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To say I’m angry is an understatement

Posted on Sun, Feb. 17, 2019 at 01:52 pm

I’m fed up of MIL playing the innocent in everything. I’m due to get married this year and one Saturday it is the day me and DH to be are going to sort our wedding cake out. DH to be’s aunt passed away which is awful and the funeral is on a friday. Our cake day is the Saturday after. DH to be is going to the funeral on the day and back as it is about three hours away where as MIL is staying for two nights from Thursday as she has major family issues. I’m so annoyed because my family have tried their best to get her involved and every time she just makes excuses or throws it back in our faces. She could easily have come back on the Friday but no we all know who she puts first. When she sees me she has the cheek to tell me there was nothing she could do to which I lost my temper with her as there was something she could do she just didn’t WANT to big difference. Today is my birthday and I can honestly say I’ve had one of the worst birthdays in my life thanks to MIL and her family. She’s gone away this weekend apparently to get away from it all as her Mothers birthday (mother has passed away) was yesterday but I think it’s because she didn’t want to stay around for my birthday. She then messages me on Facebook to say happy birthday but no kisses or emojis or anything where as with her brother and sisters family she’s all over them. Secondly she gets me a jumper which I can only describe as something my gran would wear, such an insult. Then she messages my DH to be saying she contacted her brother who is the husband of the aunt that’s funeral is due and he asked if his daughter can be invited to the wedding even though he’s pretty certain she won’t go but wants her invited because she will kick off. My DH to be said yes to MIL for this and I’m livid about this as we are at our full capacity for the wedding and he doesn’t see this cousin anyway. Grieving or not it is rude to ask and like I said to DH to be if he thinks she isn’t going to come anyway why go through the hassle of inviting her. MIL was apparently apologetic to DH to be and I was like well she always gets away with everything and she’s so selfish bringing this up on my birthday and putting pressure on us. Now I have to hope that the cousin invited doesn’t accept because if she does we have a huge problem as it will cost MY family extra money for more numbers. Me and DH to be ended up having a massive arguement because of this. Thanks MIL for ruining my birthday you selfish b***h!!

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The best revenge...

Posted on Fri, Feb. 15, 2019 at 05:56 pm

So my fil and bil wanted to borrow a pair of clippers to cut their hair. I gave them the pair my husband uses to trim his pubes.. muahahahaha

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Bil the peeping tom

Posted on Fri, Feb. 15, 2019 at 09:21 am

So Bil likes to think of himself as a gift for the ladies. He's a virgin who is in his 20's and has just started his first job. He may be fired soon but hey what are you going to do. The games aren't going to play themselves. He loves to peep at me getting dressed (so sweet). He doesn't see a problem with this. I as a female shouldn't protest him in any way shape or form. Women shouldn't protest him or tell him to brush his teeth or to shower. You're not allowed to joke with him or be witty in anyway. He is a child looking for a sugar mama! Just don't mind the putrid stench! Any takers?

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My Hate Towards My MIL the Money Leech

Posted on Thu, Feb. 14, 2019 at 11:16 pm

I hate my MIL with a passion. She lives overseas but every time I hear my husband’s phone ring and it’s her it just gets me boiling inside. The story goes all the way back to when I was pregnant with my daughter. We were doing grocery shopping while husband’s parents were home. I split up and went down a few aisles to look for food and ended up taking longer than intended. My husband finally found me at the aisle and yelled at me for taking long and that his parents are hungry. Well they are not the only hungry ones I have another one inside me I need to feed too. Next day we took them to a nearby amusement park and was waiting for a cable car. My “great” husband decides his parents should sit down somewhere and that he should go with them while leaving me waiting in the long line. What made me hate my MIL the most is since then she has asked to borrow money from my husband. We are talking about $100k - $200k each time. I don’t believe she has even paid a penny back yet. This leech just needs to stop at some point.

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Just one of the so many nasty things...

Posted on Thu, Feb. 14, 2019 at 02:51 pm

Had been with my boyfriend for over 10 yrs. during which I wrote all his admission essays and did all his work for his five different attempts at not graduating college (on top of working a full-time and two part-time jobs to pay our bills). After waiting a decade, I decided to get my MA and accepted an academic scholarship to an ivy league program. His mother screamed in my face that with my background (my mother committed suicide when I was a kid) I shouldn't be doing any of this, that her kids should because they're better than me.

