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Re: Situation

Post by Hiddenjem » Thu Feb 06, 2020 12:26 am

Thanks Phred.

She went to a German language meet up in a city half an hour from here. (We live in a small town in the country.) The other people were couples, and elderly widows.

She tried a ball room dancing lessons and a event. Everyone but her showed up with a date. ( It turns out those are meant for couples getting ready for weddings or die hard people in the world of dance.)

She hasn't tried a dating website.

However, two female co workers asked about fixing her up. She said yes.

Her birthday, and the date of when she would of gotten married will soon be here. Plus, Valentines Day is coming up. She feels lonely.

She signed up as a volunteer at the hospital golfing event coming up at work in the spring to meet more people at work. Plus, she knows how to play golf as well. I get the impression that she isn't good enough at playing golf though to play in the tournament.

I appreciate you sharing your experience Phred.

She is young, educated, pretty, good job, , "wholesome" with her lifestyle (no drugs, no alcohol, non smoker, waiting for marriage for ..... , talented with knitting, crocheting, sewing, good with money and responsible with her credit (and saving money.)

I know there are good men out there who would want to build a future with someone like her.
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