Kids say the cutest things

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Kids say the cutest things

Postby meimei » Tue Jan 18, 2011 1:53 am

Comic relief from IL crap, write about any stories of cute and/or funny kids in your lives 8)

My niece was about 4 when we were all visiting my cousins for a Christmas gathering. My niece really loves animals and was playing with my cousins' cat. She kept feeding the cat scraps from the table when my cousin told her "Maybe it's not a good idea to feed the cat so much, he will get sick and throw up all over the place!" My niece responded "Oh, that's Okay, I'll be gone home by then!"

This past Christmas, my brother in law took his two kids to a NHL game as a treat. My nephew, who is 5, plays hockey and enjoys it, and my niece, now 8 loves to watch hockey on TV with her dad, so he figured this would be a nice Holiday treat. During the middle of the game, my brother in law looked over and noticed my nephew was fidgeting and looking around at everything but the game. He asked him, "Is everything alright?" to which my nephew responded "This is boringer than sleeping!"
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