Nice Comment from DD

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Nice Comment from DD

Postby Melody » Tue Sep 19, 2017 2:04 pm

My oldest daughter made a comment a few days ago that she "didn't know" who I thought was "my favorite". I have four children so I took this as a HUGE comment. Meanwhile, DH (DD's stepfather) laughed as DD said she knew who her bio father's favorite was. She thinks its her, meanwhile DH thinks ex-H is the "biggest misogynist" he's ever met in his life.

My kids couldn't be more different. I've been concerned they would be upset they would be upset because I treat them differently. But how couldn't I? You give them what they need, right?
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Re: Nice Comment from DD

Postby WatchingMyBack » Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:10 am

I had a discussion with my YDS about this. We talked about how much he and I enjoy doing things together and some of the special things we've shared, just us without DH and ODS and DD. YDS has a quick wit and we have a similar sense of humor. We both love puns. If he sends me a birthday card, I can tell he spent a lot of time finding the right one. With my other two, not so much.

I flat out told him he is not my "favorite", that I do not have a "favorite" . I love each of my children deeply, but differently. This came up because my DD kept saying to him he was "Mommy's favorite" and it was concerning to him. Remember, all of my children are adults in their 20's and 30's, not little children or teens.

ODS has no sense of humor and he and I discuss financial matters and politics. We share a love of Disney. He was my first born and we will always have a special bond.

DD is a mess and I spend my time putting out fires with her. She is hard to have a relationship with. She was my only girl and we will always have a special bond.

YDS was the easiest baby every. Always good natured and everybody loves him. He will always be my baby and we will always have a special bond.

All different. At the end of the day, there is one that I enjoy spending time with more, but everything will always be equal.
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Re: Nice Comment from DD

Postby Bella07 » Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:31 am

That's really fantastic, Melody. You should be very proud.
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Re: Nice Comment from DD

Postby Melody » Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:29 am

Thank you Bella!

And WMB similar here!

My eldest has no sense of humor either,- like ZERO - lol! I had to have emergency surgery during DH's busy time at work. DD (then 18) was home from college so I put her down as my emergency contact. Why not? She's premed herself and the top notch surgeon I randomly was assigned to (thank goodness!) took a liking to her. It turned out he teaches interns, and thought my 18 year old not only carried herself the right way, but asked questions that an intern who ALREADY graduated from med school would ask. He showed her pictures and talked about an walked her through the entire surgery.

My ODS is a sweetheart and very compassionate - and VERY philosophical and wide-thinking when he finally gets simple concepts, lol. He and DH (his stepdad) get along extremely well.

My YDS is mister popularity. He's very academic and is very sweet also when he's not being a complete @hole. (Yes, we laugh about this regularly).

My YDD is an old soul - and doesn't have a lot of high level aspirations - but everyone likes her. She's like a woodland princess who has animals follow her around wherever she goes.

So yea - how would you even chose? I relate to the traits that are like mine, but in awe of those that are different.
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