I Hate My Inlaws!

Thank You Karma!

Posted on Mon, May. 16, 2016 at 02:53 pm

Karma has such a way of coming around and I LOVE it! I have put up with the inlaws and their b.s for nearly 20 years. They have been nothing but rude, snotty, intrusive assholes to me from day 1. Always making rude hateful comments, putting me down, pushing me out of the way to interfere with my children, playing favorites between us and the rich older GSIL and her foo. I have been in the family since baby GSIL was 5 years old. Now she is turning 21 with a boyfriend and is moving away soon with her bf for college. Boyfriends and husbands have always been welcome into the inlaws circle (even if they are drug addict losers who don't work). DIL's however have never been welcome. Now baby SIL's boyfriends family is treating her the same way her foo has ALWAYS treated me! They have been nothing but rude to her, making smart ass comments and talking behind her back, trying to get their son not to move away with her for college just as the IL's did to me. They are doing everything in their power to keep their son at a distance from baby gsil. It is hilarious that the tables have turned and she now knows what it feels like to be treated as an outsider and be made to feel like dirt as I have for many years. Baby GSIL was trained from a small age to be rude to me. Even as a child DH and I would have to pick her up from school and she would say things to me like; My daddy doesn't want you in his truck and my mommy said you are not welcome to come over to our house. Baby GSIL has been moping around whining about the treatment she's been receiving,even told me about it and has been making Facebook posts about cutting ties with her bf's family and not putting up with rudeness and disrespect, just as I did in the past and it started WW3 with the IL's because they knew I was talking about them. Even MIL comments on her posts saying "Whats wrong baby?". I wonder if any of this even crosses GSIL and MIL's minds? Do they go back and think gee this is how we treated DIL no wonder she wants nothing to do with us? HA! I'm sure it doesn't, they probably think I deserve that treatment and GSIL doesn't. Meanwhile, it has been 2 months since we've seen MIL who lives 3 mins away. I put my foot down and let her know that she is not welcome to show up here and barge in without notifying us first. So instead of going by my 1 rule she would rather go without seeing her grandkids than to ask if it's ok to come over. Her loss!! Old spider vein scarecrow looking witch! Did I also mention last year DH finally confronted MIL about her behavior towards us to which she denied it all and never gave us an apology. The next day she went to work and broke her leg. Another time she had made some rude comments about my kids, a week later she cut the tip of her finger off at work! Thank you Karma. I love you!! :) Can't wait to see what else you have in store.

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