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Posted on Sat, Jul. 25, 2020 at 07:12 am

When you dear cousin told me about cleaning out your husband’s cousin’s home after he passed away you made sure to let everyone know what a hoarder he was. Funny my husband said, the only reason you would be cleaning it out is if you were paid to do so. Tacky trashy garbage people, sounds about right. You hillbillies fit that role.

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Sad thing is that...

Posted on Fri, Jul. 24, 2020 at 06:40 pm

I relate to all these stories, I have a new dumb story about my wife’s mother that causes a lot of controversy. Myself and my wife work full time with careers, so I do not have time to write the story, but trust me, her family has a lot of time on their hands to talk about us and be perfect. I hate you alll! Pieces of no good shit! The stories are endless, don’t have time to write a novel

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My dead MIL

Posted on Fri, Jul. 24, 2020 at 05:05 pm

I found out by accident that my ex mil died. I have to say I really cared about her but when her daughter threatened to call the police on me was enough for me to stay away. I actually pitied her because her daughters were a pair of cunts that were out for themselves and no one else. Well they got her house and screwed their brother out of everything and I hope they enjoy it. Good luck selling the house because it is next to an industrial area and no one wants that. What goes around and I really do not care anymore. It is just not important.

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He’s not going to call you

Posted on Fri, Jul. 24, 2020 at 12:45 pm

He got the card, and not only an hour later, a voicemail from you telling him you’re still waiting for his call, and that you’d thought he would. These things further intimidate him.

Since he can’t tell you what happened I will. He was terribly abused by his own dad, his uncle (whether that monster was drunk or high or not) raped him at his apt when his dad left him there.

You never once stopped by to just say Hi or take him anywhere. He has terrible ptsd reactions anytime he here’s from any of you.

The saddest part is that I know he loves you, but he also says he knows you won’t believe him.

He just can’t take anymore pain, please understand!

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I got one less problem without you

Posted on Thu, Jul. 23, 2020 at 07:27 pm

Got this song loaded up and ready.to.rock when you kick it! One less, one less problemmmmmmm

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Posted on Thu, Jul. 23, 2020 at 07:23 pm

How sad and pathetic your life is. You have tried to portray yourselves as this wonderful family and seem confused that no one believes it to be true. Spoiler: it’s because everyone knows your son and grandkids want nothing to do with you because they see you for what you are, narcissistic, mean and selfish people. No one even had to tell them, you did it all on your own.

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Current Chuckle: July Edition

Posted on Thu, Jul. 23, 2020 at 05:33 pm

Recently I was reminded about my BIL's Small Poppy Syndrome. You see, my BIL loved to strut around and try to get attention (I'm thinking he wasn't hugged enough as a kid, based on MIL's cold, unaffectionate ways). Interestingly, he positioned his barbels and weight-lifting items right outside the window that was a straight shot down the hall from our bedroom.

You couldn't even go to the loo without seeing his sweating, grunting, and grotesquely-hairy body lifting weights. He could have done this activity anywhere, but chose to do so where we absolutely would not miss it. Bless his soul, as he certainly was trying hard to appear big and strong. There's just one little problem (and I stress the word "little"): He is a very small man.

Not only is BIL fairly short, but I'm pretty sure he was little in many other areas as well. You see, I did quite a lot of the laundry when we were staying with the in-laws. I always chuckled when I removed BIL's clothing from the line, folded it, and left it for him.

His itty-bitty underwear certainly did not seem stretched at all in the cup, if you get my meaning. He had itty-bitty shorts, and medium-sized t-shirts to go with it all. The part that really topped it off was when I tripped over his flip flops. I asked my husband if I should put them in his mother's room, when he replied that they were his BROTHER'S. I nearly fell over laughing to discover that this little, little man had such small feet to go with his small body.

No amount of working out is going to add anything in those skivvies, my friend. It's cute that it obviously bothered you so much that you tried to "impress" us with your weight lifting.

I think it's great that you would want to stay healthy and in shape, but I think you should instead spend more time working on your personality rather than your bicep size.

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Moving on...

Posted on Thu, Jul. 23, 2020 at 06:53 am

I’ve been married to DH 5 years. My MIL hates me, believes she is DH’s one priority and I had no rights regarding where DH and I live, what we drive, vacations etc. (I worked f/t but apparently still a ‘gold digger’).
I was never invited to family events before we were married and was generally ignored or criticised once we were married. “Your hairs too long, your job doesn’t pay enough, you don’t look after DH or the house very well do you?”

DH is very easy going (and my personal cheerleader, knowing he would have to defend any woman in his life from his mom) but MIL would call DH on his cell and bitch about me almost every day so even DH was pissed and stopped answering her many calls. MIL blamed me for him not answering (eye roll).

2 years into our marriage we found out that it would be difficult to conceive a child naturally. DH stupidly told his Nonna, who told MIL.

The following call was on car speaker so I listened in with DH.

DH: “Hi, I’m driving so I-“
MIL: “Nonna called and told me about HER being barren, honestly (DH name) SHE is worthless, you need to move on and be with someone who can be a real family!”
DH pulls over, looks at me and takes my hand..
DH: .....” Mom, you are absolutely right! I should cut off dead weight so I can have a better life! I think moving on and ending our relationship is for the best. “
MIL: “Oh (DH name) I’m so glad you see it too, come home and I help sort out this mess SHEs gotten you into.”
DH: “No Mom, you don’t understand I’m ending OUR relationship! The only person who has made my life difficult is YOU! And I’ve had enough..”
MIL: “ But I’m your mother!?!”
End of call.....

DH has been true to his word. For first 6 months- the never ending calls and texts were blocked, letters unanswered, cards returned to sender, flying monkeys put in their place. Visits to our workplaces and our home stopped by security/cops. Social media privacy settings improved and passwords enabled to all our medical and finance providers( that’s another long story -she was getting totally desperate at this point). We also moved.

The past 3 years have been great. However, we just announce to extended family we are having a baby and know it will get back to MIL. I’m waiting to see if the insanity starts again.

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Posted on Wed, Jul. 22, 2020 at 08:05 am

What a total lowlife! Ran into the TDS FIL in the grocery store! Said he has been golfing everyday this summer. (Me thinks, why doesn’t he take his only grandson golfing?) He proceeded to berate me for 15 minutes about politics! What kind of MAN does that to a DIL? A fucking creep that’s who! I’m so glad this piece of shit has nothing to do with my kids! I hope his other child that lives 15 hrs away takes care of him in his old age b/c this DIL will throw his ass in the shittiest nursing home to be found!
👊🏼👆🏻 FU Asshole!

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They are so primitive

Posted on Wed, Jul. 22, 2020 at 05:52 am

These people are as if from 18th century with their ways of thinking still so full of themselves thinking they're gods in every aspect of life. I hope they stay away from my life as much as possible.

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