The things my MIL do, ANd its only a lil summary!!

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The things my MIL do, ANd its only a lil summary!!

Postby jazznjay » Sat Jan 22, 2011 12:38 am

Everything is cool, i meet the parents for the first time! There are the ideal happy family with four boys! Speed it up 3 years i am now pregnant with there now second grandchild (only because there youngest son couldnt keep it in his pants) so now they have there first girl by the BIL. I find out im having a boy, the MIL acts like she is still happy!!! Well yeah the hell right, She decided to quit her job and be a day care provider and thats when the living hell starts!!!! I have the baby and she acts like she loves him but didnt even want him most of the time because she had her granddaughter in her hand. Then on top of it all MY GRAND DAUGHTER THIS MY GRANDAUGHTER THAT..... Even on my sons first birthday!!!! I am not going to lie, dont ever treat my son like he is second best because he is not. Then she wants to talk to all her lil messy friends about me behind my back, but when i say something she dont know what im talking about. All this lady does is spend money on coach purses and expensive things that her ass cant afford!! Then turn around and ask for money, ooohhhhhh and dont tell her you dont have it or your stupid and dumb (only behind your back never to your face though). Also she dont even teach at her day care all she does is sit on her ass and watch t.v and eat, and she wonders why she cant loose no damn weight!! She has all these damn diets but her ass sits and complains about ppl all damn day!!

Oh and my FIL works all the time so he buys himself little toys like cars (which is what he deserves cuz he works for it) and all MIL does is b*tch and complain that she wants more!!
Then she comes to me and tells me she wants to charge me for daycare for her own damn grandson, (which when i was pregnant she stated i would never ever have to pay because that is her "grandchild".) Thats all a bunch of cr*p, once i get the chance yes i will move far far far away so i dont ever have to deal with your crap. A day with out you is a day of pure heaven!!!!!!

One more thing you keep telling ppl you are saved and you have devoted yourself to GOD but you curse ppl out and judge ppl, you are not perfect so please stop putting ppl under you because u are no one special!!!!!!
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