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You don’t care to know anything

Posted on Sun, Aug. 19, 2018 at 10:44 pm

In-laws, you are so selfish, you don’t even know anything. You have your heads so far up you own a***s that you think that everyone is the same; that everyone thinks like you and acts like you, that everyone is only after money. Newsflash: not everyone is as vulgar as you. You think that money makes you “high class,” and that those who don’t have a lot of money, or who do not flaunt their money, are
not worth your time. You spend your whole life chasing money, and guess what? You are the same miserable, unfulfilled backstabbers you once were, even more so. You don’t know how to relate to people except in terms of, “what can this person do for me?” You don’t treat people right. We don’t feel sorry for you and your self-created “problems.” You don’t listen and have never listened to the truth of why we want nothing to do with you. You did it
to yourself.

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You Stole My Shoes

Posted on Sun, Aug. 19, 2018 at 09:25 pm

My SIL is a mentally deficient bitch from hell. Petty, insensitive, jealous, self absorbed, alcoholic, unproductive, boring, obnoxious... you get the picture. Anyways, I threw a big Easter Dinner and decided to invite both sides of our family to a ham dinner wit( all the trimmings. All went well until closing time.

As my teetering SIL who was last to leave was getting ready to go, she loudly announced that her shoes had been stolen by my oldest sister. She said the last pair left at the door looked like her shoes but she could not put them on as they were far too small for her. So they clearly were not hers, she said. My DH and I exchanged puzzled glances while my SIL asked me if my oldest sister had arrived wearing a pair of brown loafers. When I replied “yes”, she loudly proclaimed “well, she’s obviously taken my shoes”.

So I suggested this was ridiculous since my sister wears expensive custom orthotics which she would have definitely noticed were missing if she had put on the wrong shoes, not to mention my sister wears a Size 5 while my SIL wears a Size 8. My SIL’s shoes would have fallen off her feet, had my sister tried to leave with them on.

But this was not a satisfactory response according to my SIL who insisted her shoes had been stolen. She went on and on about it while she teetered and tottered from her evening’s imbibing until her husband finally grabbed her by the elbow and forcefully escorted her out of the house.

The next day I get a phone call from you know who. My SIL insisted again that her shoes had been exchanged. She demanded I rectify the situation. I argued once again that I was positive my sister would have called if she had left without her orthotics and I was pretty sure there weren’t any elves in the house secretly changing orthotics out of similar looking shoes. Nothing I said dissuaded her. I finally suggested I’d call my sister, just to confirm, but strictly out of courtesy. Which I did. And you can imagine the laughter at the other end of the phone when I did.

I dutifully called my SIL back and advised her that regrettably for my SIL, my sister did have her orthotics and that when she looked inside the heels of her shoes, they were both, indeed, Size 5. This did not sit well with my SIL who continued to argue that the shoes she left my house with were far too small for her feet. So I suggested she also check the inside heel of one of them to verify the size.

Not long after, my SIL called again. About her shoes. She said the size marked in her shoes wasn’t legible and asked me to call my sister again to double check her shoe size. I politely told her to hang on a minute and I handed the phone to my DH and said “kindly tell your sister to stop this insanity over her shoes before I drive over to her house and shove my fist down her throat”. Which he did.

And that is only ONE of the many ridiculous situations I’ve endured with my mentally deficient bitch from hell SIL.

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No one will engage u

Posted on Sun, Aug. 19, 2018 at 08:35 pm

SIL, your hair did not bleach in the sun at the pool. You are a liar. My FIL doesn’t like you or respect you. Money hungry whore, your bad habits are fact checked by internet searches that reveal bad checks, speeding tickets, and suing your now husband for child support. No one likes your fake, lazy ass. Not even our other SIL. You are a gold digging welfare-loving ho. You and your whore daughter can go to hell...

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Inlaws and their minions?

Posted on Sun, Aug. 19, 2018 at 06:30 pm

Feel they have the right to monitor you online while committing a crime against you. Take 10% truth and turn it into 90% fiction to validate their online bullying towards you. Create drama in other people’s relationships and then pretend to be peacemakers. God forbid you speak up against them and a witch hunt will ensue!

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20 years.......

Posted on Sun, Aug. 19, 2018 at 03:00 pm

of marriage.

17 years of no contact with the MIL.

I would never have dreamed that day that this was where our relationship with the in-laws was headed.

Sweet summer child that I was......

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I've made a Ultimatum for him.

