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Only the kids see the IL's

Posted on Fri, Sep. 21, 2018 at 06:28 am

My husband and I have absolutely had enough! Mostly we've had enough of my Mail's manipulation and disrespectful treatment of me. She doesn't make much effort with grandkids and expects us to come to them all the time. We've decided to stop speaking to them, however they E said they want to keep seeing the kids and I agree because my daughter in particular adores them. MIL hasn't demonstrated any poor behaviour towards the kids (although I'm keep an eye out for any of her usual rubbish).
The good thing about this situation is that she now takes the kids to her place for an afternoon and actually does stuff with them. Plus we never got any help with the kids and now we get the occasional day without the kids to go out for lunch or dinner. It's working really well for us. However I'm worried that the kids will get confused or it might negatively effect their development. Does anyone have a similar arrangement? Is it working for you?

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Posted on Fri, Sep. 21, 2018 at 05:38 am

mil is allowed to dislike things her husband does... but none of her daughter in laws can have an issue with anything her sons do. funny how in her marriage nothing is her fault but in mine everything is the wife's fault. stupid bitch!!!!!!!!!

asked her help with her grown up child - does she help me & her grandkids no - just offers her grown man child refuge at her house because clearly she's a better woman than me. useless bitch.

nb. don't go back to the factory to report manufacturing faults - customer service is shocking. they will take your item without return or refund.

mothers of boys are the bane of my life!!! in the same way your own husband (not your son) is a useless selfish c:nt your son (not your husband) is too!!!! why the fuck do you think you've done a better job than your own mil (who you hate) you haven't ffs!!!!!!!! don't moan to me about your husband ever again - he's a shite site better than your offspring. your husband isn't emotionally unevolved - he doesn't break your house up - and you were a kept woman!

mothers in unhappy marriages create co-dependent relationships with their children. psychos.

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Paper Bag Job

Posted on Fri, Sep. 21, 2018 at 05:08 am

When I first met my now hubby, I had no idea he even had a sister. He never mentioned you at all. I was shocked and embarrassed when she realized I didn't know who she was. That didn't last long. I've never met such an ugly girl who thinks she is so hot. You proceeded to tell me about this guy and that guy who were fighting over you. You sat in the dining room talking about how this friend and that friend were jealous because these hot men wanted you and not them. Your parents acted like you were this prize beauty. Your dad was saying that he installed locks on your window and had invested in a gun because he was worried about all these boys. I nearly died laughing when your brother, my now dh,rolled his eyes at me from across the table. When we left I asked him why he never told me about his sister. He said would you own up to a fat fugly sister who thinks she is drop dead gorgeous..I couldn't stop laughing. He said he was so embarrassed,she tried to hit on his friends all the time so he stopped inviting them to the house when he lived there. The funniest thing is we have been married for 20 years and have three children. She is still single and living at home with her parents. We were over there just the other night,with her telling us she hadn't met the right man who could live up to her in the looks department. My darling 18 year old son laughed in her face and couldn't stop. We ended up making a very quick exit. As we were pulling out of the driveway he says "dad,why does she think she is so beautiful,she is a paper bag job" we all were laughing so hard we had tears running down our faces. I was reminded of the first night I met her and how my hubby had nearly made me laugh in her face. He is his father's son all right!

