Recent Dear Prudence article

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Recent Dear Prudence article

Postby mamarama » Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:20 am

We ladies and gents deal with this stuff on an ongoing basis. UGH. ... dding.html

Q. Pregnant: I agreed to be my sister’s maid of honor before I knew I was pregnant, and my due date is smack dead center in the week of her destination wedding. I very obviously will not be able to go, but I still want to help out before the baby takes over my life. I also have insisted my parents go on to the wedding. My husband and I just want it to be us for the birth and have everyone come in later. My sister, however, has retreated into toddlerhood. She makes pointed “jokes” about how I am trying to steal her thunder and abandoning her for the baby. I try to ignore her, but she keeps pouting! I suggested several dates for her bachelorette party only for her to want one I can’t do (I am painting the nursery). I am very hurt and haven’t told anyone because I know it will blow up. I don’t have time or energy to deal with this. These should be joyous events, and instead I am doubting my entire relationship with my sister. What should I do?

A: “You’ve been making a lot of pointed comments about my pregnancy and I want us to be able to talk honestly about it, instead of trading barbs. I’m really excited for your wedding, and I want to celebrate you, but there are some things I just can’t do as I’m getting ready to have a baby. I’m not doing this to or at you. If you think I got pregnant in order to upstage your wedding, we either need to have a pretty serious conversation about how you believe I view our relationship, or you need to reconsider what motivations you’re assigning to me. I love you a lot, and I didn’t get pregnant to make your life more difficult, and I want us both to be able to support each other. There’s plenty of love, support and celebration to go around, and I’m not taking anything away from your wedding by being pregnant.”


The facetious side of me hopes the baby is born on the sister's wedding day. People like her annoy me to no end.

Also, somebody should tell the mother-to-be that pregnant women aren't supposed to be around wet paint. This is basic Pregnancy 101, up there with not eating sushi, staying away from cat feces, and not riding horses. smh.
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Re: Recent Dear Prudence article

Postby miwako » Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:18 pm

I did think the painting thing was weird. She understandably can't go to the wedding, but can't reschedule painting to go to the party? On one hand I understand not wanting to go after her sister has been acting like this, but it's a weird excuse.
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Re: Recent Dear Prudence article

Postby rubycrownedkinglet » Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:04 pm

miwako wrote:She understandably can't go to the wedding, but can't reschedule painting to go to the party?
That was my first thought too and made me wonder what else is going on that we haven't had a chance to read between the lines. It's coming down to the last minute for both events but I would think the party and the painting can both happen. Saying she can't throw BZ a Bachelorette party on one particular day because PG will be busy painting the nursery sounds like BS to me. Paint on one of the other days the sister turned down.
Both sisters sound a bit self-involved.
If these two have a brother, any prospective GFs should beware.
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Re: Recent Dear Prudence article

Postby Melody » Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:23 pm

Maybe she has an appointment with a contractor? But yea, weird.
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