I Hate My Inlaws!

Happy bday DH

Posted on Tue, Aug. 12, 2014 at 09:02 pm

i thought the ILs couldnt shock me anymore but they have outdone them selves. In the scheme of life this isnt close to their worst offense. but it opened my eyes again to how shitty again.
On my DHs bday (also his grandmas bday) his car broke down. I was an hour + away. My mom and his mom both live in the same town his car was in, and its not far to our house. When his car breaks his first call is MY mom. knowing she will do anything for him and im an hour away. She was at work and couldnt answer, totally fine. So he calls me, ends up walking about 2 miles while i get to him asap. I asked him 'why didnt you call your mom?' he laughed bc she would never take 10 minutes out of her life to help her child, or anyone else ever. So being that its gmas bday and he didnt make it by to give her a card, he called her and told her what happened. her response 'so are you coming over now' to which he had to explain he has no car having a beyond shitty day. then his mom gets on the phone. and shes like oh that sucks. at least pretend to be a good mom and say 'you should have called me' we all know she doesnt mean it but jesus at least try to give half a shit.

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