FIL does something stupid..again!

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FIL does something stupid..again!

Postby rdavis3 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:44 am

My husband was still on his Dad's cell phone plan (per his Father, due to keeping the bill lower for him and the rest of the family on the bill). My husband obliged. His Dad had been talking about adding me to the family plan for almost a year. I stayed on my own plan, for my own reasons. 2 weeks ago my husband lost his job. So for financial reasons, I got added to his Dad's plan. Guess what? He switched off the plan and onto his fiance's plan! His sister and her husband did the same thing! This leaving my husband and I with this massive cell phone bill. Like WTF? Such a major slap in the face. To make matters worse, he did this a week after I got into a major car accident, which totaled out my car and we were trying to get that whole situation figured out. It has not been a great situation all way round.

The other day he sends a random text saying something along the lines of "Taking care of your family is important, and you and your sister will always come first..BUTTTTTT, now So&So is also my family and I have a wedding I need to pay for soon, so I can't help you. Sorry."

Now if this was true, then ok...but it's not. He just wants to spend his money on other things. He doesn't really care what happens to his son, or his granddaughter. And all my husband wanted him to do is cover half the cell phone bill (you know, the one he said he was going to pay for!)

I want NOTHING to do with him. & I definitely am NOT going to attend this wedding in June.

UGHHH. I just don't understand how you can kick family when they are already down.
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Re: FIL does something stupid..again!

Postby Melody » Tue Feb 12, 2019 8:46 am

Well that is lame. Let's to assume that this was unintentionally thoughtless to you and your husband (at best). I can relate as we have been burned with various nonsense promises and "help" - nothing of which was EVER asked for - but was insisted on.

Make sure DH knows this was an expensive learning lesson and that something like this will NOT happen again.

The account and contract is in FIL's name, right? Could you just pay your and DH's FAIR SHARE then either get Trac phones or a cheaper plan in your names? You know so he and you can take care of YOUR family?
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