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Postby CantstandmyILs » Tue Oct 06, 2015 10:29 am

So my FBIL and I gotten in a small argument last Friday. My DF and I was food shopping and FBIL works at the super market. I basically confronted him to see what was his and his current gf problem. He said he spoke to my DF about it. I said I wanted to hear it from him. (Basically he don't come by cause I am friends with his ex)

So I told him what that has to do with anything. He then try to pull the crap the way I feel toward my DF ex is the same way his gf feels about my friend. I told him How does she knows about my friend since I never spoke or invited my friend the day he came over. He said that he told her. I said why? He's like I'm not going to lie. I said I didn't say anything about lying. I want to know why did that conversation came up who I am friends with. He didn't have the balls to tell me that his gf went under his fb page and went into mine and saw my pics my friend tag me with my kids. So that's why he deleted me.

I told him I never did anything to disrespect him or her the one time I met her only. He was trying to compare me. Which my FSIL and my DF's ex gf are friends. Which I don't care if they are now I do care when FSIL was parading DF's ex in front of us. So my DF could notice her. Every move they made FSIL would tell DF. I never did that to FBIL. That one time he came on Christmas for 2 hrs with her I never even mention nothing about my friend.

I told him if she's jealous over a girl that she never met seems pathetic. He's like shes not jealous. Sure! That's why when they came to my house she even question my pics he was in( the day of my ODS baptism) Where she asked him who was in the pic with him and ODS. I heard it and said my sister. My sister and FBIL are my ODS Godparents. My DF invited them to go BBQ with us as soon as FBIL asked who was going and my DF mention me he decided not to go. Umm I didn't know there was a problem with me now. He said that his gf isn't comfortable being in my home. I said no it seems like even outside if he chose not to go as soon as DF mention I was going. Uncomfortable in the sense his gf thinks my friend would show up any minute. I told him he dated my friend 5 years so that means he should know the type of girl she is. She isn't one to show up in front of your house. We make plans for that. I told him and even if she comes to my house I would never let her come over when I know he and his gf is over or anywhere. I know how that feels and would not want anyone to go through or feel what I felt. My friend comes over once a year just to exchange Christmas gifts. She buys my kids gifts. When we plan to hang. We usually go to the park with my kids, musuem, bar, dinner, movies w/e but outside my home.

I told him his gf sounds pathetic. He's like I asked DF plenty of time to see ODS in his house. I said oh you mean gf house where she has pets. He haven't seen my ODS for 2 years and if he was so involved in his life he would know that ODS is allergic to dogs and cats. It seems like he want to see ODS and DF exclude my LO and I for the sake of his gf. I was like I was there wayyy before her so she should get used to it. With just one time meet his gf assume the worst. Maybe ILs talked crap about me who knows. If I wanted to I could of invited him to my baby shower or my LO first birthday which I didn't. That's another thing he doesn't acknowledge my LO. DF said maybe he feels disconnected since we never told him that I was pregnant and invited him to the shower. I don't think that is an excuse.

I told him now that we are in the subject of my friend that we plan our wedding June 2016 for 2017 to be wed and he's like if my friend goes his respond is no. He's like oh we're be married before yous. I said Good for you it's not a competition and we won't go either since we haven't had NC with ILs for 5 years. It saves me money for plate and invite for anyway. I told him he's not my brother.

He asked if I was in my period I said no what bothers me that I made him Godparent to act like that.I told him he was the only one I was cool with and the only one I would talk to from all the ILs but now he's on my shit list.

Ny DF didn't say a word or backed me up. Nothing. He said he already spoke to FBIL but there's nothing he can do. If he didn't say nothing again like always it's going to be thesame with his parents. He always leave me in the ring without backing me up. That's the reason I have NC with ILs cause I'm always stuck defending me and he dont say a word.

I honestly don't want him inviting his parents to our wedding. For what? My kids and I have NC with them for 5 years. DF don't see them but talk to his parents once in a while. So if parents get invited eat food that we are paying prob go back home and talk shit. I told him it's not like I am going to notice them or strike a convo with them during the wedding. It won't change anything. After wedding next day it will go as if they don't exist like it has for 5 years. They're in there house and me at mine. Like nothing happened.

I told FBIL that his gf has nothing to worry about since my friend moved on and has a man that is a firefighter. Compare to him that's the reason they broke up. So his gf don't have to worried about anything. He's like good for her IDC. I was like obv you do when you had her name in your mouth. I told him to keep my name and her name out of mouth. So I told FBIL that I am ODS mother and he go out anywhere without me. So a guy came to ask him to go back he said OK be right there. I said I guess conversation is over. Since she wants to act like that I won't have any communication with him either as if he don't exist. I said have a nice life with her and hope it last since when he gets into a relationship he changes personality. He said me and laughs I said yes but DF could explain to him why I think that.

I'm completely done with ILs.
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