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Worst holiday reunion

Posted on Tue, Jan. 08, 2019 at 02:27 pm

Thankfully, I only have to deal with your fake, ignorant asses once or maybe twice a year. Like the dentist or proctologist/gynecologist. Being around all of you is that unpleasant. In-laws should be outlawed. C U Next Tuesday!!!!

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MIL Wants to Re-Connect

Posted on Tue, Jan. 08, 2019 at 01:10 pm

A lttle backstory here: We lived next door to my In-Laws for 10 years. Hubby has an older brother who is deemed by them as the next best thing to Jesus. Despite his MANY shortcommings and failures, Bro-in-law could do no wrong! For 10 years we lived in an endless state of MIL perpetuated drama and mental torture. It nearly ended our marriage. We were never good enough - and Bro-In-Law loved to rub it in. In fact, Mom and Pop encouraged the boys to fight and compete against eachother for their love.

When we lived next door, MIL expected us to take care of her. In fact, she expected us to do everything for free. Things like mow the lawn, clean the pool, care for the dog, fix the cars, provide manual labor for home improvements, to name a few. We were struggling financially, and she was COMPLETELY THANKLESS. It didn't help that Bro-In-Law could throw money at her problems and make them go away. We were never good enough, and he always came to the rescue. The QUEEN OF EVERYTHING always got what she wanted on a silver platter, while we struggled to make her happy at the same time we were sturggling to put food on the table and pay our bills.

To make matters worse, she always implied that her boys would be the ones to care of her when she got old. She didn't want to go into a nursing home - she used to work in one so she knows what they are like.

Thankfully, we were able to move away. We moved out of the house, and they hardly noticed! We didn't give them our new address although they still had our cell phone numbers for a few years until we changed those too. I can count on one hand the number of times they have called us in the past 5 years (and it's less than 5).

Fast forward to today. I am still dealing with the mental scars left behind by the narcissistic In-Laws. I'm in a good place. I'm HAPPY with my life!

Out of the blue MIL calls! (She had to hunt down an old friend to get our phone number.) She was upset and frightened. She had dome bad news. Bro-In-Law has cancer. Hubby and MIL spoke for about 10 minutes. Do do you know what one of the first questions she asked Dear Hubby was? "Where do you work? What are you doing now?" $$$$$$$$

WTF!!!!! I HONESTLY have a hard time thinking that she might have changed. She has only always been concerned about her own well being. Now that Bro-In-Law is not doing well, she's worried about who's going to take care of her now. She should have thought about that before she treated us so nasty. And good luck getting Bro-In-Law's wife to to it. There's no love there either.

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Family of Hypochondriacs!

Posted on Tue, Jan. 08, 2019 at 10:13 am

MIL, FIL, SIL- I’m not sure how all of you developed lactose intolerance and IBS in the past year, and all together at that! Everyone can see through your BS! FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!

SIL, your children are watching how ridiculous you act. But I guess that doesn’t really matter to you, they act like spoiled brats b/c you’ve raised them to care more about your so called “rich friends” than family. Honestly, we all know you don’t really have any friends! Just other parents of your kids’ friends! Haha! Please go back to loserville and take your selfish greedy parents back home with you! Hope you have a shitty New Year assholes!!!

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Posted on Mon, Jan. 07, 2019 at 06:59 pm

The best description of my mil is a jealous, middle school mean girl bully who has never heard no, til I came along. I've had dh longer than her now ,he's been the happiest best version of himself and is the most perfect dh and father anyone could be blessed with. When I met him he was majorly depressed, didn't feel smart or attractive and wanted to take any job he could to get far away right after highschool. When we got together he had someone who loved him above all others and stood up for him and was happy in our little town. Mil feels all of her kids are put on this earth to make her look perfect and had been pushing dh to move away so she could brag that her son lived away and worked at such and such and she'd have a free ride to travel. I took that from her in her sick mind and she hated me the day I met her before I even got to her door. She was a brat to me from there forward. She once even pretended she cut her finger off to frantically get dh off the phone with me. If she knew dh and I had plans she'd force him to do something for her. She'd give me fat shaming or ugly gifts. Say snarky things. Ask me if I was on birth control. When we turned 18 dh would stay the night with me and she or sfil would come get him at 6am to mow their yard or dig ditches and lay rock for them. He was always punished. He was the cinderella of his siblings. Every other bil/Sil has always been welcomed with open arms, I was singled out. I realize it wasn't me at all it was her sick, twisted hold on dh and how he'd always been scapegoated. Dh and i moved in together because he was talking to me on the phone and they told him to get off the f'n phone and when he asked why they knocked the phone from his hand and poured a 2 liter of soda over his head. He left and never looked back. For over 2 decades I have been bullied and mentally abused by mil and her flying monkeys. I was a kid when I met her so things have stuck. I have ptsd and anxiety. We have went NC for almost a year and life has improved so much. She doesn't stop trying to communicate but we gray rock completely. Even in our absence she is still playing the middle school mean girl trying to get at us. I think it's time we really do move far away! I'll take that dream from mil too..

