No More R-word, please!

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No More R-word, please!

Postby Love Him Hate Them » Wed Dec 30, 2009 6:23 pm

I understand that in-laws can drive us up the wall. I know they can be hateful, childish, evil and vindictive. Believe me, I'm totally on board with that. But can this site please ban the use of "retard" as a term of disparagement?
It is not okay to refer to one's troublesome in-laws as "retards." Even if, for the sake of argument, said in-laws have IQs of 70 or lower it's rude and ignorant to call them "retards." The correct term is developmentally delayed.
I feel pretty much the same about the posters who label the in-laws they despise as "fat," but I'm willing to let that one slide. "Retard," however, really gets my back up. The majority of people with less than stellar IQs with whom I've come in contact were kind and well-meaning. It's not their fault that they're not Rhodes Scholars. Evil in-laws, on the other hand, make a conscious decision to be the way they are.
The English language is stunning in its breadth and complexity. There is a dazzling array of vituperative words from which to choose. I wish posters would dig out their thesauruses and get creative. It's tiresome reading about fat SILs and retarded FILs.
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Re: No More R-word, please!

Postby Phred » Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:26 pm

Can people come up with better words to describe their in-laws? Of course. Will they? Of course not. Thus, all a banning of words is going to do is prevent people from being able to express their anger and that's not what this site is about.

This site is about allowing that expression of anger, particularly for people who have no other outlet. Because of that, I tend to stay on the side of allowing offensive words because in reality it's kind of expected when you come to this site in the first place. Nobody's expecting calm, logical stories or conversation when they come to "I Hate My In-Laws." The very title of the site pretty much gears you up for an all-out assault of language.

For the record, I find a good amount of the words used in stories submitted to the site offensive and words I'd never use in conversation. But, if I banned said words, there would be far too few stories or forum posts on the site to make the site useful.
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