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To not so dear Fil

Posted on Fri, Feb. 28, 2020 at 04:27 am

I have to say that you are a major, judgmental jerk who happens to be a doctor.

True, I am not two piece bathing suit ready right now but I am not overweight. It is winter and I gain ten pounds every winter and lose it in the Spring and early summer.

I eat healthy but tend to have a small snack after six p.m. in the winter. It leads to some weight gain in the winter.

I am still in my bmi range. Yes, I look better in a bathing suit 10 pounds less but I don't wear a bathing suit in the winter!

Also,, I lose the weight every year by early summer!

How dare you judge me and assume I don't exercise or eat right.

How dare you ask me if I exercise and then judge it. Then, you had the nerve to say it wasn't working for me. I need to do what you do (it isn't working for you by the way. At least, I lose my winter weight!

Then, you have the nerve to say it is too bad I don't smoke because it would lead to me weighing less. I am a non smoker, eat healthy non drinker, and non drug user.

Are you serious? Are you a medical doctor really telling a non smoker that they needs to start smoking?

Do you need me to read the warning label on a pack of cigarettes? Do you not know the reality of what smoking does to a persons health?

Please start reading and shut up until you educate yourself!

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The Buttinskis

Posted on Fri, Feb. 28, 2020 at 03:16 am

People who try to tell you how to live your life. I got no use for them, family or otherwise. By the way, just because I don’t say anything doesn’t mean I agree with you. I can’t tell you what will make you happy anymore than you can tell me and my husband how to live.

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Poor tired son

Posted on Thu, Feb. 27, 2020 at 02:23 pm

My mil made a point to tell my that DH seems tired lately. She phoned DH to let him know she spoke with me about how tired he is.This might not seem like much but I've known her for a long time,she's up to something. Definitely trying to make out that her son is a poor martyr and I don't do enough for him.

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Dear mother of spouse

Posted on Thu, Feb. 27, 2020 at 10:05 am

I have been very good at sharing Dh with you for the last six years since we moved closer to you. (Same neighborhood)

However, due to you being "you", the rules change now. I am going to start making plans with my husband right a reasonable time after he helps you wirh yardwork to limit "visiting time."

I hope you enjoyed me being patient and tolerable of you being "you" and your treatment of me when we crossed paths.

Dh mentioned I should tell you whoever I go to the store and invite you to go wirh me. I just said no, I agreed to move here but not to make her life easier or spend time with her. It is all on him. He wanted to live closer to her.

By the way, my big motivation in finding a job was not being any part of "being there for her" should she need help in anyway. I feared that eventually she need more help. It could fall on me to take her to docfor appointments, errands, even eventually provide personal care for her etc because "I don't have a job so......"

I finally found a job in this small town that has hours that don't work around most typical docfor appointment time. Yes, busy me. So bad. Can't be of any help....

Game on..... I vow the limit the time that you have with my husband as well.

I had a open mind when I moved here. I started fresh and forgave you for a
you said and did in the past.

Then, you were even more hateful, tried to kill me (food allergy), and "were yourself..."

If I see you in a store, I will avoid you or pretend not to see you. If you knock on the door, I won't answer. If you are spending time with my husband, I will text him to come home because I miss him or want to spend time with him / make plans.

It didn't have to be this way.

Mother of spouse, did you notice all of the females that married males in the family exempt for myself and one other are divorced now?

Yes, you are part of the reason for those divorces.

Remember when you met me first time and looked at me and said, "Don't worry. It will never last. She is too young." Well, over 25 years later....

Thanks for the too young comment though. It wasn't meant well but it is closest you have ever come to saying something some what civil to me.

Yes, I am too young.... : ) It works for me. I just celebrate the young part of it.

Enjoy my game plan mother of spouse. I am limiting the time he spends with you.

Not fondly,

The woman who is married to your son

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Relocation Update!

Posted on Thu, Feb. 27, 2020 at 05:55 am

Looking good...will be getting more details soon. In-laws I guess you will hear about the house sale when the sign goes up in the front yard.

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Scythe Needed

Posted on Wed, Feb. 26, 2020 at 06:34 pm

A few times a week, when trying to fall asleep, I think of your funeral, FIL.

If only you weren't still alive.

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Silly sis

Posted on Tue, Feb. 25, 2020 at 06:11 pm

Look Hun,
Your words fall on deaf ears till you give back the diary and pom poms you stole. Stop with the sweetheart, sweetie, and hun. It's not even cute, you aren't even that old, and kindly fuck off! Happy 30

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Dear mother of spouse

Posted on Tue, Feb. 25, 2020 at 01:32 pm

I passed by you in the grocery store and you didn't seem to notice me. I didn't say anything to you and kept on walking.

Let us do that again! It works out well for us. You be you. I will be me. No need to interact.

I like this avoiding each other without appearing to do so technique we do (as neighbors who may cross paths sometimes.)

At the recent funeral that we were both happened to attend, I claimed to not know the old woman following around my husband was or not even knowing even your name. I avoided you and you followed my husband around and noticed you even didn't talk to anyone. Plus, you didn't even like the person who died. Why did you even attend? I think it was disrespectful. I think it was to play wife role with husband yet again.

I let you get away with it because you looked out of place being there. No one there liked or likes you. No one was glad to see you. I felt the same way.

I confess when I saw you standing by the casket that I felt a flicker of someday...... Sigh

I need a really colorful dress and shoes for that day...... I will try not to smile. It is asking too much for me to act sad on that occasion.

Not fond of you


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Pompous MIL

Posted on Mon, Feb. 24, 2020 at 07:14 am

All the work you put into hurting me was time wasted.

I am so much stronger than you.

You only managed to hurt you’re grandchildren! Shame on you for that.

Have you no conscience or emotional intelligence?

Bye you Broken Thing!

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Dear former son in law

Posted on Mon, Feb. 24, 2020 at 04:24 am

Thank you for the wisdom that you shared with my daughter from the good and and bad of the relationship experience.

The man she was going to go on a date with turned out to be a concern. We are all wiser because of what you taught us as well.

She saw the red flags and isn't going out with its him. First of all, he gave her the wrong phone number. He never followed through on the date. He didn't even call and leave a message where they both work.

Then, he has gaslighted her, attempted trauma bonding, used pity story, tried to accelerate a relationship at a unhealthy speed (declared his love of her and he doesn't even know her.). He text her a link to a love song declaring his love for,her.

He brought her flowers (red rose with baby breath) with a apology card.

She thanked him for his apology and accepted it and said that she would see him around work.

Again, thank you son in law.

Love you,

The other mom

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