I Hate My Inlaws!

I Wish I Never Had to Think About You Again...

Posted on Sat, Dec. 06, 2008 at 12:17 am

I decided several months ago to cut you out of my like (MIL, SIL, BIL). You are all insane.

SIL and BIL you never call unless you want something from us... usually money or babysitting. We have loaned you plenty of money over the years... in fact, you still owe us money. And we aren't the only ones you owe money to. Yeah, since you were stupid enough to leave my DHs name as a reference on those cash advance company applications we have received several calls from different companies, and the lawyers they hired because of course you didn't pay them back either. I gave them every bit of information I had about you and then told them to kindly remove our # from their file. I know you have noticed that we haven't returned your calls...we hear your sighs and complaints when you are hanging up the phone after leaving us a message. We aren't calling back and NO we aren't going to help you.

MIL, Let's see, you've tried the:

"this is your mother" call... didn't work.

"I miss my grandchildren" call (even though you don't even know how old they are)... didn't work.

Oh... and who can forget the latest one... the "this is ridiculous, what are you standing there listening to this message laughing while not answering the phone call" call... yeah, that didn't work either.

I was done with you a while ago. Told DH that I wasn't speaking to, wasn't going to family functions, I was done with all your drama. Guess what, SO IS HE. I made it clear it's up to him how much contact he has with you. He has decided on his own to not have any contact. Good for him, he is better off.

The hard part now is I know this isn't over. As much as my DH has seen about you and who you really are. He still hasn't put his foot down to tell you he is done. He would rather ignore and avoid then deal with the nasty confrontation. I don't blame him really. However, now I wonder what the next thing will be. Are you going to call, God forbid you show up at our house.

My Christmas wish is that you will leave another message on our phone... only this time you slip up and say something nasty about me. I'm sure you have been saying these things already, it's just that my DH hasn't heard it. I can guarantee that if that were to happen, my DH would let you know where you can shove it. That would be the final straw. Then we could move on and I would never have to think about you again.

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