First Signs of Trouble...

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First Signs of Trouble...

Postby Daughtherinlaw78 » Fri Jan 21, 2011 12:27 pm

I met my husband a year after September 11th. He had just moved to the DC area with his mother and 2 sisters (one older and one younger). I can't say it was love at first sight but it was def something strong after our first date.

One of the first encounters with my soon to be mother in law that was a tell tale sign of things to come was at my friend's party.
JUST FYI: Future MIL(mother in law) married a man from Northern VA. He was a higher up at a company many of my friends worked at so as a result, when someone at "said" company had a party he and my future MIL were invited.

At this party that my future MIL attended, she ended the night pretty drunk. I stepped outside to smoke and she could barely keep both eyes open let alone her speech was very slurred. She looked at me and said, "Lisa, I have a lot of things to fix with my son. I have a lot to make up for with him". I could have put this on repeat because she kept saying this over and over all the while smoking a cigg and at times missing her lips. It was a sight to see. Kinda sad to see actually.

Now, keep in mind I had not been dating her son for that long so at the time I think this is just drunk talk. I am not so small minded to think that ALL things said when people are drunk is truth. Now, as I look back I can't help but realize that was the first and last time in 10 years she has been able to admit there were issues. Yes, the first time and the last time was when she was drunk and I was merely her son's girlfriend.

Now, you wonder if I ever asked her son, my future husband about what she said and my answer is yes. I did. I told him that night on the way back to his apartment what she was rambling to me on the porch of my friend's house. He actually told me that he had no idea what she was talking about and that she was probably just drunk.

So, I look back now and realize he was not necessarily lying to me. I was his girlfriend. He didn't owe me any explanation. But yes, she was right. She did have a lot of things to account for. I just had no idea that I'd be the one calling her out too.
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