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Get Your Life IL’s!!!

Posted on Fri, Dec. 14, 2018 at 02:59 am

IL’s think I need to bow down to them and show respect, when I know they talk about me behind my back. They get to act however they want, say rude things, spread rumors, lies, and everyone else has to pretend they don’t see what what’s going on? Well guess what, IL’s? I caught on to your bullshit from day 1! I don’t come from your demented family tree so, it’s easy for me to spot all the dysfunction and what a lunatic MIL is. Everyone believes her lies, she believes her own lies and all it did was create a toxic environment.

I cut you people out for one main reason; I can’t
stand FAKE PEOPLE. They hate me for who knows what?!?..... then want to come around and see what I’m up to, stealing ideas, quote words I’ve said and pawn them off as their own, my fashion sense, how I decorate my house, and once they feel they get all they need to know, they act up, start their fake “beef” with me, start rumors, and then act like there is something wrong with me.

Look bitches, don’t get angry with me because of how I live, the things I like, or anything that has NOTHING to do with you! If you don’t like me, stay the fuck away! Simple as that. I only tolerated all your bullshit in the beginning, because I married into your fucked up family tree.

If you weren’t related to DH, I wouldn’t even deal with people like you; I wouldn’t even associate myself with people like you. Simply put, if you said and did the things you did, without me being married to your son/brother, you would’ve gotten fucked up on sight! He is the only thing that saved you from getting your asses beat. So, I made the decision to cut you all out of my life and that STILL made you mad, still talking shit... nothing has changed!

Just a bunch of miserable low lives that try to act like they’re rich. Buying material things doesn’t make you look better, everyone can still see your mentally unstable ways! LOL. The difference between you and me is that I buy things because I actually like them, not for how I want to be perceived by others. What kind of life is that?

Is that called living when you have to know how much someone paid for something, then try to out-do them? Is that living your best life when you can’t be happy for someone, you criticize people who have things you want, then you go out and buy the same thing? Whatever you “think” it is, it’s really sad. Don’t judge people you feel threatened by just because of what they have or ways about them you admire and then turn around and copy them.

I was always truly happy for your accomplishments until I realized half, if not all, were made up, and bragged about in such an off-putting way because you always included some shit talking about other people, to compare yourselves with. It instantly killed my vibe when things said about
your own selves, was not done in a modest way. I could tell you were all covering up some kind of insecureties deep inside that you all had to brag about even the most mundane things.

Your family lacks genuine love, sincerity, truth, modesty - damn there anything good. You will all go to your graves thinking you were justified in all the trouble you caused in other peoples lives, simply because their presence intimidated you in one way or another. You will feel justified in assassinating someone’s character just because they are living their own lives. Did it ever occur to you that you don’t have
friends because you don’t know how to be one, yourself? You have to talk about someone behind their back, no matter who it is, then mimic their lives. Dont hate on people because they’re “original”. Don’t bite other people’s work, words, stories of thier lives, then pawn it off as your own. GET YOUR OWN DAMN LIFE.

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Can't make this stuff up...

Posted on Thu, Dec. 13, 2018 at 06:57 pm

You have spoken to my kids (you know, the grandkids you are always professing online to love so much) since they called you for your birthday in October. So did you call you talk with them tonight? Nah.

You called to get my recipe for the dessert you like. Nice.

Grandma of the year you are not.

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Crocodile tears

Posted on Wed, Dec. 12, 2018 at 04:45 pm

My husband finally confronted his mother about her horrible husband, who has been nasty to my daughter and me for years. She got all dramatic and said she was going to kick him out because "I can't live like this!" I've never thought she was innocent - she enabled his ridiculous behavior and I suspect she encouraged it. But she's done absolutely nothing, and his behavior continues, and now we are the bad guys for calling him out. Well, at least we won't have to do Christmas with him. The very thought of him makes my skin crawl.

