publicly announced my hatred for her on fb

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publicly announced my hatred for her on fb

Postby Notanyone'stherapist » Fri Jun 12, 2015 5:12 pm

to lay the scene properly, I am currently staying with my great grandparents to help them out for two weeks.
bf started his first week at a new job that requires him to travel (not in the extreme just to distant towns in the (second largest in the US ) state.
before he left he gave back the tv (that he bought for her she had a tantrum and' lost' the tv) and proclaimed that she doesn't know why he took HER tv to begin with and that she would not let him or I use it. (She has a tv in her room five steps from the other tv)
It has been the a week now and bf just got home and found out that his mother had lockemd his cat in his room for the entire week.
for those of you that love little furry babies tge cat is fine. he had food and a (now empty) water bowl and his litter box.
bf was Pissed and asked why he'd been in there all week and her response was" I didn't want to deal with him" .

keep in mind it was her idea to get the cat, bf takes care of him and he sleeps most the day anyway. yes the cat is a year old abd gets mischievous but no more than normal.
I am beyond Pissed because he is a great cat and is very affectionate and did NOT deserve that kind of treatment(I am a huge animal lover and can't stand abuse of any kind).
remembering back she would often state that she was keeping the cat when bf leaves abd I am now ready to take the poor th I.g away and I'll fucking fight her on it.
the only reason we didn't plan on taking him before was because the cat doesn't like my dog (my large dog is indifferent to the cat and is actually afraid if said cat) but properly getting them used to each other wouldn't be hard (last time they met the were in the sane room tense but peaceful)

I'm too far away to kick her ads so Idk what happened but it clicked in my head that the only family if hers on my fb hates her and think I'm just such a sweety for staying quiet around her bs (her relatives will often ask how I don't smack her)
so I publicly announced what she did with plenty of people agreeing with what a bitch she is.
I am very aware of what may come BUT she doesn't have fb. so if she finds out then I'll know who is enabling her.
you may see me on the news. it will be worth it.
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