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Postby Phred » Tue May 20, 2003 2:42 pm

Welcome to the I Hate My Inlaws Forums! These forums have been set up for you to talk with others about anything and everything, but mostly about your in-laws. A few items regarding the forums:

First things first. In order to provide a safe and open environment for people to post in, we are requiring registration for user accounts before you can post and/or reply to a topic. Any information you provide in your registration WILL NOT be used in any manner except to identify you through the message boards. We WILL NOT sell or divulge your email address, nor ANY other information EVER.

Second, while we set up this web site and the forums for people to "blow off steam," we would like to remind everyone that not all people enjoy offensive language. We will not delete and/or edit posts that have offensive language unless they are excessive and/or get out of hand. Self-moderation is strongly encouraged.

Third, if you have any suggestions for the site or the forums to help make everything better, please post it in our Suggestion Box.

Lastly, enjoy the time you spend on the forums. This is your community, so treat it that way and enjoy it. :D
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