Help we don't need

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Help we don't need

Post by miwako » Thu Aug 31, 2017 11:52 am

Things have been hard for awhile now. I'm still struggling to pay my ever increasing insurance premiums, my job is running me around wanting me to do more work with less hours, and therefore less pay, my husband's job has been pulling his staff forcing him to come in to work at 2 am randomly. We are broke and exhausted, but haven't wanted to ask the in-laws for anything because 1. they'll just lord it over us, and 2. it will be a loan with interest, and I can get a loan from my bank without all the emotional strings attached.

A few weeks ago my husband broke down and decided to tell FIL that we are having problems. Not long after that, FIL got this idea that he has some old towels he doesn't want anymore and decided to send them to us to "help" us. Um, okay sure. I don't really need towels, but whatever. We got the box the other day and it is a HUGE box from UPS. I can't imagine it cost him less than $40 to ship it.

I feel stupid because I can't say "Next time you want to spend $40 to 'help' us, just send $40 and have a charity pick up your junk" but it's just so dumb. I feel like it's on purpose, like he's doing things to feel like he's helping without actually helping.

Maybe I'm reading too much into this. If we still lived nearby and he just gave them to us I wouldn't care. Maybe FIL is just an idiot and didn't realize that mailing things costs money. Maybe I'm just jealous, bitter and angry that he has so much money when he's such an awful person and we're struggling.

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