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That’s what you get

Posted on Tue, Aug. 04, 2020 at 07:28 pm

When you choose one child over another, they learn to distrust and despise each other. You cannot wonder why as adults one does not want anything to do with the other. You created this. You have no right to insist they now want to be with each other. You reap what you sow. When you lie down with dogs you get fleas. Fuck off

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Not even good enough

Posted on Tue, Aug. 04, 2020 at 07:26 pm

There are good parents, and good enough parents. You failed miserably at both. You were not even good enough. You were horrendous.

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The disappointment continues

Posted on Tue, Aug. 04, 2020 at 07:31 am

To the grandmother who posts all the Grandchild are my world/Always in my heart/Best thing is being a Grandma blahblahblah it sure is strange that you have zero contact /communication with our kids.

For years you used our home as a vacation place. Not that you created a relationship with our kids during these month long annual visits. The truth couldn't be further, you essentially ignored them in their own home while calling the Golden Grands daily. Our kids noticed...

Recently you had several distant relatives relocate to another sunny destination and you prefer to go there instead. So you haven't seen our children in 3 years. You told my husband you just couldn't do the drive and things yet you are totally able to go to the other location.

During this time, all 3 of my boys have had their own cellphones and you have their numbers. So now you can access my children outside of me and my husband. Do you? Never. No messages or conversations or just a what is going on with you... crickets.

Yeah, guess my children are not the grandchildren you post about. The disappointment continues.

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Focus On Your Relationship.

Posted on Mon, Aug. 03, 2020 at 07:43 am

You two have the audacity to intrude in our lives, home and relationship, when your own marriage has been a mess for the vast majority of it.

You bicker like children, you snipe at each other and clearly make each other miserable-so why aren’t you dealing with your problems? Why pry and blow things out of proportion when we have merely had a hiccup?

You prance around like you are the be all and end all when you are empty and unhappy people. You show off every opportunity you get, but really, underneath, you lack class and substance.

You forget, I am educated, I come from an affluent background, I have connections you’ll never be exposed to, I have travelled that much more and yet you treat me like I haven’t got a clue about, well anything.

I know you (MIL) feel the need to compete with me, and you (FIL) have issues with women because of your mother, and can’t stand that a woman is better educated than you, would earn more than you.

You don’t like being reminded of who you are. What you are. But I have never had issues with your social background. Because a person’s character means more than how much they earn or how large their vocabulary is.

You are snobs, but you come from nowhere. You judge others, but lack substance and grace.

Focus on your life! And what mess you have made and stop trying to use us as a distraction.

You are bloody boring!

Grow up!

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It’s been 10 years...

Posted on Mon, Aug. 03, 2020 at 05:36 am

Why do you do that? Why do you constantly say it’s “been 10 years....” like we’ve been holding onto some ridiculous grudge?
No, the first thing you did was 10 years ago.
It’s been 10 years worth of your crap!

I sent you one last Olive branch. I offered to let you have communication with your son and all you had to do was agree to our boundaries. I called you out, again, for your crap.

You called the hospital (not even knowing I was there, how many days had you done it?) and then called my room as I was preparing to be induced! Then you called FIL to tell him we were there.

We purposely made plans so that no one would know that we were there. You are a crazy psycho creep stalker!!

When confronted (because I hung up on you in disbelief that it could be you calling the hospital room phone) YOU DENIED IT!

You told your son later that you were sorry for lying.
You were sorry for lying?!? Not even for disrespecting my wishes and medical privacy? Not for ruining the birth of my child?

You dumb psycho. You were just “excited.”
No. F you.

It’s been 9 months and congratulations, you still haven’t met that child. Don’t bother trying to guilt your son. He doesn’t give a F!

I don’t know what your problem is MIL but you should have learned 10 years ago that I won’t play your BS games.

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You Are Cold

Posted on Sat, Aug. 01, 2020 at 12:41 pm

Go ahead and continue to act in such a cold, unaffectionate manner. Each time you do, and each time your flying monkeys follow suit, you make it so obvious to my husband just how much bile and bitterness you have for him.

Oh, you like to float the narrative that this is all about ME, but look at all of your actions over his entire life. Also, my dear, if you truly hated ME that much...and if you truly "loved" my husband that much, you would be treating him with as much love and affection as you possibly could in an attempt to win him over.

Don't you realize that this coldness only pushes him further away from you? Do you think that by "punishing" him in this way that he will come begging for your love and affection?

He's tried on so many occasions to get a dialogue going with you, and you have refused (using distraction, denial, and gas-lighting tactics to get the subject changed). He's tried opening up communication with you, which of course you have zero ability to do. He's tried being vulnerable and showing you his emotional side, which you completely ignored (or worse, took advantage of to try to hurt his feelings).

A day is coming when he will want to stop communicating altogether with you if you keep this up. If that's what you're hoping for, then I guess keep on doing what you're doing.

Believe it or not, I have never wished for that. I do, however, wish for an end to this hurt that you and your ilk constantly cause him (and our children). So, when the time comes, I won't be putting up any kind of defense for you if he finally makes that move for a CO. You will have certainly driven him to it.

Your chances to turn this around are running out.

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So...who is hosting the holidays now?

Posted on Sat, Aug. 01, 2020 at 07:27 am

Seriously...ILS do you drive there or do the favorite can do "no wrong" ones drive to you? BYW who cooks, the assistant "flying monkey"? DH and I received a screen shot of the lovely quarantine cuisine posted. BIL you looked so thrilled in that picture...we laughed our $sses off. I don't miss any of the bull$hit or you f$ucking fatties showing up at MY house. Oh and MIL when your lovely religious phony DIL shows up at your house to stay does she walk in with DIRTY LAUNDRY and use your machine? I doubt it...again ONLY AT MY HOUSE!

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Posted on Sat, Aug. 01, 2020 at 06:18 am

My husband deserved a better mother..!!


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Always the victim

Posted on Fri, Jul. 31, 2020 at 12:10 pm

Eventually everyone around you is gonna open their eyes and see it! They are going to see you for you. You are the most self centered human I have ever met. The nice things you do and stuff you buy for people is only for your own personal gain. Whether it be to get back into someone's good graces or simply because you need some attention. I see right through you lady! I hope you enjoy the new family you made for yourself since ya know the old one isn't blind anymore. Keep trying to tell anyone who will listen that really you are the victim. After all these years people know the truth! Always the victim never to blame!!

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Posted on Fri, Jul. 31, 2020 at 05:55 am

I’ve rehashed incidents with my in-laws a million times. Trying to think of ways things could have gone better if I had only said or done something differently. I’ve come to the conclusion the only way things would have worked is if we both got lobotomy’s.

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