FBIL and New GF

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FBIL and New GF

Postby CantstandmyILs » Thu Oct 16, 2014 1:13 pm

Well I never had a problem with FBIL. He is Godfather of my ODS. Well we were close til he and his first GF broke up. Well after that he changed. He got another GF but then broke up with her with a yr after they moved together cause he wasn't making enough just for rent. Anyone now he has this new GF. I haven't see FBIL since Christmas 2013. Anyway he came to our home with his new GF who I met for the first time. She then started questioning who was the girl in my photos with him(my sister of my ODS baptism) I was a little weirded out cause who does that. Well from there I was telling FBIL that we weren't going to celebrate Christmas cause I was mourning of the death of my aunt. She chime in saying she lost her cat 2 weeks before that day. I said I'm sorry I don't know what is like to loose a pet cause I never had one. Her respond "It's pretty much the same thing" WTH? Umm I doubt it. I took it like saying she's mourning but she is still celebrating. From there I put some music on and FBIL and GF decided to dance but out of tune since they were dancing to a different rhythm. She's like Oh we dance in my house livingroom. I went with oh me and DF too but I know what I am dancing too. lol

I am also friends with FBIL first GF. We hang out going to the movies, dinner, out with my kids she visits once a yr to exchange gifts in my house. Anyway she came over in Jan and took a couple of pics and posted it on my FB. FBIL then unfriended me. He then told my DF that new GF was on his FB and saw my pics and saw pics of ex gf. WTF? So she got pissed and he unfriend me.

From there I haven't seen him it's 10 months later and still no word from him. He told my DF that he will no longer go to our home cause I am friends with his ex gf and new gf said just in case ex gf shows up randomly. WTH? Now coming from my own experience where my FSIL would bring DF ex gf around me but I would never do that. ex gf broke up wit FBIL 4 yrs ago and since then they haven't seen each other. We didn't invite FBIL to my baby shower cause ex gf was invited and I didn't want it to be awkward.

He also told my DF that in order for him o visit I would have to loose my friendship. Really? I didn't do nothing to him or his gf to feel that way. He also told him that in order for him to hang out it would have to be outdoors. I told my DF then he would have to suck it up cause it won't happen so my DF could be his taxi driver since FBIL don't have a car. I told him I wasn't planning to loose my friend over a girl who I met once. She sounds immature since she is jealous of a girl she never met.

I told my DF I have no interest hanging out with them now since I am way to grown for drama. I have a small circle for a reason and don't need new people to com in my circle.
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