Demented in-laws!

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Demented in-laws!

Postby Colwyn » Wed Oct 05, 2011 9:45 am

My in-laws are as demented as hell. They have no life, other than to make trouble in their sons marriage. The FIL watches TV all day, watches movies all weekend, sneaks in the other sick woman he has meeting on the sly for years which happens to be his wifes sister. The MIL does nothing but sleep, hear voices, make trouble, lie all day about anything, gossip to anyone who wants to listen. They hate me and would not greet me and would make trouble between my husband and I. My husband supports them fully and always has a reason of why and how I misunderstood them or never heard right or he would never see anything even if I point it out to him, he will just look away. We fight all the time about them, and what makes it worse my husband went to tell them, now they even happier that we fight over them. They are such sick losers.
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