Help me think of ways to piss MIL & FIL off

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Help me think of ways to piss MIL & FIL off

Post by Marie2019 » Sat Mar 13, 2021 4:32 pm

While I found a very funny topic from here about how to piss off MIL & FIL the things to do were mostly set for when visiting MIL & FIL at their home.... but what about if they come to your house or meet at restaurant /Cafe?
What are some funny things to do when seeing INLAWS out or in your own home that will piss them off but in a subtle way?? :lol: :lol:
While being overly nice to them annoys them I need something new! My MIL and FIL have really been very horrible to me and their own son since our DD has been born :x
Would love to hear everyone's funny suggestions :lol:

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Re: Help me think of ways to piss MIL & FIL off

Post by WhyOhWhy » Sun Mar 21, 2021 10:02 pm

Well, another suggestion that's sometimes given is to invite an annoying friend. Give that friend permission to monopolize the conversation by yammering on, and on, and on about some topic in their lives. The in-laws will HATE that. If it's a "chance" encounter, then you'll have to come up with something on the fly I guess?

p.s. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times: if you live so close that you might "run into" your in-laws, then you are living way to close to them. Moving away was the absolute best decision we ever made. Hands down. Read the boards and "home" page to see how many say the same thing!
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Re: Help me think of ways to piss MIL & FIL off

Post by Melody » Mon Mar 22, 2021 2:09 pm

DH's Brother and SIL use WhyOhWhy's strategy quite successfully. Their good friend is ALWAYS invited to these things. He's a very successful salesman and make any stupid little story hilarious, so he always steers the conversation away from DH and his brother's stepmonster incessantly blabbing about herself or asking nosy questions.

BIL and SIL also set very anal retentive times for their get togethers. But even better the kids tend to congregate on the lower floor and adults at the table so that the kids are never alone with stepmonster.

How to annoy them at your own home? Well I regret putting out the crap gifts they bought us - which THRILLED them. Then FIL and stepmonster went off about how DH's brother and SIL don't put out the "heirlooms"/CRAP they got them. Therefore, I suggest putting things away. And as a bonus, putting out things that YOUR family got you, unless you are concerned they will get "accidentally" broken. FIL and stepmonster were pissed when SIL put out things from HER ethnic background. Gasp!

Cook things they don't like.

Regarding restaurants, it has worked out well when the kids are never seated near stepmonster (especially when she said she wanted to see them). Various ways this has worked out have been:

- DH will sit next them, I will sit next to him and the kids to my other side, so I can help them :).

- When we walked into a situation with extended relatives and FIL and stepmonster were sitting at a table alone, DH felt my pain and quickly said "Oh, (the six of us) won't fit and went to sit down two tables over - at an empty table of 8. (DH's bad math skills come in handly sometimes). A nephew promptly joined us and so we were up to 7, lol.

- This I can't make up, lol. Once we walked into an area that had only small tables of 4 with a group of 12. FIL yell's who wants to sit with (stupid name for) stepmonster? The kids ALL ran past her to sit together at other tables. This was one of the few times, I was happy to be stuck with her, lol!

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