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Anyone else? Holiday tradition Bore Fest.

Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 12:15 pm
by Melody
Not a real problem, but I feel like this forum needs a few lighter topics.

So does anyone else get stuck going to traditional things like "The Nutcracker" for like the hundredth time? I never liked that show to begin with, but I feel obligated to support my sis's lovely kids. But driving an hour there, sitting through three painful hours - seeing the nieces for 30 seconds MAX on stage, only to drive an hour home is kind of miserable. And its "all different" this year because the one niece was promoted from playing an acorn to a twig.


Re: Anyone else? Holiday tradition Bore Fest.

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 10:19 am
by rubycrownedkinglet
acorn to a twig, :lol:
OMG, I laughed out loud when I read your post. Now that DH and I are living close to his new sister, we have had the same discussion. She has 4 kids at home and one in college. We have done several snoozer kid things in the last 7 months since we've lived near her. College violin recitals were ok with me, but DH hates orchestra music. The concerts, the church bazaars, the kid movies, the visit to the pioneer zzzz village, etc. The difference is that it is refreshing that NewSIL actually says it's pretty boring, and we can opt out, but she invites us anyway. I get the unspoken feeling that NewSIL is as bored by these things as I am and invites us to keep her company. She's cool with us saying no.

Which is a good thing, because DH is just horrible at doing those things without bitching (to me) like crazy. We didn't have kids and he didn't grow up with anyone who participated in anything, so it never occurred to him that kids played instruments or sang in choirs, etc. We have decided to do some things and pass on some and try to enjoy what short time we will have with the kids before they are too old to do these things. At 19, 16, 14, and 10, it will be over soon.

The thing that is tricky is that I have limited the visits to NewSILs church [not my religion] to a few holiday special things. She is super involved in her church and works on staff part time. If she had her way, we would both join the church and be there with her every day, working as volunteers. I feel a little uncomfortable saying no, but NO.

Re: Anyone else? Holiday tradition Bore Fest.

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:07 pm
by Melody
You're being VERY nice and I'm sure its appreciated. You're definitely almost done with most of the kids - the ten year old not so much.

My hubby is a theater guy and I'm a music person, so I'm happy to sit through performances because I can see the progress and how they build on each other. I honestly get excited. We're also lucky to be in a small district that is over the top for music with ridiculous talent- Students and teachers.

My ODS theater friend received a full honors scholarship at an Ivy league school for theater. (I was joking - just a little about the acorn to twig. BUT Yes, in Beauty and the Beast his friend was Beauty but my son DID actually play a fork. But he HAS done big drama performances).

My ODD's best musical was criticized for having an "adult Broadway theater lead". LOL. It was a student - and friend of my ODD - at the school who JUST turned 18. He was so good he WAS on Broadway as a tike.

So yea. Be selective, mention you are volunteering/working late/whatever. No one has the time to do everything - even if you wanted to. We've only made it to a few of DH's brother's two kids baseball/football games (not our thing) - but they've made it to exactly zero of our four kid's things.

I think that you're being very supportive. If there's anything like buying a carnation for whichever kid for whatever performance, that might be very appreciated on a number of levels.