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Birthday Girl

Posted on Tue, May. 19, 2020 at 04:44 am

Your 60th birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks. I wonder if the clan is planning a big surprise party for you. I know how much you love being the center of attention as I’ve seen you cause scenes at many a family gathering. Getting drunk at your daughter’s wedding and having your aunt and my husband searching for you in the parking lot when you stumbled outside to smoke a cigarette. Screaming and crying at your cousin’s high school graduation party when you found out your niece didn’t invite you to her baby’s christening. Trying to start a fight with me at a holiday dinner because I didn’t return your phone call. So your family is probably afraid not to celebrate your birthday despite the corona virus. They deserve everything they get for feeding into your dysfunctional behavior. So glad we live too far away to receive an invitation.

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I’m finally at peace.

Posted on Tue, May. 19, 2020 at 03:12 am

I’m finally at peace realizing anything that my wife’s mother and stepfather say to me is negative and judgmental because they are perfect humans , meanwhile they act so sweet to my kids.so fuckoff, now I don’t feel awkward when I see you and this is another story you can tell all your little friends and family members that I won’t even look at you or pretend you do not even exist

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In Laws are Horrible

Posted on Mon, May. 18, 2020 at 07:39 am

It started with a decision for my thirteen year olds request to not invite anyone to her music recital. I posted a picture of her on social media afterwards.The attacks and bad behavior started. Not only that FIL had already attacked my 13 old about us not getting his wife anything for her birthday. When they were out of the state during that time and we were not even aware of their return plans. My 13 year old never wanted to go back there anymore after this . FIL attacked her and we as her parents agreed she did not have to go back.
Then next holiday was Father’s Day. Our loopy MIL who has never had children of her own. She makes rediculous plans for an all day adventure. Father’s Day is not only for my FIL but also for my husband and my father. We did not go. Not to mention she invites people along on this adventure who aren’t even family.
But now with them stepping on our toes about their plans and how my husband should honor thy father and be at all these functions with their friends and so on.
We don’t want to be at functions with large groups. This request has turned into hate spewing .
Christmas they took a picture of everyone there EXcept me and posted it on social media.
SIL, post things like if you need to make a marriage decision do what’s best for the kids.
Mutual friends or aquantices have come up to me randomly and asked questions regarding our relationships. We have not openly discussed our relationships but with two people. They are on a smear campaign for me. They haven’t even seen my bad side yet if they think they have they haven’t seen nothing. I’m tired of all the BS. My kids are the one who have been hurt by all the childish behavior. I guess they thought they would bully my husband into leaving me and the kids.
I will not be treated like I’m a bad wife/mom. I have worked hard to get to where I am and I believe I am resented for it.
The man has not called his son in over 4 months to say how are you? No, he’s waiting for my husband his son to bow down to him.
I am over all this childish BS.

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Longevity not always a blessing

Posted on Mon, May. 18, 2020 at 07:35 am

My marriage has improved greatly since my MIL finally died 2 years ago. She was 89 and tormented me for 35 years. My husband wasn’t able to stand up to her. Although we saw her less and less, so that helped. Now my FIL is 91. When he goes my marriage will improve again. What a shame that these 2 brought grief instead of joy.. Now. that I am a MIL, I am shocked when I look back at the emotional abuse I took. If I could do it again I was have gotten in their faces but I was trying g to keep peace in The family. Longevity is not a blessing when it is your evil in laws.

