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Trying to hurt me on my birthday? Really?

Posted on Fri, May. 25, 2018 at 08:28 pm

So a little backstory: DH and I have been together for 8 years, in this period of time there has been another girl causing problems, MIL is head over heels for this other girl (her friend's daughter) and wishes DH was with her instead, and has even admitted this, DH said he was never interested in her, but he was always her plan B, the guy who could buy her stuff but not be her man, the guy who could fix her car, give her rides, blah blah blah. Until I came around and made her plan B into my plan A, girl gets jealous and starts hardcore coming onto him right in front of me, I'm talking sitting in his lap, blowing up his phone at midnight, etc. He tells her no. Homegirl sob stories her way into MIL thinking I'm the enemy, now I'm hated throughout the whole family, this girl is always finding new ways to create problems for us, she told people all over town that my DH was with her, not me, she's showed up at my house, she's harassed me on the phone, she stole belongings and money out of our vehicles, she literally tried to ram into my mother's car in the drive through at mcdonalds, she's a hardcore drug addict and she's nuts, but MIL always buys right into whatever sob story she has going this week.
Years later and she is making a big fuss about how she "won't friend her on Facebook because she knows shes a problem for me" Like she's some sort of saint. Last week was my birthday, guess what this woman does? She friends this girl she said she'd "never friend". On my birthday. Now every year I get to look forward to their "friend anniversary" posts on MY birthday. MIL did this pettyness on purpose to hurt me. This is the last straw, she's always doing stuff like this to hurt me. If she wants this other girl so badly she can have her, but she damn sure won't have me. I won't be going to christmas, thanksgiving, family reunions, birthdays, weddings or funerals, I won't be going to her house, nothing. I'm not planning to see this woman until she's in a casket, maybe not even then, so she better hope this other girl is ready to step up and be her surrogate DIL now that she's pushed the real one out, and I sure hope this other girl is ready to wipe her ass and take care of her when she's old and has dementia because I'm out.

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So bored.

Posted on Fri, May. 25, 2018 at 07:40 pm

Just 5 hours into the holiday weekend and I am already so bored of your dumb stories. I don’t care about how you wanted to go to lunch with friends but that heycsre too sick. M so boring it’s unreal.

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Good Bye and Good Riddance

Posted on Fri, May. 25, 2018 at 12:31 pm

Dear Dumb Fucks!!!

You won. I left your "angel" girl (aka...slave); now she's all yours. I hope you are happy that you've destroyed her life and our son's life.

You can now take over all our possessions and leave her and our son penniless. Yes, she will now co-sign all your loans. You can ask to stay at our house anytime. You can come and take everything from our house. She will loan you all the money she has. She will babysit all your demented kids for you. And, when they have kids of their own when they turn 13, she will babysit those for them too.

And as for the old woman that you call your mom, know that she will go to HELL for all the crap she caused everyone in her life. From making her husband go insane to cheating all of her kids out of a normal life and marriages.

I hope you feel better now that the guilt you put upon your spineless sister/daughter has eaten away her soul and she is now beside you again so she can rot even more.

She married me to escape your rats' nest but you managed to pull her back in. What a weak and useless person she really is.

Know that my 20 years with her that she has nothing but complaints about all of you.

I hope you know what a bunch of losers you really are. I guess losers love their own kind. What a bunch of rats and snakes.

I am moving on and finding a better place without rats and snakes.

Good riddance!!!

Rot in Hell MOFOS

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This was a forced marriage

Posted on Thu, May. 24, 2018 at 03:31 pm

In the two years we were engaged his mother:

-would comment on my weight before the wedding.
- remind me that I did not know as much as her about designer clothes/ wedding venues etc because I was not from “her circles”
-cried when I refused to wear a 6 carat engagement ring because it was too flashy and claimed that I was being a brat and demanded everything be my way
- claimed that I was sabotaging the wedding by asking alcohol not be served during the religious ceremony
- said she would take care of everything for the wedding and instead this translated to me being involved in absolutely nothing
- spent 2.5M on a wedding I did not ask for and called me a brat when I questioned what was being done
- produced the wedding cards and put my parents names in a tiny font and then told me to apologise to my parents on her behalf
- read my diary and used it against me

After all this I had had enough and blocked her on WhatsApp for 24 hours. She called my mother and told her I am constantly doing stuff like this (she actually textied my mother all the times she had known me and my DH Ajax argued/broken up since we were together at age 18, keep in mind two out of five of those arguments were HER fault) and I am a terrible person and her son is perfect and I should be grateful for what she has given me.

