I Hate My Inlaws!

Not The SIL I Thought You'd Be

Posted on Thu, Mar. 03, 2011 at 05:05 pm

You are not at all the SIL I thought you'd be. I don't have sisters & when I married my husband, I knew his brother was already married. I stupidly got excited about having a SIL. Boy, do I feel jipped.

I realize that you already have sisters and that you don't have the closest relationship w/them. I'm told you grew up competing w/them and now that you're an adult, you act this way w/every female who poses some kind of threat to you. Your own husband told me that you've always been jealous of me. I was glad for the confirmation but, I already knew long ago. There is no other explanation for your disdain for me. I don't accept this as a good reason for ANY of your behavior.

You & I both know that I've never done anything to you. That is not the issue. The issue is that I am well-liked in this family, I don't gossip, I'm intelligent, friendly, warm & attractive. Because of these qualities, I tend to get positive attention, rather than the negative attention that seems to follow YOU. I've tried to befriend you and to find things in common w/you. Let's face it, you & I are polar opposites in so many ways. Everything from how one should treat people, parenting styles and pretty much your opinion on just about anything. I do not see the world through the same lens as you.

As long as there's an audience, you're somewhat nice to me and you'll engage me in brief conversation. As soon as no one's watching though, you become the ice queen again. Don't worry, hint taken. I'm done trying with you. I'll continue to be cordial & polite provided you do not step on my toes in any way...whether openly or covertly. Ask our parent-in-laws what happened the last time they crossed a boundary with me. They were shocked at my assertiveness. Get used to it. I suppressed a lot in the beginning of my marriage in an effort to "go along to get along." Those days are over.

I just can't find things to like about you. Believe me, I've tried. I have no enemies and no animosity with anyone on this planet except YOU. It is rare that I would say this about anyone but, I just don't like you. At all. You're a sneaky, manipulative, dishonest person and I can't find much that is authentic about you. I think you have too many issues and you need help. Maybe an anger management course would be good for you. Oh and a social etiquette class would be great as well! Followed by therapy for your endless insecurity. I could go on & on. You try to project a put-together woman but, all I see is the mess you are underneath your mask.

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