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Dear former son Inlaw

Posted on Fri, Feb. 21, 2020 at 06:34 pm

Daughter was stood up by her date tonight.

If you would of loved and treasured her, she would not be single.

At least you never stood her up. Thank you for not doing that to her.

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Bitch sister in law x 2

Posted on Fri, Feb. 21, 2020 at 06:15 pm

My husband has two married brothers. Both of their wives are absolute nasty coniving bitches. What bad luck that two of the most horrible nasty women imaginable end up being my SIL. Older one comes from a dirt poor shack, totally uneducated and now lives the life of riley having inherited EVERYTHING from my dumb arse MIL (who favoured one son and his kids over all others in the “family”). SIL no. 1 is greedy, materialistic, dishonest, a liar, plays games and butt ugly with a face full of craters but thinks she’s so hot. Nasty piece of work. Oh and by the way, she stinks of BO (that nastiness inside her needs to find its way out somehow). Second SIL, absolute nasty argumentative judgmental bitch, horrible vile woman who thinks she knows everything and is always right. Like SIL no. 1, she is a liar and cannot be trusted. She has a major superiority complex that has no basis as she has no redeeming qualities at all. What makes her even more vile is her fat short stubby arse body and ugly face that looks like a dogs dinner. Nasty nasty vile woman. Both of them, ugly on the inside and out. And I have been dealing with these shit faced bitches for 20 years and my useless pathetic husband just buries his head in the sand everytime there is an issue with them and their nasty behaviour, words and attitudes. Thanks dear husband...for all the loyalty and support you have shown me over the years. You have lost me but at least you will always have THEM.

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If Only I Had Known

Posted on Fri, Feb. 21, 2020 at 02:45 pm

If anyone would have told younger me that my husband would one day turn into his boring, grumpy, lazy, a88hole Father, I would have run away so fast, I wouldn't be stuck today.
I'm sorry, but I'm way too hot, smart, and fun to be stuck married to my father-in-law's clone.

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Sad Situation.

Posted on Fri, Feb. 21, 2020 at 08:50 am

It's a sad situation when you see your SIL's daughter selling her mom's clothing on social media. SIL passed a few years ago, and it's still hard for DH and I. Anyways, her mom would have rather she donated them to a charity. She was a very giving person, unlike the daughter who is very greedy. SIL would have given you the shirt off her back to help anyone. She didn't have much, (except for what her daughter is selling now), and she was always willing to help anyone that needed it.

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I Can Breath Again.

Posted on Fri, Feb. 21, 2020 at 07:39 am

I have lifted a deadweight and my goodness me, I feel like I can breath again.

You’ve played dirty and you KNOW it.

You want complete control over everything
and everyone. I wouldn’t trust you as far as I could spit.

You have really done a job on your son, and you have blocked anyone who says you have always been too hard on him.

But oh how you have loved the facade of your family appearing perfect, while you run down other people’s.

I can only imagine what crap you’ve spouted because you haven’t got exactly what you want out of me. You do this with others.

You have been cut off like a poisonous limb. Because you really are toxic and being near you has made me sick.

Go live your life of lies and control.

You’re FAKE!!!!

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Seriously, SIL

Posted on Fri, Feb. 21, 2020 at 05:50 am

I am so utterly exhausted just watching you do your dance and fake your perfect little life all these years.

SIL, your husband resents your pretentious tush. No matter what he provides, you want more, more, MORE! Veruca Salt.

Your son is too scared to be himself from watching you grind his father's masculinity into dust. He's a brilliantly intelligent boy, full of potential but not a scrap of confidence to put it to use.

Your daughter is something else. Fake as plastic nails, just like Mommy. I'm sure you see it and pretend you don't, I think you're nasty and manipulative but I don't think you're quite so deluded that you don't recognise what and who she is becoming. She watches you subtly bully women with exclusion, judgement, gossip and all the other hallmarks of well executed 'mean girl' behaviour while hiding behind that big, fake smile. We all know where and how kids learn to relate to other people.

Nasty little creature, that one, loves to play sweet, but turns sour once the attention is moved to anyone else, for any reason or length of time. You think it's a coincidence that things just seem to 'go wrong' as soon as adults aren't looking? How come so many different kids point the finger at her when someone gets hurt and she just 'happens' to (always!) be around? And isn't it funny how she's never actually the one with an injury, how many times can you 'accidentally' hurt another child?