Posted on Sun, Aug. 19, 2018 at 12:18 am

I'm not going to stay with my fiance until he can find his own place and moved-out from his toxic family. I'm not from his country, we used to be long-distance and currently I'm safety back at home. Being alone in the foreign land with no-one else to be there mentally and physically there to support you, is really tough. My fiance just proposed to me this summer and his family doesn't know.
It's sad that I'm reluctant now because I have been strained through this relationship and I am starting to weight between his family and him to decide if I want to marry.
It's unjust to us and mostly him.

I came from a broken family and I've been through countless relationships but they're all not serious until I've met my wonderful fiance. He is very loving, sweet and someone I can definitely spend the rest of my life with. When he wanted to introduce his family to me, I was excited, eager to meet them. I've a good history with all my exes family and have no problems with meeting new people so I thought things would go well. I've mistaken.
His family esp the mother are the one responsible to be causing friction in our relationship.

His mother and father claim that they're "traditional" and true Christians but during one family talk, the mother can outrageously lie in front of everyone despite me and my fiance know exactly what she've done.
This is not the first time she've pretended she's a victim. She's a manipulative, insecure, entitled and a jobless witch. And if things doesn't revolve around her, she'll cause dramas and blow things out of proportion. She can pick on things that shouldn't even be an issue and make a problem out from it.

Before we're dating, when my fiance was waiting for me to get done with the morning prepping to have a breakfast, the MIL because of this - she can whine about it causing my fiance to stopped waiting. And that's only just one of the many ridiculous things she've done. COME ON, she's already married but why is she acting like a jealous ex.girlfriend??

His parent is jobless and hasn't worked for almost 10 years.
His family would visit his MIL's sisters for lunch/dinner in order to cheap out on the food money. It's not like they're sick, disable or anything that's wrong with them but they just refused to work!
His father idk what he does in his room but when its almost lunch / dinner he will then get out from his room and eat then shuts himself in his room all day. He can't even get out to buy his own food. His mother on the other side, she sits at her couch all day, watching her ipad the Chinese drama. If the MIL isn't so always FREE at home and working or taking up some volunteey work - she'll less likely to festered into this monstrous person she have become now. She so lazy, doesn't do the house chore, doesn't even cook or bothered learning how to, then WHY even own a kitchen? And she even have the audacity to say my fiance is lazy. My family side on the other hand, they all work.

Because his parent are so lazy, that put extra pressure and stress for my fiance.
Both of us - we have to work extra hard, I have to take on two jobs and his current job barely supports him. He have to give them money every month, he couldn't save up enough to get his own place and his family doesn't care. Because they would eat like royalty at expensive restaurants they couldn't even afford. I suspect his mother have impulsive spending habits. His mother shares the bank account with my fiance and uses his money to spend on her lavish shoes and bags.
I've never seen a family of 4 having so much shoes in my entire life. The amount of shoes they've own can easily open a store. His mother still continues buying them even tho their house ran out of space. I'm a simple person, I don't spend unnecessarily and I don't even see the need that one should own that much shoes. Because honestly how many shoes can a person wears at a time? ONE just ONE. The most I have is: a running shoe, 2 walking shoe, a heel and a slipper. His mother alone have over a hundred pairs of shoes and if she sells them all, she probably have enough food money to last for years without depending on my fiance.

I've been nice, polite and do the house chores for them and even treat them out to lunch and dinner at restaurants but the mother remains entitle, selfish and destructive. Time and time again, she would lie and belittled me in front of his relative and her friends.
She would make an issue out of nothing. Controls her family and what I eat, and constantly ill-manner talk about me to my fiance. 3 times she have intentionally outcast me from the family. One time, I was so sick that I couldn't even do the laundry and my sweet fiance offer to do and that can even get his mother to be upset.
She have also verbally abused and yelled at me in front of the relative for something that wasn't even my fault. When my fiance is in the bathroom when she's calling for him when she could have walk up the stairs to check if there's anybody in the room and balms me for it.

I don't have any friends and family here and I really don't appreciate her madness and this is just so hard to take in. His dad is his mother's minion and a whim who follows whatever she says. If she orchestrate him to say and do something regardless of how unreasonable it is, he will. There's no "We" in the house but "I" for the mother.
His family always emphasis about being considerate towards other but their actions... speak otherwise but only selfishness.

One time, when we're on his family trip, they took us to these places where me and his brother's gf first time visiting. We drove almost 13hrs to get to the snow mountain place and his mother kept cancelling activity and plan. Reasoning because its too expensive... afraid of heights etc. And made the entire family not do it WITH her.
Not even caring if there are people who haven't been to the mountian, the mother is just "I don't want to do it, we shouldn't do it." Then WHY do they even bother making my fiance drive 13hr to the place and not do a single activity?
At least we did the cable car at the end, which my fiance forcefully got us (excluding the parent) the ticket. We left the parent to do the cable car and that was the best 30mins of my life without them being around. Later we got back to them, the mother told me she have done the cable car many years ago despite she claims that she's afraid of heights.
Lol, Okay.

