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Happy Holidays, SILs

Posted on Tue, Nov. 12, 2019 at 11:07 am

Last Christmas, you drank an entire bottle of alcohol YOURSELF and then accused my son (your DH's nephew by blood) of having ADHD or mental issues, even though he was only 6 and you saw him twice in one year! Amazing that you can make such a medical assessment after two random days in 365 and without a doctoral degree. Then you bragged about your paltry McDonalds stock and how you are saving it in case you and your hubby don't work out. I let it all go and pretended nothing happened until Easter, when you spazzed out on me via text because you thought I cancelled the family holiday plans. And, once again, I didn't return fire and even turned the other cheek. Well, SIL, I won't be seeing you at the holidays this year. Our FIL is too worried that there will be drama (on your end) so he is having all of us separately. No more ridiculous drunken bragging about your participation as a band parent and how much you give of your selfless time! I cannot stand you. I feel sorry for your entire family. They are all too good for you.

As for the other SIL...the stick figure money hungry reject that really should just move to the east coast and be done with it--our FIL tolerates you as well! No one in the family cares for you. Everyone knows about your lies and your major financial problems and tax garnishment issues. No one wants to be around you, either. So when you told me off over a year ago on the phone -- ON SPEAKER PHONE WITH MY CHILD LISTENING -- and hung up on me...well, my own DH said we won't be going over to your house ever again. I imagine you don't like us because you think we are R - I - C - H. That's what your child accused my child of being. Really? Is that what this is about? Because we both served in the military and held jobs for all those years? We are far from wealthy. We just happen to pay our bills on time. Try it. You might like it. I know your creditors who call you all the time would.

My holidays will be special for the rest of my life. Hapy Holidays, SILs. You two deserve each other.

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Veterans Day

Posted on Mon, Nov. 11, 2019 at 02:50 pm

How in the world do you not acknowledge your brother who is a war veteran today? You were proud of your family's sacrifice while he was serving but now that time has passed and our country has mostly forgotten Desert Storm how in the world could you forget?! Strangers hugged us in the street today but nothing from you! Hashtag-self absorbed.

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Miss my father in law

Posted on Mon, Nov. 11, 2019 at 07:54 am

My father in law moved in with his favorite daughter and son in law at the request of his dying wife.she has the where with all to remodel the house to accommodate a wheelchair. She takes excellent care of him through day and evening help. He moved down there about two years ago.
Since he moved, we have received ONE email from my wife's sister saying how he's doing. No other emails sent out, no phone calls, nothing.
My wife calls him once a month to talk, but he has trouble speaking. Neither my wife's sister nor brother in law would help interpret or explain to her dad when she called, so the phone call consists of 5 questions and answers of yes or no for 15 minutes, with neither acknowledging they are even there.
This makes my wife sad and me frustrated. Thanks sil...

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I wonder what it’s like....

Posted on Mon, Nov. 11, 2019 at 05:41 am

To be close to your in-laws. I sometimes think it’s me, am I too weird for the them? Are my manners and conversation beneath them , or the opposite - do I come across snooty and judgemental? I haven’t a clue. I look at my kids and compare them to theirs and I think we’re doing a good job but there really is no close connection between the cousins either. Did I do that? In the 20 -odd years I’ve been an in-law and we have only had a distant politeness during our gatherings. Occasionally someone has kicked off and people have taken sides/family members have been excluded but I try to distance myself from that, so maybe that’s were I’ve gone wrong all these years. I’m too old to change now, too old for the drama. When the elders of our family have finally passed on, I believe there will be no contact at all between the in laws. Do I feel sad? No. Just disappointed that things were not different.

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Posted on Sun, Nov. 10, 2019 at 02:54 pm

Decided to move and just not going to tell anyone...MIL you may want to start "working" the others.

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It was for your son, not for you

Posted on Sat, Nov. 09, 2019 at 06:32 pm

I just wanted to say today that that thing I did wasn't actually for you, it was for your son.

I realized a long time ago that smelling like a rose goes a lot further than being openly jerky. I know this is a foreign concept to you, and probably for the best, actually.

See, you've always foolishly shot yourselves in the foot/feet because of your horrible temper. The few times **I** lost my temper in a very open way, well I just want you to know there was a plan involved there..and you did not disappoint in your reaction!

