I grind my teeth because of her

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I grind my teeth because of her

Post by nottheonlyone » Mon May 27, 2019 1:22 am

Howdy all,

I feel like I found kindred spirits in all of you....

I have been tragically stuck with this hate filled devil spawn for over 20 years. As with many of you, I never stood up for myself and never called her our on her bullshit simply because others wouldn't allow it, said I had to keep the peace, just let it go etc....... Can't say anything negative, can't correct her or her behavior, can't disagree with her, can't stand up for yourself.....all in fear of hurting HER FEELINGS. This woman has told her kids she has lung cancer, bowel cancer, pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer and thyroid cancer - all for some sympathy and attention. The worst part is, when all is revealed to be a huge bloody LIE, no one says anything...it just ....goes away....forgotten. Well now she has diabetes, not once but twice. The first case of diabetes went away apparently but now she has it for realz. LOL. How does someone tell their own kids they have cancer just to get some attention - when they know full well they don't? Well after 20 years I finally grew a set and stood up to her.....20 years too late. I should NEVER have let her get away with this crap from the very beginning, I should have put in her place from the very start. *SIGH
So she asks me now why all of a sudden am I calling her out? Well, beotch, when you told my son the day after he got out of 3 weeks intensive care with cancer growing in his brain, that he was going to lose friends because of the cancer....less than 24 hours later you were calling your flying monkeys (I LOVE that term BTW) and telling them that DH and I were getting a divorce because our son had cancer. What kind of person does that? What if my son - your first born GRANDSON heard that? That's when I decided enough was enough....it was soooooo long overdue, and I blame myself for that. I listened to all her family carry on about her feelings and 'that's just the way it is, she's always been like that' that I let her get away with it. I let the beast live on top of her ivory tower for too long, I let her behavior go unchecked and now I have to suffer the consequences apparently.
There's so much more, wearing the same colored dress as me to my own wedding and walking around with a 'bunch of flowers' like a bouquet, killing our brand new pup, the insults to my face, to my children, to my DH and all the pettiness and lies behind my back to anyone who will listen. And now you cry foul when DH doesn't call you daily (lucky to be a few times a year now) and hasn't been to visit you in over a year. Somehow you make that my fault too. Sad thing is when DH confronts her about her vile behavior, she claims that she doesn't know what she's doing, that it as a misunderstanding or flat out lies and says that I've made it all up. Back in the day she used to just cry and they'd all flock to her and coddle her and that would be the end of it. Now that I've started standing up to her, it's created a situation where everyone's angry with me and I don't get included in any events. I barely get spoken to. Maybe I should have just kept quiet and maintained the status quo...I'd be miserable but at least I wouldn't be getting grunted at by BIL's and DH, and would be a part of the family...... so instead I grind my teeth and have worn out 2 x plates LOL
I can't even say 'go to your happy place' cause I honestly don't remember where it is

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