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mirror mirror on the wall whose the FOULEST MIL

Posted on Sun, Apr. 04, 2021 at 08:54 pm

goddamn, satan clearly stole your soul at some point a long time ago. all you talk about is money and people. all you do is judge criticize and condemn. with all the shit you talk you'd think you were mary fucking poppins but NO. you are an evil witch....i mean BITCH. youre insecurities cause your anxiety to spiral which causes you to become a wretched old woman with no concern for other peoples feelings or how you could possibly hurt them. because of you i vow even more to establish good relationships with my children and when they do decide to bring a special someone into their lives i will make it a priority to know who they are, their families and GIVE THEM A MOTHER FUCKING CHANCE. i would hope you should live long enough to see how its really done but i have a feeling from the firey horns coming from your head you will be rotting in hell by then. in any case, karma is a bitch and youve been served plenty of it the past 10 years. why not live the rest of your life in peace? why the need to STILL talk so much shit in your 60s? perhaps you need to get laid? perhaps you should buy a vibrator? or maybe you should just buy a muzzle to prevent the hatred from continually spewing from your mouth. in either case i will be laying very happily with your son :) bye felicia

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Posted on Fri, Apr. 02, 2021 at 05:22 pm

When my dh acts like you it makes me sick. Selfish manipulative assholes

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Silver Lining

Posted on Wed, Mar. 31, 2021 at 11:57 pm

My in-laws are professional holidayers.

They have the whole "descend-upon-unsuspecting-host for weeks-on-end" down. They take over the house, refuse to take their shoes off, and make us pray before every meal even though that is not the tradition in our household. We get to listen to their endless and BORING little battles, and watch them turn their noses up at anything they consider sinful, from getting your nails done, to playing cards, to celebrating Halloween. Anything that is fun, is Ungodly in their narrow-minded little world.

I can't believe I'm going to say this: thank you Covid for keeping them at bay. Professional holidayers have not been able to visit and they must be going absolutely insane. You. Dont. Get. To. Mooch.

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Peace. Finally

Posted on Tue, Mar. 30, 2021 at 05:49 pm

All this time none of you were ever nice to me.
I was always kind.
I really mean that.
When you made comments to bring me down I ignored them.
When I did things for you.. you barely even thanked me.
Your behavior of all the inlaws minus a few was always cold, distant, unkind, and negative.
I still tried.
I'll never tell you because you won't believe me but your brother and son is abusive.
It gets better I told him to get thr fuck out. I had it.
And realized that the whole time I was with him... he had made over 250k.
I didn't know until he did the taxes...
And I saw how much he made. I know money doesn't go far but after he left I called a counselor and spoke to many of my friends.
He was using cocaine.
Probably the entire time.
I forgive myself for not seeing the signs when someone was so awful as it was.
The financial infinity.
The verbal abuse. The mental the physical.
I hope your son's scared.
Yet what does he do? Run home to mommy.
Open your eyes people I've always help my own.
He is a drug addiction and not to be trusted.
Ever wonder why the little one never liked him and was almost scared of him.. his face his voice? Because kids read energy. And his is evil. Literally Evil and cruel.

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Wow. Awesome effort.

Posted on Tue, Mar. 30, 2021 at 02:53 pm

But you can give me creative writing tips and tear apart my creativity when you’ve actually completed your education and/or been published. You know, like me. Adios.

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Taking bets

Posted on Tue, Mar. 30, 2021 at 02:05 pm

MIL hasn't called in weeks. Bet she's going to call on my birthday "not realizing" its the day to blab about herself and keep DH busy. That woman lives to be annoying.

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Can We Go?

Posted on Mon, Mar. 29, 2021 at 09:20 pm

Clearly both of the parents are on drugs again.

Once I mentioned that, DH said it will be the last visit. Hooray!!

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Roses are red, violent are you

Posted on Mon, Mar. 29, 2021 at 11:44 am

Roses are red,
Your eye socket’s blue.
I’d give up on poetry if I were you.

Because you see
You are not me
I’m skilled when I’m
Composing poetry.

Oh no, deceased?!
Oh no, tell me please
It wasn’t because of your food soaked in grease!

As for the haunting,
My dear that sounds daunting.
It’s my prayer instead that he RESTS while he’s dead.

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Never Under Your Roof or Thumb!!!!

Posted on Sun, Mar. 28, 2021 at 02:08 pm

Dear FIL,

Thanks, but no thanks. I would never live in a house you own! Life is too damn sweet to ruin it by "upgrading" to that house you bought. I would rather stay on this street and watch the drug dealers and prostitutes move in than to be indebted to you in any way, shape, or form! I don't know what kind of crack husband was smoking to even THINK that was a good idea, but I'm glad he woke up and realized what a disaster it was going to be! Crisis averted!!!!!

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Beware Christian Ignorance

Posted on Fri, Mar. 26, 2021 at 07:04 am

I can't even make this shit up.

I'm back again to rage about my JNMIL being an absolute idiot fueled by Christian ignorance.

So she announced 3 weeks ago that she has to get rid of my globe in my office, because it's a false representation of the earth.... and she tried to explain how the earth is flat because her version of the bible said the earth is God's footstool. I felt my eyes glaze over so fast, and simply closed the door in her face. I mildly registered her screaming and trying to convince DH that I was being awful and oppressive and I could hear him laughing in her face. He even offered her some whiskey so she would take a nap. He's so done with her.

So she had a fit and went to his Aunt's house for a couple days because she "can't stand to be in a house full of ignorant sinners with no desire to walk with Christ" and we were having a blast with her gone. For the most part we only share the kitchen and dining room, but we only use the kitchen. We have our own bathroom, and our own porch ( it's a duplex, we rent out the upper level which consists of 2 floors while our neighbor has the basement and first floor. Quite common in my area. So we have the upper floor and balcony to ourselves, but the kitchen is shared. )

She came home after a week, and casually mentioned she had been feeling awful and was forced to get tested by her sister, and was positive for COVID. We told her to stay tf away from us then, and not go out. We even had to take her keys for a week and she bitched and moaned because she got her stimulus and wanted to go shopping. We got tested, and came back clear.

So she hatched up the brilliant plan to throw a dinner party because she was bored... sick as a dog, wheezing with a fever and everything else... and she tried to throw a fucking party. Like really??? Her excuse is that she's going to leave it in God's hands...Beware The people who moderate this site write posts to attack it's users. The one and only time I posted here they didn't release any new post. Come two days later when they FINALLY opened mine to the public...right above mine is one that sounds like it could practically be a response to mine. Like really???

Thankfully, no one actually likes her. She didn't tell anyone she had covid, but no one showed and she ended up wasting nearly 400 dollars worth of food...

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