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Posted on Sun, Jun. 17, 2018 at 08:55 pm

you think you can trash my name to your in laws, to anyone who will listen to give you sympathy because you have a drug problem. well they only know a one sided story ....your story. they dont know the TRUTH. the reality is you have a track record as a LIAR. i do not. i have always been an honest person with no reason to lie. im not trying to say im better than you in any way just saying that at least (in our differences) i can be honest. look, you expect me to believe your church act just because you all of a sudden started going to NA. was it that everyone knew your secret you started getting help? well fucking GOOD. its about time. when u ride the coattails of your enabler mother and expect her to fix every problem you get yourself into you will see shitty results. hopefully you can get your shit together. i know no one you talk shit to knows the real truth and thats fine. makes you look better right? like the time you witnessed your friend OD and DID NOTHING TO HELP HIM. you just left him there and think thats ok. well look i hope no one just leaves you there if you ever find yourself in his predicament. look honestly i have not wanted anything more other than to help you and to get closet oyou but you have made it so difficult. dont get upset now that you are being called out on your manipulative dishonest bullshit. i dont care about what problems anyone has. be honest. be real like you say you are and we can have a relationship. when you are always acting like a bitch saying comments in front of so many family members you expect me to be silent well you know what you have embarrassed me and made me look bad for long enough. now enough is enough. you say something stupid and you're going to get cursed out. the truth will be revealed. you did it to yourself. learn respect and self love and maybe we can get somewhere with each other.

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This is what you need to do!

Posted on Sun, Jun. 17, 2018 at 06:36 pm

All I had to do to get back at my in-laws was, literally scream at inlaw what a weirdo he was and gave him plenty of examples. Then told mil off for stepping boundaries.. it's been years and I still hardly see them lol thank you Jesus:)))

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Let’s Get This Straight

Posted on Sun, Jun. 17, 2018 at 08:28 am

Birth mother of my husband,

You are EXTENDED family, nothing more.

I will forever remind you of this when you need to be straightened out AGAIN. Mind your own business and please quit inserting yourself, you’re not invited. This includes all your little self righteous “acts of kindness” seeking approval. Ain’t buying it, leave us alone.

Take care,
The Wife and Matriarch of our family ♥️

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Get a life !

Posted on Sat, Jun. 16, 2018 at 07:16 pm

My father in law and my single brother in law just couldn’t seem to live their own lives without having to rely on us for fun , entertainment and company. I mean sure it’s nice to hang out once in a while but everyday for many months now is very exhausting and annoying. They seem to expect that we drop everything to cater to them. They don’t have friends they can hang out with or their friends are also married with families that they attend to. These 2 low lives need to get a life of their own and be busy and preoccupied with their own sh*t. I am tired of seeing their loser faces and I really reached a point where I’ve lost my respect for them.

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Notice Please!!

Posted on Sat, Jun. 16, 2018 at 06:40 pm

Why do my inlaws think its okay to just show up without prior notice at our house? They think their entitled. News flash people this is my house too! Your the only people who do this. Intrusive as hell. Next time im gonna get naked and greet you that way. Bet your ass will call first next time!!

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Coming Around Again

Posted on Sat, Jun. 16, 2018 at 10:33 am

SIL, it's amazing how what you've dished out over the years is now coming back to you through your own daughter. Your daughter has had enough of your homeschooled prison and is now escaping through marriage. It's not only that. She's escaping the prison of cruelty you've inflicted on others by finding a man who comes from a kind-hearted non-racist family and you just can't stand it. Her MIL, the kind mother of the man she adores, will inspire her and no doubt heal her from all of the harm and hate you've created. You just can't stand that her new family will look NOTHING like yours even though they are believers, TRUE believers, not phony narcissists hiding behind severe cases of Holy Roller Syndrome. I am one estranged and very proud aunt. She is escaping the hell you call love and home.

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Posted on Thu, Jun. 14, 2018 at 06:21 pm

From the start you and your dipshits i mean family have ruined my marriage by causing strife between us. If not for your shit we would have never been fighting as much as we have over the years. NOW you want to act innocent and thats ok, ILL ACT ABSENT.....FROM YOUR LIFE. and so will your son. hopefully i can regain some sense of a marriage before it's too late. i would wish the worst for you but it seems karma has already kicked your ass. i hate you.

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You are NOT "approved"

Posted on Thu, Jun. 14, 2018 at 12:05 pm

So, SIL, I heard you balked like a dumpy hen all about how you "don't approve," not only of myself but of another female coming into the family. We're too "wordly," "nonreligious," our daddies weren't preachers. I can only assume you're trying to establish a pecking order, but, darling, you and I will always be in VERY different coops and I wouldn't have it any other way. Due to your decade earlier arrival into the family with your dour expression and matching clothes, I have to tell you that I "disapproved" of YOU long before I ever even knew you. I disapproved of you because you're a bigot, judgemental, divisive, sociopathic, slanderous, NOSY, intrusive, meddlesome, hypocritical, self-righteous, one who hides nastiness behind religiosity, and of course there are the basic superficialities which I won't go into as I refuse to stoop to your level of pettiness. You've shown myself and some other women in the family EXACTLY who we'll never be and who WE don't want in OUR family. That door swings both ways, dear.

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Upcoming wedding

Posted on Thu, Jun. 14, 2018 at 10:40 am

Don’t want to go. Told husband I would. I should but I just don’t want to! Could change my mind. No one including him understand that when u say things mean things, leave people out of things & lie to their face that they (me) do not want to know u! I don’t hate anyone just don’t want to know them.

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Lost My Girl Power Update 2

Posted on Thu, Jun. 14, 2018 at 07:07 am

My XMIL and her henchmen had their court dates. I decided not to attend. My father, mother, brother and my lawyer, who is my brother's best friend, attended.
Following court, DB's BFF told me, "They got what they deserved. XMIL put on a dramatic performance, which included trying to ran at my family. She was stopped, as in tackled to the ground by numerous security men." He added, "You need to start living your life again."

Interestingly, XFIL has filed for divorce. Their house is on the market. Haven't heard a peep from him.

I am looking for an apartment and job. I will continue to see my psychologist. She has been most helpful.

Lastly, DB's BFF asked me to dinner.

My girl power light is beginning to flicker.

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