Afterwards, I started realizing that I actually got better results by being overly nice, rather than overly feisty...and THAT has been my modus operandi ever since. All I have to do is be kind, nice, and happy and y'all get totally wound up. I guess there's less ammo to use against me when I'm being helpful, generous and happy. Sorry (not sorry) about that!

And so, back to that thing I did. It wasn't because I wanted to schedule something nice for you. Not at all. It was so my husband saw me doing something nice for you. It makes him happy, which in turn makes ME happy. Believe it or not, I'm with him because I love him and I genuinely want for his happiness.

So, it's really not a holiday event for you and yours, but one for ME. I just thought in the spirit of the holidays, I'd confess my true feelings before God so I can receive communion with a clear conscience. I realize that God wants me to give with a glad heart, and I assure you that I **AM**. It's simply that I'm glad that my husband continues to be happy with the thought that I do all I can. Truly, that **is** "all I can". Happy Holidays!

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A Thanksgiving MIL Poem

Posted on Sat, Nov. 09, 2019 at 06:26 am

It's been another stellar year without the evil crone.
I lived each day in endless cheer with her lying prone.

The cancer took away the hag, and now our lives have joy!
The sickness lagged, she suffered much until she was destroyed.

I laughed and danced to celebrate the suffering she endured.
And then one day my joyful wait was over - that's for sure!

She stoked my hate with strife and lies and misery she did spread.
And now the night had ended with that evil woman DEAD!

So, this Thanksgiving I'll make the trip to engage just what I crave.
I'll dance and sing with a happy skip, then piss right on her grave.

I'd never known such spiteful hate - nothing could ever compare.
It's an awful, bad and selfish trait - her former cross to bear.

My revenge on her is simply this: a happy life to live.
And now I have a life of bliss and love and hope to give.

I am therefore thankful once again for cancer's wicked spread.
It took from me that evil witch, and I'm so glad she's DEAD!


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Golden Anniversary

Posted on Sat, Nov. 09, 2019 at 04:55 am

I see it is approaching In-Laws, wonder what your "favorites" have planned? Hey "favorites" that can do NO wrong here are a couple of suggestions (ideas from your social media postings). How about...

Seafood Shack...all fried...YUM!
Seafood & Steak...that way you have your yummy fried foods and if there is a weight conscience one in the bunch (yeah right) they could order something a little more healthy.

Then afterwards everyone can sit around and discuss how so much better this dinner was...

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Posted on Fri, Nov. 08, 2019 at 07:44 pm

Haaa the holidays...
I don't know which one is worth: having my disgusting in-laws over or going to their filth ridden homes.
Their visits always results in the kids breaking things, spilling everywhere. Forking their food and wiping their mouths on their sleeves like 16th century peasants. Complaining about anything they can.
Or going to their homes where they use dishes as litter pans and for the kids to puke in when they're sick.
I've never seen that level of filth in my entire life and don't know how my wife has such class in comparison to those pieces of trash.

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Moving to the other side of the country to escape

Posted on Fri, Nov. 08, 2019 at 01:11 pm

Asked MIL to help us finance our family home 8 years ago. Leading us to believe we would have title and equity in the home, we paid for the agent, lawyers, title searches, home inspection, chose the house for a price she decided upon, which was just above poverty level because that is all she thought we could afford. It was essentially our home. We maintained, renovated, and paid for every last tax dollar with interest, including 3.5% interest on $7500 for a portion of our down payment. All has been paid back.

After 8 years of controlling/judging everything, right down to what appliances we could replace, or having central air installed for my infants, we asked to sell so we can get the equity into our name and no longer be so financially stunted in our lives.

MIL now feels entitled to the profits of the home. The home that wouldn't have been livable if we didn't fix it up and put every dollar we made into it. The market has doubled.

MIL strongholded me while pregnant. Having left our leased condo with a baby due in 3 months, we were told that we actually wouldn't be allowed to have our names on the title of the home, but that for all intensive purposes, it was our investment. this was to protect here. Now she is stealing our money.

They accepted the first offer and won't allow us to move until January. They are gifting us a portion of the money to start fresh.

So we start from scratch?

These people are dead to me.

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