They'll be driving soon so THEN I'll see myyyyyy Grandchildren!

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They'll be driving soon so THEN I'll see myyyyyy Grandchildren!

Post by Melody » Mon Jun 01, 2020 9:43 am

So the Martyr crap continues. DH's brother called DH yesterday, sounded concerned about something, but had to quickly get off the phone because he had another call coming in that he had to take.

DH is worried from BIL's tone and immediately calls his paaaaaaarents. (Ugh! I and the kids haven't talked to them in over a year and its been bliss). And surprise surprise, nothing is wrong, but an opportunity for stepmonster to blab again.

DH gets off the phone and tells me that we have to visit his paaaaarents. He knows exactly how I feel and says that it will be after phase II or III is in place. He goes into the same old crap about how the children have a right to know their only living grandparents despite hitting the sh*t lottery and that the kids have been asking.

I do confirm with the kids that they have been asking (probably because DH has been trained to talk them up). And that I don't have to come, but they will visit them. I tell him of course I am coming. He gets all upset that I don't trust him to keep the kids safe (they are older now) and honestly, from prior situations, I don't because he gives the psycho b*tch and her enabler too much credit.

Apparently his "mother" went into discussion about how now that the kids are older and will be driving soon, THEN she'll be able to FINALLY see HER graaaaaaaaannndddd children. She also tells DH that she's been "blocked" by "someone" from seeing them all this time.

DH claims he stuck up for me (he wishy washy does, it doesn't seem to ever match the legend in his mind. I feel like its more like being thrown under the bus). He said he told her that she could have visited any time but chose not to. And she also chose not to with her behavior.

He also launches into a whole discussion with me about how people treat other people differently and that while they don't treat me (or him for that matter) well they LOOOOOOVVVVEEE their grandchildren. (BARF!)

So as much as I hope he forgets, but since my kids are interested (maybe as a morbid curiousity) it looks like we're stuck visiting for about two hours, and I will come to make sure she can't get away with saying or doing inappropriate crap (again) or serving my family spoiled food.

I feel anxious. Virtue hugs needed please.

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