I'll be keeping my kids away from your manipulative, sadistic, selfish, evil spawn, a pretty little face can sometimes hide an ugly beast, and believe me SIL, I see the beast you've created. And the one within you.

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My cousin's husband is a con artist, a thief, and

Posted on Thu, Feb. 20, 2020 at 08:16 pm

My cousin is a useless human being. She is pretty but besides her vagina, I don't think she offers much to this world. She's the biggest user on planet earth. Her husband has conned my brother out of money about 6 months after he gave them a very generous wedding gift. Conning someone out of money is awful but conning a family member that was very generous with you takes a black heart and the conscience of a sociopath. My cousin will either stick up for her POS husband or claim that she's not aware of what's going on. This of course is bs because even if she didn't know, she knows NOW! Oh, and this cousin spends her time buttering up our grandmother so that she can get a disproportionate amount of the inheritance. I don't really care because I'm wealthy all on my own and because she's so stupid that she'll waste whatever money she gets by spending it frivolously. Again, this girl has little in the brains dept and she's also a sociopath. Her and her husband are a modern day Bonnie & Clyde and she would not only sell her mother down the river, she would send her COD. I hope that one day they try to swindle the wrong people and they get what they deserve. The good news is that I have disassociated completely from both of these scumbags as I wouldn't piss on either of them if they were on fire. So I have cut them out of my life and I never have to see them again. Every cloud has a silver lining.

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Bunch of Control Freaks

Posted on Thu, Feb. 20, 2020 at 09:43 am

What a strange family. When ever we send a card each of you talk about it. If it's the wrong color then we can expect another family member mimicking what we sent, we can get the exact same card and wording or even creased up envelopes, missing address lines, etc. from several family members. We've got to write the exact wording you want and if this isn't correct you will moan about it and punish us for not doing what you want. Control freaks! Spoil adult children!

May be we shouldn't send presents or cards... oh I forgot you'll punish us big time if we didn't do that. May be we should just send money... oh no we'll get punished again. May be we should give you the money to buy your own presents and cards... oh no we mustn't do that. Do you know just how horribly difficult and mean you all are?

If we talk and I mention certain every day words I get a funny look... now I'm not allowed to say certain reasonable words that are not rude or swear words just every day nice words which you seem to take offense to. You are all obviously ill and can't interact normally with one another. Who does this crap? Really it's craziness.

You all copy each others clothes, careers, homes... weard! I know you all want control you pathetic losers. Why don't you get some proper education and get a real life. Happy people don't do this crap they're too busy living their lives.

They don't suffer from extreme jealousy that makes them crazily act this way. They don't find fault in every little thing 'cause they're so unhappy inside. You've got some serious issues going on in your hate filled little lives!

The two SILs started this crap and brain washed the others to act like them. If only others outside the family could see this madness or should I say sadness.

Oh by the way SIL when you have a go at other women for bringing up their children and not being able to work much look at your own lazy ass, look at your daughter who lives off her partner. You're the biggest hypocrite around. But that doesn't matter 'cause apparently you are so very special, NOT!

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Posted on Thu, Feb. 20, 2020 at 09:42 am

Hey sis! Instead of being concerned with me my kids my husband (your brother) and my life maybe you should get your own life! I mean btw the numerous arrests, drug dealings and more you’ve managed to screw up a charmed life anyone would kill over. Yet you still can’t seem to get the jealousy and hate out of your heart! I feel truly sorry for your horrid bitter soul. While I’ve managed to create a life and stability with your brother you’ve created chaos...with everyone! And now you can’t shut your fat face up. Listen honey, if you can’t say anything nice, you should take the time to learn a thing or two about life and basic life skills. Your mom can’t do everything for you, after all you’re 30! Concentrate that bitchiness on getting an education, learning how to open a bank account and how to pay your own bills. Mooching off of mommy isn’t a good look and won’t work for you forever. Afteralll everyone dies at some point. I know it’s hard bc you’ve been given everything even after you took thousands of dollars from mom, but buck up! Put your big girl panties on and go and be a real woman. No need to hate on this one. I certainly don’t give a shit about you and you shouldn’t care so much about me either! Take the time and make yourself a better person, you know one that’s law abiding, one with class and one that people can stand for more than 5 minutes. K?

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Decisions to make...

Posted on Thu, Feb. 20, 2020 at 09:29 am

In-laws you will not be considered in any decisions involving our future EVER AGAIN. Our next move (literally) will not revolve around MIL's wants, needs and demands.

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