Dh's drunk driving relative crashed another car!

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Dh's drunk driving relative crashed another car!

Post by Hiddenjem » Mon Mar 28, 2022 4:00 am

He is now up to 4 cars totaled in less than 12 months and he lost another job due to his drinking. Now, he has more time to risk taking innocent lives by his actions! Not so lovely.....

In a perfect world, the next time it happens (drunk driving) no one gets hurt and it isn't this corrupt county where his Mommy has connections and will lose his license.

However, since he won't follow the laws against drunk driving, why would not having a drivers license stop him from risking killing people and damaging more property. It wouldn't!

If they could lock him up and throw away the key, it could cost all tax payers money. When he got out, he would go back to more destruction.

(He has destroyed a power pole, parked vehicles, mailboxes, during his drunk driving episodes.) The city tried to sue him over the taking down the power pole and causing a power outage but his Mommy saved him because she works for the judge.

Sadly, the only way to keep you, me, and everyone that we all care about safer on the roads is for him to end his life with drunk driving in one of his drunk car crashes and not take any other lives. It is something that those protecting ("helping") him will have to live with when he eventually can't be protected anymore.
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