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SIL is Satan

Posted on Fri, Aug. 17, 2018 at 07:34 am

This is a “person” who wanted payment for taking care of her own father who has dementia and my cats while we went on vacation. She spent that payment (which should have never been given to her) on drugs and alcohol and then demanded more money “for food.” She then proceeeded to hold our keys hostage as extortion until she received more money for food she didn’t even buy! My refrigerator is practically empty, she didn’t clean the cats litter boxes...I know this because there was cat poop all over the carpets, she spilled shampoo all over my shower and didn’t clean it up, trashed my refrigerator...it smells for some reason now, there are dirty dishes in the dishwasher that she couldn’t even bother to turn on, and she STOLE my cosmetics and some of my medication! She is a fat, sloppy excuse for a woman who’s own daughter won’t even speak to her. The woman is nearly middle aged and still goes out “clubbing.” Then, to divert attention off of her rotten behavior and lack of responsibility, she concocts a story of lies about ME! She is a jealous, spiteful, disgusting, sloppy, evil excuse for a human being who belongs in prison. Actually, prison would be too good for her. She belongs in hell. She is wasting space on this earth.

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Triangulating Toxic MIL

Posted on Fri, Aug. 17, 2018 at 12:17 am

MIL has a small family of 4 children but, she managed to drive a wedge between them all. Because of all her backstabbing and telling lies, she triangulates the relationships between siblings. She doesn't want anyone having a relationship, unless she is the center of everything. Her and her daughter manipulate all the dysfunction that took/takes place and then plays innocent or the victim role. Her minion daughter is just a carbon copy of all her evil. They work as a team. She gets in the ears of the sons and their families, causing tension and disharmony between them. She didn't like the idea that at one time, both her son's and their families once got along and would hang out without her and her daughter. She and her daughter put an end to that by their manipulating lies. She likes to brag about what a good mother she is, when in all reality, she is an evil goat of a woman. A real mother wouldn't cause strife between her children. A real mother doesn't involve her children in her own problems and turn her kids on people she doesn't like for no good reason. A real mother doesn't have favorites. A real mother wouldn't get off on seeing shit like this. I feel bad for DH, that his relationship with BILs were destroyed by MIL and her daughter. BIL and his family are so brainwashed by these master manipulators that the fellowship our families once had in the past, is irreparable and just a distant memory. It's been years since we had anything to do with any of them and it was the best thing we could've done - to cut them all out. They all have issues that are deep-rooted in Pride. If someone is doing good, they say something negative to bring them down so other's won't find them appealing. They feed off of compliments and how they think others will perceive them. What I see is all insecurities - the need to feel accepted and to have everyone's approval and admiration, instead of just doing things for themselves to make themselves happy. Everything will always be a competition, nobody can just be happy for everyone else and celebrate in eachother's accomplishments. It has to be boasting and one-upmanship all the time. MIL is petty and it's easier for her to hate and cause strife than to bring her family together. The ones that stick around her are the easily manipulated. I think she and the rest that like to brag, can use a huge serving of humble pie and a tall glass of holy water to wash it down.

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Abusers or victims?

Posted on Thu, Aug. 16, 2018 at 02:23 pm

MIL warned about the mother and child who were both mentally volatile over 25 years ago. Mother neglected the child out of spite because the father was no where in sight. Their own mother/grandmother wanted to send them to her home country because she didn’t want to deal with their toxic behavior. Last I heard over 5 years ago, the adult child wanted to give her baby up for adoption because she thought no man would want her with a child. The father of the baby, an abusive alcoholic from an alcoholic family according to her, wanted to take her to court for custody of the child, mainly for benefits because he was unemployed. One has to wonder whether the cycle of abuse repeats itself in families or are they just victims of circumstance.

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Grow a spine

Posted on Thu, Aug. 16, 2018 at 02:03 pm

My in-laws are a bunch of dirty snatches. They treat me like shit one minute then the next time I see them they act as if nothing happened and that they are God's gift and I should be respectful of them.. wtf? Just who do they think they are? I have zero respect for you all, and I will certainly treat you equally! I think you all are catching on. Get used to it because I'm just starting! Fukn bitches.

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Disgusting Hypocrites

Posted on Thu, Aug. 16, 2018 at 07:25 am

My inlaws church is in the news once again for reports of child sex abuse by the clergy. My inlaws think they are on the fast track to heaven. What a bunch of brainwashed simpletons.

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Four horsewomen of the Apocalypse

Posted on Wed, Aug. 15, 2018 at 03:47 pm

They are here and they are Italian..... and all their names begin with P for princesses of darkness

The 1st horsewoman must deceive by acting religiously but really are narcissistic demon who hurts her own grandchildren and tried to do away with dils.

The 2nd horsewoman wretched woman who turns against her grandchildren when they don’t do as she says, because she’s knows not of unconditional love.

The 3rd horsewoman drunken desperate woman who treats all women like crap because of her insecurities.

The 4th horsewoman has no children but drove away husbands child so she could manipulate and play mommy to the grandchildren. Also is jealous of other women cause she looks like a donkey.

I can’t wait for you all to answer to Jesus.

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Posted on Wed, Aug. 15, 2018 at 04:29 am


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My judgmental, insane, overly religious MIL

Posted on Tue, Aug. 14, 2018 at 08:05 am

I am a medical professional, PhD candidate, and my mother-in-law is constantly brainwashing my 6 year old child. When my daughter said she wants to be "just like her dad," my mother-in-law kept pushing her "how about being more like your mom?" My child's responded "No, thank you. I want to be like my dad." My mother-in-law "Okay, how about you decide later? You might become someone better than that..."
When I politely asked her not to push my child and poison her mind, my mother-in-law, who barely made it through High School, responded that... my daughter should not look up to me, because I do not always go to church on Sundays! It gets better :-) She also told me that I care about the life on Earth too much, and all doctors "should say a little prayer before even talking to patients, otherwise they are not doing their job, because the after life is so much better." When I told her that bad-mouthing me simply ruins our marriage, she screamed: "No, it doesn't. It ruins you. You've always been ruined!"
Silver Lining: While she is still talking behind my back, I got that religious Jesus Freak to stop lecturing me during our infrequent interactions. I simply asked why she wouldn't kill herself if the after life is so much better :-) That was the first time ever that she would stop speaking. I'm getting used to the weekly phone calls during which my mother-in-law tells my wife how I should live my life, that I should be making more money, that I should be going to the church more, and how disrespectful (!) I have been to her. I hope that one day, my wife of 15 years would grow a pair of Lady balls and side with me for once...

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She Thinks She's So Hard

Posted on Tue, Aug. 14, 2018 at 05:24 am

My mother-in-law loves saying things like, "I don't mind fighting." Or... "I'll fight if I have to." This obnoxious 60 year old basic bish barely moves her ass from the couch unless it's to go shopping. So I ask my husband if she's ever been in a fight or been to jail. Nope. She's just all mouth.

The other day we're on the bus and overhear this 11 year old girl saying to her friend, "I don't mind fighting if I have to."

I wondered silently and then aloud to my husband if mother-in-law is in a gang with this little girl.

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Posted on Mon, Aug. 13, 2018 at 01:55 pm

We thought you were more intelligent than to have an extramarital affair but apparently you think you're too smart to get caught and/or can somehow shift the blame to your spouse.
It's insane that you're aware that the scamming scum you're sleeping with is a certified adulterer. You're certainly not any hotter or richer than any of the others that were dumped previously - you're merely younger!
Sadly, you're apparently too ignorant to realize that you're possibly handing down negative behavioral and attitudinal legacies.

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