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Social Media Detox

Posted on Sun, Jan. 06, 2019 at 09:22 am

I have quit smoking and I put myself on a social media detox.Social media can take up too much time, too much nonsense. So what do I see"the devil is once again after my nephew's wife. Sweetie you are 33 years old and the devil does not exist unless it's in your own mind, mentally ill. You are just an attention whore at best. My niece is having out patient surgery next week, and you are posting your nonsense. Any idiot can see what you are doing. Just once stop using FB as your bully pulpit. Try picking up the phone, sending an e mail saying thank you for the kids christmas presents. Why bother. Ignorant biatch.

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Internet Rich

Posted on Sat, Jan. 05, 2019 at 11:13 pm

....That's what I'll be next time mil rings my doorbell! I now have a camera, sprinkler system and doorbell shocker put into place and connected to a remote in my house (quicker than phone app). And best of all, installed by DH. Instead of feeling nauseas the entire time we avoid her at the door we will be laughing our asses off. I fully intend to put it on youtube with her scarecrow face blurred out of course..and I'm not lying either. I'm looking forward to mil showing up for the first time in 15 years. I hope the whole neighborhood sees it.

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Life keeps getting better :)

Posted on Sat, Jan. 05, 2019 at 10:28 pm

6 glorious months since we've seen the il's. Blocked their numbers, blocked their social media accounts, blocked their gifts, blocked their knocks on the door, blockety, block, block, block m'fers!! After 20 years of your rude, snotty, manipulative,boundary stomping bs you are DONE! Should have kept it like this year's ago and never looked back. It would have saved a lot of mental anguish and stress. You took away so many happy moments from the family we created and the people who truly love and respect us. No mil, it is not abuse to keep our kids away from you, it's abuse to keep you in their lives. They don't love you, they only loved the gifts you stopped in for 5 mins to dump on them when you showed up here unnanounced to cause problems and show dominance. You never showed them REAL love in their little lives. If you were just my neighbor I would build a wall (lol) so high we'd forget your existence, being blood does not change that. You, your snotty daughters, sisters and bully husband can lay down and die together. Even in the rare occurrence dh ever speaks to you again you will never set eyes on me and MY kids. The bad vibes and negative energy in our lives has finally went away and my soul is at absolute peace.

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MIL's asshole hubby

Posted on Sat, Jan. 05, 2019 at 09:20 am

DH graduated with a Master's degree after many years of going to school while working full time. MIL insisted on bringing her fat, churlish hubby to the commencement, so I couldn't invite my parents, who adore and support DH. He yelled at my daughter when she got agoraphobia and had to go sit in an empty corridor. Then he yelled at my husband because he went out the wrong door and got lost. Then he yelled at my MIL over something equally stupid. Then he let my husband pay when we went out to dinner afterwards. He's really fortunate to still be in possession of both his eyeballs. I had my claws unleashed and was ready to gouge them out. My MIL is hurt and upset that we have ostracized him from our lives. She doesn't realize that it probably saved his life.

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Question for u

Posted on Sat, Jan. 05, 2019 at 03:36 am

Sis how can u expect anyone to believe ur husband is religious in anyway when he smokes pot, doesn’t pay his rent before he met & moved in with u after knowing u for a month, then marrying u after 3 months, not keeping a job & owing back child support for 2 children? Also we’re supposed to believe he will become a pastor? & he wants to start his own church? Who would go? He’s manipulating u in the worst possible way & u r completely oblivious to it! Notice how no one wants anything to do with him. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

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MIL, You Are Dead To Me

Posted on Fri, Jan. 04, 2019 at 09:42 am

Just waiting for your body to catch up 💅🏻

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