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Not Nice Niece

Postby WatchingMyBack » Tue Sep 23, 2014 8:57 am

Well, it looks like I have another relative on DH's side that I'm going to write off.

OBIL's daughter has shown us who she truly is. She sent her regrets to ODS that she couldn't attend his wedding in October because she has run out of vacation time. Even though we've seen her posting on FB a vacation in NYC and Hawaii in May and July, a visit to her mother in Indonesia in August and a weekend in Switzerland earlier this month. Yesterday ODS said DN posted on FB that she is super excited to attend a friend's wedding in Los Angeles next week.

ODS and soon to be DIL were going to go to DN's wedding in November. They planned their honeymoon at a nearby destination so they could go to DN's wedding first. DN had a falling out with her SM and OBIL over her lavish wedding plans and OBIL has told her she is on her own (ouch!) and that he and SM will let her know if they have time in their schedule to attend her party. OBIL has told us they have no plans to go, that the entire blow-up was a real insult to them. Originally the wedding was going to be at OBILs gorgeous estate on the river, but now it has moved to a touristy destination island -- black tie on the beach (no thanks!)

So ODS and DIL would have to fly to major city, then fly to tourist island, then fly back to major city, then fly to their honeymoon destination and then fly back to major city. Not happening. OBIL has said ODS and DIL should skip the wedding, stay at his posh hotel in the city then go to honeymoon.

After DN's posting on FB yesterday, ODS and DIL wouldn't go to her wedding, no matter what.

When I told DH, he said DN's gift from us just shrank to a very small token gift. He was rather furious.

OBIL's other daughter is so different. She will be attending ODS wedding with her boyfriend. At least she remembers all of the things we always did for them when they were little and still wants to be part of our family.
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