Fast forward two years, my family throws me a graduation party. I purposely do not send her an invite or invite her. Boyfriend asks, I tell him they can come any other weekend, just not this one. I'm told the day before that she and her husband decided that they we're coming anyway.

At the graduation party (50+ immediate and extended family, and friends), she proceeds to tell my family how it's about time I stopped being lazy and now I can support her son in the lifestyle he is accustomed to. She also has told me for years that my name can't possibly be real. She tells my father and grandfather they can stop pretending, that she knows I must have changed my name and demands to know when I did it. She just could not stop herself. She also kept repeatedly stopping party guests and saying don't you want to say hello to [insert boyfriend's name here]. The majority of these folks had never met him and had no idea who she was.

I confronted boyfriend about her behavior. He says he doesn't understand because his mom told him that my family was throwing the party for him and his mother so that everyone could meet them. My family was like WTF??

She and her husband stayed an additional two days uninvited with my family. Day 1, they were 4 hrs. late to a family luncheon, looked us all in the face and said we could wait because she had been shopping for a special outfit. Day 2, they were 3 hrs. late and she told us we could wait because they had been talking to the waitress and weren't done talking about themselves yet. Day 3, my family had vacated two days early due to their rudeness. The next couple days, I was treated to fantastic abusive outburst by her accompanied by her asking repeatedly to see the childhood home where my mother killed herself.

Happy graduation to me.

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February 14 - Happy Valentine/MIL Birthday

Posted on Thu, Feb. 14, 2019 at 01:15 pm

I can't wish "Happy Birthday" or give a chocolate heart.
With cheerful glee I can say, I'm thrilled we are apart.
Mother In Law is gone forever, and now I feel such peace.
That spiteful scowl will never appear now that she's deceased.
The cancer came to vanquish and kill and take away the beast.
To celebrate this endless thrill this day we all shall feast!
Her death was sweet like candy, and our days are free from strife.
That cancer proved quite handy to end her miserable life.
So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Momma dear; remember what I said.
My valentine is still right here; I'm glad you're
friggin' dead!

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Just found your mugshot ex-SIL

Posted on Wed, Feb. 13, 2019 at 05:25 pm

Looks like the botox, juvederm and facelift are good for something...a nice mugshot after DUI and destroying your latest married boyfriends mailbox! LOL You are a real peach. So happy you are out of this family!!

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Mommy wife

Posted on Tue, Feb. 12, 2019 at 12:29 am

Well things just got weird.... why you want to sleep in the same bed I fuck your son is beyond me. Especially when we have a nice new guest bed in our spare room that I set up just for you. Just gross. Why don’t I want you sleeping upstairs you might ask? Well could it be the blow job cream I have in my night stand , perhaps. Or the fact that during the first few months of us dating you came over unannounced so that you could sick your bulldog/man daughter on me by having her snoop through all of mine and your sons things including our bedroom and closet, drawers,cabinets etc... it weird how you go through your boy husband I mean son aka my husband for everything but wouldn’t even bother asking me. Yeah you are weird. But hey if you insist on sleeping in my bed, enjoy! I know I have enjoyed that bed and your son more times you will ever imagine. But whatever gets your kicks off! Enjoy 😉

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I can't even look at her either...

Posted on Mon, Feb. 11, 2019 at 05:06 pm

My mil sees my child every 3-4 months and lives close. But her favorites omg sees them almost every day... She comes over for a few minutes and doesn't acknowledge her except for when she was about to leave lol my child didn't even look at her.. wow. I didn't know what hate felt like until a few years ago.

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Your kids are rude little hogs

Posted on Mon, Feb. 11, 2019 at 04:10 pm

I threw a party for my son and had pizza and it was expensive pizza not the cheap stuff. So you (sister in law) allow your little porky pig son to gorge himself and eat a whole large pizza by himself I really could've killed him... He kept shoving and shoving I wanted to follow it up with a fist in his gaping maw. Your kids are animals always clamoring for all the attention and could not allow DS to have one day where he could shine. Mind you, these kids are not little (11, 9) so they know better. But you allow it and I wasn't going to go red at my DS party. But bitch, your spawn are not invited next time. I'll have it at my Moms house and nobody there will shovel all the pizza in their piehole. I hate my in-laws so much. Hate hate hate them!! I'm also getting a divorce, ya all can cater to this pig too who never washes his hands. Ever have a guy who scrubs his filthy, never bathed dogs up and down then reaches into the chip bag.? Wash your hands!!!!! Pig!!!! Then you wonder why I never let you touch my vagina.

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