I Hate My Inlaws!


Posted on Sat, May. 09, 2009 at 09:17 am

This MIL of mine is certifiably crazy and needs medication or some kind of serious intervention. Sometimes i just think she doesn't use her brain, she gets so focused on what she wants done sometimes i think she could have ADD and not know. I hate HER so much I wish I could just get rid of HER for the rest of my life. . I hope She rot in hell!!!
The most annoying thing she did to my 4mths old son which I just couldnít confront her directly; reason is, weíre staying with her and we need her help to look after our boy so we got to keep our mouth shut and let her do whatever she think is right, I know very well of what will happen if we comment too much. (Never Ending Fights, Sheís Such a PSYCHOTIC Two Faced Bitch)
She always let my son wear wet diaper even after bathing; sheíll make him wear that wet diaper again if she thinks itís still dry. Caught her few times, always leave my sonís diaper over flow, One diaper can be worn more than 8 hours Theory, GO TO HELL, saying donít waste, itís not that wet anyway, DAMN HER SCUMBAG. We did sound to her many times but she just simply doesnít give a damn, stick to her way and challenge us in fact. She even tried to let my son wear diaper that she secretly wipe off that bit of poop stain and cover stain with nappy napkin and use again, Very Smart indeed!!OH I HATE HER SO MUCH!!!!

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