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Posted on Mon, May. 20, 2019 at 10:22 pm

Last night a good friend of mine passed away. He had a good heart and changed the lives of so many around him. He has a family and friends, a business that creates jobs for other... and so much to live for.. Yet my parasitic fil gets to live on and steal from his children's futures, mooch off everyone around him, and meddle in their marriages. How does any of this make ANY sense?

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Posted on Mon, May. 20, 2019 at 10:13 pm

DH: let’s build a house on the farm (property owned by fil & used by EVERYONE)
Me: nope
Dh: why?
Me: because your family is annoying
Dh: *silence
And that’s my magick 😉

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Posted on Mon, May. 20, 2019 at 03:13 pm

Life is too damn short to deal with you anymore. You are a leach, sucking the joy out of everyone around you wherever you go. Everything we say, do, talk about doing is fucking wrong to you, you critical piece of shit! Debbie Downer would be more fun to be with. I can’t completely cut you out of my life yet, because it’s too complicated but you bet your ass I will find every excuse and reason to not be around you anymore.

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Father's Day? You have to be f@#$ kidding

Posted on Mon, May. 20, 2019 at 11:00 am

DH advised that you might invite him and DD to spend Father's Day with your awful husband and his family. Yeah, we already tried that, years ago, before I knew what they were all about. It was a freakish love-fest for that horrible man, and your new family all but ignored DH and my own aged, adorable father. No thank you. Your husband and his family nothing to do with us. Take your invite and shove it up his arse.

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Stay Away

Posted on Mon, May. 20, 2019 at 05:57 am

Why are you trying to be so friendly now? After ignoring us for the most part you are so fake. You must not be getting enough attention from your usual source. I should feel sorry for you because I do think you have mental health issues, but you are so arrogant and overbearing I can’t muster up sympathy for you.

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12 Steps

Posted on Sun, May. 19, 2019 at 10:12 am

It has been almost 2 months since you texted me poisonous insults, attacking me, my 6-year-old, my 14-year-old, my family in another state, and my friendsin another city. You even texted my husband and attacked him. Then you unfriended my 14-year-old on social media. What kind of adult aunt are you? What kind of human being are you? Oh yeah, the kind who downs an entire bottle of cheap wine at holiday gathering last year, warns me and my husband that our funny social media posts will get us in trouble and diagnosed my 6-year-old with a mental disorder because you were an RN for, like, a year back in the 90s. You are a lunatic, a freak, a prude who doesn't sleep with her own husband and finds something wrong with everyone. You rejoice when something bad happens to someone (you were giddy that your own sister gained 4 pounds and then told me that she and her husband are alcoholics....guess it takes one to know one, huh?). Honestly, since we decided to kill your existence from our lives, the last 2 months have been quiet and drama-free. I do, however, recommend the 12 steps for you. You are a psychotic, deranged woman with no love in your life, and you need to find a higher power. I pity you.

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Reminder To You MIL

Posted on Sun, May. 19, 2019 at 09:36 am

I’ve already written it once and mailed it to you, but here it goes again!


You have been given way too much info. Whatever you’ve been given is clearly too much for you to handle. Guess what? The info train has STOPPED!

What goes on in our life is NONE of your business. Go be gone.

I’ve seen that photo of you sulking on a barstool at your local hangout. You look pathetic. In fact, when I look at it, the caption needs to say, “it puts the lotion in the basket!”

You’re scary, you old shrew, leave us alone!

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Thankyou for lying- you just digged your own grave

Posted on Sun, May. 19, 2019 at 09:23 am

My dearest evil bitch of a Mother in Law:

I've came on this platform several times to post my displeasure and agony that you've brought me, mainly as a desperate attempt to air my grievances somehow. However I knew that you were here to stay, and I had nowhere out of your evil claws except only after your death.

We live together simply because I pited that you are an old widow. Despite my sympathies for you, you continuously create hell in me and your son's newly wedded life.

First was your disgusting habits. Dirty floor rag used to cover a bowl of soup for your son? Are you trying to feed him or make him sick? And how I had to beg you to bathe when I realised I cant remember the last time you took a shower? "Oh I dont sweat so I dont stink. Dont worry, I always smell good." Are you FUCKING kidding me? Do you know I can tell where you are in the house even when I'm not looking..simply because you reek so bad?? A trail of bad cloud follows you from your room because you have a lovely habit of keeping laundry in your closet- even when they are wet! Common sense hello?? I can go on and on about your dubious hygiene practices but you are alot more fun to talk about when we address your lying habits.

You lie about every.single.fucking.thing, even when I asked after you in attempt to take better care of you. You can go on and on lying about a single matter for days, pinning all faults on our neighbours and son and everyone else....except yourself. When the truth came out, you simply shrugged it off and hide in your room, hoping that it will just go away because you are not there to address it. You've caused so much confusion and embarrassment to me and my husband because we get different versions of your stories. The thing is, you suck at lying. You dont cover your tracks well and anyone with simple logical sense can quickly uncover your lies. Many times I chose to just let it go because it challenges my intelligence just to argue for the truth. When you took away something in the house and found me looking, you had the cheek to come beside me and ask me if I managed to find it. Thanks for your concern...BUT HOW WOULD I, WHEN YOU ALREADY STOLE IT???? Once again I eventually knew it was you because I found tracks and evidence that could only be left by you. This happens constantly, almost a daily affair. I let it all go, because you birth my husband and I love him.