I hate her. She destroyed my relationship with my husband. This marriage was forced. I don’t want to be here. I don’t know how to tell people I am trapped. No one has sympathy because no one believes you can really be forced into a marriage being an educated young woman. But I have been in therapy for 8 years and my MIL...there are no words to the level of manipulative and deceptive she is. I just wish someone understood that there is such a thing as a forced marriage in these circumstances.

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Posted on Wed, May. 23, 2018 at 02:18 pm

You don’t defend H and me from slander (but instead, get in on it), you falsely accuse me of abuse, and you threaten to call the cops on us because H and I refuse to bow down to your craziness. Now you turn around and ask us for our help for the mess that you got yourself into. ROTFLMAO. I didn’t think it would happen so soon, but karma just gave H and me a front row seat to watch you reap what you’ve sown.

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Nasty In-Laws and nasty adult stepchildren

Posted on Wed, May. 23, 2018 at 01:57 pm

Overall the whole situation with my husbands family has been nasty for years. I don't know why, we feel we need to win the step brats over? Seriously, I should have dropped anything to do with them from the start. I became and unpaid driver, unpaid maid, unpaid cook, unpaid everything! It is so wrong of a spouse to put their spouse in a horrible position with outlaws and step brats just because it is easier for them. Anyone getting married to someone with kids really needs to spell it out - I Love You BUT I DON'T WORK HERE! Enough of people taking advantage. Since I have "divorced" the inlaws and step children, it has been liberating. Funny, they keep asking if I am coming to dinner, visiting them on holidays, family weddings etc. The answer is NO and NEVER. I'm done.

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As we reap we shall sow

Posted on Wed, May. 23, 2018 at 07:16 am

you Are dying of lung cancer and afraid of death
You got the one thing you did not want, your family and friends seeing you in a way you don’t want to be seen
Not sitting on your throne like a queen. A phony pompous holier than thou
Your sons are wiping your diapered butt -you are too weak to talk, you were so BIG on appearances
Your husband was too cheap toprovide proper care wouldn’t listen to anyone
And you have the money to do so
Did you want to be kept alive like this? You feigned the amAzing perfect marriage
Why is he sleeping upstairs as far away from your death bed and leaving you alone at night
Ironically I am an RN and pushed to get you proper care but have been belittle by you and your husband Many years and you both said you are private people
Private and I have been your dil 35 years but you pushed me out of your exclusive circle
Your husband won’t give you morphine and you are suffocating
You have so many false alarms and my dh has to fly down to see you from across the US you have burned everyone out with compassion fatigue
My dh has been cowed by both of you. Family dynamics are hard to fathom when you are in the middle of it
You weight 80 pounds and are having a terrible slow death
As we reap we shall sow

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Free Mother-in-Law - Curbside pickup!

Posted on Wed, May. 23, 2018 at 05:37 am

Or give us a quote for sanitation removal.

MIL comes complete with shoes and matching oversized purse - complete with numerous narcotics.

Diverse hobbies include badmouthing, making demands, having pets "put to sleep", elective surgeries, lying, stealing and screaming.

Take your time, she's already proved she's guarenteed to last (and last, and last.... sigh)

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Posted on Wed, May. 23, 2018 at 05:13 am

You are the most immature person I have ever encountered. You are well beyond 40 years old at this point in life and you insist on only having communication with your brother. That's your mistake, we will never come to your BBQs or anything else you invite us to, unless I also receive a message from you. Since you are too petty to do so, it will never happen. The other two evil step-sisters send their brother a message and include me as well. That's why we show up. But for you and your family, NEVER! Have a great weekend! Enjoy!

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Why my MIL is not my BFF

Posted on Tue, May. 22, 2018 at 10:42 pm

Has your MIL ever looked at your wedding pictures and said you look better in person? Has your MIL ever tasted something, said it was disgusting then tried to offer you a bite?
Has your MIL ever refer to you in front of your kids and husband as 'their mother' when talking about you? Is she
always yelling even when she is talking? The volume is only one setting=high. She's keeps nagging us non stop. She cripples the kids by doing everything for them when we visit. Similar to what she did with my DH and SSIL. Cleaning up for a 35 yr old whos still at home isn't something you should be proud of. My SIL is 35 and still lives at home. Is it any surprise she is still single? Her voice is annoying and she has the fashion sense of a 7 yr old girl. I gave them gifts and they donate them to the Salvation Army. Meanwhile they gave some ugly jewelry to myDH to pass off to me including my engagement ring! It's so ugly I never wear it. Who lets their mother choose a ring for their wife?! I hate how bossy they are. I wish they would go somewhere far and stay there hahaha

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