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Post by CantstandmyILs » Mon Dec 13, 2021 8:29 pm

Here to another holiday appraching.

So again I am in this topic of PILs seeing the kids. PILs told me MIL asked againa nd he don't say another cause he knows how I am. IDK how long can I keep this up til he blows and say he wants to see his family. MIL send him a gif wishing my middle son a happy bday.

I saw a text not to long ago SIL send DH amazon wishlist of her 3 kids. Which is odd to me cause DH don't buy christmas gifts to her kids at all since SIL is CO. He also deleted the msg 3 days later.

DH told me he saw MIL at his job since he works in a supermarket. He told DH that he was going to spend thanksgiving with the family that SIL is hosting but didn't bother asking about him or the kids. DH is like damn LO Godfather has more of a better relationship then BIL. I told him that someone like that who doesn't care ODS that is his Godson what you expect.
I also saw him at his work last week and he passed us like we were completely stranger.

I'm so glad when it comes down to what DH and I are building we don't rely on any of those people.

Now Christmas is approaching. Gift buying and DH last told me that he knows whaat to get MIL. A pair of UGG. WTH I been wanting a pair of UGG and there he would get it. I said mm nope you getting a cheap knock off then.

The time of exchanging gifts with PILs are coming and I hate this feeling.

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