But today, when I found that you've been going through my private belongings, which were labelled brightly with my name (you fucking blind, bitch?) and kept away neatly....and helping yourself to whatever you fancy.... YOU OFFICIALLY DUG YOUR OWN GRAVE. As usual, u gave different versions of the incident when questioned by me and your son separately (tip: if you really need to lie, how about you stick to one story and REMEMBER it??). Because I truly know what you are made of now, I had recorded our conversation so there was no more confusion. The best part is, the lie you told wasnt even physically feasible!! It was just a simple matter of fitting the stolen item into the said space you stole from...and your son knew what you said wasn't possible. But of course, being the dear ole you...what is a case of thef without lying? The finale was....you had the AUDACITY to tell your son that you are angry at me for accusing you. YOU ARE ANGRY AT ME? FOR STEALING FROM ME?? Just how many times do you go to church for that makes this okay and "god approved"?

Thankfully because of your beautiful track record and this particular episode, your son and me have came to a beautiful decison: that you are going to be removed from the house!!! Are you as excited as I am?? Cux I am beyond ecstatic! I even popped a really expensive champagne to celebrate it! We will be downgrading you to a non-gated community, a place where you used to describe as "low class" and "where commoners live" (your words, not mine). And and and!!! The best part is.... it will be done on the cheap! And I know you will hate it, because everything that touches your sacred (but stinky) body must be expensive. With class. With quality. But why, really?? A cheap budget will be better suited for your cheap character, a true reflection of your personality and worth. Because trust me, you can pile yourself with a mountain of Chanels, Rolexs and Hermes....and it wouldn't make a fucking speck of difference, when your loved ones uncover for themselves your lies and actions, and judge you for the disgusting person that you are.

-From me and my middle fingers to you ♡

PS: Alternatively, you can also do everyone and yourself a favour and just drop dead now. Just a suggestion. ♡

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There's nothing more freeing than unfriending them

Posted on Sat, May. 18, 2019 at 08:19 pm

For nine years I've had to sit back and watch my inlaws shower affection and praise on my sister in law and even DH's ex, but alienate me, both in person and online.
This past week was my birthday, and upon seeing the generic post I got compared to the short stories they both got I decided to give myself a present and unfriend them all. Not just MIL, GMIL, BIL, SIL, and even the cousin I had on there all got the heave ho (Wouldn't want anyone feeling left out of getting unfriended ;)) I purposely didn't block them so they could see that no, I didn't delete my FB, that I unfriended them, and the funny part is that I kept two mutual friends with my MIL; both coworkers of hers due to being friendly with them without any correlation to her.
I told DH if there's drama about this that he can tell them why I did it because I'm pulling out of their family, they never wanted me to be a part of their lives and have spent nearly ten years drilling this into my head, why should they get to be a part of mine and see the same activities of daily life and happy moments that my friends and actual family get to?
Its already a huge weight off my shoulders knowing I won't ever have to see another post about worshipping his ex, or 778686 photos of BIL and SIL's kids and how life has no meaning unless you're a parent (I'm childless and on my second miscarriage thanks to endometriosis)
I encourage everyone out there; unfriend your inlaws, you'll feel better. :D

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Lonely Old Lady

Posted on Fri, May. 17, 2019 at 11:05 am

Over the last 20+ years you have been such a nasty, miserable bitch that it is truly over for me. I have not attended any events that you require us to attend. You have been cut out of Thanksgiving for about 8 years and Christmas now about 3. You had a birthday recently where me, your own son, and grandchildren did not attend or even acknowledge you in any way. Now look back on last Sunday. Mother's Day. You stopped by for a few minutes on your way to your santimonious church. I know why you were here. You had no intention of wishing me a happy mothers day. You wanted to see if we had anything for you. You admired my flowers, card and my children cleaning the kitchen after making me breakfast (so sweet!). But there was nothing for you was there. In fact, I forgot you even existed, so imagine how surprised I was to see you make your entrance. I didn't even get out of my chair to wish you a happy day. I just sat there in my pajamas drinking coffee. You see, you have ruined enough holidays, birthdays and special events that every step on every bridge has been burned. There is no going back. In fact, when you try to say something nice you are so sugary fake that people are actually embarrased for you. You have been so nasty for almost 80 years that you can't even pretend to be nice. You are such a selfish bitch you have no relationship with your grandchildren. They feel nothing for you and don't even factor you into the equation. Guess who is getting old and will need help soon (your breaking down I can see it). You are going to be a very lonely old lady. I will actually take joy in knowing that you are alone and that nobody cares. You earned it!

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