I have enough of his parent acting so inconsiderate, selfish and rude.
I've made an ultimatum for him, its either that he gets his own place / move to my place or else I will not marry him. And if he does find his own place, it needs to be a state away from where his parent live because I can't deal with any of them.

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Icing on the cake

Posted on Sat, Aug. 18, 2018 at 10:37 am

Here is the icing on the cake
MIL sick for years aged 92 finally meets her maker
Golden BIL lazy bones fast talker ace manipulator. On day of funeral,
Drives into driveway in MILs BMW, she is barely in the grave and he has claimed his need for her car and now it is his
Same BIL who quote borrowed 200thousand from my husbands parents. A few years ago for his ever failing or barely afloat business
Bad decisions divorced twice. But always REWARDED by his parents
Who are/ were. highly susceptible to butt kissing false adoration
And unable to see the $ signs in my husband,s brother,s eyes
HUbby and I never took a cent from his parents
Of course none was offered to us and we didn’t ask or beg during hard times
Who gets rewarded Schmuck BIL
Through marriage you are forced into another family’s dysfunction
But have little say

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I hate these people

Posted on Fri, Aug. 17, 2018 at 03:37 pm

They are of officially the worst people I've ever met. And the worst parents too. The way they just don't give a shit about their son's opinions, they just shrug it off and demand his son to love them and give them everything. How? They haven't given him anything. I hate them. I never thought I could hate someone ever but I do hate them very much.

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SIL is Satan

Posted on Fri, Aug. 17, 2018 at 07:34 am

This is a “person” who wanted payment for taking care of her own father who has dementia and my cats while we went on vacation. She spent that payment (which should have never been given to her) on drugs and alcohol and then demanded more money “for food.” She then proceeeded to hold our keys hostage as extortion until she received more money for food she didn’t even buy! My refrigerator is practically empty, she didn’t clean the cats litter boxes...I know this because there was cat poop all over the carpets, she spilled shampoo all over my shower and didn’t clean it up, trashed my refrigerator...it smells for some reason now, there are dirty dishes in the dishwasher that she couldn’t even bother to turn on, and she STOLE my cosmetics and some of my medication! She is a fat, sloppy excuse for a woman who’s own daughter won’t even speak to her. The woman is nearly middle aged and still goes out “clubbing.” Then, to divert attention off of her rotten behavior and lack of responsibility, she concocts a story of lies about ME! She is a jealous, spiteful, disgusting, sloppy, evil excuse for a human being who belongs in prison. Actually, prison would be too good for her. She belongs in hell. She is wasting space on this earth.

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Triangulating Toxic MIL

Posted on Fri, Aug. 17, 2018 at 12:17 am

MIL has a small family of 4 children but, she managed to drive a wedge between them all. Because of all her backstabbing and telling lies, she triangulates the relationships between siblings. She doesn't want anyone having a relationship, unless she is the center of everything. Her and her daughter manipulate all the dysfunction that took/takes place and then plays innocent or the victim role. Her minion daughter is just a carbon copy of all her evil. They work as a team. She gets in the ears of the sons and their families, causing tension and disharmony between them. She didn't like the idea that at one time, both her son's and their families once got along and would hang out without her and her daughter. She and her daughter put an end to that by their manipulating lies. She likes to brag about what a good mother she is, when in all reality, she is an evil goat of a woman. A real mother wouldn't cause strife between her children. A real mother doesn't involve her children in her own problems and turn her kids on people she doesn't like for no good reason. A real mother doesn't have favorites. A real mother wouldn't get off on seeing shit like this. I feel bad for DH, that his relationship with BILs were destroyed by MIL and her daughter. BIL and his family are so brainwashed by these master manipulators that the fellowship our families once had in the past, is irreparable and just a distant memory. It's been years since we had anything to do with any of them and it was the best thing we could've done - to cut them all out. They all have issues that are deep-rooted in Pride. If someone is doing good, they say something negative to bring them down so other's won't find them appealing. They feed off of compliments and how they think others will perceive them. What I see is all insecurities - the need to feel accepted and to have everyone's approval and admiration, instead of just doing things for themselves to make themselves happy. Everything will always be a competition, nobody can just be happy for everyone else and celebrate in eachother's accomplishments. It has to be boasting and one-upmanship all the time. MIL is petty and it's easier for her to hate and cause strife than to bring her family together. The ones that stick around her are the easily manipulated. I think she and the rest that like to brag, can use a huge serving of humble pie and a tall glass of holy water to wash it down.

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