yes - but not anymore! You are a cold, critical woman and I will never understand how or why you became a teacher because you clearly cannot stand children. To you all kids are just sneaky manipulators and should be "seen and not heard." Well, my kids are old enougb now to see you for who you really are and after our visit over Thanksgiving, they don't care to ever see you again. You are only happy when you are controlling everyone around you. Remember the time you brought the hungry hippos game (as well as a box of other toys for the kids) but got angry when the kids played because the game was too loud and you packed them all away within 2 hours of our arrival? Screw you and your controlling ways! I can so live without your constant commentary on how everyone is eating too much or your not so sneaky gossip fests about whoever happens not to be in the room at the time. You don't want an actual family, you want to be able to say to your friends that your grandkids came to visit and that's all. It's never been about a relationship with anyone, it's always ever been about YOUR agenda. Well, take your judgemental, control freak generated agenda and shove it up your wrinkly ass!! I'm out!!!

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