Tattletale MIL

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Tattletale MIL

Postby lookup » Tue Jun 14, 2011 9:31 am

This is long but I need to vent.

Since MIL has developed a relationship with a man she met at church(good - we are happy about that) she pretty much does her own thing and doesn't call or interact with anyone unless she wants something. However, if she decides she wants something you better be quick about giving it to her!

Today MIL sent a response to an e-mail my DH sent her from my e-mail account in which she lets him know that she has been trying to call me but never gets an answer. I am not ignoring her calls - she calls when I am not home and leaves a message that says when she will call back but then does not do it - I no longer hang around waiting. I have wasted too much time doing that. So she is taking it personally. I wish I saved the message she left yesterday so DH could hear her tone. She admitted that she did not call when she said she would last week because she was just too busy. I have tried calling back but SHE does not answer - so what am I supposed to do?

It is not the first time she has complained that "Lookup never takes my calls" - as though I am ignoring her. I have heard her tell DH that when he had his phone on speaker in the car because she did not know I was there. He knows I do not ignore her calls so he laughs it off as funny that she is trying to tattle on me after all these years.

She invited herself, her BF and all their animals to my house. DH told her no( I heard him say it) to the animals but guess what - they are coming anyway. And she expects all of us to go out and do activities while she is here and the animals will run loose because it makes them sad to be shut in one room. I just finished re-carpeting and getting new furniture for the first time in 15 years! I am not happy and DH knows this. You bet I want to talk to her. .... I know she wants to try to get me to say it is OK and that the animals are welcome to make herself feel better. I remember how she was about her home when she was the age I am now - NO WAY would she have allowed someone to bring animals and let them run loose.

I can not make myself pretend to be pleased about this visit so I really hope I can find a way to assert myself in a way that is direct but not rude. Honestly - She is still trying to figure out how to show up on our beach vacation on her terms when the house we rented does not allow pets on the property - we would be evicted with no refund if they found out!

I do not hate animals - I have had many pets but I never expected anyone to host them - They were always boarded if we went out of town. I am so aggravated right now!
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