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I have to live with them

Posted on Sun, May. 17, 2020 at 11:34 pm

I was almost done with my masters degree when the pregnancy complications occurred, making it impossible to continue. Since then we've had no help and can't quite afford the astronomical cost of childcare so I can finish my degree, so against my will, but necessarily I suppose, I've become a stay at home mother. I've twice delayed going back to school because of issues with inlaws. Okay, I can deal with that even though the more time that goes by the more difficult it will be to go back. Now in-laws can't afford their mortgage and other bills. Their credit is abysmal because they're TERRIBLE with finances, so their house is under my husband's name, which means they can't get the financial assistance available to elderly homeowners that could actually help them stay afloat. So FIL thinks my husband should finance an addition to their house so they can rent it out to someone. Sure. But they don't speak English even though they've been in this country for 40 years (I have no issue with immigrants--my husband is an immigrant), so who would be dealing with all the details of this addition (and there are a crap ton of details!)? My husband, who cares for you like you're infants because you can do so little for yourselves. Every bill you get, every doctor's appointment, every damn phone call. He deals with it, on top of working full time and commuting 2 hours every day. FIL finally realized that was a ish idea when the true logistics of it became evident, after stubbornly holding out on the idea for a year, all the while incurring debt my husband will be responsible for. After refusing any other sensible options that would have actually allowed in-laws to have extra money and no worries about a mortgage, we've come to the point where there are no other options but to get a house with them. Because they will contribute a 4th of the down payment and a monthly sum until I'm finally able to finish my degree, they are demanding a house that is way out of our budget. 700k house is what they want!!! Even though we've looked at several great houses that are much less expensive, they pick and pick and pick at it. Stupid details that don't even matter! And they say it's because they want to leave a legacy for their grand daughter. Ain't gonna be no legacy if we're all homeless! The reason they're in their current situation with a mortgage they can't afford is because they bullied my husband into putting a down payment on a house above their budget! Now they want to do the same to all of us! Now I have to live with FIL who is the driving force behind all these stupid decisions. He's a stubborn old man who thinks he's right about everything when he literally knows nothing! I sometimes wish he would die, and that's horrible. But after YEARS of watching the stress he puts on my husband, watching all the times my husband has bailed them out because of yet another poor financial choice... I'm so so so sick of it! And now we have to live with them. I think, as much as I love my husband and want our little family of 3 to stay together, I will leave after I've finally been able to complete my degree. I've been miserable because of them for years. I'm tired of being the third wheel in my own life.

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Greedy MIL

Posted on Sun, May. 17, 2020 at 09:32 pm

I never hate anyone lime you MIL. You’re so selfish. You know that we’re working our asses off and we have a huge debt and you’re still feeling fine getting monthly money from us. You’re so fake. You always said our happiness is your happiness but look at what you expect from us. You’re still healthy. You’re still in labour age. Why don’t you work? Why don’t you stop using money ridiculously and pretend to be a rich person when you earn nothing? I can’t wait to the last day of your breath.

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Almost 50 and knocked up again SIL ...

Posted on Sat, May. 16, 2020 at 01:41 pm

Dear Evil SIL, about 4-5 years ago my DH was quite eerily on perfect target on what he told me you'd do after all of your children were all finally 18 or older.

It's quite funny actually when I think about his words, because my DH was on target at seeing right through you along with predicting you're next move to seek attention from anyone and everyone.

He, a few years ago, predicted that as soon as your youngest and also abused by you child turned 18 and disowned you just like your two eldest did, that YOU WOULD find some stupid one night stand guy to knock you up....like it wasn't bad enough that your eldest 3 have different dads and each don't know who their actual dad is because you yourself don't know. Repeating history again with this one now to sadly huh?

I feel sadness for this attention getting (cuz you're living and lapping it up) replacement baby you have inside of you because, just like their 3 older and now adult siblings, this kid will also grow to feel like he/she failed you from birth when in reality it is YOU SIL who failed them.

This child will also, same as the eldest, think that "he/she is at fault and responsible for your life's misfortunes and bad choices because there's no way you are to be the one in blame and at fault."

People like you SIL create a traumatized generation. It's quite frankly sad that yet another innocent soul is about to be crushed by you. With any luck, a good person will come along to intervene somewhere down this child's journey and is able and willing to show real love to this child.

Because god knows you can't. Proof is in your eldest 3 who won't even speak your name.

Thank goodness your brother, my husband, tossed you to try wind indefinitely decades ago.

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Total idiot

Posted on Sat, May. 16, 2020 at 12:43 pm

My FIL is such a nasty angry little man. Subtle digs all the time, my husband doesn't even notice. He once ignored me to my face while I offered him a drink, asked him again and then asked if he could hear me. He was 1 foot away from me and carried on what he was doing like I wasn't even there. All because his wife thanked me for helping her with something. He can't stand it if I do something nice, as he wants everyone to believe I am horrible when I'm not. I'm just going to keep on being a kind person and doing nice things for others and he can just keep being angry about this if he likes, which is plain weird. He is a very angry little man with no friends and he moans about everything all day long.

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Spirit Animal

Posted on Fri, May. 15, 2020 at 07:12 pm

Mil u only think that is my kewl spirit animal because the booty gains be so phat. I'm THICC and you mad. Lol stay frosty bitch

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If you're such a big deal

Posted on Fri, May. 15, 2020 at 05:00 pm

Why is he cuddling my ass right now and not urs??

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