Having THE talk with my son

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Having THE talk with my son

Postby meimei » Wed Oct 25, 2017 12:10 pm

All has been quiet on the inlaw front, as they moved halfway across the country and took SIL with them (BYE :D ) and DH and I don't hear from them or call them beyond the obligatory once every week or two, "Hi hows the weather? great gotta go bye" calls...

But here is something that has come up lately...my 5 yr old son has been asking where babies come from...something I was NOT prepared for :o

So last week I told him the man has some cells in his body and the woman has a cell in her body, when the man gives his cells to the woman, it joins with the woman's cell and a baby is made from this new cell. DS asks "How does the man give the cells to the woman, does he spit it in her face?" I nearly died trying to keep from laughing...I said no, and went to find scientific diagrams online, but thought secretly..."sometimes, depends on what you're into :P "

Then yesterday, he asks me "When you were a baby and in grandma's belly, how did you get there" I said same way you got into mine (I had shown him a very scientific video on how sperm are made and how they meet with an egg, etc...although I didn't tell him the mechanics of it) He says "So the cells come out of the man's tail and charges into the woman and the charging takes two minutes?" :shock:
I didn't say anything, but thought to myself...it takes 2 minutes? Sounds accurate :p :lol: :lol:

How did you guys answer the question from your kids as to how babies are made?
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Re: Having THE talk with my son

Postby Melody » Wed Oct 25, 2017 1:35 pm

A lot of this when they were younger:

https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=am ... ORM=IQFRBA

And a sense of humor.

I left books around so they could look at them on their own too.

I asked my (now both of ours) OB/GYN to discuss precautions with my daughter when she was old enough.
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