I Hate My Inlaws!

No One Likes YOU!

Posted on Thu, Oct. 21, 2010 at 09:36 am

BIL please shut the F*** up about me and my husband. Are you that obsessed with your brother, that you have to talk to him every day about something extremely stupid and then laugh about it because you see it as a "brotherly bond" between you two? But then you tell your other brothers/family that you think he's stuck up because of me and how I'm not a "mother" to any children at 23?

My own husband says he hates you, as he tells me every day that you talk to him. He wants NOTHING to do with you! Why do you keep trying? I also hate you as is, and you know I don't take crap from you.

So please, keep spreading rumors about us not wanting children, how much men I slept with (when we all know that's not true... your girlfriend however slept with 10+ men.) and how your brother is better than you to your mother and father.

Obviously, you have no life and you don't have a future either. If taking care of 2 children that aren't yours with some 19 yr old little tramp with no future is great - then, good for you.

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