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TV Show Guest Requests

Post by Phred » Tue Oct 10, 2006 2:29 pm

There have been several requests for guests made by persons affiliated with TV shows. Those requests have been allowed and will continue to be allowed. However, it is time to lay down some ground rules for those affiliated with the TV shows, as well as the forum members. These rules take affect immediately and do not necessarily apply to past behavior.

If you are affiliated with a TV show...
You ARE allowed to post a SINGLE thread with information regarding your TV show and the types of guests you are looking for. You ARE allowed to post contact information for forum members to contact you.

You ARE NOT allowed to post multiple threads in multiple forums. Confine your requests to a single thread in one forum. You ARE NOT allowed to initiate contact with forum members via Private Messaging. If a forum member contacts you first, you may use Private Messaging after that.

Failure to follow these rules will result in an immediate ban from the forums and removal of all threads related to your TV show. No exceptions.

If you are a forum member...
Persons affiliated with TV shows ARE allowed to post to these forums under the rules outlined above. If you have found someone breaking the rules outlined above, particularly if they initiate contact via a Private Message, contact me immediately. The normal rules of the forums still apply and personal attacks, or other behavior deemed not acceptable, will not be tolerated.
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