Oh so now we matter how nice

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Oh so now we matter how nice

Postby tryingtoliveinpeace » Fri May 29, 2015 9:53 pm


I have to laugh and shake my head at this one....MIL and FIL just got back from their visit to GSIL and family and now all of a sudden we matter with an email from his mother asking why haven't we heard from you why no updates on your jobs (meaning his and mine) and your back and oh by the way a friend of ours just quit smoking using acupuncture do you think that would help you ? Uh hello insurance companies don't just cover things because you want them and while some insurance companies do cover acupuncture at a percentage it might be more costly for us out of pocket. DH is using the E-cigarette dear MIL I thought that was the cure all or at least you made it sound that way a few months ago when you gave him one of your endless lectures about quitting. Maybe I should ask you and dear FIL to quit drinking like that is going to happen since you seem so dead set on lecturing others about their bad habits.
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