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Post by CantstandmyILs » Wed Jul 27, 2022 3:48 pm

MIL told DH last week that FIL has to come up with rent money by the end of this month or they would have to live off the security and move with SIL and her family to her place. FIL is working in a supermarket and MIL isn't working at all.

SIL is helping PIL with buying them food and BIL is helping paying PIL phone bill. DH said in PIL moving now screw SIL kids school over cause they are currentlly attending PIL school district and not where SIL lives and BIL also depends on MIL to cook for him.

I told DH then BIL either needs to order food out or he needs tos tart cooking for himself or his gf to start cooking. As for SIL kids she should have her kids in her school district. IDK why they even going to MIL town for. SIL is a SAHM there's no reason.

He then said he would like to help PIL. I said absotely not. We also have bills and if he has extra money to spare we can put that in the sabvings for our house.

I told him that it's been 3 yrs MIL has been collecting unemployment and she hasn't even looked for work at all. Now when my mom got let go in her job 2016 and collecting unemplyment my mom got 3 jobs. 2 picking and dropping kids off froms chool and also babysitting kids half day. 3 family while collecting unemployment. While MIL knew that was temp and hasn't look for no work.

I told him 200 dollars in gift card and that's it but no monrthly. PIL should downgrade on apt size. They living in a 3 bedroom apt like 3. They should downgrade either a 1 bedroom or studio if it's only them.

All 3 kids are out the house and making a life. They should be working and having some money on the side. I never seen anything like this. My mom always figured it all. My mom don't depend on us or my sister. Even when she found out she has cancer and most days she feels tired she still working her butt off. I told him there's so much of a difference I see my family and his.

Like how long will he give money. Every month? For how long? I told him FILowns you money from the time I met him. He owns DH car payment he stole from DH. He stole from me 750 plus 2 income tax money. So why would DH even consider. I told him I don't see PIL moving forward and busting their butt like my mom did so no I don't feel bad.

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