I Hate My Inlaws!

Why my fourth of July Sucked ass!!!!

Posted on Mon, Jul. 04, 2005 at 06:32 pm

Let me count the many reasons why im sitting upstairs in my house while my husband and children are outside....well for starters my brother in law who rents our lower apartment from us happened to bring his ex wife over for the day...yes i can honestly say that i hate her so much that i have tried to kill her,she actually had the balls to take a swing at me and well lets just say that shes damn lucky that there were people there to pull me off.Add to that my younger brother in law who is the biggest jack ass in the world and we have a yummie fourth of July.They are out there blowing off fireworks in my yard where they were asked not to because we have young children but do you think that these people who are eating the food that we bought and made to feed there fat faces could be a little respectfull???? Hell no!! And my husband who wants to please everyone..grrrr....is going along with everything thinking that its ok. Im off to relax in a nice hot bath and forget that they exist for a little while.


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