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Sucks to be you

Posted on Fri, Sep. 21, 2018 at 03:48 am

My children will not call you momma. They have a momma and that's me! I have told you time and again that that you are not momma,and you are confusing the children. Your response was " no I'm momma,your mommy" You got the sulks on when I said "no you are not,and if you continue to try and call yourself momma then you will not even have a name that they call you at all cause you won't see them again" She acts like I have nothing to do with them,they are purely her son's creation. If someone dares to say our newborn looks like me,she will pull out photos saying they look like this relative or that relative on her side. She tried it with my mom,who firmly told her that there is no need to exclude me as I am the 'momma' boy she didn't like that! Rang her bitch daughter who then calls me to abuse me. Says to me "my kids call her momma and I don't see why you have an issue with it" so I told you why I have an issue with it. I am momma,that's my right not hers and if you don't like it you can stick it where the sun don't shine. You hated it when I told you the reason you don't care if your kids call her momma is because you aren't a real mother anyway. Then the mil has the nerve to tell me to stop breastfeeding. She only wants me to not breastfeed so she can take over. And I told her that. She must hate the fact I stand up to her. All the other Dil are too scared to say anything to her or her bitchy daughter. I have seen my Sils faces when she calls herself momma to their kids. So I said what they couldn't. I said "oh so you try to be momma with their kids too I see" she got the shits and said that I'm the only one who has a problem with it. I laughed and said they do have a problem with it,they just won't stand up to you like I do. Then I told her to ask them if they like it. I guess it was easier standing up to her with me there so they told her they hate it and she needs to stop it. My used to be under the thumb to you husband (not anymore) used to tell me to ignore it,until I said "fine I'll let our kids call her momma if you allow them to call my dad (pop) dadda" needless to say he didn't like that as that's his right. And I said "yeah,just as it's my right to be momma" he soon got the point and even he pulled her up on it after that. And you had no choice but to go back to the name they were meant to call you..nan... She had to give in if she was to keep seeing the kids. She knew I meant it. She even says nan to all the other kids now too. My Sils have told me how grateful they are to have me in the mix. They get a great laugh out of me standing up to her. With my help they stand up to her a lot more than they used to. It sucks to be you nan lol

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Step FIL groped me

Posted on Thu, Sep. 20, 2018 at 11:47 pm

There! I typed it! As the title stated he patted my butt and groaned as I hugged him at a funeral for a very close family member.

I froze. I know my face showed my true feelings of disgust. He immediately turned and went to the limo to take the family to the grave site.

I was numb and screaming inside. I was afraid to tell my husband. I was afraid and blaming myself for what happened.

My brother-in-law saw it and he just turned away. He didn't acknowledge what happened! Like really?!?

I wish I responded differently. I wish I slapped step FIL's face and made a scene. Instead, I just froze. I. Froze.

I'm upset with myself. I did tell my husband at the hotel room after the wake. He was numb. We didn't know what to do or how to react. I was afraid to tell my husband about what happened because I wondered if I was at fault.

This happened a couple of years ago; however, been no contact with the family for a year due to other stuff because they don't like me.

Recently, I know I am not to blame for someone's actions. Yet, at the point in time, I felt like I was to blame.

He has tried again a year after that incident.

Things are strained with us and my husband's family due to this and the rough treatment from his (husband's) brother and my MIL.

I am lucky that my husband is on my side. I know it hurts him that this is happening and I feel torn about the conflict.

I still blame myself. I blame myself for not reacting by fighting.

Writing this out so that I can let go for myself. I will not forget what happened and won't let it happen again. Husband has told me and put into action on being on my side and keeping his step-dad and rest of his family from me.

I hope that if some daughter-in-law is out there reading this...I want you to know that you are not to blame and slap the monster.

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Posted on Wed, Sep. 19, 2018 at 12:26 am

My sil is one of those- I'm better than you attitudes. If you have something she'll get it too, always in competition with you/herself. She becomes pregnant and is smoking cigarettes like there's nothing wrong. Did I miss something? Wtf is wrong with her brain.

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Posted on Tue, Sep. 18, 2018 at 12:31 am


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Divorced, beheaded, died . . .

Posted on Mon, Sep. 17, 2018 at 03:22 pm

Remember that old mnemonic about King Henry VIII? You've both had almost as many spouses as he did. Your track record: divorced, died, died . . .
His track record: divorced, divorced, divorced

As much as I would like him to shuffle off this mortal coil, the pattern for both of you suggests divorce.

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MIL humor

Posted on Mon, Sep. 17, 2018 at 01:53 pm

Everytime I am around my MIL... I wonder who is running hell in her absence

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MIL’s food.

Posted on Mon, Sep. 17, 2018 at 01:18 pm

Every time my MIL wrapped leftover food for me, i get diarrhea after eating it. It’s not a coincidence. It has been happening for the past 8 years. Without fail, i get diarrhea. I have fed her leftover food to my husband, then he got diarrhea. I’ve found hair and other stuff inside her food. It’s disgusting. I wouldn’t be surprised if she spat in it.

Now i learned to throw any left over food from MIL straight away. It’s a food poisoning attempt disguised as a ‘nice’ gesture.

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