I wish clueless FIL

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I wish clueless FIL

Postby tryingtoliveinpeace » Wed May 13, 2015 11:31 pm

All I had to worry about was my garden and my planted trees and the daily weather rather than the actual reality of hubby's health, working to try to keep my home and pay off my debts and just keep my sanity all while juggling a full time job and house responsibilities. I fully and completely understand you have all the time in the world now you have no interest in actually doing things to better the lives of others like ya know maybe volunteering. And since when is it that a new surgeon that hubby just saw within the last week can magically fix hubby's issues all within a week's time ? Sheesh you sure expect a lot of a medical specialist who by the way has more extensive procedures to perform than anything you ever did as a dentist in comparison. And ya know there are these things called CT scans and other testing that have to be done so the doctor can see what he is ultimately dealing with. Get a grip better yet get a sense of reality. Wishful thinking I suppose but a girl can keep hoping.
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