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you just cant help yourself!

Posted on Thu, Apr. 15, 2021 at 11:54 am

so you talk shit, put down, basically spit in my face and expect me to stick around? can you say, 'SUCK A FAT DICK'? and now your attempt and being a family includes indirect comments to your family in front of me as if I dont know whats going on???? well guess what? we will be gone very soon to a better place...and ill be happily laying with your son. sorry you suck so much you cant just be nice. your personality is as ugly as your face. when you breath, black smoke comes out. a horrible horrible woman with no morals nor decency. not surprised you look like shit...you fight over every goddamn thing. like jesus dont you get tired of all the bullshit that spews from your horns shedevil?!?!?!?

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So Inlaws...how was the 50th?

Posted on Thu, Apr. 15, 2021 at 09:05 am

I guess big plans were made and executed by the "golden boys" and their wives. Your 50th was before covid so I am just guessing a FIRST CLASS FLIGHT to a BEAUTIFUL ISLAND RESORT or a dinner in a PRIVATE ROOM at a PRIME STEAKHOUSE? Please post the pictures. So many wasted years with and $$$ on you ingrates. You never deserved ANYTHING from us!

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Controlling FIL

Posted on Wed, Apr. 14, 2021 at 10:12 pm

my FIL is disrespectful and tries to control us by criticizing our decisions. Also never listens when we say no. And so much else. I’m so glad he hasn’t had a relationship with our toddler even though they are 20 min away. Thank god for the pandemic because we haven’t had to see them in a year. Now he calls my husband and rants. DH can’t get a word in, but he is getting better at speaking up. DH wants everything to get better, but when will he see that it never will because his father is a control freak? Last zoom I told a story about my dad and FIL thought I was talking about him for a moment until he realized Grandpa was someone else. So good.

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Go die

Posted on Tue, Apr. 13, 2021 at 12:01 am

To my ugly, man looking, hairy, foul smelling, toothless, European Mother In Law....these kids are mine, not yours and if your son ever has a problem with that he knows where the door is then I will see you all in court, he can pay child support for our children for the next 20 years if he can even afford it. hahahaha You might have been semi attractive 40 years ago but now your an old ugly washed up cow with no teeth so stop hating me because I'm beautiful and in my prime! Can't wait until all you motherfuckers are dead, your funerals will be a celebration. My children can't and will NEVER speak or understand your language, I'll make sure if it so stop trying to speak to them, they don't understand you lol. I'll make sure you never see our children again you dumb bitch, try me. Stop saying my daughter looks like you, you ugly fucking OLD bitch. Not my problem you had all sons and 6 grandsons then FINALLY a granddaughter from the daughter in law you hate lmfao I will make sure you NEVER have access to her and can only stalk us to see how beautiful she is. You should have never brought your son to America if you didn't want him with an American!? It's common sense I've called you a bitch to your face for years now and will do it at your fucking funeral too. By the way, I know your husband was caught in the strip club downtown lmfao and WHY IS THAT? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA He was looking for pussy because yours smells you disgusting old bitch. Go back to fucking Europe where you belong or please have a heart attack, get hit by a car, anything but please fucking die, mil, fil,bil,sil All of you please fucking die!!!!!!!!

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I hate all of you

Posted on Sat, Apr. 10, 2021 at 04:42 pm

MIL I hate you the most. F***you for disrespecting me for the past 9 years.
FIL you are the most ridiculous idiot I've ever met. Keep drinking ass**** because I'm still hoping you'll die of liver failure.
SIL you are one miserable bitch. You will feed any information you can get your hands on to your mother and talk sh*t about everybody, even people you claim to like.
BIL you are clearly gay and are attempting to hide it by getting married. I feel bad for you, just be who you are no one cares if you're gay.
Other BIL you're a drug addict. Just get home dude.
DH grow a pair. Stick up for me when these idiots talk about me. Please.

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Dear Sister in law

Posted on Sat, Apr. 10, 2021 at 02:53 pm

I shuddered when I heard that you were on television for being in the medical field sharing your decision on getting a vaccine.

It is annoying that you have a god complex and think you know everything.

I am sick of your need for constant praise and attention. Yes, you are a nurse but not not any better than anyone else.

I will continue to have very limited contact with you.

It is really something that you judge me for not being a Tom boy like you. Why can’t we all just be ourselves without judgment?

You be you. Stay away from me.

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Ugh but $$

Posted on Thu, Apr. 08, 2021 at 09:00 am

When you have to make nice aith the in-laws but in your head you are screaming screaming screaming. If it weren’t for the million dollars DH is going to inherit, you would have never met our child.

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Bil the ass

Posted on Tue, Apr. 06, 2021 at 01:47 pm

Bil, your are a freaking asshole! You don't tell someone how miserable they are going to be after they come out of surgery. Dh already knew what he was getting himself into. He needed encouragement not shit from you. Fuck you and your WHOLE family. Did you cheat on your bitch wife yet? How many times? Ugh wish you never moved back.

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Birthday bully

Posted on Mon, Apr. 05, 2021 at 01:59 pm

Last couple of years mil makes a point of not buying me a bday gift. Buys one for her sons and grandkids (of course , im not complaining about that) and the other sister in laws... we have definitely had ups and downs but we are all on good terms. They are happy to call me when they want something but this year, its a week before my bday and its starting to upset me. I don't even know if they will ignore me again this year. Its not about the gift. I don't want a gift but when your left out of the family in this way it does hurt.

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mirror mirror on the wall whose the FOULEST MIL

Posted on Sun, Apr. 04, 2021 at 08:54 pm

goddamn, satan clearly stole your soul at some point a long time ago. all you talk about is money and people. all you do is judge criticize and condemn. with all the shit you talk you'd think you were mary fucking poppins but NO. you are an evil witch....i mean BITCH. youre insecurities cause your anxiety to spiral which causes you to become a wretched old woman with no concern for other peoples feelings or how you could possibly hurt them. because of you i vow even more to establish good relationships with my children and when they do decide to bring a special someone into their lives i will make it a priority to know who they are, their families and GIVE THEM A MOTHER FUCKING CHANCE. i would hope you should live long enough to see how its really done but i have a feeling from the firey horns coming from your head you will be rotting in hell by then. in any case, karma is a bitch and youve been served plenty of it the past 10 years. why not live the rest of your life in peace? why the need to STILL talk so much shit in your 60s? perhaps you need to get laid? perhaps you should buy a vibrator? or maybe you should just buy a muzzle to prevent the hatred from continually spewing from your mouth. in either case i will be laying very happily with your son :) bye felicia

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