Evil GMIL is in hospital

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Evil GMIL is in hospital

Postby GottaBeMe » Fri Sep 26, 2014 12:55 pm

Evil Gmil is in the hospital right now. They think she might have cancer. I don't care. I'm here because not many people could understand how I would want someone to die. She is and has always been a mean and cold hearted person. She didn't even raise her daughter who is my husbands Mom. She dumped her daughter off on her Mom so she could go party and sleep around. My husbands Mom and Grandma are the same. His sister is the same. They only care about themselves. When I used to go to their side of the family functions his mom, grandma and sister would sit in a corner and talk shit about me and my other 2 sils and cackle and whisper with dirty glares. This evil GMIL passed her evilness to 3 generations. If I go to her funeral I will be smiling on the inside but comforting my husband on the outside. This dying "woman" would never let my husband or his siblings go in her house when he was a kid because she valued her material stuff more than her relationship. Where is that stuff now? Gone, because they had to sell their house and move into a senior mobile home park. So, was it worth it? There is so much more I could go on about but won't. It just boils down to this bitch has treated me like crap, talked shit about me, made passive aggressive comments since the day I've met her so why should I feel obligated to even care about her?
Anyone else feel the same about someone just full of meanness being sick and dying? How can I be civil about her situation when talking to my husband about her? He doesn't seem to concerned, I told him if he wants to go visit her go ahead. I haven't told him I wouldn't let him take the kids, but I will try to say something nuetral like " the kids wouldn't feel comfortable visiting Evil GMIL since they don't know her". I don't think he will even go visit but I just want some advice on what to say to keep them home.
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