The Holidays and a Recovering DuH

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The Holidays and a Recovering DuH

Postby Melody » Mon Nov 10, 2014 5:21 pm

No matter how lousy they treated us the last time, DH used to come running - with the grandchildren - anytime FIL and the Stepmonster snapped their fingers. After many years DH FINALLY figured out that Stepmonster ONLY cares about herself and FIL is mostly interested in TRYING to make her happy.

So BIL's wife emailed me and said they are going to HER family for Christmas eve and that stepmonster is having her half-sister's family over (its always a new favorite relative with that woman - never us of course). DH and discuss that since SIL knew about this and we were not told, we were more than happy to stay home.

A week after FIL texts DH to come up during Christmas Eve (Odon summons). DH explains AGAIN that he works late on Christmas Eve (has for 19 years!) so FIL says that I should bring the kids up and DH can come later.

Granted, I got very agitated quickly, but DH then starts in that, "I haven't answered him yet! We need to discuss this! The kids love going up there!". (The kids DON'T love going there. They LIKE their dogs, that get WAY WAY WAY more attention and better treatment than the kids they only see every few months.) Reminding DH what colossal @holes these people are (and they do literally NOTHING as "hosts" - I personally think the Stepmonster just wanted to put on a show for the "important" relatives didn't deter him and neither did saying that HIS BROTHER isn't even going!

He only stopped and said, "Why didn't you say so?" After I said "Ughh! I DON'T WANT TO GO!!!!!" And I reminded him that I TRIED FOR YEARS and THEY BLEW IT!!! I reminded him that the last two encounters ended up with him screaming at stepmonster and that even HE DOESN'T WANT TO BE AROUND THEM! He actually agreed with me, but WHY did it have to come to that point? Doesn't "your "parents" are @ssholes MEAN "I don't want the kids around them and don't want to be around them!"
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