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Controlling Inlaws

Posted on Wed, Dec. 12, 2018 at 02:16 pm

I hate my in-laws, yes strong words but they are horrible. My FIL is a lazy fat, sexist, homaphobic prick. He's controlling and is obsessed with constant contact with my fiance. My fiance is the kindest sweetest man and continually gets his confidence knocked down as his bullying dad constantly puts him down and argues with him. My MIL pretends to be this good kind wife who is totally controlled by her husband and believes that every women should obey their husband, spend their life cooking for their husband and pleasing him in everyway possible and if a women (especially her son's fiance) can't do this she will try and try to break her. My MIL walks into my house a number of times a day without knocking and without ever letting me know she's coming down. She's a controlling bitch who loves nothing more than to tell me how to live my life exactly how she lives hers, a frumpy dowdy weakling. The constant contact they have to have with us on a daily basis is something I have never experienced, it's unhealthy and controlling.

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Game of Thrones

Posted on Wed, Dec. 12, 2018 at 10:43 am

So there is the lovely character "Mother of Dragons". MIL, you belong in Game of Thrones - although you might be too ruthless - and the Game has been on for years.

I therefore dub thee "Doer of Nothing"

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Posted on Tue, Dec. 11, 2018 at 12:24 pm

I want all of you to know that I am ready for the holidays to be over.

It isn't the most wonderful time of the year.

The worst time of the year is filled with dread of having people ask if others are going "home" or who is visiting.

If you don't act happy and can't fall in line with the hallmark movie of the week situation, people assume you must be the problem.

One of my adult children is getting engaged soon. I looked up tips for parents in this situation. It said to "fix" extended family situations for a wedding.

Yes, just "fix" everything. The author of the article must come from a hallmark movie of the week type family / inlaw situation.

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In Laws Stands For

Posted on Tue, Dec. 11, 2018 at 10:47 am

Low lifes

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Mamas Boy

Posted on Tue, Dec. 11, 2018 at 05:51 am

Hes abusive to me.demands i pay a set amount each month or will be thrown out. Then he tells me to shut the f*** up. But when he sees his sisters or nieces, hes as sweet as can be. Listenibg about their problems. He also does them favors. Picked up one niece downstate when she locked her keys in her car. But when i was sick at work and asked him to pick me up a prescription he said no. He doesnt drive over train tracks to get there. My work is like 10 min away. This from a guy i drove hours to drop off snd pick up for fishing trips.

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Do you have any dignity?

Posted on Tue, Dec. 11, 2018 at 05:21 am

If you never have met people without dignity, I should introduce you to my family in law? With no exception
Last night my SIL the one who makes over 150 grand a year and owns two houses and thinking of buying the third, single living with her dog and only dog and she is 37 years old with no real friends. Just picture it
Last night, she called to inform me that she is skipping the Christmas gifts for adults for this year. My answer was perfect so I m skipping the adult gifts too. Guess what her answer was. So my niece and nephew won’t get me a gift for Christmas. My sin is 3 years old and my daughter is 9 months old and their bitch auntie wants a gift from them. Would you believe it. So my answer was: we had already got your dog a Christmas gift we are done here
I don’t believe someone can have all this money with no expenses because she is really very cheap could ask for a gift from my little ones
What do you think?

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Dear Santa

Posted on Sun, Dec. 09, 2018 at 09:29 pm

I am writing you to report that SIL has a big mouth and can't keep a secret. She brags about any good deeds that she does as well. Maybe she needs some bananas since she has diarrhea of the mouth!

MIL is still showing major favoritism toward the grandchildren from her daughter. She deserves a bag of gravel. Let us save the coal for someone who has been good.

BIL 1 uses my husband and doesn't care about him. I vote for a bag of dog bowel movement or something with bird droppings on it. He is just a user.

BIL 2 likes to use people and is fake. I go for a dust bunny for him. Why? He is worthless and dust bunnies are worthless.

SIl 2 is also fake and a user. I think you should leave her a mirror to see how fake she is.

Thank you Santa!

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