need advice on cross-country move and ILS

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need advice on cross-country move and ILS

Postby suffering DIL » Sun Jun 15, 2014 9:46 pm

since we moved cross-country, all the gents in his family have become very nice and polite to my DH. DH did not really want to move out here but eventually we did because MIL and her partner in crime was making it very difficult for me to even survive as a sane person. MIL had always, still, something to say or ask or tell over the phone or to just want us to come over every weekend. she can't anymore since we moved to different state. so now my BIL and FIL have become nicer at responding to polite replies over texts, and sharing silly things over the phone too. they used to be good with me too but MIL meddling has turn them against me. I have almost stopped talking to her over the phone, why? it got out of control at her part. she would call me twice a day every day during my pregnancy, then every day, then I pushed it to every 2 days, then twice a week.... to just once every two weeks, or when I'm visiting my family. MIL has good talent in creating diversions and rumors, if truth comes out she still manages to look innocent. I, on the other hand, no talent for such drama or say not a diplomat. DH liked everything at old place, he don't really like to go out anywhere as a family unless we are visiting them :-s I know for a fact, if shes on the phone with me, its all about getting info on my personal life, friends, my day to day activities, or let me some up to an old jealous stalker. she mostly steps over the line politely that pisses me off and I can't help but being rude to her.

question: what's BIL n FIL's strategy over here? how do I keep DH involved with us? whats the best strategy to deal with MIL? my goal: enjoy life with DH and baby, go out to different places, have our own good memories. MIL has already brainwashed DH to not go out a lot and I'm no gorgeous or even interesting, this keeps him getting involved with me at all social levels for good interaction between a married couple. P.S. DH used to be a party boy. please help, need advice on how can I win him and make him fall in love with me.
suffering DIL
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