Yea! Think we're finally on the same page!

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Yea! Think we're finally on the same page!

Post by Melody » Mon Dec 03, 2018 3:45 pm

My DH has come a LONNNNNNGGG way over the years - thank you everyone for some solid support and advice!

He told me that stepmonster asked about the kid's "wish list" a few days ago. (She has NEVER bought three out of the four the kids ANYTHING that they wanted - just dollar store/clearance bin crap that was completely irrelevant - and this woman was loaded - even worse they missed out because whatever they wanted was no longer in stock!). FIL then texted a few days later that they are "not up" to it this year (they've NEVER been!) and to buy the kids gifts from them. FIL will reimburse us (kind of doubt it).

So DH told me this morning that he "has" to buy his "mother" a gift for her birthday. Meanwhile it used to be an event for weeks before and going to the extreme to TRY to make her happy. Well its absolutely last minute now, and he said he'd never thought he'd amuse me but he's been getting the same completely thoughtless food gift for years now. The kicker (and HE laughed) is she most likely CAN'T even eat it now, lol!

So we're seeing his GOOD extended family and probably not them AT ALL for the holiday season! YIPPPPPEEEEE!!!!

Right after the conversation, the mail came along with her stupid Christmas card. (Notice THAT timing?). MEEEEEEEE!!! Happy Hanukkah BEOTCH!!!

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Re: Yea! Think we're finally on the same page!L

Post by KeeperOfPrecious » Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:09 am

LMAO!! That’s awesome Melody!! Love this

The devil himself is impressed with her handiwork.

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