Why I don’t have a job now

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Why I don’t have a job now

Post by Hiddenjem » Tue Oct 30, 2018 9:36 pm

June- the chipped tooth at work. Had it fixed. Bonding came out and dentist power filed my front two teeth without asking first. Yes, it looks good but but I wanted to be asked first!

Immediately after- Business owners brother began sexually harassing me with words and touching me. He threatened my job stating he is related to the owner. I went to the owner and reported what he did. His brother was fired

Then- the owner informed me he wasn’t like his brother and he believed in making love. He finds it beautiful and meaningful. He said that he was sure that many men find me attractive. I let him know I was married and even if I wasn’t I wouldn’t get involved with people I worked with or done even if I were single. I reminded him that he was married. often. He expressed disappointment if I put on a sweater when I was cold at work. He openly stared at my butt and scanned my body with his eyes as if he could see through my clothes. He asked what I had on under my clothes. My response was, “You know the answer to that because you are a married man.” He made a comment about I am
Not allowed to lose my curves and not to lose any weight. I am not his wife and my body does not belong to him. He should not comment on it. It is mine.

He gave me a weeks warning that I was able to be laid off and let me know that I hurt his feelings and he found me to be unprofessional. I didn’t care enough about his business. (Enough to put out for his brother or him? What business? Sex? Bedroom business?) I am not professional???? Right, it is me who was asking him what he wore under his clothes etc. Oh yes, I must of been the one checking out my boss and scanning his body up and down and not even being discreet about it. No, it wasn’t me saying or doing inappropriate things.

I feel angry about what happened. It really stinks to lose your job. Unemployment hoops are being jumped through but I don’t know if I will be approved for it.

I have been laid off for two weeks today. It is cinnamon season (I’m deathly allergic) and we live in a small town, limited jobs, with a poor economy so job hunting isn’t going well. N

Thanks for listening. Life sucks.
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Re: A update

Post by Melody » Tue Oct 30, 2018 10:10 pm

Get your CV/resume up on Indeed.com and update your LinkedIn profile PRONTO! I am a recruiter so feel free to PM me to look over your CV. And don't shy away from looking over local listings in old fashioned formats (A friend - many years my senior - who was a powerhouse taught me this.)

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