IL's B/S has piled on and I need to vent!

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Re: IL's B/S has piled on and I need to vent!

Postby Bella7 » Fri Aug 14, 2015 11:53 am

These people sound obnoxious. They are not mentally healthy. You should see them much less, perhaps never.

BIL was being particularly obnoxious on your visit to him. He doesn't think much of you and would see nothing wrong with getting you out of the picture. That's why the interrogation and trying to get BF to move.

Where does your dog stay when you travel? I'd simply tell MIL "I appreciate the offer, but Dog has been staying at XYZ place for years when I travel and is comfortable there." Leave it at that.

SIL sucks. Don't let her make you feel bad. Her issues are hers, not yours. Personally, I'd have fun, be friendly, say hello, and otherwise ignore her. When people don't like you, it really gets under their skin when you are nice to them.
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