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The Newest Development in the

Post by Hiddenjem » Fri Dec 03, 2021 1:26 am

in-law situation.

The in-law neighbor (one of the brothers of sister who is pregnant by m—- addicted man) across the street was beaten up at his job.

The situation is being investigated and he was told not to come back to work until the investigation is completed to see if he is blame or not.

Was he sober at work? Was he being “himself”? I don’t know. His own son couldn’t wait to leave home and told me his dad was a “a— ——“ “ I agree with his son.

Will this lead to more of him sitting by his fire pit located in full view of our house in a odd location by the toilet while he stays drunk?

Will this lead to more time to for him to drunk drive into people’s parked cars, homes, utility poles and male boxes? Or will he kill someone next time?

Sadly, time will tell.

Don’t worry his mommy who works for a judge who make sure he faces no consequences no matter what he does …. She may end up attending his funeral because of her enabling him.

Yes, this is the mother who wants to take over custody of her grandchildren being exposed to m—- use and a m—- user or users.

If he loses his job, or has a extended amount of time not working…. Will he build another outdoor bar with a tarp cover on in full view of our house?

Did I mention he had the junkiest property in our neighborhood? Oh the joy and the views!

I am grateful for blinds and curtains! They are the best thing ever!

Or will he allow another friend to live in a Rv in his driveway? (He has done this before!) Since this is not allowed, someone reported him. Solution, the person moved to the other brother’s driveway! The home isn’t in our view so I didn’t report it.

Meanwhile, keeping blinds and curtains closed and hoping he doesn’t kill anyone drunk driving while having more free time on his hands!

Time will tell! Life is never boring with the reality of husband’s relatives lives!
"I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel." Maya Angelou

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