MIL coming to visit..or not?

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Re: MIL coming to visit..or not?

Postby mamarama » Thu Aug 31, 2017 11:46 am

I'm surprised the girlfriend has stuck around this long. She may have a backbone, but boy is she naive in a way. MIL's behavior won't get any better. The best the GF can hope for is that her boyfriend learns to not put up with his mother's crap. I'm still recovering from my battle with narcissists. If and when I do date again, if I see an inkling of bad behavior from my boyfriend's mother, I'll run like hell, irregardless of how he approaches it. Never again do I want to deal with that. It's hard enough to handle when your H is on your side. When H is clueless or doesn't confront the issue, the situation is hopeless.

BTW, why are you even considering interacting with this woman at all? What about that little love note she sent you a while back?
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