Just an update.

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Just an update.

Postby TooManyCooks » Mon Sep 28, 2015 4:43 pm

ESIL will be picked up at county lockup on Thursday and heading 200 miles from here and away from her immediate family.

Everything has quieted down a lot. The coffee shop opened up last week, with minimal fanfare. It was my choice. But it has not stopped us from having a full house all week.

DH is working his usual grind again. He is smiling again. He and FIL pop into the coffee shop just about daily. LOL I busted them both trying to help my greenhorn dishwasher catch up on Saturday lunch. Everything was drenched. So were the guys.

FIL is getting better. His doctor has put him on a restrictive diet but I did ask if he could have treats. As long as he takes his meds and takes care of himself, a small reasonable tidbit is allowed. He however isnt allowed to take off to the lake by himself for now. Just a precaution. DH has been heading out with him every other weekend so he can enjoy some fishing and relaxation.

We are discussing holiday plans and the impending wedding. We are laughing about what our grandkids will look and be like. FIL walked in halfway though that conversation. He kind of stuttered when he realized our grandkids would be his great grandkids. Its strange sometimes with it being so calm. But it is a welcome change.
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